Fantendo: Quest to save the Wiki is a movie by KP Blue, and with the involvement of many other users. It will feature a notorious Mariowiki Troll(Peachycakes), who was believed to be reformed after joining Fantendo, rising to power, and threatening to turn the wiki into a Neo-Nazi dictatorship, and a small resistance group, including Plums himself (he had been demoted by Peachycakes), and even a few of the new Sysops. It will feature South Park-esque humor (only toned down to be more kid-friendly), and two songs from the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (edited to go better with the movie). It will also feature several action scenes, and ACTUAL VOICE ACTING (yeah, no text boxes).

Sign UpsEdit


  • Script - KP Blue
  • Sprites - KP Blue
  • Director - KP Blue
  • Producer - none yet. If you're good with flash animations, you're welcome to sign up.


  • KP Blue - hero
  • Plumber - hero
  • Peachycakes - villain
  • COKEMAN11 - good then is brainwashed by Serras-Kai
  • (Reserved for Cobweb) - any role
  • Serras-Kai - Villain

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