Max2 is a Sysop and one of the original three members on Fantendo who is well known for creating the character Litle P, which some people see as the true mascot instead of Unten.

His best friend is Twink. He is also good friends with Starla, Twink's cousin.

He is a member of the elite Secret Society of the Golden Goomba

He returned in June 2009, along with Shroobario.


Max suffers from a very minor form of omniphobia, which is a fear of everything.

He also used to suffer from a fear of being a Bureacrat, due to him having become Power Mad. However, he accepted the role on Usertendo, in order to protect his friend Cobweb.

Appearences in GamesEdit

Max2 appears in Paper Wiki: Storybook Showdown as the first partner. His abilities are like Goombario's.

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