Mick13 (Usually known as Mick, mickeh, Or Mickey) is a user on Fantendo


Mick has always been a fan of Nintendo & would often times go to Lemmy's Land or SMBHQ to look at game ideas, but actually meds his Wiki account for YCM, not Fantendo. He made cards based off of Mario characters there, & would use the name "GamerX" on them. In fact, that was gonna be his account name, but it was taken. It was not too long after that when he found Fantendo& started making games there. He had a rough start, with things such as being accused of being one of Orange Yoda's socks, but became popular when he started posting in the blogs about a year later. He was recently promoted to sysop.


His major personality faults would be joking around too much, being too nice, & arguing a lot. But he is also usually calm & levelheaded, & has good self-esteem. And it seems like no matter what he does, he can't make any enemies on Fantendo.

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