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29,491pages on this wikiEdit Comments0 New Super Mario Bros. Ultra is a platformer, and the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


[show]==Story== Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, Waluigi and Yoshi are relaxing at Isle Delfino, When Bowser's Airships approach and snatch up Mario's Friends! Bowser flies away, dropping Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and Yoshi into castles. Mario then runs off to save his friends.



  • Mario (Default)
  • Luigi (Clear World 1)
  • Blue Toad (Clear World 2)
  • Yellow Toad (Clear World 3)
  • Yoshi (Clear World 4)


  • Peach (Damsel in Distress)
  • Toads (Run Item Houses)
  • Toadsworth (Peach's Castle hints provider)
  • Diddy Kong (Captured at enemy courses)
  • DK (Runs 1-up houses)


Tower Boss  Castle Boss Airship  Boss Map Miniboss
Kamek Dry Bowser Larry Koopa Goomba
Shadow  Mario King Chain Chomp Roy Koopa Spike
Icy Dino Piranha Baron Brrr Lemmy Koopa Freezie
Fly Guy Smellicoptor Iggy Koopa Banzai Bill
Chomp Cheep Cheepskipper Wendy O. Koopa Cheep Cheep
King Whomp Bouldergeist Morton Koopa Jr. Topmen
Lakithunder Huff N. Puff Ludwig Von Koopa Lakitu
Bowser Jr. Bowser All Koopalings + Bowser Podoboo


Name Rarity
Goomba Very Common
Koopa Troopa Very Common
Paratroopa Common
Paragoomba Rare
Boo Rare
Dry Bones Common
Piranha Plants Common
Hammer Bro. Rare
Fire Bro. Rare
Boomerang Bro. Rare
Ice Bro. Rare
Magikoopa Rare
Spike Common
Lakitu Rare
Cheep Cheep Very Common
Freezie Rare
Topmen Rare
Kremling Rare
Smelli Common
Shy Guy Rare
Snifit Rare
Beezo Rare
Tuff Puff Rare
Skeeters Common
Unagi Common
Dry Skull Rare
Bomb-Boo Rare
Little Mouser Rare
Streamroller Rare
Shroob Rare
X-Naut Rare
Monty Mole Very Common
Blooper Common
Astro Goomba Rare

Working On


  • World 1 - Shroomy Plains
  • World 2 - Speedsand Desert
  • World 3 - Frozen Frenzy
  • World 4 - Foggy Forest
  • World 5 - Tropic Blunder
  • World 6 - High Spike Mountains
  • World 7 - Cloudy Climb
  • World 8 - Dark Land


  • This is the debut of Smellicopter and Smellies.
  • This is Huff N. Puff's 3D Debut
  • Waluigi is shown to have good climbing skills, but in other games he doesn't.

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