KP Blue
Age 14
Date of Birth February 13th
Species Human
Gender Male
Joined Fantendo: Unknown month and day, 2007, Usertendo: October 24th, 2008
Aliases KP Shadow, Kip Shades, KP
Moves Obscura, Shatter, Howl, Lunge,
Allies JesseRoo, YoshiEgg, Spark01, Hemu
Enemies None/Unknown
Groups Users
Pronunciation Kay-Pee-Bloo
Themes None/Unknown

Troll carcass in alley this morning, banhammer marks on burst stomach. This wiki is afraid of me. I have seen its true face...
KP Blue, Fantendo

KP Blue is a user on Fantendo. Though he is primarly known for mainly participating in community discussion, he has produced one or two games on Fantendo.


Early DaysEdit

KP Blue first joined Fantendo around 2007 under a (currently unknown) account. He had created the "Fikmin" article and left shortly afterwards.

Early 2008Edit

Afterwards, KP Blue had re-discovered Fantendo (after moving to a new computer with Windows Vista) through Super Mario Wiki. He had first created a new account under the name of KP Shadow. Shortly Afterwards, he would lose the password for the account and create a new one under the name of KP Blue.

Late 2008 - early 2009Edit

KP Would later join Usertendo after its founding, and would be promoted to admin by Max2. He would then go on to develop a crush on, and later an obsession with, Totodile3456, culminating in the writing of a fanfic about her that included some rather unfortunate implications. This would result in his banning on Fantendo for a year and on Userpedia indefinitely.

Late 2009 - Mid 2010Edit

A few months later, his ban from Fantendo would be removed due to more mature behavior in the chatroom, as would his ban from Userpedia. He would quickly go from the creator of low-quality fanfics and games to one of the more social members of the community, spending more time chatting it up with others through user blogs than making actual games and fiction, aside from occasional games that are part of genres less explored by Fantendo games, Such as OriSpace, an old-school Shoot-em-up, and Humans Vs. Aliens, a Turn-Based Strategy game.

Late 2010Edit

In late 2010, it was proposed that the Wiki move to a new host. At first, he supported it, as long as those in charge did a good job. However, once the new Fantendo was revealed, he, and many other users, felt that it wasn't handled well, due to the new wiki farm still being in beta, meaning it wasn't a stable host and lacked a steady flow of new users to replace the older ones who move on to other things. This lead to an argument with Cobweb over whether or not the wiki should move, and the new Fantendo being replaced with The Everything Bagel, a more general fiction wiki. Since then, things have cooled down between the two, and arguments have, for the most part, stopped.


KP Shadow is an odd specimen. Sometimes, he will go on long tirades about a topic, taking something very serious, though with a few analogies referencing various movies, TV Shows, comics, and web original content. At others, however, he will just lurk, make a short, one or two sentence long comment, then disappear until he either finds another blog do do something similar on, or someone replies to what he has said.

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