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Image Name Description Special Ability Unlock?
[1] Mario Basic.
[2] Luigi Basic.
[3] Rosalina Basic.
[4] Captain Toad Basic.
[5] Yoshi Beat World 5.
[6] Donkey Kong Purchase in shop for 10 Star Coins.
[7] Wario Purchase in Shop for 10 Star Coins.
[8] Waluigi Purchase in Shop for 10 Star Coins.
[9] Mega Man Beat the game, then purchase in shop for 50 star coins.


Image Name Description Mega Man Variation
[10] Super Mushroom Charge Buster
[11] Fire Flower Pharaoh Shot
[12] Propeller Mushroom Air Shooter
[13] Hammer Suit Hard Knuckle
[14] Boomerang Flower Ring Boomerang
[15] Thunder Flower Thunder Beam
[16] Bomber Suit Crash Bomber
[17] Metal Flower Metal Blade
[18] Super Leaf Leaf Shield


  1. Goomba
  2. Paragoomba
  3. Gloomba
  4. Pirate Goomba
  5. Alien Goomba
  6. Dry Goomba
  7. Gold Goomba
  8. Goombo
  9. Pumpkin Head Goomba
  10. Goomboo
  11. Scoomba
  12. Koopa Troopa
  13. Koopa Paratroopa
  14. Mask Koopa
  15. Boomba Troopa
  16. Sea Koopa
  17. Space Koopa
  18. Koopatrol
  19. Dark Koopa
  20. Gargantua Koopa
  21. Piranha Plant
  22. Venus Fire Trap
  23. Venus Ice Trap
  24. Ptooie
  25. Parapiranha
  26. Dry Piranha Plant
  27. Hammer Bro.
  28. Boomerang Bro.
  29. Sumo Bro.
  30. Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.
  31. Pokey
  32. Fire Snake
  33. Angry Sun
  34. Buzzy Beetle
  35. Spike Top
  36. Spiny
  37. Lakitu
  38. Pipe Lakitu
  39. Cheep-Cheep
  40. Deep-Cheep
  41. Blooper
  42. Cheep-Chomp
  43. Porcu-Puffer
  44. Wiggler
  45. Flutter
  46. Dry Bones
  47. Parabones
  48. Thwomp
  49. Spiny Thwomp
  50. Podoboo
  51. Mini Bowsers
  52. Bowser Statue
  53. Fishbone
  54. Chain Chomp
  55. Boo
  56. Broozer
  57. Eerie
  58. Fishin' Boo
  59. Bob-omb
  60. Para-bomb
  61. Mecha-Koopa
  62. Amp
  63. Bullet Bill
  64. Banzai Bill
  65. Torpedo Ted
  66. Shy Guy
  67. Snifit
  68. Forest Guy
  69. Fly Guy
  70. Boom Guy
  71. Bandit
  72. Boo Guy
  73. Rex
  74. Chargin' Chucks
  75. Volcano Lotus
  76. Ukiki
  77. Fuzzy
  78. O' Dile
  79. Spike
  80. Fire Spike
  81. Ice Spike
  82. Clubba
  83. Monty Mole
  84. Kritter
  85. Klaptrap
  86. Flurry
  87. Bumpty
  88. Cooligan
  89. Flying Squirrel
  90. Shroob


Tower BossesEdit

World Image Name How to Defeat
1 [19] Boom Boom
2 [20] Sumo Bro.
3 [21] Pom Pom
4 [22] Unagi
5 [23] Flutter
6 [24] Reznors
7 [25] Spike
8 [26] Kamek

Airship BossesEdit

  1. Iggy: Not surprisingly, the cheating koopaling uses a Chain Chomp-pulled chariot to fight you, as well as his wand; to defeat him, just stomp him three times.
  2. Morton Jr.
  3. Lemmy
  4. Larry
  5. Roy
  6. Wendy
  7. Ludwig
  8. Bowser Jr.
  9. Bowser

Castle BossesEdit

A Castle Boss is usually always the main enemy in a world, enhanced by Kamek's magic:

  1. Gigoomba (Giant Goomba)
  2. Mummipokey (Pokey covered in bandages)
  3. Chief Chilly (A Frozen Bully)
  4. Gooper Blooper (A Giant-Squid variant of the Blooper)
  5. Petey Piranha (You all know him, right?)
  6. Monty Tank (A Big Monty Mole in a tank)
  7. Lakithunder (An electricity charged Lakitu)
  8. King Boo (The Ruler of all the ghosts and Luigi's dire enemy)

Bowser PhasesEdit

Image Name Phase No. Description
[27] Bowser 1 In the first part of the fight, ol' spikeshell sports a new Koopa Klown Car, complete with automated mechanical arms (Sonic 3 final boss, anyone?). While he stays above you, virtually safe from harm, he tosses in Bob-ombs and summons Micro Mecha-Bowsers, while staying above the battlefield, laughing at you while you either get blown to bits or killed by his windup toys. To end this phase, hit him with either the Bob-ombs or the Mechas three times to drop him off his little toy and into the lava (why does he put his castle in a volcano anyway?!)
[28] Dry Bowser 2 He comes back to guard Peach in his bony form, tossing bonemerangs (like the Boomerang Bros.) and spitting blue fireballs. To drop him, simply stomp the switch behind him to drop him into the purple goo.
[29] Giga Bowser 3 The form first seen in Brawl returns in this final phase: You must climb out of the crumbling volcano, while Giga Bowser chases after you, spitting fireballs and occasionaly swiping his tail; the strategy is simple: just RUN; don't even think of fighting him, just run to the big switch at the back of the volcano to bring him down.

World Star (Mega Man only)Edit

Level Image Name Weakness
Star-1 [30] Pharaoh Man
Star-2 [31] Air Man
Star-3 [32] Hard Man
Star-4 [33] Ring Man
Star-5 [34] Elec Man
Star-6 [35] Crash Man
Star-7 [36] Metal Man
Star-8 [37] Wood Man
Star-Castle [38] Morton Koopa, Sr.


The Layout for the worlds is simple, two courses, a tower, three courses (plus a hidden route), an Airship, two courses to choose from, then the castle (the secret worlds don't use this layout):

  1. Mushroom Plains: The starting world and Bowser's first line of defense.
  2. Donut Desert: A desert level where every Pokey loves to be and no water dares to flow.
  3. Vanilla Glaciers: The ever-cold glaciers from Super Mario Kart return.
  4. The Sunshine Isles: You ever miss the Sunshine Isles from Sunshine and 64 DS? Now you can re-explore them again (just be sure to watch for Deep Cheep Chomps).
  5. Rumble Jungle: These Pirahna Plant-infested jungles are hazardous, but not required to get to Level 6 (just take Flower World instead!).
  6. Choco Mountains: Ever wonder where N64's Choco Mountains came from? Explore beyond the Mario Kart racetrack and climb up the delicious peaks.
  7. Marshmallow Clouds: Fluffy, bouncy and tasty, the Marshmallow Clouds are both flavorful and terrifying (to anyone that has a fear of heights, that is).
  8. Ghost Valley of Bowser: Instead of his usual fiery kingdom, Bowser allied with King Boo, turning the Ghost Valley into his own lair (Yes, there is a Luigi's Mansion stage: it's the local castle to be exact)
  9. Bowser's Volcanic Fortress (One stage only): When Bowser set up shop in the haunted valley, he grew a volcano in the middle to act as his castle, ruling over everything in his molten fortress.
  10. Mushroom World: A hidden level that provides an alternate route to World 3.
  11. Flower World: A secret boss-free world that gives safe passage to those wishing to avoid the dense jungles.
  12. Star World: A challenging world only playable with the blue bomber, Star World houses 8 robot masters from past games that he must face before taking on the final castle.


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