Dk64rules (Usually referred to as DK or DK64) is a somewhat noobish regular user on Fantendo. He has created many articles of Fantendo, under his two companies, under-looked NextGen Games, inc. and Vectrix, inc. He also created the Sixty Four Saga on Fantendo, which has been read by Lemmykoopa24, SonicWiki, and 1337doom.



On Sept. 27th, 2009, DK joined Fantendo (This was a time when DK was into Donkey Kong 64, hence the name.) He plans not to change the name.

Shortly after joining, he left before anyone knew really who he was.

4 months and 3 days later, on Dec. 31st, 2009, NextGen Games, inc. was created. The current members are himself, YoshiEgg, Lemmykoopa24, and SonicWiki.

Harley Koopa was the first original character made by him. LK24 made the first art, and now LK24 is the current holder of Harley.

He has been "on and off" at Fantendo mostly.

KP Blue vs. Dk64rulesEdit

Shortly after Harley was made, out of coincedince, KP Blue immediately criticized the image of him and Micool26's bad story writing. He also doesn't seem to like it when people don't sign every post they make on his talk page. After a few days of arguing, KP Blue made "The Cobweb Song" or something, and just had to include DK in there. This was a big blow to DK, and he continued to rant on KP's talk page. Things cooled off a few days later.

The Sixty Four SagaEdit

Kind of out of boredom, Dk64 created his first fan-fic, Dk64rules (series). Although the name wasn't very describing of the story, hidden inside was a dark fan-fic, which gave way for Dk64rules (series) II, and the current one, Sixty's Final Adventure.


Now Dk64rules is well-respected by the users on Fantendo and is becoming less of a noob and more of a regular-known user.

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