The Fantendo Forums are the forums for Fantendo, and the place that multiple events such as The Return of: 4.13 (and lolwut) have occured.


When the Fantendo Forums became a state, Random Mountain, Toad House, and Club FANTENDO(formerly Fanland), became the Regions of it. The Sysop Mansion was built for the forums later, and became a Region.

Toad HouseEdit

Once Toad House was a small house on the border of Fantendo, where a Toad User had supplies, for those who want to venture into the other Wikia's. Eventually his friends and family moved near him, and a Town was formed, named Toadville, and the Toad User was made Mayor, more and more people moved to Toadville, and the older Users moved away and formed towns, eventually the towns became their own region, and the Toad User was elected Governor, and it was named after his house, the Toad House. After the Fantendo Forums were made, Toad House was one of the three regions given to the Forums. After the first governor died, house building stopped, and it became a merchant area, where all go for supplies.

Sysop MansionEdit

Since the Sysops need a place to stay while at the forums and away fromt he Sysops Domain, the Sysop Mansion was built. Eventually the mansion got so big, that it almost took the size of a half-region, Towns were put around it, and then it became a Region in the Fantendo Forums. All authority figures on the forum were trained here.

Random MountainEdit

Random Mountain was a mountain, that had completely random species inhabiting it, such as Purple Chickens, and Jesse's Pet duck Fredrick originated from here. Random Mountain was colonized by JesseRoo, but it was kept a secret until the Fantendo Forums were planned, so Jesse decided to open it to the public, as a Region.


Fanland was a foreign land that the Vikingtendo users found, it was very different from Vikingtendo, where everyone was a Viking, and Fangames were scarce. Later it was rediscovered by the Fantendo users, who decided that Fanland was a lame name, so they made the region a location where the nights were vibrant, but the days were for sleeping. It's biggest attraction is the Club of the same name, Club FANTENDO.

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