Super Mario 3D ChallengeEdit

Super Mario 3D Challenge
Developer(s) BlooP-OW
Publisher(s) [2]
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s)
1 Player
Age Rating(s)


Super Mario 3D Challenge is a game for Wii U and another sequel to Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World. The game is heavily based on Super Mario 3D series, but it is a Mario game in the vein of games like (New) Super Mario Bros. series, Super Mario World, Super Mario Land, Super Mario 64 (DS), Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2.



Mario and Luigi were peacefully walking and talking when suddenly, Toadsworth, Toadette and Toad appears and gives the Bros. a letter from Yoshi, inviting them to some vacations at Egg Island. The Bros., of course, accept and they go to the Airport, alongside some other friends, like Peach and Daisy. Wario and Waluigi are not invited, but they go secretly on a box to the plane. Mario and friends arrive at Egg Island and finds Yoshi and Birdo, alongside with some other visitors. They explore the island and go to the top of it, where they found the Giant Atomic Egg. Yoshi explains that the guardian of the island someday created the Egg to protect the island and give it energy. The Creator found radioactive elements at the top of the island and use them to make the powerful giant Egg. After it, while everybody have eating, some Airships, Tanks, Submarines and meteorites were attacking the island. Bowser appears and tells the gang about his plan. He wanted to use the Giant Atomic Egg's energy to make him more powerful to conquer the entire universe. The gang tried to stop him, but Kamek and Motley Bossblob arrives and both uses their magic to destroy the island. The Egg Island fragmented into 8 worlds transformed by Kamek and Motley. Mario and Luigi decide to stop Bowser, but Bowser build a castle in the first world and kidnapp Peach. Bowser Jr. get the others and kidnap them into the other 7 "Worlds".

After defeat some bosses and defeat Bowser in the world 8, he appears saying that his master plan is almost complete and goes to World Bowser, where the Giant Atomic Egg transforms into a dark Borser-like Atomic Egg. Kamek also creates 6 Fortresses connected to the Egg to protect it. After the heroes destroy all the fortresses, encounter Bowser again into Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg. Here, Bowser makes use of the Egg Power, turning into Atomic Bowser, and initiating the final battle and transforming the entrie level into a toxic radioactive place.

After defeat Atomic Bowser, the heroes use the power of the Ginat Atomic Egg to restore the entrie island. Bowser, back into normal, falls into a pool of acid (that transforms into Dry Bowser, battled on World ★-Castle: Special Bone Castle) and the other villains quickly escape from the island (leaving Dry Bowser) and go to the Rainbow Area out of the island. The heroes start comemorate the victory on the island with a party.


The gameplay is pretty similar to the other Mario 3D platformer games. The game has a main hub, called Egg Island. Levels are completed similar to how Super Mario 3D Land and 3D World's levels are completed. Also, like Super Mario 3D World, the player needs find 3 Green Stars in each stage and needs find one Stamp. Like in Super Mario 3D World, the Wii U Gamepad can be used at any point during gameplay to interact with the environment, allowing players to stun enemies, momentarily reveal hidden objects (both in levels and on the map), hit blocks, stop moving platforms, and various other functions that can help the player at some missions. The GamePad can also be used to control the camera during gameplay by pressing the button on the bottom corner of the GamePad screen and tilting the controller, in what is known as Free Camera Mode. It works in a similar fashion to the camera from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The GamePad can also be used for Off-TV Play at any point. 

Egg HouseEdit

The Egg House, that it's on World 1, provides all the cutscenes that appeared on the game and every soundtrack of the game. There you can also see the collection of Stamps that the player collected, the stats of gameplay of each level (if every playable character played the level, if all the Green Power Stars and Stamps were collected and if the player reach the top of the Flagpole) and if every character were unlocked.

The Egg House also provides research information and an 3D model of each thing on the game. To acquire them, there are some instructions to follow. To acquire a 3D model with informations of:

  • An enemie: the player must defeat it at least once with any character (Ex: Goomba)
  • A boss: the player must defeat it with all the playable characters (Ex: Motley Bossblob)
  • A level: the player must complete the level (100%), getting all the Green Stars and Stamp on that level and also reaching the top of the Flagpole at least once (Ex: Yoshi Hill)
  • A world: the player must complete every level (100%) of the world and defeat every boss(es) of the world (Ex: Yoshi's Grassland)
  • A normal power-up: the player must use it at least once with one character (Ex: Goomba's Shoe)
  • Playable character using a normal power-up: the player must use the power-up with the specific character at least once (Ex: Double Toad)
  • A object: the player must grab/see it at least once (Ex: Green Star/Stamp/Clear Pipe)
  • A non-playable character/rideable character: the player needs talk with it at least once (Ex: Gearmo)
  • A playable chatacter: the player must need to unlock the character and play all the levels with it (Ex: Mario) }}Pincho Flight: Falls from the sky. Clawgripper: Throws rocks at you. Plantoon: Wimpy. Octo. Loud Lizard. Armored Lizard. Tentacles: Spin and try to hurt you. Squirts: Airborne water drops. Smogjin: Throws spikes at you, the spikes will turn into Stingies if they touch the ground. Flutterer: Flying fish. Clammers: Related to Piranha Plants. Harpoon Harry: Painful missiles which launch out of cannons. Levels Each castle you go in will hold a Koopaling, as well as Wart and Bowser. Giant Castle: Frog, related to Toad, but a Koopa resident. Ice Castle: Wart. Sky Castle: Roy. Water Castle: Wendy. Grass Castle: Larry. Pipe Castle: Ludwig. Desert Castle: Morton. Spike Castle: Bowser. Castle Bosses It can't be Clawser in every castle! Giant: Pintsize: A crab that shoots water and shrinks every time you jump on him. Ice: Fiery: Shoots fire at the ceiling, which contain spikes. Try dodging them. Sky: Rockhead: Jumps up and down. Water: Slip Ice: Throws barrels. Throw bombs at him and he will vanish. Grass: Fly Fighter: Jumps up and down. You have to throw a bomb at him so he won't move. Pipe: Sluggie: Goes to a pipe and tries to aim at you. Desert: Sand Wave: A ghost made of sand. Throw a bomb at it so he can drop and when he drops, jump on him. Spike: Clawser: In the first round he will throw hammers at you, so always wait until he throws three. In the second round he will fly on a magic carpet. Throw a bomb at him. In the third round, don't touch him, always throw a bomb at him when his guards are down. Finally Bowser comes out of the cage and throws Clawser out into the sea. Did you like this submission?Whoops! You're not logged in!If you were, you could leave the author of this submission some feedback, even vote it into Little Lemmy's Land!Why not login now? Go login!Fill out the boxes below if you would like to invite a friend to this page.Friend'sName Email (required)  YourName Email  Suggest this page!  Have you dreamed up the next Mario game? Email me!Goomba Bullet Bills my favorite enemies LakituPiranha Plant Koopa Troopa semi naked but "Behold the heart pink boxers"BooParagoombaMagiKoopaSuper KoopaMonty Mole PokeyPunchy Dry BonesNinjiGromba: 15 HP\parTeal Koopa: 20 HP\parCrusher Brambi : 17 HP\parSpiked Gromba: 25 HP\parParaGromba: 25 HP\parPink Paratroopa: 30 HP\parKuribow: 28 HP\parYoshi Nipper: 41 HP\parFire Paratroopa: 50 HP\parFrigid Pidgit: 63 HP\parMe Roar: 56 HP\parSealfrost: 70 HP\parFrost Swooper: 72 HPSplitin' Vine-Gaull: 88 HP\parHedgehogger: 99 HP\parSandy Thwomp: 101 HP\parSarasa Plant: 110 HP\parMonty Cannon: 94 HP\parMini-RamrockTall Shy Guy: 100 HPIcicle Spear Guy: 109 HPPyro Buganeer: 120 HPCamoflauge Guy: 113 HPSpear Kosha: 129 HPCrystal Berryba: 131 HP\parCuauhthwomp: 100 HP\parKnightlite: 150 HP\parJade Bumpty: 183 HP\parClubba: 200 HP\parSnow Kosha: 194 HP\parHammer Boruum: 250 HP\parBoomerang Boruum: 250 HP\parFire Boruum: 250 HP\parTeal Magikoopa: 223 HP\parKoopatrol: 242 HP\parVinesnapper   

Normal EnemiesEdit

Picture Name HP Stats EXP Coins


[5] Baby Wiggler 10 Attack:5



10 5 Coddle Woods Outskirts Nothing special.
[6] Bushling 20 Attack:6



15 7 Coddle Woods

Sunnyside Beach

Moves around the arena to mess with the timing to dodge the attacks.
[7] Piranha Plant 35 Attack:15



40 25 Coddle Woods

Florentine Caverns

New Yosh Sewers

Has two forms, if its head is up, it will bite whoever jumps on it to defend itself, head facing forward and hammers and eggs are useless.
[8] Goomba 30 Attack:8



36 15 Florentine Fields

Bowser's Castle

Nothing special.
[9] Flutter 45 Attack:18



30 30 Florentine Fields Flutters are flying enemies, and can't be hit by hammers.
[10] Fang 30 Attack:9



27 40 Florentine Caverns Flying enemy, can only be hit with jumps, unless it's on the ceiling, in which case, it's invulnerable.
[11] Sand Blooper 56 Attack:16



42 40 Muldoon Dunes Always come with Shark Bones that hide under the sand with them to trick the player.
Tiger Shark Bones Shark Bones Infinite Infinite 0 0 Muldoon Dunes Only appears in fights against Sand Bloopers
[12] Pokey 55 Attack:16



Muldoon Dunes

Pokey Tower

A spiked enemy, cannot be jumped on.
Hammor Tribal Dice Men TBA TBA TBA TBA Yetsi's Lair TBA
Jurassic Alsphere Steel Bro. TBA TBA TBA TBA Yetsi's Lair TBA
[13] Koopa Troopa 68 Attack:35



67 50 Bowser's Castle

Florentine Fields

New Yosh Sewers

Nothing special.
[14] Koopa Paratroopa 70 Attack:40



75 55 Bowser's Castle

Florentine Fields

Flying Koopa Troopas, aside from that, nothing special.
Penguin Bucket
Lolli Pop Joe Cakitu
Bullet Blaster 100 Attack:68



150 100 Bowser's Castle Fires Bullet Bills from a distance, thus, cannot be countered directly
Sharkpedo Ted Kurupira Galoomba TBA TBA TBA TBA Hidden Forest TBA
Sector Joe Hydralrus TBA TBA TBA TBA Hidden Forest TBA
Piranha Pops Octo-Snifits TBA TBA TBA TBA Hidden Forest TBA
Relic Rex Rex TBA TBA TBA TBA Rex Mountains

Yesha's Temple

Gets shorter and faster as it gets attacked.
Crystal Spiny Spiny TBA TBA TBA TBA Rex Mountains

New Yosh Sewers

Spiked enemy, cannot be jumped on.
Red Fire Koopagon Sleepy Bob-omb TBA TBA TBA TBA Rex Mountains Tries to blow the attacking character up if it's disturbed.
Ben K Eggling TBA TBA TBA TBA Yesha's Temple

Floretine Fields

Can hide in their shell to heal.
Chippy Golden Eggling 655 Attack:88



1,000 1,500 Yesha's Temple (At first)

Anywhere else (post-Temple)

Like a normal Eggling, except it can run from battle
Blazus Piranhacus Giganticus Ledge Bro. TBA TBA TBA TBA Dark Star Fortress TBA
Buffish Rockstar Guy TBA TBA TBA TBA Dark Star Fortress TBA
Sky Shotman Snop TBA TBA TBA TBA Dark Star Fortress TBA
Chompberdon Kitty Galoomba TBA TBA TBA TBA Dark Star Fortress


Playable CharactersEdit

When you unlock a character, the game works like Super Mario 3D World, where you can choose the characters freely.

Image   Name   Advantage   Disdvantage   Unlocking Criteria  
[15] Mario All-around Playable from the start
[16] Luigi Can jump higher. Low traction. Playable from the start
[17] Princess Peach Can hover in midair for a short time. Runs slower. Complete World 1-Castle
[18] Princess Daisy Can do a impulsive second jump. Short long-jump Complete World 2-Castle
[19] Toad Can run faster. Falls faster. Complete World 3-Castle
[20] Toadette Can jump farther. Falls faster. Complete World 4-Castle
[21] Wario He can pick up enemies and launch them. He has the lowest jump. Complete World 5-Castle
[22] Waluigi He has the longest long-jump He has the worst traction. Complete World 6-Castle
[23] Rosalina She has the Spin Attack. She loses her spin attack when gains a power-up. Complete World Star-Castle

Rideable CharactersEdit

These caracters can be used as Rideable characters for the Playable Characters.

Image   Name   Abilities  
[24] Yoshi Yoshi can flutter jump, can do ground pounds and has his usual tongue ability. He can easily eat a normal enemy such as a Goomba or Piranha Plant, creating an egg that can be used to attack other enemies or blocks. If Yoshi eats a shelled enemy, hammers, sledge hammers, spiked balls or boomerangs, he can't swallow it, and must spit it out eventually instead. If Yoshi eats an explosive enemie, such as a Bob-omb or a Bullet Bill, he creates an Explosive Egg that explodes in some seconds if not thrown back. Yoshi can also jump on spiked places and on certain enemies that players can't normally jump on, such as Spinies, though it won't affect the enemies in any way. Eating a Fire enemie or a fireball allows Yoshi to spit out a fireball. Also, eating an Ice enemie or an iceball allows Yoshi to spit out an iceball. Electrical attacks, electric barriers, lava or certain fire or ice attacks send Yoshi back to his egg.
[25] Plessie Plessie rides though water, sand, snow, lava and even though poisoned water, oil and acid. It's only playable at some parts of a course, not at all of the course (like Yoshi). It can defeat all of enemeis during the course (except electric enemies and spiked enemies). When it played on multiplayer, only the first player controls Plessie.

Other CharactersEdit

Image   Name   Description  
[26] Birdo Birdo appear as a helper of the game, giving advices to the players and also she appears at the Egg House, providing research information on all the enemies and bosses the player has defeated.
[27] Toadsworth Toadsworth appears before the first level of each world, explaning the basic controls of the game (World 1). He also talks sometimes about each world's characteristics.
[28] Bowser Bowser, knowing the existence of the Giant Atomic Egg on Egg Island, pretend to absorve its power to conquer the entrie universe. He send his troops to attack the island and capture Mario's friends, trapping them into different worlds, staying in World 1 with Princess Peach. After being defeated in World 1 and loses Peach, he escapes to World 8, saying to Kamek and Motley to use thei magic to improve some members of the Koopa Clan, while Bowser Jr. helps with the prision of the other Mario's friends and Army with the Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade. After being defeated again in World 8, he tells the heroes that his plan is almost completed, going to the Egg and creating a World of himself. When the heroes reach the Egg, Bowser is surprised with the persistence of the group, but absorves the power of "his" Giant Atomic Egg, transforming into Atomic Bowser. After being defeated, he falls into some acid, transforming into Dry Bowser and escapes to World ★.
[29] Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. appear helping his father in his plan, capturing all the players (except Mario and Luigi, who escapes from him), trapping Yoshi and Plessie into Eggs and helping to build the castles of all the Worlds. He also helps his father to protect his transformed Giant Atomic Egg, guarding the last Fortress that have the most of energy to protect the Atomic Egg.
[30] Kamek Kamek, alongside with Motley, have a big importance to Bowser's plan: They destroy the island and transform it in 8 worlds commanded by the Koopa Troop. Kamek, after the defeat of Bowser in Wolrd 1, uses his magic with the power of Giant Atomic Egg to improve the best members of the Koopa Troop (Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Motley and Army Hammer Bro.). After Bowser is defeated in world 8, Kamek appears again, creating 6 Fortresses to protect the Egg, transformed into Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg.
[31] Motley Bossblob Motley, alongside with Kamek, have a big importance to Bowser's plan: They destroy the island and transform it in 8 worlds commanded by the Koopa Troop. Motley, after the defeat of Bowser in Wolrd 1, uses his magic to transform some minions of the Koopa Troop into some powerful leaders, creating Leader Conkdocrat, Waddleking, Archduke Bulber, Emperor Mosikice, Baron Rexock, King Fizzliater and Czar Ty-Foon. He also appear to guard a Circus in World 5 to try to disturb the players.
[32] Army Hammer Bro. Army Hammer Bro. is consider now one of Bowser Jr.'s best allies and one of the High Ranking Members of Koopa Troop. His loyalty to Bowser and the Koopa Troop is very signifiant, making him direct the Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade. Before his battle against the players, Kamek appear and use his magic combined with the power of the Giant Atomic Egg, making him vey powerful.
[33] Boom Boom & Pom Pom Boom Boom and Pom Pom are allies of Bowser that are transformed by the magic of Kamek and Motley Bossblob combined with the power of the Giant Atomic Egg. They have their appearence and abailities improved in their battles.
[[File:|150px]] Rabbits Rabbits appear in the game at some levels, where they can again be chased and caught. Larger variations also appear. When they are caught they give prizes like Power-Ups, Coins, Green Stars, Stamps or even a Mega Mushroom.
[34] Yoshis (species) Yohis appear as hostages at all the worlds and they give some advices at some levels. They also serve as hostages when there is more than one player riding an Yoshi.
[35] Toads Toads appear as hostages of world 1 and they give some advices of that world.
[36] Birdos (species) Birdos appear as hostages of world 2 and they give some advices of that world.
[37] Piantas Piantas appear as hostages of world 3 and they give some advices of that world.
[38] Penguins Penguins appear as hostages of world 4 and they give some advices of that world.
[39] Whittles Whittles appear as hostages of world 5 and they give some advices of that world.
[40] Gearmos Gearmos appear as hostages of world 6 and they give some advices of that world.
[41] Bob-omb Buddies Bob-omb Buddies appear as hostages of worlds 7 and 8 and they give at levels of these worlds.
[42] Sprixies Sprixies appear as hostages of worlds ★ and Crown and they give some advices of these worlds.
[43] Lumas Lumas appear as hostages of worlds ★ and Crown and they give some advices of these worlds.


These are the levels of Super Mario 3D Challenge. The first 8 worlds were parts of the Egg Island, destroyed by Bowser, Kamek and Motley Bossblob. The Bowser World is an dark world created by Bowser to guard the Giant Atomic Egg. The Star World and the Crown World are special worlds located in the space. The first is unlocked by defeating the final boss. The other is unloked after every Green Star and Stamp are collected as well as getting the Golden Flag by reaching the top of the Goal Pole for every level. Every world has also one Mystry House, that appears before the end-of-world castle level, each one with 20 different mystery box challenges (with a checkpoint flag at the 10th mystery box challenge).

World   Theme   Character Captured   Boss(es)  

World 1 - Yoshi's Grassland

Grass Princess Peach
  • Bowser
World 2 - Sarasa Desert Desert Princess Daisy
  • Leader Conkdocrat
  • Boom Boom
World 3 - Tropical Island Forest/Beach/Water Toad
  • Waddleking
  • Archduke Bulber
World 4 - Frozen Snowcap Snow Toadette
  • Emperor Morsikice
  • Pom Pom
World 5 - Rock Crumble Canyon Mountain Wario
  • Baron Rexock
  • Motley Bossblob
World 6 Old Factory Land Factory Waluigi
  • King Fizzliater
  • King Boo
World 7 Dark Thunder Skies Sky Tails
  • Czar Ty-Foon
  • Army Hammer Bro.
World 8 - Koopa's Volcano Lava Knuckles
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser
World Bowser Bowser's Giant Egg Bowser Princess Abby
  • Boom Boom
  • Pom Pom
  • Motley Bossblob
  • Army Hammer Bro.
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Atomic Bowser
World ★ - Rainbow Area Rainbow Area Rosalina
  • Dry Bowser
World Crown Gold Sonic The Hedgehog
  • All previous Bosses (excluding Atomic Bowser)

World 1 - Yoshi's GrasslandEdit

Level Number Level Name
1-1 Yoshi Hill
1-2 Armadillo Cave
1-A Rex's Blockade
1-3 Wollballer Autumn
1-4 Frogy Lake
1-5 Mushroom Trampoline Land
1-Castle Bowser's Lava Stronghold
1-MH Mystery House Yoshi Run

World 2 - Sarasa DesertEdit

Level Number Level Name
2-1 Spike Desert
2-2 Pokey's Cavern
2-A Cluckboom Blockade
2-3 Magnetic Peaks
2-Pyramid Conkdor's Pyramid Fortress
2-4 Acorn Oasis
2-5 Plessie's Dune Run
2-Tank Bowser's Cannon Brigade
2-MH Mystery House Feline Run

World 3 - Tropical IslandEdit

Tropical Island ForestEdit

Level Number Level Name
3-1 Bramball's Rainforest
3-2 Gargantuan Land
3-A Wiggler Blockade
3-3 Illusionist Boo Mansion
3-Tree Waddlewing's Tree Fortress

Tropical Island OceanEdit

3-4 Madpole's Beach
3-5 Rammerhead's Beach
3-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #1
3-6 Piranha Creeper's Poison Archipelago
3-Submarine Torpedo Ted Shocking Battleship
3-MH Mystery House Amphibious Run

World 4 - Frozen SnowcapEdit

Level Number Level Name
4-1 Frozen Lake Fun
4-2 Ghost Shipwreck

Luminous Flip-Swap Galaxy

4-A Mr. Blizzard's Blockade
4-Glacier Snowball's Iced Fortress
4-4 Skipsqueak's Rolling Panic
4-5 Crazy Trapeze Circus
4-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #2
4-6 Yoshi's Ice Cream Desert
4-Train The Missile Bill Express
4-MH Mystery House Raccoon Run

World 5 - Rock Crumble CanyonEdit

Level Number Level Name
5-1 Boulder Mountain
5-2 Large Savana Sunset
5-3 Potted Piranha Mine
5-4 Trampoline Undergrounds
5-A Spike's Blockade
5-5 Swooper Swamp
5-6 Searchlight Tower
5-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #3
5-7 Ninji's Temple
5-Castle Lava-Rock Crushing Castle
5-Circus Motley Bossblob's Mirror Circus
5-MH Mystery House Armadillo Run

World 6 - Old Factory LandEdit

Level Number Level Name
6-1 Clockwork's Room
6-2 Yoshi's Crazy Run
6-3 Dark Bulber Lagoon
6-4 Playcard Maze
6-A Monty Mole's Blokcade
6-5 Cannon Battlefield
6-6 Oil Refinery Factory
6-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #4
6-7 Electron Tower
6-Tank Magnetic Brigade
6-Mansion Ghostly Horror Mansion
6-MH Mystery House Magnetic Run

World 7 - Dark Thunder SkiesEdit

Level Number Level Name
7-1 Cloudtop Park
7-2 Prongo Station
7-A Flopter Blockade
7-3 Tornado Desert
7-4 Fly Guy Mountain
7-5 Invisible Cloud Falls
7-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #5
7-6 Floating Jungle Panic
7-7 Aerial Garden
7-Castle Spiral Castle
7-Airship Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade
7-MH Mystery House Squirrel Run

World 8 - Koopa's VolcanoEdit

A lava-themed world. The first boss is Kamek, the second boss is Bowser Jr. and the third boss is the second encounter with Bowser.

Level Number Level Name
8-1 Smashing Volcano
8-2 Infernal Dunes
8-3 Blue-Lava Lagoon
8-A Fire Snake Blockade
8-4 Dark Smog Tower
8-5 Hard Rock Cavern
8-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #5
8-6 Spying on the Koopa Bridge
8-Fortress 1 Kamek's Illusion Labyrinth
8-Fortress 2 Bowser Jr.'s Grafitti Tower
8-Castle Bowser's Blazing Castle
8-MH Mystery House Support Run

World Bowser - Bowser's Giant EggEdit

An world created by Bowser to guard the Giant Atomic Egg in his posses, that transforms into a dark Borser-like Egg.

Level Number Level Name
Bowser-1 Koopa's Dark Bridge
Bowser-2 Sphinx Inferno
Bowser-3 Frightening Crystal Dungeon
Bowser-4 Toxic Pipeyard
Bowser-5 Chain Chomps Lair
Bowser-6 Dark Atomic Skies
Bowser-Fortress 1 Boom Boom's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 2 Pom Pom's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 3 Motley Bossblob's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 4 Army Hammer Bro.'s Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 5 Kamek's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 6 Bowser Jr.'s Dark Fortress
Bowser-Bowser Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg
Bowser-MH Mystery House Koopa Run

World ★ - Rainbow AreaEdit

Level Number Level Name
★-1 Yoshi Plains
★-2 Smashing Dunes
★-3 Poison Woods
★-4 Pipeline Seaside
★-5 Glacier Iceburrow
★-6 Haunted Ghost Mansion
★-7 Hard Rock Cliffs
★-8 Mecha-Electric Factory
★-9 Cloudy Skyway
★-10 Rising Magma Volcano
★-11 Cosmic Cannon Nebula
★-12 Dark Tower Run
★-13 Rainbow Land
★-Castle Special Bone Castle
★-MH Mystery House Rainbow Run

World CrownEdit

Level Number Level Name Icon Description
Crown-Crown Champion's Level Crown The final standard course of the game, containing difficult sections and a congratulations message at the end.
Crown-Bowser Boss Blitz Challenge Bowser's Head The stage consists of boss battle rematches with all the bosses of the game (only Atomic Bowser don't apperar in this level). The player starts in a room with eight Warp Boxes. These Warp Boxes leaves the player to battle against Leader Conkdocrat, Waddleking, Archduke Bulber, Emperor Morsikice, Baron Rexock, King Fizzliater, King Boo and Czar Ty-Foon. After defeating all of them, an Green Pipe appear at the center of the room. Entering in this pipe will leave the player to a room similar to the first room of the level, now with more five Warp Boxes. These Warp Boxes leaves the player to battle against Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Motley Bossblob, Army Hammer Bro. and Kamek. After defeating all of them, an Bowser-like Pipe will appear at the center of the room. Entering in this Pipe will leave the player to an Bowser-like room with three Warp Boxes. These warp boxes leaves the player to battle against Bowser Jr., Bowser (2nd Battle) and Dry Bowser. After defeating them, the player can go to a Warp Box and go to the Goal Flagpole
Crown-MH Mystery House Masterful Challenge Mystery House The final Mystery House of the game. It has all the Mystery Box challenges from the game (with both Mystery Boxes along the normal courses and Mystery Boxes from Mystery Houses). It is the longest course in the game, with 135 Green Stars to collect. Every 15 Green Stars you collect there is an Checkpoint Flag/Midway Point.


  • The levels Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg and Boss Blitz Challenge are the only levels of the game that don't have any Green Star or Stamp, due to be Boss Levels.
  • Boss Blitz Challenge is the only level in the game that don't have a time limit. Mystery House Masterful Challenge and the other Mystery Houses also don't have a time limit, however, in these courses, the player, when enters in a Mystery Box, is under a ten-second time limit to complete an objective.

Copy Abilities Edit

Basic Edit

Ability Returning or New?


Angelic New Angelic Paratroopa
Animal Returning Wild Gaw Gaw
Archer Returning Archer Bro.
Beam Returning Huckit Beam Crab
Beetle Returning Piranha Beetle
Bomb Returning Shady Bomber Bro.
Circus Returning

Harlechine Edit

Crash Returning Boomboxer
Cutter Returning
Disc-Jockey New
Doctor Returning
ESP Returning
Fighter Returning
Fire Returning
Geode New Clumph
Ghost Returning
Hammer Returning
Hi-Jump Returning
Ice Returning
Leaf Returning
Mirror Returning
Mike Returning
Needle Returning
Ninja Returning
Paint Returning (Revamped)
Parasol Returning
Plasma Returning
Poison Returning
Spark Returning
Spear Returning
Spore New
Stone Returning
Sword Returning
Tornado Returning
UFO Returning
Water Returning
Wheel Returning
Whip Returning
Yo-yo Returning


New Power-UpsEdit

Power-Up Image' Item Image Form Effect
[44] Armadillo Suit [45] Armadillo Mario Armadillo Mario is able to dig freely underground, and he can use it to finding secrets, to defeat some certain enemies (Thwomps and Rhomps) and to continue moving though the level. Also, he's invunerable to small fireballs and iceballs, but it turns back to Mario if attacked by rock boulders and strong fireballs and iceballs. Sometimes, he can use his carapace to roll arround (like Rock Mario). He's easier to control, but he's less stronger than Rock Mario.
[46] Magnet Mushroom [47] Magnetic Mario Mario can attract to metalic walls/platforms, climbing them. He can also can attract nearby coins, metalic objects and metalic enemies. When atract someting, he can pull it off, destroying it. Also he can sink easily to the bottom of any body of water with metalic ground (only metalic grounds).

Old Power-UpsEdit

Power-Up Image Item Image Form Effect
[48] Boomerang Flower [49] Boomerang Mario Boomerang Mario can throw a boomerang just like other Boomerang Bros.
[50] Tanooki Suit [51] Tanooki Mario This unique suit allows Mario to fly, falling down slowly and the ability to whack things, all three with his tail.
[52] Super Bell [53] Cat Mario Mario can turns into a cat, allowing him to run up walls and lunge against the enemies. It can also be used to attack enemies scratching them.
[54] Super Acorn [55] Flying Squirrel Mario Mario can lightly glide and temporarily cling to walls, blocks and pipes. He is also able to air jump while gliding.
[56] Frog Suit [57] Frog Mario Mario can jump very high and can swim very fast underwater. Also, Mario can do a kind of spin attack underwater to defeat certain enemies.
[58] Fire Flower [59] Fire Mario In this form, Mario is able to shoot fireballs
[60] Ice Flower [61] Ice Mario In this form, Mario is able to shoot iceballs.
[62] Double Cherry [63] Double Mario The Double Cherry creates a clone of the player who copies the real character exactly.
[64] Mega Mushroom [65] Mega Mario Mario turns giant and invencible!
[66] Rainbow Star [67] Rainbow Mario Rainbow Mario is invencible and very fast!

Support ItemsEdit

Image Item Effect
[68] Coin Box They appear by hitting a Coin Block enough times before it expires. They are also shinier than a regular ? Block. It cannot be taken off unless he hits an enemy. If Mario makes it to the Flagpole with the Coin Box, it disappears and a 1-Up is received. While inside a Coin Box, infinite coins will pop out from it while the player is moving.
[69] Cannon Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and the characters can fire cannonballs from a cannon on the front of the box; the projectiles can also be charged before being fired.
[70] Light Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and the lamp on the front will emit a beam of light, which can be used to not only light up any dark spaces in front of the player, but also to defeat ghost enemies.
[71] Propeller Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and the blades of the propeller can be used to rapidly fly into the air to a great height, and then slowly fall back down towards the ground.
[72] Horn Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and allows the player to charge up power to release a shockwave and disarm/paralyze enemies identical to Yellow Yoshi's on SMW.
[73] Goomba Mask The mask can be found after defeating a certain Goomba. Upon wearing it, Goombas capable of noticing your presence will not recognize the player and will not attack them. However, contact with enemies will still cause damage, removing the mask.
[74] Prongo Mask The mask can be found after defeating a certain Prongo. Upon wearing it, Prongos capable of noticing your presence will not recognize the player and will not attack them. Also, the player can headbump enemies, such as Goombas, Koopas, Prongos, Goombadillos and Koopadillos. However, contact with enemies will still cause damage, removing the mask.
[75] Koopa Shell Jumping on a Koopa Troopa allows the player to kick the Koopa Troopa out of its shell and take it. Additionally, while carrying a shell, the player can have Mario and the others climb inside of it and slide/dash across the ground in it, similar to Shell Mario. Like this, the player can knock aside any enemies they ram into. The player can also use the shell to ride on in a manner similar to surfing, surfing on surfaces like earth, water, ice and lava. Koopa Shells also appear as common items which can be thrown to defeat enemies and smash open chests or held onto underwater in order to swim faster
[76] Magma Shell The Magma Shell lets players swim through lava (not in water though, that acts as lava in the player's case now), and gives them the Hammer Suit-like ability to dodge the attacks of enemies when they crouches. As long as they keep ducking, they will be safely protected from most enemies. They can also Shell Dash by running or sliding fast enough, leaving behind a trail of fire that can take out otherwise hard to kill enemies.
[77] Ice Shell The Ice Shell lets players swim through water (not in lava though, that acts as ice in the player's case now), and gives them the Hammer Suit-like ability to dodge the attacks of enemies when they crouches. As long as they keep ducking, they will be safely protected from most enemies. They can also Shell Dash by running or sliding fast enough, leaving behind a trail of cold water that can take out otherwise hard to kill enemies.
[78] Ice Skate The player can get one Ice Skate after defeating the Goombas riding them. When the player is in an Ice Skate, they can skate on the ice, move quicker, and are also immune to certain enemies and spikes. However, if the player hits a wall or a Walleye, they will lose the item.
[79] Goomba's Shoe The player can get one Goomba's Shoe after defeating the Goombas riding them. When the player is in an Goomba's Shoe, it will be able to easily hop across spikes and sharp-toothed or spiky enemies, such as Munchers, Prongos and Spinies, it can jump very high and can defeat almost every enemie. It is also imune to strong gusts of wind.
[80] Potted Piranha Plants Potted Piranha Plants can be used to chomp up enemies in the way.



Enemie   Description   Customization Variants   Game (Style) Availability  Boss Version  
  • Paragoomba
  • Big Goomba
  • Mega Goomba
  • Micro-Goomba
  • Big Paragoomba
  • Mega Paragooomba
  • Micro-Paragoomba
  • Prickly Goomba
  • Jack O' Goomba
  • Cat Goomba
  • Tail Goomba
Goomboss: (pre-set boss)
  • Paragaloomba
  • Big Galoomba
  • Micro-Galoomba
  • Big Paragaloomba
  • Micro-Paragaloomba
  • Prickly Galoomba
  • Paragoombrat
  • Big Goombrat
  • Micro-Goombrat
  • Big Paragroombrat
  • Micro-Paragoombrat
  • Prickly Goombrat
Goomboss: (pre-set boss)
  • Paragoombo
  • Big Goombro
  • Micro-Grombo
  • Big Paragoombo
  • Micro-Paragoombo
  • Prickly Goombro
Goomboss: (pre-set boss)
Gromba Gromboss
Goombeetle Boss Goombeelte
Koopa Troopa
  • Koopa Paratroopa
  • Big Koopa Troopa
  • Colossal Koopa Paratroopa
Piranha Plant
Bullet Bill
Buzzy Beetle
  • Big Buzzy Beetle
  • Para-Beetle
  • Heavy Para-Beetle
Buster Beetle
  • Big Buster Beetle
  • Parabuster-Beetle
  • Heavy Parabuster-Beetle
Spike Top
  • Paraspiky-Top
  • Blue Paraspiky-Top
  • Big Spike Top
  • Big Blue Spike Top
  • Big Paraspiky-Top
  • Big Blue Paraspiky-Top
Fire Bar
Lava Bubble
Hammer Bro.
  • Para Bro.
  • Boomerang Bro.
  • Fire Bro.
  • Ice Bro.
  • Bomb Bro.
Sledge Bro.
  • Para Sledge Bro.
  • Curve Bro.
  • Blaze Bro.
  • Frost Bro.
  • Explosive Bro.
Shy Guy
Angry Sun
Angry Moon
Fighter Fly
Venus Flytrap
Rosalyn Drone Flyer
Spewin' Stu
Flower Chuck
  • Paragoombo
  • Big Goombro
  • Micro-Grombo
  • Big Paragoombo
  • Micro-Paragoombo
  • Prickly Goo
Monty Molefish
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
Advanced Hammer Joe
Shadow Charlie Droid
 Advanced Neanderthal Drone
Sledge Beetley
Harpoon Harry
Heavy Armor
Missile Mikes
Pincho Scrapunk
Creep Cheep
Stingby Knight
Knight Pawn
Heart Troopa
Charlie Muncho
Piranha Galoomba
Wario-Man Mechaniloid

Shellcreeper (Mario Story Fruit Shake) Edit

Strike Koopeleon

Sectle GoombaEdit

GoombaGoomba CommandoGombhornGombhorn HunterGombhorn ChiefFlowmbaGoomba Tower (Up to 8)Gombhorn Tower (Up to 8)
Gaw Gaw
Wood Man Mini
Picket Men
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
Mini-Piranha Bowser
Yoshi Troopa
ReDead Bull Knight
Ding Doom
Telly S
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
Livid Stone
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
Hammer Giant
Crab Apple
Boo Goomba
Crystal Koopa


Bowl Joe 
Fighter Beetley
Seed Piranha
Chomps Jr.


Painguin Tuck Edit

Star Cruster
Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
  • Machine Made
Sir Kibble
Die Junior
Torzilla Ted
Hermite Crab
Bronto Burt
Capsule J2 
Laser Ball
Knuckle Joe


Cloud Drop
Spear Guy
Dicecyte Jr.
Paint Sludgie
Plasma Wisp
Sir Slippy
Bookitu Fisherman
Waddle Dee
Hockey Chuck
Lone Hoof
Piranha -Fly
Ball Thrower
Flopsy Fish
Strollin' Stu
Poacher Joe
Squirtle Troopa
Loud Lizard




Image Boss Location Description
[81] Bowser (1st time)
  • W1-Castle
Bowser uses a tank similar to the one from MP10 to attack the players. Bowser mainly attacks by firing spiked bombs from his tank's main cannon, but he can also launch jets of flame from the four cannons on the corners of the vehicle (at this point, he will usually rotate fastly) and he also launch Missile Bullet Bills. He also uses a charge attack and spitting fireballs that leave lava residue. The player must use Yoshi, whose Egg can be found on the battle arena. If Yoshi eats a Missile Bullet Bill, he creates an Explosive Egg that explodes in some seconds if not thrown back. The player, using this method, must attack Bowser with Explosive Eggs 9 times to destroy the tank and ejecting Bowser from his own castle.
[82] Leader Conkdocrat
  • W2-Pyramid
  • WCrown-Bowser
Leader Conkdocrat is the king of all the Conkdors. Like a normal Conkdor, he slams its beak on the ground, which can cause damage to the player. But, unlike a Conkdor, he can walk, he spits rock boulders and sand balls and can create a powerful shockwave when he slams it's break into the ground. Using the Armadillo Suit, the player can dig underground (but can't dig in metalic surfaces) and attack the boss underside. When hit, Leader Conkdocrat can also attack by retreating into his large shell and then spinning fast in random directions, but he don't retreat his head and spiked neck, witch difficults the battle.


Boom Boom
  • W2-Tank
  • WBowser-Fortress 1
  • WCrown-Bowser
Before the battle begins, Boom Boom appears, but, before starting the battle, he changes his appearence, creating spikes on his shell, increasing his size and having a darker shell and skin. Now he can: jump, do a spin jump, spin and turn invisible. When hit, Boom Boom can also attack by retreating into his large spiked shell and then spinning fast in random directions. After the first hit, Boom Boom creates a clone of himself, but only the real Boom Boom can turn invisible. After the second hit, Boom Boom creates wings, starting to fly. But he can also turn invisible. After the final hit, Boom Boom returns to his normal appearence and shows to be defeated.
[85] Waddleking
  • W3-Tree
  • WCrown-Bowser
Waddleking, like any Waddlewing, will glide from slide to slide. But, he's faster than any other one from your species. Also, he can split explosive Poisoned Acorns, that jumps and, after a time, explodes (like Lemmy Koopa's bombs from NSMBU) which leave temporary poison puddles that the player must avoid. In his battle, he also can summon Waddlewings. To defeat him, Mario needs use the Super Acorn and need jump on his head 3 times to defeat him.
[86] Archduke Bulber
  • W3-Submarine
  • WCrown-Bowser
An giant anglerfish that is the ruler of Bulbers and lives inside one dark submarine. The boss iluminates the area of battle, although he can shut down the light on his rod to disturb the player. He also lunge at the player and launch electric balls from his rod. The player needs to use the Frog Suit to attack Archdule Bulber's stomach 3 times. After the second attack, the boss starts to be more faster, sometimes electrifying his own body to do faster lunges at the player.
[87] Emperor Morsikice
  • W4-Glacier
  • WCrown-Bowser
Emperor Morsikice is the leader of the Fliprus species. Like any other Fliprus, he launch jumping snowballs that can hurt the player, but he can also roll in a giant snowball and can make shockwaves while jumping on his snowball shield. Using the Fire Flower, Mario needs throw 7 Fireball at Morsikice's snowball shield to make him dizzy and, then, ground pound on him. Mario need do this 3 times to defeat him. Before the final attack, he sumon Flipruses to aid him.


Pom Pom
  • W4-Train
  • Bowser-Fortress 2
  • WCrown-Bowser
Before the battle begins, Pom Pom appears, but, before starting the battle, she changes her appearence, increasing her size and having a darker shell and skin. Now she can: jump, launch faster shurikens and faster boomerangs. When hit, Pom Pom can also attack by retreating into his large shell and then try to land on the player. After the first hit, Pom Pom creates clones of herself that launch shurikens and/or boomerangs, but only the real Pom Pom can now turn invisible. After the second hit, Pom Pom creates cloens that can land on Mario with their shell. After the final hit, Pom Pom returns to her normal appearence and shows to be defeated.
[90] Baron Rexock
  • W5-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
The baron of all Rexes appears. He can fly, can shoot boulders and can ground pound, creating a energy wave that the player can dodge by jumping. He also summons Rexes in the fight to assist him. When he slams into the ground, he stops to fly for a few seconds, starting to charge into the player. Baron Rexock is so fast when he is charging into the player, so the player can get his boulders and launch on the boss to make him dizzy. Then, the player needs to ground pound on him twice to damage him. After being jumped on once, the boss will simply become flattened. The player needs do this 4 times. After hit the second time, he only launch flaming boulders, which leave temporary fiery puddles the player must avoid. In this way, the player can get an Ice Flower and freeze the boulders to attack him.
[91] Motley Bossblob
  • W5-Circus
  • WBowser-Fortress 3
  • WCrown-Bowser
Motley Bossblob is a jester who uses gelatinous blobs to transform into a large clown-like monster transforms as a big ally of Kamek. He will try to jump on the player, creating shockwaves. On the last jump, Motley will split into many smaller blobs along with his jester form, where he will be vulnerable to attack. The player must defeat him by attacking the fleeing jester when he is defenseless, while avoiding the blobs that hurt the player. Every time the boss splits, a set of Double Cherries will appear. But now, Motley Bossblob can create blob like spikes on the ground and can launch inkballs to make the player slip.
[92] King Fizzliater
  • W6-Tank
  • WCrown-Bowser
The leader of the Fizzlit species wants you to battle against him. He can climb on magnetic walls, can create an electric puddle, and can fastly move side to side in this form. Also, he can launch electric balls by his antennas. The player needs to use the Magnetic Mushroom, use giant metal balls that are on the arena, attract them and launch them on Fizzliater when he's not in his electric puddle form to make him dizzy. Then climb the walls of the arena and jump of Fizzliater while he's dizzy. After the first attack, he creates 2 clones of himself and summon 3 Fizzlits to aid him. Attack him two more time and then he'll disappear!
[93] King Boo
  • W6-Mansion
  • WCrown-Bowser
King Boo appears in his mansion to block the way to World 7. King Boo can launch spiked balls; slam into the platform, creating powerful waves that the player can dodge by jumping; launch lightning into the ground to hurt the player; and create spiked patches. He can also sumon Boos, Bomb Boos and Peepas (like in Bowser's Block Battle from MP9). To defeat him, you need get a Light Box and shone the beam of light on the boss for a short period of time to hurt him. Do it 3 times to defeat him.
[94] Czar Ty-Foon
  • W7-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Yes, the leader of Foos and Ty-Foos appear as the boss of Dark Thunder Sky's castle. He produces smogs (dark fog) that can obscure the player's view and can blow a strong gust of wind that pushes the player in the opposite direction. He also can throw thunderballs and he can do a slap attack (like Bouldergeist) that will crate a electrical shockwave. Also, watch out with his most powerful attack, when he creates an electrical tornado that can launch electrical rocks to the air. To defeat him, use the Cannon Box and fire 5 cannonballs to leave him confused and then ground-pound him. Do this 4 times to destroy him.
[95] Army Hammer Bro.
  • W7-Airship
  • WBowser-Fortress 4
  • WCrown-Bowser
Army Hammer Bro. is consider now one of Bowser Jr.'s best allies and one of the High Ranking Members of Koopa Troop. In the battle, Kamek uses his magic to make Army Hammer Bro. bigger and powerful. He can launch giant hammers (even biggers than Sledge Bros hammers), he can teleport and can cause earthquakes that can paralyse and hurt the player. Mario neds punch him and do a ground pound on his stomach 3 times. After the first attack, he'll summon Hammer Bros., Sledge Bros., Boomerang Bros and Curve Bros. and after the secons attack, he'll summon Thunder Bros., Storm Bros, Bomb. Bros. and Explosive Bros. and after the third attack, he'll be defeated.
[96] Kamek
  • W8-Fortress 1
  • WBowser-Fortress 5
  • WCrown-Bowser
Kamek wants to help his master and this means stop everyone that wants to defeat him! He can fly, launch magic balls and teleport. He can, also summon Magikoopas to help him and he can summon various enemies to help him. When he goes launch his magic balls you need to be fast and ground-pound on his head 3 times. The player needs to be carerful when he uses is magic hammer to shake the ground, it can paralyse the player and he can use it to smash the player.
[97] Bowser Jr.
  • W8-Fortress 2
  • WBowser-Fortress 6
  • WCrown-Bowser

Bowser Jr. appears as one of the most important bosses from the game. He attack by using the boxing gloves from his Clown Car to attack the players, lauch bob-ombs, mechakoopas and spiked balls. The player must get the Mechakoopas and lauch them back at Bowser Jr. After the first attack, the boss will create electric fences arround the arena and use an spin attack to bump the player into the electric fences. Lauch more 4 mechakoopas to destroy the Clown Car. After that, the boss will still be alive, but using other methods of attack: use his magic paintbrush to lauch graffiti at the arena to disturb the players (sometimes lava or ice graffiti that can hurt the players) and spliting fireballs. In that case, the player must jump on his head 3 timRemeber that he also retreives into his shell when attacked.

[98] Bowser (2nd time)
  • W8-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Bowser returns using an upgraded tank. The strategy is similar to before: firing spiked bombs from his tank's main cannon, launching jets of flame from the four cannons on the corners of the vehicle, launching Missile Bullet Bills, using a charge attack, spitting fireballs that leave lava residue and now he can throw sledge hammers (like in NSMB2) and his tank can also lauch electricity from his cannon (the electric balls follows the player); however, a variety of terrain hazards have been added to the road, such as retractable spikes, jets of fire, Blarggs, Amps and the occasional hole to the lava that lies underneath the road. He also launch less Missile Bills. After the same amount of hits as the previous, using Yoshi and Explosive Eggs, the boss is defeated.
[99] Atomic Bowser
  • WBowser-Bowser
[100] Dry Bowser
  • W★-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Dry Bowser returns as a special, secret boss in the game. Dry Bowser will appear in a bigger size compared to Bowser in his tank battle. The boss will throw bones at the player, will make shock waves after jumping, will split blue fireballs that leave blue lava residue. He can also jump into the background (out of the range of the players) and bombard the stage with fireballs; players should watch for the blue spots and move to another part of the stage. The player must use Yoshi, eat the bones that he launchs and, then, throw back at Dry Bowser. He must do it 10 times to destroy the Boss. After the fifth time, the boss will be angry and will throw dark bones that can hurt the player (even if Yoshi eat them) and also will summon 5 Parabones to help him distract the players. Also, a Mattermouth will appear, eating away part of the ground, which regenerates after a few seconds.

Here's a concept list of enemies. Spoiler: --- Enemies ---


Goomba (SMB3 style) Koopa Troopa (4 colors) Piranha Plant Venus Firetrap

Cheep Cheep (Red and Blue, which try to ram Mario) Blooper

Buzzy Beetles

Lakitu Spinies Koopa Paratroopa Paragoomba Bob-omb

Shy Guys Jumping Shy Guys Ptooies Monty Moles

Hammer Bros. Chain Chomps (now free roaming, trying to groundpound onto Mario)

Pokey Fire Snake Spike (now its spike ball has gravity)

Bullet Blasters Podoboos Dry Bones Thwomp

Boo Big Boo{\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fnil\fcharset0 Calibri;}{\f1\fnil\fcharset128 MS Mincho;}{\f2\fnil\fcharset0 Comic Sans MS;}{\f3\fnil\fcharset186 Calibri;}{\f4\fnil\fcharset0 Courier New;}{\f5\fnil\fcharset0 AR JULIAN;}{\f6\fnil\fcharset0 MS Mincho;}{\f7\fnil\fcharset0 Arial;}{\f8\fnil\fcharset161 Calibri;}{\f9\fnil\fcharset238 Calibri;}} {\colortbl ;\red51\green51\blue51;\red128\green100\blue162;\red0\green77\blue187;}{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\sa200\sl276\slmult1\lang9\f0\fs22 E\u8203?nemiesEdit\par\lang1033\b\f1\fs28\parEdit Comments6 21,522pages on this wiki " Donkey Kong Country: Diddy's Revenge," is a game for the Wii U, Nintendo IC, and the Nintendo 3Ds staring Donkey Kong and his friends. The game has amazing 3D graphics and an amazing plot, making it one of the best Donkey Kong games to be made.\parContentsEditEdit\par\parSuper Mario World 5: Birthday Bash By Popple KoopaSystem: Nintendo DS Release Date: 2008 Graphics: 3D Sidescroller Story As Mario celebrates his birthday with everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, he gets a present from Bowser. Bowser says that he has changed his ways and is not going to be evil anymore. Mario opens the gift. That's when he finds out the gift was a Bob-omb. It explodes and the smoke blocks out Bowser kidnapping Peach, Daisy, and Luigi. Mario eventually finds out and must go after him. Enemies Goomba Paragoomba Koopa Troopa (Colors are Red, Green, Blue, and Gold) Paratroopa (Colors are Red, Green, Blue, and Gold) Spiny Lakitu Aqua Lakitu Fishin' Lakitu Piranha Plant Big Piranha Venus Fire Trap Ptooie Chargin' Chuck Baseball Boy Dry Bones Big Bones Dark Bones Dull Bones Red Bones Rex Dry Rex Clown Rex Dry Chuck Shy Guy Fly Guy Clown Guy Stilt Guy Tall Guy Fat Guy Fire Guy Thunder Guy Boo Guy Boom Guy Zeus Guy Dry Guy Hammer Bro Fire Bro Boomerang Bro Sledge Bro Fire Sumo Earthquake Jake Thwomp Thwimp Blaarg Bob-omb Big-omb Super Koopa Magikoopa Cheep Cheep Boss Bass Cheep Chomp Blooper Baby Blooper Bullet Bill Bill Blaster Boo Red Boo Blue Boo Big Boo Bigger Boo Fishin' Boo Blockhopper Chain Chomp Chainless Chomp Red Chain Chomp Red Chainless Chomp Dino Rhino Dino Torch Fang Freezie Pokey and more... Items Found in ? Boxes Coin (Note: Get 100 for a life) Blue Coin (Note: These are worth 5 coins) NEW! Silver Coin (Worth 10 coins) Super Mushroom Fire Flower Feather 1-Up Mushroom 3-Up Moon NEW! 5-Up Egg (Gives you five lives) NEW! 7-Up Sun (You can guess how many lives it gives you) Mega Mushroom Mini Mushroom Blue Koopa Shell (Note: You can also get a Blue Koopa Shelling by defeat a Blue Koopa Troopa or Blue Paratroopa) Hammer Bro Suit NEW! Boomerang Bro Suit (Makes you Boomerang Mario so you can throw Boomerangs. If a Boomerang hits you when coming back you will turn back into Super Mario) NEW! Chargin Chuck Suit (Makes you invincible only when dashing. You get to keep it until the rest of level or until you die. If you complete the level with this suit you will turn back into Super Mario when returning to level select) Yoshi (Note: Yoshi can't eat certain enimies like Boos, Spinys and more. Eating these enemies will make you lose Yoshi.) NEW! Birdo (Birdo is the same as Yoshi but can eat some enemies that Yoshi can't.) Star Yoshi Wings Found around levels Triangle Block Trampoline Warp Pipe ? Switch ! Switch P Switch NEW! Silver Coin Switch (Makes silver coins appear) Skull Raft Red Berries Pink Berries Green Berries NEW! Gold Berries (Eat one to add 50 to your time) Rope Pulley Platform Rail Lift Block Train ...and many more Levels There are 20 worlds, each with a boss, but only eight (The Koopalings and Bowser Jr) have the keys that give you access to the two final worlds. There is also a secret 21st world. World 1: Mushroom Hills These levels are very simple. There are mostly Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Not to mention that Petey Piranha is the boss here. His castle is full of Ptooies and Rail Lifts. 1-1 Mushroom Hills 1 1-2 Mushroom Hills 2 1-3 Mushroom Hills 3 1-4 Petey Piranha's Castle Key: NONE World 2: Circus Koopa Iggy now owns a circus and is the boss of this world. He also has his own castle inside this giant tent. There are lots of Clown Guys and Clown Rexes in this world. In Iggy's Castle there are lots of ropes and Skull Rafts. 2-1 Circus Koopa 1 2-2 Circus Koopa 2 2-3 Circus Koopa 3 2-4 Circus Koopa 4 2-5 Iggy's Castle Key: Circus Key World 3: Donut Plains These levels are like world 1 but harder. There are lots of Chargin' Chucks and Baseball Boys. This is also the first world to have a ghost house with lots of Boos and Dry Bones. The Boss here is Goomboss. In his castle there are lots of Goombas and Triangle Blocks. 3-1 Donut Plains 1 3-2 Donut Plains 2 3-3 Donut Ghost House 3-4 Donut Plains 3 3-5 Donut Plains 4 3-6 Goomboss' Castle Key: NONE World 4: Dry Dry Desert Lots of Pokeys and Blockhoppers. This also has a special level called Dry Dry Pyramid. This world also has a ghost house. Morton is the boss and has a castle full of Bullet Bills and Triangle Blocks. 4-1 Dry Dry Desert 1 4-2 Dry Dry Desert 2 4-3 Dry Dry Pyramid 4-4 Dry Dry Ghost House 4-5 Dry Dry Desert 3 4-6 Dry Dry Desert 4 4-7 Morton's Castle Key: Dry Dry Key World 5: Thief's Tunnel Popple's tunnel that he has made himself. This world has two ghost houses. This world has lots of Shy Guys, Baseball Boys, and the new enemy Earthquake Jake, which love to hurt you using their earthquake shock waves. Popple'scCastle has a Skull Raft that takes you all the way to Popple's room. 5-1 Thief's Tunnel 1 5-2 Thief's Ghost House 1 5-3 Thief's Tunnel 2 5-4 Thief's Ghost House 2 5-5 Popple's Castle Key: NONE World 6: Cheep Cheep Ocean This is the shortest world in the game and is full of swimming levels. The boss is Cheepskipper. There are lots of Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers in this world. Cheepskipper's Castle is also a swimming level but with lots of Spikes everywhere and Cheep Cheeps everywhere too. 6-1 Cheep Cheep Ocean 1 6-2 Cheep Cheep Ocean 2 6-3 Cheepskipper's Castle Key: NONE World 7: Forest of Illusion Larry is the boss of this world. This world is full of Piranha Plants and Ptooies. There is one ghost house. Larry's Castle has Rail Lifts everywhere with lots of Ptooies. 7-1 Forest of Illusion 1 7-2 Forest of Illusion 2 7-3 Forest of Illusion 3 7-4 Forest Ghost House 7-5 Forest of Illusion 4 7-6 Forest of Illusion 5 7-7 Larry's Castle Key: Forest Key World 8: Chocolate Mountain Ludwig owns this world. There are lots of brown enemies like Goombas, Earthquake Jake, and others. There is also a special level called Chocolate Peak. There are two ghost houses. Ludwig's Castle is full of Skull Rafts and Earthquake Jakes. 8-1 Chocolate Mountain 1 8-2 Chocolate Mountain 2 8-3 Chocolate Ghost House 1 8-4 Chocolate Peak 8-5 Chocolate Mountain 3 8-6 Chocolate Ghost House 2 8-7 Chocolate Mountain 4 8-8 Ludwig's Castle Key: Chocolate Key World 9: Blooper Sea A huge ocean with lots of Bloopers in these levels. The boss is Gooper Blooper. His castle is underwater and has lots of Bloopers and an Aqua Lakitu that will follow you for the whole Level 'til you get to Gooper Blooper. 9-1 Blooper Sea 1 9-2 Blooper Sea 2 9-3 Blooper Sea 3 9-4 Blooper Sea 4 9-5 Gooper Blooper's Castle Key: NONE World 10: Wave Cave An underwater cave with Bloopers everywhere. The boss is Eely Mouth. His castle is full of Bloopers and Thwomps, so be very careful. 10-1 Wave Cave 1 10-2 Wave Cave 2 10-3 Wave Cave 3 10-4 Eely Mouth's Castle Key: None World 11: Cookie Beach A beach with lots of rocks everywhere. There is one ghost house. The boss is Wendy. Her castle is full of ropes, Triangle Blocks, rocks, and many Chargin' Chucks. 11-1 Cookie Beach 1 11-2 Cookie Beach 2 11-3 Cookie Beach 3 11-4 Cookie Ghost House 11-5 Cookie Beach 4 11-6 Cookie Beach 5 11-7 Cookie Beach 6 11-8 Wendy's Castle Key: Cookie Key World 12: Boo Woods A haunted forest that has Boos, Dry Bones, Dry Rexes, Dry Guys and Dry Chucks in every level. There are two ghost houses and a special level called Boo Mansion. The boss is King Boo. His castle has lots of Dry Rexes and Skull Rafts. 12-1 Boo Ghost House 1 12-2 Boo Woods 1 12-3 Boo Woods 2 12-4 Boo Mansion 12-5 Boo Woods 3 12-6 Boo Woods 4 12-7 Boo Ghost House 2 12-8 King Boo's Castle Key: NONE World 13: Cheese Bridge A small but challenging world. The boss is the Amazing Flying Hammer Brother (that was unexpected). His castle has lots of Boomerang Bros, Fire Bros, and of course Hammer Bros. 13-1 Cheese Bridge 1 13-2 Cheese Bridge 2 13-3 Cheese Bridge 3 13-4 Amazing Flying Hammer Brother's Castle Key: NONE World 14: Ice Dome A cave full of ice and snow and lots of levels with Freezies. The boss is Lemmy. His castle is full of lava and unmeltable yet slippery Ice. There are lots of Freezies, too. Don't worry. There is one Ghost House and a special level called Freezie Igloo. 14-1 Ice Dome 1 14-2 Freezie Igloo 14-3 Ice Dome 2 14-4 Ice Ghost House 14-5 Ice Dome 3 14-6 Lemmy's Castle Key: Freezie Key World 15: Koopa Colosseum An abandoned sports arena where Roy's Castle is. He has lots of Chargin' Chucks, Baseball Boys, and Zeus Guys in these levels. His castle is mostly swinging on ropes and avoiding Baseball Boys. 15-1 Koopa Colosseum 1 15-2 Koopa Collosseum 2 15-3 Koopa Collosseum 3 15-4 Roy's Castle Key: Sports Key World 16: Magic City An abandoned city that is no longer abandoned because Kamek has built his own castle there. There are two ghost houses. In Kamek's Castle there are Magikoopas that will follow you all the way to Kamek's room as well as a Block Train. 16-1 Magic City 1 16-2 Magic Ghost House 1 16-3 Magic City 2 16-4 Magic Ghost House 2 16-5 Magic City 3 16-6 Kamek's Castle Key: NONE World 17: Doomship A ship floating in the air where Bowser Juinor has the last key to get access through the gate on the volcano on another island. There is one ghost house in this world. In Bowser Juinor's Castle there are Bullet Bills and Cannonballs getting shot in every direction. Can you make it to the end and get the last key? Note: If you find the secret path in Bowser Junior's Castle and defeat him in the secret room you will access the secret 21st world instead of Blaze Island. 17-1 Doomship 1 17-2 Doom Ghost House 17-3 Doomship 2 17-4 Doomship 3 17-5 Bowser Juinor's Castle Key: Key of Doom World 18: Blaze Island A mysterious island with an unknown volcano. There is where the gate to saving the princess is. But first Mario must go through Czar Dragon. In this world there are lots of fire creatures like Fire Guy and Fire Sumo. In Czar Dragon's Castle there are Skull Rafts everywhere. Oh, and be careful of Fire Sumos. 18-1 Blaze Island 1 18-2 Blaze Island 2 18-3 Blaze Island 3 18-4 Blaze Island 4 18-5 Czar Dragon's Castle Key: All keys are collected World 19: Mt. Koopa The top of a very hot volcano. This is where Bowser's Castle is. It is on a small island in the very middle of the hole full of ava. There are tqo ghost houses, a special level (Koopa Fortress), and levels full of Chargin' Chucks and Fire Sumos. In Bowser's Castle board the Block Train over lava. It is a VERY hard level. But the hardest part is defeating Bowser in his Clown Copter. 19-1 Mt. Koopa 1 19-2 Mt. Ghost House 1 19-3 Mt. Koopa 2 19-4 Mt. Koopa 3 19-5 Mt. Koopa 4 19-6 Mt. Koopa 5 19-7 Mt. Ghost House 2 19-8 Mt. Koopa 6 19-9 Koopa Fortress 19-10 Bowser's Castle. Key: All keys are collected World 20: Volcano Valley After defeating Bowser, then hurling Bowser into the lava, it looks like Mario's adventure is over, but then Bowser comes back as a skeleton. He is now Dry Bowser. He takes your friends again when the lava sinks, revealing anothor world. This is the final world, and has levels full of lava- and fire-type enimies. There are three ghost houses and Dry Bowser's Castle is full of Dry Bones, Dry Chucks, Dry Rexes, Dry Guys, and fire-type enimies. To get to the end you must use the rail lifts. The final battle is against Dry Bowser in his Dry Copter. 20-1 Volcano Valley 1 20-2 Volcano Valley 2 20-3 Volcano Ghost House 1 20-4 Volcano Valley 3 20-5 Volcano Valley 4 20-6 Volcano Ghost House 2 20-7 Volcano Valley 5 20-8 Volcano Valley 6 20-9 Volcano Valley 7 20-10 Volcano Ghost House 3 20-11 Dry Bowser's Castle Key: All keys are collected Ending Mario and Friends use the dynamite to destroy Mt. Koopa and Bowser's Castles and well... Bowser for that matter. But just before that happens the Koopalings and Bowser Junior use thier wands to turn Dry Bowser back to Normal Bowser. Bowser, the Koopalings, and Bowser Junior escape in a giant Clown Copter that Ludwig and Iggy made and fly away before the huge explosion. Mario and Friends return home and celebrate by finishing off Mario's birthday party. So everyone lives happily ever after. Well... everyone except the Koopas! THE END! Secret World 21: Star Road Oh, I just remembered I needed to talk about- secret world 21. This is Star Road. These are very difficult levels. After completing this world you will be taken to World 20. There is no boss! 21-1 Star Road 1 21-2 Star Road 2 21-3 Star Road 3 21-4 Star Road 4 Key: All keys are collected THE END. AND I MEAN IT THIS TIME![show]==Plot== [78]Even K. Rool is shocked that he's not the villain!When Donkey Kong goes off to another island for a while, Diddy Kong is extremly happy that he's gone and tells the others he is the ruler now. Dixie Kong tries to stop him, but is shot out of a explosive cannon to the island DK is at. All the other Kongs are forced to obey Diddy now, with the Animal Buddies being his hench-people. Meanwhile, Dixie lands on the island DK is on and tells him everything. Donkey Kong immediantly sets a course for home, and a course to stop his buddy from taking over DK Island.\parMajor Characters And Their RolesEditEdit\par\parDonkey Kong-Main Hero and Playable Character\par\parDiddy Kong-Main Villain and Final Boss\par\parDixie Kong-Secondary Hero and Playable Character\par\parCranky Kong-Shop Keeper and Helper\par\parTiny Kong-Third Hero and Playable Character\par\parFunky Kong-Fourth Hero and Playable Character\par\parCandy Kong-Captured Heroine and Playable Character\par\parKiddy Kong-Captured Hero and Playable Character\par\parSwanky Kong-Captured Hero and Playable Character\par\parEN_AntiPaladin.pngEN_AquaDuct_Cancerion.pngEN_AquaDuct_FrostShade.pngEN_Aquaduct_Moai.pngEN_Asura.pngEN_AxeArmourJoe.pngEN_BigMerman.pngEN_BomberJoe.pngEN_BoneChapel_BigSkeleton.pngEN_BonePillar.pngEN_Catoblepas.pngEN_ClockTower_SparkDrider.pngEN_Clocktower_Harpy.pngEN_CyBall.pngEN_FleamanRider.pngEN_Fleamen.pngEN_Flip.pngEN_Ghost.pngEN_Grv_Magician.pngEN_Grv_ShieldedGhost.pngEN_Grv_Zombie.pngEN_Hall_WhrrZombie.pngEN_Heatshade.pngEN_Liberary_AprenticeWitch.pngEN_Liberary_Meteor.pngEN_Liberary_Trolloc.pngEN_MaceArmourJoe.pngEN_Mansion_OldAxeArmour.pngEN_Mount_Digger.pngEN_PeepingJoe.pngEN_Pingur.pngEN_RedArrmeddeemer.pngEN_RulerSword.pngEN_SkeletonJoe.pngEN_Skulder.pngEN_SkullMetool.pngEN_SpearMan.pngEN_TVMedusa.pngEN_WhiteDragon.pngEN_WilyCastleMaid.pngEN_WilyCastle_Alune.pngEN_WilyCastle_Persephone.pngEN_WilyCastle_ScareJoe.pngEN_Wily_MetoolHopper.pngEN_YokaiVillage.pngEN_YokaiVillage_Karakasa.pngEN_Yokai_Crow.pngEN_Yokai_WoodDyrad.pngEnemyList.htmlMetalArmourJoe.pngMidBossList.htmlOTHER_Succubus.pngSB_AquaWizard.pngSB_Balore.pngSB_BioSkull.pngSB_BubbleKing.pngSB_Cerberus.pngSB_Darkhound.pngSB_MechaBehemoth.pngSB_MobyDick.pngSB_Myrddraal.pngSB_Necromancer.pngSB_Nightmare.pngSB_Poltergiest.pngSB_PoltergiestPortrait.pngSB_QuickSkull.pngSB_Splashalka.pngSB_W.Witch.pngSB_WhiteDragonMonarch.pngLanky Kong- Captured Hero and Playable Character\parMinor CharactersEditEdit\par\parRambi The Rhino-Miniboss and Diddy's Bodyguard\par\parEnguarde the Sword Fish-Miniboss and Diddy's Moat Guard\par\parWinky The Frog-Miniboss and Jumping Henchman\par\parExpresso the Ostrich-Miniboss and Top-Class Spy\par\parSquawks The Parrot-Miniboss and Flying Fiend\par\parOrco The Killer Whale-Miniboss and Swimming Danger\par\parKing K. Rool-Practice Coach and King of Kremlings\par\parPig-Guide and Check-Point Guide\parEnemiesEditEdit\par\parDid-Lings\par\parKritter\par\parManky Kong\par\parVery Gwanty\par\parSuper Gwanty\par\parExtremly Gwanty\par\parBuzz-Bam\par\parKrushers\par\parKrackers\par\parKopters\par\parKrusha\par\parBig Bad Kritter\par\parLady Krittera\par\parKerploop\par\parCoconuters\par\parKong-Trons\par\par*/*Barrol\par\parRoy Bowser's CastleRoboroyNaval Piranha Swamp JungleMummipokey Dusty DunesGeneral Guy Battle CanyonPopple (1st time)Colsnowsman Chilly MountainRoy & Morton? Frozen FallsCrystal KingCommander Shroob Green BeachSuper Mario Mermaid's OceanKing Blargg Underwater ChasmPopple (2nd time) & Rookie (1st time)The Six Yoshis Yoshi's IslandRoy & Morton? Rocky MountainsPopple (3rd time) & Rookie (2nd time)Petey Piranha Lava FieldsMetal Mario Aerial FortressAntasmaSmithy Altitude CityPopple (4th and final time) & Birdo Roy's CastleRoy & Morton?Dark Shrowletta Busher\par\parKranky\par\parDiddy-5000 [79]Klump is back, and ready to rule!KlumpGiant Diddy-5000\par\parAwful-Bots\par\parTanky-Kong\par\parFake Diddy\par\parFists Of Fury\par\parTiki Goon\par\parTiki Giant\par\parFiery Tiki\par\par New 'Galoomfish Iron Me Roar Bowloonatic Pumpkin Troopa Kritter Popup Whip Kritter  Armoroc Chargin' Armoroc Chargin' Chucknaw Me Roar Circling Telly Buddies, Ice Bowloonatic Galoomboar Coconutter' Fiery Tiki Goon, Splittin' Grolem (purple), Lobztaqua, Tiki Lionfish, Axe Bro.Spear KnightOctoblin Batoids, Tall Shy Guys, Poison Dart Frogog, Wartortle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas who surf on land with water waves), Frogog, Iron Goomba,Mega Wooly Mole, Venom Mini-Bowser Fake Bro Flower Amazing Flyin' Boomerang Brother, LEMMLINGSPolar Bear-Thrower, Bee Galoomba. 1.Grand Broomba.2.Jade Weevil. 3.Cat Bro. 4. Red Technikoopa. 5. Venus Triple Trap. 6. Fear-Full Fridge7. Red Octovenus8.Scuba Yoshi Troopa 9.Wild Pandaboo 10. Water Shuriken Spike. 11.Red Ant Trooper.12. Pink Jumping Piranha PlantRebound Bro. 13. Sentry Mummy Mauler. Badnik Army (Oil Octotick (Octopus), Cloud Buzzbomber, Gold Newtron, Firework Orbinaut, Mummy Crawlton, Bataton, Egg Pawn w/ BURNING JADE ARROWS, Tomahawk Joe, Relic Scarabesque) Fiery Tiki Giant\par    Goomba    Paragoomba    Big Goomba    Spiky Goomba    Galoomba    Goombrat    Gromba    Getuned    Tanoomba    Koopa Troopa    Koopa Paratroopa    Bombshell Koopa    Snooze-A-Koopa    Krusher    Electrokoopa    Cat Gabon    Rapgae    Pyro Hoppoh    Bob-omb    Para Bob-omb    Kab-omb    Blue Watermelon Plant    Bulky Bob-omb    Bob-ulk    Chuckya    Amp    Skull Lanzer    Shy Guy    Mage Drone    Fly Guy    Snifit    Crimson Bill    Super Koopa Omegas    Greeter Staggy     Spear Guy    Blindisco    Piranha Plant    Mega Bandinero    Venus Fire Trap    Strike Chameleon    Venus Ice Trap    Electrobeat     Inky Piranha Plant    Nipper Plant    Blooper    Ninji    Blue Horned    Fizzlit    Amp    Crystal Krumbler    Chain Chomp    Star Block Lakitu    Monty Mole    Mini-Razolix    Morty Mole    Scuba Bob-Omb    Teal Watermelon Plant     Mega Mole    Rocky Wrench    Waddlewing    Troopuiose    Biddybug    Para-Biddybug    Toomba    Topmen    Greenies(K-16 - Story of Steel)    Spiky Topmen    Lakitu    Robomb Bro.    Fiery Lico-Flowah    Banned Joe    Buzzy Bishop    Blindisco    Jewel Bringers    Pink Watermelon Plant     Shroob Bro.    Mega Rapgae    Leaf Ninjun    Froggy Groomba    Pineapple Bro.    Chargin' Old Bone Limbo    Boulder Man Mini     Slamps    Pumpkin Troopa    Pipe Lakitu    Spiny    Buzzy Beetle    Parabuzzy    The Wenchhog Bros    Krumbler    Spike Top    Spring Ninjun    Ruff Puff    Kamel    Shroob Bones    Artsy Piano    Yeti Yariko    Fwoosh    Dinshi Troopa    Foo    Gao    Yeti Jiro    Conkdor    Emerald Bandinero     Stingby    Venus Titanium Trap    Pokey    Waluigi-Man Cutiecoo     Bramball    Spike    Cloud Roly-Poly    Stone Spike    Fuzzy    Prongo    Rex    Mini-Roc    Boo    Yariko    Cherry Blossom Piranha    Saxojazz    Stretch    Bomb Boo    Hoppoh    Dry Sammer Guy    Broozer\par    Putrid Firanha    Banned Joe    Eire    Bee Guy    Peepa    Ninja Star Bro.    Scuttlebug    Crowber    Wonshi    Ghost Piranha    Fishin' Boo    Makoop    Mr. I    Shadoshi Troopa    Magikoopa    Toady    Bully    Ascended Mini-Kracko    Bunny Goombas    Dry Tall Snifit    Draglet    Tall Miner Guy    Purple Sniper Joe    Sumo Bro.    Shroob Krimp    Voltguin    Duplicatin' Lego Soldiers    Chargin' Chuck    Smeech    Duplicatin' Chuck    Lego Soldiers    Blimparf    Strike Koopeleon    Scarab Ghost    Mecha-Koopa    Fang    Greeter Egg Pawn    Swooper    Miner Guy    Scaredy Rat    Squirtle Bros.    Little Mouser    Ant Trooper    Old Rhythem Beat    Horned Ant Trooper    Mr. Blizzard    Cooligan    Kritta    Flurry    Shroobicles    Fliprus    Pendrill    Freezie    Bloomba    Freezie Hand    Cheep-Cheep    Deep-Cheep    Cheep-Chomp    Porcu-Puffer    Skeeter    Urchin    Strealoid    Shroobee Koopa     Rock Bro.    Sushi    Aqua Suit  Kritta    Swinging Mettaur2    Cataquack    Wizard Grublimp     Huckit Crab    Ice Antr    Sidestepper    Bulber    Squiggler    Wiggler    Flutter    Joker Shroob    Mum-mum    Bill Blaster & Bullet Bill or Missile Bullet Bill    Banzai Bill Blaster & Banzai Bill or Missile Banzai Bill    Skull Box & Torpedo Ted or Targeting Ted    Sniper Bill    Whomp    MINI-TROJAN NINJAKOOPA    Whimp    Thwomp    Jack Smashah    Thwimp    Dry Bones    Dark Bones    Wario-Man Cutiecoo     Rapgae    Albino Yoshi Troopa    Ray Gun Primid    Parabones    Bone Goomba    Bone Piranha Plant    Fishbone    Mini-Cyborg Bro.    Hammer Bro.    Hard Rock    Boomerang Bro.    Fire Bro.    Ice Bro.    Banana Bro.    Super Ninja Leaf     Sledge Bro.    Kart Bro.    Superball Bro.    Curve Bro.    Pickaxe Bro.    Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.    Venus Boomerang Trap    VirusesVegetable Grass LandEdit\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\parDestructionEdit\par\tab Sun and Moon \tab Technology \tab Weaponry \tab Adventure\parFire Blow Hard \tab Ice Nekotaro \tab Beamsword Bro. \tab Swordsman Piriparee \tab Otter Charlie\parSectle Fighter Dee \tab Glass Scraggy \tab Crown Galoombrat\tab Hammer Bull Bro. \tab Sleep MettaurBomb Ninjun \tab Ballistic Monkey Ben \tab Sparker Bro. \tab Archer Nekotaro \tab Vultar\parShadow Bitebites \tab Water Bro. \tab Golden Wheelie \tab Spear Krusha \tab Needle Blipper\parLava Makoop \tab Golf Club Ninjun \tab Rainbow Spike (Enemy) Cutter Joebro. \tab Beetley\parStone Hammettaur \tab Knik-Knak \tab Frog Suit Gromba \tab Ninja Armoroc \tab Whip Lion\par\parJumping Mecha-Blooper\par\tab Mini-Blizzardo \tab Chargin' Sier \tab Tomahawk Ninjun \tab Jet Stingray\parRoller Bro. \tab Slambeare \tab Bull Knight Joe \tab\par\parJet Pack GutsMini\par\tab Armored Sortie\parCircus Bro. \tab\par\parDrummer Spike (Enemy)\par\tab\par\parMic Jiro\par\tab\par\parTank Wario-bot\par\tab Vine Snaker\parBossesEdit\par\parThere are many bosses in this game. \par1-01: Warm-Up Road\par\tab The player will have to reach the Toad that give you instructions about the basic moves, as well as new techiques such as Solo Power and Team Techniques, then get the Power Star. \tab None\par1-02: Goomba Galore \tab The player has to get through the barrage of Goombas, Galoombas, Bee Goombrats, Ferreasels, Goombrats and a new Goomba species, Boxoombas. At the end, they have to face Goomboss, who can now attempt to jump on the player. \tab Goomboss (Normal)\par1-03: My Army, Not Yours! \tab This area introduces the Army Grape, which allows the player to make an army of itself, which works familary to Double Cherry but the clones can also be launched at enemies and bosses. \tab None\par1-04: Bob-omb Away! \tab The player has to go through a battlefield filled with Bob-ombs and need help from Pink Bob-ombs. The area had a nod of Super Mario 64's Bob-Omb Battlefied does to have Bob-ombs as common enemies, a high mountain and the King Bob-omb standing on the top. This time he is with Whomp King that makes the boss battle harder, and this signs to the players that the game will not be easier than they would imagine. \tab King Bob-omb, Whomp King (Duo Bosses)\par1-05: Slanito's Show-Up \tab The player has to run through various obstacles by using the Super Bell power-up. When they get through them, Slanito show up in his personal airship (if the first player is Bowser, he will roar at him) and order the enemies to ambush them. They have to avoid them until the player reached the Bob-omb Cannon and bombard it with Bob-ombs, causing Slanito to order his men to retreat. \tab Slanito's Airship (Chasing Boss)\par1-06: Dreamer Windworks \tab The player has to maneuver a maze of wind inside of a windworks building with a windmill in the middle of it all. This area has a lot of Bullet Bill enemies that fly around and can be directed by the wind. Also throughout the level are Rocky Wrenches \f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0  Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0  \f4 Beetleys \lang9\f0 & Veggie Guys which hide in the winds. At the top of the windmill the player can find Prince Pikante, who fights with fireballs and watermelons you can send back at him. \tab Prince Pikante (Normal)\par1-07: Bowling Pin Brawl \tab This area introduces the Rock Mushroom, which can allow you to roll at enemies in a ball-like rock form. The player has to use this form to roll through various bowling pins to activate gates and gain access to areas. \tab None\par1-08: Beanstalk Bonanza \tab This area introduces the Cape Feather, which allows the player to soar into the sky after the P-Meter is filled up, which will be useful since the entire area is set around a giant beanstalk. If the player has reached Pretzal Sky Land, the player can reach there from the top of the beanstalk. \tab None\par1-09: Boom Boom's Back...Again! \tab A fortress area with basic traps that are commonly found on fortresses and castles. It also introduces On/Off Blocks that have varied fonctions, such as turning the Disco Ball on or off. At the end of the Fortress, Boom Boom will be fought, and he is stronger and bigger than ever, making more difficult to stomp. Defeating him will award the players three Star Coins and a Green Star. \tab Boom Boom (Normal)\par1-10: Bros. Bros. Rampage! \tab An advanced area where the player have to face the Hammer, Fire, Boomerang, Sledge, Ice, Sumo, Sludge, Turnip, Sand and Shell Bros. as well as the Amazin' Flyin' Bros. It take place on a curved and complex field where the player have to maneuver well. The bosses are Platinum Bros., who attack with platinum-claded hammer and boomerang. \tab Platinum Bros. (Duo Bosses)\par1-K: Morton's Brutal Selection \tab Morton's castle is full of flowers and trees, but also Pirahna Plants and Nipper Plants, as well as other plant species. Plus \lang1033 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0  \lang9 & \lang1033\f4 Beetleys \lang9\f0 The player must be careful about these, and must use the bouncing flowers to reach certain paths. Morton will await at the end, using his plant power to use both tricky and brutal attacks, and can only be attacked when tired. \tab Plant Morton Koopa Jr. (World Boss)\par\par1-L: Messed Up World 1-1\par\par(15 Green Stars required)\par\tab The remake of World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros., with multiple twists such as missing grounds and enemies not from the original game such as Sumo Bros. Veggie Guys \f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , \f4 Beetleys, \lang9\f0 and Chargin' Chucks. It also ends with a Giant Goomba snatching the Goal Pole which the player must either defeat it or reach the Goal Pole to clear the level. \tab None \f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0  \lang9\parDonut Desert LandEdit\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\par\par2-01: Desertic Bandits\par\tab A classic desert area with plumes of sand and various slopes. This area introduces rope ladders which can be climbed and blowers by the wind, as well as Bandit enemies that can steal your power-ups for their own use, G\f9\u363?rindais\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  \f0 Sand Bros., \lang1033 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f7\fs28 Scorpo-bots, \f9\fs22 Sandroc\lang1033\f0 s\lang9 , \f9 And Pokeys, which cannot be harmed physically, but can be taken out with projectiles. The boss here, Mummipokey, is also spiky on everywhere except his head and can summon Pokey minions, but he does have a weak spot on his head you have to jump on. \tab Mummipokey (Normal)\par2-02: Fiery Belts \tab This area introduces the Fire Flower and Ice Flower, two different flowers that give different forms with both having different projectiles that can be used for their own situation. The area takes place in a subterranean cave with various conveyer belts, Buichi and Whomp enemies among Goombas, \f0 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \f4 Beetleys, \lang9\f9 Grombas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Lil' Bonkers, \f0 Turnip Bros, \f9 Cactie Joes, Koopas\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 and Buzzy Beetle enemies, and various Pink Coins to collect to create a key to open a room to gain access to a switch that can change the direction of the conveyer belts. \tab None\par2-03: Shifting Sand Palace \tab A palace area made of sand and glass that is kinda unstable. The area's stairs and rooms shift around from time to time, but using the newly introduced Metal Box will allow you to go through certain sand floors and discover secrets. This area also has various switches, and if you press them all, then the entire palace turns to glass and the entire area is frozen up and the rooms and stairs will stop swapping around. \tab None\par2-04: Blooper Oasis \tab An oasis area where Beach Koopas, Malibuts\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  Grombas\lang1033\f0 , \fs28 Sun Gulps, \lang9\f9\fs22 Scuba Bros., Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bloopers Bitesizes\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 and Launching Bloopers are introduced. Captain Toad, upon fled from a Blooper, will also tell the player that by ground pounding on a Blue Shell, it will become a power-up. (Blue Koopas, like other Koopa colors, are introduced in Warn-Up Road but the trick is heard by Captain Toad in here.) At the end of the level, the player must face Gooper Blooper, who can only be damaged by Koopa Shells, or the Blue Shell power-up. \tab Gooper Blooper (Normal)\par2-05: Mega Shy Guy Runaway \tab A floating air base floating over a quicksand pit, with various defenses and challenging jumps. Upon entering the area for the first time a giant airship floats above the base and drops a Mega Shy Guy to chase and destroy the player alongsides various Pokey, Lil' Bonkers\lang1033\f0 , Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guy\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Shy Guy, and Bandit enemies. The player has to lure the Shy Guy to the center of the area, where the player can fight a fair battle against the Mega Shy Guy in a arena with a quicksand pit the player has to launch the Mega Shy Guy into to defeat it. \tab Mega Shy Guy (Chasing Boss)\par2-06: Hieroglyph Haven \tab A giant maze area of hieroglyphs and undead enemies like Boos, Dry Bones, \lang1033\f0 Bone \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9 Veggie Guys, \f9 and Para-Bones. The area introduces the Mini Mushroom and Mega Mushroom, which both alters the player's size. To compensate for the Mega Mushroom, there are also gigantic enemies like Mega Bones Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , Giant \f4 Beetleys,\lang9\f9 or Giant Buzzy Beetles, which can provide a challenge for non-Mega characters, as well as tiny Mini Bones that Mini Characters can jump on easily in their size. \tab None\par2-07: Layer Cake Mountain \tab A mountainous area which is made of various cakes. Introduced in the area are Slammers, another type of ghost enemy that is pretty strong and immune to contact, but not immune to projectiles Plus Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , S\lang9\f9 trawberry\lang1033\f0  \lang9 G\f9\u363?rindais\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Lil' Bonkers\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Grombas\lang1033\f0  Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , & \lang9\f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water). The level also introduces Ropes, which can be grabbed and swinged on to reach higher areas. The boss here is Aweberry, a stronger and bigger strawberry-like Slammer that can dig underground and throw explosive strawberries, but is vulnerable to jumps. \tab Aweberry (Normal)\par2-08: Denial River \tab A river area where the water flow is always at the opposite direction, forcing the player to jump from lilypads and fallen, large comulns. It also introduces the Aqua Suit, a suit with F.L.U.D.D. attached on it which allow the player to use the various Nuzzles to get through the river. Enemies commonly found there are Shy Guys, Lil' Bonkers\f0 , \f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \f4 Beetley\lang9\f9 s\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  Cheep Cheeps \lang1033\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 and Spear Guys. \tab None\par2-09: Goldmine Dash \tab A mine area filled with various Shy Guy Miners trying to look for gold. The area is the first place you can find Nabbit, which you have to chase throughout the area to catch, and the area introduces Golden Mushrooms which temporarily boost your speed to make it easier for the first time. Among the Goomba \f0 Veggie Guy \f9 and Dry Bones enemies, Bandineroes, Spikes, Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Sandroc\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9 Red Antr\f7\fs28 s\f0\fs22 , \f9 and Thwomps are introduced here. \tab None\par2-10: Overthere Ruins \tab A ruins area where the player must activate multiple switches before the main entrance of a small pyramid can be opened, which most are guarded by Hammer Bros. and their variations Plus Sand Bros. Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , & \lang9\f9 Mystic Bow Joes\f0  \f9 It also introduces the Gold Flower, which launches explosive golden spheres that explode on impact and makes more coins out of Bricks and enemies. Upon entering the small pyramid, the player have to get through various traps before confronting the two hands of Eyerok, which are now trickier to defeat than in Super Mario 64 does to their trickier moves. \tab Eyerok (Duo Bosses)\par2-K: Larry's Intrepid Temple \tab A temple filled with quicksand pits, Spindels and Grindels. Pokeys, Dry Bones, Mega Bones, Krittas, \f7\fs28 Scorpo-bots, \lang1033\f0\fs22  \lang9\f9 Sand \lang1033\f4 Sledge Bros,\lang9\f9 Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Cactie Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Sand Bros., \f9 Mini Bones and Fire Chomps are found there as well. It is somewhat of a maze like in Hireoglyph Haven, although smaller yet filled with more enemies, and the player have to found all the six Pink Coins to escape. Finally, they will fight with Larry Koopa who uses the power of the sand. \tab Sand Larry Koopa (World Boss)\tab\par\par2-L: Sandy Tornadoes\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 (30 Green Stars Required)\par\tab The remake of Shifting Sand Land from Super Mario 64, with multiple twists like some Tweesters being replaced by the bigger, new, and more dangerous Tweenados, \f0 Sand Bros., G\f9\u363?rindais\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Topmen appearing in the section with the Grindels, as well as inside the pyramid, and the pyramid requiring four Pink Coins on top of the pillars to be collected to open the pyramid Even The Grispies. Inside of the pyramid, Pom-Pom is encountered with three Tweesters instead of Eyerok, and the player has to knock Pom-Pom into the Tweesters multiple times to defeat them. \tab Pom Pom (Normal)\parJuice-and-Water Land\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\par3-01: Cheep-Cheep Resort \tab A island resort area with various pools of water and playful palm trees. The Super Bell is introduced, which turns the player into a cat form that can climb walls on enemies. A great variety of aquatic enemies, including Porcupuffers, \f0 Swimming Mettaur2s,\lang1033\f4  \lang9\f9 Rammerheads, Bitesizes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Kibble Tridents, Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Cheep Cheeps, Scuba Bros., Grombas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Malibuts and Para Cheeps. In the middle of the area is a giant star-shaped pool area with a big puzzle involving luring Torpedo Teds into a multi-layered glass cork to drain the pool to gain access to a Warp Pipe that leads to Pineapple Pipe Land if you already have access to there.  \tab None\par3-02: Sinkswim Mansion \tab A haunted mansion over the water, and have various undead enemies like Boos, and have a low water level that raises drastically upon getting rid of the cork that flow out the water. Fish Bones Scuba Bros., Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Swimming Mettaur2s, \f9 Bitesizes, & \lang1033\f0 Bone \lang9\f9 Malibuts will then appears, although all zones unaccessable without water can now be goes through. At the top of the Mansion, you will face not only Kingfin, but also Queenfin, the less creepy, smaller but jumping counterpart. They must be defeated like in Super Mario Galaxy; by throwing Koopa Shells at them. This time, the Blue Shell act like a Power-up like everywhere else and can be used as an attack by shaking the controller/pressing the "Spin" button, and the Yellow Shell makes coins out of them. \tab Kingfin and Queenfin (Duo Bosses)\par3-03: Watermelon Brawl \tab A area on top of a giant watermelon floating in the ocean. Introduced in the level are Pull Chips and Pull Stars, which can pull the player torwards it if you tap it on the GamePad. It also introduces the Spin Drill, which allows the player to drill throughout the ground, and has various Piranha Plants, Venus Fire Traps, Lil' Bonkers\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Bee Goombrats\lang1033 ,  Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guy\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Turkeyjerk,\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 and Ninji enemies. The boss of the area, Fugu, floats around the watermelon and can launch spikes and swallow water and launch concentrated jets of freezing water, but is vulnerable from the behind. \tab Fugu (Normal)\Cana-Mettaur A.k.a Cannon Mettaur. Attack: Gets Up, And Shoot A Cannonball. Like The Normal Mettaur. Mumme. Attack: Throws A Skeleton Bomb. P.S. Ignore The Nerdy Cactus In This Picture. Spriter: RedBlupi 3-04: Whirlpool Race-around \tab A level set in a island surrounded by a whirlpool. The level introduces Clear Pipes, special pipes that are both clear and allow you to control where you go when you enter them. This can be used to go the way opposite of the direction of the whirlpool, and is very useful to completing the level. Enemies here include Bomb-Ombs, Bloopers, Koopas, \f0 Swimming Mettaur2s, \f9 Malibuts\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  Kibble Tridents, \f0 Kappi Koopas, \lang1033\fs28 Creeches\fs22 , \lang9\f9 and Huckit Crabs. \tab None\par3-05: Unagi Reef \tab A circular reef area which is mostly a underwater area. Upon entering the area for the first time, a submarine floats down and launches a fireball at Unagi the Eel, waking it up and causing it to chase you. If you collect the 6 Pink Coins scattered among various Blooper, Mega Cheep Cheep, \f0\fs28 Cancasas\lang1033 , \lang9\f9\fs22 Bitesizes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Swimming Mettaur2s, \f9 Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Malibuts\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Scuba Bros., and Water Chomps, as well as the Pink Coin on Unagi's tail, you can open up the area in the center and fight Unagi in a fair fight where you have to lure Unagi into electric fences while avoiding his chomps and shockwaves. \tab Unagi the Eel (Chasing Boss)\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9\par3-06: Ocean of Fuzzies! \tab A weird harbor level above a ocean of Fuzzies. Throughout the level is a Fuzzy Hoard which tries to chase you, that is both invincible and can destroy you in one hit unless you have a Super Star. Among the Fuzzy Hoard, there are also regular Fuzzies, Paragoombas, \lang1033\f4 Beetleies,\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Grindels, Grombas, Lakitu, and Thwimp enemies. \tab None\par3-07: Flipswap Cruise \tab A ocean level on a cruise liner with a weird gravity problem. Throughout the area there are Fence Grates you can Ground Pound on to flip between layers, from the floor of one floor to a ceiling of a lower floor. Throughout the area are various enemies on vacation, including Shy Guys, Topmen, Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Kappi Koopas\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Rocky Wrenches, and Pupdozers. On the bottom level of the ship is Glamdozer whose battle requires ground pounding on a Fence Grate while she is on the other side, while she spits balls of magma and ground pounds herself. \tab Glamdozer (Normal)\par3-08: Blooming Shipwreck \tab A level on a broken shipwreck that is being overgrown by plants. This level has various plant enemies and ghost enemies like Piranha Plants, Nipper Plants, Slammers, and Boos. Throughout the level are also big Piranha Mother enemies that are the cause of the overgrowth across the level that also spit seeds that become Piranha Plants when they land. Destroying these Piranha Mothers cause the overgrowth around them to disappear, opening secret areas. \tab None\par3-09: Submarine Scuffle \tab A scuffle in the submarine area, of the same submarine that fired a fireball at Unagi the Eel. It is heavily guarded by various weaponary such as cannons, Bill Blasters, Max Blasters, as well as mechanical enemeis like Mechakoopas Scuba Bros., \f0 Swimming Mettaur2s, \f9 Bitesizes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 and Bob-ombs. The player must get Keys in order to open up security doors, and at the cockpit (bottom), the player must free several Toads in order to get multiple Star Coins and Green Stars. \tab None\par3-10: Tsunami Terror \tab A harbor level during the night, with omminous music and dark clouds. This level has various sections being pushed around by giant waves, and some smaller sections are even swallowed by the waves! The enemies here include Goombas, Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water),\lang1033\f0  \lang9 Kappi Koopas\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Whomps, Broozers, Dry Bones, and new Mini-Roc enemies. The boss here, Scruff Roc, floats around the sky launching feathers and calling Mini-Roc minions to attack you. It does have a major weak spot of it's egg, and nearby barrels you can pick up can help you defeat it if you are not in a form that has projectiles. \tab Scruff Roc (Normal)\par3-K: Ludwig's Fortified Beach \tab A beach hideout where Ludwig resides in his showy castle. The beach itself seems safe at first glance, but it is actually heavily guarded by Electro-Kooopas, Big Koopas, Krittas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Mega Koopas as well as Beach variations of those above. The player must defeat the Chargin' Chucks whose each hold a Pink Coin in order to open Ludwig Castle's entrence. Upon getting, the castle is flooded and is filled by aquatic enemies like Cheep Cheeps, Kibble Tridents, Malibuts\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Scuba Bros.,\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water\lang1033\f0 ), \lang9\f9 Bitesize\f0 s, \f9 Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9  \f9  Scuba\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Egeres, Shuris, Grombas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bitesizes, and Bloopers. Upon reaching the roof of the castle, you will face Water Ludwig von Koopa, who uses water power and is only vulnerable to contact (projectiles still works) when he arrogently throw his shell, making him officially named as, Beach Ludwig, and thus vulnerable to a stomp or punch as he loses his water power untill he can recover his shell. \tab Water Ludwig von Koopa (World Boss)\par\par3-L: Mixed Marines\lang1033\f0  (\lang9\f9 Requires 45 Green Stars)\par\tab The remake of Shipwreck Shore from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, with quite a bit of differences, from the Snowmad enemies being replaced with Goombas, Koopas, Lil' Bonkers\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Paragoombas, Bitesizes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Kappi Koopas, \f9 and Whomps, to the secret Banana Challenges being replaced with bottomless pits, to even having the boat sections requiring ground pounds to be sent high into the air. \tab None\parGiant Candy LandEdit\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\par4-01: Giant-Small Plains \tab A vast plains level with both giant and small lands. The level has both a version with gigantic enemies and a version with small enemies, which can be switched between by using a Warp Pipe. The Goomba, \lang1033\f4 Beetley\f0 , \lang9 Kappi Koopas, \f9 Lil' Bonkers\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Veggie Guy, Bee Goombrat\lang1033 , \lang9 Ferreasel, \f9 Koopa, Squirtle Troopa/Paratroopa(Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bill Blaster, and Bob-Omb enemies also change size between Mini and Giant when using the Warp Pipe, and bricks change size, and the Big Bricks require multiple hits to destroy, unless you have a Mega Mushroom, in which case you can destroy them in one jump or ground pound. \tab None\par4-02: Dragonsky Ruins \tab A area taking place in the skeleton of a Gobblegut-like dragon. This level introduces the Super Acorn, which allows you to glide in the air, hop into the sky, and cling on to walls. Enemies here include Draglets, \lang1033\f0 Gnome \lang9\f9 Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Mega Goombas, \f0 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Mystic Bow \lang1033\f4 Grublimp\lang9\f9 s, Egeres, \lang1033\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Krittas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Magikoopas, and Mini-Rocs. At the skeleton's head is Boom-Boom, who fights like last time, but is much bigger and requires wall jumping or using the Super Acorn to reach his head. \tab Giant Boom-Boom (Normal)\par4-03: Kracken Sewers \tab A sewer level taking place in a maze of gigantic pipes of both regular and clear kinds. The second Nabbit chase happens here, and is harder due to there being less Golden Mushrooms and more hazards, although if you capture Nabbit here he becomes playable. Enemies here include Piranha Plants, Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \f4 Avocado Plants\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes, Giant Piranha Plants, Venus Fly Traps, Buichis, and Bandineros. \tab None\par4-04: Cookie Cavern \tab A cavern level in a cavern made of cookies with a river floating throughout the level. The level has various geysers that can launch the player into the air, and this can be used in tandem with the Cape Feather to get a far distance. Enemies here include Mega Goombas, Gourmet Guys, Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9  \f9  \lang1033\f4 Beetleies\lang9\f0 ,\lang1033  \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Mechanical Fish, Giant Grombas, Shy Guys, Spear Guys, and Wigglers. The boss here, Catbat, is found at the end of the river, and can launch balls of water and try to chomp on you, but it has a weak spot on its head, which can be reached by using nearby geysers. \tab Catbat (Normal)\par4-05: Mt. Treasure \tab A sprawling mountainous level filled with treasures and Coins galore. Upon entering the area for the first time, a giant airship floats above the mountain, and Giga Lakitu floats off the airship to chase the player. Enemies here include Giant Spinys, Lakitus, Spinys, Cat Bullet Bills, Picket Man Jackhammers, Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f4 ,\f0\fs28 Creeches\lang9\f7 , \f9\fs22 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bill Blasters, \f0 Veggie Guy, \f9 and Spindels. Reaching the top of the mountain can give the player a fair fight against Giga Lakitu by giving you a Koopa Clown Car to even the playing field against the floating Lakitu boss. \tab Giga Lakitu (Chasing Boss)\par4-06: Crystalline Circus \tab A circus area with a crystalline multi-colored surface. This area introduces the Wing Cap, which allows you to fly around the stage, which is gonna be really useful since it is also the first of few levels with a Purple Coin challenge, which requires the Wing Cap to complete. Enemies here include new Unicycle Guy enemies, Paragoombas, Klaptraps, Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Draglets, and Clawdaddys. \tab None\par4-07: Mirror Woods \tab A dark wood area with trees and leaves that have mirrors. It have Boos, Big Boos, Dry Bones, Mega Bones, Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9  \f9  \lang1033\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Piranha Plants and a new enemy called Copostor, who imitates the appearence and movements of the player. Some mirrors are magical and the player can teleport from it into another magical mirror. At the exit of the woods, Prince Pikante returns and hit a Metal Box to make himself and his vehicle into metal. The only way to damage him is to make him fall into a pit three times, although you have to trick him to do so. \tab Metal Prince Pikante (Normal)\par4-08: Yggdrasil Woodworks \tab A huge tree area where there are multiple woodworks for various purpose, like letting the water flow through it. The player need to repairs several parts of it by finding wood cogs. Enemies here include Shy Guys, Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \f4 Beetleies,\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Fly Guys, Sniffits, and introduces Kritters of various colors, Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 of various colors\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9  \f9  \lang1033\f0 & Kremhaul\lang9\f9 s of various colors, as well as Piranha Plants and Nipper Plants. There are also secret rooms where one of them have a Mega Mushroom. \tab None\par4-09: Blimp Batallion \tab A area on top of multiple blimps floating over the top of a spiky mountain range. The entire area is constantly rising and lowering due to being in the air, and connecting the blimps are a series of metal bridges supported by clouds. Enemies here include Lakitus, Spinys, Bill Blasters, Cat Bullet Bills, Mystic Bow \lang1033\f0 Cat \lang9\f9 Joes\lang1033\f0 , Cape \lang9\f9 Lil' Bonkers\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 and Cape Goombas. The boss here, Goomboss, now has a cape and floats very high in the sky around a blimp that can only be reached by the Cape Feather or Wing Cap, although two hits will revert Cape Goomboss to his regular Goomboss form. \tab Cape Goomboss (Normal)\par4-10: Corrupt Canyon \tab A weird canyon level that has been corrupted and filled with dangerous wild life. This level introduces minecarts, weird vehicles that allow you to cross the rails and get through some of the crazier parts of the area. Enemies here include Caccacs, Bandits, Slammers, \lang1033\f4 Beetleies\lang9\f7\fs28 , \f9\fs22 Cactie Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 ,  \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Klaptraps, and Bandineros. The boss here, Emperor Caccactor, is in a minecart on a track that surrounds his arena, and to attack he throws Bob-ombs and launches spikes, although you can throw the Bob-ombs back to damage him. \tab Emperor Caccactor (Normal)\par4-K: Roy's Giant Rocket Coliseum \tab A giant coliseum flying through the air. The coliseum is instead a series of enemy-filled rooms where the player have to defeat all enemies to continue. Because of that, it have many type of enemies, from the weak Goombas to the stronger ones like Chargin' Chucks \f0 Ferreasels \f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Krittas\lang1033\f0  \lang9  \f9 and Sledge Bros. At the center of the coliseum, the huge platform float up and you will face the greatly enlarged Roy Koopa. He is impevious to most contact attacks, even from Donkey Kong, Wario and Bowser's punches and stomping, but Roy Koopa can be damaged by either pushing him out of the platform, or by hitting him while having the Mega Mushroom effect. \tab Giant Roy Koopa (World Boss)\par\f0 Bearsquirrel\f9\par4-L: Mountaintop Heights\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 (60 Green Stars Required)\par\tab The remake of Ty-Foo Flurries from Super Mario 3D World, with some great differences, from there being more Ty-Foo and Foo enemies, to there being more bottomless pits and spikes, and the Ice Skates being replaced with Metal Caps. Enemies here include Foos, Ty-Foos, Walleyes, Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Krittas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Paragoombas, \lang1033\f0 Metal \f4 Beetleies,\lang9\f0  \f9 and Metal Paragoombas. The boss here, King Hisstocrat, fights like he did in Super Mario 3D World, but now some plates have spikes on them and cannot be walked on unless the player has the Metal Cap. \tab King Hisstocrat (Normal)\parPretzel Sky LandEdit\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\par5-01: Cloudy Peaks \tab A level taking place in the sky, upon various clouds of various bright colors. There are quite a lot of bottomless pits due to being so high in the sky, and there are also very tough wind currents that can't be passed unless you use Pull Stars or the Metal Box. Enemies here include Paragoombas, Paratroopas, Nimbus Blockades\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Clawdaddys, Zeus Guys, and Foos. \tab None\par5-02: Raincloud Ocean \tab A water level taking place in the sky with big orbs of water floating in the sky. These watery orbs can be swam through, move left and right or up and down, and also can be frozen using Ice Flowers to be used as platforms. Enemies here include Lakitu, Spinys, Octoombas, Guts Grizzles, \f0 Kappi koopas, \f9 Mystic Bow Joes, Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bitesizes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Jellybellies, Scuba Bros., Malibuts\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  \lang1033\f4 Beetleies\f0 , \lang9 Fake Football Flower\f9 s, Ice Bob-Ombs, Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Cheep-Cheeps, \f0 Swimming Mettaur2s, \lang1033 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Launching Bloopers, and Amazing Flying Hammer Bros.. The boss here, King Bob-Omb, uses the Ice Flower to throw Ice Bob-Ombs, and can also freeze the ground to skate on it, although you can damage him by throwing the Ice Bob-Ombs back at him and then ground pounding on the frozen king. \tab Ice King Bob-Omb (Normal)\par5-03: Meteorite Orbit \tab A spacial area on a floating savannah dwarf planet in the middle of a asteroid field. Occasionally throughout the area, there are one-way Launch Stars that will launch the player to faraway areas on the planet, and enemies can use the Launch Star as well to follow the player. Enemies here include Cat Goombas, \lang1033\f0 Cat \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , Cat \lang9\f9 Krittas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , Cat \lang9\f9 Squirtle Troopas/\lang1033\f0 Cat \lang9\f9 Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water)\lang1033\f0 , Cat \lang9 Kappi Koopas, \f9 Cat Boxins, Koopas, Biddybuds, Spinys, Muths, Ant Troopers, and Horned Ant Troopers. \tab None\par5-04: Wormhole City \tab A city area in a place filled with rips in the space-time continuum, causing wormholes to appear. These wormholes can warp you to different sections of the level, and one also warps you to the top of a beanstalk from a earlier world. These wormholes can also be used as shortcuts to carry keys short distances to doors instead of carrying them very long distances. Enemies here include Huckit Crabs, Krittas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Magikoopas, Shy Guys, Lil' Bonker\f0 s\lang1033 , Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Octoombas, and new Policeguin enemies who chase you when your holding a key. The boss here, Huckit Mage, uses magic to create enemies and stays a distance away from the character, although she also creates a wormhole to do a surprise attack, giving you a opportunity to attack her. \lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Huckit Mage (Normal)\par5-05: Nimbus Subway \tab A area inside the sprawling subways of Wormhole City. Upon entering the area for the first time, a warp pad appears from nowhere and warps you onto the tracks, and Slanito's personal express train, the Charging Chuck Express, appears and tries to run you down. The player has to use Golden Mushrooms to outspeed the train, and once you go into a full loop and reach the subway entrance, you can enter the train and face the train's engine. Enemies inside the train include Bill Blasters, \f0 Bee Goombrats, \lang1033\f4 Beetleies\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Draglets, and Mechakoopas. The engine fights by launching Bullseye Bills and sending out fire, and you have to defeat the engine by guiding the Bullseye Bills back into the engine. \tab Charging Chuck Express (Chasing Boss)\par5-06: Rainbow Road \tab A level on the phenomenon that is known as the illustrious Rainbow Road. As such, there are many races on the level, including a race to catch Nabbit's replacement for the Second half of the game: Phanto Thief. Enemies here include the new Kart Guy enemies, Slammers, Tweesters, Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Poison Mushrooms\lang1033\f0  With Legs\lang9\f9 , and Bob-Ombs. \tab None\par5-07: Honeyhive Castle \tab A skyhigh castle where the walls and structure are hexagon-shaped (like the honeycombs), and introduces the Bee Mushroom. The friendly but protective Bees will tell you where you should go next, and when having the Bee Power-Up, most of them will tell you where the Queen Bee is, but without it they will simply tell you where are the Green Stars (aka what they called "shiny green stuff"). Upon reaching the Queen Bee, she ask you to stop the Bandits \lang1033\f0 & Bee Goombrats \lang9\f9 from stealing the honey, and defeating them will make the Queen Bee to reward the player with ten Star Coins. \tab None\par5-08: Airship Thunderwind \tab A floating arena on the top of the Airship Thunderwind, a major exploration airship that was built in Pretzel Sky Land. The airship is floating through a heavy storm, so winds will be frantic when on the deck, although some sections are below deck. Enemies here include Draglets, Krittas\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Mini-Rocs, Bill Blasters, Super Dans, Mechakoopas, Caccacs, Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Cactie Joes\lang1033\f0 , \f4 Beetleies, \lang9\f9 Mini-Hard Rocs, and Flame Chomps. The boss here, the Typhoon Cannon MK3, launches powerful tornadoes and can turn parts of the arena into lightningrods, although if you reflect the beam back at the cannon, it shocks itself and becomes vulnerable to attack. \tab Typhoon Cannon MK3 (Normal)\par5-09: Skyhigh Airport \tab A airport area where airships rest while they get fueled so they can fly throughout the world. This level has various cannons you can be launched from to get far distances, and the cannons will also take out enemies you go through when launched. Enemies here include Flopters, Buzzy Beetles, Parabeetles, Lakitus, Paraspinys, and new Tanooki Whomp \lang1033\f0 And \lang9\f9 Tanooki\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 enemies that flutter for a bit before stomping down. The bosses here, Floperor and Flopress, are a duo of Flopter bosses who fly in the sky and can stomp down and launch electrified clouds at you, and when they stomp down you can jump on them to damage them. \tab Floperor and Flopress (Duo Bosses)\par5-10: Stratosphere Station \tab A stational, floating area found on the stratosphere. It is a fortified stratosphere station filled with Bob-Ombs, Bill and Max Blasters, Thwomps, Mecha Bros., Thwimps, Grrrols, Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , Spark \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Mega Grrrols and Blooming Lakitus. The player have to take down four main cannons that fires King Bills, and the last cannon aim at the player which leave force the player to use the Golden Mushroom to speed up. At the top of the station, the Whomp King jump on the boss field and use the Statue Lead to become Tanooki Whomp King. The battle is the same but have tail whip while also invulnerable when slamming down the floor. The best way to take him down is to throw Bob-Ombs at him, and after two hits he revert into normal Whomp King. \tab Tanooki Whomp King (Normal)\par5-K: Wendy's Foggy Ghosthouse \tab Wendy's hunted, yet super luxurious house where the view is reduced does to the fogs from the Foos and Ty-Foos, as well as Boos, Big Boos, Circling Boo Buddies, Peepas and Boohemoth. Once you defeat all of the Foos and Ty-Foos, the big golden door open, and the view become more clear, but upon entering the door, a Boohemoth will appear and pursues you until you turn on a big bulb in front of it. Upon reaching the roof, Wendy O. Koopa appears in a girly Lakitu cloud with a bow behind, and uses her wind power to take down the player. She must be diving into the floor to then get hit by the player. \tab Wind Wendy O. Koopa (World Boss)\par\par5-L: Fogging over Mist Valley\par\par(Require 75 Green Stars)\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 The remake of Snaking above Mist Valley from New Super Mario Bros U, with some minor changes, including a few more platforms, more enemies, and eerie fogs in some areas. This area also includes Snake Blocks which start snaking and moving throughout the area untill they reach their destination. Enemies here include Lakitu, Spinys, Foos, and Ice Bros.. \tab None\par\parIce Cream LandEdit\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\par6-01: Glimmer Glacier \tab A icy snow area which floats around in a freezing lake. The area is a very slippery place, with various icy floors, snowy enemies, and even small Freezies (small glacier objects that, while living, are technically obstacles as they don't attack the player) with enemies frozen inside of them. This area introduces both the Hammer Suit and Magic Wand, and both have sections which make them pretty useful. Enemies here include Ice Huckit Crabs, Corey Snails, Snow Draglets, Squirtle Troopas/\lang1033\f0 Cat \lang9\f9 Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water\lang1033\f0 ), \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, Glacier \lang9\f9 Bitesizes\lang1033\f0 , \f4 Beetleies,\f0 Icy \lang9\f9 Malibuts\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  \lang1033\f0 Glacier \f4 Sniper Joe\lang9\f9 s\lang1033\f0 , Glacier \lang9 G\f9\u363?rindais\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\fs28 Shiverin Stus\lang1033\fs22 , \lang9\f9 Ice Bros., Glacier Bowloonatics, Flipruses, and Policeguins. \tab None\par6-02: Slipslide Cave \tab A cavern level in a cave inside of a glacier, with various beautiful crystals. The minecarts return here, and now there are Jump Rails which allow the minecarts to jump between lanes to reach different places or to avoid bottomless pits. Enemies here include new Minecart Mole enemies, Minecart Dogons, \lang1033\f0 Minecart \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Shy Guys, Dogons, \lang1033\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Spear Guys, Stilt Guys, Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water),\lang1033\f0  Mini-\lang9 Smoldergeist\f7\fs28 , \f9\fs22 and Fly Guys. The boss here, General Guy, fights using a giant mechanical tank that can launch Bullseye Bills, streams of fire, streams of ice, and thunderbolts, although he leaves himself vulnerable as he has barely anything to protect himself with. \tab General Guy (Normal)\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Shuris\par6-03: Snowstorm Prison Escape! \tab A prison escape level inside a hopeless prison where those held in there are either Toads or people who have done really nasty stuff. Throughout the area are Policeguins holding keys to open cell doors. While some doors have helpful Toads which will join in on escaping, other cells contain tough and dastardly enemies, and one cell even contains Goomboss, although this time he'll only join you for escape and after that he will run away to attack the player later. Enemies here include Policeguins, Flipruses, Bob-Ombs, Koopatrols, \lang1033\f0 Glacier \f4 Beetleies\f0 , \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, Snow \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Polar Spray Fishes, Glacier Bowloonatics, \f0 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Sledge Bros., Skelerex\lang1033\f0 es\lang9\f9  and Kremlings. The boss here, Warden Flipral, is a big Fliprus warden who can curl into a ball and dash into the player, throw snowballs, and create shockwaves by roaring, but has a weak spot on his tail, which you can jump on to damage him. \tab Warden Flipral (Normal)\par6-04: Freezeflame Glacier \tab A glacier/volcano area with both hot and cold places similar to Freezeflame Galaxy. The area is split into a hot and cold section and both areas have their own challenges, such as lava and freezing water, but both areas share a Purple Coin Challenge. Enemies here include Draglets, Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , Glacier \lang9 G\f9\u363?rindais\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Snow Draglets, Cavedillos, Blarrgs, Icy Strollin' Stus, Mr. Is, Fire Bros., Ice Bros., and Flipruses. \tab None\par6-05: Celsius Falls \tab A water area within a partially frozen waterfall with ice flows washing down from the waterfall. Upon beginning the level for the first time, a giant airship floats near the waterfall and King Boo is shot from one of the cannons, which begins a boss battle/race against King Boo to the top of the waterfall. Enemies here include Cheep-Cheeps, Boos, Slammers, Bitesizes, Flipruses, Scuba Bros., Lil' Bonker\f0 s\lang1033 , \lang9 Swimming Mettaur2s, \f9 Malibuts\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Kappi koopas, \f9 Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bullys, and Boomerang Bros.. At the top of the waterfall, the one who reached there first gets the advantage of using a Ice Flower in their battle. King Boo by himself surrounds himself in a Peepa circle and is vulnerable to ice and jumps, but as Ice King Boo he gains the ability to breathe ice and turn into a invincible snowball to try to roll up the player, and he is only weak to jumps and firepower from a Fire Flower. \tab King Boo (Chasing Boss) or Ice King Boo (Chasing Boss)\par6-06: Popsicle Excavation Site \tab An excavation site area where Popsicle got extracted for unknown goal (albeit Iggy want Popsicles to treat himself anyway). The site is protected by Bloopers, Launching Bloopers, Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Painguin Tucks, Ice Bob-Ombs and Ice Bros., as well as Ice Snifits. The player have to watch out for falling Popsicle particles as it damages anyone. At the other side of the site, Gooper Blooper uses the Vanish Box to become invisible, making it immune to contacts and difficult to see, only the shadow from it. The player have to watch for the shadow and must lure the Gooper Blooper to land on a frostbiting Popsicle juice, which froze it and allows the player to damage it with a ground pound or with a strong character, a strong punch. \tab Vanish Gooper Blooper (Normal)\par6-07: Starstruck Beach \tab A beach area where is the warmest side of the Ice Cream Land, where icical particles had melted does to closer of the warmer sea. It also had Falling Stars which damages the player, but occassionally leave a Star when one had fallen on the ground. Enemies found there are Cheep Cheeps, Malibuts\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Swimming Mettaur2s, Kappi koopas, \f9 Beach Koopas, \lang1033\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Boomerang Bros., Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Pearl Mettaurs, Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water),\lang1033\f0  Construction Icon This page is under construction.Please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to complete it as soon as possible! Super Mario World (2017)Smwcy cover artDeveloper(s) ChaoticYoshi GamingPlatform(s) Wii U, ZenzeGenre(s) PlatformerRelease Date(s)2017Mode(s)1 player, 2 playerAge Rating(s)ERatingSuper Mario World is a 2D Side-scrolling platformer game of the Wii U set to release in 2017. The game mixes elements from 2D Mario  platformers with 3D elements, such as a health bar. There is also a feature where Yoshi follows the player around. When the - button is pressed, Mario will get on Yoshi's back where he can preform moves such as the Flutter Jump.Contents[show]​StoryIt all begins when Mario, Luigi, and Peach are on the balcony, where Bowser attacks with his airship and kidnaps the princess. Luigi jumps up to grab the airship unnoticed, and succeeds, except he is too afraid to go down. Mario attemps to attack Bowser, but gets knocked back by a dark fireball. Bowser escapes with Luigi and Peach. On his way to Berry Fields, Mario finds a Yoshi egg. He jumps on it, releasing Yoshi, who tells Mario how he got trapped after he saw a magic fireball hit him. Mario and Yoshi team up with each other to save Luigi and Peach.They later find Toadsworth, Blue Toad and Yellow Toad unconcious. They explained that they were going on a walk (to relieve Toadsworth's stress) when they too, got hit by a fireball. Blue Toad explained that according to his research, the fireball was generated from an item called the Ztar , an ancient star used to grant evil wishes. He said Bowser could use it for anything, as long as it has an evil purpose. Mario and Yoshi notice a book that Bowser has dropped, and a key. Inside the book are eight locks. Mario put the key in the lock it fit in, and a picture of Berry Plains was revealed. Blue Toad stated that the book was supposed to guide them on their way to the Ztar, and stop it. The duo headed to Berry Plains. Meanwhile, Peach was locked up in Sky Castle, Bowser's temporary base. Luigi snuck into Peach's room and unlocks the cage. They try to escape with many failed attempts, but they finally escape and find out Bowser's plan. It was to use the Ztar to open a dimension where he can build an empire and use it to take over the Mushroom Kingdom. Peach and Luigi get sucked into the portal and land in Bowser's dimension. There, they fight the Ztar, which after they "defeat" it, they later get locked up in the new tower with high security. Mario and Yoshi make it into Bowser's Dimension, and defeat him in his new castle. However, right before Mario and Yoshi find Luigi and Peach, Bowser jumps back up in front of them, and uses the Ztar to power up. Mario and Yoshi defeat him once again, making him destroy the core, the only thing keeping the portal open. Mario, Yoshi, Peach and Luigi escape, and the portal disappears. ​Bad EndingBowser had multiple portals that opened up to his dimention, and Mario and Yoshi failed to close them. Bowser's minions and airship fleet come out and attack the kingdom. What happens to the heroes is unknown.​Good Ending If Mario and Yoshi manage to close all the portals, Bowser comes out of the main exit on a highly damaged airship. The back side of it gets seperated due to the portal closing on it. The airship falls onto an island, where Baby Yoshis are eating. Bowser falls onto their favorite bush, and ends up getting chased by them.​GameplayScreenshot smwA gameplay screenshot.The game is loosly based off of the classic Mario gameplay. However, there are new features, such as a buddy system with Mario and Yoshi. When - is pushed on the gamepad, Mario will ride on Yoshi, and the gameplay will be similar to Yoshi's Island. Yoshi can't use power ups, but some can affect his ability to spit out Koopa shells. For example, if Mario is Fire Mario, Yoshi would spit out fireballs instead of shells. Some power ups, however, either affect something else (such as how the Cape Feather allows Yoshi to fly) or don't at all.Everytime you beat a world, which is most of the time a number of levels, a midboss and a world boss, Mario and Yoshi get a Star Key, which opens a lock in the book, guiding them to the next area. After that, an intermission with Luigi and Peach occurs, focusing on their escape from Sky Castle. They have their own abilities, including floating with Peach's parasol, and Luigi using his spin jump to reach higher places.Some levels use gadgets that Mario and Yoshi can use, such as a jet ski and a Bullet Bill-like machine providing a shoot-em-up level. However, both are only seen twice in the game. ​CharactersPlayable CharactersPicture Name Bestiary InfoMarioandyoshimario Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom! Looks like he is out foiling Bowser's plans again!Marioandyoshisprite Yoshi Mario's best buddy. He is accompanying Mario on his journey!Luggyluigi Luigi The lesser known brother who gets left behind a lot. This time, he is helping Princess Peach escape!Justpeachy1 Peach The fair princess of the Mushroom Kingdom! She seems to have a reputation of being kidnapped a lot.BossesPicture Name World Bestiary InfoMega wing spiny Mega Wing Spiny Tower 1, 3, 5, 7 He was once a regular Spiny, but thanks to Kamek, he's huge and grew wings! Flip him over to hit him!Splashy blurp Splashy Blurp Tower 2, 4, 6, 7 He is a powered up Blurp who can create huge splashes! Kick him while he's out of the water!The kamekeke Kamek Tower 8 Bowser's second-in-command, he is rather skilled in magic. You'll have to stun him if you want to land a hit!Joonya Bowser Jr. Boss 1 The heir to the Koopa throne, he drives around in his personal kart, the Meanie. Watch for his fireballs!Boomboomsmw Boom-Boom Boss 2 After being pummeled so many times, Boom-Boom has learned some new moves!Kingrockroll King Rock-Roll Boss 3 The king of the Rock-Rolls, this stone creature's weak point is his head, protected by a crown.Mr2 Mari-Robo Boss 4 The metallic doppelgänger of Mario, this robot throws bombs at you and shoots energy shots.Dynamytebro Dynamyte Bro. Boss 5 This Bro. rides a minecart and throws dynamyte. Dodge it and use the enemy minecarts against him!Superrenzor Woodrenzor Renzor Boss 6 These four Renzors breathe fire, but they all come back in a giant wood machine! Take them out!Tutabones Tutenbones Boss 7 This ancient mummy has been woken up by dark energy. Get that energy out!Bowsersmw Bowser Boss 8 The King of the Koopas himself, Bowser! Defeat him in his Airship!Bowserztar Bowser (Battle 2) Final Boss Bowser's powered up by the Ztar! Combine your abilities and defeat him once and for all!Petey piper Petey Piranha Secret Boss 1 The familiar plant from Delfino Plaza. Use the Water Flower to defeat him!Kool koopalings The Koopalings Secret Boss 2 Bowser's kids(?) who are teaming up for revenge! Defeat them one by one!​Items​Power-UpsPicture Mario's Form Name EffectFireflowz Firemariosmw Fire Flower Turns Mario into Fire Mario, who can shoot fireballs. He can also charge them for bigger fireballs. When Fire Mario is on Yoshi, enemies will be spit out as big fireballs that fly straight. Capingfeather Capemariosmw Cape Feather Turns Mario into Cape Mario, who can spin, decend slowly and fly, just like in Super Mario World. When Cape Mario is on Yoshi, he can fly and float.Icyflowz Icemariosmw Ice Flower Turns Mario into Ice Mario, who can shoot balls of ice which can freeze most enemies. He can also skate on water, but only in certian conditions. When Ice Mario is on Yoshi, enemies will be spit out frozen.Waterflowz Watermariosmw Water Flower Turns Mario into Water Mario, who can shoot waves of water that slides on the ground. Most enemies get stunned by this, if affected at all. However, some can only be defeated by this. Mario can also do a water dash in the air, which can make him reach higher places. On Yoshi, enemies get spit out as bubbles with coins.Bombombom Bombmariosmw Bomb Mushroom Turns Mario into Bomb Mario, who can throw bombs similar to Lemmy Koopa's in New Super Mario Bros. U. They can bounce if they hit the ground, but after an amount of time, or if something touches them, they explode. They can also break blocks. No effect on Yoshi.Dirllshroom Drillmariosmw Drill Mushroom Turns Mario into Drill Mario, who can use a drill attack, which can break blocks and defeat enemies. This can go only left and right. No effect on Yoshi.Bouncyjump Hijumpmariosmw Hi-jump Mushroom Turns Mario into Hi-Jump Mario, who can charge and perform a high jump. He can also jump in midair. On Yoshi, he can perform a higher Flutter Jump.Cheetahsapling Cheetahmariosmw Cheetah Sapling Turns Mario into Cheetah Mario, who can run faster, pounce and balance better on ropes. When Cheetah Mario is on Yoshi, Yoshi's speed increases.​Other ItemsPicture Name EffectMushroomy Mushroom Heals Mario's health by 1.1upyayaya 1-up Mushroom Gives Mario an extra life.Starshrooms Starshroom Doubles Mario's max health. If it's already doubled, it gives Mario an extra life.Categories:Articles under Construction Games Fan Games Mario (series) Mario Games Super Mario Games Super Mario World Games 2D Games 2D Platforming Games Sidescrollers Platforming Games Wii U Games 2017 Zenze Games  Tachy-Orbs Mario's main weapon in the game. Their name comes from the word "tachyon", which is a particle related to time and speed. Tachy-Orbs  \fs28 Creeches\fs22 , \lang9\f9 Scuba Bros., Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Boxins, Chargin' Chucks and Chain Chomps. The Aqua Suit is important to go through most parts because most of the zones are covered by melted ice cream, which can be removed by water. \tab None\par6-08: Music Park \tab A musical area in a park filled with music that is raced on from time to time. The entire course makes lots of music as you go through it, although the wrong notes can make enemies chase you unless you can correct the mistake. Enemies here include Bouncing Notes, Policeguins, Hammer Bros., Ice Bros., Fire Bros., and Mini-Rocs. The boss here, Sledgequake, is a giant Sledge Bro that can throw giant hammers, ground pound to cause shockwaves, and launch fog from his mouth to try to obscure the player's vision. The player has to ground pound on his belly, although you have to use a projectile multiple times or send his hammers back with the Cape Feather to get him on his back. \tab Sledgequake (Normal)\par6-09: Honeyfrost Ruins \tab An abandoned Honeyhive area which has been frosted up over the years. This area has frosted honeycombs among the regular quality that can't be climbed on using the Bee Mushroom due to being slippery, although they can be thawed by using the Fire Flower. Enemies here include Foos, Ty-Foos,  Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \f4 Beetleies, \lang9\f9 Bzzaps!,\lang1033\f0  \lang9 Bee Goombrats\lang1033 , \lang9\f9  Gulpits, Mystic Bow Joes, Snow Draglets, Metal Goombas, and Fighter Flies. The boss here, Pom-Pom, uses the Bee Mushroom to fly around, and can throw boomerangs and bombs at the ground from the air, although she sometimes makes herself vulnerable by swooping down. \tab Bee Pom-Pom (Normal)\par6-10: Underthere Temple \tab The frozen temple that is burried by snow. In order to have access to it, the player must activate the Sun Stone by gattering three Heat Stones from Bandits. Upon activating the Sun Stone, the snow will melt and the temple becomes accessable. Inside that temple, the player had to go through various enemies like Grrrowl, as well has introducing the Mummy-Mes\lang1033\f0  Tall Mummy \lang9\f9 Guys\lang1033\f0 , Sand Bros. \lang9\f9 Mystic Bow Joes\f7\fs28 , \f9\fs22 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , & \f4 Aztec Thwimps\lang9\f9 . At the end, where a Green Star is held, the player have to face Eyerok who now have magical power that transform blocks into enemies. They can be defeated by attacking their eye as usual, but they summon enemies when damaged. \tab Magic Eyerok (Duo Bosses)\par6-K: Iggy's Icy Boat Battalion \tab An enormous icical battalion boat commanded by Iggy Koopa. The water is dangerous as it is too cold to swim through, and it will cause frostbite reaction for those who are unlucky to fall down, like how you hop out of lava in this game. It is filled with many ice-themed enemies, such as Ice Bros. Podobrrs\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , Glacier \lang9 G\f9\u363?rindais and Policeguins, as well as Chillies that must be pushed out of the boat or at a certain height. At the end, you will face Icy Iggy Koopa as he slides through and throw iceballs at you, as well as rolling around in an invulnerable big snowball like how Ice King Boo uses it, albeit a bit trickier as it steers a bit. Iggy can only be damaged when he got flinged and then tripped by performing a ground pound on a tilting spot, but only if he is on the other side. \tab Icy Iggy Koopa (World Boss)\par\par6-L: Glamourtown\par\par(90 Stars required)\par\tab The remake of Glittertown from Wario Land: Shake It, with various differences, including the replacement of a Merfle Barrel with a Green Star, more tough enemies, and the fact that the slot machines drop Spinys instead of Bumbleprods. Enemies here include Bandineros, Boomdineros, \f0 Turnip Bros.\lang1033 , Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Bee Goombrats\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Spinys, Nosedozers, Spinbats, and Draglets. The boss here, Chortlebot, can launch spiky bubbles and split his nose to create a temporary rotating fire line. To defeat him, you have to ground pound on his head while his head isn't covered. \tab Chortlebot (Normal)\parPineapple Pipe LandEdit\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\par7-01: Pipeworks Bazaar \tab A pipe-filled bazaar area with various weird shops and other shady things. This area has two things to note of, the first being that there are various shops that you can use Coins and Star Coins to buy various Power-Ups (and in one shop, a Key to a room with a Green Star). The other thing to note of is that Paddle Wheels are introduced here, and they go along a lined path. Enemies here include Rocky Wrenches, Ferreasels, Policeguins, Peepas, Big Peepas, \lang1033\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Kappi koopas, \lang1033\b\f7\fs28 Kitty Scratche\b0\f0\fs22 s, \lang9\f9 Sumo Bros, and Bandits. The boss here, the Rocky Mecha, fights by throwing giant wrenches and launching Bullseye Bills from it's body, but is vulnerable to ground pounds, or attacks at it's belly from DK, Wario, or Bowser. \tab Rocky Mecha (Normal)\par7-02: Whirl Sewer \tab A sewer area filled with whirlpools and dangerous spikes. This is the area where the game starts getting really hard, with various tricks and traps, and enemies galore. There are various whirlpools that have Tweesters inside of them that can give you some distance, but if you land in the whirlpool in the wrong way you lose a life. Enemies here include Inky Piranha Plants, Piranha Plants, Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Egeres, Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Fire Chomps, Fuzzys, Venus Fire Traps, and Venus Ice Traps. \tab None\par7-03: Floodsteam Lighthouse \tab A harbor area where is a lighthouse and steams made from hot water from a waterfall. Attempting to swim on that water will instead make the player jump out of it from scalding burn. The player have to clear the steams by turning up the lighthouse, although the entrance is guarded by multiple Whomps. Inside the lighthouse, the player have to connect all the electric lines (without letting the lightning in those lines which could shock and damage him/her) to the lighter with a bulb, albeit you will then be trapped by Bandinero King and you have to fight him back by throwing his Bandineroes back at him, as he attacks by throwing various objects, as well as attempt to jump on you. \tab Bandinero King (Normal)\par7-04: Fullbloom Ninja Palace \tab A palace area filled with tricks, illusions, and ninjas. This area introduces the Boomerang Flower which allows you to throw boomerangs, and the Ninja Star, which is temporary and allows you to run over water and on walls, which can be very useful in solving puzzles here. Enemies here include Ninjis, Mini-Rocs, new Ninja Blaster enemies which shoot Ninja Bills which are invisible untill they get close to you, Ant Troopers, \lang1033\f4 Beetleies, \lang9\f9 and Nosedozers. The bosses here, the Nokinja Twins, are a duo of Noki ninjas which utilize hotness and coldness into their shuriken attacks and can counter close-range attacks with their shell katana, but they aren't immune to the other's projectiles.  \tab Nokinja Twins (Duo Bosses)\par7-05: The Underwhere \tab The area where people go whenever they get Game Overs, normally blocked off unless something disastrous happens in the world of the living. Upon entering the area for the first time, The Underchomp breaks free from it's stump and goes berserk and starts chasing you. Enemies here include Dry Bones, Ninjis, Hammer Bros., Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water), Lemmy Manky Kongs,\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Lil' Bonker\f0 s\lang1033 , \lang9 Kappi koopas, \f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  \f0 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \b\f6\fs28 Brrr \lang9\b0\f9\fs22 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Krumbler\lang1033\f6 s\lang9\f0 , \f9 Chain Chomps, and Fire Chomps. Once reaching the castle section, you can have a fair fight against the Underchomp as a giant airship throws a device at the player and turns the fight into a classic RPG fight like in Super Paper Mario.  \tab Underchomp (Trio Chasing Boss)\par7-06: Light-Up Observatory \tab A observatory area filled with various colorful lights and generators. This area introduces both Light Blocks and Dark Blocks, which can brighten up and darken up places respectively, but if they make contact with each other something unpredictable could happen. This could make for some neat puzzles where you would have to keep the two apart while also keeping a area light and/or Dark to find hidden doors. Enemies here include Amps, Bladleons, Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Metal Goombas, Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Charging Chucks, new Pianodile enemies which launch waves of musical bubbles while walking left and right, Hammer Bros., \lang1033\f4 Beetleies, \lang9\f9 and Bramballs. \tab None\par7-07: Galactic Beach Resort \tab The galactic resort only accessed by a star-patterned blue Warp Pipe found in Pipeworks Bazaar, found behind a specific shop. It is a spatial resort taken over by various enemies, and is one of the areas that have the most variation of enemies, but the most common are nontheless Galoombas Bitesizes\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Malibuts\lang1033\f0  \fs28 Creeches\fs22 , \lang9\f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water),\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 , Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 and Beach Koopas. The player have to find an elder Toad employee who have a Key to gain access to the Launch Star that launches the player to a big, round green planet with holes where Bee Fugu and Ice Glamdozer are fought. The former one can only be damaged by Soccer-Bombs, while the latter can be defeated the same way as before, but the two take advantage of their Power-Up. \tab Bee Fugu and Ice Glamdozer (Duo Bosses)\par7-08: Conveyer Cacti Factory \tab A desert area with various cacti in pots on conveyer belts. This area has various Launch Pipes which launch you in one direction, and Cannons which you can aim before launching you. You can also load the Cannons and Launch Pipes with Koopa Shells and Turnips as well to use the Cannons and Launch Pipes to destroy Black Blocks that block your path. Enemies here include Koopas, \f0 G\f9\u363?rindais\lang1033\f0 ,\lang9\f9  \lang1033\f4 Beetleies\f0 , \lang9\f9 Cactie Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Koopa Paratroopas,\lang1033\f0  \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , Sand Bros., \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\f7\fs28 , \f9\fs22 Sand \lang1033\f4 Sledge Bros, \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s,\lang9\f7\fs28  \f9\fs22 Monty Moles, Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Pirahna-Flies, Pokeys, and new Scorpitail enemies, which are scorpions that launch their tails into the ground in front of them, which causes shockwaves. The boss here, Scorpotiri, is a giant Scorpitail which can create shockwaves with his tail and launches lasers from his eyes which can set parts of the ground ablaze. To defeat him you have to use Cannons to launch Koopa Shells at him to break his armor, then attack him with everything you have. \tab Scorpotiri (Normal)\par7-09: Lavaflow Lake \tab A lava area in a lake made of lava with some platforms and islands inside of it. This area makes use of the Ice Flower to freeze floating boards of water moving around the stage to make temporary platforms, although the platforms will melt eventually due to being over lava. In the center of a lake is a switch which, when activated, hardens the lava and makes it walkable. Enemies here include Fire Bros., Skeleton Goonies, \f0 Kappi koopas, \lang1033 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\f0 , \f9 Tribal Dice Men, Draglets, Bob-Ombs, and Mechakoopas. \tab None\par7-10: Shock Pipeworks \tab A pipe area filled with various electrical devices powered by Amps. Besides being stationary enemies in the area, Amps are essential in completing the area as you have to use them to fuel new Electro Blocks (which are moveable), so you can place them on top of electricity-powered doors to open them. Enemies here include Amps, Fire Chomps, Rocky Wrenches, Steel Ramis, Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Goblimps, Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\f7\fs28 , \lang1033\f4\fs22 Beetleies\f0 , \lang9\f9 Buster Beetles, Hammer Bros., and Inky Piranha Plants. The boss here, the Amp Generator 5.0, launches Amps at you and can also launch land mines that cause explosions a few seconds after they land. Occasionally it also throws a Bob-Omb among the land mines, which is what you need to damage it. \tab Amp Generator 5.0 (Normal)\par7-K: Lemmy's Fuzzy Clocktower \tab A clocktower owned by Lemmy Koopa, shaped like a Warp Pipe, infested by Fuzzies. The player have to avoid the Fuzzy Horde flooding the clocktower in the first part, then on the second part, the player have to use various skills and techniques to go through obstacles and enemies, as well as lined up Fuzzies Plasma Jiros \lang1033\f0 Tall \lang9\f9 Shy Guys\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 & \lang1033\f0  \lang9\f7\fs40 Mad Mallet\f9\fs22 s. At the top of the clocktower, Pipe Controller Lemmy Koopa show up and start to mess up with Warp Pipes and Clear Pipes. The player can attack him at anytime but his unpredictable movements make him difficult to get hit. The best time to attack him is when he is taunting you. \tab Pipe Controller Lemmy Koopa (World Boss)\par\par7-L: Pipeline Bay\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 (105 Green Stars Required)\par\tab The remake of Jolly Roger Bay, with various additions, such as Clear Pipes being added, additional enemies, and the four chests holding a Green Star instead of a Power Star. Another Purple Coin Challenge is in this area, and while a few are in the Clear Pipes, most are underwater and using the Blue Shell to increase your speed is recommended. Enemies here include Cheep-Cheeps, \lang1033\f0\fs28 Creeches\fs22 , \lang9\f9 Bitesizes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Scuba Bros., Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water),\lang1033\f0  \lang9 Swimming Mettaur2s, \f9 Goombas, Malibuts\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Clampies, Malibuts (purple), Rammerheads, and a lone Baby Unagi enemy who, while still invincible, does not follow the player like a fully grown Unagi the Eel. \tab None\parDark Licorice LandEdit\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\par8-01: Inferno Mines \tab A mine area filled to the brim with various multi-colored crystals and Piranha Plants. These mines have dangerous Minecart sections with dangerous jumps, and timing is the key if you want to survive in those sections. The Burning Mushroom is also introduced here, and is a upgrade to the Fire Flower that will allow you to dash over the lava here without dying, although it wears off when you leave the area. Enemies here include Piranha Plants, Venus Fire Traps, Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Mega Venus Fire Traps, Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Sier\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Venus Ice Traps, Mecha-Krittas, Piranha Mothers, \lang1033\f0 Bone \lang9 Ferreasels, \f9 and Spiky Piranha Plants. The boss here, Petey Piranha, can spit flaming goop, fly, and launch seeds that become Venus Fire Traps, although he is weak to fire, as well as attacks on his belly. \tab Petey Piranha (Normal)\par8-02: Haunted Hot Springs \tab A haunted area filled with hot springs. The player can swi\lang1033\f0 m\lang9\f9  in the hot springs, but the effect of Iceballs are neutralised when using it. The enemies found there are various undead enemies such as Boos, Kibble Tridents, Sparkly Ghosts, Peepas, \lang1033\f0 Bone \lang9 Ferreasels, Dry \lang1033\f4 Beetleies,\lang9\f9 Dry Bones and Mega Bones. To reach the next area, the Destroyed Tank Battlefied, the player have to unblock all hot springs' pipes (not the Warp Pipes and Clear Pipes type of it) and then the enemies becomes more peaceful until the player attempt to harm them again, albeit the counterattack is only until the player leaves the area. \tab None\par8-03: Destroyed Tank Battlefield \tab An abandoned battlefield where destroyed tanks rest in pieces. Some of them are still functional, while others serves as platforms for the player. Enemies found there are Rocky Wrench, Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Mechakoopas and all type of the Hammer Bros. and counterparts. \lang1033\f0 Plus \lang9 Turnip Chucks., \f9 A huge, operational tank can be reached with a cannon by entering a tank that faces it. The player then have to fight Meow-Boom and Double-Pom, who are Boom-Boom with a Super Bell and Pom-Pom with a Double Cherry, respetively. Their strategy from the first battle are the same, but Boom-Boom now uses attack with the Cat Power-Up and Pom-Pom make a double of herself. \tab Meow-Boom and Double-Pom (Duo Bosses)\par8-04: Eerie Darkwoods \tab A darkwood area filled with haunting enemies like the Dry Bones and Boos. The Eerie Darkwoods are a maze where the player have to follow a trail of arrows left by the Toad Brigade, but some of them are illusion made by Boos, Goombies, \lang1033\f0 Bone \lang9 Ferreasels, Dry \lang1033\f4 Beetleies,\lang9\f9 Mystic Bow Joes\lang1033\f0 ,\f4  \lang9\f9 Goom-Pires & Grand Goom-Pires. Some paths even contain a Boohemoth where the player have to avoid to prevent collision damage or even flattened if tightly collided in a wall. There are some real Green Stars found there, and the player have to keep its eyes open to found them all. \tab None\par8-05: Burnout Bones Circus \tab A circus area above a giant lake of fire with a lot of Magma Bubbles in the audience cheering the performance. Upon entering the area, the head of the area, Ringmaster Bones, hops to your position from a small airship floating below the area, and starts chasing you while throwing balls of mist at the screen to obscure your vision. Enemies here include Fuzzies, Unicycle Guys, Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Me Roars, \f0 Dry \lang1033\f4 Beetleies\f0 , \lang9\f9 Magma Bubbles, Dry Bones, and Mega Dry Bones. After going through various dangerous acts including a lion taming act with a King Totomesu mini boss, a trapeze act over a pit of lava, and a trampoline act with Bullseye Bills shooting at you, you reach a bridge with a axe which you can use to cut down the bridge and defeat the ringmaster. \tab Ringmaster Bones (Chasing Boss)\par8-06: Eruption Mountains \tab The mountains area where the volcanoes are constantly erupting and spit out falling, burning rocks. In order to safely cross through this area, the player have to hide to the underground, and the Green Stars are all found on the underground, too. Enemies found there are Blarggs, \lang1033\f0 Veggie Guys, \lang9\f9 Magmaarghs, Jewel  Bizeenies, Sumo Firins, Blaze Bros.,\lang1033\f0  \f4 Beetleies\f0 , \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9  Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \cf2\lang9 Magi-Power Musclers, \cf0\f9 Charade Joes, Magma Bros. and Magma Bubbles. The player will also have to free the frozen Draggadon in order to ride the rest of the area. The boss found there is a Mega Blargg, and can only be defeated with Draggadon himself by successfully delivering a tackle three times. \tab Mega Blargg (Normal)\par8-07: Overflowing Lava \tab A lake area with a lake made of lava that was thought to have no life at all untill a Lava Piranha was discovered deep in the lava lake. There are a few platforms over the lake connected by a series of Pull Stars, although you need Pull Star Chips to create these bridges. At the end of the area there are two switches. The first switch activates a Purple Coin Challenge, while the other freezes the lava lake over, allowing you to travel over it to complete the challenge. Enemies here include Magma Bubbles, Hammer Bros., Kitty Scratches, Firanha Sprouts, Sledge Bros., Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water),\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 T-Joes, Fire Bros., and new Magma Bro. enemies, which are bigger Fire Bros that throw bigger fireballs and can swim in magma. \tab None\par8-08: Frostbite Cave \tab Another Freezeflame-styled area inside of a sprawling cavern, although there is a much bigger focus on the ice. Besides the small magma pools and bonfires, this area is mostly ice and is very slippery and dangerous. The Blue Shell is very useful here, as you can use it on the ice to go great distances quickly. Enemies here include Magma Bubbles, \f0 Kappi koopas, \lang1033 Snow \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , Glacier \lang9 G\f9\u363?rindais, \f5\fs20 Snow Blast Monkeys\lang1033\f0\fs22 , \lang9\f9 Snow Draglets, Policeguins, Flipruses, and Koopas of both Red Shell, Black Shell, which makes them explode after being in a shell for a bit, and Blue Shell varieties. The boss here, Sledgequake, uses both the Blue Shell and Ice Flower to his advantage, giving him advanced skills such as being able to hide in his shell for temporary invincibility, launch giant iceballs, and swallow snow to restore health, although he still has the same weaknesses. \tab Blue-Shelled Sledgequake (Normal)\par8-09: Hot-Honey Hives \tab Another abandoned Honeyhive area in a volcanic mountain with streams of lava. There are still Bees living here despite the place being abandoned, and they are using the place for refuge after Slanito took over their hive, and using the Bee Mushroom allows you to gain tips about where to find the Green Stars of the area. There are also Honey Jars in the area you can pick up, and if you throw them at a wall, you can make temporary honeycombs that last a quarter minute. Enemies here include Inky Piranhas, Buichis, Whomps, Glurps, Whimps, Scorchin' Sledge Bros.\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, Bee Goombrats, \lang9\f9 Mecha-Kritters, Draglets, and Metal Draglets. \tab None\par8-10: Grumble Volcano \tab A track used to be a racing track ever since the events of Mario Kart Wii. The player have to race through the track three times, while avoiding the enemies such as Magma Bubbles Zeus Guys Fiery Shuris\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 and Podoboos at all cost. The player simply only need to press an ! Switch that starts the race, as there are hidden Green Stars in there. Once the player had completed the race, a Cannon Pipe will appear which allow the player to go at a floating arena where he/she faces Moltey Bossblob, where he uses the same attacks like from Super Mario 3D World but also rolling around and throw blobs at the player. He will lose blobs faster if he get hit by DK, Wario or Bowser. \tab Moltey Bossblob (Normal)\par8-B: Bowser's Old Castle \tab Bowser's abandoned castle, when the former one found that the Dark Land become "too bitter for even him". The player have to go through the stage akin of Super Mario Bros. 3 version of Bowser Castle, although there are also heavy modifications such as Kamek occasionally attacking the player as he flies around. When reaching the boss room, the player have to defeat Dark Kamek who makes illusions of himself and attack the player with block-transforming magic. He also makes Dark Blocks, and by accident, Light Blocks. Throwing the Light Blocks will stun Dark Kamek and this allow the player to hit him without difficulty. \tab Dark Kamek (World Boss)\par\lang1033\f0 Mini-\lang9\f9 Rollodillo \par8-L: Tick-Tock Volcanic Clock\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 (120 Green Stars required)\par\tab The remake of Tick-Tock Clock from Super Mario 64, with a major twist. The remake is split into two sections, the first having a mad dash to the top to outpace a quickly rising lava while dodging Blarggs, Magma Bubbles, Mystic Bow Joes\f0 , \f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9  Fuzzies, and Ninja Blasters, and the second section is a regular climb up the clock while using Clear Pipes to reach different platforms. The boss here, Bandinero King, accidentally sets himself on fire with a Fire Flower, and among his regular attacks he can now also breathe fire and leave a trail of fire wherever he walks. In order to return him to normal and make himself vulnerable, you have to break a platform above the arena holding a water bucket by setting the wooden platform on fire using a Fire Flower or the Fire Bandinero King. \tab Fire Bandinero King (Normal)\parToxic Danger Island\par\parThis land can only be accessed if all of the eight previous worlds are completed.\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\par9-01: Noxious Moat \tab This area is the humongous ocean moat of poison surrounding the entire island, filled with toxic fumes and smoggy factories. This place is the most expansive area in the entire game, and has you using a combination of Golden Mushrooms, Paddle Wheels, and Cannons to cross the humongous moat to enter the main island. There are smaller outer islands as well, with one having various Keys to be used to open the path for the Paddle Wheels to get closer and closer. Enemies here include Ninja Blasters, Para Spinys, Toxic Bubbles, \lang1033\f0 Sludge \lang9\f9 Bizeenies\lang1033\f0 , \lang9 Kappi koopas, \f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \f4 Beetleies,\f0\fs28 Creeches\fs22 , Sludge \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Poison Bloopers, new Sludge Salamander enemies which are toxic salamanders that walk around leaving a trail of poison and are immune to all contact, Poison Launching Bloopers, and Porcupuffers. \tab None\par9-02: Meow-Climb Gate \tab The gigantic wooden gate to Slanito's Castle, which has the most high-tech machinery on the island. The Super Bell is of great use here as there are various walls that can only be climbed by the Cat Form. Also of note is the giant gate, as it needs 5 Keys to open instead of 1, and getting them all can be quite a challenge as each key has a trial related to a Power-Up, to be specific the Burning Mushroom, the Bee Mushroom, the Super Bell, the Super Leaf, and the Metal Box. Enemies here include Cat Goombas, new Noki Trainee enemies, which are Noki ninja-in-training which cling onto walls and throw explosive shurikens, Bullies, Quicksilver Joes(purple), \lang1033\f0 Cat \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, Cat \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , Cat \lang9 Kappi koopas\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Cat Bill Blasters, Ant Troopers, and Policeguins. The bosses here, the Nokinja Twins, use two Super Bells and gain new abilities such as being able to run up walls, pounce down and cause shockwaves, and dig into the ground to try to surprise attack the player, although they still have the same weaknesses. \tab Cat Nokinja Twins (Duo Bosses)\par9-03: Toxic Trail Aquarium \tab The aquarium area of Slanito's Castle, which some aquariums are filled with poisonous water where the player should not dive in, or else they will lose a life. Others are filled with water and thus safer to dive in. Enemies are Bonefishes, Bloopers, Launching Bloopers, \lang1033\f0 Sludge \lang9\f9 Malibuts\lang1033\f0 , Toxic \lang9\f9 Bitesizes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Scuba Bros., \lang1033\f0  \lang9 Swimming Mettaur2s, \f9 Poison Launching Bloopers, Malibuts\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Cheep Cheeps, Big Berthas (which aren't OHKO enemies anymore) and Cheep Chomps. At the top biggest poisonous water, while floating on a isle, the Skeletac Lunge Fish will attempt to attack and eat the player, and the boss will only be hurt by tricking it to eat a bomb or a Bob-Omb. \tab Skeletal Lunge Fish (Normal)\par9-04: Kitchen of the Undead! \tab The kitchen area of Slanito's Castle, built to mass produce food for Slanito's troops and controlled by undead chefs. There are various conveyer belts with ingredients running on them, and you can use the ingredients to make recipes to try to bribe the Gourmet Guy guarding the area with the Green Stars. Enemies here include Dry Bones, Boos, Peepas, \lang1033\f0 Bone \lang9\f9 Lil' Bonker\f0 s\lang1033 , Bone \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, Dry \f4 Beetleies\f0 , Bone \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Witchies, Tanookoi Peepas, and new Disaster Meal enemies that appear when you make a recipe wrongly, and can spit blobs of acid and come back a bit after being defeated unless hit by a fireball or iceball. To get the Gourmet Guy to move, you have to make a hamburger, a shortcake, and a lobster bisque (which can't be made from ingredients, but is found in the middle of a Peepa circle). \tab None\par9-05: Sludge Hangar \tab The hangar of Slanito's Castle, where he holds his strongest of airships and tanks. After a tough first section involving dodging lasers and Spindels, Slanito returns in his signature airship, the Airship Noxiousgas, and calls his strongest troops, which include Koopatrols, Noki Trainees, Ninja Jiros, Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Quicksilver Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Kammies, Kitty Scratches (purple), Sledge Bros., and his elite guard of the Nokinja Twins,\lang1033\f0  \cf1\lang9 The Wenchhog Bros\cf0\f7\fs28 , \lang1033\f0\fs22 Toxic \lang9\f9 Cactie Joes\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , \lang9\f9 Squirtle Troopas/Paratroopas (Koopas which squirt water),\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9 Kitty Scratches Kammies Ninja Jiros and Scorpitori, which are invincible in this level. After a long chase while avoiding the Noxiousgas' cannonballs and Bullseye Bills, and avoiding the attacks of his strongest troops, the player can reach a Bob-Omb Cannon and bombard the Noxiousgas with Bob-Ombs untill the ship explodes, causing Slanito to flee and the elite enemies chasing you to flee. \tab Airship Noxiousgas (Chasing Boss)\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9\par9-06: Malignant Fog Hall \tab The first of three hall trials that serve as the last lines of defense to Slanito's Throne and Treasure Rooms. This hall is themed around fog and illusions, and throughout the first part the player has to outpace a deadly fog while going through a door maze. The rest of the hall has many illusions made of fog, including walls, Coins, and even Green Stars. Enemies here include new Illusion Foos, which are Foos which blow out illusionary Coins, Ty-Foos, Quicksilver Joes, Sludgoids, Slammers, new Toxic Bob-Omb enemies which explode into puddles of corrosive acid, Sludge Salamanders, and Peepas. The boss here, King Bob-Omb, gained dark magic from Slanito and now has new attacks, including throwing Toxic Bob-Ombs, creating multiple illusions of himself that only throw regular Bob-Ombs, and using his magic to make the next Bob-Omb he throws massive, but he still has the same weaknesses. \tab Shadow King Bob-Omb (Normal)\par9-07: Shadowcall Hall \tab The second of three hall trials that serve as the last lines of defense to Slanito's Throne and Treasure Rooms. This hall is themed around darkness and water, and has the player carrying Light Blocks underwater to find hidden routes in order to get to certain parts of the area. In the final section before the boss, there is also a Snake Block that is made of Light Blocks that the player has to ride over a pit of poison while also avoiding fireballs. Enemies here include Cheep-Cheeps, Bloopers, Ninja Jiros (purple), Launching Bloopers, Neep-Enuts, Toxic Bubbles, \lang1033\f0 Sludge \lang9\f9 Egeres\lang1033\f0 , Sludge \lang9 Ferreasels, Mini-L33T HAMM3R BROZ\lang1033 s, \lang9\f9 Poison Bloopers, and Toxic Octoombas. The boss here, Prince Pikante, gained dark magic from Slanito and now has new attacks, such as spewing a stream of poison, launching heat-seeking inkballs from it's mouth, and using it's tentacles to try to grab the player. To defeat it now the player has to use the Fire Flower to burn his vehicle, then jump on his head before he calls a new one. \tab Shadow Prince Pikante (Normal)\par9-08: Tanooki Twist Hall \tab The third of three hall trials that serve as the last lines of defense to Slanito's Throne and Treasure Rooms. This hall is themed around the Super Leaf and Tweesters, and uses the Tanooki Form of the player to cross wide gaps while avoiding Tweesters that would launch you into a spiky ceiling. During the final section you have to get across a massive gap by using Paddle Wheels while trying to stay between two Mega Tweenadoes that slowly move torwards the bosses. Enemies here only include Tweesters, Sectle Spear-Masks, \f0 Sludge Bros, \f9 Mega Tweenadoes, and Fuzzies. The bosses here, the Nokinja Twins and Scorpitori, both use dark magic gained from Slanito, and now combine their attacks together and all three can now launch dark lasers, although they can still be defeated the same way as before. \tab Shadow Nokinja Twins and Shadow Scorpitori (Trio Bosses)\lang1033\f0  \lang9\f9\par9-09: End of the Three Halls \tab The part where the three hall areas converge, which directly connects to the Throne and Treasure rooms of Slanito's Castle. Once entering the area for the first time, Poison Gobblegut, the personal guard dragon to Slanito's Treasure Rooms, emerges from a toxic pit and starts chasing you. You have to guide Poison Gobblegut through a remix of sections from the first area of each Land from each game, with each first area being connected by Launch Stars. Enemies include all the enemies that were found in the first area of every Land. Once the player reaches the final Launch Star and lands on a golden arena, the player has to attack Poison Gobblegut by throwing Bob-Ombs at his Bellyache Bulges while avoiding his tunneling, poison breath, and tail slams. \tab Poison Gobblegut (Chasing Boss)\par9-10: Slanito's Treasure Room? \tab The treasure room of Slanito's Castle...that actually hold a Bandineemoth Robot gifted by the Bandinero King in case that any one will attempt to steal it. Enemies found there are all kind of enemies guarding the treasures, from the weak Goomba to the invincible Boohemoth, as well as The Gingybreads (purple) & the Bandineemoth Robot itself. The latter enemy can only be defeated by throwing a Big Bob-Omb on its mouth, but it will return when leaving and coming back to this area. It also have the most Green Stars to collect. \tab None\par9-B: The Final Battle \tab The final area, where the player have to clear the eight doors with each Koopaling (and Kamek) with a revamped boss stage. All of them had even have two extra attack when they got hit once. The final door can only opened when the player had defeated all of the eight World Bosses, where Slanito is waiting. The first battle, he wears a Spiny Helmet to avoid getting stomped and dashes to damage the player. It is easy compared to the second phrase, he grew up into a bigger proportion by eating his Poison Mushrooms and attempt to stomp the player and other attacks, such as spitting poisonous goops. In the two phrases, he can only be damaged when tripped by any techniques. \tab\par\parKoopalings and Kamek (Boss Rush)\par\parSlanito (Final Boss Phrase 1 and 2)\par9-F: Slanito Ain't No Weakling! \tab After the victory poses of the player, Slanito get back up and taunt the player, and then attempt to grow much bigger with his Poison Mushrooms, but ended up to be too heavy for the floor to support, breaking the floor apart when he jumped back on it. Unlike the other phrases, this final phrase can be attempted again instead of having to start over if losing a life. In this boss area, Slanito had fallen into his real treasure room, filled with different power-ups, where he become Rainbow Slanito, who can uses all sort of power-up attacks. The only way to defeat him is to bonk on his face with a Team Attack Technique (not a Team Support Technique). This way to attack requires to be done five times, but after the third hit, Slanito will sometimes fake out his tiring and will instead attempt to bite and then spit the player who unluckily perform it back, as well as calling enemies for help. \tab Rainbow Slanito (Final Boss Phrase 3)\par\par9-L: Champion's Fake Road\par\par(140 Green Stars Required)\par\tab A fake Champion's Road built by Slanito to test his own abilities to the very limit, which hasn't been used for quite a while and has a bit of overgrowth. Much like past Champion's Roads, it has a series of super-tough challenges, but unlike the true Champion's Road there is a safety net below the entire area to catch the player if they fall. Enemies here include Octoombas, Sludge Bros, \lang1033\f0 Metal \lang9 Ferreasels\lang1033 , Metal \lang9 G\f9\u363?rindais\lang1033\f0 , \lang9\f9 Metal Octoombas, Ant Troopers, Mechakoopas, Parabeetles, Hot Sand Jiros, Kritta\lang1033\f0 s, \lang9\f9 Charging Chucks, \lang1033\f0 METAL \lang9\f9 PANDOJO\lang1033\f0 s \lang9\f9 and Metal Sledge Bros.. The bosses here, Sledgequake and Emperor Caccactor, use a Magic Wand and Aqua Suit respectively, and gain new abilities, such as Sledgequake turning some of his hammers into Sledge Bros., Emperor Caccactor launching a wave of scalding water, among other abilities, albeit they have the same weaknesses. \tab Black-Shelled Sledgequake and Aqua Emperor Caccactor (Duo Bosses)\parSpecial Star WorldEdit\par\parThe Special Star World can only be accessed if the player had completed all lands and collecting all of the 150 Green Stars. Unlike the other worlds, there is no Boss area and all levels are Lost Levels, the last one being a revamp of Super Mario World's Bowser Castle. There is no Green Stars in this world.\parArea Number and Name \tab Description \tab Bosses\parS-L1: Messed Up World 8-4 \tab The remake of World 8-4 from the original Super Mario Bros, remade into a 3D level and having more bottomless pits and Lava Bubbles to deal with. The Statue Leaf is introduced, and is a upgrade to the Super Leaf that allows the player to turn into a statue to break normally unbreakable enemies. The enemies here are all the enemies found in Super Mario Bros. The boss here, the Pixel Mecha-Bowser, is a pixelized Mecha-Bowser that acts a 3D version of the Bowser from the original Super Mario Bros, and using the axe at the end of the bridge can easily defeat him. \tab Pixel Mecha-Bowser (Normal)\parS-L2: Flip-Swap To The Beat! \tab The remake of Flip-Swap Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2. It have notably more Flip-Swap Platforms and also more enemies such as Bullet Bills. The Octoombas are also more numberous but unlike in Super Mario 3D World, they can only spit a rock like in the original Super Mario Galaxy. The player have to jump to flip those platforms but the area itself had been readjusted to make it much less difficult without the use of the Star Spin because of only available for Rosalina. At the end, the player will face Magic Gooper Blooper who turn any blocks into enemies with his magic ink and thus can only hurt if the player tricked it by letting it to approach the player then when the platform is settled, the player jump when the Gooper Blooper is on it, thus making it stuck and vulnerable. \tab Magic Gooper Blooper (Normal)\parS-L3: Shiverburn Constellation \tab A remake, or more like a combination, of the Freezeflame Galaxy and the Shiverburn Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, respectively. It start with a section of Freezeflame Galaxy where the player have to catch the skating Penguin to summon a Launch Star and go through the next section like in The Frozen Peak of Baron Burr with additional enemies, but Baron Burr itself is only a mid-boss and once defeated another Launch Star had appeared and a checkpoint, thus the player will have to go through the section akin to the mission Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood, which is the same but with more challenging platforms and more enemies. This time, and surprisingly, instead of Prince Pikante at the end, you will face both Ice Petey Piranha and Fire King Boo. It is more difficult to face both of them but it is possible to exploit their power by tricking them to attack each other, but they become smarter when you did it twice and require the use of dropping Fire Flowers or Ice Flowers against the opposing power (Ice against King Boo and Fire against Petey Piranha). \tab Ice Petey Piranha and Fire King Boo (Duo Bosses)\parS-L4: Footlight Fortress \tab The remake of Footlight Lane from Super Mario 3D World. It have the invisible paths that is only visible when the player is near enough to it. It also got a more fortress-like structure because of its renewed appearence, much less pits but even more mechanic enemies that could be dangerous if the player is careless. It also introduce a Cat King Bill, that is actually have a lion-like structure and have menacing fangs like the Banzai Bills, and also make a mechanical roar (albeit a funny one) when it see and chases the player, but it is slow and can be easily avoided. \tab None\parS-L5: Ricco Harbor Returns \tab The remake of Ricco Harbor from Super Mario Sunshine. The most noticable differences is that most of the zone are infested by various Bob-Ombs instead of goop-like enemies, which you need to get rid of about 75% of them in order to get to the helicopter-landing section, where Gold King Bob-Omb is waiting. Another noticable difference is that does to the lack of goop, tough enemies are also included such as Chargin' Chucks, which makes the Aqua Suit a more utility. \lang1033\f0 Plus \lang9\f9 Kibble Tridents, When facing Gold King Bob-Omb, he will set the arena surrounded by electronic forcefield and set himself into a timed self-destruct, which require the player to defeat him quickly. He attack like before but now throw golden Bob-Ombs that cannot damage him. He can be damaged and have its timed self-destruct completely delayed when thrown into a forcefield, however. \tab Gold King Bob-Omb (Normal)\parS-L6: The Greatest Goal Pole! \tab The remake of The Great Goal Pole, with an evasive Goal Pole that the player must reach. (Reaching it earlier in any circonstances before where it finally stop will only make the player to slip even in a Cat Power-Up.) The level is modified to have more enemies, but less dangerous traps, as well as various bosses, Koopalings and Kamek not included, to stop you at all cost. You cannot really defeat them but you can stun them in order to make them stop. More enemies included are Bandineemoth Robots, Chain Chomps, Bullet Bills and Para Bob-Ombs (courtesy of King Bob-Omb). \tab None (Bosses such as Petey Piranha and Whomp King are only obstacles)\parS-L7: Lift-Off to the Moon \tab The remake of the level Lift-off Launch from Donkey Kong Country Returns, extended and altered to make it into a entire area. Unique to the level is the powerful Rocket Barrel, a majestic creation from Donkey Kong Island that allows the player to fly indefinitely, untill the player is hit twice, causing the Rocket Barrel to be destroyed and making a player lose a life. Around halfway through the level the player can grab the Army Grape to allow you to launch extra Rocket Barrels like missles at enemies instead of dodging them. Aside of Tiki Buzzes, Buichis, and Parabeetles, there are also small and new Blimparf enemies that bounce projectiles away from it back at the player. The boss here, the Airship Starriser, surrounds itself with Blimparfs, but usually has a gap you can aim at to damage it. \tab Airship Starriser (Normal)\parS-L8: Hammerswing Mountain \tab The remake of Hammerswing Caverns from New Super Mario Bros. U, remodeled into 3D and also taking place in a mountain instead of a cavern. Because of this, enemies found there are all sort of Hammer Bros. and counterparts, and Chargin' Chucks with all sort of possible tactics they had in this game. However, this area still include the hammer-like platforms, and a red counterpart that swing fast when activated by a platform that may not only hurt the player but also enemies. This become fundamental for the boss fight against Bee-Shelled Sledgequake, who, despite the comparitively small bee-wings, can fly indefinitely but lose his flight when hit by a red hammer-platform and make himself vulnerable against a ground pound or projectiles. \tab Bee-Shelled Sledgequake (Normal)\parS-L9: Space Junk Cosmoes \tab The remake of Space Junk Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy, with various additions including the replacement of Sling Pods with Cannons, the removal of the airships area, and various more enemies. There is also a Purple Coin Challenge on the Space Junk area, but instead of winning a Green Star from collecting them all, it instead creates a Warp Star that connects the Space Junk area to the Stone Planet area. Enemies here include Boxoombas, Octoombas, Scuttlebugs, Amps, and Fire Chomps. The boss here, Gold Scorpitori, is fought on a arena with a electronic barrier, and if he isn't beaten in a set time the arena will blow up and destroy the player. This version of Scorpitori is similar to the regular Scorpitori though, as the only differences are that all of his attacks have shockwaves and that he can launch globs of acid from his tail. \tab Gold Scorpitori (Normal)\parS-L10: Bowser's Neon Castle \tab The remake of Bowser's Castle from Super Mario World, complete with a Back Door Entrance accessible after flipping four secret switches that appear in Wormhole City after you beat the game. The rest is currently TBA. \tab Millennium Star (Bonus Boss)\par\lang1033\b\f1\fs28\par\parNew Ultra Mario Bros. 1\par\parEdit Comments622,056pages on this wiki \{| cellpadding="14" cellspacing="14" style="margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; border-collapse: collapse; background: #EFB917; border-radius: 18px; -moz-border-radius: 18px; -webkit-border-radius: 18px; -khtml-border-radius: 18px; -icab-border-radius: 18px; -o-border-radius: 18px; color: #993C00;" | |This page is under construction. Please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to complete it as soon as possible! |\} Add Image'New Ultra Mario Bros. 1' is a game for the Nintendo Wii U, made by Blizzard Studios. It was released on December 3rd, 2016.\parContentsEditEdit\par\parVibie Bowser \tab 8523 \tab none \tab 83 \tab none \tab Mushroom Kingdom\par \hich\af37\dbch\af11\loch\f11 Acient Dry Bowser \tab 10000 \tab none \tab 100 \tab none \tab Mushroom Kingdom\par \hich\af37\dbch\af11\loch\f11 Vibe Heart Battles\par [show]==Story== The game starts out with Mario eating lunch with Peach, Luigi, Toadsworth, and many Toads. Then, Mario goes off to the bathroom. When he comes back, he sees screaming Toads on fire, a worried Toadsworth, and Peach and Luigi gone. He runs outside to see Bowser, Bowser Jr., Boom Boom, Kamek, and the Original 7 Koopalings flying away with Luigi and Peach. Mario has to save them!\par\parThroughout the game, Peach's Castle will have up to 7 flags placed on top of the castle before the last world, Dark Doom Ditch. They will be placed there each time Mario completes a world. Throughout the game, the player will battle Boom Boom and Bowser Jr. various times, and the Koopalings will be fought. Then, Bowser Jr. and Boom Boom will be fought twice in Dark Doom Ditch. bwoser is fought, and defeated.\par\parThe princess is saved, and Bowser, Bowser Jr., Boom Boom and the Koopalings are defeated. Then, they are blown away by a light blue spirit, and Kamek flies off to Bowser's Castle. Then, the worlds Rainbow Road and Grand Star Road are unlocked, although Rainbow Road needs to be completed to unlock Grand Star Road.\parGameplayEditEdit\par\parLike all New Mario games, there are new items, enemies, and levels. However, this is the first in its own series, and is therefore called "the introduction to almost all of the mechanics". The game also includes multiplayer mode, which is the only mode you can play as Toads, and online gameplay, where you can play with up to 6 people.\par\parClassic but popular transformations, like Super Mario, Fire Mario, and Invincible Mario return. There are also those classic and forgotten transformations, like Hammer Mario and Frog Mario. Then, there are recent transformations, like Ice Mario and Mini Mario. However, there is only 1 new transformation.\parControlsEditEdit\parInventoryEditEdit\par\parDebuting in Super Mario Bros. 3, the inventory is used to get transformations before levels. You can either get items via the overworld, challenges, or Toad Houses, or get them by giving up your current transformation and putting it in the inventory.\parCharactersEditEdit\parPlayable CharactersEditEdit\parImage   \tab Name   \tab Description   \tab Notes  \par[80] \tab Mario \tab This popular plumber has been having fans since 1981. He's gotten so many hobbies: racing, playing tennis, and fighting. But he will always be going on adventures, mostly to save Princess Peach. \tab Only player playable at the beginning of the game, and only single-player mode playable character besides Luigi.\par[81] \tab Luigi \tab This is Mario dressed up in his green shirt and blue overalls., that's Luigi. He's always overshadowed by his brother, and is called "Green Mario" or "the green guy" by Toads. He has a lot of fans, though, and he is a great jumper! \tab Unlocked after completing Grassy Plains. He has better jumping than the Toads and Mario, but his traction is worse than the Toads and Mario.\par[82] \tab Red Toad \tab This looks like Princess Peach's main servant, but this is actually a Red Toad. See the vest? Well, anyways, he will eventually be the Toad Brigade Captain in a few years, and he's an all-around character. \tab Only playable on Multiplayer mode or Online mode.\par[83] \tab Blue Toad \tab This is another Toad, only playable in Multiplayer/Online mode. He's the fastest Toad, and he will eventually become Toadbert. \tab Only playable on Multiplayer mode or Online Mode.\par[84] \tab Yellow Toad \tab Yellow Toad is scared of ghosts, and he slows down when in Ghost Houses. He likes to lick his fingers when he gets something tasty, and he falls asleep easily. \tab Only playable on Multiplayer mode or Online Mode. Slows down in Ghost Houses.\par[85] \tab Green Toad \tab Green Toad wants to be a banker, and he will eventually become one. He isn't as fast as the other Toads, but he's a better jumper than them. \tab Only playable on Multiplayer mode or Online Mode.\parSupporting CharactersEditEdit\parImage   \tab Name   \tab Description  \par[86] \tab Toads \tab These are the somewhat cowardly, somewhat brave Toads. Peach uses them as shields, yet they are still loyal to her.\par[87] \tab Toadsworth \tab Toadsworth is Peach's caretaker. He loves Peach, and will risk his life to save her. He is extremely strict.\par[88] \tab Princess Peach \tab Princess Peach is the damsel in distress. Bowser has kidnapped her once again, and she needs to be saved!\par[89] \tab Yoshis \tab The Yoshis are here to save you. There's a green, red, blue, light blue, and yellow varients. They all have special powers.\par[90] \tab Rosalina \tab Rosalina is seen at Grand Star Road. She grants Mario and Luigi the power to Star Spin.\par[91] \tab Lubba \tab Lubba is Rosalina's friend and partner. He calls one of the Lumas so they can help Mario.\parVilliansEditEdit\parImage   \tab Name   \tab Description  \par[92] \tab Bowser \tab Bowser is the King of all Koopas. All he seems to want is to marry Princess Peach, but he really just wants to marry her so he can rule the Mushroom Kingdom.\par[93] \tab Boom Boom \tab Boom Boom is Bowser's nephew. He likes to beat up the Mario Bros., but is usually unsuccessful because he doesn't pick brain over brawn.\par[94] \tab Bowser Jr. \tab Bowser Jr. is Bowser's mischievous child. Bowser Jr. naturally shows his mouth, but when mad, he puts his mask over his mouth to feel more intimidating. He has his own Koopa Clown Car.\par\lang9\b0\f0\fs22\par    Goomba: The underling of underlings. Defeated by a jump.\par    Koopa: A turtle that walks off cliffs. When jumped on, it retreats into a shell you can grab and throw.\par    Dig Beetle: A beetle that digs underground to try to eat Mario. Defeated by shooting a fireball into its mouth.\par    Shroob: A alien that has a laser gun which shoots lasers. Defeated by 2 jumps. He can use a evasion technique to try to avoid the jump.\par    Pyrogoomba: A Goomba that throws fireballs. Defeated by throwing a jug of water.\par    Charging Chuck: A Koopa that plays baseball. He throws baseballs and can charge torwards you. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Tumblechomp: A Chain Chomp that has no chain, but is pushed to the left by high winds. Undefeatable.\par    Cactus Piranha: A Piranha Plant that is protected by thorns. Defeated by 3 fireballs.\par    Whirlwind Koopa: A Koopa that spins like Boom-Boom to make whirlwinds. Wait untill it gets dizzy, then jump on it to retreat it to its purple shell.\par    Earthquake Goomba: A Goomba that creates earthquakes that stun Mario if he is on the ground. Jump on it 2 times to defeat him.\par    Brambi the Rhinoceros\par    Pokey: A cactus that can knock his segments at you. Defeated if the head is the only segment left. Only Orbit Mario can reduce him to one segment \par    Cape Goomba: A Goomba that flies with a cape and uses evasive techniques to avoid jumps. Defeated by a jump.\par    Cape Bukiset\par    Ninji: A ninja that resides in deserts shooting shurikens and jumping from foreground and background. Defeated by a jump.\par    Cheep-Cheep: A fish that jumps out of the water and swims around. Defeated by a jump over the water, and a fireball underwater.\par    Makoop\par    Barbarian Grublimp\par    Barrel Goomba: A Goomba that defends himself with a barrel. Defeated with a ground pound.\par    Mermaid Shroob: A Shroob that dwells underwater shooting lasers with a laser gun. Defeated by deflecting its laser ball at him.\par    Background Hand: A hand that hides in the background to avoid attacks while being able to attack Mario In the foreground. Defeated by launching him back at the background when he tries to attack you, or jumping on it if you are playing as Ninjira and using his special skill.\par    Cape Bro: A Hammer Bro that floats around with a cape. He lobs hammers while trying to swoop down at you. Defeated by a jump.\par    Storm Shroob\par    Shadow Knik-Knak: A subspace version of Knik-Knak\par    Aqua Koopa; A Koopa that spits water, retreats into a shell that moves into its shell, and uses the water to gain speed able to destroy steel blocks. Undefeatble, but if you can grab its shell, you can use it to steel blocks.\par    Crocodiver: A crocodile that swims on the top of the water in groups of 3. Can be defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Pirak: The oppisite of a Ninji. It has a arm that shoots cannonballs and a hookshot on its other arm to swing from left to right. Defeated by a jump.\par    Blooper: A squid that follows you around trying to spew ink. Defeated by a fireball.\par    Swordlik: A barrel that has a sword that can hurt Mario if he tries to jump on it. Defeat it by using the Orbit Flower to pull his sword away, and then ground pounding him when he doesn't have a sword.\par    Pelican Goomba: A Goomba that has tiny versions of himself flying around him. Defeated by getting one of his babies to hit him by pulling the babies forwards him using Orbit Mario.\par    Cosmo Magikoopa\par    Cat Goomba: A Goomba that can perch on walls and pounce on Mario. Defeated by a jump.\par    Shy Guy: A masked minion that can turn around from a cliff unlike Goombas. Defeated by a jump.\par    Cat Monty: A Monty Mole that uses the Super Bell to come from the background and pounce onto the foreground.\par    Goombo: A creature simalar to the Goomba that can be grabbed when you jump on him, and throw him at enemies.\par    Bandit Piriparee\par    Fake Fire Flower: A Piranha Plant that disguises itself as a Fire Flower. If you try to collect it, you will get burnt. Defeated by pulling it out of the ground with Orbit Mario.\par    Hookshot Goomba: This Goomba swings between foreground and background and if defeated, the rope changes to swing from side to side for Mario. Defeated by a jump.\par    Shadow Acrobadee: A subspace version of Acrobadee\par    Bukiset\par    Bandinero: A bandit that tries to steal your Power-Up and turn into a enemy that can use that Power-Up.\par    Cape Goombo: Same as a Cape Goomba, but when you jump on it, he can be picked up and thrown.\par    Mechakoopa: A robot that spews a beam that richochets off of mirrors. Defeated by a ground pound.\par    Ogor: A mutant Koopatroll who's spikes melted and is twice as big as a Koopa. When jumped on, it retreats into a shell too big to pick up.\par    Shadow Barbarian Grublimp: A subspace version of Barbarian Grublimp\par    Thermo \cf3\f7 Wenchhog Bros\cf0\f0\par    Yakki: A tiny floating chandelier that shoots fire in 5 directions. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Acrobadee\par    Lumber Joe\par    Hyliops\par    Phoenix Bandit: A Bandit using a Phoenix Suit to swoop down while trying to take coins from Mario. When he is defeated with a jump, all the coins he stole and a Phoenix Suit will appear where he dies.\par    Knik-Knak\par    Ruined Turret: A statue designed like a Biota from the Aurum to defend the Earthquake Ruins. Deflect the blue orbs launched by it to defeat it.\par    Camo Clubba\par    Draglet: A baby dragon that spits tiny fireballs that bounce on the ground. Defeated by a jump.\par    Blockhopper: A creature made out of blocks that try to jump on Mario. Destroy all the blocks with either Boulder Mario or Orbit Mario to defeat him.\par    Vine Guy: A Shy Guy that swings from left to right on a vine while throwing exploding seeds. Defeated by a jump.\par    Lampoomba: A Goomba that glows in the dark. Keep it alive to reach the goal.\par    Magmaw: A undefeatable lava monster that goes in a circle through the foreground and background.\par    Dry Bones: A skeletal Koopa that if beaten by a jump, comes back to life 3 seconds later. The one way to truly  defeat it is by crushing it as Boulder Mario.\par    Shadow Makoop: A subspace version of Makoop\par    Sectle Acrobadee\par    Spirit Shroob\par    Spiked Swordlik: A Swordlik that also has spikes on the barrel. Defeated by crushing it as Boulder Mario.\par    Piranha Plant: A plant that tries to chomp Mario. Some are on the ceiling and can't be reached. Defeated by a fireball.\par    Skull Gillio\par    Caped Beetley\par    Gromba\par    Hydra Shroob\par    Boo: A ghost that chases Mario and can posses suits of armor. Defeated by using Knight Ghost Prince's sword.\par    Polterboo: A Boo that is haunting a suit of armor. Defeated by using Boulder Mario, but once defeated, the Boo goes out of the suit of armor.\par    Elec Jellybob\par    Para-Omb: A Bomb-Omb with wings. If jumped on, not only will he lose his wings, he will glow red and explode.\par    Bob-Omb: A walking bomb that is avoided by everyone. If jumped on, it will glow red and allow Mario to pick up the bomb and throw it to destroy steel blocks. Don't hold it too long, or it will explode.\par    Beetley\par    Rollidillo: A green armidillo that rolls around and leaves a slippery trail wherever he goes. Defeated by a jump when he isn't rolling and using Boulder Mario when he is rolling.\par    Gillio\par    Rollidillo Rider: A Goomba riding on a Rollidillo. The Goomba controls the Rollidilo and makes him turn around from cliffs. Using Orbit Mario can separate the two enemies apart.\par    Vine Chomp\par    Shadow Camo Clubba: A subspace version of Camo Clubba\par    Shadow Brambi the Rhinoceros: A subspace version of Brambi the Rhinoceros\par    Blazing Moth: A moth that uses fire to make itself fiery. Jump on it as Water Mario to defeat it.\par    Spear Guy: A Shy Guy that hides in the background and throws spears. Use Fire Ninjira to flip to the background and launch fireballs to defeat him.\par    Terror Knocka\par    Steel Bro.\par    Mega Rollidillo: A giant Rollidillo that crushes everything it rolls over. Defeated by 3 jumps.\par    Cat Rollidillo: A Rollidillo that uses a Super Bell to climb up walls and roll down at high speeds. Defeated by a jump.\par    Bullet Bill: A missile that is shot from Bullet Bill Blasters. Defeated by a jump.\par    Groove MumMum\par    Bullet Bill Blaster: A undefeatable enemy that stands still and launches a infinite amount of Bullet Bills.\par    Mega Goombo: A Goombo that is giant. The Mega Goombo, if jumped on, splits into 3 regular sized Goombos.\par    Melak: A muddy ghost that floats and oozes quicksand from its mouth. Jump on it 2 times to defeat it.\par    Latiku: A Koopa inside a cloud. Lakitus throw Spiny Eggs that when they touch the ground, turn into Spinies. Defeated by a jump or by deflecting the Spiny Eggs back at Latiku before they touch the ground.\par    Spiny: A red Buzzy Beetle that has spikes all over its body. Can be retreated into his shell if you are using Metal Mario.\par    Carbon Shroob\par    Shadow Buster Beetle: A subspace version of Buster Beetle\par    Background Bill: A Bullet Bill that comes from the background from Background Bill Blasters. Defeated by a jump.\par    Background Bill Blaster: The same as a Bullet Bill Blaster, but is in the background shooting Background Bills to the foreground.\par    Hikidillo: A red Rollidillo that has spikes on his armor to hang onto gates and ceilings. If Mario is below him, he will try to fall on Mario. Defeated by jumping on him as Metal Mario.\par    Crocosky: A Crocodiver that instead of swimming, flies. He comes in a group of 3 and can be defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Freezer Goomba: A Goomba that is protected by a frozen shield. Melt the shield and then jump on him to defeat him.\par    Super Brrr Koopa \parKritter\parKlasp\parKrittoy\parKabu\parKrusha\parBazuka \par    Icidillo: A Rollidillo that freezes the water he touches. Defeated by a jump.\par    Buster Beetle\par    Wooly Monty: A Monty Mole that breaks any ice it finds. He has horns that hurt you if you try to jump on him, so defeat him with a fireball.\par    Stone Lakitu\par    Gamma Guardian: Another statue designed to guard a sacred area, this time designed to look like a Tribyte from the Aurum. Defeated by crushing it with Boulder Mario when it is on the ground part of its set path.\par    Bomerang Bro: A Hammer Bro that launches bomerangs that go in a circular area and go back to him. Defeated by a jump.\par    Spear Bro.\par    Pirate Shroob\par    Shadow Throwilla: A subspace version of Throwilla\par    Hammer Bro: A Koopa that lobs hammers and jumps. Defeated by a jump.\par    Eca    Glow Bill: A Bullet Bill that's shot in the direction of the goal. Follow it to the goal.\par    Crog\par    Throwilla\par    Army\par    Aqua Army\par    Armyorange Army\par    Super Army\par    Buzzy Parabuzzo\par    Toplestone Tim\par    Toplestone Tim II\par    Toplestone Tim III\par    Super Timmy\par    Necky\par    Super Necky \par    Shadow Crog: A subspace version of Crog\par    Magic Gemblimp\par    Scubaglider: A Crocodiver that uses hangliders to glide down and come in groups of 3. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Shrooboid Brat: A chubby Shroob that swings with his lollipop. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Speedy Cheep\par   Lil Steely\par    Shadow Steel Bro.: A subspace version of Steel Bro.\parShadow Lil Steely: A subspace version of Lil Steely\par    Merlonian Ghost: A ghost of a ancient civilization. He uses icy spells and can create a projectile-proof force field. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Wave Joe Met\par    Robust Warrior: A giant suit of armor controlled by 3 Merlonian Ghosts. The suit of armor is in the background, and swings its sword at the foreground. Undefeatable.\par    Sound Ninjun\par    Petal Pusher: A Piranha Plant that has arms to punch the projectiles back at Mario. When he spits a fireball, keep deflecting it untill he misses a punch and gets defeated by a fireball.\par    Frigid Telly\par    Boomerang Ninjun\par    Cyborg ShrooChuck\par    Pelican Guy: A Shy Guy that uses a Pelican Suit to create tiny pelicans that he uses as a platform to continue walking in that direction. Defeated by a jump.\par    Crypt Bandinero\par    Octoguardian: A statue that was designed like a Blooper. Octoguardians attack by crushing the ground with tentacles. Climb its tentacles and shoot 3 fireballs at its weak spot to defeat it.\par    Miner Goomba: A Goomba that has a construction helmet. If he gets you in his light vision, he will chase torwards you. Defeated by a jump.\par    Shadow Kaze Ken: A subspace version of Kaze Ken\par    Astrogoomba: A Goomba that resides in space. He uses his jetpack to go fast in the lower gravity of Sarrasahland. Defeated by a jump.\par    Cyborg Shroob\par    Scini: A Shrooboid gardener that harvests Shroobs to attack Mario. Defeated by a ground pound.\par    Gao: A lion that spits fireballs and pounced from above. Defeated by deflecting the fire back at the Gao as Cape Mario.\par    Glacier Peek-a-boom\par    Shewball: A Shrooboid football player. He throws footballs that explode after a few seconds. Defeated by deflecting its football back at him as Cape Mario.\par    Spaki: A Shrooboid knight that swings his sword like Boom-Boom. He can jump while spinning and hover over gaps while spinning. Defeated by a jump.\par    Cave Dudes\par    Shadow Boomerang Bro.: A subspace version of Boomerang Bro.\par    Baalok: A sheep that tries to ram you with her electrified horns. Defeated by crushing her as Boulder Mario.\par    Vulcan Magigoomba\par    Jlakis: A Shrooboid UFO that launches Missle Bills. Defeated by shooting a projectile into its abduction radius.\par    Rakadillo: A Rollidillo that jumps and uses Sarrasahland's low gravity to roll in the air. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Sword Knight\par    Shroboo: A Shrooboid Boo that tries to attack you if you are looking at him. Defeated by blowing him into lava as Whirlwind Mario.\par    Lagiju: A Shrooboid Latiku that throws Icidillos from the background to the foreground. Defeated by jumping on him as Ninjira.\par    Shroob Sword Knight\par    Shadow Eca: A subspace version of Eca\par    Camo Skull Jumper\par    Missle Bill: A Bullet Bill that is red and homes at you. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Frost Simage\par    Goombekk: A Goomba that uses a Agile 'Shroom to speed around Mario and break brick blocks. Defeated by a jump.\par    Sprint Shroob: A Shroob which is using a Agile 'Shroom to rapidly fire his lasers. Try painting him green as Paint Mario to make him a great helper.\par    Shadow Sword Knight: A subspace version of Sword Knight\par    Holokizu 8.0: A living hologram machine that makes a hologram of a enemy. Defeated by painting the hologram to life to crush the Holokizu.\par    Diamond  Docron\par    Grand Gromba\par    Guardian Shroob: A white Shroob that comes in groups of 3 that protect each other while shooting lasers. They can be beaten by deflecting their lasers back at each other as Cape Mario.\par    Swiggler: A Shrooboid Wiggler that has spikes on every even segment. It is undefeatable, but can be used to cross the gaps of acid in some levels.\par    Faral: A alien Ninji that creates Holokizu 8.0s that project holograms of himself. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Kakak: A Shrooboid Crocodiver that swim on the top of acid in groups of 3. Defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Armored Monty Mole: A Monty Mole wearing a suit of armor. It will lead a group of 5 Goombas and will charge torwards Mario with a magic sword that when swung, launches a sword beam. Defeated by running past it as Quick Mario to knock the sword away and knocking him onto his back, and then jumping on him.\par    Kaze Ken\par    Coppice Spikkun\par    Bombardi: A Shrooboid Bullet Bill Blaster that launches Shroob-Ombs that land on the foreground.\par    Mightlight\par    Shroob-Omb: A Shrooboid Bomb-Omb that can't be picked up and has a large explosion radius.\par    Sr. Shroob: A Shroob that pilots a small tank to bombard Mario with Bullet Bills. The tanks vary in size and length. The tank can't be defeated, but you can defeat the Shroob by jumping on it.\par    Blaka: A black Rollidillo that explodes if Mario tries to jump on it. Defeat it from faraway using Fire Mario's fireballs.\par    Grime Walfrost\par    Plaku: A Koopa that leaves a trail of plasma behind it. Jump on it to retreat it to its shell. The shell can explode upon hitting small enemies and break brick blocks.\par    Shadow Koopatrol: A subspace version of Koopatrol\par    Zlaki: A Goomba that uses a magic wand to turn brick blocks into enemies. Defeated by a jump.\par    Primid: A creature made of subspace matter that uses a variety of weapons. If it uses a gun, deflect the shots back at it as Cape Mario. If it uses a sword, use Cat Mario to pounce on its back. If it uses claws, crush it as Boulder Mario. If it uses a missle silo, it is undefeatable.\par    Shadow Guppit: The shadow of a random enemy. It copies all the traits of the enemy it's the shadow of and is instantly defeated if the enemy it's the shadow of is defeated.\par    Commando Recapitator\par    Shadow Crog: A subspace version of Crog\par    Shadow Sr. Shroob: A subspace version of the Sr. Shroob that pilots a tank. The tank shoots Blakas from its cannon while shooting 2 Missle Bills as well. The tanks can't be defeated, but the Shadow Sr. Shroob is defeated by 2 jumps.\par    Fire Hammer Bro.\par    Volcanicy: A subspace volcano that spews ice from the top of its head. Defeated by clogging its top as Paint Mario.\par    Tamorlings: Minature versions of Lord Tamor that uses its fiery back as a propulsion system to fly around. Use Paint Mario to make it a ally that follows Mario around and spews lava out of its back at enemies.\par    Star Chargin' Chuck \par    Scopok: A scorpion that is covered with fire and launches its stingers like Bullet Bills. Defeat it by jumping on it 2 times as Water Mario or deflecting its stingers as Cape Mario.\par    Lacoon: A shielded Rollidillo that defends itself from jumps by using a shield. Defeat it by running past it as Quick Mario. \parSuper Mario Platformer\par \parBy Miles "Thumbs" Power\par\parSuper Mario Platformer: The Quest of Seven Star Spirits\parGenre: Platform\parSystem: GameCube\parPrice: $45.00\parDreambert\parThe Beginning\'85\parIt\rquote s a typical day for Mario. He\rquote s sitting around, playing a Gameboy at the table. Sounds of \ldblquote Yes\rdblquote , \ldblquote Yahoo\rdblquote , and \ldblquote Now I got ya\rdblquote  can be heard. Then there\rquote s a knock on the door. Mario is startled and falls out of his chair. After regaining his composure and rubbing his head, he answers the door and finds\'85 Professor E. Gadd! He comes in and starts telling Mario about his new invention, the two way wrist communicator. Mario is about to tell him that it has already been invented when he hears someone scream \ldblquote Mario!\rdblquote  in a feminine voice. The duo rushes over to the door and finds Boswer holding Peach in his Koopa Clown Copter. Bowser yells \ldblquote You can\rquote t stop me now, Mario!\rdblquote  Then he laughs maniacally and flies to his castle.\par\par\ldblquote Oh dear,\rdblquote  states E. Gadd, \ldblquote this is quite a problem. You best go rescue the princess, Mario. Take my Gaddgabber along so I can help you\rdblquote  Gadd gives Mario one of the wrist communicators and sends Mario on his way. He looks forward at Koopa Castle and breaks into a run. On the way there he runs into a Lakitu with a camera. The Lakitu asks if he can follow you around some more like last time, and Mario nods. And you\rquote re off!\par\parWelcome to Super Mario Platformer. This game is a lot like Super Mario Sunshine graphic-wise, but relies more on Mario\rquote s abilities like in Super Mario 64. Let\rquote s begin with the basics.\par\parControls\parControl Stick: Movement\parStart: Brings up the start menu\parA: Standard jump\parAA: Jump just as you land from another jump to perform a double jump. It is a bit higher.\parAAA: Jump just as you land from a double jump while moving to perform a triple jump. It sends you quite a distance\parA in water: Surface\parControl Stick in one direction then opposite + A: Cross jump. Higher than a double jump.\parC-stick around 360 degrees + A: Spin jump. The faster the 360 the higher the jump.\parA on wall: Wall kick.\parB: Standard punch (use power-up ability)\parBB: One-two punch\parBBB: One-two punch and kick\parDirection + B: Tapping the control stick a certain direction and pressing B makes Mario kick in that direction. The back kick is great for taking out Boos.\parB in air: Dive forward and slide\parB while sliding: Slide more\parB near item: Pick it up.\parB holding item: Drop\parB holding item and running: Throw\parB in water: Dive\parC Stick: Camera angle\parY: First-person zoom. Sometimes you just need a better look around than you can get with the camera.\parX: Item menu. Yes, you can use power-ups in this game! More on this later.\parZ: Crouch\parZ+A: Back flip\parZ+A while running: Long jump\parZ+B: Sweep\parZ + direction: Crawl\parZ on a slope: Slide. You slide down the slope killing any baddy in your way.\parD Pad: Not used\parL: Rotates the camera so it\rquote s behind you\parL in air: Ground pound\parR: Rotates the camera in front of you\par\parWhew, I think that\rquote s it for the controls. What? You want to know about the power-ups? Oh, fine. Here you go.\par\par1-Up Mushroom: Gives you an extra life\parCoin: Not really a power-up, but they heal you for one segment of health (and air underwater) and getting 100 gives you an extra life.\parBubble: A bubble. If you swim through it, it completely replenishes your air supply.\parMushroom: These come out of ? Blocks. They heal five segments of health. If you are at full health when you obtain it, it goes into inventory.\parFire Flower: They\rquote re back! If you obtain this, your shirt becomes white and your pants become red and you are able to shoot 20 fireballs. They shoot at an angle downwards and ricochet once, but can defeat almost any enemy. You lose it if you get hurt, and pressing X while wearing this will cause you to lose it.\parPropeller Block\parBeam Box\parP-Balloon\parJugem Cloud\parHammer\parWarp Whistle\parP-Wing\parMonkey Flower\parRock Mushroom\parT-Switch\parRed Ring\parCharacter Block\parDuckbill Suit\parStar Coins\parRoulette Block\parRubber Ball\parLucky Star\parLucky Coin\parSour Apple\parCrystal Flower\parFrog Suit: If you wear this, your jumping will improve, but you lose the ability to double and triple jump and your speed will be cut severely. However, you can swim more easily and you won\rquote t lose air as long as you don\rquote t get hurt.\parHammer Brother Suit: Like a Hammer Brother, you will throw a hammer straight horizontally at an opponent. Also, by crouching, fireballs will not hurt you.\parSuper Leaf: You will gain raccoon ears and a tail. By pressing B you can do a spin and knock enemies on their backs. Also, by running far enough, you can press A repeatedly and fly.\parBolt Flower\par\parNow, let\rquote s bring you to the enemies.\par\parGrombas: The basic traitor fungus. Jump on them or punch them.\parScuba Koopas: A loyal member of the Koopa Troop. Jump on it to kick it out of its shell, then pick it up and throw it. Watch out for rebounding off walls!\parPiranha Pops: The evil man-eating plants will try to take a bite out of you! Punch their stem to wilt them.\parLil Bonkies (Guffawha Ruins): The basic traitor fungus. Jump on them or punch them.\parJungle Nippers: Tiny white Piranha Plants. You must jump on them because punching them will hurt your hand.\parFootball Krittas: Shy Guys with wings and spears. You really only have to avoid them because they don\rquote t come directly at you but you can punch them from the side.\parFootball Spikes: Bugs that crawl up and down vines. Punch them when they come into range.\parKrittas: Caterpillars that turn red when mad. Jump on it then punch it while it\rquote s red.\parLaser \f3 Makoop\f0 s: A mechanical Koopa. Jump on it to deactivate it or punch it to destroy it. It can be picked up when deactivated. Found in all rooms.\parMagiMets: Koopa wizards. They\rquote ll shoot energy blasts at you, so you must dodge and jump on their heads. They disappear three seconds after releasing their spell. Found in all rooms.\par\f7 Rock Bros.\f0 : A masked mercenary. Any attack but a jump will beat it.\parDig-Digs; A masked mercenary. Any attack but a jump will beat it.\parGoombrats: Skeleton Koopas. They\rquote ll reform in ten seconds unless you use a power-up attack.\parBone Goombrats: Skeleton Koopas. They\rquote ll reform in ten seconds unless you use a power-up attack.\parEelectric; Only two in the game. They follow you and come closer each time you slacken your pace. Leave the current area and they stop following you. There are others that can fly in Wendy\rquote s room.\parSnarks: Skeleton fish found swimming in the oasis in the desert. They are invincible.\par\f7\fs24 Snow Yaban Warrior\f0\fs22 s: Only two in the game. They follow you and come closer each time you slacken your pace. Leave the current area and they stop following you. There are others that can fly in Wendy\rquote s room.\par\lang3081\f7\fs28 Buzzard Bombers; \lang9\f0\fs22 Skeleton Koopas. They\rquote ll reform in ten seconds unless you use a power-up attack.\parHedgehoggers: They\rquote ll reform in ten seconds unless you use a power-up attack.\parKoshas; Skeleton Koopas. They\rquote ll reform in ten seconds unless you use a power-up attack.\parSkele-Snarks: Skeleton fish found swimming in the oasis in the desert. They are invincible.\parCoin Bandits: They\rquote ll hide behind trees and rocks and dash out at you. If you have fast reflexes you might be able to attack them, but it\rquote d be easier just to jump out of their way.\par\cf1 Seaweeties\cf0 : They\rquote re small, so you\rquote ll have to kick them or jump them to damage them.\parRed Boos: If you face a Boo, they\rquote ll become transparent. Face away from them and when they came close, back kick them.\parMonking: They just swim back and forth, back and forth. Avoid them.\par\f3 Makoop\f0 s:  They\rquote re small, so you\rquote ll have to kick them or jump them to damage them. \parGiant Hammer Brothers: Usually found in twos. These guys throw hammers at you. You must avoid their hammers and jump or punch them. Fireballs don\rquote t effect them.\parSnow-Throwin' Monking: They just swim back and forth, back and forth. Avoid them.\parScuba \f7\fs24 Yaban Warrior\f0\fs22 s: Only two in the game. They follow you and come closer each time you slacken your pace. Leave the current area and they stop following you. There are others that can fly in Wendy\rquote s room.\parJunk Grolem; They dive down at high speeds to the place you just were. Keep moving and you should be fine.\parDiver Ball Throwers: They dive down at high speeds to the place you just were. Keep moving and you should be fine.\par\f3 Sand Bros.\f0 : They dive down at high speeds to the place you just were. Keep moving and you should be fine.Kunoichi Jane\par\f7 Violet Ninja Leave\f0 s: Jump and kick these guys in the mask!\parGiant Glueys: Takes a kick or a cross jump to bring them down.\par\lang1033 Slammin' Sam\lang9 s: Just like koopas, but giant.\par\f7 Ninja Leave\f0 s; They dive down at high speeds to the place you just were. Keep moving and you should be fine. Ninjette\parGiant \f7 Ninja Leave\f0 s: Jump and kick these guys in the mask!\parGiant Ninjettes: Jump and kick these guys in the mask!\parNinjettes; Jump and kick these guys in the mask!\parStalking Piranha Plants: They hurl fireballs. Punch them three times (BBB combo) to take them down.\par\f3 Chargin\rquote  \lang1033\f0 Luigi Relics\lang9 : Like Snifits, only they wear parkas and shoot ice at you.\parBob-Bats: They follow you around waiting to explode. You can also pick them up and throw them. They explode on impact.\parChomp Bros: They\rquote ll throw miniature Chomps at you. Avoid them and sock \lquote em!\parBoomerang Koshas: They fire boomerangs that come back to them. \lquote nuff said.\parAmazin\rquote  Flyin\rquote  Gromba Bros : They are on platforms and throw hammers down at you. Jump to take them off their platforms and you can use it.\parMunch-Snakes: Like Snifits, only they wear parkas and shoot ice at you.\parDark Koopas: These are Shy Guys that look like clowns. If you are anywhere near them when they do their spiral (a twister will appear) all of your controls will be inverted until you defeat it, or for ten seconds, whichever comes first.\par Red Bones: You will find the blasters scattered about, but you cannot hurt them. If they fire a Bill at you, just jump over (or on) them.\parIce Munch-Snakes: Like Snifits, only they wear parkas and shoot ice at you.\par\f7 Violet \fs24 Yaban Warrior\f0\fs22 s: Like Shy Guys. However, you can\rquote t attack them from the front because they fire nightmare bullets at unexpected times.\parSkweets: If their visor turns red, run away. He will strike out from his current position, like in Superstar Saga. Attack the body only, but beware; it will self-destruct.\parSuper Thwomps: They\rquote ll just slam down and rise back up. They have spikes again, so watch out.\par Ashquachs: Like the Koopatrol of Paper Mario. You can only attack them from the front.\par  Blooper: White squid-like creatures that chases you around the water\par    Boo Buddy(Original Name Boo Diddly): Regular ghost that floats and stops when you look at it. Sometimes attacks you in groups.\par    Boom-Boom: Boss of the SMB3 fortresses and other levels. Three hits kills it.\par    Boomerang Bros.: Hammer Bros. that fire boomerangs\par    Bob-omb: Small black bomb that explodes after a few seconds\par    Bullet Bill: Bullet shot from a cannon at Mario\par    Buster Beetle: Small black shelled beetle that throws blocks at you\par    Buzzy Beetle: Invulnerable to fire. Turns to a shell when killed.\par    Cannon Ball: Balls that come out of cannons is the airship.\par    Chain Chomp: A black, sharp toothing ball that tries to bite at you from it's chained position\par    Cheep Cheep: Fish that either swims around water or leaps out of water at you\par    Dry Bones: A skeletal turtle that comes back to like after being jumped on.\par    Fire Bros.: Hammer Bros. that spits fire from their mouths\par    Fire Chomp: A floating chain-chomp with a tail of fire. Explodes after it spits all of its fire.\par    Fire Snake: A bouncing line of one big and a few little fireballs\par    Giant Green Koopa Paratroopa: A big green flying turtle in World 4\par    Giant Green Koopa Troopa: A big green turtle in World 4\par    Giant Piranha Plant: Huge piranha plant found in World 4 of SMB3\par    Giant Red Koopa Troopa: A big red turtle in World 4\par    Green Koopa Paratroopa: Hopping Koopa troopa with wings\par    Green Koopa Troopa: Regular turtle, with MANY colored and super-sized cousins.\par    Goomba: Regular walking brown guy. A basic enemy.\par    Goomba-in-a-block:A micro-goomba in a block that leaps at Mario\par    Grand Goomba: Large Goomba found in World 4 of SMB3\par    Hammer Bros.: Giant, standing turtles that throw hammers\par    Hot foot: A candle flame that chases Mario\par    Jelectro: Unmoving, electric jellyfish found in the water\par    Kuribo's Goomba: A Goomba in a Kuribo's shoe\par    Lakitu: A floating Koopa in a cloud that throws spiny's or spiny shells.\par    Lava Lotus: Clear, gelatin like, underwater plant that shoots 5 fireballs\par    Micro-goomba: A tiny, 8x8 pixel goomba. Usually with other regular goombas\par    Mini-blooper: A small baby blooper that follows a nanny blooper\par    Missile Bill: A Bullet Bill that changes direction to follow you. Flashes red.\par    Muncher: Small, black, unmoving chompers. Unbeatable\par    Nipper Plant(AKA Walking Piranha Plant's): Small white munchers that can move and leap at Mario\par    Para-beetle; Flying red shelled beetle that you can ride on\par   Heavy Para-beetle Flying red shelled beetle that you can ride on\par    Para-goomba: A hopping goomba with wings\par    Podoboo: A fireball that shoots from the lava in dungeons\par    Ptooie Plant: A walking Piranha Plant that shoots a spiked ball up and down\par    Red Koopa Paratroopa: Floating Koopa troopa with wings\par    Red Koopa Troopa: A turtle that walks back and forth.\par    Rocket Engine: White cylinders that blast bursts of flame. Found on airships.\par    Rocky Wrench: A small rodent that pops from holes and throws wrenches.\par    Roto-disk: A red glowing disk that rotates around a block. Can be beaten with the Tanooki Suit.\par    Sledge Bros.: Huge hammer bros. whose stomp stops Mario in his tracks.\par    Spike: A green creature that throws Spike-Balls\par    Spiny: small koopa troopa with spikes on it's back\par    Spiny Cheep Cheep: A spiny backed cheep-cheep\par    Spiny egg: thrown by Lakitu. Turn to spinies when they hit the ground\par    Stretch:Long white block with boo buddies heads popping out\par    Thwomp: Large cinder block that tries to crush Mario when he runs by.\par    Venus Fire Trap: A piranha plant that shoots fire \parName:Mimicard(Mimic+Card)\parSpecies: Deck Pokemon\parType:Fantasy\parHt:1'75 ft\parWt:0.22 lbs\parAbility: Pressure\parEvo:None\par~A flat pokemon who disguises as cards,Mimicards are seen mostly in casino's with they're trainers or a magician,however very rare in the wild but how to find one you'll see it in it's full deck form and asleep.but they can't be found that easily\par\parName:Carking(Card+King)\parSpecies:King Card Pokemon\parType:Fantasy/Dragon\parHt:7'99 ft\parWt:4.93 lbs\parAbility:Intimidate\parEvo:Male Mimicard(Hold King's Rock and learn Dragon Pulse)\parSignature Move: Dragon Deck\par~Known as "King of the deck",Carkings are loyal companions to they're trainer but they like to take on fights without being told what to do,the relation with Carqueen is stable\par\parName:Carqueen(Card+Queen)\parSpecies:Queen Card Pokemon\parType:Fantasy/Fairy\parHt:5'82 ft\parWt:2.10 lbs\parAbility:Serene Grace\parEvo:Female Mimicard(hold Pretty Wing and learn Fairy Wind)\parSignature Move: Fairy Deck\par~Known as "Queen of the deck"Carqueens are graceful and well mannered to pokemon and trainers and they usually listen to they're trainer when it gets to battle,the relation with Carking is stable\par\parName:Jokard(Joker+Card)\parSpecies:Trap Card Pokemon\parType:Fantasy/Poison\parHt:5'11 ft\parWt:3.91 lbs\parAbility:Anticipation\parEvo:Mimicard(Hold Red Card and learn Thief)\parSignature Move:Fool's cards\par~Known to be the Tricksters in the decks,Jokard are quite a mysterious being cause you can't tell either which head is real or fake cause they both move or either which piece flops,but in battle Jokards dont really listen to they're trainer and just do what they want\par\parName:Spadeart(Spade+Heart)\parSpecies: Bird Deck Pokemon\parType:Fantasy/Phoenix\parHt:4'77 ft\parWt:6.10 lbs\parAbility:Flare Boost\parEvo:Mimicard(hold any fire related items and learn Incinerate)\parSignature Move:Phoenix Spade,Fire Heart\par~One of the 2 bizzarre evolution of Mimicard,Spadearts resemble as a bird and flies like a bird and also conduct flames on itself,but dispite they're weird nature they are welcome to all who ever spotted it\par\parName: Diaclub(Diamond+Club)\parSpecies: Golem Deck Pokemon\parType:Fantasy/Rock\parHt:4'77\parWt:391.lbs\parAbility:Solid Rock\parEvo:Mimicard(Hold any rock related items and learn Power Gem)\parSignature Move:Diamond Blade,Stone Club\par~One of the 2 bizzarre evolution of Mimicard,Diaclub are strong pokemon that can hold anything that is heavy and also hits a rock with just only one fist.\par\parName:Cardace(Card+Ace)\parSpecies:Ace Pokemon\parType:Fantasy/Steel\parHt:6'99 ft\parWt:591.1 lbs\parAbility:Justified\parEvo:Mimicard(Lv.55 and learn Sacred Sword)\parSignature Move:Ace Dash\par~Loyal guardians of the Mimicard family and the fastest steel type pokemon they're is,Cardace are known to make an "A" on walls to represence the Ace and also they can take on anyone who tried to attack.\par\parNew game: Start a new game.\parLoad game: Load a saved game. Up to four files.\parOptions: Options screen. It\rquote s pointless, so I won\rquote t mention it anymore.\parPractice Room: Practice all of Mario\rquote s moves. E. Gadd will walk you through it, and then release a herd of Goombas on you!\parCheats: More on these later.\par\parNow that that\rquote s taken care of; let\rquote s go onto the main game. You can first control Mario in the hallway of Castle Koopa. The only room open is Larry\rquote s. As you progress, you gain the keys to other rooms. For information on bosses, go to the next section.\par\parLevels\parWalkthrough\parWorld 1: After Bowser Jr. takes Peach, the game starts.\par1-1: D\'e9j\'e0 vu: An updated version of 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.\par1-2: D\'e9j\'e0 vu (Underground): An updated version of 1-2 from SMB.\par1-3: Mariozilla: Same as 1-1 from NSMB.\parTower: Tower of Terror: Same as the first tower.\par1-4: Mini Mania: A level that utilizes the Mini Mushroom.\par1-A: Accessed by 1-4\rquote s secret exit. It\rquote s the same as in NSMB.\par1-5: Mushroom Mayhem: 1-5 from NSMB. The one with the bouncy Mushrooms.\parGhost House: Welcome to the Ghost House: A ghost house level.\parCastle: Bowser\rquote s Fort: Same.\par\parWorld 2: Bowser Jr. then takes Peach to the next world.\par2-1: Pokeys and Platforms: A level with those 2 things.\par2-2: In the Pyramid: A level inside a pyramid.\par2-3: Desert\rquote s Sewer System: Same. The sewer level.\par2-A: Oasis: Same. But with some changes.\par2-4: Pyramid Slide: You slide down the pyramid\rquote s side and must make it to the end.\parGhost House: Tomb of the Ancients: A tomb, but it qualifies as a ghost house.\parTower: Tower of Tragedy: The same World 2 tower.\par2-5: Block Party: Same. It\rquote s the level with Blockhoppers.\par2-6: Quicksand Pit: A big level where you jump from platform to platform and avoid the big quicksand pit that spans the entire level.\parCastle: The Mummipokey\rquote s Tomb: Same.\par\parWorld 3: Jr. takes Peach to the next world.\par3-1: Cheep Chomp Bay: The same 3-1 from NSMB.\par3-A: Skeeter Bay: The same 3-A from NSMB.\par3-2: Toadlantis: An underwater temple.\parTower: Tower of Trouble: The same World 3 tower.\par3-3: Torpedo Away!: An underwater stage with torpedo teds.\parGhost House: The Ghost Ship: A haunted ship that qualifies as a ghost house.\par3-B: Pipes In The Sky: The same 3-B from NSMB.\par3-C: MEGA UNAGI!!: Out-swim the Mega Unagi.\parCastle: Cheepskipper\rquote s Battleship: A mix of the World 3 castle from NSMB and Bessie Bass\rquote  place.\par\parWorld 4: After beating Cheepskipper, Bowser Jr. destroys the bridge leading to the next world, so you have to find another way.\par4-1: Secret Tunnel: You start in Mummipokey\rquote s arena. Find the Mini Mushroom, then take the mini path and follow the tunnel to the end.\par4-2: Welcome to the Forest: The same 4-1 from NSMB.\par4-3: Lake of Peril: A scrolling underwater Mega Unagi parade, both mindlessly above or under you, and violently chasing you!\parBig Tree: Tree of Terror: A big tree, reminiscent of a tower.\par4-4: Wiggler World: The same 4-4 from NSMB.\par4-A: Poison Water Bay: The same 4-A from NSMB.\parGhost House: Beware the Broozers: A ghost house with lots of Broozers.\par4-5: Tarzan Imitations: A level where you swing from vine to vine all the way to the end (while getting away from the Big Bomb).\par4-6: Dorrie Ride: The same 4-6 from NSMB.\parPetey Piranha\rquote s Lair: The same World 4 castle from NSMB, but more forest-themed and the boss is Petey Piranha.\par\parWorld 5: After beating Petey, Mario makes Petey give him a ride to wherever Bowser Jr. went. Now you\rquote re caught up.\par5-1: The Flight of the Petey: A level where you ride on Petey to the end.\par5-2: Brrrrr!!: The same 5-1 from NSMB.\par5-A: The Magic Mushrooms: The same 5-A from NSMB.\parTower of Tears: The same World 5 tower.\par5-3: Snowball!: A level where Mario runs from the snowballer\rquote s big snowball.\par5-B: Icy Antics: The same 5-B from NSMB.\parGhost House: Abandoned Ski Lodge: A ghost house level with icy floors.\par5-C: Haunted Caverns: The same 5-C from NSMB.\par5-4: Mushroom Madness: The same 5-4 from NSMB.\parCastle: The Big Snowman\rquote s Igloo: The same World 5 castle, but with a different boss.\par\parWorld 6: Bowser Jr. takes Peach to World 6.\par6-1: Mountain Time: The same 6-1 from NSMB.\par6-A: Kab-omb Mines: An underground level with Kab-ombs.\par6-2: Now THAT\rquote S Platforming: A tricky level with small platforms and bottomless pits.\parTower: Tower of Turmoil: The same World 6 tower from NSMB.\par6-3: Pipe Panic: The same NSMB 6-3, but looks more like a mountain.\par6-4: Firebar Mountain: The same NSMB 6-4.\parBack-Up Tower: Tower of Trickery: The same second World 6 tower from NSMB.\par6-5: Volcanic Cavern: A level reminiscent of Thwomp Volcano\rquote s inside.\par6-B: Climb-High Mountain: The 6-6 from NSMB.\parGhost House: Haunted Mountain: A mountain of a ghost house level.\par6-6: The Aliens!: A level inside a big Shroob ship, so you can\rquote t get to Jr. All enemies are Shroob themed.\par6-6: Fly High Mountain: The same 6-6 from NSMB.\parCastle: General Guy\rquote s Fortress: The same World 6 castle from NSMB, only the guy in the tank is General Guy.\par\parWorld 7: Bowser Jr. does what he did after World 3 and destroys your path to the final level. You have to find another way to follow him.\par7-1: Another Secret Tunnel: You start in the Big Snowman\rquote s arena. Find the Mini Mushroom and go through the secret exit. Then follow the tunnel to the end.\parGhost House: The Dark Cloud: A big, black cloud that qualifies as a ghost house level.\par7-2: No Wait, THAT\rquote S Platforming!: The same 7-2 from NSMB.\par7-3: The Wiggler Express: The same 7-3 from NSMB.\parAirship: Ship of Doom: An airship reminiscent of a tower.\par7-4: Sky Garden: Someone must\rquote ve planted a lot of Mushrooms. Anyway, it\rquote s just NSMB\rquote s 7-4.\par7-5: Flutter For Your Life!: Use the Pink Yoshi at the beginning to flutter all the way to the end.\par7-6: Big Bomb in the Sky: Another outrunning of the Big Bomb.\par7-A: Pipe Maze: The same 7-A from NSMB, only outside in the air.\par7-7: BANZAI!: An airborne level where you mainly get around by jumping from Banzai Bill to Banzai Bill, with small clouds and Donut Lifts occasionally.\parCastle: Lakithunder\rquote s Cloud: The inside of a cloud with lots of traps and pits, just like the original World 7 castle from NSMB.\par\parWorld 8: After beating Lakithunder, Mario takes over the cloud and travels to World 8.\par8-1: The Thunder Cloud Express: Ride Lakithunder\rquote s cloud all the way to the end.\par8-2: Dark Land: The same 8-1 from NSMB.\parTower: Tower of Traps: The same World 8 tower.\par8-3: Mega Unagi Lake: The same 8-3 from NSMB.\par8-4: Creepy Crawlies: The same 8-4 from NSMB.\parGhost House: Ghost Castle: The most challenging ghost house.\parCastle: Bowser\rquote s Second Fort: The same World 8 castle from NSMB. At the end is Bowser Bones.\par8-5: Lava Passage: The same 8-5 from NSMB.\par8-6: Volcano of the Wraparound Trick: The same 8-6 from NSMB.\par8-7: UFO Bonanza: Use UFOs to get to the end of the level.\par8-8: Volcano Kingdom: The same 8-8 from NSMB.\par8-9: KEEP MOVING!!: A place with 5 exits, one with a Snowballer, one with a Big Bomb, one with a Mega Unagi, one with volcanoes, and one with scrolling.\parBack-Up Tower: Tower of Time: The same second tower from NSMB\rquote s World 8. The only difference is that it takes so long, you\rquote ll need to hit the switches to extend the time limit.\parCastle: Bowser\rquote s Castle: The same as in NSMB, only more challenging.\par}  -New-

Whipfit (Bag enemy that emerges from bushes and the like and takes flight. Kill it to get an item)

Pinchclaw (a crab that turns angry after a while, then puts its claws above its head and starts pinching, returns to normal afterwards) Mabloon (Fat enemy that behaves like a goomba but can be carried around like SMW goombas) Trapchinid (Snake that emerges from the sand and moves very fast on the ground) Barrebel (Dude inside barrel throwing out enemies)

Starotor (a rotating starfish that bounces off walls) Tentulo (An octopus that swims along a predestined path) Clapearl (Jumping seashell that shoots pearls at Mario) Panic Pop (Fish that looks like a mine and shoots it spikes when it sees Mario, it then starts to panic while standing still and can be defeated easily) Eelectro (Electrifying eels)

Screecher (Bats that hang from the ceiling and try to hit you) Rat Brat (Rats) Slag Slug (Snail)

Udo (Owl that tries to spin into you and is stunned for a moment afterwards) Fledgestar (a bird shouting then flies down slowly aligning to a straight horizontal line to hit mario, also appears in circle formations and stuff and can also spit nuts) Hop Bob (Frogs that jump around and try to lick Mario) Para Sledge Bro. (Sledge Bro. with wings that stuns you when he lands) Skewder (Galaxy-like spider that has a spike on one side and none on the other on which it can be stomped)

Coco (Monkeys on trees / floor, throwing coconuts) Gloefoe (Glowing bug flying in a zig-zaggy manner) Seedring (Spinning vegetable-like enemy that hovers towards Mario) Splort (Piranha that jumps out of water to spit a projectile in the air that homes in on Mario) Carniherb (Plant that walks around and spits acid at Mario)

Boo-omb (Boo that explodes after a certain amount of time) Rockroller (Rock-like enemies that roll into Mario) Crash (Rock-like creature that throws down rocks from above) Fire Chain Chomp (same as Chain Chomps but leaving a trail of fire)

Voravult (Vulture chasing you, sometimes coming down to hit you) Snaplet (Worm that jumps out of the floor and goes back into it, can see dust at its position) Snapper (Big Worm that only comes out vertically at specific places, OHKO) Cobrette (Snake that stands upright and spits eggs while backing off slowly) Aerobite (Flying Piranha that flies around in sewers)

Giyaruma (Gear enemies that act like Sparkies) Boing (Spring that bounces around) Brix (Brick Monster that throws bricks down) Lifter (Excavator that throws items, enemies and Mario up)

Slizzard (Penguins that skate, walk and jump around) Drop'n'Roll (Enemy hanging from the ceiling which drops itself onto a slope to roll into a snowball) Bucklebucket (Snowman with bucket as head that collapses when hit from the side) Banzai Blasters

Fire Lakitu==Tick Tock BlockSoundtracks==

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  • Yoshi's Grassland Map
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  • Sarasa Desert Map
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  • Tropical Island Forest Map
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  • Tropical Island Ocean Map
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  • Frozen Snowcap Map
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  • Rock Crumble Canyon Map
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  • Old Factory Land Map
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  • Dark Thunder Skies Map
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  • Koopa's Volcano Map
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  • World Bowser - Bowser's Giant Egg Map
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  • World ★ - Rainbow Area Map
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  • World Crown Map
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