1337doom is a user who was once banned, but returned from the grave as a good spirit. Currently he is kidnapped by The Helmeted 1337doom. 1337doom once created the 5,000th page on Fantendo, but due to other pages being deleted there are now multiple 5,000th pages. He also made the 100th page on Usertendo but than some pages were deleted. Finally, he created the 6,666th page on Fantendo.

Form Changes and HistoryEdit

Darkness AgeEdit

1337doom originally was a being of darkness, trying to destroy and annoy many users who opposed him, who at that time was mostly Cobweb who deleted one or two of his projects. 1337doom was eventually stopped by Cobweb and Henry, but returned a month later as a good spirit.

Shy BanditEdit

1337doom revealed himself to be a creature called the Shy Bandit, a cross between a bandit and a Shy Guy. He then proceeded to help the other users for a while.

The DestructionEdit

After The Almighty Fan was impersonated by an unknown spy of The Enemy, 1337doom was angry at people for blaming him, so he fled into the mountains, calling himself StarSpiritShine.


1337doom returned later, angry at the users. They greeted him nicely, realizing what had happened and 1337doom transformed himself into an alien named Yonder from his webcomic, Dummies & Demons.

April Fools ImpersonationsEdit

Since April Fools Day, 1337doom began to act less nice than normal, and often debated leaving Fantendo. Eventually he revealed he wasn't 1337doom after all, he was an evil impersonator known as The Helmeted 1337doom. 1337doom is being held captive somewhere unknown at the time.

True LeaveEdit

The Helmeted 1337doom eventually got everybody to believe he was the real 1337doom, then left leaving a false will for his projects. He slowly returned, but has not claimed the will null and void yet.


1337doom's only known family is his imaginary sister, 7331hope.

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