New Super Mario Bros. WiiEdit

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Australian box art

Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release date [2] November 12, 2009

[3] November 15, 2009 [4] November 20, 2009 [5] December 3, 2009 [6] July 3, 2010 [7] August 7, 2010

Genre Platform
Rating(s) ESRB: 12px Everyone

CERO A (All ages) PEGI 3 (Three years or older) OFLC G (General)

Mode(s) Single-player, cooperative and competitive multiplayer up to four players
Media Wii Optical Disc
Input Wii Remote and Nunchuk (optional)

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a sidescrolling Mario game for the Wii, and has been released in Australia on November 12, in America on November 15, and Europe on November 20, 2009. It is the follow-up to New Super Mario Bros., a 2006 game released for the Nintendo DS. In addition to the single-player experience, the game also features a multiplayer mode for up to four players. It features more items, new levels and more enemies than the DS predecessor. It is also the first title to support Nintendo's new Super Guide mode.[1] The game has sold approximately 14,705,000 copies worldwide, with 3,660,000 copies sold in Japan and 11,040,000 overseas.[2]



File:Mario01.jpgBowser Jr. and his siblings jumping out of the cake. It is Princess Peach's birthday and as Mario, Luigi , Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Onaga Koopa, Sticks, Alex Kidd, Aden Bros, Fury the Tasmanian Devil, and their friends are celebrating. However, a huge cake reels in. Immediately, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings pop out and throw the giant cake on top of Peach Tails Knuckles, Amy Rose, Onaga Koopa, Alex Kidd, & Aden Bros, trapping her. From there, the villains load her onto their ship while Mario, Luigi, Sticks, Blue Toad, Sticks, Fury the Tasmanian Devil, Sonic the Hedgehog and Yellow Toad follow closely. The Toads from the castle soon use a cannon to blast away the Propeller and Penguin suit towards Mario and the others so they can have access to them.[3]

When Mario and the gang finally get to the final castle, they find none other than Bowser himself. One of them has to jump on the button to defeat Bowser, sending him falling into the lava below. After, Mario, Luigi, Sticks, Fury the Tasmanian Devil, Sonic the Hedgehog, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad celebrate their victory, they see Peach, Tails Knuckles, Amy Rose, Onaga Koopa, Alex Kidd, & Aden Bros crying in a cage. However, she turns out to be Kamek in Peach's dress. Kamek then powers Bowser up, ten times his normal size. After Bowser has been powered up, the four can do nothing but flee from the giant boss. Soon they find a dead end with a huge button. They push it, and the giant Bowser falls into the lava again. Just then, Princess Peach Tails Knuckles, Amy Rose, Onaga Koopa, Alex Kidd, & Aden Bros, Are released from her cage, and the two set off, out of the castle. As they venture out, they see Luigi, Sticks, Fury the Tasmanian Devil, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad arrive in their hot air balloons. Luigi lets Mario Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, and Peach into his balloon and is accidentally left behind. Onaga Koopa, Sticks, Alex Kidd, Aden Bros, & The two Toads then offer Luigi a ride in their balloon. As they sail off, Peach asks Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog if she told him about the Secret World. [8][9]Bowser and his kids about to be crushed by his castle. After the credits, Larry Koopa is seen limping toward Bowser's Castle. He meets Bowser Jr., who shows Larry the rest of the Koopalings trying to push Bowser, who is back to normal, right side up. They finally succeed, with a huge thud, causing the castle to fall on top of Bowser and his eight children.[4]

Gameplay FeaturesEdit

It has been requested that this page or section be rewritten. [10][11]A level (Level 2-1) being played by four players. The regular mode of the game can be played in single-player or multiplayer cooperative mode. Players can be freely added and removed between levels. The camera pans as players move and zoom in and out as players move farther away or closer to each other. However, there is a limit, and players who are far behind can lose a life. When a player loses a life, they reappear in a bubble. The player can shake the Wii Remote to move the bubble closer to the surviving players. They can burst that bubble to allow the reappearing player to continue playing. However, if everyone looses a life, or if someone looses a life and everyone else is in a bubble, then the players must restart the level.

? Blocks usually create one item for each player, but only if the player is not in a bubble. For example, a block can produce four Mushrooms when four players are playing, but it only produces three if one player is in a bubble.

A player can place themself in a bubble by pressing the A button on the Wii Remote or the C button if a player is using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk. The player inside the bubble cannot be harmed by anything. The player inside the bubble can shake the Wii Remote to bring themself closer to the players that are not in the bubble. Bubbles can only burst when a player not in a bubble comes in contact with the bubble or throws a fireball/iceball at the bubble. If all the players are in a bubble, they have to restart the level. They return to normal form, but they do not lose any lives.

When one player grabs the flagpole at the end of the level, the other players have a limited amount of time to grab the flagpole before the level ends. However, not all the players are required to grab the flagpole at the end of the level. File:Penguinsuit.jpgThe light on the boat's direction being changed by tilting the Wii Remote. Players play the game holding the Wii Remote sideways or by using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination. Tilting the Wii Remote can perform actions such as changing the direction of a light or tilting platforms when activated. Players can activate these by standing on them; the color and the symbol of the character on the platform determines who is controlling them.

Shaking the Wii remote activates the spin jump, seen in Super Mario World. Players can carry objects such as frozen enemies and barrels by pressing 1 (or B with Wii Remote and Nunchuk) and shaking the Wii Remote near the object.

It's possible to ride on Yoshi as well.[5] Yoshi can swallow many different objects in the game including hammers thrown by Hammer Bros.(but not the Hammer Bros. themselves), fireballs shot by a player with a Fire Flower or by a Fire Bro., and as well as iceballs shot by a player wielding an Ice Flower or Penguin Suit or by an Ice Bro. Yoshi can then spit these objects out. Yoshi can also carry other players in his mouth for a short period of time and use his Flutter Jump, a move of his first introduced in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island[6]. Yoshi also has the ability to swallow apples throughout the course. When Yoshi eats an apple, a count appears to see how many apples Yoshi has swallowed. If Yoshi eats five apples, the player gets a reward such as a 1-up or power-up item. Yoshi cannot use his tongue to help characters obtain power-ups, unlike in Super Mario World, because Yoshi keeps the power-up in his mouth.

However, if the players reach the end of the level while riding on their Yoshis, they have to leave their mounts behind. Therefore, there are only certain levels in which players can ride Yoshis[7]. [8]

On the map screen, pressing 1 (or B with the Nunchuk) allows the player to go to a screen where items from Toad houses and extra items can be used (like in Super Mario Bros. 3). Unlike New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World, the player can't activate items during levels. Pressing - (minus) on the map allows the player to go to any previously visited world.[9]

Super GuideEdit

[12][13]The Super Guide mode of Level 2-3 in action. Also premiering in the game is a new feature named Super Guide. The Super Guide provides unsuccessful players assistance to clear levels. When a player has failed to pass a level at least eight times, a green box will appear at the start of the level. When the player hits the green box, the level will restart in auto-pilot mode: a computer-controlled Luigi will play the level on his own. The Super Guide will only show the player how to beat the level, but not use short-cuts or reveal secrets. While the Super Guide is running, the player can press a button on the Wii Remote at any time to take control back; the game will start exactly where the Super Guide left off. Once the player has taken control back, he or she can not turn it back on in the middle of the level. The level will still count as beaten even when the Super Guide assistance is used.[1] The only disadvantage to getting the Super Guide block is that the stars on save file will not shine. Interestingly, when the player takes over, they will play as Luigi rather than Mario, but losing a life will result in Mario being controlled again.


File:AddDrop Players.PNGPlayers being added into the game get to choose their own characters. The game has nine worlds[10], that all have a world map just like in New Super Mario Bros. There still are Toad Houses, Towers, castles, Warp Cannons, Warp Pipes (in World 2), Beanstalks (in World 7) and horizontal "platform" Pipes (in World 6). Enemies also patrol in the overworld. If the enemies come in contact with the player(s), the player(s) must play an Enemy Course. The player(s) must collect eight Toad balloons to make a chest with a Toad trapped in it appear. If the player(s) saves the Toad, the Toad rewards the player(s) three mushrooms for the item storage. Each Enemy Course is different on each world.

Once a level is beaten, the player can return to it for a special mission to rescue a kidnapped Toad[10] and carry him to the level exit. In multiplayer, this special mission is absent.

Other than the game's main campaign, which can be played with up to four players, New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers special multiplayer challenges. Those challenges have some levels taken from the campaign, and some newly created levels. There is a Free for All mode and a Coin Battle mode. Free for All mode has players competing for a high score, while Coin Battle mode has them competing for the most collected coins in the level[10].

World 9 (Rainbow Path) is unlocked after completing the game. There are 8 stages in that world, and each stage is unlocked by collecting all the Star Coins in each of the 8 normal worlds.


[14][15]World Selection Map.*World 1 - Mushroom Plains


According to Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto had been struggling to add multiplayer in a Mario game for a long time. They further explained that Miyamoto tried to experiment with multiplayer aspects at the start of most of his Mario projects. This can be seen in beta screenshots of games such as Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros., as multiplayer aspects were evidently intended for both of those games during the earlier stages of development. But when the experiments with multiplayer failed to come to fruition, the developers focused back to what they were used to, single-player. One of the reasons this was not achieved previously was due to technical limitations. With the Wii's hardware, it allowed Miyamoto to make sure the game had all the items and enemies in the screen at once, and having the camera focusing on all the players at once.[12]

Additionally, Nintendo is planning to add the new "demo play" feature to their future titles, with New Super Mario Bros. Wii being the flagship title for the feature. A patent on the game, then called "Kind Code", was filed by Miyamoto on June 30, 2008. It showed that it could come in three modes: Game (in which the player plays the game normally until they get stuck, at which point they can view a video that appears on the screen's top right corner on how to bypass the situation in question), Digest (in which the player watches the developers play through the game until the player decides to join the game at a particular point; the game cannot be saved in this mode), and Scene Menu (where players go directly to specific parts of the game without loading their games or watching the digest). In the final game, the Digest version of the "demo play" mode was released as "Super Guide"[13].




Enemies Bosses

World 1 - Mushroom Plains Goombas - Enemy Course enemies Boom Boom - Fortress boss Larry Koopa - Castle boss World 2 - Dry Dry Desert Spinies - Enemy Course enemies King Tut Koopa - Fortress boss Roy Koopa - Castle boss World 3 - Land Of The Giants Colossal Koopas - Enemy Course enemies Curvamungous - Fortress boss Lavora Koopa - Castle boss World 4 - Sparkle Ocean Porcupuffer - Enemy Course enemy Soldier Blooper - Fortress boss Wendy O. Koopa - Castle boss Bowser Jr. - Airship boss World 5 - Kross Jungle Stalking Piranha Plants - Enemy Course enemies Eddie The Boss Krusha - Fortress boss Iggy Koopa - Castle boss World 6 - Havoc City Tricoins - Enemy Course enemies Clone Fawful with Clown Car  - Fortress boss Morton Koopa Jr. - Castle boss Bowser Jr. - Airship boss World 7 - Sky Land Countryard Lakitu - Enemy Course enemy Giga Boom-Boom - Fortress boss Ludwig von Koopa - Castle boss World 8 - Amethyst Snowfield Ice Bros. - Enemy Course enemies Bashmaster - Fortress boss Bowser Jr. - Airship boss Lemmy Koopa - Castle boss World 9 - Stone Head Mountains Bullet Bills - Enemy Course enemies Morty Mole Miner Max - Fortress boss Tim J. Koopa - Castle boss World 10 - Bowser's Volcano Podoboos - Enemy Course enemies Kamek - Fortress boss Bowser Jr. & Fawful- Airship boss Bowser - Castle boss World 11 (Rainbow Path) 10 King Bills

Grassland Enemies Edit

  • Goombas
  • Paragoombas
  • Micro Goombas
  • Grand Goombas
  • Mega Goombas
  • MelonBerrybas
  • Clashin' Clarks
  • Tail Goombas
  • Veggie Skwests
  • Koopa Troopas
  • Koopa Paratroopas
  • Piranha Plants
  • Super Piranha Plants
  • Hammer Bros.
  • Venus Fire Traps

Underground Enemies Edit

  • Super Venus Fire Traps
  • Swoopers
  • Buzzy Beetles
  • Spike Tops
  • Fire Bros.
  • Sledge Bros.

Water Enemies Edit

  • Bloopers
  • Blooper Nannies
  • Baby Bloopers
  • Nun Nuns
  • Diamond Chain-Sawfishes
  • Cheep-Cheeps
  • Mega Cheep-Cheeps
  • Deep-Cheeps
  • Jellopuses
  • Mega Deep-Cheeps
  • Spiny Cheep-Cheeps
  • Porcu-Puffers
  • Urchins
  • Diver Armored Men
  • Mega Urchins
  • Clampies
  • Shell Missiles
  • Albino Urchins
  • Spewin' Stus
  • Jellybeams
  • Bulbers
  • Cheep-Chomps

Desert Enemies Edit

  • Pokeys
  • Lakitus
  • Whip Bros.
  • Spinies
  • Curve Bros.
  • Mega Mummbons
  • Jade Mum-mums
  • Spikes
  • Boomerang Bros.
  • Fire Snakes

Ice Enemies Edit

  • Cooligans
  • Ice Bros.
  • Icy Shell Missiles
  • Missile Chill Bills
  • Icy Jellopuses
  • Podobrrs
  • Arctic Super Koopas
  • Yeast Troops
  • Snow Pokeys
  • Albinoombas
  • Munchers

Island Enemies Edit

  • Huckit Crabs

Rainforest Enemies Edit

  • Stalking Piranha Plants
  • River Piranha Plants
  • Wigglers
  • Beezleys
  • Munchstars
  • Forest Tanoombas
  • Forest Koopas
  • Koopaligators
  • Mega Wigglers
  • Bramballs

Jungle Enemies Edit

  • Gritty Krushas
  • Jungle Green Man-Cheep
  • Golden Chomps
  • Jungle Spear Scraftys
  • Purple Klaptraps
  • Robokremlings
  • Koshas
  • Minkeys
  • Knockas
  • Manky Kongs

Mountain Enemies Edit

  • Monty Moles
  • Stone Spikes
  • Bullet Bills
  • Dino Chuck Rhinos
  • Banzai Bills
  • Missile Bills
  • Missile Banzai Bills

Mountain Enemies Edit

  • Monty Moles
  • Stone Spikes
  • Bullet Bills
  • Dino Chuck Rhinos
  • Banzai Bills
  • Missile Bills
  • Missile Banzai Bills

Sky Enemies Edit

  • Fire Chomps
  • Chain Chomps
  • Para-Beetles
  • Amazing Flying Sledge Bros.
  • Heavy Para-Beetles
  • Fuzzies
  • Mega Fuzzies
  • Foos
  • King Bills

Lava Enemies Edit

  • Podoboos
  • Fiery Cheeps
  • Incendiary Joes
  • Fire Joombas
  • Para-bombs

Ghost House Enemies Edit

  • Boos
  • Big Boos
  • Circling Boo Buddies
  • Broozers
  • Armidillo Boos
  • Zombie Tourists
  • Scaredy Rats
  • Ghost Vases
  • Crowbers

Fortress Enemies Edit

  • Dry Bones
  • Amps
  • Mastrodes
  • Beamy Bros
  • Decibreaks
  • Pillars

Castle Enemies Edit

  • Super Dry Bones
  • Thwomps
  • Super Thwomps
  • Ball 'n' Chains
  • Skellobits
  • Bone Bros.
  • Powkkoopas
  • Bone Forest Koopas
  • Spiked Balls
  • Venus Wizard Traps
  • Cuauhthwomps
  • Mega Pillars
  • Firebars
  • Fishbones

Airship Enemies Edit

Mario fighting Bowser Jr. in his airship.

  • Bob-ombs
  • Cannons
  • Cannonballs
  • Giant Cannonballs
  • Rocket Engines
  • Mecha-Koopas
  • Laser Eye Roturrets
  • Rocky Wrenches
  • Giant Spiked Balls
  • Basic Clone Fake Men


Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame - The Video GameEdit

29,349pages on this wikiEdit Comments12 {| cellpadding="14" cellspacing="14" style="margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; border-collapse: collapse; background: #EFB917; border-radius: 18px; -moz-border-radius: 18px; -webkit-border-radius: 18px; -khtml-border-radius: 18px; -icab-border-radius: 18px; -o-border-radius: 18px; color: #993C00;" | |This page is under construction. Please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to complete it as soon as possible! |}

Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame - The Video Game
Boxart made by PabloDePablo (t|c)
Developer(s) Keyhole Gaming

MGX Studios

Publisher(s) Square Enix, Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PC (via Steam), Nintendo Immerse
Genre(s) 3D action-platformer (Wii U/Steam/Immerse)

2D action-platformer (Nintendo 3DS)

Series Super Mario Silver Spurs series
Release Date(s)
October 18, 2015
Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Party Mode, Super Duel Mode, Minigame Mode, Arcade Mode, Boss Rush*, Jukebox.
Age Rating(s)
Media Included Wii U Disk, Nintendo 3DS Game Card and Digital Download.

Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame - The Video Game is a videogame based on Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame, it is developed by Keyhole Gaming and MGX Studios, released for the Wii UNintendo 3DS and PC (via Steam).  All three versions are different, the Wii U version is a 3D platformer, while the Nintendo 3DS is a 2D platformer, the PC version, however is a point 'n' click game.



Main page: Super Mario Silver Spurs 3: Endgame

The plot remains mostly unchanged, with the two differences, one main difference is being that Mario and his friends have to shift through dimensions to stop Mandy's evil plans and the other one is that a little prologue telling the story of Mario's first adventure was added.

Nintendo eShop DescriptionEdit

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., a Nintendo all-star that inspired many video game developers, a brand-new Silver Spurs adventure has arrived! Join Mario once again as he ventures across dimensions with all of his friends from the Mario series and beyond to save the meta-universe from Mandy's tyrannical clutches. You'll come across various worlds like Elmore, Mobius, and the Mushroom Kingdom itself, as well as classic power-ups like the Hammer Suit and the Cape Feather. So what are you waiting for? Let's-a go!


The Wii U and Steam version are a 3D/2.5D platformer, that works like the LEGO series. The player can switch between characters at any time and each one have their own special ability, there's 4 types of characters, the Battle character is a type of character that can battle against certain enemies, the Builder character is a character that can build and repair machines, the Spy is a character that can go on stealth missions and the Magic character that use spells to solve some puzzles. There's some sidequests that gives the player extra items and coins to buy other items.

The Nintendo 3DS is a 3D/2.5D action platformer, the characters still have their abilities, but there's no character type here. Also, there's a customization mode on this version.

In the game, there are some 3D levels and some 2D levels. The 3D level gameplay is the same as gameplay in Super Mario 3D Land, and the 2D level gameplay is the same as the gameplay of the original Super Mario Bros..



Image Name Series Description Abilities
[18] Mario Super Mario The forgetten plumber in this new universe, Mario is now on a big trouble! He can attack the enemies using his Star Spin.
[19] Luigi Super Mario The clumsy brother, that always lived on his brother's shadow, until the alternate universe comes and he became the lord of plumbing! He jumps higher than the other characters.
[20] Gumball Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball

Mario's friend in the Silver Spurs series, until this whole alternate thing happen.

He can attack the enemies using his fists.
[21] Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic The fastest thing alive... well, not more. Sonic now is just lazy and slow, but however, he still got that cool fast moves. He can use the Homing Attack.
[22] Skyla Pokémon N/A She can summons her Pokémon to help her.
[23] Steve (Minecraft) Minecraft The hero/constructor of the Minecraft Universe is ready for action with his trusty diamond tools! He can use his pickaxe to mine and his sword to attack
[24] Black Mage Final Fantasy A classic Final Fantasy hero, Black Mage can use fire, ice, and lightning to strike foes. He can shoot blasts of lightning, fire, or ice, and can switch between the elements.
[25] Pac-Man Pac-Man The dot-chompin', cherry-munchin', ghost-chasin' hero will stop at nothing to help Mario save the universe! He can use the Butt-Bounce and Flip Kick.
[26] Kirby Kirby He'll start the inhalathon on you if you mess with him! He can inhale enemies and use their abilities.
[27] Finn the Human Adventure Time ...How come he's in the game and not the film? Who cares? Who doesn't want to play as one of the most popular characters on Cartoon Network? He can use his sword to attack enemies.
[28] NES Mario Super Mario Mario's classic form is ready for action! He can slip through cracks do to his two-dimensional shape.
[29] Miles "Tails" Prower Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's best pal, who will stick with him through anything. In the 2nd Dimension, he teaches karate and is a member of the Anti-Mandy Resistance Force. He can fly and attack enemies using his tails.


Image Name Series Description
[30] Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy The main antagonist, who plans to use the Master Emerald to power the Ender Syphon, a device that will spread the End across the entire multiverse.
[31] Mecha Mario Super Mario Bros. Z Mario's robotic copy, originally created by Bowser. However, Mandy stole and memory-washed him to destroy Mario once and for all.
[32] Bowser Super Mario A secondary antagonist. He has proceeded to begin his conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom after realizing that Mario is gone. Looks like it's double trouble for our hero!
[33] Ballgum Gumball Mandy's top advisor. She demands revenge on Gumball for destroying her empire back in Gumball: Double Trouble, and will do whatever she can to achieve her goal.
[34] Cosmic Mario Super Mario He'll race Mario in some of the side quests.


30 years Ago... / 1st Dimension (Part 1)Edit

  1. Mushroom Kingdom (1st Dimension / Peach's Throne Room only)

Real WorldEdit

  1. Brooklyn (serves as the hub)

1st Dimension (Part 2)Edit

  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Mobius
  3. Elmore
  4. Dream Land
  5. Pac-Land

2nd DimensionEdit

  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Mobius
  3. Elmore
  4. Dream Land
  5. Pac-Land

Minecraft UniverseEdit

  1. Overworld
  2. Nether Dimension


  1. Mandy's Castle (can only be accessed after collecting all seven Chaos Emeralds)
  2. Mandy's Soul (can only be accessed after completing Mandy's Castle without losing any life during Mandy's boss battle.)

Mission TypesEdit

  • Basic: These missions are a piece of cake. Just make it to the end of the level and grab the flagpole.
  • Speed: Get to the flagpole withing a certain time limit.
  • Daredevil: All power-ups and Coins are removed.
  • Cosmic: Cosmic Mario will race you through the level.
  • Double Time: All hazards move faster than usual.
  • Green: 3 Green Stars will appear in the level, and if you collect them, you'll receive a Power Star.
  • Purple: Collect all/at least 100 Purple Coins. Sometimes, there's a time limit, and you may also lose a life if you leave a Purple Coin behind. If you collect all the Purple Coins you need, a Power Star appears at the end of the level.
  • Clone: Redo a Basic mission with Cosmic Clones chasing you.
  • Romp: Defeat a hoard of 30 enemies within a time limit. You'll receive a Power Star when the mission is complete.
  • Arena: There are three waves of enemies you must defeat. Defeat them all, and you'll earn a Power Star.
  • Boss: Defeat the boss. Enough said.



Image Name Description Transformation
[35] Super Mushroom Makes the character larger and allows him/her to take one extra hit. [36]
[37] Fire Flower Allows the character to toss fireballs at enemies. The fireballs can be used to light torches as well. [38]
[39] Thunder Flower Allows the character to toss thunderballs, which can be used to charge machines. [40]
[41] Water Flower Allows the character to toss waterballs that can submerge robotic enemies, such as Mandinators. [42]
[43] Ice Flower Allows the character to toss iceballs that can freeze enemies. [44]
[45] Super Leaf Turns the character into his Raccoon form. He/she can swing his/her tail at enemies and blocks. [46]
[47] Hammer Suit Allows the character to throw hammers at enemies. [48]
[49] Cape Feather Allows the character to glide in the air. He/she can also use the cape to attack enemies in the same way that a tail works in his/her Raccoon form. [50]
[51] Metal Mushroom Allows the character to walk on lava and in water. He/she is also temporarily invincible. x150px
[52] Mega Mushroom Makes the character huge, giving them the ability to crush anything in their way. [53]
[54] Mini Mushroom Makes the character tiny, allowing them to enter paths that otherwise can't be accessed. [55]
[56] Vanish Flower Makes the character invisible, allowing them to walk through fences, barriers, etc. [57]
[58] Blue Shell Allows the character to slide across the ground like a Koopa and swim faster. x150px
[59] Boomerang Suit Allows the character to toss boomerangs at enemies. [60]
[61] Gold Flower The character can toss golden fireballs that transform enemies into gold. The affected enemies drop coins. [62]
x150px Super Star Makes the character temporarily invincible. [63]
[64] Red Star Allows the character to fly after triple-jumping. [65]


Image Name Description
[66] Coin Around the meta-universe there are millions and billions of these. They can be used to buy items from the shop in Brooklyn, and collecting 100 of them will reward you with an extra life.
[67] Star Coin These can be used to unlock tips and new level paths. Collect them all -- three per level -- and unlock something special.
[68] Red Coin If you jump through a Red Ring, eight of these will appear. If you collect them all within a short time, a power-up or 1-Up Mushroom will appear.
[69] Purple Coin In some side quests, there are 100 of these to collect. If you manage to collect them all, a Power Star will appear.
[70] 1-Up Mushroom Immediately rewards you with an extra life. These are usually found in hidden blocks located in places that are difficult and/or dangerous to reach.
[71] Flagpole The goal of Basic, Speed, Daredevil, Cosmic, Double Time, and Clone missions. If you grab the top of the pole, you'll receive an extra life.
[72] Power Star The goal of Green, Purple, Romp, and Arena missions. To reach one, you'll need to complete the mission's main task.
[73] Green Star In Green missions, there are three of these that you must collect to receive the Power Star.
[74] Grand Star One of these will appear after defeating a boss.
[75] Chaos Emeralds There are seven different colored Emeralds -- green, yellow, red, turquoise, blue, purple, and white. You will earn one of these after completing a Special Stage, and they are needed to reach Mandy's Castle.


Image Name Description Location
[76] Goomba The most basic enemies in the game. They chase you on sight, but all you need to defeat them is a stomp on the head. Various
[77] Paragoomba Goombas that fly. When you stomp them, they become normal Goombas. Various
[78] Hyper Goomba They're like normal Goombas, but you need to stomp them three times to defeat them. Mushroom Kingdom
[79] Koopa Troopa If you stomp one of these guys, they hide in their shell. You can kick it or pick it up and throw it. Mushroom Kingdom
[80] Koopa Paratroopa Koopas that fly. If you stomp one, they'll become normal Koopa Troopas. Mushroom Kingdom
[81] Koopatrol Armored Koopas that can't be stomped or burned. However, freezing them with an Ice Flower should do the trick. Airships
[82] Lakitu Short Koopas that toss Spinies. Mushroom Kingdom
[83] Spiny You can't stomp them because of their spikes. Mushroom Kingdom
[84] Dry Bones If you stomp one, they'll break into pieces, but they'll reassemble within a few seconds. Fortresses
[85] Parabones Winged Dry Bones. Stomp one, and it will turn back into a normal Dry Bones. Fortresses
[86] Hammer Bro. Hammer-tossing Koopas. Mushroom Kingdom
[87] Boomerang Bro. Hammer Bros. that toss boomerangs. Mushroom Kingdom
[88] Fire Bro. Hammer Bros. that throw fireballs. Mushroom Kingdom, sometimes the Netherrealm
[89] Ice Bro. Hammer Bros. that throw iceballs. Frappe Snowlands (Mushroom Kingdom)
[90] Sledge Bro. Heavy Hammer Bros. that create shock waves when they land after jumping. Mushroom Kingdom
[91] Cyborg Bro. Robotic Hammer Bros. that are stronger and faster. Also has laser eyes! Airships
[92] Motobug Like Goombas, they chase you on sight. Unlike Goombas, they are pretty fast. Mobius
[93] Enderman If you see one, don't give it a second gaze. Just look the other way; otherwise, they'll attack you! Minecraft Universe, Mandy's Castle
[94] Mandinator Mandy's robotic warriors. There are many different varieties, so be careful! Various
[95] Dark Goomba Goombas that Mandy has brainwashed. Mandy's Castle
[96] Dark Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopas that Mandy has brainwashed. Mandy's Castle
[97] Dark Hammer Bro. Hammer Bros. that Mandy has brainwashed. Mandy's Castle
[98] Bullet Bill Bullets with eyes. Need I say more? Mushroom Kingdom, airships
[99] Ghost Spirits that inhabit Ghost Houses. There are several varieties. Ghost Houses, Pac-Land
[100] Boo When you look at them, they hide their faces. But when you look away, they follow you through the ghost house! They can't be defeated without a Mega Mushroom, Blue Shell, or Super Star. Ghost Houses
[101] Bomb Boo They lazily float back and forth, exploding after a while, but will chase your character if you get too close. If Mario spins at one, he will grab its tongue and it will spin around until it hits something. Ghost Houses
[102] Broozer They walk around, but when you come near them, they start chasing you and punching at you. It takes three stomps to defeat one. Ghost Houses
[103] Eerie They quickly fly forwards. Like Boos, they can't be defeated without a Blue Shell, Star, or Mega Mushroom. Ghost Houses
[104] Piranha Plant Usually lives in pipes. Some, however, are on the ground and will chomp at you. Mushroom Kingdom
[105] Venus Fire Trap Spits fireballs at you. Mushroom Kingdom, sometimes the Netherrealm
[106] Venus Ice Trap Basically, a Venus Fire Trap that spits iceballs instead of fireballs. Frappe Snowlands (Mushroom Kingdom)
[107] Pooka They hop around, sometimes bumping into one another. If you touch one, they create a small explosion. Pac-Land
[108] Rhino Dino/Dino Torch They walk around. If you stomp a Rhino Dino, it turns into a Dino Torch and breathes flames at you. Yoshi's Island (Mushroom Kingdom)
[109] Thwomp They slam down on the ground, trying to flatten you. They are invincible! Fortresses




Games can be unlocked as you complete stages or when you purchase them with Coins.

  • Super Mario Bros.: Play the game that started it all!
  • Super Mario Bros. 2: The SMB trilogy continues in Subcon. Stop Wart from conquering the land of dreams!
  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Save Peach and the seven Mushroom Kings from Bowser and his kids, the Koopalings!
  • Super Mario Land: A new villain, a new land to explore, a whole new adventure!
  • Super Mario World: Make your way through Dinosaur Land with Mario's new friend Yoshi and save Peach once again!
  • Rayman 1: Play as Rayman and save the world from the evil Mr. Dark!
  • The Secret of Monkey Island: Beat the three trials and be the Mighty Pirate(tm)!
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (1991): Go at super-sonic speeds through Mobius in Sonic's first adventure!
  • Final Fantasy (game): Go through a realm of magic, warriors, and fantasy in the debut appearance of Black Mage!
  • Pac-Man: Chomp up the dots and avoid the ghosts!


02:05Super Mario 3D Land title screen 8-bitThe title screen theme theme.02:42Super Mario Bros - Main Theme (WillRock Remix)Main theme.02:57Super Mario 64 - Main Theme (WillRock Remix)Mario's theme.09:41Paper Mario Shadow Queen MusicMandy's theme.02:00Super Mario 64 - Bowser's Theme (Rock Version)Bowser's theme.01:48Sonic The Hedgehog Theme ( Rock Version )Sonic's theme.02:00Cosmic Clone - Super Mario 3D LandCosmic Mario's theme.==Strategy Guide== See here.


  • Sounds and songs from past Mario games(e.g. Super Mario Bros.) have been brought into this game.
  • In the loading screen, NES Mario runs and collects coins (sometimes from Brick Blocks).



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