'Koopaling Chaos 2: Super Ludwig Bros!   'By Rookie Koopa'''''''''''''System: GBA and GBA SP  Price: $29.99 (Canadian)  Graphics: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga  Style: Like Super Mario Bros. 3  NGC Link Compatible: Yes'

'Controls  A: Jump  B: Use item, attack  B (hold): Fly with Raccoon tail  L: Map  R: Toggle items on map screen'

'Background Info  Last game the Koopalings discovered that they had another sibling that had been prevented from hatching by the Mario Gang. They set out to find it. When they did it hatched and became Buzz Koopa, a mix of all the  Koopalings!'

'Story  It's a peaceful day in Bowser's castle. Buzz and Ludwig are in their room talking when they hear a yell from Lemmy's room. After investigating, they find out that Lemmy is missing! Then all the other Koopalings and  Bowser are kidnapped, along with Ludwig's future fiance, Karma! Buzz and Ludwig leave to save their siblings, father, and Karma from the clutches of the Mario Gang. What's even worse is that the Mario Gang have jewels that have taken control of the minions in every world!'

'Menu  Just like Super Mario Bros. 3. The curtain goes up and Ludwig and Buzz are seen breathing fire at the Mario Bros. Then Start and Load appear.'

'Gameplay  You can play as either Ludwig or Buzz. Instead of going from Grass Land to Dark Land, you have to go from Dark Land to Grass Land and then Rainbow Tower to rescue Karma. Again, you play it just like Super Mario Bros. 3.'

''''Worlds, Enemies, Bosses, and Koopalings''''

'Dark Land  Enemies: Bear Chomp, Boruum Lakitu, Guts Goomba, Paragloomba, Chargin' Boruum Chucks , Koopa Joe, Spiny Paratroopa, Chain ChompLakituGoomba, Paragoomba, Angry Sun, Koopa, Paratroopa  Boss: Cosmetta   Toad is as easy to defeat as Larry in Mario Bros. 3 except that he has the ability to shoot smog circles out of his head. You get to rescue Larry once you get Toad's jewel and key.'

'Pipe Land  Enemies: Tar Skull Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Piranha Plant, Zinger (a small version of Mouser that throws  'fireballs), Koopa, 'Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Piranha Plant, Zinger (a small version of Mouser that throws  fireballs), Koopa  Boss: Koops  Koops is from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He throws fireballs out of his mouth and shakes the ground slightly when he lands. You get to rescue Morton Jr. once you kill him and get his jewel and key.'

Ghostly Land  Enemies: B'oomba, Slammer, Ghost Piranha, Ghostly Sword Knight, Advanced Imp Drone, Rusty Chariot, BoneDrs, Goop Ghost, W'olf Ninjun  Boss: King Boo  Koops is from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He throws fireballs out of his mouth and shakes the ground slightly when he lands. You get to rescue Morton Jr. once you kill him and get his jewel and key.'

'Jungle Land  Enemies: Kritter, Sledge Guy, Spinenut Goomba, Krusha, Picketman Hammer Bro, Jungle Spear Chuck  Boss: Donky Krusha He's back and he's angry. Jr. Troopa will fire three spikes out of his arm. Each time you hit him the spike shots go up by one. Once you killed him and get his key and jewel you can rescue Wendy.'

'Aroma Springs Enemies: Aroma Parabeetle, Sweet Scent Jiro, Pink KoopeleonParatroopa Joe, Sweet Scent Gusto (a cloud that wears sunglasses and  blows little fire sparks at you), Honey Piranha (They can fly! Actually the pipes can. Just jump onto the top of the pipe when the Piranha is down to kill it.)  Boss: Petey Piranha She's finally made up with Peach, for a good reason. Daisy can float for a few seconds and blow deadly kisses. Once you' kill her and get her key and jewel you can rescue Iggy.'

'Melodia Enemies: Mighty Mole, Drumba, Green Trumpet Cobrat, Trumpy, DJ Jazzy Lakitu, ROCKER!! JOE  Boss: Captain Treble DK is like Roy from SMB3. Whenever he lands, the ground shakes, but on the plus side, he can't move when he shakes the ground, though neither can you. Once you kill him and get his jewel and key you can rescue Roy.'

'Cloudy Village  Enemies: Golden Foo, Paragoomba, Hell Metall DX, Windy Ninjun, Spin Bro, Elite Chargin Chuck  Boss: Boom Boom  He's back and he's angry. Jr. Troopa will fire three spikes out of his arm. Each time you hit him the spike shots go up by one. Once you killed him and get his key and jewel you can rescue Wendy.'

Pirate Land  Enemies: Parabeetle, Paragoomba, Paratroopa, Gusto (a cloud that wears sunglasses and  blows little fire sparks at you), Winged Piranha (They can fly! Actually the pipes can. Just jump onto the top of the pipe when the Piranha is down to kill it.)  Boss: Daisy  She's finally made up with Peach, for a good reason. Daisy can float for a few seconds and blow deadly kisses. Once you' kill her and get her key and jewel you can rescue Iggy.'

'Giant Land  Enemies: Huge Koopa, Huge Goomba, Huge Piranha Plant, Huge Cheep Cheep, Huge Lakitu, Huge Raphael (just like Raphael the Raven from Yoshi's island except he's just a stomp away from death)  Boss: DK  DK is like Roy from SMB3. Whenever he lands, the ground shakes, but on the plus side, he can't move when he shakes the ground, though neither can you. Once you kill him and get his jewel and key you can rescue Roy.'

'Pipe Land  Enemies: Tar Skull Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Piranha Plant, Zinger (a small version of Mouser that throws  'fireballs), Koopa, 'Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Piranha Plant, Zinger (a small version of Mouser that throws  fireballs), Koopa  Boss: Koops  Koops is from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He throws fireballs out of his mouth and shakes the ground slightly when he lands. You get to rescue Morton Jr. once you kill him and get his jewel and key.'

'Ice Land  Enemies: Frosty (a frozen penguin that freezes Ludwig or Buzz when he runs into either one) Piranha Plant, Goomba, Buzzy Beetle, Hammer Bro, Chargin Chuck  Boss: Jr. Troopa  He's back and he's angry. Jr. Troopa will fire three spikes out of his arm. Each time you hit him the spike shots go up by one. Once you killed him and get his key and jewel you can rescue Wendy.'

'Sky Land  Enemies: Parabeetle, Paragoomba, Paratroopa, Gusto (a cloud that wears sunglasses and  blows little fire sparks at you), Winged Piranha (They can fly! Actually the pipes can. Just jump onto the top of the pipe when the Piranha is down to kill it.)  Boss: Daisy  She's finally made up with Peach, for a good reason. Daisy can float for a few seconds and blow deadly kisses. Once you' kill her and get her key and jewel you can rescue Iggy.'

'Giant Land  Enemies: Huge Koopa, Huge Goomba, Huge Piranha Plant, Huge Cheep Cheep, Huge Lakitu, Huge Raphael (just like Raphael the Raven from Yoshi's island except he's just a stomp away from death)  Boss: DK  DK is like Roy from SMB3. Whenever he lands, the ground shakes, but on the plus side, he can't move when he shakes the ground, though neither can you. Once you kill him and get his jewel and key you can rescue Roy.'

'Pipe Land  Enemies: Tar Skull Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Piranha Plant, Zinger (a small version of Mouser that throws  'fireballs), Koopa, 'Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Piranha Plant, Zinger (a small version of Mouser that throws  fireballs), Koopa  Boss: Koops  Koops is from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He throws fireballs out of his mouth and shakes the ground slightly when he lands. You get to rescue Morton Jr. once you kill him and get his jewel and key.'

'Ice Land  Enemies: Frosty (a frozen penguin that freezes Ludwig or Buzz when he runs into either one) Piranha Plant, Goomba, Buzzy Beetle, Hammer Bro, Chargin Chuck  Boss: Jr. Troopa  He's back and he's angry. Jr. Troopa will fire three spikes out of his arm. Each time you hit him the spike shots go up by one. Once you killed him and get his key and jewel you can rescue Wendy.'

'Sky Land  Enemies: Parabeetle, Paragoomba, Paratroopa, Gusto (a cloud that wears sunglasses and  blows little fire sparks at you), Winged Piranha (They can fly! Actually the pipes can. Just jump onto the top of the pipe when the Piranha is down to kill it.)  Boss: Daisy  She's finally made up with Peach, for a good reason. Daisy can float for a few seconds an

'Pipe Land  Enemies: Tar Skull Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Piranha Plant, Zinger (a small version of Mouser that throws  'fireballs), Koopa, 'Goomba, Cheep Cheep, Piranha Plant, Zinger (a small version of Mouser that throws  fireballs), Koopa  Boss: Koops  Koops is from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He throws fireballs out of his mouth and shakes the ground slightly when he lands. You get to rescue Morton Jr. once you kill him and get his jewel and key.'

'Ice Land  Enemies: Frosty (a frozen penguin that freezes Ludwig or Buzz when he runs into either one) Piranha Plant, Goomba, Buzzy Beetle, Hammer Bro, Chargin Chuck  Boss: Jr. Troopa  He's back and he's angry. Jr. Troopa will fire three spikes out of his arm. Each time you hit him the spike shots go up by one. Once you killed him and get his key and jewel you can rescue Wendy.'

'Sky Land  Enemies: Parabeetle, Paragoomba, Paratroopa, Gusto (a cloud that wears sunglasses and  blows little fire sparks at you), Winged Piranha (They can fly! Actually the pipes can. Just jump onto the top of the pipe when the Piranha is down to kill it.)  Boss: Daisy  She's finally made up with Peach, for a good reason. Daisy can float for a few seconds and blow deadly kisses. Once you' kill her and get her key and jewel you can rescue Iggy.'

'Giant Land  Enemies: Huge Koopa, Huge Goomba, Huge Piranha Plant, Huge Cheep Cheep, Huge Lakitu, Huge Raphael (just like Raphael the Raven from Yoshi's island except he's just a stomp away from death)  Boss: DK  DK is like Roy from SMB3. Whenever he lands, the ground shakes, but on the plus side, he can't move when he shakes the ground, though neither can you. Once you kill him and get his jewel and key you can rescue Roy.'

'Water Land  Enemies: Cheep Cheep, Blooper, Squidgy (looks like a giant jellyfish with huge eyes, best avoided), Froggy Koopa (a Koopa wearing a Frog Suit), Froggy Goomba (same as above but a Goomba), Scuba Piranha (a swimming Piranha Plant)  Boss: Yoshi  Yoshi can jump high and stretch out his tonuge. He spits out watermelon seeds. Once you kill him and get his jewel and key you can rescue Roy.'

'Desert Land  Enemies: Angry Sun, Fire Snake, Goomba, Paratroopa, Paragoomba, Koopa, Porcupo, Black Clams, Quicksand  Boss: Toadette  You can laugh, but Toadette is very hard. She spins around and of course her funky hair poses a deadly threat. Just wait 'til she stops spinning to stomp her. Once you kill her and get her jewel and key you can rescue Lemmy.'

'Grass Land  Enemies: Every single enemy from all the worlds.  Bosses: Mario and Luigi!  Be careful. These two are tricky. They can do the funny spin thing from Superstar Saga that makes them shoot fireballs everywhere! Once you kill them and take their jewel and key you can rescue Bowser.'

'Rainbow Tower  Rainbow is actually a Kart race styled after Super Mario Kart, except you race on a 2D version of Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road. You have to race Peach on three different stages, as follows:'

1) A straight course where you just have to dodge a few Goombas and beat Peach. Difficulty: Easy.

2) An exact duplicate of Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road. Difficulty: Medium.

3) Barrier and Ramp Hop. You have to jump over all of the barriers only taking three damage chances, and you have to use every ramp until the end. Difficulty: Hard.

Then, after you've beaten all three floors you have to beat Peach in a battle. She's hard. You have to hit her six times, and she throws rainbow waves out of her umbrella, floats, and blows kisses like Daisy's. After you beat her you get the key to Karma's cage.

''''Ending Sequence''''

If you're Buzz you unlock Karma's cage and Ludwig comes rushing in, followed by the Koopalings and Bowser. A heart appears over Karma and Ludwig and the Mario Gang is scrolled across the screen on stretchers. Then the game ends.

'Items  Buzz and Ludwig have a number of items they have to use in every level.'

'Mushroom: Allows Buzz or Ludwig to grow.  Fire Flower: Allows Buzz or Ludwig to shoot fireballs.  Super Leaf: Allows Buzz or Ludwig to fly.  Star: Allows Buzz or Ludwig to become invincible for a short period of time.  Frog Suit: Allows Buzz or Ludwig to swim quickly underwater.  Tanooki Suit: Allows Buzz or Ludwig to fly, as well as turn into a statue when pressing B and down.  Hammer Bros. Suit: Allows Buzz or Ludwig to throw hammers with B.  Spike: allows Buzz or Ludwig to go into their shells and spin when pressing B and down, then left or right.'

'World Details  Dark Land:  6 levels (just like SMB3's Grass Land)  2 Mushroom Houses  1 Hammer Brother  Secrets: None  Difficulty: 2'

'Pipe Land:  9 levels  3 Mushroom Houses (you have to beat a Hammer Brother for one)  2 Bammer Bros.  Secrets: In one of the Mushroom Houses, jump up to the middle box and shoot a fireball at it. It will turn into the only Lakitu cloud in the game. Use it in Sky Land.  Difficulty: 3'

'Ice Land:  9 levels  2 Mushroom Houses  1 Hammer Bro.  Secrets: None  Difficulty: 4'

'Sky Land:  10 leveld  1 Mushroom House (it's tricky to reach)  3 Hammer Bros.  Secrets: Use Lakitu's cloud in level 4. Keep flying straight up until you see a purple pipe. Go through and you will warp to the front of the castle.'

'Giant Land:  11 levels  2 Mushroom Houses  2 Hammer Bros.  Secrets: Defeat the two huge Hammer Bros. by level 4 to get the Giant Glove. This will make you huge. It's good to use in level 11 when you have to jump over Huge Raphael, who's guarding the course clear. Unfortunately that's the only time you can use it.  Difficulty: 4'

'Water Land:  Water Land is completley covered by water. You can faintly see the level numbers, though.  10 levels  3 Mushroom Houses  1 Hammer Brother  Secrets: After you defeat Yoshi and before you rescue Roy, pull the switch besides Roy's cage to drain all the water off of the islands and beaches in Water Land.'

'Desert Land:  13 levels  4 Mushroom Houses  3 Hammer Bros.  Secrets: In level 7, don't be afraid to fall down the small quicksand hole by the Cheep Cheep pond. Keep sinking and you'll land underground and find a warp pipe that warps you to level 10.  Difficulty: 5'

'Grass Land:  14 levels  5 Mushroom Houses  3 Hammer Bros.  Secrets: None! You have to make your way fairly!'

'Music  The music is alternated. There's mainly music from SMB3, SMW1, Yoshi's Island, Mario RPG, Super Mario Kart, and Mario Kart 64.'

'Saving  Throughout various levels Kammy Koopa will be standing wearing various outfits to do with the world your in. Just for fun I'll tell you what she wears:'

'Dark Land: Usual Magikoopa clothes  Pipe Land: An exterminator's suit  Ice Land: Eskimo suit  Sky Land: Stewardess outfit  Giant Land: She's huge and wears a hawaiian shirt  Water Land: Scuba diver's gear  Desert Land: Safari clothes  Grass Land: Soccer outfit'

You run into Kammy in the first level of every world. She tells you what's ahead and who's controlling every world. Then she'll appear before every course clear and ask you if you want to save. When you want to play the game again just hit Load on the main menu and select your file to start from where you left off.

'E-Reader Levels  When you get the game there are five E-Reader cards! This continues the game with Super Mario Kart! The original Super NES game is available to you. If you've beaten Koopaling Chaos 2 you can play as Koopalings and Kammy with three extra courses, which are Iggy's Giant Park, Sky Land Dash, and Lemmy's Circus Arena.'

The other four E-Reader Cards are mini-games involving Lemmy, Roy, Karma, and Kammy.

Lemmy's Circus Game: Play as Lemmy. Use your ball to do tricks at the circus and get trophies.

Roy's Wrestling Arena: This game's cool. Play as Roy and choose anyone from the Mario World to fight with. Unlock characters and work your way up to the Heavyweight Champion Belt!

Karma's Pinball: Woohooo!!! Choose any Mario characters and roll them into a ball to play a fun game of pinball. Choose any world from any game!

'Kammy's Magic Lessons: Play as Buzz, Kammy's eager young assistant. Find the necassary ingredients from around the castle to help Kammy finish her potion and get Buzz up to Magikoopa rank! Learn spells and take a spin on Kammy's broom! 

'Well that's it for now. I may make a third game now that it's the summer holidays. Hope you liked this submission. See you soon!'Locationsenge, and it's up to Mario and Luigi to get rid of the Shroobs again.Paper Mario: The Thirteen Magic Cards


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''Paper Mario: The Thirteen Magic Cards   By Blade Guy'''''''''''System: Wii   Price: $39.99   Release Date: July 1, 2012     Story   Mario, Peach, Toad, Toadette, and Toadsworth are seen on a boat to a small island called Starshroom Island for a little vacation. The ship docks and they get off to see that it is like a five star resort. They go and check in at the inn, which is very nice. Then, a scream of terror is heard. The gang rushes outside and asks a nearby islander what’s going on. The islander tells them that someone broke into the casino and is holding everyone hostage. Mario, being the hero he is, takes action and rushes toward the casino to save everyone inside.     Controls   A: Jump/talk/select   B: Hammer/exit out of menu   C: Partner Ability   Z: Ground Pound(once Super Boots are gotten)   Control Stick: Move/Hammer Spin(once the Super Hammer is gotten)/Ultra Jump(once ultra boots are gotten)   +: Start/Pause Menu   D-Pad Up: Partner Info/Selection   D-Pad Left: Items   D-Pad Right: Badges   D-Pad Down: View Enemy Tattles     In Battle Controls   A: Select action/perform action commands   B: Cancel/perform action commands   Control Stick: Move around battle menu/perform action commands   C: Perform action commands   1: Perform action commands   2: Perform action commands   Z: Switch Mario and his current partner’s position     Items   Mushroom: Heals 10 HP.   Super Mushroom: Heals 20 HP.   Ultra Mushroom: Heals 50 HP.   Max Mushroom: Fully heals you.   Power Punch: Raises your attack by three for two turns.   Mr. Mini: Shrinks an enemy for three turns, lowing their attack by 2.   Repel Gel: Makes you invisible for three turns.   Speed Flower: Lets you attack twice in one turn.   Slow Flower: Makes the enemies slower for one turn.   Strawberry Jelly: Heals 10 FP.   Grape Jelly: Heals 20 FP.   Jammin' Jelly: Heals 50 FP.   Mango Jelly : Entirely fills your FP.   Courage Shell: Increases Def. by three for two turns.   Fire Flower: Burns all enemies for a damage of three, six on ice based enemies.   Ice Flower: Freezes all enemies for a damage of three, six on fire based enemies.   1-Up Mushroom: Revives you with half of your HP.   1-Up Super: Revives you with all your HP.   Dried Mushroom: Restores 1 HP.   Sweet Bar: A chocolate bar that heals 5 HP.   Nutty Bar: A nutty chocolate bar that heals 10 HP.   Golden Bar: A rich chocolate bar that heals 15 HP.   Sleepy Sheep: Puts enemies to sleep.   POW Block: Flips some foes over, and deals 3 damage.   Dizzy Dial: Makes enemies dizzy for three turns.   Thunder Bolt: Strikes one enemy for five damage.   Lightning Storm: Strikes all enemies for five damage.   Egg: Heals 5 HP.   Pasta: Heals 10 HP.   Lemon: Heals 5 HP.   Lime: Heals 5 FP.   Apple: Heals 25 HP.   Stop Watch: Freezes enemies in time.   Whacka Bump: Restores 25 HP and FP.   Inn Coupon: Lets you stay in an inn for free.   Shop Coupon: Use this to get a discount on all items.   Yoshi Cookie: Summons a Yoshi. He will eat it, and give you a random item.   Fright Jar: Scares enemies away.   Chuckola Cola: Restores 15 HP.   Refresh Herb: Cures any status condition.   Volt Shroom: When hit by a phisycal attack, the enemy will take damage.   Repel Cape: Makes you dodgy for three turns.   Peachy Peach: Restores 5 HP and 5 FP.   Mushroom Drops: Heals 10 HP for you and your partner.   Super Drops: Heals 20 HP for you and your partner.   Ultra Drops: Heals 30 HP. For you and your partner.   Gold Bar: Sell it to get 100 coins.   Gold Bar x2: Sell this for 200 coins.   Gold Bar x3: Sell this for 300 coins.   Shooting Star: Causes stars to rain on your enemies for a damage of six.   Mighty Tonic: Triples ATK for one turn.     Status Effects   Asleep: Can’t attack for four turns.   Attack Up: Self-explanatory.   Badly Poisoned: Deals three damage for six turns.   Blind: Unable to hit the enemy. Will always miss. Lasts for three turns.   Burned: Deals fire damage for three turns.   Confused: Will sometimes use different commands, and might attack partner.   Def. Down: Self-explanatory.   Def. Up: Self-explanatory.   Dizzy: May miss when you attack, lasts for at least 3 turns.   Dodgy: Your enemies have a less chance of hitting you.   Electrified: Deals lightning damage to direct attackers.   Frozen: Can’t move, and deals 1 damage when thawed.   Frozen in time: Self-explanatory, lasts for three turns.   Huge: Bigger, and attack is up.   Infatuation: You are in love and cannot attack the one you are in love with. Lasts for three turns.   KO’d: You must return to the last save point.   Paralysis: Cannot move, usually lasts for three turns.   Poisoned: Deals one point of damage for nine turns.   Scared: Halves your attack.   Slow Down: You only attack every other turn.   Speed Up: Lets you attack twice in one turn.     Badges   You can collect badges again. New badges, old badges, and Attack FX badges are all here:     Adv. Dodge Master: Action Commands will be easier to pull off.   Adv. Dodge Master P: Action Commands will be easier to pull off for partners.   All or Nothing   All or Nothing P: Partner attack goes up if the command is followed. If not, the attack is useless.   Attack FX B: Bowser sound.   Attack FX L: Luigi’s "yoho" noise.   Attack FX P: Peach's chuckle.   Attack FX Y: Yoshi noises.   Chill Out   Close Call   Close Call P   D-Down Jump   Damage Dodge   Damage Dodge P   Defend Plus   Defend Plus P   Dodge Master   Dodge Master P: Now partners can dodge better, too.   Feeling Fine   Feeling Fine P   First Attack   Flower Saver   Flower Saver P   FP Plus   HP Plus   HP Plus P   Happy Flower   Happy Heart   Happy Heart P   Ice Power   Ice Power P: Partners can attack fire enemies directly.   Last Stand   Last Stand P   L Emblem   Lucky Start   Mega Jump   Multi Bounce   Peekaboo   Power Bounce   Power Jump   Power Plus   Power Plus P   Quick Change   Refund   Runaway Pay   Spike Shield   Spike Shield P: Partners are protected from spikes.   Super Appeal   Super Appeal P   Super Jump   Super Luck: Good things happen to Mario each turn.   Super Star: Increase Mario's POW and Def. by five, but only attack every other turn.   Timing Tutor   Tornado Jump   W Emblem   Zap Tap   Zap Tap P: Partners will be electrified.     Bingo   Mushroom: All HP restored.   Flower: All FP restored.   Goomba: Maxes out the audience.   Star: HP and FP are restored, and maxes out audience.   Ztar: Lose half your HP and half your FP, and lose the entire audience.     NOTE: In this game, the purpose of the audience is to get more star points after a battle. The more excited the audience gets, the more star points you are given from the audience.     Partners   Here are the partners that will travel with Mario on his journey, and their abilities. They can be upgraded one level using the nine upgrade blocks hidden on Starshroom, then you must visit nine Shamans hidden throughout Starshroom to upgrade them once more.     Spike: A young Goomba that wears a blue spike hat, so he is a Spiky Goomba. He can tell you the location you are in, and hidden secrets within the area. You meet him in the prologue.   HP: 10-20-30   Headbonk: Just like Mario's jump, only with his head.   Tattle: Does the same as Goombario and Goombella.   Multibonk: Just like Power Bounce. FP: 3   Hyper Headbonk: Charges up his attack for one turn, then does a headbonk with great power. FP: 5     Silverado: A Buzzy Beetle that has a Spanish accent. He can fire himself at distant items and switches. Silverado’s shell is made of pure steel, making him a force to be reckoned with. You meet him in Chapter 1.   HP: 15-25-35   Shell Shot: Fires himself at the enemy.   Iron Defense: Increases his defense by three for two turns. FP: 2   Rapid Spin: Spins through the enemies to make them dizzy. FP: 3   Iron Shell: Makes his shell even harder and will ram into an enemy for big damage. FP: 5     Daisy: This sweet, loveable Crazee Dayzee who wishes to become a famous singer offers to help you on your quest. Unlike other Crazee Dayzees, she has pink petals, but a green body like others. She might be sweet and loveable, but when crossed, she can really knock your lights out. She is able to sing and put guards or Sentinels to sleep so you can get by them. You meet her in Chapter 2.   HP: 10-25-30   Pound: Rushes up to the enemy and punches them.   Sing: Sings a song and puts an enemy to sleep for three turns. FP: 2   Pounding Notes: Sends musical notes at the enemy, smashing them. FP: 4   Lullaby: Sings a louder, but peaceful song and puts all enemies to sleep for three turns. FP: 5     Blake: After being thawed out of Bowser’s Freezing Chamber, Blake realized he was the only Shroob left, so he went over to the side of good and now works with Professor E. Gadd. He is very handy with technology. Because he was frozen for so long, Blake is now a blue Shroob, but still has the same pale spots on his head. He can hack into computers so you can move on to the next area. You meet him in Chapter 3.   HP: 10-20-35   Ray Gun: Aims at the enemy and fires a small blast.   Shroob Bot: Summons a small Shroob Bot of his own design to take the hit from an enemy attack. FP: 2   Vim: Blake was able to uncover what vim is actually made of, and made a large batch for himself. He drinks it to recover 10 HP. FP: 5   Ray Blaster: An upgraded version of his ray gun. Fires a powerful blast at all enemies for big damage. FP: 6     Chem Guy: This smart, red Shy Guy in a lab coat used to work for Shadow Guy. He wasn’t aware of his master’s plan, but when he finds out, he joins you to help him stop Shadow Guy. He is an awesome chemist and throws potions at any elemental hazards so you can move on. You meet him in Chapter 4. He seems to have a secret crush on Bonnibel.   HP: 20-30-40.   Fire Potion: Throws a vial filled with burning chemicals at the enemy to hurt them. This will always cause burn for three turns.   Def. Serum: Has Mario or himself drink a vial of potion that will cause their Def. to go up by three for two turns. FP: 3   POW Serum: Has Mario or himself drink a vial of potion that will cause their POW to go up by three for two turns. FP: 4   Ice Potion: Throws a vial filled with freezing chemicals at the enemy to hurt them. This will always cause the enemy to freeze for three turns. FP: 6     Jess: A Shadow Siren and Vivian’s cousin. Some people think she is her twin due to the fact that Jess looks a lot like Vivian, except her hat has light green strips and a light green rim. She has green hair, and actually has one eye revealed, which is white. She obviously has the same ability as Vivian. She is a wind siren. You meet her in Chapter 5.   HP: 15-25-35   Shade Smack: Goes into the shadows and smacks the opponent. This move pierces the enemies defense.   Infatuate: Gives the opponents the infatuation condition. FP: 3   Gust: Sends a gust of wind at the enemy out of the battle, plus, you still get star points. FP: 5   Twister: Summons a twister to attack all enemies for big damage. FP: 8     Boggy: Boggy is a grey Blooper who protects his swamp from intruders. He goes to attack you when you meet him, but needs water during the battle. You tell him you mean no threat, and he believes you. Boggy wishes to join you; however, he is unable to breath on land. So you must travel around his swamp to search for pieces for an air breathing device he once had, but a monster broke it. Boggy can take you underwater to reach areas you can’t reach normally. You meet him in Chapter 6.   HP: 10-20-30   Tentacle Slap: Approaches and enemy and slaps it with one of his tentacles.   Bubble: Blows a bubble that traps an enemy inside it, causing it to float out of battle. Does not work on bosses. FP: 2   Ink Blast: Floats into the air and aims his ink hole at an enemy, squirting ink at them. This gives them the blind status condition. FP: 4   Water Blast: Shoots a blast of boiling water at the enemy for big damage and a small chance of burning. FP: 9     Shivers: This elite ranked Skellobit doesn’t carry a spear, but a scythe. Shivers is an icy blue color and wears a black general hat that leads a rebellion against Bonechill. He wishes to join you for good once they defeat Bonechill. He can cut down various objects that are in your way. You meet him in Chapter 7.   HP: 20-30-40   Scythe: Slashes the enemy with his scythe.   Frost: Breathes a chilling breath at the enemy, freezing them for three turns. FP: 1   Aerial Strike: Blows a whistle and summons a Skellobomber to bombard the enemies with explosives. However, the enemies only take two points of damage. Good for weakening a hoard of enemies. FP: 3   Chilling Slash: Slashes the enemy with his scythe, but sends a chilly feeling through the enemy, scaring them. However, this does one point less than Scythe due to the added scare affect. FP: 5     Bonnibel: A pink Toad girl with pale skin, pink pigtails, like Toadette, and gray spots. She wears a red vest, and two small holes can be seen on her neck, as well as two, sharp fangs. Bonnibel is a vampire and because of this, she is a fearless daredevil. When she’s not out adventuring, she usually jams on her bass guitar. She also seems to have a crush on Chem guy. You meet her in Chapter 1, and see her again in Chapters 3 and 5. Bonnibel wishes to join your team when word gets out that the Vampire King has found a limitless supply of power. She usually levitates, so outside of battle, she can pick you up and carry you over gaps you cannot jump over. She joins you in Chapter 8.   HP: 15-25-35   Bite: Bites the enemy to deal damage.   Jam: Sends ear shattering sound waves at an enemy and puts them in a state of shock(paralysis), preventing them from attacking for three turns. FP: 3   Blood Suck: Bites into the enemy and sucks their blood, healing her, but damaging her victim. FP: 5   Rock Out: Plugs her bass guitar into an amp and plays her guitar, sending ear shattering sound waves so powerful, they damage the enemies for big damage. FP: 8     Chapters   Prologue: The Start of a New Adventure   Chapter 1: The King of Beetles   Chapter 2: Dark Days in Petal Village   Chapter 3: A Sticky Situation   Chapter 4: Tricks, Treats, and Trouble   Chapter 5: Casino Clash   Chapter 6: Monster of Blooper Swamp   Chapter 7: The Realm of Bonechill   Chapter 8: Bonnibel and the Vampire King   Chapter 9: Revenge of the Casino Master   Chapter 10: Mario’s Undersea Adventure   Chapter 11: Ying and Yang   Chapter 12: Taking Down the Koopa Troop   Chapter 13: Shadow Guy’s Secret     Walkthrough   PROLOGUE: THE START OF A NEW ADVENTURE     STARSHROOM CITY     Okay, now, take control of Mario and follow the islander’s directions to get to the casino. Along the way, people will stop you and tell you the basic controls of the game. Make your way to the casino and head inside. Right beside the entrance is a save block. Use it. Once saved, head into the next room, where you’ll find a hoard of Toads, Koopas, Goombas and Shy Guys being held captive by a grey robed Shy Guy. He is holding a wrench and a Goomba with a blue spike hat. The Shy Guy is ordering everyone to hand over the two of mushrooms card. No one knows what he’s talking about, which angers the Shy Guy. He then threatens to kill the Goomba he is holding. Mario jumps from the crowd and gets into fighting position. The Shy Guy laughs and tosses the Goomba aside, saying it’s a bad idea to fight him. He reveals himself as Tech Guy and refuses to leave without the card. He then charges toward Mario, starting the fight.     BOSS BATTLE   Tech Guy HP: 20 Att: 1 Def: 0   This battle is for the sake of learning action commands. Before you attack, the Goomba that Tech Guy was holding hostage tells you about action commands and how they are your only chance at victory here. Mecha Guy will attack by whacking you with his wrench. However, if you guard at the right time, you’ll take no damage, or damage Tech Guy if you perform a super guard. Don’t worry, the time to guard against his attack is very easy, plus the Goomba will help you out at first by telling you when to guard. This battle is very easy and impossible to lose.     Once Tech Guy is defeated, he pulls out a jetpack and flies off, swearing he’ll be back for revenge. Once he’s gone, everyone in the room thanks Mario and quickly leaves. The Goomba; however, stays behind to thank Mario properly. He tells him that his name is Spike and that he has heard a lot about Mario and that he idolizes him. Mario thanks him and asks what that was all about. Spike explains that Tech Guy was looking for one of thirteen magical playing cards. He tells Mario that his grandpa knows a lot more about them than he does. Spike then offers to show Mario the way to his grandpa’s house. Mario accepts his offer, which causes Spike to jump for joy. He explains that he can help in battle by headbonking enemies and tattling on them to help Mario defeat them.     Now that that’s over, head back to Peach and the Toads. However, as you leave the room, a faint glow that Mario notices stops him. Walk over to the glow, which is coming from a playing card from inside a picture frame. The picture then jiggles and bursts. Floating before Mario and Spike is an enlarged two of mushrooms playing card. Spike gasps, saying it’s the card Tech Guy was looking for. He suggests you take it so no one evil can. Mario slowly reaches for it, and when he touches is, it spins around him and floats high above his head. It then hides itself inside Mario’s inventory.     Now, head back to Peach and the Toads. Mario will introduce them to Spike and he’ll explain what is going on. Peach and the Toads wish Mario good luck, and Toadsworth gives Mario three mushrooms, a super mushroom, and a fire flower, saying that these will be more than helpful on his journey. And with that, head east of your position until you find a sign that says: “Buzzy Road is beyond this point.” Head that way to start...     CHAPTER 1: THE KING OF BEETLES     BUZZY ROAD   ENEMIES:   Goomba: HP: 2 Att:1 Def: 0   Paragoomba: HP: 2 Att: 1 Def: 0   Spiky Goomba: HP: 2 Att: 2 Def: 0   Koopa: HP: 4 Att: 2 Def: 1   Paratroopa: HP: 4 Att: 2 Def. 1   Buzzy Beetle: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2     The start of your adventure begins on Buzzy Road, which will lead to a village of Buzzy Beetles. Spike tells you that if you keep following this path, you’ll find a road next to some cliffs acting as a stairway. Down the stairway is Buzzy Village, which is where his grandpa lives. Along the way, you’ll will run into Koopas, Goombas, Paragoombas, Paratroopas, Spiky Goombas and Buzzy Beetles. Beat them for star points and coins. Now, when you make it to the cliffs, you’ll find another path. Ignore it for now and head down the cliffs and you’ll find yourself at...     BUZZY VILLAGE     When you make it to the village, you will see that everything is very peaceful. Friendly Buzzy Beetles pass by each other and say hi. Spike tells you that his grandpa’s house is the one with a brown shelled roof. Find the brown shelled roof and head inside. Immediately, you will be greeted by a Goomba with a gray mustache and glasses. Spike rushes up to hug him. He then introduces Mario to him. Spike’s grandpa offers some tea, but Mario politely declines the offer. Spike then tells his grandpa why they are here. He sighs and everyone has a seat while he pulls out a book and begins reading from it. He reads that the thirteen magical playing cards were once owned by an ancient Magikoopa. They gave him unimaginable power, and he used that power to try and take over the world. However, an ancient warrior that Mario seems to resemble stopped him. The warrior scattered the cards across what is now Starshroom Island. Legend says that the Shy Guy in black will send his lackeys out to fetch the cards so he can rule the world. However, legend also says that someone will rise up and stop the Shy Guy. But how can one tell who that person is? Well, when the sense the hero is near, the cards will give off a glow only when the hero is around.     Spike says that the two of mushroom’s card did the exactly that when they passed it. His grandpa then says that it’s obvious that Mario is the hero. He then asks if Mario is up for the challenge. He assures him that it will be quite the challenge. Say yes and Spike will jump for joy, knowing Mario can save the world. He then asks if he can join Mario’s journey. Mario will nod and Spike become a permanent member to your party. His grandpa then suggests you head for King Beetle’s Castle. He tells you it’s the path you saw before coming her. Mario nods and he and Spike head outside, only to find that the entire village has been overrun by rouge Buzzy Beetles.     Beat up the rouge Buzzy Beetles that are attacking villagers to get some cool rewards, like an Ice Flower, Strawberry Jelly, 1-Up Mushroom, and if you defeat all the rouges, you’ll receive the first power plus badge of the game. This is a one time thing, so it’d be wise to take down all the rouges. Plus, if you level up from all those battles, you can raise your BP so you can actually wear the power plus badge, since it costs six and you only start with three BP points. Once you defeat the rouges, head back to the entrance of the village to find a blue shelled Buzzy Beetle and a yellow shelled Buzzy Beetle. Approach them and they will stop you from leaving. So, you battle them.     MINI BOSS BATTLE   Blue Beetle HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2   Yellow Beetle HP: 5 Att. 2 Def. 2   These guys are not tough at all. They fight like regular Buzzy Beetles. These guys are child’s play.     Once these Buzzy Beetles are beaten, the blue beetle jumps on top of the yellow beetle’s shell. They tuck into their shells and perform a spin attack. However, a silver shelled Buzzy Beetle charges in and knocks them over. The two beetle look at who knocked them over and get scared. They rush off in fear. The silver shelled Buzzy Beetle approaches you and asks if you’re all right with a Spanish accent. Spike assures him they are okay and thanks the Buzzy Beetle for saving them.     The Buzzy Beetle smiles and introduces himself as Silverado, the village’s protector. He explains that he helps everyone in the village who is in need and he’s the only one who knows how to fight. Plus, his shell is made of steel. Silverado tells them that ever since King Beetle found that magic playing card, he has been working non stop to protect the village. He wishes to one day fight King Beetle and take him down.     At the sound of magic playing card, Mario offers Silverado a spot on his team. The Spanish Buzzy Beetle can’t believe Mario is asking for his assistance. He asks why and Spike explains that Mario is gonna need all the help he can get if he wants to collect all the magical playing cards so he can stop Shadow Guy. Silverado couldn’t be happier and joins Mario’s team. With your new partner, head to the shop and stock up on a few items. Then, head back to Buzzy Road and follow the path you were on before heading to Buzzy Village.     BUZZY ROAD     The rest of Buzzy Road is not very hard at all. Fight the enemies so you can break in Silverado. You’ll need to use his ability to hit a switch on the other side of a cliff Mario cannot jump over. Once the switch is hit, a bridge will appear. Walk along the bridge and you’ll find yourself at your destination.     KING BEETLE'S FORT   ENEMIES:   Buzzy Beetle   Dull Boney Beetle: HP: 1 Att: 2 Def: 1   Para Beetle: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2     Enter and you will find out that this fort filled with a combination of puzzles from Koopa Bros. Fortress and Hooktail Castle. Silverado will be used a lot, so keep him out. The enemies in here are Dull Boney Beetles, Buzzy Beetles, and Para Beetles. Dull Boney Beetles can only go down to Silverado because Mario hasn't gotten any new boots yet. Para Beetles are just like Paratroopas. You will eventually reach a large door that is locked, but next to it is a stairway. Head down it and you’ll find yourself in a prison room. Inside the nearest one is a pink Swooper. She’ll explain that she was captured by King Beetle and thrown in her for trespassing. She’ll ask if you’ll help her out. Say yes and she’ll tell you that the key to her cell is somewhere in the next room. Head to the opposite end of the room and you’ll see a door. Go through it.     Inside, you’ll find a red shelled Buzzy Beetle and a green shelled Buzzy Beetle. They notice you and Silverado and are not pleased. The green says you’ll pay for what you did to their brothers. Silverado guesses that they mean the blue and yellow shelled Buzzy Beetles. The red and green shelled ones attack.     MINI BOSS BATTLE   Red Beetle HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2   Green Beetle HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2   These guys fight exactly like Blue and Yellow. Really. Just use the same tactic you used for Blue and Yellow and you’ll be okay.     When beaten, the red one vows revenge and they run off, but they drop a key. Pick it up and head back to the cell with the Swooper. Unlock her cell and she’ll thank you by giving you the key to the door you couldn’t get through before. The Swooper hopes to see you again and flies tries finding a way out of the fort. Head back to the door and unlock it. You’ll need to climb a little high and solve some easy puzzles that require Silverado. Once you reach a door with a save block and heal block, use them both and head through the door.     On the other side of the door, you’ll find to the other side and you will find a Buzzy Beetle that is somewhat smaller than Hooktail, and has the same crown that Goomba King wears. This is King Beetle, and he is not too pleased to see you. Silverado steps forward and demands he hands over the magic playing card. King Beetle then pulls out the three of fire flowers, saying no to Silverado’s demand. He then stashes the card away and whistles. From above, the blue, yellow, green, and red shelled Buzzy Beetles appear before King Beetle. They reveal themselves as the Beetle Bros. and claim they are ten times better than the Koopa Bros. King Beetle orders them to attack. They do so and the battle begins.     BOSS BATTLE   Red Beetle: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2   Green Beetle: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2   Blue Beetle: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2   Yellow Beetle: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 2   If you’ve played the first Paper Mario, then you’ll recognize this fight. These guys will fight EXACTLY like the Koopa Bros. Use Mario’s hammer and Silverado’s shell shot to knock these guys over. Then just jump on them when they are knocked over. They are immune to fire, but not when they are flipped over. A fire flower and Silverado will make quick work of these guys.   Once the Beetle Bros. are defeated, they run off, saying they quit. King Beetle stomps the ground in anger and fights you himself.     BOSS BATTLE   King Beetle: HP: 25 Att: 3 Def: 0   This guy can be a bit of a challenge if you’re not careful. But you’re probably wondering why he has zero defense? Well, because he is bigger than the average Buzzy Beetle, only his head and front feet can be seen on the battle stage. He can attack by tucking into his shell and ramming right through both you and your partner, or stomping on you or your partner. If you use Silverado’s iron defense, he won’t take any damage whatsoever. Mario; however, will. But, as long as you perform action commands correctly, you’ll decrease his damage. Just jump on him and use whatever partner you plan on using for this battle to beat him.     Once he is beaten, King Beetle will fall over, knocked out. The card will then fall out of his shell and react since Mario is in the room. Walk up to it and it will be added to your collection. With the two of mushrooms and three of fire flowers at hand, head back to Starshroom City to figure out where to go to next.     PEACH EVENT   In the first Peach event, you don’t have to do anything. This event is just a talking event. Read through how Peach and the Toads are worrying about Mario, but reassure themselves that he’ll be all right. Then, a blue robed Shy Guy in a black top hat holding a staff appears before them. This confuses Peach and the Toads, and before they can say anything, the Shy Guy grabs Peach, saying his job was easier than he expected. He disappears, leaving the Toads in a state of shock. That’s basically it.     BOWSER EVENT   We find our old nemesis Bowser standing before his army telling them they are about to invade the Mushroom Kingdom to kidnap Peach. Everyone cheers and chants Bowser’s name. As they get ready to leave, Kamek enters the throne room, telling Bowser that attacking the Mushroom Kingdom is useless since Peach isn’t there. Bowser stomps the ground in anger, but stops when Kamek tells him that he knows her location is at Starshroom Island. Bowser stops his stomping and laughs evilly, telling Kamek he’s done well. He then snaps his fingers calls out for Army Bro and Volkner. A Hammer Bro with a gray helmet and shell, and horns on his helmet, plus a golden armored Koopatrol appear before Bowser. He orders them and Kamek to ready the army and Doomship. Volkner asks why and he tells him that they are taking a trip to Starshroom Island. Kamek, Army Bro, and Volkner salute Bowser and rush off with the army as Bowser laughs evilly.     KING BEETLE’S FORT     You’ll find yourself outside King Beetle’s Fort. Just make your way from there to Starshroom City.     STARSHROOM CITY     The second you enter Starshroom City, Toad and Toadette will rush up to Mario saying that some Shy Guy took Peach. Then, Mario’s new Mailbox DS rings. He opens it up and sees someone sent him an email saying that Peach is in their clutches and that if you want to see her again, you’ll find all thirteen magical playing cards before his minions do and bring them to him. It isn’t signed, but Spike guesses it’s from Shadow Guy. Now the gang has to figure our where to go from here to find the next card.     Toad then says that he heard a Lakitu couple complaining that they had to end their vacation in a place called Petal Village early. He suggests you find them and see what’s up. Head toward the luxurious hotel in Starshroom City and in the lobby, you’ll find Mario’s good old friend Lakilester and his girlfriend Lakilulu. Approach them and Lakilester will greet you happily, saying it’s been awhile since their last adventure. Mario agrees and your partner will ask what they are doing here. Lakilulu says they came to Starshroom for a little vacation because she knew someone in Petal Village that could get them a good place. However, she says that on their second day there, it turned all gloomy and depressing. The Bub-ulb’s flower’s have even wilted because they aren’t getting any sunshine.     So it’s settled, your next destination is Petal Village. Lakilester and Lakilulu offer to show you the way. They take you to a forest entrance, saying this is the only way to get to Petal Village. Lakilester warns you it’s a bit dangerous, but he knows you can do it. They go ahead of you and tell you they’ll see you in Petal Village. Enter the forest to begin the next chapter.     CHAPTER 2: DARK DAYS IN PETAL VILLAGE     PETAL FOREST   ENEMIES:   Fuzzy: HP: 4 Att: 1 Def: 0   Crazee Dayzee: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def. 0   Treevil: HP: 6 Att: 2 Def: 0   Leaf Guy: HP: 5 Att: 3 Def: 0   Petal Guy: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 0   Amazee Dayzee(DO NOT FIGHT YET): HP: 20 Att: 20 Def: 1     As you enter the forest, there is nothing but beautiful trees and flowers all around. However, don’t let this forest’s looks fool you. Like Lakilester said, this forest is dangerous and crawling with enemies. Make your way through the forest, but along the way, you’ll run into Fuzzies, Crazee Dayzees, Treevils, Leaf Guys, and Petal Guys. Fuzzies can suck out your health and add it to their own, but don’t worry, they aren’t too hard to beat. Crazee Dayzees still put you to sleep. Treevils and Leaf Guys were enemies from Bowser’s Inside Story, so you should know how they operate. I should mention that Leaf Guys are air born, so hammer won’t work. Petal Guys; however, are a new type of enemy. They aren’t too hard, but can be annoying if not careful. Be careful of Amazee Dayzee as well. It is far too strong to fight at this point in the game. So if you see one, run away from battle. Make your way through the forest. You’ll eventually see an evil, rotting looking tree. Ignore it for now and you’ll eventually find yourself at Petal Village.     PETAL VILLAGE     Petal Village is a beautiful, sunny area with friendly Bub-ulbs, Crazee Dayzees, and Lakitus... is what I would say if it weren’t for the fact that everything right now if the opposite of what I just said. Right now, Petal Village is cloudy, gloomy, and everyone looks said and depressed. You can find Lakilester and Lakilulu at the inn, where they will show you a picture of what the village should look like. However, because of all the clouds, everything is the opposite.     Now, go around the village and ask villagers what happened to the town, hoping to get some clues. Sadly, you’ll come up dry. However, you’ll eventually run into a Crazee Dayzee with pink petals and a green body singing happily. She notices you introduces herself as Daisy. Your partner asks why she isn’t depressed like everyone else. Daisy will tell you that she is indeed depressed, but she was practicing her singing, and the song she was singing always cheers her up. She tells you that she dreams of becoming a famous singer one day. Your partner then asks if she knows anything about the clouds. The Crazee Dayzee explains how the clouds just randomly showed up after someone got ahold of a magical playing card.     Your partner will then tell her that Mario here is looking for the thirteen magical playing cards. Daisy then gasps at the sound of Mario. She has heard nothing but good things about him and wishes to help him on his quest. She hates seeing everyone in the village depressed and wishes to clear away all these clouds. Mario happily accepts Daisy to the group and she couldn’t be happier. Once she joins your team; however, a large light blue skinned Lakitu in a gray cloud floats up behind you. Daisy freaks out and says that that Lakitu has been killing some of the flowers here in the village using it’s freezing winds. The Lakitu blows a powerful gust of wind at you, starting a battle.     MINI BOSS BATTLE   Lakiblizzard: HP: 15 Att: 2 Def: 0   This guy is one of the tougher bosses you’ve faced so far. The problem here is that most of Mario’s partners so far cannot attack him. So, the best thing to do here is use sing with Daisy to put him to sleep, then switch to Spike so him and Mario can damage him. Lakiblizzard can attack by throwing spiny eggs, blowing a powerful gust of wind, and summoning a hail storm. The hail storm will last for six turns and damage you and your partner every turn. Defeat him quickly before he can really do some damage.     After you beat him, Lakiblizzard will shake violently and explode. Your partner will be surprised at the fact that Lakiblizzard was nothing but a mere robot. Something doesn’t seem right to Mario, and he notices a weird symbol on part of the machine. It is a Shy Guy mask with a wrench going through it. It reminds Mario of someone, but he cannot figure it out. Off to the distance, a loud clap of thunder is heard. Your partner looks and gasps at what they see. In the distance is a Lakitu with a purple scarf, sunglasses, and purple and black stripped shell flying on an evil black cloud throwing thunderbolts down. Mario jumps in fright, remembering that that’s his old foe, Lakithunder.     Your partner then notices that Lakithunder flies toward Petal Forest and suggests following him. Head back toward the entrance to Petal Village and Lakilester will stop you. He gives the super boots and says that they might help out. Now you can ground pound the ground to find hidden panels. Head into the forest, where you’ll find two Shy Guys with wind-up keys in their backs. These are Mecha Guys. Approach them and they will identify you as an intruder. These guys are child’s play, so beating them will be a cake walk. Once beaten, they will pound the ground and it is revealed there is a hidden panel. Ground pound and you’ll find yourself in a hidden passage. Head down the passage until you find a spring. Jump on the spring to find a giant building standing   before you.     THE CLOUD FACTORY   ENEMIES:   Mecha Guy: HP: 6 Att: 2 Def: 1   Patrol Guy: HP: 6 Att: 3 Def: 0   Lakibot: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 1   Rocky Wrench: HP: 4 Att: 3 Def: 0     Welcome to the Cloud Factory, the source of all the dark clouds looming over Petal Village. You see the two Mecha Guys you beat earlier heading through the entrance; however, there are two Anti Guys guarding the entrance. Anti Guys now-a-days are the toughest of the tough and are practically unbeatable. But, their weaknesses are lemon candies and a good lullaby. Bring Daisy out, if she all ready isn’t, and use her field ability. Her singing will knock those Anti Guys out in a snap. Once they fall asleep, head through the doors they are guarding and you’ll find yourself within the Cloud Factory.     The enemies inside the factory are Mecha Guys, Patrol Guys, Lakibots, and Rocky Wrenches. Also, all around the factory are Sentinels. That’s right, these guys return from Tubba Blubba’s Castle. However, you don’t have anyone that can hide you from them. But, you do have a Crazee Dayzee that’s knows a lullaby that will put them to sleep. Head through the factory, and you’ll eventually reach a room filled with conveyor belts and working Mecha Guys. At the end of the room is a Shy Guy in a grey robe with a wrench in his belt, or Tech Guy, as Mario remembers. That’s right, Tech Guy is the guy behind the clouds over Petal Village, and this is where the Lakiblizzard robot came from. Walk toward the other side of the room, and about halfway, Tech Guy will notice you and get angry. He pulls out his wrench and rushes at you.     BOSS BATTLE   Tech Guy: HP: 20 Att: 2 Def: 0   Other than a boost in attack, Tech Guy fights exactly like he did back at the Starshroom Casino. However, he can now throw his wrench like a boomerang, dealing four damage to you and your partner. He’ll only use it when he’s running low on HP though. Use Daisy and this fight will be a breeze.     After his defeat, Tech Guy will pull out his jet pack yet again and fly off through an opening in the ceiling. However, he drops a key without realizing it. Pick the key up and move on. You’ll need to use Daisy and Silverado a lot to get through, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Along the way, you’ll run into two more Anti Guys guarding a large door. Put them to sleep with Daisy and head through. On the other side is the Puff Puff Machine, except larger, and more advanced looking. Head over to smash it to bits, until a lightning bolt is thrown at you. High from the air emerges Lakithunder, but where is Tech Guy? It appears he doesn’t want Mario messing with the Puff Puff Machine. Your partner will tell you the only way to get to the machine is a fight. Lakithunder couldn’t agree more and floats over to you, starting the battle.     BOSS BATTLE   Lakithunder: HP: 30 Att: 3 Def: 1   Spiny: HP: 3 Att: 2 Def: 2   Time to battle the lightning king himself. Lakithunder will attack by throwing spiny eggs, swooping down at you, and lightning bolts. His lightning bolts are his main threat, because they could possibly paralyze you. If you found the upgrade block back in the earlier part of the factory and used it on Daisy, she can actually be used in this fight because her pounding notes attack can hit flying enemies. Putting him to sleep with make the fight a lot easier. Sometimes, Lakithunder will toss his spiny eggs to the ground, where they will create Spinies. They can pose a threat to you since they have a defense of two, plus spikes on their shells, making jump attacks useless. Daisy’s pound can damage them if you upgrade her, but it’ll only do one damage to them.     Once the battle is won, Lakithunder will fall to the ground, giving off static. The top of his head opens up and Tech Guy pops out, a bit dazed. It is revealed that the Lakithunder you fought was another robot, and Tech Guy was controlling it the whole time. He would fight you himself, if it weren’t for the fact he was still weak from his last battle with you. The Lakithunder robot then begins shaking and causes everyone to hit the deck.     The robot explodes, destroying the Puff Puff Machine. The scene goes to Petal Village and the sky begins clearing up, letting the sun shine down on the peaceful village. Back at the factory, Tech Guy complains that he rebuilt that machine to cause chaos with it. He then starts his jetpack up, leaving you and your partner wondering about the card. From the robot’s remains comes a glow. Approach it and the four of banana peels will pop out. Grab it and add it to your collection.     PEACH EVENT   The scene starts with a larger than average black robed Shy Guy, Shadow Guy, sitting on his throne. He has a top hat on his head and a magic staff in his right hand. Standing before him is the blue robed shy Guy that kidnapped Peach from the last Peach event. Standing next to the Shy Guy is Peach, very frightened. She asks why she was brought here, only to be told by Shadow Guy that in due time, she will find out. Then, Tech Guy appears in the throne room, sadly reporting his failure.     Shadow Guy puts a hand on his chin (do Shy Guys even have one?) and admits that this “Mario” character is posing a threat. He turns to the blue robed Shy Guy, whose name is Bomb Guy, orders him to go to a place called Gutter Gulch. The blue robed Shy Guy nods and heads off. Shadow Guy then calls in another Shy Guy named Chem Guy. A red Shy Guy with a lab coat walks in, asking what his master wants. Shadow Guy orders him to take Peach down to the dungeon. She nods, takes her, and leaves.     Along the way down, Chem Guy sighs, wondering if what Shadow Guy’s plan is and what he even needs him for. Peach tells him that it’s obviously something bad. Chem Guy tells her he had ideas that involved his chemical smarts, but Shadow Guy recruited him before he could even share his ideas with the world. Peach assures him that they were probably good ideas and that he doesn’t need to be one of Shadow Guy’s goons. They reach the cell and Chem Guy puts Peach in, telling her she’s probably right. He leaves, leaving Peach feeling sorry for the poor Shy Guy. Don’t worry, during the next Peach event, you’ll finally be able to take control of her.     BOWSER EVENT   Above the skies of Starshroom City, Bowser’s Doomship is seen. The ship lowers toward the ground, and Bowser jumps out, making the ground shake when he lands. Army Bro, Volkner, and Kamek follow after him. Kamek tells him he should probably go around town and listen to the citizens to see if they know the where-abouts of Peach. Take control of Bowser and go around town, listening in on conversations. Instead of hearing about Peach, he hears stuff about the magical playing cards and how one was recently sited in a place called Petal Village. Head back to Kamek and the others to tell them what you heard. The event ends with Bowser and the others heading back up to the doomship to find the location.     PETAL VILLAGE     Mario and your partner will be at the entrance to the village, being thanks by Lakilester, Lakilulu, and all the citizens for clearing the sky and making it shine for them again. As you leave for Starshroom, Daisy waves everyone good bye, saying she’ll miss everyone.     STARSHROOM CITY     Once you are in Starshroom City, head to the inn, where you’ll find Toadette. She informs you that Toad and Toadsworth are at the pool relaxing. Your partner informs her that you managed to obtain another card. The pink Toad girl is happy for you, and informs you that you should check out a place called Gutter Gulch because she heard E. Gadd build a lab there to study some mine the place has. With that said, head for the west part of Starshroom City, where you’ll find a path leading to a lush field.     CHAPTER 3: A STICKY SITUATION     BOWLING GREENS   ENEMIES:   Bob-omb: HP: 4 Att: 2 Def: 1   Pider: HP: 5 Att: 2 Def: 0   Bandit: HP: 5 Att: 3 Def: 0     You first start off in Bowling Greens, a lush field that leads to Gutter Gulch. It’s a simple field, so no puzzles to worry about. The enemies you’ll find here are Bob-ombs, Piders (who no longer hang from webs, but are on their legs), and Bandits. The most dangerous thing in Bowling Greens is definitely the Bandits. They will steal your items if you don’t guard, so beat them quickly. As you progress further through Bowling Greens, the area becomes less lush and more dry. After three areas, you’ll reach a downhill slope. Head down and you’ll reach Gutter Gulch.     GUTTER GULCH   ENEMIES:   Bob-omb   Pider   Bandit     Gutter Gulch is a very dry place that doesn’t receive very much rain and holds a small village. All around the area, you’ll find beings called Pin Heads, who are shaped like bowling pins and are white with red stripes around their necks. Head to a house with a sign in front of it. Inside is the mayor of the little village, who is red with white stripes around his neck. Talk to him and he’ll welcome you to his little village and you are free to look around. But he had warned him it was a bad idea since recently, spiders have been spotted and they don’t seem friendly, but he went anyway.     Your partner asks if he knows anything about a guy named E. Gadd. The mayor thinks for a moment and tells you that some wacky guy with a Mushroomer came through asking if the Gutter Gulch Mine was near by. The mayor told him it was just a mile off from the village. But he had warned him it was a bad idea since recently, spiders have been spotted and they don’t seem friendly, but he went anyway. With that said, head to the exit of the village, which leads into the next area. The enemies are the same around the area, so nothing new to report.     Once you pass through that area, you’ll find a building sitting next to the entrance to a cave. Head into the building, and you’ll see E. Gadd working at a table looking into a microscope. Approach him and he’ll be over joyed to see you. He explains that he heard there were some interesting rocks here that he wanted to study with his new assistant. On cue, a blue Shroob walks into the room. Mario jumps back in fear. Your partner will ask what’s wrong and Mario will explain his journey to stop the Shroobs. However, E. Gadd assures that this Shroob is not evil. He asked to be his assistant. The Shroob introduces himself as Blake, and he means no harm.     He explains his story of how he turned to the side of good, learned how to speak English, and why he’s blue and not purple. Mario, now sure that Blake isn’t evil, nods, believing him. E. Gadd then asks why you’re here and your partner explains they are after a magical playing card. E. Gadd asks if they are talking about the five of shells he found in the mine. Mario nods, telling him it’s what they’re looking for. However, before E. Gadd can give the card to them, a Pider drops down and breaks into the case, taking the card.     Everyone rushes outside and watches as the Pider goes into the mines. E. Gadd tells you that him and Blake have been having some problems with those spiders and wonders why it would want that card. Mario tells them about Peach being taken, Shadow Guy, and how he wants them to use them to take over the world. E. Gadd tells you that you must hurry and get that card back. Blake offers to aid you, since he knows his way around the mines. Accept his offer and you have a new partner. With Blake by your side, it’s time to head into the mines.     GUTTER GULCH MINES   ENEMIES:   Pider   Wallop: HP: 6 Att: 1 Def: 2   Shy Bomb: HP: 8 Att: 2 Def: 1   Cleft: HP: 4 Att: 2 Def: 2     This mine is said to be the source of where all the spiders are coming from, as said by the Pin Head Mayor. Inside the mine, you’ll find Piders, Wallops, Shy Bombs, and Clefts. Shy Bombs are Bob-ombs wearing Shy Guy masks. They are not much different from Bob-ombs, except a bit more HP and are afraid to light their fuse after you attack them. Only after you attack them a second time is when they light their fuse. Jumping on Clefts are a bad idea since they have spikes on their heads. Head into the mine and you’ll come across computers. Blake states that he’s been studying the spiders in this mine, and they seem to have a thing for technology. Have him hack into the computers so you can move to the next area or make something happen.     You’ll eventually reach a mining area filled with mine carts. However, on the other end of the room is a large spider web blocking the path the mine carts follow. Not only is there a spider web, but also Bomb Guy. He laughs and sticks a bomb onto the web. It blows up, making the path open again. He is about to follow the path, but stops when he sees you coming up to him. He says Tech Guy warned him about you, and he plans on taking care of you.     BOSS BATTLE   Bomb Guy: HP: 25 Att: 3 Def: 0   Micro Shy Bomb: HP: 2 Att: 2 Def: 1   Bomb Guy will start the battle off by tossing two Micro Shy Bombs in front of him. They will be helping him attack you. Take one of them out, but leave the other one in because each time you take them out, Bomb Guy will keep bringing them back. He only attacks by throwing bombs at you and your partner. Blake’s Shroob Bot is an excellent move in this battle. How many hits it can take depends on how well you perform the action command. This fight isn’t too hard, but combined with each enemies attack power, that’s seven damage in total each turn, if they only attack Mario, that is.     After his defeat, Bomb Guy will vow revenge on you and head further into the mines. Next to the path Bomb Guy took is a computer. Have Blake hack into it, and it will start up the mine carts again. Move to the next room, where you’ll have to do some platforming with the mine carts. It’s not too hard, but you’ll need to use the mine carts to get to a big chest that contains the super hammer. With it, Mario can break stone blocks and large, yellow ones if he uses the hammer spin technique. Continue through the mine and you’ll eventually make it to a large spider web. Stuck to is are some Pin Heads, small insects, the five of shells, and Bomb Guy. Wait... the five of shells and Bomb Guy?! The bomb throwing Shy Guy tells you that you shouldn’t have come here and that it’s dangerous.     Before you can do anything else, a large black spider with red strips on the bulb, four eyes, eight, boney black legs and a tiara drops down, telling you that you’ve entered the lair of the Spider Queen. And she’s not too happy you’ve entered her lair. Your partner informs you that your only here for the card. The queen laughs at you, saying that it’s her card and you’ll have to fight her for it.     BOSS BATTLE   Spider Queen: HP: 60 Att: 4 Def: 0   Piderling: HP: 4 Att: 0 Def: 0   Time to fight the queen of spiders on her own turf. She has a lot of HP, so taking her down will be somewhat challenging. The Spider Queen attacks by shooting wads of webbing at you, which can sometimes give you or your partner the slow down status. She can also charge through you, hitting both you and your partner, and jump high into the raptors of the stage, dropping items on you and your partner for small, but fast damage. Her Piderlings will not harm you, but it’d be a good idea to take them out because they can heal her when her HP gets low. This is, by far, the toughest boss you’ve faced so far. Items are very helpful in this battle.     Once you beat the queen, she’ll fall over, knocked out. Her giant web then breaks apart, releasing the Pin Heads, Bomb Guy, and the card. The Pin Heads rush out, thanking you as they go by. Bomb Guy tries to go for the card, but a pink Swooper flies in and rams into his face, knocking him back, and into the wall. Bomb Guy groans in pain, too weak to get up. The Swooper turns to Mario, telling him she had a feeling they would cross paths again. She flies over to the card, grabs it with her feet, and gives it to Mario, telling him good luck with his journey. She flies off. With the five of shells in your positions, there’s only eight cards left out there. See, your almost done...     PEACH EVENT   Hearing of Bomb Guy’s defeat, Shadow Guy is very displeased with him. He decides to send Tech Guy to tell Chem Guy to dispose of Mario. Down in the dungeon, Peach sighs as she worries about Mario. The doors to the dungeon open and Chem Guy walks in, holding a key and potion. He approaches Peach’s cell and hands her the items. He tells her he’s been thinking about what she said and that she might be right. He tells her the key is to this jail cell and the potion will turn her invisible if she drinks it, including her clothing. Peach thanks him and quickly hides the items when the door opens and Tech Guy walks in, telling Chem Guy he is to go out and stop Mario. He leaves, and Chem Guy sighs. Peach tells him he should join Mario’s quest. Chem Guy tells Peach he’ll think about it and leaves.     Remembering when she snuck out back at the X-Naut fortress, she decides to do some sneaking around, hoping to get some info that will help Mario. Peach uses the key and unlocks her cell. Take control of Peach and make your way out of the dungeon and into a long hallway filled with many doors. Head to the one on the right side of the door you just came out of. Inside is Bomb Guy and a Shy Guy in a green robe with their backs turned to Peach. She listens as they talk about how Mario is one tough opponent and the location for the next card. It’s at someplace called Hallosweets Land. With the info at hand, head through the door to the left of the door leading to the dungeon. Inside is a large computer monitor. Head over to the keyboard and Peach will email Mario a message saying she’s all right and that she can help out by trying to find out the locations for the cards and about Hallosweets Land. Once the message is sent, Bomb Guy and the green robed Shy Guy will walk in, wondering how Peach got out of her cell. They take her back, ending the event.     BOWSER EVENT   Now that they finally got everything mapped out, You and Kamek are seen at the entrance to Petal Forest. In this event, take control of Bowser and go through stage 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., except with a forest theme. Once you made it through, you’ll enter Petal Village only to be greeted by Lakilester. He tells you that you’re too late because someone all ready left with the card. You groan, saying you went through all that forest for nothing.     GUTTER GULCH     The Pin Head Mayor, the Pin Heads, and E. Gadd are seeing you and your partners off. Blake tells E. Gadd that’s he’ll be back after his journey with Mario. E. Gadd wishes him and you good luck on your journey. Once everyone has said their goodbyes, head back to Starshroom.     STARSHROOM CITY     You’ll be greeted by all the Toads, who ask how it went. Your partner assures that the card is in your position. Mario then gets an email from Peach. Everyone reads it and Toad tells you that Hallosweets Land is not hard to find at all. Just head into the sewers and find an orange warp pipe. Head over to a manhole in the center of the city and ground pound it.     STARSHROOM SEWERS   ENEMIES:   Gloomba: HP: 7 Att: 3 Def: 0   Paragloomba: HP: 7 Att: 3 Def: 0   Spiky Gloomba: HP: 7 Att: 4 Def: 0     Starshroom Sewers is home to the whole Gloomba family, but they shouldn’t be too hard. You’ll be using a combination of Super Boots, Super Hammer, Silverado, and Blake to get through the sewers. It isn’t hard at all though. Eventually, you’ll find the orange wrap pipe Toad was talking about. Head down it to start the next chapter.     CHAPTER 4: TRICKS, TREATS, AND TROUBLE     HALLOSWEETS LAND   ENEMIES:   Splunkin: HP: 7 Att: 4 Def: 0   Swooper: HP: 7: Att: 3 Def: 0   Boo: HP: 7 Att: 4 Def: 0   Boo Guy: HP: 8 Att: 3 Def: 0     Hallosweets Land is a Halloween themed land filled with treats and candy craving ghosts, bats, and pumpkins. Everything is made out of candy, except for the enemies and residents, of course. One hit on a splunkin will anger it, doubling it’s attack, so beat it quickly. Boo and Boo Guy aren’t that much different, except Boo Guy traded an attack point for more HP. Along the way, you’ll run into a small village in ruins. You’ll be greeted by a Boo with a mustache and monocle. He’ll explain to you that the pumpkin king, who used to be a great king, has been causing havoc ever since he managed to get his hands on a magical playing card. The Boo asks for if you’ll help by knocking some senses back into the king. You assure him that there is nothing to worry about. He thanks you and points you in the direction to his castle. Make your way to the castle by following the path you’ve been on. Halfway to the castle, you’ll run into Chem Guy, who’s sorry that he has to do this. He throws a vile at you, starting a battle.     BOSS BATTLE   Chem Guy: HP: 20 Att: 5 Def: 0   Chem Guy might have low HP, but he has high attack despite his HP. He’ll attack you by throwing vials of chemicals that will either burn or freeze you. Just use your most powerful attacks and you’ll finish the battle in no time.     Once beaten, Chem Guy realizes Peach was right. Fighting on Shadow Guy’s side is not for him. He goes to talk to you, but you’re all ready gone. He sighs, and chases after you. Anyway, continue making your way to the castle, only to realize the entrance is guarded by two pumpkins with stick-like arms. Have Daisy put them to sleep and make your way inside.     PUMPKING’S CASTLE   ENEMIES:   Splunkin   Swooper   Ember: HP: 6 Att: 4 Def: 0   Pumpkin Demon: HP: 8 Att: 4 Def: 0     When you enter, you’ll find a big, flashing banner that reads “Pumpking’s Castle”. Your partner figures that’s probably the pumpkin king’s name. Anyway, you should know how Ember’s operate, so jumping on them is a bad thing, unless you have the ice power badge. Pumpkin Demon’s are just floating Jack-o-lanterns with stick-like arms, except they don’t get mad like Splunkins. Halfway up the castle, you’re current partner will be captured in a cage. Then, a pumpkin demon with a top had floats down, telling you his name is Mad Jack, and that he knows you’re here for the card. So, he figured capturing your partner and then battling you would be easy.     BOSS BATTLE   Mad Jack: HP: 30 Att: 4 Def: 0   Mad Jack has some interesting attacks, like spitting fireballs at you that can sometimes burn you, and he can make the flame inside his body bigger, increasing his attack by two. In fact... that’s all he can do. You are partnerless this battle, until the third turn, that is. On the third turn, a vial of chemicals will be thrown at Mad Jack, dazing him. Chem Guy enters the scene, telling you he wishes to aid you in this fight. Mario, surprised by his action, lets him. Now Chem Guy fights by your side, making this battle go a whole lot quicker.     Once Mad Jack is defeated, Chem Guy will explain how he wasn’t sure if fighting alongside Shadow Guy was right or not, and that Peach helped him figure out it’s not. He wishes to join you to help you find all the magical cards before Shadow Guy does. With that said, you have a new partner by your side. Your previous partner will be released from their prison and be overjoyed that someone new has joined the team. Make you way to the opposite side of the room, where you’ll find a small burst of fire blocking the door to the next room. Have Chem Guy throw a potion on it so you can move on.     Keep climbing to the top of the castle, using Chem Guy and Blake to help you along the way. Once you make it to the top, you’ll realize you’re outside on the roof under the moonlit sky. In the center of the roof floats a semi-large pumpkin demon with a crown, red cape, floating white gloves for hands, and blue fire inside of him. The pumpkin is impressed that you made it this far and got passed Mad Jack. Your partner guess that he is Pumpking, and correct your partner is. Pumpking tells you that ever since he got some card, he has enjoyed causing havoc to the weaklings in the village. It’s time to put a stop to this king once and for all!     BOSS BATTLE   Pumpking: HP: 40 Att: 5 Def: 0   Mad Jack: HP: 15 Att: 2 Def: 0   Yikes, a lot of attack for someone with a lot of HP. But, he’s not too bad if you use Chem Guy’s Def. Serum. Pumpking will attack by enlarging one of his hands and smashing you with it, and sending bursts of fire your way; however, Pumpking can change the color of his flames from blue to green to purple to black, each with a different effect. Blue does normal damage, green can cause sleep, purple can cause poison, and black can cause confusion. Black is definitely the most lethal out of all his fire, so make sure you guard against it to prevent the confusion status. Once you knock out half of Pumpking’s HP, Mad Jack will enter the battle, wishing to aid his king. However, Mad Jack is only at half his original HP and half his original attack, so he is much easier than last time, but just because he is weakened, doesn’t mean he still can’t make this battle a challenge.     Once Pumpking and Mad Jack are defeated, they will fall over, knocked out. Pumpking’s crown falls off, revealing the card from inside the crown. Approach the crown and the six of leaves will come out, joining Mario’s collection of magical playing cards.     PEACH EVENT   Shadow Guy gets word that Chem Guy has joined Mario’s side, which angers him. He begins wondering what plan of action to take next. Then, Tech Guy, Bomb Guy, and the green robed Shy Guy enter the throne room. Shadow Guy points at the green robed Shy Guy, whose name is Casino Guy, and orders him to head to the next card location. Casino Guy chuckles evilly, telling his master he has nothing to worry about.     Have Peach unlock the cell and begin exploring some more. Head to the main hall and go two doors down from the dungeon. Inside the room is a white robed Shy Guy about the same size as Shadow Guy. He is shivering in fear. Slowly approach him and he’ll tell you that you look very familiar. You’ll will tell him you haven’t seen him at all and asks why he’s in here. The Shy Guy tells you he doesn’t know. He just woke up in here and is scared. He does; however, have locations for some weird magical cards. You ask if he’ll give them to you. He will give them to you, but one at a time. As long as you come to visit him and do tasks for him, you will get a location each time you visits. This one is a freebee. He tells you that the location for the next one is at a place called “Starshroom City”. You will thank him. Now, go back to the cell so you don’t get caught. Once in, you’ll email Mario the next location for the next card.     BOWSER EVENT   You and Kamek are seen in front of Gutter Gulch Mines. Ignore the mines, and head inside E. Gadd’s lab. Inside, you’ll fine a bunch of gadgets and stuff that confuse you. E. Gadd will walk in the room, not too surprised to see you. You ask him if he knows anything about the magical playing cards. E. Gadd will tell you that Mario all ready came by and got it. You will stomp the ground in anger, not too pleased about Mario being involved. As you stomp, one of E. Gadd’s inventions falls on your head, knocking you to the ground. Kamek walks in and somehow manages to drag you out.     HALLOSWEETS LAND     You are seen in the small village of Hallosweets Land. The mayor of the village, Mad Jack, Pumpking are seen thinking you for all your help. Pumpking apologizes for how he acted. He explains how when the card gave him power, he was blinded by that power and thought of everyone as inferior beings. Mad Jack apologizes as well, saying he was just going with the flow. With that said, you leave. Halfway back to the warp pipe, you get an email from Peach, saying the next card is somewhere in Starshroom City. You and your partner couldn’t be happier. Time to head back to Starshroom City.     STARSHROOM CITY     When you make it back to Starshroom City, you’ll be greeted by panicking Toads. Toadsworth explains that the casino has been taken over by a mysterious green Shy Guy. Your partner guesses that it’s one of Shadow Guy’s goons. Toad also adds that he’s locked the doors to the casino, meaning no one can get in. Your partner then asks where Toadette is. Toad informs you that she’s hanging with someone she met at the pool at the inn.     Head to the inn and make your way to the pool. Outside, you’ll find Toadette and a Shadow Siren that looks exactly like Vivian, except with green strips on her hat and green hair. She also has one eye, which is white, revealed. This is Jess, and she tells you that she as heard a lot about you from Vivian. She clarifies that Vivian is her cousin. Tell the two females about the casino being taken over and if they know anyway to get in. Toadette knows nothing, but Jess says she saw a jester head into Petal Forest with a key.     Head to Petal Forest and you’ll see the Jester Jess was talking about. The Jester will notice you, knowing you want the key. Time to battle him for it.     MINI BOSS BATTLE   Jester: HP: 30 Att: 3 Def. 0   This guy isn’t hard at all. He attack you by throwing cards at you and your partner. He does have an attack where he pulls out a random card, which gives you a random status aliment. But other than that, pretty darn easy.     Once he is beaten, he’ll give you the key. Head back to the casino, use the key, and head inside.     CHAPTER 5: CASINO CLASH     STARSHROOM CASINO   ENEMIES:   Gambling Guy: HP: 8 Att: 4 Def: 0   Slot: HP: 6 Att: 0 Def: 3     The casino is now filled with Gambling Guys, who attack by throwing playing cards. They also have a dice block attack that when they roll it, they will attack you and do damage equal to the number they rolled. And Slot might not have any attack whatsoever, but he can give you status aliments if he gets three of the same thing in a row. He can give you poison, dizzy, burn, blind, paralysis, and sleep. To make matters worse, he’s got a decent amount of HP and good defense to boot. Unless you have a power plus badge on, Mario won’t be doing damage to this guy. An upgraded partner will be able to damage him, but not much.     Make your way through the casino. You’ll have to play some chance games to get through the casino, which has been drastically changed because the guy behind the take over changed it in a matter of seconds. Anyway, the games aren’t too bad. You’ll need the use of Silverado and Blake to get you passed some of the games. You’ll eventually reach a large door guarded by a large slot machine. Approach it and nothing will happen. Head back the way you came only to be stopped by Jess.     She tells you she’s been watching you make your way through this place and likes your style. She joins the party and tells you that maybe if you hide, the slot machine will do something. Have Jess take you into the shadows and the slot machine will grow a pair of eyes just above his slots. Come out of the shadows, only to be told that no one can pass. Time for a battle.     BOSS BATTLE   Slot Bot: HP: 35 Att: 5 Def: 2   Slot Bot has one less defense point than Slot, but he can actually attack and has a lot more HP than Slot. He attacks by launching a punching bag from his slot, status aliments for sleep, dizzy, and poison, and he can also send Bullet Bills from his slot. However, he will not always be able to attack. He must get three punching gloves, three of a certain status aliment, and three Bullet Bills on his slots to attack. This battle can either be incredibly easy, or incredibly hard. Jess’s shade smack does make this battle go by a bit faster though since her shade smack pierces enemy defense.     Once Slot Bot is defeated, he’ll explode, leaving behind a key. Pick it up and use it on the door he was guarding. Continue through the casino, using Jess the whole time. Also, you’ll run into more advanced Sentinels that cannot be put to sleep by Daisy’s singing, so you’ll have to use Jess to hide from them so they will stop chasing you.     When you reach a large red door, you’ll hear a voice telling you the guy behind that door is the definition of gambling. Look up and you’ll see the same Swooper from Gutter Gulch Mines. She tells you the guy behind that door does not fool around and is quite challenging. She wishes you luck, but as she leaves, your partner will ask what her name is. The Swooper reveals her name is Bonnibel. With that said, head through the door.     There is a long hallway behind the door. Along the sides of the walls are giant playing cards. As you go up the hallway, the cards will lower knives onto you. So do not stop moving, or else you will lose some HP. When you reach the end, Casino Guy is seen standing under a spot light. He tells you that you are too late and the seven of lightning bolts is now in his possession. And he’s going   to make his boss even happier by eliminating you.     BOSS BATTLE   Casino Guy: HP: 40 Att: 5 Def: 0   Slot Machine: HP: 5 Att: 0 Def: 5   Casino Guy has stats like Slot Bot, except with five more HP and no defense. Casino Guy has a wide variety of attacks. He will throw playing cards at you, roll a TEN sided die to see how much damage he’ll do to you, and he’ll flip a giant coin. If it lands on heads, it will smash both you and your partner, if tails, it’ll smash him for five points of damage. His slot machine has a chance of giving you status aliments, powering up Casino Guy, or weakening Casino Guy. Jess is the only one who can do damage to the slot machine since it has a defense of five. Have Jess take out the slot machine, and have Mario focus on Casino Guy. However, after three turns of being put down, the slot machine will start up again. This battle is mostly based around luck, so use your most powerful attacks on Casino Guy to take him out before things start getting ugly.     Once Casino Guy is defeated, his slot machine will blow up, causing him to be launched off. In the remains of the slot machine is the seven of lightning bolts. That would explain why the slot machine kept regenerating it’s HP. Take the card and add it to your collection.     PEACH EVENT   Shadow Guy is very displeased with Casino Guy’s failure. Tech Guy is in the room as well, telling Casino Guy the machines he built for him, Slot Bot and the Slot Machine, should’ve helped defeat Mario. Shadow Guy sighs, dismissing Casino Guy. He then turns to Tech Guy, telling him to head to the next card location. Tech Guy salutes him and rushes off. Shadow Guy then exits the throne room.     Unlock your cell door and head back to the room with the white Shy Guy. He’ll tell you he requires food. He feels he hasn’t eaten for quite a long time. He asks for a peachy tart, a shroom steak, and some fresh juice. Head to the left and go three doors down from the dungeon. Inside is the kitchen. Head to the fridge and you’ll find what the Shy Guy wants. Grab the items and head back to the Shy Guy. Once you give them to him, he’ll thank you and tell you that the next card location is at Blooper Swamp. Head back to your cell and email Mario.     BOWSER EVENT   You and Kamek are back at Starshroom City and are staring at the manhole that takes you to Hallosweet’s Land. You pound the manhole, and fall down. Time to go through 1-2 of Super Mario Bros. The end will not be a flag, but the orange warp pipe. When you reach it, jump on it and go down into it. The level will continue on through a small section of Hallosweet’s Land. When you reach the end, you’ll be at the village. Talk to the mayor, who is talking to Pumpking about something. Pumpking will tell you that Mario all ready got the card. Bowser stomps the ground in anger. Kamek comes by, who has chocolate on his face, asking what took you so long. He tells the Magikoopa he had to go through the sewer, and then some of this land. You ask how he got here before him. Kamek tells you he just teleported here. You then breath fire on him in anger.     STARSHROOM CITY     The casino is shut down for a while due to repairs. You won’t be able to go back inside until after chapter six. And you Gambler Guys and Slots will no longer be inside. Everyone thanks you for saving getting rid of Casino Guy. You get an email telling you the next card location. Head to the inn to find the Toads.     You’ll find Toadsworth in the lobby. He tells you Toad and Toadette are taking a nap in the room. Tell him about the email and he’ll tell you he went on a tour of Blooper Swamp. It was wonderful until some large creature destroyed the tour, causing everyone to run away in fear. He wishes you luck on your quest.     Head to the south of Starshroom City, where you’ll find some fire blocking the path. Use Chem Guy to get put it out. I hope you’ve found all the upgrade blocks and shamans for your partners up to the point, because things are about to get nasty.     CHAPTER 6: MONSTER OF BLOOPER SWAMP     FOGGY PATH   ENEMIES:   Froggog: HP: 8 Att: 3 Def. 0   Grime Guy: HP: 10 Att: 4 Def. 0   Fogger: HP: 9 Att: 3 Def: 0     Foggy Path will lead you to Blooper Swamp. Be careful, though. Foggy Path is a maze, so getting through it is not gonna be easy. Froggogs are not very hard at all, just your basic enemy. Grime Guy is just a Shy Guy covered in swamp grime. The only thing that makes him dangerous is that he can poison you. Fogger is a cloud that gives off fog to blind you. He’s not too bad. Anyway, make your way through Foggy Path using the subtle hints given in the areas you make your way through.     BLOOPER SWAMP   ENEMIES:   Froggog   Grime Guy   Fogger   Once you make it through Foggy Path, you’ll find a large pool of water. Approach it and a grey Blooper will pop out, demanding a battle for trespassing.     MINI BOSS BATTLE   Boggy: HP: -- Att: 4 Def: 0   Wait, unidentified HP?! What is this madness?! Oh well, anyway, Boggy will attack you by using squirting water at you and ink to blind you. Around the fifth turn, Boggy will begin gasping for air. The battle ends and it shows Boggy jumping back into the water. He comes to the surface, saying you’ve won this round, but if he was able to breath on land, you would’ve lost. Your partner assures him that you mean no harm and that you’re only here for a magical playing card.     Boggy sighs and apologizes for attacking you. He tells you he’s been on edge ever since some monster invaded the swamp. Ever since it did, he can’t trust anyone. The monster also broke a wrist band he had that kept his body moist so he could breath on land and scattered it across the swamp. He asks if you’ll help him by retrieving the pieces. Being the hero you are, you help him. He tells you there are five pieces scattered around this area, each piece guarded by a simple enemy.     Go around the swamp and defeat every enemy you see. You don’t know which one is in possession of a piece, so might as well beat them all. However, when you come across the fifth one, Tech Guy, who is wearing an air helmet and oxygen tank, will pop out and snatch the last piece before you can get it. He also tells you that you’ll never find the card before he does before jumping back into the water.     Head back to Boggy and tell him what happened. He tells you that he might not be useful on land until he gets that device fixed, but he’s a lot of help underwater. He joins your party, and tells you to jump on his back. The two of you dive underwater, where it’s actually pretty nice underwater. In the distance, Boggy will see Tech Guy. Chase after him and once you reach him, he’s not too pleased to see you’ve teamed up with Boggy. Approach him to start a battle.     BOSS BATTLE   Tech Guy: HP: 30 Att: 4 Def: 0   Despite being underwater, you’ll be battling as if you were on land. Tech Guy, at this point in the game, is actually somewhat of a threat. He not only has a wrench to attack you with, but also a ray gun. He still does the wrench boomerang thing, so watch out for that. Boggy can blind him to make this battle easier.     Once he is beaten, Tech Guy’s air helmet will break from all the jumping you did on it during battle. He begins panicking and swims off, dropping the piece he took. Pick it up and Boggy will put it back together. He puts it back together and puts it on. Now he can breath on land. Keep going until you reach a small cavern. Head inside and you’ll notice that there is a patch of light shining down on you. Head up and you’ll eventually reach a surface.     BLOOPER SWAMP COVE   ENEMIES:   Swoopula: HP: 9 Att: 5 Def: 0   Mowz: HP: 4 Att: 6 Def: 0   Mecha Guy 1.5: HP: 8 Att: 5 Def: 1   Dark Boo: HP: 8 Att: 4 Def: 0     A secret cove inside the swamp. Boggy never knew about this and thinks you and him should explore it. Be wary of the Mowz, they might have low HP, but very high attack. Beat them fast. Mecha Guy 1.5 fights exactly like Mecha Guys. And hopefully you know how Swoopula and Dark Boo operate. Anyway, head into the cove, where you’ll find computers to hack into and elemental hazards that need to be taken care of. You’ll also find the ultra boots, which are needed to get through this cove.     You’ll come across some bones of a Cheep Cheep. Your partner freaks out, saying they are not alone. Continue on and you’ll begin hearing grumbling noises. Your partner freaks out even more, wondering what could possibly make that noise. Go a little further and the noise is much louder, causing your partner to cower in fear. However, before your partner rushes off, the noise quickly turns into the sound of an engine. This confuses both you and your partner.     Head into the next room and you’ll see Tech Guy banging his wrench against a busted down Mecha Guy 1.5. He sees you and is not too pleased at all. If Boggy is out, he’ll be even more displeased. He tells you that he took the piece of his wrist band because Boggy has been giving Tech Guy a lot of problems ever since he took over the swamp. Boggy doesn’t know what he means since the thing that took over the swamp is the monster. He then puts two and two together, realizing Tech Guy is the swamp monster.     Tech Guy explains how this is basically a cool little hideaway for him. He comes here to relax, work on machines, and eat fish, which would explain the Cheep Cheep bones. Out of frustration, he kicks the Mecha Guy 1.5 into a nearby wall, where it blows up, revealing the eight of Cheep Cheeps. Tech Guy gasps, lunging toward it. He grabs it and rushes toward a small body of water. You give chase, but when you approach the body of water, a large tentacle will rise up. As well as three more. The body of an angler fish then rises out. Inside the angler is Tech Guy, which is where the controls are. Time to kick Tech Guy out of Blooper Swamp.     BOSS BATTLE   Swamp Monster Mech: HP: 50 Att: 6 Def: 2   Tentacles: HP: 5 Att: 3 Def: 1   When the battle starts, the tentacles will be your only choice of target since they are holding the main body up from being hit. Each tentacle will slap you for damage, so beat them quick. Once the tentacles are eliminated, the main body will fall down and take five points of damage from hitting the ground. The main body will attack by shooting lasers, hopping over and biting you with it’s razor sharp teeth, and body slamming you. The D-Down Jump badge is very useful here since this mech has a defense of two. Boggy’s ink blast is very useful here. If you found the upgrade block, used it on Boggy, and found the shaman of this area to upgrade Boggy to his highest rank, water blast will do a ton of damage here, and possibly burn him.   Once you defeat the mech, it blows up, sending Tech Guy back to where he came from. He also drops the eight of Cheep Cheeps. Grab the card and get the heck out of here.     PEACH EVENT   Do the same as before and head to the Shy Guy’s room. This time, he’ll ask if you can sing him a song. Just hit the buttons in the right order as they appear on screen. Once you sing him the song, he’ll start to tell you where the next card is, until Tech Guy comes crashing down into the room. He gets up and notices the Shy Guy. Both the Shy Guy and Tech Guy feel like they’ve seen each other somewhere before, but can’t put their fingers on it. Tech Guy notices you and takes you back to your cell, surprisingly nice and gently since he’s too busy trying to figure out why that Shy Guy seems so familiar to him. Once gone, an unknown figure enters the room, which freaks the Shy Guy out. The screen then goes black.     BOWSER EVENT   Back in Starshroom City, you and Kamek approach the casino. Kamek did some research and he says that there are two card here. This pleases you and you try to go inside, but it is blocked off by some caution tapes. Approach the tape and breath fire on it, burning it to nothing. Head inside only to see Toads and Koopas almost finished with the repairs. Approach a Koopa with a red shell and mustache. His back is turned to you, so he won’t freak out at the sight of you. You’ll ask him if he knows anything about the cards that are said to be hidden here. The Koopa tells you that some guy named Mario all ready came through and got them both. You stomp the ground in anger, causing the Koopa to turn around and tell you to stomp it before the whole place crumbles down. But the Koopa begins freaking out and every worker begins rushing out in fear, ending the event. Also, if you talk to some of the workers, you’ll be able to read some funny dialog.     BLOOPER SWAMP     At the entrance to the swamp, Boggy says he’ll be sticking with you for the rest of your journey. You saved his home, and he wants to repay you by helping you with your journey. Head back to Starshroom City.     STARSHROOM CITY     Head to the inn and tell the Toads you managed to get your hands on another card. However, you have not received an email from Peach yet, which worries you, your partner, and the Toads. Right before your eyes, a magic portal opens up in the center of the lobby of the inn. Everyone watches in horror as Shadow Guy walks out. After some witty talk from your partner, Shadow Guy laughs and says you’ve been a pain in his backside ever since the beginning. Now he’s going to show you what happens when you mess with him.     He takes his magic staff and fires it at the floor below you and your partner. Another portal opens up and sucks you and your partner right in. Toad asks what he did to them, and Shadow Guy replies to him saying he just sent them to a friend of his that will surely take care of you once and for all. With that said, he goes back through the portal he came out of and closes it. Everyone in the room stares at the spot where you were once standing.     CHAPTER 7: THE REALM OF BONECHILL  

NOTE: There are no upgrade blocks or shamans here.  

ICE TOP MOUNTAIN   ENEMIES:   Dry Bones: HP: 8 Att: 5 Def: 1   Ghoul Guy: HP: 10 Att: 4 Def: 0   Skellobit: HP: 8 Att: 4 Def: 2   Skellobait: HP: 4 Att: 2 Def: 1   Ice Guy: HP: 9 Att: 4 Def: 0     Wow, a lot of new enemies in this area. Ghoul Guy is just a powered up Boo Guy, Skellobit and Skellobait aren’t too hard either. Skellobit holds a spear, but despite holding a spear, you can still jump on him. Ice Guy is new, and he can potentially freeze you. Other than that, not too bad.     Anyway, welcome to the Realm of Bonechill. You don’t know this, but this realm belongs to Bonechill(wow, didn’t see that coming). Anyway, you wake up, alone, at the base of a mountain. You cannot use partners for a while. Make your way up the mountain. You can fight the enemies if you want, but it will be a bit tough without your partner by your side. I suggest you avoid them, for now. About halfway up the mountain, you’ll meet an icy blue Skellobit with a general hat exactly like General Guy’s, except black.     The Skellobit introduces himself as Shivers, leader of the Skellobit rebellion. You ask what this place is, and he tells you this is the Realm of Bonechill. You figure this guy will be taking you to Bonechill right now, but to your surprise, Shivers assures you that he is not taking you to Bonechill. In fact, he tells you he’s leading a rebellion against him. You ask why and Shivers tells you that ever since Bonechill got his hands on some magic card, he’s been more ruthless than ever, and him and some of the other Skellobits don’t like it. Some, including him, didn’t even like following him in the first place.     So he explains that after the realm was formed, him and some others stood up to Bonechill and told him he’ll pay for his actions. You then ask how this realm was formed in the first place. He explains how some weird guy came along a few days after Bonechill found the card and made him this realm. And the weird guy said he’d send some guy named “Mario” for Bonechill to exterminate, and if he succeeded, the weird guy would expand Bonechill’s realm. You say your name is Mario and Shivers said he had a feeling you were him.     Shivers says he’s been at war with Bonechill for some time now. And you tell him that you need the card that Bonechill is in possession of. He then points out if you help him beat Bonechill, the war will end and you get the card. You realize that he makes an excellent point and agree to help him. Shivers is now part of your team. He pulls out not a spear, but a scythe, which surprises you. He tells you to continue up the mountain and you’ll eventually reach the rebellion campsite.     Continue up the mountain and Shivers will notice that the air is colder than usual. A Ghoul Guy wearing a torn up black robe and holding a scythe appears before you. Shivers points out that that’s a Glum Reaper; Bonechill granted a Ghoul Guy reaping powers to hunt down any Skellobits from the rebellion and take their lives away. He’s been lucky so far to not lose any men, until now.     BOSS BATTLE   Glum Reaper: HP: 30 Att: 5 Def: 0   You’re about to face death. Glum Reaper can slash you with his scythe, send a will-o-wisp at you to burn you, and summon a huge blizzard that can damage and freeze you if you don’t guard against it. Overall, not too bad. Just watch out for the blizzard attack and you’ll be fine. Shivers is your only partner though, but still, shouldn’t be too hard.     Once the Glum Reaper is beaten, keep going and you’ll fight a few more enemies. But you’ll eventually reach...     REBELLION CAMPSITE     When you enter, you’ll be confronted by some Skellobits pointing spears at you, asking who you are. Shivers steps forward and assures them that your with them. The Skellobits lead you and Shivers to a big tent, where battle tactics are made. Inside the tent is the partner you had out before getting sent to this realm. You can now use your other partners. You and the Skellobits form a battle tactic and decide that the only way you’re gonna defeat Bonechill is if you infiltrate his castle at the top of the mountain, beat him there, and take the card. With that said, rest up and head to the top of the mountain.     ICE TOP MOUNTAIN   ENEMIES:   Dry Bones   Ghoul Guy   Skellobit   Skellobait   Ice Guy     Just continue up the mountain, using Silverado, Chem Guy, and Shivers while making your way up toward Bonechill’s Castle, mostly Shivers.     BONECHILL CASTLE   ENEMIES:   Skellobit   Skellobait   Skellobomber: HP: 8 Att: 4 Def: 2   Spiky Skellobit: HP: 10 Att: 5 Def: 2     You’ll see two Anti Guys guarding the entrance, given to Bonechill by Shadow Guy no doubt. Have Daisy put them to sleep and head inside, where you’ll only find the Skellobit family roaming the castle. Skellobomber is just an air born Skellobit and doesn’t have a spear. And Spiky Skellobit has a spike on his head, so avoid jumping and just hammer him to oblivion.     When you enter the castle, you’ll see a bunch of Skellobits rushing toward the left, completely ignoring you. Follow after them, where you’ll see them head through a large door. They shut it behind them, but not all the way. Head toward it and look through the crack in the door to see all the Skellobits staring at a stage. Bonechill appears on stage and gives them a speech about how they are going to take down the rebellion once and for all.     After his speech, bring out Jess and hide from all the Skellobits before they come out of the room. Once they are all gone, come out from hiding and start making your way through the caste. You’ll eventually reach a large, blue door. Head through and you’ll find Bonechill. When he sees you, he’ll remember you from the Overthere, saying he’s been waiting for your arrival. He says if he doesn’t exterminate you, Shadow Guy will be displeased with him. You are shocked to hear that Shadow Guy made this realm for Bonechill. Bonechill then pulls out the nine of ice flowers, saying as long as he has the card with him, you can’t beat him. We’ll just see about that.     BOSS BATTLE   Bonechill: HP: 80 Att: 5 Def: 2   Yikes, that’s a lot of HP to take down. And to make matters worse, because of Bonechill being attached to his cannon, he’s too high to attack. You’ll have to attack the cannon a few times so Bonechill will lower. And every two turns he’s lowered, he’ll rise back up, meaning you’ll have to attack the cannon once more. Bonechill will send his icy breath at you, breath ice above you so icicles will form. And a turn after he does it, he pounds the ground, causing the icicles to fall on you. He’ll also fires large, icy bullets from his cannon. This is, by far, one of the toughest battles in the entire game. Jess is the best for this fight because her shade smack pierces enemy defenses, and because she has a stem, she can stretch up to Bonechill and attack him when he is too high for Mario and the other partners to attack.     Once you beat Bonechill, he’ll lose all his icy bits and crumble into nothing. His cannon will fall apart and reveal the nine of ice flowers. Grab it and add it to your collection.     PEACH EVENT   Head back to the Shy Guy and he’ll tell you he wants a book that is in Chem Guy’s old lab. It is; however, guarded by two Anti Guys, so you need a way to get passed them. You then remember the invisibility potion Chem Guy gave you. Pull it out and you’ll drink a small amount. You only have two minutes, so you must hurry. Head to the end of the hall, where you will see two Anti Guys. Head through the door, which freaks the Anti Guys out when you open it. You can find the book on the nearby table, which appears to be a novel. Head back to the Shy Guy and give him the book. Upon giving him the book, the small amount of potion you drank wears off. You then ask how he knew where the book was, and he doesn’t know, he just somehow knew. He repays you by telling you the location for the next card is at a place called Spooky Hallow. Head back to your cell and email Mario.     BOWSER EVENT   You and Kamek approach Blooper Swamp. Kamek tells you that the card is somewhere underwater. You groan in disgust, but jump in the water anyway. You’ll play through an underwater level of Super Mario Bros. When you reach the end, you’ll be at the secret cove. There is a Blooper who made it his own little home. You ask about the card. The Blooper tells you someone named “Mario” all ready took it. You stomp the ground in anger, causing a stalactite to fall on your head, dazing you.     REBELLION CAMPSITE     You and your partner ask the Skellobits if they know how to get out of here. They; however, do not know. Your cards then react and form a portal back to Starshroom. Shivers says he wishes to help you with the rest of your journey. Jump into the portal to head back to Starshroom.     STARSHROOM SEWERS     The portal opens up in a secret part of the sewers you weren’t able to reach to without Shivers. Now that you have him, you can. Slice down a tree that is somehow growing down in the sewers and head back up to Starshroom. If you ever want to return to Bonechill’s realm, just head back down to the sewers and go to the secret area with the portal.     STARSHROOM CITY     Head to the inn to show the Toad’s you’re all right and you got your hands on another card. You get an email from Peach telling you the next card’s location. Toad tells you some pink Swooper was here earlier asking about you and if you were all right. She seemed sad after she heard what happened to you. She said to tell you that if you ever make it back, head to Petal Forest and find a spooky looking tree. Cut it down, and the path to Spooky Hallow will be revealed. But first, go to the store and stock up on some items, if you need to, that is.     PETAL FOREST   ENEMIES:   Fuzzy   Crazee Dayzee   Treevil   Leaf Guy   Petal Guy   Amazee Dayzee(now would be a good time to fight one)     Head to the second area of the forest and approach the evil, rotting looking tree you saw from when you last came here. Have Shivers cut it down and you’ll be on the path to Spooky Hallow.     CHAPTER 8: BONNIBEL AND THE VAMPIRE KING     SPOOKY TRAIL   ENEMIES:   Boo   Dark Boo   Swooper   Swoopula   Lantern Ghost: HP: 10 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   Lakiboo: HP: 10 Att.: 4 Def.: 0   Eerie: HP: 9 Att.: 5 Def.: 0     A lot of old enemies and three new ones. Lantern Ghost fights like the Lantern Ghost from Shy Guy’s Toy Box, minus the lighting up the dark area thing. His light attack now blinds you unless you guard. Lakiboo does not fight like Lakitu. He throws blue fireballs at you, and can turn his allies invisible for a turn. Eerie is the ghost from the Ghost House’s in Super Mario World. They can charge at you, and turn allies invisible. Not too bad.     Just follow the path, battling enemies along the way. You’ll eventually reach a small, comfy looking blue cottage. Approach it and knock. The door opens on it’s own. Walk inside and you’ll be in a comfy looking room with a soft sofa, TV, kitchen, and a stairway leading upstairs. Sitting next to the TV is a guitar rack with a red bass guitar sitting on it. Approach it and when you do, the Swooper Toad was talking about flies into the room. She is surprised to see you and asks if you remember her. You nod and your partner says her name, unless Shivers is out. Bonnibel then lands on the ground and begins transforming into a pale Toad girl with a pink mushroom, pink pigtails, both with pale spots, a red vest, fangs, and two holes in her neck. If Chem Guy is out, he’ll comment on how cute she looks.     She tells you this is her real form and that she’s a vampire. Your partner asks why she was asking for us back in Starshroom City, and she tells you that she’s been watching you, wondering if you are strong enough to help her. She explains how the Vampire King has obtained one of the cards you are collecting, and now he has become more powerful than ever. He was always an evil king, but now that he has the card, he’s become even more evil that it sickens her. So, she asks for your help. Being the hero that you are, you help her. Your partner will then say that you’ll always help a damsel in distress. Bonnibel then scolds your partner for calling her a damsel in distress. She tells them she’s a fearless daredevil, and she’ll prove it. She grabs the bass guitar on the guitar stand and says she’ll help you with your journey.     Bonnibel is now part of your party. Head up the stairs, which leads to her room. You’ll find an upgrade block. If you’ve found all the upgrade blocks up to this point, then this is the last one, and it’s all for Bonnibel. Hit it, upgrade her, and head outside, only to be almost hit by a bomb. Up on the rooftop of Bonnibel’s house is Bomb Guy, and he did some research and found out where Bonnibel lives. He wants revenge for what he did to her back in Gutter Gulch Mines. But Bomb Guy then notices Mario and is quite shocked. He says that you being here is impossible and that Bonechill should’ve beat you. Now enraged, he throws a bomb at you.     BOSS BATTLE   Bomb Guy: HP: 40 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   This guy has definitely gotten more powerful since you last saw him. He no longer summons two Micro Shy Bombs to help him, but he now tosses Micro Shy Bombs at you. They will explode in two turns and do five damage to you and your partner each. He also has his standard bomb throwing attack, but now he’s got a bomb rain attack. He’ll toss a ton of bombs into the air and they all fall on you and your partner for small, fast damage. He is definitely a lot tougher than last time you saw him, but not too tough.     Once he’s defeated, Bomb Guy tells you he’s going to report this to Shadow Guy. He throws a smoke bomb to the ground and is gone when it clears. Continue through Spooky Trail, using Bonnibel’s ability through the majority of the trail. You’ll eventually reach your destination.     SPOOKY HALLOW   This is Spooky Hallow, home to many Boos, Swoopers, and vampires. However, not all of them are friendly like Bonnibel. The Boos are pretty friendly, it’s the vampires and Swoopers you have to worry about. Why? Because they are so loyal to the vampire king, they try to act mean and tough like he does. Anyway, head to the cemetery to find two Boo kids being picked on by two Toad Vampires. Bonnibel will step forward, ordering the Toad Vampires to leave those Boos alone. One asks what is she gonna do about it, and she pull out her bass guitar and smacks him on the head while he’s not looking. The two Toad Vampires attack. Also, if you don’t have Bonnibel out, the minute you approach the graveyard, your partner will automatically be switched out for Bonnibel.     MINI BOSS BATTLE   Toad Vampires: HP: 15(each) Att.: 4(each) Def.: 0(each)   Yeah, these guys are all talk and no bite. Seriously, this is a pretty easy mini boss battle this late in the game. The only thing you should really watch out for is if they begin sucking your HP up to restore theirs. Other than that, these guys are a joke.     Once the Toad Vampires are beaten, they make a hasty retreat back to wherever they came from. Bonnibel approaches the Boo kids to make sure they’re all right. They tell her she’s fine and thank her and Mario for saving them. She tells them to head on home and to be careful. They nod and float off. Head in the direction the Toad Vampires went and you’ll eventually come across a giant castle sitting at the edge of Spooky Hallow. Head for the front door and try to go inside, but it won’t open. Head back to the entrance to Spooky Hallow and you will be stopped by a Boo with a mustache and top hat.     He thanks you for saving his two kids and asks if there is anyway to repay him. Your partner will ask him if he knows a way to get into the castle at the end of the town. The Boo thinks for a moment and tells you to wait where you are. He goes back into his house and comes back with an ultra hammer. He tells you that the front door is pretty weak, and a hammer spin from the ultra hammer will knock it down easily.     Head back to the castle and perform the hammer spin on the front door. It gets knocked down, giving you access to the castle.     VAMPIRE CASTLE   ENEMIES:   Swooper   Swoopula   Swampire: HP: 15 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   Arantula: HP: 15: Att.: 4 Def.: 0     Not many new enemies to report, just that Swooper and Swoopula return. However, the big, bad Swampire is back and he means business, as well as Arantula. They were; however, weakened a bit. So they aren’t as hard as they used to be. Swampire can suck your HP and add it to it’s own, while Arantula just spits wads of webbing at you.     Vampire Castle is filled with all sorts of puzzles that involve Silverado, Blake, Chem Guy, Shivers, and Bonnibel. You’ll eventually reach a throne room, where no one is present. However, the ten of tanookis is seen hanging in the center of the room in a cage. Approach it only to be stopped by a hissing noise. Your partner points out there is a giant Swooper high above the throne. Laughter then fills the room, and appearing right before you and your partner is a Toad with pale skin, a pale mushroom head with blue spots, a blue vest, two holes in his neck, and two fangs coming out of his mouth.     If Bonnibel is out, which she should be since the final puzzle to the room involves Bonnibel, she’ll glare at the Toad with hatred. The Toad introduces himself as Toadula, the Vampire King, and he’s not too pleased with you knocking his door down and intruding his castle. Bonnibel tells him to can it and hand over the card. Toadula laughs and merely tells her that she’s just jealous that he became the vampire king, and she didn’t become vampire queen. This causes her to pull out her bass guitar and tell you it’s time for a battle.     Toadula laughs and snaps his fingers. The large Swooper drops down and lands before you, hissing loudly. Toadula goes back and sits on his throne, saying he gets a front row seat to the show.     BOSS BATTLE   Gargantuan Swooper: HP: 35 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   This can be a rather annoying fight. This guy only has one attack, but it’s a really annoying one. He will bite you and suck up your HP, adding it to his own, so this can prolong the fight. Bonnibel is the best choice for this fight since she is definitely one of the more powerful partners you have. Other than the HP sucking thing, not too bad of a boss battle.     Once you beat the giant Swooper, Toadula will be impressed. He then pulls a lever and a trap door opens up underneath you. He says that if you manage to make it back up to the throne room, he’ll give you the card.     You’ll be trapped within a cell. Use your ultra hammer to escape. As you make it back to the throne room, you’ll have to solve more puzzles that involve Blake, Jess, Boggy, and Bonnibel. Not as many as before, so just make your way back to the throne room, where Toadula will be impressed and keep his promise. He goes to float up to the cage, then stops, saying you heroes are a bunch of idiots and says he was lying. He then attacks.     BOSS BATTLE   Toadula: HP: 70 Att.: 6 Def.: 0   This guy has less HP than Bonechill, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Toadula can bite you, suck up your HP and add it to his own, use pyrokinesis, and turn invisible for a turn. He is definitely someone you shouldn’t underestimate. Oh, and he is also floating off the ground, making him an air based boss. When you drop his HP down to 35, he transforms into a Swooper monster form. He is now able to stomp on you, eat you, then spit you out, and pyrokinesis. He lost his sucking your HP attack, so that’s good. But because he turns into this monstrous form, he is now standing on the ground, so all attacks are able to hit him. If you found the shaman while heading back up the the throne room and used him on Bonnibel, then she is the best choice got this battle. Her Rock Out attack will do a ton to this guy.     Once you defeat Toadula, he’ll revert back to his normal form, defeated and dazed. The cage containing the card will burst open and the card will land in front of you. Pick it up to add it to your collection.     PEACH EVENT   Bomb Guy tells Shadow Guy that you are alive, which angers him. He thought for sure Bonechill would’ve been able to exterminate Mario. He pounds an armrest on his throne and calls in Casino Guy. He tells the gambling Shy Guy to go and search for the next card, which is in his hometown. Casino Guy salutes him and rushes off.     Now, go back to the Shy Guy and he’ll want you to dance for him. Follow the controls that appear on screen and if you succeed, which isn’t too hard to succeed, he’ll tell you the next card location is at a place called Gambling Avenue. Head back to your cell and send the email.     BOWSER EVENT   You and Kamek have no idea where to look. You’re both in the sewers, then Kamek spots the portal to Bonechill’s realm and tells Bowser it could lead to the next card. Step into it and you’ll be transported to the Skellobit Rebellion camp. Approach a spearless Skellobit and he’ll point out how fat you are. You tell him it’s not fat, it’s all muscle. The two of you get into a funny conversation. Kamek, who has had enough of their conversation, asks about the card. The Skellobit tells you that Mario all ready came and took it, beating Bonechill in the process. You groan in anger, getting tired of Mario beating you to everything. You and Kamek hope back into the portal. When you’re gone, the Skellobit comments on what a grouch you are.     SPOOKY HALLOW     You, your partner, a tied up Toadula, and the mayor of Spooky Hallow are seen together. The mayor thanks you for defeating Toadula and that they will make sure he doesn’t rule with an iron fist ever again. Your partner assures him it was no big deal. If Bonnibel is out, the mayor will ask if she would like to take over as vampire queen. She’ll tell the mayor she’ll think about it, but right now, she wants to travel with Mario and help him on his journey. She tells him until she returns with an answer, the mayor himself can rule for awhile. With that, head back to Starshroom.     STARSHROOM CITY     When you enter, you’ll quickly be greeted by the Toads. You tell them you got the card, and they are relieved. Toadette then notices Bonnibel, if she’s out, and asks if she’s a vampire. She’ll tell her yes and Toadette will ask why she isn’t burning up in the sunlight. Bonnibel will assure her that a shaman put a spell on her that protects her from the sunlight. You receive Peach’s email and Toadsworth will mention he heard some shady characters at the casino talking about Gambling Avenue. Talking to them might help.     Head to the casino and you’ll find a Toad and Shy Guy both wearing overcoats. Approach them and ask about Casino Avenue. They’ll ask if you’re interested in gambling. Say yes and they show you to the manhole the leads to the sewers. They’ll go down it, so follow after them.     STARSHROOM SEWERS   ENEMIES:   Gloomba   Paragloomba   Spiky Gloomba     Follow them down a path that you were never able to go down before. At the end, they’ll reveal a blue warp pipe. They tell you that beyond this pipe is a gamblers paradise. Head down to start the next chapter.     CHAPTER 9: REVENGE OF THE CASINO MASTER     CASINO AVENUE     When you emerge from the warp pipe, you’ll be in a big city lit up by neon lights. Your partner will comment on how are you going to find the card in a big city like this. Head to the inn and ask the inn keep if he knows anything about a card. He’ll tell you that the owner of the Grate Casino found it the other day and is holding a contest for it. Head to a large building in the next area of the city and you’ll find a large casino with a big, glowing neon letters of different colors that spell out “Grate Casino”. A big, yellow neon star is sitting right above the letters. Head inside.     GRATE CASINO     Inside, you’ll notice that this casino is so much bigger than the one in Starshroom City. Approach the front counter and you’ll see a Gambling Guy(the enemy from when Starshroom’s casino was taken over). Ask to see the founder of the city. The Gambling Guy will ask for 500 casino tokens. Sadly, you have none. He’ll tell you that if you want to see the founder, then you’ll have to get 500 casino tokens and bring them to him. You can get some by playing games. He’ll start you off with 100 casino tokens.     Go out and start playing some gambling games, which are very annoying. You can; however, stay at the Game Guy Station to win your tokens. That’s right, Game Guy is back from Mario Party 3 and he works at this casino. Unlike his old gaming room, you can choose which of Game Guy’s games you want to play. I suggest just playing Lucky 7 and Sweet Surprise since those are, by far, Game Guy’s easier mini games to manipulate.     Once you reach 500 casino tokens, take them back to the Gambling Guy back at the front desk and he’ll be really impressed. He takes you to a nearby elevator and takes you to the highest room in the building. When the elevator opens, you’ll see your good old friend Grate Guy. He sees you and welcomes you in. You ask how he is the owner of this place, and Grate Guy explains that his old casino was getting so much business, he decided to expand it. Ever since then, he’s got enough money from his casinos to come to Starshroom and make his own casino in the secret city.     After his story, you mention that you heard about the contest and actually need the card. Grate Guy says he’d love to give it to you... if you can earn 2000 casino tokens. Your partner then protests that if he doesn’t hand over the card, the whole world is doomed. Grate Guy thinks about it and decides to give it to you. He pushes a button and a cage containing the jack of masks(Shy Guy masks) lowers from the ceiling. He goes to open it, until two dice blocks are thrown onto Grate Guy’s desk.     Everyone is confused and then the die let out smoke clouds. Everyone begins coughing. Once the clouds clear, the cage is seen open and the card gone. Everyone begins panicking, wondering who took the card. Grate Guy looks out a nearby window and spots a figure rushing off toward... Casino Guy Casino, a casino that was abandoned not too long ago. Grate Guy explains that one day, some shady Shy Guy went inside, and about half an hour later, Casino Guy is seen putting up an “Out of Business” sign on the front door to his casino, which was weird because Casino Guy was the founder of this city. Grate Guy wonders what happened to him, they ended becoming good friends.     Anyway, he tells you to go investigate. And he asks of you to tell Casino Guy, if you see him, that Grate Guy wishes he’d come back and re-open his casino. With that said, head down and over to the abandoned casino.     CASINO GUY CASINO   ENEMIES:   Gambling Guy   Slot   Card Guy: HP: 10 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   Dice Guy: HP: 10 Att.: 2-12 Def.: 0   Roulette: HP: 9 Att.: 0-10 Def.: 2     Gambling Guy and Slot return, but we got some new enemies. Card Guy only attacks with cards. His attacks are similar to Jester’s card attacks (from SMRPG). Dice Guy will roll two dice blocks and whatever roll he gets, that’s how much damage he does to you. Roulette will spin his ball around and whatever number it lands on, that’s how much damage he’ll do to you. Dice Guy and Roulette are the ones you want to eliminate quickly and hope that they don’t get high numbers.     Once you’re inside, you’ll find the guy that stole the card heading into the next room. He shuts and locks the door behind him. Begin looking for a key. You’ll eventually come across a large slot machine. Your partner will notice that one of the images on the slot machine is a key, while the other images are enemies. Start it up and try to have it stop on the key image. Don’t worry, you can easily manipulate this slot machine to stopping on the key by hammering it at the right time. It also helps that it goes slow.     Once you get the key, unlock the door and head through. You’ll find yourself in a dark room. A spot light then shines in the center of the room. Standing under the spot light is Casino Guy, the card floating right above him. He’ll tell you that this is where your journey ends. Your partner says so other wise. Casino Guy laughs and throws cards at you.     BOSS BATTLE   Casino Guy: HP: 40 Att.: 0-15 Def. 0   Nothing has changed at all with Casino Guy, except he has one more point of attack and he doesn’t have that slot machine with him. He does; however, have one new attack, and that is tossing two dice blocks at the center of the stage and causing smoke to cover the field. Now you have a 50-50 chance of hitting him, but he does as well. Other than that, pretty much the same battle.     Once he’s beaten, Casino Guy laughs, grabbing the card and clapping his hands. The floor under you opens up and you and your partner are sent down to the lower parts of the casino. Once you hit the bottom, you’ll find old pictures of Casino Guy and Grate Guy. Your partner points out that Grate Guy said they were good friends. Maybe showing Casino Guy a picture will knock some sense into him. Grab the nearest picture and make your way back up to the room where you fought Casino Guy.     During the way up, you’ll run into enemies and you’ll have to solve some puzzles involving slot machines, roulette wheels, and a matching game, you’ll also get the ultra boots through one of these puzzle games. But once you make it back up to Casino Guy, you’ll find him standing in the center of the dark room with the spot light still on him. He’ll tell you he’s impressed, but it all ends here. He claps his hands and the whole room lights up. It is revealed that you are standing on a giant roulette wheel with three rows of red and green tiles, but one purple on each one.     Casino Guy asks if this looks familiar to you. He then adds that he found someone who used to be a gambler, and this was his battle field. The room begins shaking and a giant slot machine rises up from where Casino Guy is standing. He stands right on top of it, saying that the old gambler wants revenge. Laughter fills the room and an enlarged King Boo appears right behind the slot machine. Casino Guy says it’s time to meet your doom.     BOSS BATTLE   Casino Guy: HP: 40 Def.: 0   King Boo: HP: – Att.: 0-30   Wait a second. Where are the curtains? Why is the roulette wheel beginning to spin? And why is your partner not at your side? That’s because you’re fighting Casino Guy and King Boo Super Paper Mario-style! Casino Guy does not attack, but King Boo does, and he’s the slot master. King Boo can have the slot machine release enemies found in the casino, try to deal you status aliments, and launch projectiles at you. However, there are some cases where King Boo can have the slot machine land on a boxing glove, or it will malfunction and cause a mini explosion. If either one of those things happen, Casino Guy will be knocked off. That is your time to unleash all you’ve got on him, mostly jumps and hammers. You must deplete all of Casino Guy’s HP to win the battle. The spinning roulette wheel makes it hard; however. That is why you can ground pound the purple tiles to stop them from spinning for a short amount of time. King Boo has no HP, so don’t worry about him.     Once Casino Guy is defeated again, the slot machine blows up and King Boo disappears. It is revealed that King Boo was but an illusion. Casino Guy pounds the ground in anger, wondering why he can’t beat you. Your partner, who comes out after the battle, shows Casino Guy the picture of him and Grate Guy. Casino Guy begins remembering all the good times he had with him before Shadow Guy recruited him. He shakes it off and leaves with the picture, but leaving the jack of masks behind. Grab it and add it to your collection.     PEACH EVENT   Tech Guy, Bomb Guy, and Casino Guy are all standing before Shadow Guy, who is very displeased with them all for their failures, and the fact that Mario managed to make his way back to Starshroom. He decides to take matter into his own hands and go after the next card himself, wanting a piece of Mario.     Go to the Shy Guy’s room only to find that he isn’t there. You decide to sneak around the area, so you drink a little more of the potion Chem Guy gave you, making you invisible once more. Head toward a flight of stairs not too far from the Shy Guy’s room and climb them. You’ll eventually reach a large, black door that is cracked open. Look through the crack and you’ll see Tech Guy, Bomb Guy, and Casino Guy talking about the next card location. You here Tech Guy mention some sort of temple at Starshroom’s beach, giving you an idea of where the next card is. They finish their chat and head for your position, and your potion wears off too. They notice you and throw you back in your cell, where you send an email when they’re gone.     BOWSER EVENT   You and Kamek are back in Petal Forest. Kamek leads you to the path leading to Spooky Hallow, telling you that the next card is somewhere in there. You laugh and head through the path by playing a ghost house like level of New Super Mario Bros., except outside. Boos cannot be destroyed by fire and Swoopers will try to attack you from above. A little more challenging than the past levels. Once you make it through the level, the mayor will greet you. You ignore his greeting and ask about the card. The mayor informs you that Mario all ready took off with it. you just stare at him, say nothing, and walk away.     CASINO AVENUE     Grate Guy, Game Guy, and a few citizens see you off. Grate Guy asks if you saw Casino Guy and told him what he wanted you to tell the gambling Shy Guy. Your partner assures him you did and actually had a moment. Grate Guy thanks you and says you are welcome back to his casino any time. With that, you leave and head back to Starshroom.     STARSHROOM CITY     Once you reach the city, head to the inn and talk to the Toads, telling them of your success. You get an email from Peach, telling you the next card location. Toad and Toadette inform you that they noticed a distressed nymph earlier at the beach. Time to stock up and head for the beach, which is southeast of Starshroom City.     STARSHROOM BEACH     All around the beach, you’ll see Toads and Koopas tanning, some Toad and Koopa kids playing in the water, and some Toads and Koopas at the concession stands. Ignore them and head over to the docks, where you’ll find a female Toad with light bluish looking skin, a mushroom head and mushroom pigtails made out of water, and a pink two piece bikini. She’s the nymph Toad and Toadette were talking about and she seems to be crying a little. Approach her and your partner will ask what’s got her down.     The nymph explains that she hails from an underwater temple not too far from this beach. Very recently, it was attacked by some Shy Guy and he was looking for the temple’s greatest treasure: the queen of bloopers. She says the Shy Guy captured all her friends and threats to destroy the temple if they don’t tell him where the card is. She says she managed to escape and she’s been asking for help ever since she got to the beach. You offer to help her, and she’ll be extremely happy.     She tells you her name is Aqua, and she’ll she you to them temple. She jumps into the water, telling you to follow her. Bring out Boggy, jump on his back, and swim after Aqua. She’ll lead you to a dark spot in the water. She dives down, meaning you should dive down after her.     CHAPTER 10: MARIO’S UNDERSEA ADVENTURE   NOTE: This chapter is the shortest chapter in the entire game. Not much will be explained here, just a heads up.     STARSHROOM OCEAN   ENEMIES:   Blooper: HP: 9 Att.: 4 Def.: 0   Cheep Cheep: HP: 10 Att.: 3 Def.: 0   Jelectro: HP: 10 Att.: 5 Def.: 0     Not too many new enemies here. Blooper can possibly blind you, Cheep Cheep is no threat whatsoever, and Jelectro can paralyze you. Like in Blooper Swamp, despite being underwater, the battle style does not change at all. I should mention though that you are forced to use Boggy the whole chapter. Don’t worry, you will not need any of the other partner’s field abilities.     Continue to follow Aqua under the sea. Don’t worry, if you somehow manage to lose her, you can follow a trail of bubbles she leaves behind her because of her swimming. Anyway, you’ll eventually reach a large, dark blue temple sitting at the ocean floor. Aqua tells you this is where she and her friends live. She goes to take you inside, but she is quickly swallowed by everyone’s favorite fish, Boss Bass. This one; however, is a lot bigger than most Boss Bass’. Time to fight it and save Aqua!     MINI BOSS BATTLE   Boss Bass: HP: 40 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   Not too bad of a battle. Boss Bass will attack you by shooting bubbles at you, body slamming you, and it can eat you and spit you back at Boggy, hurting both you and him. Other than that, not too hard at all.     After the Boss Bass is defeated, it will spit Aqua up and swim away in fear. She thanks you for saving her and shows you inside the temple.     NYMPH TEMPLE   ENEMIES:   Blooper   Cheep Cheep   Jelectro   Blooper Nanny: HP: 9 Att.: 6 Def.: 0   Baby Cheep: HP: 1 Att.: 1 Def.: 0   Big Bertha: HP: 12 Att.: 6 Def.: 0   Shy Diver: HP: 10 Att.: 5 Def.: 0     The first three enemies reappear inside the temple, along with four new ones. Baby Cheep will appear outside of battle and try to do battle with you. If you do end up getting in a battle with one, you’ll always find a Big Bertha in battle as well. Beware, Big Bertha can do the same moves as the Boss Bass from outside can. Blooper Nanny will try to blind you and send her babies at you. Shy Diver is a light blue-robed Shy Guy wearing scuba gear and holding a harpoon. It can fire the harpoon at you, or use it like a spear and charge at you with it.     When you head inside, there is a large door with two key holes. Aqua explains that two keys are hidden throughout the temple. She suggests you and her split up to find the keys twice as fast. She tells you to go right while she goes left. On the right side of the temple is some water current puzzles you’ll need to get through with Boggy. You’ll eventually reach a large room with the key sitting right in the center. Swim toward it only to have it taken by a blue vine. Look up and you’ll see a blue Piranha Plant on the ceiling. It lashes its vine at you, starting a battle.     MINI BOSS BATTLE   Underwater Piranha Plant: HP: 30 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   Vines: HP: 5 Att.: 3 Def.: 0   Remember the Blooper battle from PMTTYD? This is EXACTLY like that fight, except when you take out the vines, the Piranha Plant won’t fall. If you have the spike shield badge on, you’ll be able to attack the vines no problem. If you don’t, then Boggy is the only one who can attack them. The Piranha Plant will attack by lowering itself to bite you, shoot bubbles at you, and lash you with it’s vines. If you take the vines out; however, then it won’t be able to use that attack for the rest of the battle. Thankfully, the Piranha Plant is low enough for Mario to jump on; make sure you have the spike shield badge on, or else Mario is completely useless in this battle. Hammer Throw would also be helpful.     Once the plant is beaten, grab the key and head back to the entrance, where Aqua is waiting for you. Insert both keys and the door will open. Head through and you’ll see Shadow Guy with no underwater gear, torturing Aqua’s nymph friends. Boggy tells him to leave the nymphs alone. Shadow Guy turns around and laughs, saying you’re the reason his minions keep failing him. He then asks how can a simple plumber best his minions. Boggy interrupts by telling him to put a sock in it and leave... and to tell him how he can breath underwater without any scuba gear. Shadow Guy stops laughing and tells you that he’s not leaving without the card. He also adds he put a spell on himself that lets him breath underwater. He’ll fight if he has to, and he’s gonna have to.     BOSS BATTLE   Shadow Guy: HP: 50 Att.: 7 Def.: 0   Despite the somewhat low HP for this far in the game, Shadow Guy is no pushover. He can attack by sending blasts of magic from his staff, and use his magic by attacking with thunderbolts and ice beams. He can also freeze you in time if you don’t guard at the right time. Not only can he attack with his staff, but also his top hat too. He can try to suck you into his hat, then fire you back at Boggy, or send a barrage of defeated enemies at you, very similar to Magnus von Grapple 2.0’s cannon attack, except guarding this one is a lot easier. Don’t underestimate this battle, it can be quite the challenge if you’re not careful.     After he is defeated, Shadow Guy only laughs, now understanding why his minions kept losing to you. But it doesn’t matter, because he tells you when the time comes, you’ll meet again, and next time, he’ll come out on top and snatch the cards right from under your nose. But this time, he leaves with an evil laugh. The nymphs thank you for saving them and give you kisses. Mario is left with a very red face. Aqua asks if there is any way she can thank you. Boggy asks if she can give you the queen of bloopers because if you don’t have all 13 magical playing cards, the world is doomed. Aqua understands and goes to a statue at the end of the room.     She twists the head and it moves out of the way, revealing a large pedestal with the card sitting right on it. Aqua grabs it and hands it to you. With only two cards left out there, Mario’s journey is coming to a close.     PEACH EVENT   Head to the Shy Guy’s room to find him beaten up. You’ll ask him what happened, and he claims that he doesn’t remember how he got like this. All he knows is that he needs a mushroom fast. He says you can find one in Shadow Guy’s throne room. Drink some of your invisibility potion and head to Shadow Guy’s throne room. Behind the throne, you’ll find a box filled with mushrooms. Take one and head back to the Shy Guy. I should mention that you only have two minutes before your invisibility potion wears off. If it does, you’ll automatically be caught and sent back to your cell. But, it’s not too hard. Take the mushroom back to the Shy Guy and he’ll eat it, telling you the location to the next card is at Ying Yang Dojo. Head back to your cell and email Mario.     BOWSER EVENT   You and Kamek are seen in the center of Casino Avenue. Kamek tells you that he heard from some shady Toad that the Grate Casino was giving away the card as the prize if one can get 2000 casino tokens and show them to the owner. You laugh, saying the tokens won’t be necessary. Head toward Grate Casino and talk to the Gambling guy behind the counter. He tells you about the contest, but he is cut off mid-sentence when you breath fire on him. You say you’re going to talk to talk to the owner even without tokens. Head to the elevator and you’ll find yourself in Grate Guy’s office. He welcomes you, apologizing again about the events of SMRPG. The two of you get into a funny conversation, only to have it end with Grate Guy telling you Mario all ready took the card. You then stomp the ground in anger and fall through.     STARSHROOM BEACH     Aqua thanks you once again for chasing away Shadow Guy and hopes you visit her and her nymph friends sometime. Head back to Starshroom City.     STARSHROOM CITY     Head to the inn and tell the Toads of your progress. You get the email and Toad says that he, Toadette, and Toadsworth were just about to go there for the fights. Toadsworth explains that Ying Yang Dojo is a lot similar to the Glitzville’s Glitz Pit, except a lot more challenging. Toadette says that it’s located on Ying Yang Island, which can only be accessed by boat. Follow the Toads to the harbor(at the beginning of the game) and jump on the boat with them. Time to set sail for Ying Yang Island!     CHAPTER 11: YING AND YANG     YING YANG ISLAND     The boat docks and every passenger steps off. You, your partner, and the Toads look in amazement at how everything is so Japanese festive. This place is a lot like the Sammer Kingdom, except much bigger. The Toads say they’re going to go and watch the fights while you look for the card. With that, they leave.     The second they leave, your partner will notice a flyer that reads: “Ying Yang Tournament! Compete in the tournament to see if you’re good enough to beat the island’s champions and saviors, Ying and Yang. If you beat them, you’ll receive the island’s most prized possession, the king of crowns(think of the smiling crown icon for the special cup in Mario Kart games) card. Your partner says you should enter the tournament, since it’s the only way to get the card. Time to head for Ying Yang Dojo.     YING YANG DOJO     When you enter, you’ll find a Toad bodyguard. Talk to him and he’ll ask if you want to enter the tournament. Say yes and he’ll take you to his boss and announcer of the fights. When you reach his boss’ office, you’ll see a red Clubba that looks EXACTLY like Grubba. You’re surprised and ask if his name is Grubba. The Clubba laughs and says his name is Zubba, Grubba’s cousin. He’s heard a lot about you from a changed Grubba and asks if you’ll be competing in the tournament.     Say yes and he’ll be very pleased. He asks you to sign a contract. Sign it and he’ll tell you that your stage name will be “The Great Plumbinator”. Zubba shows you to your locker room, which is the minor league locker room. Now, this chapter is a lot like chapter 3 from PMTTYD, except there are no side quests needed from a mysterious person named “X”. Nope, just a solid fighting chapter.     You must work your way up to rank one if you wish to fight the champions. You start off at rank 20 and must work your way up to rank one. Here are the rankings:     Champions: Ying and Yang   Rank 1: The Amazing Singer (1 Amazee Dayzee)   Rank 2: Chomp Chomp (2 Chain Chomps, 1 Red Chomp)   Rank 3: Hamma Spamma (3 Hammer Bros, 1 Sledge Bro)   Rank 4: Ruff n’ Tuff (1 Dark Puff, 1 Ruff Puff, 1 Ice Puff, 1 Poison Puff)   Rank 5: Creatures of Night (2 Eeries, 1 Lantern Ghost, 1 Lakiboo)   Rank 6: Gambling Goons (1 Gambling Guy, 1 Slot, 1 Card Guy, 1 Dice Guy, 1 Roulette)   Rank 7: Temple Guardians (2 Bristles 1 Dark Bristle)   Rank 8: The Blood Suckers (1 Swooper, 1 Swoopula, 1 Swampire)   Rank 9: Web Weirdos (3 Piders, 1 Arantula)     These guys will be waiting for you. These next fighters are the ones who you’ll be fighting:     Rank 10: Knightinator (1 Dark Koopatrol)   Rank 11: Ghastly Ghouls (1 Boo, 1 Dark Boo, 1 Atomic Boo)   Rank 12: Sky Squad (2 Lakitus, 1 Lakibot)   Rank 13: Forest Protectors (1 Crazee Dayzee, 1 Treevil, 1 Petal Guy, 1 Leaf Guy)   Rank 14: Bone Busters (2 Dull Bones, 1 Boney Beetle)   Rank 15: Prickly Pokers (4 Pokeys, 1 Poison Pokey)   Rank 16: Beetle Mania (2 Buzzy Beetles, 1 Parabeetle)   Rank 17: Spike Squad (2 Spiky Goombas, 2 Spinies)   Rank 18: Troopas of Trouble (3 Koopas, 1 Paratroopa)   Rank 19: The Underlings (2 Goombas, 1 Paragoomba, 1 Spiky Goomba)     These ten right here are your first opponents, which aren’t that hard at all. Knightinator could be a challenge though, since Dark Koopatrols are pretty challenging to begin with. Just be glad it’s just one. After that, you’ll be facing some guys you haven’t even seen yet, as well as a dreaded Amazee Dayzee! And what’s worse, it doesn’t run away! How else do you think it is rank one? Anyway, you should use your best attacks on it before it unleashes its powerful lullaby. Once you beat it, you’ll be up against the almighty champions, Ying and Yang.     BOSS BATTLE   Ying: HP: 40 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   Yang: HP: 40 Att.: 6 Def.: 0   I should first mention that Ying is a white Duplighost with black shoes and a pink bow on her head, while Yang is a black Duplighost with white shoes. They are brother and sister and are the toughest of the tough. They both attack by throwing shuriken and drop kicking you. However, Ying’s shuriken have the elements for poison and electricity, while Yang’s shuriken have the elements for fire and freezing, meaning they can cause status aliments, so be careful with those. Ying can also heal herself and her brother by 20 HP, while Yang can deliver a powerful blow using a katana that does double his original attack! They also have a combo move called Ying-Yang Blast, where they both fire a beam of energy at you that does 15 damage. Beat them before they get a chance to use that move. Ying would probably be the best to target first since she can heal. Just keep attacking one of them with both Mario and your partner. Once one of them is defeated, the other shouldn’t be too bad.     When the two Duplighosts are defeated, they’ll congratulate you on beating them and say they had a fun time battling you. Yang then pulls out the king of crowns, saying you deserve it. He goes to hand it to you, but Zubba quickly swipes it from Yang, laughing evilly. He says that he needed you to weaken Ying and Yang so he would have an easier time getting the card from them. Your partner asks why Zubba is suddenly acting like this. Laughter fills the stadium and Tech Guy drops from high above the raptors, saying that he’s been controlling Zubba a long with a remote control. The real Zubba is locked up somewhere safe and sound. He then has the Zubba robot swallow the card whole, which causes power to surge through it. Tech Guy laughs and says that it’s the end for you. He then has the robot charge at you.     BOSS BATTLE   Zubba Robot: HP: 60 Att.: 6 Def. 2   This robot of Tech Guy is far worse than his last one back at Blooper Swamp. The Zubba Robot can punch with, jump on you, charge right through you and your partner, raise it’s attack, and hang on the raptors of the battle stage and shake it, causing various objects to drop on you and your partner. This robot also has a defense of two. Jess would be a good choice here, since her shade smack pierces enemy defense. This is a tough battle, use your best attacks and this battle will end in no time.     When you defeat the Zubba Robot, it shakes violently. Tech Guy panics and begins pushing random buttons on his controls, trying to stop it from exploding. This; however, causes the robot to make it’s way toward Tech Guy and explode on him, sending the Shy Guy back from where he came. The king of crowns can be found floating in the remains of the robot. Walk over toward it and hold it up high, which causes everyone in the audience, and Ying and Yang, to cheer for you.     PEACH EVENT   Head back to the Shy Guy’s room only to see him with his back turned to you. Approach him and he’ll tell you to get out, get out as fast as you can. You are confused, and the Shy Guy explains that he feel’s someone knows he’s been giving you this information. It’s too late for him, but you can still escape. He tells you to head outside and you’ll find a boat. Turns out you’ve been on an island this whole time. Take that boat and head back to Starshroom. You feel sorry for the Shy Guy and go to leave. When you do, a scream is heard from behind you. You turn around and see Shadow Guy standing where the Shy Guy once stood. You are frozen with fear. Shadow Guy says he’s had a feeling you’ve been helping Mario this whole time, and he needed to make sure he was right, and right he was. You ask what he’s going to do to you, and the screen fades black as he laughs evilly.     BOWSER EVENT   You are standing in the middle of Starshroom, and scream in anger, asking yourself why you can’t get your hands on any of the cards. The citizens just look at you and don’t mind you. Just as you are about to go on a rampage, the doomship floats high above Bowser. A ladder lowers and Army Bro and Volkner climb down, along with a broom riding Kamek. They all tell you they’ve found a card and have it in their possessions. Not only that, but they also found a castle somewhere at a place called Molten Mountain. You laugh evilly and ask them to take you there. Army Bro and Volkner climb back up the ladder and Kamek teleports you back up to the doomship, him flying back up to it just before it leaves.     YING YANG ISLAND     Ying, Yang, some fighters, and the real Zubba all wish you good luck on your adventure as you, your partner, and the Toads board the ship back to Starshroom. Zubba hopes to see you again, and Ying and Ying hope you come back so you can fight them again. Get on the boat and head back to Starshroom.     STARSHROOM CITY     As you make your way back to the inn, the Toads all comment on how awesome your fight with Ying, Yang, and that Zubba robot was. Well... Toad and Toadette do, while Toadsworth comments on it by saying ‘jolly good show’ and all that English stuff. After awhile, you realize Peach hasn’t sent you a message yet on the last card location, which worries the Toads. Your partner then pipes up saying Peach’s email isn’t necessary because you have been all over Starshroom looking for the cards, except for one location.     Your partner tells you that Molten Mountain is the last place on Starshroom that you haven’t looked yet. Toadsworth says he’s heard about that place from the citizens. He says Molten Mountain is an active volcano that could erupt any time now. That’s a chance you’re willing to take. Head back outside and head to Bowling Greens.     BOWLING GREENS   ENEMIES:   Bob-omb   Pider   Bandit     Head to the third area just before Gutter Gulch. You’ll find a bath blocked off by a large boulder. Use the hammer spin with your ultra hammer and break it with ease. Head down the path and you’ll notice the ground is becoming darker and more cracked. Welcome to Molten Mountain Path.     CHAPTER 12: TAKING DOWN THE KOOPA TROOP     MOLTEN MOUNTAIN PATH   ENEMIES:   Dry Bones: HP: 8 Att.: 6 Def.: 2   Draglet: HP: 12 Att.: 6 Def.: 0     Cool, only two new enemies. Dry Bones is just a better variation of Dull Bones, and he can make new Dry Bones sometimes. He also won’t go down easily. He’ll just turn into a pile of bones when you beat him and reform two turns later. You need to take it out with Chem Guy’s Fire Potion since it’s filled with explosive, fiery chemicals. Draglet made its first appearance in Super Mario Land 3D, and now he’s back. He’s not too hard since he just sends fireballs at you.     Make your way through Molten Mountain Path. You’ll have to use Bonnibel a lot through out this path, as well as Silverado to reach some switches. Chem Guy also must be used to clear a path for you. You’ll eventually reach a large hill. Walk up it.     MOLTEN MOUNTAIN     When you reach the top of the hill, Molten Mountain will stand before you. At the base of the mountain, your partner will notice a large castle with Hammer Bros., Koopatrols, and Magikoopas head inside. You tell your partner those are the kinds of guys Bowser uses for his army. Your partner has no idea who Bowser is(unless Spike is out since he is a big fan of Mario). Head toward the castle and you’ll be spotted by two Koopatrols guarding the entrance.     They tell you no one is allowed to pass through. King Bowser found some special card and doesn’t want anyone disturbing him while he plans on what to do with it. They quickly realize their mistake and attack. Unless you have the Spike Shield badge on, don’t jump on them. They aren’t too hard, except they can call for help sometimes. Beat them and head inside.     BOWSER’S NEW CASTLE   ENEMIES:   Magikoopa: HP: 8 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   Hammer Bro.: HP: 8 Att.: 7 Def.: 1   Koopatrol: HP: 8 Att.: 6 Def.: 2     Magikoopa can use all kinds of attacks, from status aliments, to attacking, to giving himself helpful status conditions. Hammer Bro. is a power house, so watch out. Koopatrols; you should know how the operate from the description I gave above.     When you enter the castle, you’ll find statues of Bowser everywhere with his minions guarding the halls. This is definitely one of the tougher areas in the game. You’ll need to complete puzzles that require half of your partners. At the entrance, you’ll find a large, red door with three key holes, two doors on the left side of the room, and one on the right. The closest one to you on the left side is the only open one. The keys are scattered around the castle. Find them all. Head to the left from the entrance and make your way through some rooms that require Daisy and Shivers’ abilities. You’ll reach a room that has the key in a cage hanging in the center of the room. Before you can get it, Army Bro drops down, telling you he hasn’t seen you since he kidnapped you and Peach had to save you. He tells you Bowser is giving him another chance and he cannot fail him.     BOSS BATTLE   Army Bro: HP: 30 Att.: 6 Def.: 1   This guy is definitely tougher than any other Hammer Bro you’ve faced. He attacks like normal Hammer Bros, but he also has the ability to throw a hammer like a boomerang, damaging you twice, meaning you and your partner take twelve points of damage. He can also throw flaming hammers, which do eight points of damage, but have a chance of giving you the burn status aliment. This can be tough, but I’m sure you’ve leveled up enough to easily take him out.     When Army Bro is beaten, the cage opens up and the key drops out. Grab it and head back to the entrance and insert the first key into the red door. One down, two to go. Next to the hallway leading to Army Bro is another one that just opened up. Head down that hallway and you’ll find that you need Silverado, Blake, and Boggy’s abilities. You’ll eventually reach another room with another key in a cage hanging in the center of the room. Head toward the key and some lightning will be sent at you. Volkner drops down, saying he cannot allow you to get that key. He explains that Bowser very recently recruited him and made him the General of the Koopatrols. If he succeeds in beating you, Bowser might make him his right hand man.     BOSS BATTLE   Volkner: HP: 40 Att.: 6 Def.: 2   The thing with Volkner... he’s not an ordinary Koopatrol. Volker was born with lightning magic, meaning he has lightning attacks. Volkner can attack you by ramming into you with his head, shell sliding into both you and your partner, and he can throw lightning bolts at either you or your partner. They can give you the paralyzed status aliment if you’re not careful. Volkner can also do an attack where he summons a lightning cloud that sends down a powerful burst of lightning, dealing twelve damage to both you and your partner. He is definitely tougher then Army Bro. If you have the Spike Shield Badge on and jump on him, he will NOT be flipped over.     After Volkner’s defeat, the cage opens and the key drops out. Grab it and put it in the red door. Once in, the last doorway on the right side of the entrance room opens. Head through and you’ll need the help of Chem Guy, Jess, and Bonnibel to get through. Once again, you’ll reach a room with the key trapped in a cage hanging above the center of the room. Walk toward it and Kamek will appear in front of you on his broom. He says he’s been watching your progress and it must come to an end. Mario hasn’t done much battling against Kamek very much. Time to see what new tricks he’s learned since your last two battles with him(Partners in Time and NSMBW).     BOSS BATTLE   Kamek: HP: 50 Att.: 7 Def.: 0   This guy is a lot tougher than Army Bro and Volkner. When you start the battle, he is riding on his broom. However, it’s going to take more than one jump attack to knock him off his broom. Kamek can attack by sending a blast of magic to damage you, a fire spell, an ice spell, an electrical spell, and a sleep spell. He can also heal himself and make himself dodgy. Practically all of his attacks can give you a status aliment if you don’t guard against it. This is definitely the toughest battle out of Bowser’s three minions.     Once Kamek is defeated, the cage will open and the key drops out. Grab it, head back to the entrance, and put it in the red door. With all three keys obtained, the door unlocks and slowly opens. Head through and you’ll find Bowser sitting on his throne. He gets a startled look at the sight of you. He tells you you’ve been taking all his cards, except for one. He pulls out the ace of stars and laughs evilly, saying it’s his time to shine. You might’ve beaten all his minions, but now you’re dealing with the big guns.     BOSS BATTLE   Bowser: HP: 70 Att.: 7 Def.: 2   Oh my, high attack and defense to boot? Well, this will certainly be a tough battle. Bowser can harm you by slashing you, jumping on you, breathing fire on you and your partner, ramming into you and your partner with his shell, and throwing hammers. His slash attack could possibly poison you, his fire breath can possibly burn you, and his jump attack might cause you to lose one of your battle options for five turns. Unless you guard against these attacks, this is gonna be a tough battle. Some good partner choices are Boggy because he can blind him, Jess for a piercing attack, Bonnibel for all out power, Daisy to put him to sleep, and Chem Guy for power and defense boosts. This is a very tough battle that should not be taken lightly.     When Bowser is defeated, he drops the ace of stars. It floats over to you and is added to your collection. Then, the whole castle starts to rumble. The scene goes outside and Molten Mountain erupts! Lave begins making it’s way down the mountain. Your partner panics, wondering what to do. All thirteen magical cards then come out and circle around you and your partner. You, your partner and the cards disappear. Just in time too, because the second you disappear, the lava makes contact with the castle, causing it to explode. The charred bodies of Bowser, Kamek, Volkner, and Army Bro are sent flying into the sky.     STARSHROOM CITY   You appear back in the center of Starshroom City, the card surrounding you. The Toads then rush up to you, wondering if you’re all right. Your partner assures them you’re all right and that the cards saved them just before their doom. With all thirteen cards in your possession, it’s time to figure out where in the world Shadow Guy is. You then receive an email from... Shadow Guy. His email says that he knows you’ve collected all thirteen magical playing cards and says that if you don’t bring them to an island not too far off the coast of Starshroom, you’ll never see Peach again.     It’s time to end this once and for all. Head to the shop to stock up on items. Then head to the docks, where you’ll find a dark colored boat. You get another email from Shadow Guy saying a boat is waiting for you at the docks. It will take you to the island. Before you head off, the Toads catch up to you, wishing you the best of luck and to come back with Peach. You nod and get on the boat. The boat speeds off toward an island with a large castle and lightning clouds all around it.     CHAPTER 13: SHADOW GUY’S SECRET     SHADOW GUY ISLAND     The boat docks and you step foot onto Shadow Guy Island. There’s nothing on this island except a giant castle. The entrance is guarded by two Anti Guys. Have Daisy put them to sleep and head inside.     SHADOW GUY CASTLE   ENEMIES:   Yo-Yo Guy: HP: 10 Att.: 5 Def.: 0   Mage Guy: HP: 15 Att.: 7 Def.: 0   Mecha Guy 2.0: HP: 12 Att.: 6 Def.: 2     Only three new enemies, but they are the toughest by far. Yo-Yo Guy is the least threatening of the three, beat can deal small, fast damage. Mage Guy is definitely the worst of the three. He can send statues aliments at you, and powerful magic attacks. Mecha Guy 2.0 is just a beefed up version of Mecha Guys with lasers. Not too hard.     Shadow Guy Castle is, by far, the toughest area you’ll ever face. It’s filled with puzzles that require EVERY partner, yes, even Spike. Once inside, you’ll be greeted with an interior color similar to the Palace of Shadows. Lit torches are everywhere and Shadow Guy’s minions are roaming around. Head deeper into the castle until you reach a puzzle that requires you to head through the doors with lit torches in front of them. Once you make it through, you’ll be in a giant circular room. In the center stands Bomb Guy. He knew you’d make it this far, but this is where your progress stops. It’s payback time for what you did to him at Bonnibel’s house.     BOSS BATTLE   Bomb Guy: HP: 45 Att.: 6 Def.: 0   Nothing has changed with this guy. He has the same battle style as before, except now, you have a time limit! In the background of the fight stage is a King Bob-omb. It’s set to explode in eight turns. If it does, game over. But, that’s more than enough turns to take out Bomb Guy. Use your best attacks and you’ll beat him in no time.     When he is defeated, he’ll lay on the ground, wondering how you keep beating him. He drops a key. Take it and move on. The puzzles are harder now, and have to do with... chance. Hmmm... Anyway, you’ll have to use slot machines, roulette boards, and cards to get through this next part of the castle. After you beat a matching game, a door to another circular room opens. In the center stands Casino Guy. He says Shadow Guy is giving him one last chance to redeem himself. He’s going all out this time.     BOSS BATTLE   Casino Guy: HP: 50 Att.: 0-20 Def.: 0   Nothing at all has changed since you last fought him. Casino Guy has attacks like all the other times you’ve fought him: chance. He does have more HP than last time though, not much, but still. He’s not too hard, but when he causes smoke to appear on the battle stage, it gets a little annoying. Other than that, just like last time.     Once he is defeated, he drops a key. Grab it and head through the door. But when you leave, Casino Guy asks himself if leaving his casino all those years ago was the right thing to do. Back with you, the puzzles from here on out are a little easier than the puzzles you just went through, but harder than the ones that take you to Bomb Guy. You’ll eventually reach yet another large circular room. In the center is Tech Guy, and he is mad at you for destroying all his machines. The Lakithunder robot, his swamp monster robot, and his Zubba robot. He then tells you he’s been working on the ultimate weapon that will lead to your demise. The floor before him opens and he falls through. Then, the floor where he fell through opens wider and a large Shy Guy robot rises out. Meet Shy Bot, Tech Guy’s ultimate weapon.     BOSS BATTLE   Shy Bot: HP: 60 Att.: 7-9 Def.: 2   This is definitely Tech Guy’s most powerful weapon. The Shy Bot can attack by using rocket fists, stomping on you, and lasers. When he reaches half his HP, Tech Guy will have the Shy Bot pull out a giant mechanical mace, increasing his attack by two. This is Tech Guy’s hardest creation, have it suffer the same fate all his other creations suffered.     When the Shy Bot is defeated, it explodes and Tech Guy hits the floor and drops the key to the next room. He begins complaining about how you keep killing his creations and that it’s not fair. He begins wondering if joining Shadow Guy was the right thing to do. Continue through the castle until you reach a hallway with many rooms. Look familiar? That’s because this is where the Peach Events took place. Ignore most of the rooms and head straight for a flight of stairs. The door at the top of the stairs is locked. Head back down and Chem Guy will come out and suggest heading to his lab. He has a key somewhere inside. Head to his lab and search for it. Find it, head back to the locked door, and head through.     On the other side is Shadow Guy’s throne room. He is seen sitting on his throne, a smug grin on his face... or mask. He says he’s been expecting you and is impressed you managed to defeat all his minions. He tells you that you’ve done well this while journey, but it ends here. He gets up and you and him charge at each other.     BOSS BATTLE   Shadow Guy: HP: 80 Att.: 7 Def.: 0   His HP has increased since you last fought him. Shadow Guy has the same attacks as last time (ice beam, thunderbolt, magic, and freezing you in time), but he also got a flame attack and can heal himself now. He no longer attacks with his hat, but is still very challenging. The best partners for this battle are either Blake, Jess, or Bonnibel since they are all out attackers. And surprisingly, Shadow Guy can succumb to Jess’ infatuation move more easily than other bosses. Just a little food for thought. This is the final battle, use your best attacks and guard at the right time and you’ll have him down in no time.     When you defeat Shadow Guy, he kneels to the ground, unable to believe that a mere plumber beat him again. He then screams in pain and falls over, his hat falling off. Then, in a flash of light, the white robed Shy Guy that has been helping Peach is in Shadow Guy’s place. He begins coming to. He then remembers a lot of things, like his name being Light Guy. Light Guy notices you and asks if you’re Mario. You nod and he thanks you for defeating him. You are confused, only to have a mysterious voice tell you there never was a Shadow Guy. You and Light Guy look around and notice the top hat float up into the air. It gains a face and grabs the staff that was used in the Shadow Guy battle.     He reveals his name is Mad Hatter and he was Shadow Guy this whole time. He possessed Light Guy since he was weak. He explains that he is the soul of the Magikoopa that possessed all the magical cards all those years ago, and he was too weak to get them back himself. So, he possessed Light Guy and hired a bunch of Shy Guys to do his bidding. He didn’t count on you interfering with his plans though, but it all worked out because he can now bribe you with this.     He uses his staff’s magic and Peach appears in the center of the room in a magic orb. Mad Hatter then says that if you hand over the cards, he’ll give Peach back. You have a choice of either give or refuse. Either way, Mad Hatter will get the cards. When he does, he sucks them all into himself, and dark aura comes off of him. With the power of the cards, he is invincible! And he’s going to break in his new power by beating you!     BOSS BATTLE   Mad Hatter: HP: infinite Att.: 7-14 Def.: infinite   No matter what you do, you cannot hurt this guy. Just try lasting through seven turns.     After seven turns, Mad Hatter states that it’s impossible to beat him. He then forms an orb of dark energy, ready to finish you. Then, Bomb Guy, Tech Guy, and Casino Guy enter the scene, saying that it’s not over yet. They all say they believe in you. Your partners then all pop out, saying they know you can do it. Then the scene changes to people you’ve meet all over Starshroom wishing you luck. Peach also believes in you. Then, from the power of everyone believing, Mad Hatter loses his invincibility. Time to end this once and for all!     FINAL BOSS BATTLE   Mad Hatter: HP: 150 Att.: 7-14 Def.: 0   This is it, the final battle. Mad Hatter can attack like he could when he possessed Light Guy, but he can also fire dark orbs of energy at you. He also has a powerful attack similar to Shadow Queen’s dark energy attack. Sadly, none of your partner are able to help you avoid the attack. He can also use attacks from previous bosses you have faced. This is the final, and toughest, battle yet. Show Mad Hatter what you’re made of!     Once Mad Hatter is defeated, he screams in pain and begins slowly disintegrating, vowing that he will be back someday. Once he’s gone, his staff drops to the floor and the cards are all floating where Mad Hatter once was. Light Guy thanks you for saving him and the entire world from Mad Hatter’s wrath. Tech Guy, Bomb Guy, and Casino Guy thank you as well. Peach then suggests you go back to Starshroom and let everyone know you’re all right.     The scene changes to you, Peach, and the Toads at the docks. Your partners, Tech Guy, Bomb Guy, Casino Guy, and Light Guy see you off. Your partners hope to see you again someday, as do the Shy Guys. Light Guy says that he’s going to remodel Shadow Guy Castle and guard the cards from there, with the help of Tech Guy and Bomb Guy. With that said, the boat arrives and they wave to you as the boat sails off. The credits then roll. During the credits, it shows clips of what your partners are up to:     Spike is helping his grandpa move to Starshroom City.     Silverado is seen doing what he does best in Buzzy Village: protecting the villagers from the Beetle Bros.’ antics.     Blake is seen with Prof. E. Gadd and studying the rocks of Gutter Gulch Mines.   Jess is seen at the beach with Vivian, who is visiting her.     Boggy is seen with his new wife. He made a family shortly after you left.     Shivers is seen with his Skellobit army in the Underwhere asking Jaydes for a job, which she does give them.     Daisy and Bonnibel are seen going on a world tour. They realized they had similar dreams and teamed up to form a band. Chem Guy is their manager, just so he can be close to Bonnibel, who doesn’t have a problem with that.     We find Bowser, Kamek, Army Bro, and Volkner crashing into Bowser’s Castle back in the Mushroom Kingdom, still charred.     Casino Guy is with Grate Guy. They went into business together.     Light Guy, Bomb Guy, and Tech Guy are seen remodeling Shadow Guy Castle.     And Mario and his friends receive an invitation to a tennis tournament (Mario Tennis Open)       Well, this is definitely more descriptive than my previous Drawing Board ideas. I started this back in 2010 and never looked at it again until now. At least I finally have it finished, and I’m pleased with the results. I hope you all enjoyed reading my idea.'