Fantendo Minigame Carnival is a Game Maker minigame compilation announced via blog on Fantendo (here) where the player must navigate around the Fantendo Carnival, participating in minigames and performing certain tasks for different users.

Characters Edit

Minigames Edit

  • None yet

Quests Edit

  • JesseRoo
    • Get rid of the Xenomorph who is eating JesseRoo's pie
  • YoshiEgg
    • Get YoshiEgg the YoshiEgg Nook doll by winning it in a carnival game.
  • Indi555
    • Find Nelson who has ran away.
  • 1337doom
    • His shy guys have gone missing, and they are disguised as Shy Guy Plushies. Find them!
    • Rescue his kittens from Gerudos
  • Peanutjon
    • Win the Yoshi race mingame so PJ can have a plush Karma.
  • Micool26
    • Look around for metal to make arms for himself.

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