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Lemmykoopa24 (also known as LK24, Lemmy or sometimes Lemmykoopa) is a user on Fantendo and Usertendo, but mostly on Fantendo. Lemmykoopa24 can, being a user, take on the form of anything he wants. His current form is a multi-colored Dry Bones. His form on Fantendo is a bright blue Lemmy Koopa with a green suit and a number on his chest. Unlike most users, Lemmykoopa24 cares very little about being a sysop and just wants to continue doing whatever he wants. He is one of YoshiEgg's best friends and is even one of the 3 apprentices of YE. He used to be an inexperienced artist whose images were sometimes mocked by Spark01 and Cobweb, but now he is an experienced artist and makes much better images. He admires Cobweb very much.

Age 13
Date of Birth 4th of August
Species Dry Bones
Gender Male
Joined Sept. 1, 2009 (Fantendo)
Aliases None
Moves Teleport, Mind-Control, Bone Bombs
Allies McQueenMario, Dk64rules, YoshiEgg, Spark01, Cobweb, Henrydamoose
Enemies None/Unknown
Groups User
Pronunciation Lemm - ee - koo - puh - twen - tee -for
Themes None/Unknown


Lemmykoopa24 first joined Fantendo on the first day of school in 2009. He looked like he had terrible grammar, but in truth, his grammar was great, but his computer was messing it up. He was shunned by users such as Hemu and DryGuy, but Lemmy didn't give up. He kept on making articles and his computer stopped being glitchy. He then met McQueenMario and the two became friends. He hasn't stopped since.


Today, Lemmykoopa24 is a well-respected user and a very experienced artist. Cobweb even recently said that he would make a good sysop, along with Spark01. He is also Hemu's lackey and his junior detective.

Interactions with Other UsersEdit


Lemmykoopa24 considers YoshiEgg his closest friend on Fantendo.



Lemmykoopa24 is normally a cool-headed, easy-going user. He likes everybody and is always willing to help someone. He is friendly and active. However, he is very protective of his games and characters and is always ready to defend them fearlessly, which sometimes leads him to overreacting. He also never takes kindly to trolls and sockpuppets. He is also very good at soccer and is a great detective. Sadly, he has a hard time understanding things due to his lack of common sense. He is also a bit of a scatterbrain, announcing games, and forgetting about them later on.



  • Lemmykoopa24 has arachnophobia. He is deathly afraid of tarantulas.

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