Ultra Mario WorldEdit

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Ultra Mario Galaxy 3

Boxart of the game

Developer(s) LuigiRulesINC.
Publisher(s) [2]
Release date [3] February 29, 2012

[4] January 27, 2012

Genre Action/Adenture
Mode(s) Single Player Mode

Multiplayer Mode

Free for All Mode

Coin Battle Mode

Minigame Mode

Rating(s) [5]
Platform(s) Wii

Nintendo VR

Media Wii Disk

VR Disk

Ultra Mario World is an upcoming game for the Wii and the VR.



Dry Bowser is mad that he had his skin burned off by Mario (Note: This takes place at the same time of Stevie the Chain Chomp) and he wants revenge on Mario & Luigi so he teams up with King Boo and many other people to defeat the Mario Bros. Later, it turns out that duplicates created by Fawful burned off Bowser's skin (Note: Stevie the Chain Chomp does not get up to this part, and the gang leaves after Bowser's defeat) as his plan to get rid of the Mario Bros. and Bowser. Kamek then casts a spell on Bowser so he gets his skin back, and Bowser volunteers to help the Mario Bros. defeat Fawful.

Beta ElementsEditEdit

Blue Steel Whomps were going to appear in the game, but were replaced by Metal Whomps in the final. Porcu-Puffers were going to take their New Super Mario Bros. Omega look, but got their New Super Mario Bros. Wii look instead in the final. Fuzzy Wigglers from Yoshi's Story were going to appear in the game, but were replaced by Green Wigglers in the final. Whimps were going to have their own look, but got their Super Mario Galaxy 2 look instead in the final. An NS version was implied (as shown before), but it was canceled. Through hacks the player can spawn a Bowser Mushroom, and even get it and play as Bowser Mario, but it is completely unused in the final game. For some reason, the Invincible Leaf's sprite doesn't look like its own artwork in the game, so it was given reclycled artwork as well as its own artwork. But a beta sprite does show the leaf looking the same as its own artwork.

[6]Beta Logo[7]Bowser Shroom[8]Bowser Mario[9]Beta Blooey[10]Blue Steel Whomp[11]Beta Porcu-Puffer[12]A beta sprite shows the Invincible Leaf looking the same as its own artwork.[13]The Invincible Leaf's real sprite.==CharactersEdit==

Image Name How to Unlock
[14] Mario Default
[15] Luigi Default
[16] Sonic Beat World 7
[17] Blue Toad Beat World 6
[18] Yellow Toad Beat World 5
[19] Bowser Beat World 8
[20] Bowser Jr. Beat World 9
[21] Petey Piranha Beat World 10
[22] Big Bob-Omb Beat World 11
[23] Wario Beat World 12
[24] Waluigi Beat World 13
[25] Maria Beat game once
[26] Luise Beat game twice
[27] Jumpman Download
[28] Goombario Download
[29] Tails Download
[30] Miiario Default

Supporting CastEditEdit

Image Name About
[31] Toad Item House host of Worlds 1-8
[32] Morton Koopa Sr. Item House host of Worlds 9-16
[33] Goombella Goombella is a special move partner. When using her as the special move partner,

the player can use the Tattle ability on enemies by pointing the Wii Remote at the screen.

More coming soon.


Supporting CastEdit

Image  Name  About 
[34] Toad Item House host of Worlds 1-8
[35] Morton Koopa Sr. Item House host of Worlds 9-16
[36] Goombella Goombella is a special move partner. When using her as the special move partner,

the player can use the Tattle ability on enemies by pointing the Wii Remote at the screen.

[37] Para-Buddle Allow you to ride around on them.
[38] Swinger Helping creatures that swing on vines to help you grab onto them. They also do other things.
[39] Toad Brigade Captain A special move partner. When being used, he helps the player find Star Coins.

More coming soon.


This game has a lots and lots and lots of power-ups.

Image  Power  Item Image  Item 
[40] Super Mario [41] Super Mushroom
[42] Fire Mario [43] Fire Flower
[44] Ice Mario [45] Ice Flower
[46] Thunder Mario [47] Thunder Flower
[48] Raccoon Mario [49] Super Leaf
[50] Tanooki Mario [51] Tanooki Suit
[52] Frog Mario [53] Frog Suit
[54] Hammer Mario [55] Hammer Flower
[56] Boomerang Mario [57] Boomerang Flower
[58] Wing Mario [59] Wing Cap
[60] Metal Mario [61] Metal Cap
[62] Vanish Mario [63] Vanish Cap
[64] Bee Mario [65] Bee Mushroom
[66] Rainbow Mario [67] Starman
[68] Boo Mario [69] Boo Mushroom
[70] Spring Mario [71] Spring Mushroom
[72] Flying Mario [73] Red Star
[74] Shell Mario [75] Blue Shell
[76] Mini Mario [77] Mini Mushroom
[78] Propeller Mario [79] Propeller Mushroom
[80] Penguin Mario [81] Penguin Suit
[82] Cloud Mario [83] Cloud Flower
[84] Rock Mario [85] Rock Mushroom
[86] Shoe Mario [87] Goomba's Shoe
[88] Burnless Burning Mario [89] Burnless Burning Mushroom
[90] Frozen Mario [91] Frozen Mushroom
[92] Cape Mario [93] Cape Feather
[94] Bomb Mario [95] Bomb Flower
[96] Balloon Mario [97] P-Balloon
[98] Para Shell Mario [99] Para Shell
[100] Bullet Mario [101] Bullet Suit
[102] Mega Mario [103] Mega Mushroom
[104] Spike Mario [105] Spike Mushroom
[106] Tuba Mario [107] Tuba Flower
[108] Phoenix Mario [109] Phoenix Suit
[110] Thwomp Mario [111] Thwomp Mushroom
[112] Whomp Mario [113] Whomp Mushroom
[114] Drill Mario [115] Spin Drill
[116] Chicken Mario [117] Chicken Suit
[118] Classic Mario [119] Classic Mushroom
[120] Blooper Mario [121] Blooper Suit
[122] Light Mario [123] Light Mushroom
[124] Yoshi [125] Yoshi Egg
[126] Tornado Mario [127] Tornado Flower
[128] Flying Squirrel Mario [129] Super Acorn
[130] Gold Mario [131] Gold Flower
[132] Thunderbird Mario [133] Thunderbird Suit
[134] Water Mario [135] Water Flower
[136] Cheep-Cheep Mario [137] Cheep-Cheep Suit
200px Tree Mario [138] Tree Flower
[139] Dry Mario [140] Dry Shell
[141] Draglet Mario [142] Draglet Suit
[143] Music Mario [144] Music Mushroom
[145] Bowser Mario [146] Bowser Mushroom
[147] Superball Mario [148] Superball Flower
[149] Bone Mario [150] Bone Flower
[151] Mole Mario [152] Mole Suit
[153] Sand Mario [154] Sand Mushroom
[155] Liquid Mario [156] Liquid Mushroom
[157] Monkey Mario [158] Banana Flower
[159] Volt Mario [160] Volt Mushroom
[161] Earthquake Mario [162] Earth Rock
[163] Bandit Mario [164] Bandit Mask
[165] Poison Mario [166] Poison Flower
[167] Magic Mario [168] Magic Flower
200px Lakitu Mario 200px Lakitu Flower
[169] Paint Mario [170] Brush Flower
[171] Clawshotter Mario [172] Clawshotter Flower
[173] Gravity Mario [174] Gravity Flower
[175] Frosty Mario [176] Frosty Flower
[177] Spiky Mario [178] Spiky Helmet
[179] Laser_Mario [180] Laser Lens
[181] Bolt Mario [182] Bolt Flower
[183] Swooper Mario [184] Swooper Suit
[185] Cosmic Mario [186] Cosmic Mushroom
[187] Paper Mario [188] Paper Cap
[189] Speed Mario [190] Speed Mushroom
[191] Wind Mario [192] Wind Cloud
[193] Random Mario [194] Ramdom Flower
[195] Brick Mario [196] Brick Block
[197] Shy Guy Mario [198] Shy Guy Suit
[199] Shark Mario [200] Shark Mushroom
[201] Cat Mario [202] Cat Bell
[203] Double Mario [204] Double Cherry

There might be more coming soon, but not for sure.

Death ItemsEdit

These items appear to help you if you die too many times.

Name:  Descrition: 
White Super Leaf Turn into your White Racoon Form & have Invincibility.
White Tanooki Suit Turn into your Tannoki Form & have Invincibilty.


Teleport to Flagpole when used.

Death CharactersEdit

  • Link
  • Olimar
  • Skylanders (The Conroys)
  • Buzz L. (Toy story)


These mid-bosses appear in the middle of levels, but the player must still complete the the level.

Image  Name  Info  How to Defeat 
[205] Boom Boom He can spin around his arms and fly. Hop on his head 3 times, but in between hits he will extend spikes from his shell and hide.
[206] Pom Pom She can throw boomerangs. Hop on her head 3 times, but in between hits she will hover in her shell and try to land on the player.
[207] Army Hammer Bro. He throws hammers. Hop on his head 5 times, but every hit he will get angrier.
[208] Bowser Jr. He will try to jump on the player, and throw shells. Jump on him 3 times but every hit he comes in his shell to spin.
[209] Reznor Shoots fireballs at the player. Hit the block under it to defeat it.

More coming soon.


This page is under construction.

Please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to complete it as soon as possible!

This game has many enemies, and an enemy endurance. The endurance is very hard (obviously as there is alot of enemies).

Image  Name 
[210]Red Archies Goomba/Grand Goomba/Mega Goomba
[211]Red Goomboth Red Skater Guy
[212]Techno Sir Kibble Paragoomba/Grand Paragoomba/Mega Paragoomba
[213]Violet Magikoopa Sumo Goomba

Choomba Edit

Pile Driver Micro Goomba
[215]Jungle Green Knuckle Joe Alephant
[216]Blue Green Lava Bubble Scoombe
[217]Venus Flashy Hammer Trap Lava Vinesnapper
[218]Lazer Rex Hotfoot Goombe
[219]Snowflake Crabmeat Big Shoe Goomba
[220]Grublinified  Jellybeam

Koopa Troopa

[221]Throhem Emerald Paratroopa
[222]Mecha-Kritter Bombshell Tanoopa
[223]Red Parazoopa Spiked Mecha Fish
[224]Tropical Rain Forest Magikoopa Dark Keepa
[225]Radical Red Tiki Goon Dark Hammer Bro.
[226]Green Blue Tap-Tap Boomerang Bro.
[227] Fire Bro.
[228] Ice Bro.
[229] Thunder Bro.
[230] Ball Bro.
[231] Goomba Bro.
[232] Shuriken Bro.
[233] Sand Bro.
[234] Vortex Bro.
File:250px-SledgebrosNSMBW.png Sledge Bro.
[235] Curve Bro.
[236] Blaze Bro.
[237] Frost Bro.
[238] Storm Bro.
[239] Circus Bro.
[240] Amazing Flyin' Sledge Bro.
[241] Ledge Bro.
[242] Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.
[243] Sumo Bro.
[244] Twister Bro.
[245] Wiggler/Mega Wiggler
[246] Flutter/Mega Flutter
[247] Squiggler
[248] Green Wiggler
[249] Porcu-Puffer
[250] Cheep-Cheep
[251] Deep-Cheep
[252] Spiny Cheep-Cheep
[253] Cheep-Cheep School
[254] Cheep-Chomp
[255] Toxi-Bass
[256] Boss Bass
[257] Blooper
[258] Blooper Nanny
[259] Thwomp/Super Thwomp
[260] Blue Thwomp
[261] Thwompalloon
[262] Thwimp
[263] Whomp/Super Whomp
[264] Rhomp
[265] Whimp
[266] Para-Whimp
[267] Metal Whomp
[268] Blue Thwimp
[269] Tox Box
[270] Boo
[271] Big Boo
[272] Booline
[273] Pink Boo
[274] Bomb Boo
[275] Dark Boo
[276] Balloon Boo
[277] Broozer
[278] Little Mouser
[279] Spike
[280] Stone Spike
[281] Snow Spike
[282] Buzzy Beetle
[283] Spike Top
[284] Para-Beetle
[285] Heavy Para-Beetle
[286] Bony Beetle
[287] Bombshell Beetle
[288] Buster Beetle
[289] Stone Beetle
[290] Parabuzzy
[291] Mega Buzzy Beetle
[292] Chain Chomp
[293] Incoming Chomp
[294] Red Chomp
[295] Chain Chomplet
[296] Aqua Chain Chomp
[297] Fire Chomp
190px Chomp-Muncher
[298] Piranha Plant
[299] Venus Fire Trap
[300] Venus Ice Trap
[301] Putrid Piranha
[302] Wild Piranha
[303] Pipe Wild Piranha
[304] Wild Ptooie Piranha
[305] Pipe Wild Ptooie Piranha
[306] Piranha Pest
[307] Ptooie
[308] Bungee Piranha
[309] Stalking Piranha
[310] River Ptooie
[311] Piranha Sprout
[312] Ghost Piranha
[313] Para-Piranha
[314] Pale Piranha
[315] Green Piranha
[316]Robo Bill Bullet Bill
[317] Bombshell Bill
[318] Missile Bill
[319] Banzai Bill
[320] Bombshell Banzai Bill
[321] Missile Banzai Bill
[322] King Bill
[323] Bombshell King Bill
[324] Missile King Bill
[325] Bill Blaster
[326] Banzai Bill Blaster
[327] Bombshell Bill Blaster
[328] Rainbow Bill
Rainbow Bill Blaster
[329] Chargin Chuck
[330] Shroob
[331] Mini Yoob
[332] Magikoopa
[333] Magithunder
[334] Mecha-Koopa
[335] Para-Mechakoopa
[336] Bramball
[337] Monty Mole
[338] Waddlewing
[339] Nabbit
[340] Pokey
[341] Fishbone
[342] Muncher
[343] Foo
[344] Urchin
[345] Huckit Crab
[346] Bob-omb
[347] Para-bomb

This list isn't even halfway done, and as such, there are more enemies coming soon,including Beach Koopa.

Rating PetitionEdit

LuigiRulesINC. said that if the game gets 100 ratings (good or bad doesnt matter) they will make a sequel.

4th Anniversary EditionEdit

A 4th anniversary edition was released on February 29, 2016. Since the leap year didn't fall on the 5th anniversary they had to release it on the 4th anniversary. The 2016 release included new editions to Ultra Mario World.

New CharactersEdit

Image  Name  How to Unlock 
[348] Shadow Like on Facebook
[349] Silver Follow on Twitter
[350] Knuckles Subscribe on Youtube
[351] Waria Beat the game thrice
[352] Walice Beat the game four times
[353] Unten Download

Yoshi's Power UpsEdit

Image  Name  Item Image  Item 
[354] Dash Yoshi [355] Dash Pepper
[356] Blimp Yoshi [357] Blimp Fruit
[358] Bulb Yoshi [359] Bulb Berry
[360] Dig Yoshi [361] Dig Peanut

Prankster CometsEdit

Prankster Comets sometimes pass by the Mushroom World, but then leave some levels changed.

Image  Name  Effect 
[362] Speedy Comet Cuts the level's time in half.
[363] Cosmic Comet Makes you race a clone.
[364] Daredevil Comet No matter what power-up you have, one hit will make you lose a life (except for invinciblilty).
[365] Fast Foe Comet Speeds up the enemies.
[366] Purple Comet Makes the flags not work until you collect 100 purple coins.
[367] Green Comet On the menu there is an option called Green Comet that is similar to Pokemon's Mystery Gift. Whenever there is a promotion, this option will make the Green Comet pass by and make a new level in the Green World.
[368] Gold Comet Makes a lot of coins appear in a level.

Distorted CometsEdit

This page is under construction.

Please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to complete it as soon as possible!

These comets only appear in worlds 9-16, but not in 1-8.

Coming soon.


Recycled artwork is not shown here. [369]Statue Leaf[370]Invincibility Leaf[371]Thwompalloon[372]Metal Whomp[373]Blue Thwimp[374]Masked Koopa[375]Propeller Luigi[376]Tornado Mario[377]Tornado Flower[378]Statue Luigi[379]Silver Luigi[380]Boss Bass[381]Ultra Mario World Ultra System Boxart.[382]SwingerScan.jpegChomp-Muncher

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