New Super Mario Bros. V²Edit

Developer(s) GrandTheftAutoHero
Publisher(s) [3]


Platform(s) [5]
Release Date(s)
July 19th, 20XO
Age Rating(s)
[6] - Everyone
Genre(s) Action, Platformer
Media Included

Disc [7] Digital Download

[8]New Super Mario Bros. V² is a side-scrolling 2.5D platform game, released for The V² and is the tenth installment for the Super Mario Bros. Series and the fifth installment of the New Super Mario Bros. Series. Released Worldwide on July 19th, 20XO.

Unlike the predecessor New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U, the game has returned enemies and power-ups from the last installments, like the Super Bell makes a return in the Mario series, as this is the second platformer where the Super Bell appears.

The power-ups and enemies outside the New Super Mario Bros. Series, some of them make a return in the game.


[show]==Story== Like usual, Princess Peach & gets kidnapped by Bowser, but this time they know it would happen again, so a cutscene appears with the four heroes protecting Princess Peach to a table, then they see a rope trap, Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, Yellow Toad and Princess Peach laugh because Bowser has that as a trap, and avoids it by getting it across, but then it moves and grabs Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings are at it again! They just can't give up capturing the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom! Like always, they fly away with the airship and has Peach with them and the four heroes chase them! But unfortunately they lost their Mushroom Power-up and shrunk! The adventure starts like this, they start at 1-1. Then when completing the World 1 Fortress, an Toad comes up to Mario and says that there are Star Coins and you can collect them to unlock new levels, then a Toad is kidnapped by a Goomba, and the player has to go back to a level where they were, after saving Toad, the Toad explains about Toad Houses, the players get in the Toad House and has to choose two of the items instead of getting Bowser and Bowser Jr. two times, the adventure continues.


They now reached World 12 and also at Bowser's Bigger Castle! Bowser is finally ahead and the Bros can rescue the Princess, after reaching Bowser, they battle until the four has hit the button which makes the platforms fall, and Bowser, and then Kamek comes and turns Bowser giant with Magic and the four has to avoid being hit by Bowser's Fire Breathe and Claws, after avoiding, Bowser is no longer giant and falls into the lava, the Princess is finally rescued and gives Mario a thank you kiss, Mario blushes and a credits comes where you have to grab most coins or dance with the other four, after the credits, Bowser, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings gets in the airship, Bowser tells them that the adventure was a failure and has no other choice than grounding them for giving Mario these keys when winning, everyone grunts, Bowser Jr. has learned his lesson, back to Mario and Peach at the castle, they are back at the dinner, laughing, and then the screen zooms to Luigi, saying that this adventure is gonna be nolgastic and history, and winks as the screen fades black saying The End, returning to the Title Screen.



Image  Name  Description  Ability 
Rabbid Mario Mario The Princess has been kidnapped again, but as usual! The heroic plumber strikes back to get it back with his brother Luigi and the Toad Bros. Far Jump
Rabbid Luigi &=Tam-Tom= Luigi Mario's coward and clumsy brother once again steps on his brave side, but he sure has Mario and some Toads to help him with the adventures, but luckily we can count on him and his High Super Jump! Scuttle and High Jump
Sonic The Hedgehog Rabbid Peach & Rabbid Megaman Blue Toad The blue one from the Toad Bros. and the fastest of the four heroes! I don't know why he's fast, is it because he's blue? Speed Running
Mewshi & Yellow Toad This one sure doesn't need a Yoshi! Well, for a few things, he learned the Flutter Jump all by himself! Maybe a Yoshi helped him or something, Luigi has to learn more so he can be like the Yellow Toad and Yoshi! Flutter Jump



Fortress BossesEdit

  • (CB) means that the Fortress Boss is also to battle in the castle of the world
Image  Name  World Appearance 
[19] Petey Piranha World 1: Mushroom Valley
[20] King Kut Koopa World 2: Molten Duney Desert
[21] King Lakitu World 3: Sky Center
[22] Prince Bully World 4: Frosty Iced Hills
[23] Dark Star World 5: Shooting Star Pass
[24] Cheep-Chomp World 6: Tuka-Tuka Isles
[25] King Wiggler World 7: Fluff-Fluff Woods
[26] Kamek (CB) World 8: Volcano Path
[27] Monty Tank (CB) World 9: Rocked-Rock Hills
[28] King Boo (CB) World 10: Cracking Creepy Boo Valley
[29] Boom Boom (CB) World 11: Giant-Layer Cave
[30] Bowser Jr. World 12: Bowser Universe


The list indicates worlds in the game, you will start at World 1 and when you complete castles of each latest worlds you are in, the next world will be unlocked.

Name  Castle Boss 
World 1: Mushroom Valley Draco Koopa
World 2: Moltey Duney Desert Iggy Koopa
World 3: Sky Center Ludwig von Koopa
World 4: Frosty Iced Hills Morton Koopa Jr.
World 5: Shooting Star Pass Roy Koopa
World 6: Tuka-Tuka Isles Lemmy Koopa
World 7: Fluff-Fluff Woods Wendy O. Koopa
World 8: Volcano Path

Jacob KoopaEdit

World 9: Rocked Rock Hills

Thomas KoopaEdit

World 10: Cracking Creepy Boo Valley Tim J. Koopa
World 11: Giant-Layer Cave Larry Koopa
World 12: Bowser Universe Bowser & Bowser Junior




[36] [37] [38] [39] [40]
Small Mario

(starting form)

Super Mario

(Super Mushroom required)

Flying Squirrel Mario

(New, Super Acorn required)

Fire Mario

(Fire Flower required)

Ice Mario

(Ice Flower required)

[41] [42] [43] [44] [45]
Mini Mario

(Mini Mushroom required)

Invincible Mario

(Super Star required)

P Flying Squirrel Mario

(New, P-Acorn required)

Propeller Mario

(Propeller Mushroom required)

Penguin Mario

(Penguin Suit required)




Returning enemiesEdit


This list consist power-ups in the game that can be obtained in levels or in Toad Houses.

This list in unfinished

Image  Name  Effect 
[46] Mushroom Turns the hero big and normal when he is small.
[47] Fire Flower Changes the color of the clothes of the Hero and has the ability to shoot fireballs.
[48] Super Bell Gives the hero a cat costume and gives them a ability to climb on walls.
[49] Propeller Mushroom Gives the hero the propeller costume and is able to flight off and float down.
[50] Super Acorn Gives the hero a acorn costume and has the ability to glide.
[51] Blue Shell Gives the Hero a shell on his back and has the ability to Shell Toss when running.
[52] Mini Mushroom Turns the hero tiny and has the ability to jump higher and land slowly and walk into small gaps.
[53] Penguin Suit Gives the hero a Penguin Suit and gives them the ability to shoot iceballs to freeze enemies and slide on ice and swim faster.
[54] Ice Flower Changes the hero's clothing colors and gives them the ability to shoot iceballs and freeze enemies.



Don't you have someone to play with, don't worry! You can do the quest on your own! Pick your favorite of the four heroes and jump up in the adventure on your own!


Do you still feel alone? Maybe your family can play, or you can call your friends to come over and play the game together and enjoy the quest with teamwork and friendship.

Online Co-opEdit

Is nobody able to play with you? You will be put in a random team for the Co-op, pick the available character and play with the people you don't even know.


Want to challenge your family or friends for a battle? There is Coin Battle or a Race Battle.

  • Coin Battle: Grab as much coins than your competitors!
  • Race: Get to the finish as first to win the race!

Online V/SEdit

Want to play a rival, with this mode you can, but make sure to win or you would win from YOUR rivals!


[55]Boxart[56]Logo[57]Mario[58]Luigi[59]Blue Toad[60]Yellow Toad[61]App Icon Add a photo to this gallery==Trivia==

  • In this installment, you are no longer forced to play as Mario when choosing Single Player mode, you can now choose who you want to play as in Single Player
    • Because of this, the Luigi Guide has been replaced by the Yoshi Guide.

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