''''  By P.T. Piranha''''''''''''''''Gameplay   The Gameplay style of the first two Paper Mario games has returned. But now there are special areas where you play in the platformer style seen in Super Paper Mario.     Controls   Cross Pad: Move.   1: Hammer.   2: Jump (onto a wall for wall jumps).   A: Partner ability/Fire Breath (Bowser segments)/Charge for Spring Jump (Luigi segments)  


-: Partner/Item Menu.   B: Paper Ability   Power: Turns the Wii on/off.   Home: Offers the Wii menu.   Pointing Wii-Mote: Tattles. You get more detailed information if Assist Guy is your current partner.     Battle Controls   Cross Pad: Select.   1: Cancel.   2: Confirm.   A: Switch Mario/Partner Order.  

Intermission (battle pause).  

-: Zippo.   B: Zilch.   Power: Turns Wii on/off.   Home: Offers the Wii Menu.   Pointing Wii-Mote: Tattle.     Bingo   During fights in RPG format, you can get Bingo! If you nail action commands, you’ll get a symbol. If you do it again, you’ll get another. If they match, the next time you nail one, it’ll start a roulette that will determine your prize. Of course you only get the prize if they all three match.   Mushroom: All HP restored.   Flower: All FP restored.   Star: All Special Power restored.   Shine Sprite: All things restored and the house is full.   Grand Star: All things restored, plus ATK and Def go up briefly.   Poison Mushroom: You lose all FP, Special Power, and the audience, and your HP is cut in half.   Ztar: Same as the Poison Mushroom, plus ATK and Def go down briefly.     Mario and his Partners (Partners will not stop at Ultra Level. Now they get Mega Level!)   Mario: Yes, duh! Mario has returned! Our hero is always the one you’re controlling unless the occasion calls for another character. On the field, he can Jump and Hammer things from the beginning.     Tattell: Tattell works like Tippi did in the last game. So even though she’s a partner he doesn’t do much other than tattle and speak for Mario. Tattell is always out, also like Tippi. She looks like a glowing ball of light. At first she doesn’t really want to be with Mario but grows to accept him and maybe get a crush on him over time.     Koopella: A shy Koopa girl is Mario’s first partner. She has a brown ponytail, a blue shell, and pink shoes. On the field she does what usual Koopa partners do, and you can hold her shell in place, too. She joins in Chapter 1.   Shell Toss: The usual.   Power Shell: The same.   Shell Shield: Like in PM2.   Shell Quake: She retreats into her shell, jumps up, and falls back down, making a shockwave.   Special Shell: Like Power Shell, but also causes some status effect like Burning or Poison.     Apple: A Bob-omb that resembles an apple and is a citizen of Deep Wood Village. He is kind of unapproachable and likes to fly solo when you first meet him, but over time he opens up to Mario and friends. Being a Bob-omb, I shouldn’t have to tell you his field ability is building houses. No, it’s actually to explode.   Bomb: Apple explodes on an enemy.   Standby: Apple lights his fuse and the explodes on the next direct attacker to him.   Bombast: Explodes on all enemies.   Bomb Parade: Rushes towards enemies in a stampede of explosive creatures, and all of them explode.   Time Bomb: Explodes on one enemy with a chance of freezing it in time.     Yoyo: A red Yoshi that’s Luigi’s size and sports a gray football helmet and a green tie. He’s into sports and is very loyal. His field ability is to let you ride him. When you ride him, press the jump button to flutter and the hammer button to reach out with his tongue to grab something so you can spit it out somewhere else.   Ground Pound: Yoyo ground pounds on the enemy.   Gulp: He eats the enemy, then spits it out. If there is more than one, it hits the enemy behind it.   Helicopter Lift: Turns into a helicopter (Yoshi’s Island reference!) and carries an enemy away.   Stampede: Summons a bunch of Yoshis to run over the enemy.   Super Dragon: Yoyo gets one of three abilities. He can spit fire instead of gulp, or his ground pound can be more effective, or he can grow wings and become airborne and harder to reach.     Gray Mask: A gray Bandit whose real name is Band Jagger. He’s a spy on a mission when he meets Mario, and attacks him. But after that he joins him. His field ability is a cloaking device.   Pilfer: Gray Mask tries to take something. The higher his level, the more he can take.   Cloak: Gray Mask hides both of you for a turn.   Slash: Gray Mask pulls out a long, thin sword and dashes by an enemy.   Flash Slash: Gray Mask vanishes, and all the enemies act like they’ve been Slashed, then GM appears, having slashed all foes so fast he vanished.   Sentinel: Gray Mask stands in front of an enemy, whistles, and a searchlight appears over him. An exclamation mark appears over the enemy’s head as GM runs and a Sentinel (see: Tubba Blubba’s Castle) then leaves so it mistakenly carries the enemy off instead of GM.     Lumio: A small, orange Luma who was born on Banstor. He wants to be with Mario after he saves him. His field ability is to let Mario spin to activate pinwheels on the field.   Pounce: He body slams the enemy.   Star Slap: He spins into an enemy, smacking them. They may also get dizzy.   Spin Dash: He flies by all enemies, spinning and slapping. They might get dizzy, too.   Comet Storm: Causes a comet to crash into an enemy.   Cosmic Comet: Makes clones of either Mario or himself to throw off an enemy. Yes, you turn blue and starry to match your clones, so you don’t know which one is you until your next turn.     ROB: An optional partner. He’s a Robotic Operating Buddy whose ability is to launch little spinning tops. They don’t do much, but it’s fun to watch.   Gyromite: ROB throws a little spinning top.   ROB Whirl: ROB sticks his arms out and charges to the enemies and spins around.   Robo Beam: ROB shoots eye lasers at an enemy.   Robo Laser: ROB shoots eye lasers at all around enemies.   Famicom Colors: ROB turns from gray to white with red arms. In this form, his attacks have double the power, but it only lasts for 2 turns. Plus, all his actions heal either you or himself by 2 HP. (In Japan, he’s normally in his Famicom colors and the attack switches him to gray.)     Mario Battle Commands   Jump, Hammer, Item, Special, Swap Partner, Appeal, Defend, Flee, Rewind*   (*Only when the Rewind Badge is equipped.)     Partner Battle Commands   Attack, Item, Swap Partner, Appeal, Defend, Flee, Rewind*   (*Only when the Rewind P Badge is equipped.)     Dodge Commands   1: Guard   2: Super Guard: These are easier to do this time around, but still slightly harder than dodging.     Rewinding only rewinds one turn, but it doesn’t always work.     Special Moves   The first two use 1 Star Power point, the next takes two, the next two take three, the next takes four, the next takes three, and the last takes four.     Emerald: O-Zone: A giant O appears over the chosen character and heals the character gradually for a few turns.   Sapphire: Water Pump: Hold the Wii-Mote sideways and move it up and down like a pump until freezing water pours down on the enemies, maybe freezing them. The better you do, the more water there is.   Crystal: Dart Pick: A giant, spinning wheel full of Status Effects will appear and you have to point so the cursor will show up and then press A to throw a dart to see what you get.   Ruby: Heart Burn: Point Wii-Mote at an enemy and tap A enough to set them on fire, then move on to the next, all in the allotted time.   Amethyst: Shining Dizzies: Press the correct button sequences for the Amethyst Heart to shine enough to make enemies dizzy. For each bar you complete, they’re dizzy another turn.   Diamond: Time Out: Swing the Wii-Mote in the same direction as the line to freeze enemies in time, but you have a time limit.   Pearl: Warp!: Press the button sequence to warp one enemy out of the fight.   Platinum: Mario Finale: Remember Mario’s Final Smash from Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Thought so. This does fire damage and hits all enemies guaranteed unless they’re intangible. You don’t even have to do an action command (you worked so hard to get it).     Important Objects   Paper Airplane Medal: You can turn into an airplane in the prologue with this. You get it in the Prologue.   Return Pipe: If you’re too lazy to return from a location, use this gadget to do so. You get this in the Prologue.   Thin and 3D Flip Medal: This medal lets you fit in thin places and 3D flip in platforming areas. You get this in Chapter 1.   Super Boots: These let you Ground Pound, starting in Chapter 2.   Paper Boat Medal: This lets you become a paper boat, starting in Chapter 2.   Super Hammer: You can Spin Hammer to break big yellow blocks and regular stone blocks. Chapter 3.   Paper Tube Medal: This allows you to turn into a paper tube. You get this in Chapter 4.   Ultra Boots: These let you Tornado Spin to break cracks in the ground starting in Chapter 4.   Ultra Hammer: You can still Spin Hammer, now breaking big stone blocks and metal blocks. You get it in Chapter 5.   Mega Boots: These let you Spring Jump, starting in Chapter 5. Luigi can do these by himself. All scenarios for you to use it in are optional, as the boots themselves are optional.   Mega Hammer: You can STILL Spin Hammer, and it’s stronger than the Ultra Hammer. But it’s optional, and you can pick it up in Chapter 6.   Radio Station DS: With this DS cartridge, you can do radio things on your Mailbox DS.   Mushroomwood DS: With this DS cartridge, you’re subscribed to Mushroomwood News Email updates (like RDM).   Whacka Coin: With this, you can hit Whacka as much as you want and he won’t die. But you need to find it.   Strange Sack: Lets you carry twice as many items.     Walkthrough   And now, the point of this submission, P.T. Piranha presents, “Paper Mario: The Ancient Stars”.     Story   2000 years ago, there were eight hearts. They were the Crystal Hearts. One is with the hybrid monster, one is protected in a shrine, one is held by a greedy individual, one is in a frozen sea, one is in another world, one is a symbol of the strongest warrior, and one is lost at sea. If one could get all the hearts, they could have anything they want. That probably means that Mario will have to stop an evil guy from getting them.     After you start a new save file, Parakarry will come and deliver a letter to the Mario Bros’ House. Luigi will get the letter and come inside. The letter says that Mario and Luigi have been asked to star in a movie being filmed in Mushroomwood! That’s a famous big city on a moderately far-off island. Apparently Peach is visiting and they’re filming a movie there. And she got the director to allow them on the set! If the game weren’t speech bubble-only, Luigi would squeal like a girl.     A text box asks if you want to go or if you’d rather stay out of this. Even though you’re going either way, it’s in good manners to accept. So here you-a go!     Prologue: Movie Stars and Swimming Pools   Mushroomwood:   The boat will dock at Mushroomwood Island, at Mushroomwood. Mario and Luigi get off the boat, and the driver gives you two a Mushroom and an Inn Coupon. Let’s briefly go over the sights: There’s a giant mountain in the back center of town with MUSHROOMWOOD written on it. There’s also an item shop and inn, and a special item shop called the “? Shop”. It looks like a giant ? Block. You find items on the adventure and sell them to the owner and then they’ll start selling them there. They can only have 10 items on the counter though so if you want them to sell something that’s not there, sell them that and they’ll replace the oldest thing. You can’t sell them recipe items. There is also a club/restaurant called Club ‘65 that serves coffee and food. Other things are a Badge Shop, Trouble Center, Gold Shop, Mail Center, Arcade, Fight School, and a purple MagiKoopa who sells maps. There’s also a ramshackle store with a Koopa owner just starting out. The more you buy from him, the more money he has, and after the chapter’s over, the store will be better the next time you come. If you’re a regular customer, it’ll look better after each chapter until after Chapter 7. After Chapter 8, the store’s so big he has his own sub-employees. If you don’t shop regularly, don’t worry, for the proprietor of the store makes post-Chapter 7 Status after you beat Chapter 8. Now let’s move on.     When the boat leaves, Luigi tells you that the letter said Peach was waiting in Club ’65. Feel free to explore (some things like Fight School and the ? Shop are closed now). When you enter, Peach will be there with Toadsworth. After some talking, a Doogan runs in and tells everyone that a green thing landed in the center of town! Head over there (Luigi will follow you) and in town a giant green triangle is on the ground. The top opens up and a monster comes out. He has an upside-down green triangle for a head with two round, yellow eyes in the center of the top, black armor, three black balls for arms and bigger balls for hands, two black balls for legs (two as each leg), and two black metallic feet. This is Baron Von Truff. Behind him are two minions (Triangle-Heads). They have gray armor, one black ball on each side for arms, one for each leg, and the same hands and feet as Truff, only gray. And their heads can spin like Fuzzies so their heads are sometimes right-side-up.     “Have no fear, puny townies! I’ve just come here for a Crystal Heart! It looks like this, but not green! *holds up green Crystal Heart* You! Have you seen any? *a Toad kid answers no* LIES AND SLANDER! I’ll force that answer out of you!”     He then proceeds to try to body slam the kid, but Mario leaps into action and gets in the way and hammers Truff away. Obviously that won’t calm him down.     BOSS: BARON VON TRUFF   BOSS: TRIANGLE-HEAD x2   HP: 8, 3 ATK: 1, 1 Def: 0, 0   This is basically a tutorial fight. Luigi will stand behind you and remind you how things work in these fights. The minions aren’t really participating at the start, they just cheer Truff on but are forced into action after a few turns. When they start fighting, notice their heads spin around after each turn. This demonstrates how some enemies are spiky, thus jumping will hurt you.     When you defeat the Baron, he’ll faint and the minions will freak out. One will press a button and stairs will form on one side of their ship, so they go up and hop in and then take off. But then it lowers back down and Truff jumps back out.     “I almost forgot! Since you seem to think you can push us around, we’ll be taking this!”     He grabs Peach and then heads for a tractor beam beneath his ship. He’s in such a hurry, he drops his Crystal Heart (Emerald Heart) and then they leave. Luigi walks over to the Emerald Heart. Then a white ball of light will swoop down and take it. The Mario Bros. are startled! Follow it to a house with a Shine Sprite painted on the front. This is home to the Mer-family. Merlon, Merlee, and Merluvlee will upgrade your party members to Super, Ultra, and Mega levels respectively. Their parents, Merle and Merlissa, guide you and give you charms respectively. Upstairs, the white ball is talking to a green Shaman named Merler. They see you! There’s some confusion but then Merler recognizes Mario. Apparently, he can maybe help: these bad guys called the Triangle-Heads came out of nowhere and are after the Crystal Hearts to summon a great beast to wipe out most of the planet. Unless someone can stop them, that is. Not one for mass genocide, Mario agrees to save the day. Luigi also volunteers, but Merler says that won’t be necessary. Luigi then proceeds to leave in dignified silence (of course you can hear him loudly bawling downstairs). Merler then tells the ball, Tattell, to assist Mario. So she then agrees to follow you around, kind of like Tippi did. Merler then also gives you the Airplane Medal and Return Pipe and tells you that each Crystal Heart gives off an energy that guides you to the next. It points northeast, to Shell County.     All you need to do is head to the eastern exit, but first Merler warns you of the platforming areas. They play like Super Paper Mario, so things work differently. And partners don’t appear in these areas. So now, leave when you’re ready. Oh, and one more thing- Merler gives you the Emerald Heart. YOU GOT THE EMERALD HEART!     Mushroomwood to Shell County:   It’s just a simple path to the right in platfomer style. There’s a secret path here that you can access when you get the Flip Medal, but for now just keep going.     Chapter 1: Koopa Chaos   Shell City:   Shell City is a peaceful hamlet with big shells for houses. It’s one of three areas that collectively make up Shell County. Tattell feels the presence of the Sapphire Heart somewhere in this area. Ask around if you want, but you won’t find anything. Just keep heading right.     Shell Road:   Shell Road is another platforming area. Keep going, solving easy puzzles on the way and beating up Koopas and Goombas. At the end, you’ll reach a normal area again. You can see a castle in the distance with four walls with four towers with one center tower that has a shell on top. To get there, you’ll have to hit the switch on the other end of a gap. Tattell says she feels the Sapphire Heart’s presence in the castle. You’ll both wonder how to hit the switch. Go back to Shell City.     Shell City:   What to do? Why, the only possible next thing to do in an RPG: Ask the mayor. Koopler. the babbling mayor. will tell you that you need to be a Koopa to get into Shell Castle. Head outside and you’ll witness a Koopa girl trying to ask a Koopa boy out but then nervously runs into her house. Shake it off and search around. Then two green triangle ships will start flying around town shooting around. Mario will jump on one and a Triangle-Head will fall out. The other will jump out of the other ship and they’ll engage you in combat. After that, the girl (Koopella) comes up to you. She’s shy (it doesn’t help what with you being a big celebrity) but she asks if she can come with you to the castle (she overheard). She thinks it’ll make her braver. It’s a little impulsive, but apparently that’s the norm of Shell City. So she introduces herself and joins your party.     Shell Road:   Partners don’t appear in platforming areas, but you generally shouldn’t need the extra help. When you get back to the RPG play-style area you can use Koopella’s ability to hit the switch. A bridge will form to where the switch was and a pipe will pop up, as will one in the background. Thus you can enter Shell Castle.     Shell Castle:   Welcome to Shell Castle. You’re in the courtyard between the front wall and the main tower. Enter and you’ll be in a big, cylindrical room. Tattell says the Sapphire Heart is, surprise, at the top. There’s a pipe that leads up but it’s surrounded by walls and has a thin opening in the front in the center of the room. Go past it and up the spiral stairs. At the top of the stairs is another warp pipe that leads to an area higher up. There are two doors and one is unlocked. Go in there and defeat all the enemies. Then in the next room you need to do a puzzle involving Koopella’s abilities, and I should mention you can hold her shell in place like Koops. Completing the room causes a key to drop. In the next room, it’s a platforming area, so Koopella won’t be here. At the end, you’ll drop down a ways and will be trapped with nothing but a treasure chest. Open it and you’ll get the Flip Medal! Flip into 3D and you’ll find a walkway leading right with a warp pipe at the end. The view flips back to 2D and you’re taken back to the start of the room.     Go back and you’re back in the main room. Take the pipe back down and go to the blocked warp pipe. Thin flip so you can go through the narrow opening and into the opening. Go down and you’ll be warped to an area even higher up. You’ll need to use your airplane ability to soar to an opposite ledge with another pipe. You’ll be warped to the top of the southwest tower. Hit the switch to make a bridge to the southeast tower. Defeat the Numbrr to make a bridge to the top of the northeast tower. Use Koopella’s ability to hit the switch on the cloud a few feet from the top of the tower. This makes a bridge to the northwest tower and you must defeat the Numbrr. This makes a bridge to the first tower again, but on the fourth tower is a spring. It’ll bounce you up to a balcony. Hit the save block and heart block. Go up the spiral stairways along the outside of the main tower until you reach the top and you’re outside a giant, blue, spiky shell. Enter the head hole. Inside, you’ll find a big, blue shell in the center.     “WHO DARES DISTURB MY REST?!” *a giant, red dragon head comes out* “OH GREAT, I’VE SEEN THIS IN GAMES BEFORE! YOU’VE COME TO GET THE SHINY ARTIFACT FROM MY CASTLE? OH, WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT! I’M STANDING UP FOR DRAGONS EVERYWHERE!”     BOSS: SHELLTAIL   HP: 25 ATK: 4 Def: 0   Despite being a dragon-Koopa crossbreed, he has no defense in this fight since he’s so big that you can only attack the head and front feet. Shelltail’s primary attack is to breathe fire. He can also retreat into his shell and slide across the stage, which is too powerful to be superguarded. That’s about it. You get some funny dialogue from Shelltail if you tattle on him, as he’ll be confused by it.     After the fact, Shelltail will flash and retreat into his shell. Walk into the shell. Inside is a red Boo.     “Aww, I fell into the cliché of the hero beating the dragon! Darn it! Oh well, at least there’s no pressure on you as a ghost. You know what? Who cares about cliché! Just take this Heart and leave before I change my mind.”     And there you go! YOU GOT THE SAPPHIRE HEART!     Peach’s Side 1   Peach wakes up in a cell. Baron Von Truff comes up to her and taunts her. Then someone comes and tells him to stop. Up comes another Triangle-Head guy. He’s taller and thinner than Truff, in a black cloak with white, spiky spots and a hood that’s down. He has a thin neck and a right-side-up triangle head with small eyes in the middle but with a bit of distance between them. This is Grei, the Triangle-Head boss. Peach demands to know what he wants with her. Truff says it’s because her “boyfriend” was a problem for their plans, but Grei intervenes and tells her it’s actually because they need her. The prophecy says she can help the world. He then tells Truff to head to Deep Wood County, which is where the prophecy states Truff must go. Grei then leaves, somehow not completely mad that Truff dropped the Emerald Heart. It was part of the prophecy, he thinks. After that, a Triangle-Head in red armor comes up. He says his name is Pyr (pronounced: peer). The Triangle-Heads wiped out his hometown so he secretly joined to take them down from the inside. Not all Triangle-Heads are bad, nor are they all part of this group. He’ll help Peach, but he says you need to lay low for a while.     Bowser’s Side 1   Bowser is sleeping on his throne when Kammy Koopa comes in. After some complications with his loud snoring, Kammy gets him to wake up. She heard from Evil Empire Magazine that these ancient tools called The Crystal Hearts can help whoever collects them to conquer everything. Bowser is intrigued. After some out loud “thoughts” he says “TO THE DOCKING BAY!” and you then control him there. Actually, you just walk from the throne to the door, but feel free to talk to any minions. When you go through the door, you’re automatically in the docking bay where the Clown Copter awaits. Bowser Jr. runs up and says that he’s bored and hasn’t had anything to do. Bowser thinks it could excite him and teach him a lesson on how to conquer the world, so he lets him come on his own mini copter. Then they take off, with Kammy following on her broom.     Interlude   Shell Road/Shell City:   Mario, Tattell, and Koopella are on the cliff with Shell Castle in the distance. Koopella says that she thinks that adventure built up her confidence, and she runs back to the village. Okay. Then the Sapphire Heart comes out and glows directly south, thus southeast of Mushroomwood. Head back to Mushroomwood to see if Merler knows anything about this. At the entrance to Shell City, Koopella runs up to you. She thinks that she’ll be even more confident if she helps you finish your adventure. You’ll need her help, so Mario accepts her.     Mushroomwood:   Go speak to Merler. Tattell will inform him of what happened and Koopella will introduce herself. Merler will say it leads to Deep Wood County, a county south of Shell County. Most people can’t get to Deep Wood County because the path is hidden and you have to get past a locked gate. Merler will give you a key if you tell him you found the Flip Medal. Prepare yourself for Chapter 2 and head for the road between Mushroom Wood and Shell County.     Mushroom Wood to Shell County/Deep Wood County:   On the route, go to the point where there are two blue pipes next to each other. Flip into 3D to find a gate to your right. Unlock it and continue in that direction.     Chapter 2: Mario and the Kidnapping   |The Coast:   You’ll find a peaceful beach with one or two grassy hills. There are cracks in some walls for you to come back to later. Go through the area and you’ll find some mini docks with a boat symbol and some X’s made of wood on the ground. Keep going and after a few screens you’ll come up to a village.     Blue Village:   You’ll find everyone in this village is pout-y and concerned. What’s going on? Kids have disappeared! This whole set-up reminds me of that Zelda game… Oh well it’s all Nintendo in the end. Anyway the kids are gone! Where did they go? Explore the whole town and then return to the entrance and Tattell will notice a tiny, green shard in the ground. It appears to be pointing north. Head in that direction and you’ll come up to a big, blue, square building with two torches next to a filled-in doorway with a crack. How’d they get in? Apparently they didn’t as Truff leaps down. He demands to know how to get in because “he” is inside and won’t let them in. Koopella and Tattell think he’s behind the kidnapping, and it all leads into a big fight. Truff surprises you with a bunch of Triangle-Heads holding all of you down. But then a red bob-omb shaped like an apple shows up and blows up on Truff, dizzying him and terrifying the Triangle-Heads enough to let you go.     “Now’s no time for small talk, we’ll fight this guy then talk later!”     BOSS: BARON VON TRUFF   HP: 20 ATK: 3 Def: 0   Truff fights like he does in the prologue, only now he’s a threat, but a minor one. Halfway into the fight, he’ll pull his head out of his body and turn it over and his eyes will move around so now the triangle is right-side-up. Now you can’t jump on him. You can use the bob-omb as a partner in this fight. When you tattle on him he’ll tell you to knock it off (after you get the information of course).     When you beat him, his head is automatically normal again. He’s unconscious. The bob-omb then leaves. Tattell asks things like who he is and stuff. He’s Apple, secret protector of the Deep Wood Village. He’s busy trying to figure out where the kids go. Koopella suggests that the Crystal Heart inside the shrine might be able to help them. Apple is skeptical so unless you can find some proof, he’ll be at his house, writing down possible theories. So go back to the village area and search around. Check behind the big bush and you’ll find a big chest with Super Boots! Learn the Ground Pound. Go back to the Coast to ground pound on some X’s for some extra treasures. But in the village, there’s a wooden X next to the statue. Ground Pound and you’ll find an underground bunker. Inside there are Arrow-Heads, who look like Triangle-Heads but with blue armor and their heads look like they’re pointing at you. Beat them up and they’ll drop a book!     Dear Diary, me again, Truff. Today we went to Deep Wood County because the Crystal Heart, literally called the Crystal Heart is apparently in a shrine. But we can’t get in! So I’ll go and stake out to see if anyone knows how to get in. It got boring so we decided to attack the village, but then a weird thing came and took all the kids and fled into the shrine. I don’t know what it all means but now I REALLY want to get in there! I’ve calmed down so I think I’ll stake out again.     Bingo! Go find the red house in the village and speak to Apple. You’ve found proof of them being in there. And most of all, you’ve proven something to him! He’ll join you. What’s with all the impulsive joining of the party? Oh well at least you can use their skills. Go to the shop (fortunately during a crisis, no one cares about paying). Then go back to the shrine (Truff is mysteriously missing). Have Apple blow up the crack so you can enter the shrine.     Deep Wood Shrine:   It’s sort of blue in here. It’s complicated so I’ll just highlight the important parts: Use Apple a lot, sometimes Koopella, get the Paper Boat ability to swim around some, do water level puzzles, and use the ground pound a few times. That’s it without going into detail. At the bottom, you’ll need a key to enter the big, blue door. In that last room, you’ll find a monster. He has a tall black body with two tentacles for arms and lots of tentacles for feet, spikes going on his back, a green head with pointy ears, yellow glowing eyes, and fangs with an under-bite jaw. He’s the Blue Monster. Even though he’s green and black. He took all the kids in the village and hid them in a safe place when the monsters attacked, but never told the villagers. Your current partner tells him that it’s safe, but then Truff appears and rams into the Blue Monster and takes the Crystal Heart. Mario then makes a fighter pose.     “Oh, you… All right you think you can beat me? Well let’s see how you do when I have CRYSTAL HEART POWER!”     BOSS: BARON VON TRUFF   HP: 30 ATK: 4 Def: 0-2   Baron Von Truff is still like before. But he has more tricks now. In addition to his head-turning trick he can also lower his head into his armor so you’ll need to be strong enough to break his torso’s defense. He can also shatter his armor (ergo his limbs too) to reveal a long neck leading down from his head with spider legs from the body, so he can also hang from the ceiling board. His attacks in any of his first forms have him slamming you with a giant fist, throwing energy orbs, and making shockwaves. In his spider form, he can do anything an arantula can do, but more powerful. If you tattle on him in his normal form he’ll do what he did last time and if you tattle on him in his spider form he’ll hiss at you.     When you beat the Baron, he explodes and then falls back onto the ground, back to normal. He gets up.     “Oh come on, not again! All right, keep your lame heart! We’ll have them all in the end anyway!”     There’s the heart! Tattell tells the Blue Monster that he should probably let the kids go back to the village now. He’s sad, but Tattell says he can probably move to the village and start a day-care center or something. But for now, YOU GOT THE CRYSTAL HEART!     Peach’s Side 2:   Peach is in her cell and Pyr will come up. He can’t let you out but there’s a secret exit from her cell. Follow his instructions. Walk over to the triangle chair and Peach will stand on it and press A when a ! appears over a chandelier. That causes the door to open. Pyr says it’s dangerous so be careful. Go through the area and avoid searchlights. Go up the elevator at the end of the hall and you’ll come up behind a big chair on a big altar with a night view. Grei is talking to Truff. He says that at least “Plan SHARK” is going ahead. Peach sneezes and gets caught.     Bowser’s Side 2:   Bowser lands on the route between Mushroomwood and Shell County. After some talk, Bowser goes forth. You basically go through a side scrolling Bowser level that’s somehow different than usual. If you die, Bowser Jr. takes over and if he dies you lose a life, but you have infinite lives. At the end, they reach Shell City and Kammy mentions a castle in the distance, but a bunch of Koopas appear and form an angry mob. They’ve heard who Bowser was and they don’t want him here so they poke him until he leaves, not before telling him about the fact that Mario beat him there.     Luigi’s Side 1:   Luigi is on the set with his free pass, upset about not being important enough to get Crystal Hearts. Then he overhears two guys talking about Bowser heading to Shell County. Luigi thinks to himself, if he can catch Bowser then he can prove that he’s important. So you can control Luigi. Head out of Mushroomwood to the east exit.     Interlude:   Mario leaves the shrine. He pulls out the Crystal Heart and it seems to be pointing north-northwest, AKA, north of Mushroomwood. You know the drill, head there.     Mushroomwood:   With Merler, he says that it seems to be pointing to Diamond City. To get there, you’ll have to go through Mushroomwood Mountain. Luckily, you have a friend who can help. If you’re ready to go to Diamond City, go to the base of Mushroomwood Mountain and use Apple to blow up the crack to make a hole.     Mushroomwood Mountain:   Barrowed Theme: Super Mario Bros. - Underground Theme   The inside of Mushroom Mountain is surprisingly hollow. There’s a high-tech door that can only be entered with a Card Key. Ignore that and go into the next room. There are some new enemies here, featuring a first time Mario enemy: Rogueshi (an evil Yoshi). There’s also a paper boat path near the back. In the last room, go along a river and get off at the boat panel then climb up the ladder.       Chapter 3: Mario’s Smooth Moves   Diamond City:   Chapter 3 starts when you come out of a manhole in Diamond City. Tattell and your partner have sort of an argument about where it could be until Mario motions for the big skyscraper with a smirking bomb with a mustache on top off to the right. Head there and enter, but feel free to shop around the town and explore.     Warioware Inc.:   Enter the building to find a pretty lady at the front desk. Your partner will ask if there’s a shiny, red heart here. She mentions something about a “Wario” having something like that. You can use the elevator reach the top floor. There, Wario is sitting behind a desk, counting money. Tattell asks if they can have the Ruby Heart.     “Huh? Oh great, the idiot plumber! Well I guess you can fix the sink in the kitchen, apparently I can’t stuff fifteen garlic clovers down at once, and on top of that my bath water tastes like garlic! And I don’t even remember taking a bath for months!”     Your partner corrects Wario so he then greedily explains that it’s his, but whoever can win bring him 100 diamonds by the end of the day first can get his treasure. You need to sign a contract and he’ll explain the rules. You need to compete in microgames to win diamonds to give to him. But to prove you’re even worthy if entering the contest, you have to find the Wario Coin hidden somewhere around Diamond City. So go down and into the lobby and you’ll find a red Yoshi with a gray football helmet and green tie in a chair, waiting in line to talk to the person in the table. He’s Yoyo and he’s heard rumors about a Wario Coin so if you let him join your team so he won’t wait in line and try to win sooner, he’ll help you look for the coin and you can team up. In Paper Mario terms, that means he’s joining your party. So head outside and explore town.     Diamond City:   Head into the green building next to the shop and ride the elevator all the way up to the roof and you’ll need to ride him and flutter across the tops of some buildings in the right direction (opposite of left, not correct) and the Wario Coin will be on top of the farthest building, which is the building closest to the Warioware building. Grab it and jump down to the streets (or go the long way) and enter the building, then ride all the way up the elevator to the 12th floor (Wario’s office).     Warioware Inc.:   All right, now you can enter. You have to beat ten microgames on each floor between the lobby and Wario’s office. Each challenge gets you a diamond. So ride the elevator down to the second floor and you’ll be in a room with a pig on a door. This door requires 0 diamonds to enter. Go through and you’ll fight ten battles on the other side of the pig door. The fights in this room are in a rainy setting and there is an umbrella over your team and one over the enemies. You have to either defeat the enemies or defeat their umbrella to win, and do this ten times. With ten diamonds, you can move up to the third floor for the next 10 fights. Here are the challenges, oh and every time you start a new save file, they’re in a random order (needless to say, 1 and 12 are always the same) here’s mine:   12: Wario’s Office   11: Squat (when the guy in the background starts squatting, press the button sequence)   10: Fore! (when the golfer putts, guard when the ball comes by)   9: Swat (when the time is right, tap the correct button to lure flies to the enemies so they get swatted)   8: Pick Up (whenever the battle automatically pauses, press the button on the screen)   7: Block (survive long enough for Link to block all the Octorok projectiles)   6: Douse (nail action commands to raise a hose before the enemy hose, douse the fire to win)   5: Appeal (an original microgame where one of you has to appeal at least once every turn)   4: Pick (do more damage to the foe to raise the hand near you into the nostril before the other)   3: Dodge (normally fight but dodge when the hotdog car zips by)   2: Stay dry (defeat enemy umbrella, don’t let yours die, I just described it)   1: Lobby     At random points in the challenge and by the end of the challenge, you’ll fight a certain three other challengers in boss fights that are fought on different floors, and I’ll list them in order of difficulty.     BOSS: ORBULON   HP: 25 ATK: 2 Def: 2-0   Orbulon is in a small UFO with a glass dome. You’ll need to attack it a few times before it cracks and breaks and he’ll be vulnerable, but it’ll come back after a while. His only attack is a laser.     BOSS: KAT   BOSS: ANA   HP: 10, 10 ATK: 2, 2 Def: 0, 0   Kat and Ana are sort of easy to fight, but the difficulty is added because they have an ability to heal each other.     BOSS: YOUNG CRICKET   HP: 30 ATK: 3 Def: 0   Young Cricket is powerful and has more health than any of the other two boss challengers. But he doesn’t have any healing ability so that’s a plus.     When you get 100 diamonds (it’s really faster than it sounds), go up to the top and Wario will be surprised. Wario doesn’t like that you won and he was really just lying about the contest to see you squirm. Wario goes into the elevator and presses the button so quickly that the elevator falls all the way into the basement. You need to follow him into the basement but there should be a safe way down. Go behind his desk and open the big chest. You found a Super Hammer! Go down to the lobby and go behind the counter to find a big, yellow angry face on the wall. Use the Super Hammer to reveal it was a big yellow block. In the room adjoining it is a stone block. Hit it and it’ll reveal a warp pipe! Go down.     Diamond City Sewers:   You need to go through a few underground rooms. Needless to say, Yoyo and the Super Hammer are recommended. But you’ll need some other things you’ve learned along the way. When you get into a certain room, you’ll find a crashed elevator in the middle with an unconscious Wario. Wait if he went down the elevator so fast that it crashed down here, then how did you manage to use it to follow him? Oh well. Approach him and he’ll get up.     “Oh great you just never give up! The great Wario will give you a run for your money! And when I win I’ll take all the other shiny things you may have gotten! HAVE A ROTTEN DAY!”     BOSS: WARIO   HP: 40 ATK: 3-5 Def: 0-1   Wario has an interesting variety of attacks. The most dangerous is a big fart that works as if he were a hyper goomba or another hyper monster. You don’t have a partner to shield you so hopefully you’ll have upgraded Koopella enough to give her Shell Shield. Another attack is to pull out a garlic dispenser and shoulder ram it so it’ll dispense garlic so he can heal. He can also jump like Mario and drive by on his motorbike. When he loses at least 20 HP, he’ll eat a special garlic clover and turn into Wario-Man. He has no new abilities, but his existing ones are a lot more powerful and he gains a point of defense. If you tattle on him he’ll pick his nose.     When you defeat Wario, he’ll fall over again and turn back into Wario.     “Arrgh! Fine, take your stupid heart! It looks girly anyway!”     Wario runs by and shoves it into your hand. YOU GOT THE RUBY HEART!     Peach’s Side 3:   Pyr comes back to Peach. He found a secret exit for her! Get on the chair like before to open the door (it must be a trick cell in case Grei ends up in there and needs to find a way out) and head to the right. Pyr will remove a wall panel to reveal a doorway. Go through and you’ll be in a simple platforming area. Controlling Peach is like doing so in Super Paper Mario. At the end, a scene will play with two Triangle-Heads talking and they hear noises in a wall. They ask for Baron Von Truff to come and they ask him to body slam the wall for some reason. Confused but glad that someone looks up to him, he does, and it makes a big hole. Peach walks up to the hole from behind the wall to see, and gets busted.     Bowser’s Side 3:   Bowser is on the Coast, aggravated by what happened in Shell County. He’s angrily stomping, and it causes a coconut to fall off a tree and hit a on the ground he was standing on to launch him into the ocean as if the land he was standing on was a seesaw (because he was, seriously it was there during the chapter, too). Go through a recreation of the Minus World (that doesn’t repeat). After the end a tuna boat that catches tuna in a net catches Bowser. Some guys from Deep Wood Village work on the boat and obviously funny things will happen in a situation like this. But at one point Bowser discovers that he was beat to the punch.     Luigi’s Side 2:   Luigi is in Shell Castle (he took a whole chapter to get there). Control Luigi in a level that goes all the way up the side of the main tower on some platforms then up the spiral stairs Mario went across and into the giant shell. You’ll need to use Luigi’s High Jump to help. Luigi finds Shelltail’s shell. He tries to enter but Shelltail’s ghost talks from inside the shell and Luigi is spooked and runs off.     Interlude:   Back in Diamond City, Yoyo thanks Mario for letting him on his team and says that it’s been the most fun he’s had in weeks. So he’s staying with you permanently. Head back to the manhole that took you here and head back through Mushroomwood Mountain. The Ruby Heart is pointing west of Diamond City. Tattell knows that area to be an ocean so Merler should be able to shed some light.     Mushroomwood:   Merler is intrigued, that area is an ocean. But there is a secret society he’s contacted to help you when he can’t figure something out. He gives you a card key.     Mushroomwood Mountain:   In Mushroomwood Mountain, go back to the card key to enter the door you couldn’t before. You’ll be introduced to General ROB. He’ll greet you and fill you in: The ROB Society has been hired to help Merler help Mario find the Crystal Hearts. Dr. ROB will help you with your dilemma. Go up to the ROB in the lab coat. He’ll ask you to put the Ruby Heart on the stand on his counter. The beam will aim northwest from your location and the stand will compute it and on the screen you can see the ocean northwest of Mushroomwood and it zooms in, and it sees a big iceberg. You’ve got to find a way there. Fortunately you can be a paper boat! The easiest way to get there is from directly east of the iceberg: Diamond City. But first Dr. ROB gives you something that should help: the Tube Medal! Now you can roll into a tube.     Diamond City:   Head as far west from the manhole as you can go. Get Apple to blow up a picket fence wall with a crack, but it only cracks some of it so you’ll need to roll through. You’ll reach a beach area with a boat panel. Get on and turn into a boat. Keep heading west until you reach a screen with a giant iceberg (too big to pass by and to see entirely in one screen).     “Iceberg”:   Head up the side of the iceberg (it’ll take two screens). At the top, use the Super Hammer on the very top to shatter the top so you can go in. Mario, Tattell, and your partner are confused. They look down to expect a frozen Amethyst Heart, but find darkness. Hop in.     Chapter 4: Shadow Noah Island   Shadow Noah Island (Interior):   You drop down on a walkway in a metallic fortress factory place. What’s going on? You can’t tell because two Tornado-Heads (Triangle-Heads that have upside-down heads that spin around like tornadoes) ambush you until you’re in a cell. In the cell, you’re completely trapped, but you can rest in a bed and save. To advance the story, you’ll need to examine the cardboard box in one corner of the cell. A gray Bandit comes out (his mask has a line going across horizontally with a red eye in the middle) and he has a long, pointy sword. He is Gray Mask, your end.     BOSS: GRAY MASK   HP: 20 ATK: 4 Def: 0   Gray Mask attacks with his long and pointy sword a lot and can use a cloaking device to hide. He’s powerful but he doesn’t have that much HP.     Back on the adventure field, in the cell, a little theme will play as he acts out a death, but he’s overreacting. Your partner and Tattell will try to get him to stop. He takes off his mask (revealing a normal mask) and shoves his sword into the floor. Mario and Tattell try to convince him he’s not “a complete and utter, yet cool failure”. He explains everything: Band Jagger, Bandit spy sent to stop the Metal Gizmo, a giant robot powered by the prisoners of Shadow Noah Island. The robot is supposed to help the Triangle-Heads look for the Crystal Hearts. To help it’s also powered by the Amethyst Heart. He’ll join you to stop the Triangle-Heads once and for all, so he joins the party. Before you do anything, he’ll pluck his sword back up and slash the cell bars. Then he puts it away until he needs it next.     Leave the cell room and you’ll need to go through an area with sentinels floating about. Gray Mask and the Paper Tube ability are essential here. After getting through this room, you’ll be in a big platforming area. At the end, you’re back in a normal room. It’s the big, main room with the walkway a few feet up towards the back wall. Your partner notices what appears to be a guy in a lab coat with a glass dome head with blinking lights for eyes. He’s talking to a Triangle-Head and Tornado-Head up on the walkway from earlier. Apparently, they know the newest prisoners escaped so they’re upping the security. Apparently, all it takes to derail their plan is to somehow get the public to know what they’re doing. Tattell voices her idea once they leave to the left: They need to find some communication device somewhere. Since it’s crucial to their plans, it’s probably well hidden. So head right and you’ll be in a simple platforming area with a dead end. Flip into 3d to reveal two doors. One has three slots for three card keys. The other is okay to go through. In there, it’s just a stairwell with sentinels and some enemies.     At the top, you’ll be in a corridor with some more enemies to sneak by. The next room puts you on that walkway from before. Keep heading left and you’ll be in a platforming area again. Instead of heading up, go straight left and you’ll be in an office (in normal play style again). Hide, the dome head guy’s coming in! Rotopin is his name (that is a stupid name).     “Hmm, I should BUZZ check on that room BUZZ, just to be safe… BUZZ.”     He presses a button on the wall and his desk moves over to reveal a hole. He’ll hop down and it’ll close, but there’s a spring down there to bounce people back up when they leave, but it worked too well so his head hit the underside of the closed floor panel, making a crack. That’ll knock a card key loose from a shelf and then a desk slides back over the crack. Whenever you press the button, the desk will slide over but the floor won’t open for anyone but Rotopin. Grab the card key and either go back to the door or keep going up in the platforming area just outside the office. At the top, you’ll be in a big, empty room with a Muth sleeping in a cage in the middle. Head to the right and open some chests (which look metal and high-tech here) and open the one in a mini pedestal: A card key! When you get it, a bad thing will happen… The Muth will be released!     BOSS: MUTH   HP: 50 ATK: 3-4 Def: 0   The Muth is the most powerful enemy in the game so far. His only attack is to stampede forward, but he can also raise his attack power, so you’ll need Gray Mask. Be prepared for a long fight.     After a long fight, head back to the cellblock (avoid being caught… or not, since you’re headed there anyway) and Mario will get an email (let’s hope no one else heard the ring tone). It’s from General ROB. He has a map of Shadow Noah Island’s interior loaded on a computer with the knowledge the Ruby Heart gave him. In the cell block (how convenient…) there should be an incredibly weak wall. You’re instructed to head to the left wall and hammer the lighter-colored panel with the Super Hammer technique a few times, and a crack will form. Use Apple and you’ll blow a hole small enough for Tube Mario. In the next room you’ll drop down a loooooooong ways. At the bottom there is a spring and you’re in a platforming area. Avoid the bullet bills and flip by the bill blasters or beat them if you’re tough enough. When you get the card key at the end, head back and go into the room with the key. Head back to the door that needs the card keys and on the other side is another long drop, and you land on a crack in the floor with a treasure chest next to you. Open it and you’ll get the Ultra Boots! Tornado Jump over the crack to make it a hole and you’ll drop down to the platforming room where bill blasters were/are. Head back up the spring into the cellblock and your partner will be disappointed. They did all that work for nothing, just a pair of boots. Or did they?     Head back to the office and press the button to move the desk. You have 5 seconds, which is enough time. Tornado spin to make the crack a hole and you’ll drop down into a secret room with a computer! Mario quickly emails the ROB Society and spills all of Rotopin’s beans. Hilarity ensues when Tattell reminds Mario that he could’ve just emailed them on his own device, but forgot. Rotopin walks in and sees you and then runs back into the other room. The other room is a large platforming area. Rotopin appears.     “BUZZ You’ve found us out! You’ve BUZZ escaped! You even BUZZ told someone on the outside about our plans BUZZ! Well since you want people to see this BUZZ machine so badly, I’ll let you get a BUZZ sneak peak!”     Rotopin walks out and then a GIANT robot rex appears!     BOSS: METAL GIZMO SHARK   BOSS: BULLET BILLS   BOSS: TRIANGLE-HEADS   HP: ???, 2, 3 ATK: 4, 1, 1 Def: -, 0, 0   Barrowed Music: Super Mario Galaxy – Megaleg Battle   Metal Gizmo SHARK can shoot bullet bills and lasers and stomp around the room. When he angles it’s foot so the sole is facing you, Tornado Jump as it comes toward you so you land on the foot and break it. Keep surviving long enough to break both feet. When it has no feet, it’ll spin around and try to get you with its tail. To survive, flip. It goes into the third dimension by spinning, but you have more room to survive. When it stops moving, Super Hammer the tail and it’ll break off and leave an entrance. Go inside. You’ll have to climb up the insides of the Metal Gizmo, with some Triangle-Heads on the way up. At the top, ground pound on the big switch and then get out quickly. Rotopin is at the top and out cold by the fact you got into the robot.     Outside the robot, you’ll automatically run outside of the room as the Metal Gizmo blows up. Back in the normal play style room with the computer, Mario gets an email on his Mailbox DS. The ROBs are here and they’ve set up a bomb in the base. They’ve already freed all the prisoners so you just need to hurry on out. You have seven minutes. Hurry on out. In the walkway room as you walk across the walkway, a ladder lowers for you, but the Metal Gizmo’s head will burst through the wall (powered by several propellers on top) and the head will knock you down to the floor. And the Amethyst Heart is visible on a glass dome on top. You have to finish off the remains of the Metal Gizmo with a few minutes to escape!     BOSS: METAL GIZMO SHARK   HP: 20 ATK: 3-6 Def: 0   The explosion has weakened the Metal Gizmo SHARK so the head should be a peace of cake. Rotopin is piloting the head, taunting you every now and then, and making comments on your progress. The eyes can shoot lasers and the nose spike can launch off like a pointy missile and swoop by to attack. It also has an attack where it flies up over both of you and slams down, doing twice as much damage as usual, so you’ll have to use Gray Mask. Yes, this fight is timed. If you tattle on it, Rotopin will ask you what you’re doing.     After the fight, the head will explode, sending Rotopin and the Amethyst Heart straight up. You’ll suddenly have one minute, regardless of how much time you had at the fight’s end even if it was less, you will panic until Gray Mask automatically becomes your current partner (or he’ll just stay if he already was) and he’ll pull out his long sword again. He’ll poke Mario with it and he’ll fly up to the walkway in pain, but he’ll be able to climb up the ladder (Gray Mask can jump high on his own). You’ll climb up the ladder.     Shadow Noah Island (Exterior):   Note: This area was formerly known as Iceberg, so it’s the same, not a new place.   Mario, Tattell, Gray Mask, and General ROB will rush down the side of the iceberg where some other ROBs and the prisoners are waiting. Watch as the explosion happens. Lots of explosions in this chapter, aren’t there? Anyway the outside of the island comes out of this unscathed (and when you come back, the inside will be unscathed too, but it’ll be entirely deserted, even the sentinels are gone). Then the Amethyst Heart lands next to Mario (also convenient…) and he’ll grab it. YOU GOT THE AMETHYST HEART!     Peach’s Side 4:   Pyr comes back to Peach. He found a way for Peach to finally leave without anyone noticing. But first she has to get out of the cell. Then he’ll remove his head and throw it at you and it’ll turn you into a Triangle-Head. You can just waltz right out! Or so you hope. Go out the normal exit and you’ll come up the elevator behind the throne. Grei’s not there! Go down the spiral stairs that wrap around the altar and go from the altar area with the throne into an indoor room. In there, you’ll pass the corridor with the hole in the wall from before (it’s boarded up). At the end of the room you are about to go through the door but Grei enters. He says no non-prison guard Triangle-Heads are allowed here except for him and Truff. He’s memorized each Triangle-Head but doesn’t know you. He removes his hands from their crossed position to reveal green hands with two fingers on each hand, not including thumbs. He strikes you with magic lightning that reverts you to Peach. Back to the cell for you!     Bowser’s Side 4:   Bowser is flying over the sea with Kammy and his son and his Clown Copter runs out of gas and he falls. You’ll have to go through a side-scrolling level where you hop from ice platform to ice platform. At the end, Bowser comes up to the west side of Shadow Noah Island. He trips and falls inside and apparently requires help getting back up.     Luigi’s Side 3:   Luigi comes down from a jump, landing on top of the shrine in Deep Wood Village. He heads into the village and asks if people have seen a giant turtle monster. One of them says he caught one on his tuna boat but let him go, he flew off towards the icy part of the ocean (Shadow Noah Island area) so Luigi decides to head there.     Interlude:   Mario, Tattell, Gray Mask, and the ROB Society are together in their base in Mushroomwood Mountain. The Amethyst Heart is pointing straight up. Dr. ROB suggests what you did last time, placing it where you did with the Ruby Heart. The computer scans it… Planet Starbang. Even Dr. ROB doesn’t have a clue on how to proceed. Maybe Merler would know? Also worth noting is that General ROB tells you that one of their men wants to join Mario. If Mario accepts, he’ll get an optional party member, ROB. If you say no, you can come back any time to recruit him.     Mushroomwood:   Merler has an idea: He knows a spell that should launch you up, but you have to be in the highest point in the area. Prepare at the store, and go up to the entrance to Mushroomwood Mountain. Don’t go in, but instead roll into a tube into a small hole in the side of Mushroomwood Mountain. It’s just another room of the Mushroomwood area so it’s technically not inside. Step on the spring, and bounce all the way up and you’ll come out of a hole on the top of the mountain where Merler is waiting. Merler chants a lot and prepares for his spell and a black warp pipe with stars on it pops up on top of the mountain. Go in and you’ll warp to planet Starbang.     Chapter 5: Paper Mario Galaxy   Starbang:   Barrowed Music: Super Paper Mario – Outer Space   You’ll come out of a black pipe with stars on it on the surface of a rocky, crater-y planet. You find a futuristic village of lumas. Tattell asks if they’ve seen a bluish-whitish jewel heart. The person you meet points to a giant space castle in the distance in the “sky” that’s been shooting lasers at them and abducting their people. This can’t be good for the village. On the south pole of the planet is a pipe that leads to the inside of the planet that might hold some clues. You’re on the North Pole, which is the complete opposite. The other screens of the planet are inhabited by fuzzies, green fuzzies, and moon clefts. Plus, there’s a Whacka somewhere on this planet! On the bottom of the planet is a fire-red pipe. Before you enter, a gold fuzzy leaps out.     BOSS: GOLD FUZZY   HP: 15 ATK: 3 Def: 0   Really this boss fight is just for the sake of having the Gold Fuzzy appear. It doesn’t suck HP from you but when you empty it’s HP it’ll recharge it completely from the audience. You’ll deplete him from 15 a total of three times.     Starbang’s Core:   The Lava Cavern is a complex maze of platforms (which act like rooms) inside Starbang with lots of lava. On the center platform is a pinwheel. Head to the next platform over and you’ll find an orange luma in a cage. It’s Lumio! He wants you to free him before the monster eats him and he can help with that pinwheel. But you need five star chips to open the cage. I’ll outline the basic idea: Go through the maze and save other lumas to get their star chips to free Lumio. When you do, head back to the pinwheel platform, but then a giant dragon will swoop by, grab Mario with his foot, and drop him off a completely random platform (the dragon is green and has angry, thin yellow eyes with a long mouth and pointy teeth and a round head with three horns going down in a Mohawk fashion. He has a simplistic body with legs that lead down to feet with three claws, two on front and one on back, and a long tail and he has no arms but wings with green frames but mainly orange).     BOSS: WRAPTOR   HP: 30 ATK: 4 Def: 0   Wraptor fights with the one move no dragon should ever fight without: Fire Breath. This comes in the form of a stream of fire or fireballs. He can also bite, and other random physical attacks. Your new friend Lumio is surprisingly handy, as his Star Slap can make Wraptor dizzy.     After you defeat Wraptor, he flies away in pain. Head back to the pinwheel and use Lumio’s ability to spin into it and turn it, and it’ll make a large tractor beam. Walk into it and you’ll witness a scene where Mario is warped from Starbang to the floating space castle.     Omega Forgate:   Welcome to the oddly named space castle. This whole area is a platforming area. Next to you is a chest with the Ultra Hammer, which will help you get around by letting you break big stone blocks and metal blocks. Hop up to the top of the three platforms above you to find a door with two cardkey slots. You’ll need to move in both directions from this room as far as you can go. When you get the cardkeys from both area return to the first part and go through the door after inserting the cardkeys. Now you’re back to the normal play style. You’ll need to rescue all the lumas around the area, and they’ll release star chips. Use them to open the door in the highest room to find it leads to an elevator. At the top is a giant, platforming room. A giant spider (Tarantox) is there on a giant web. Near him are two magiKoopas operating some machinery. There going to fire another laser at Starbang. Mario leaps down to the bottom of the room where they are operating. Tattell (the only helper allowed in platforming areas) yells at them for what they’re doing. Defeat the two magiKoopas and then Tarantox gets mad.     BOSS: TARANTOX   HP: 50 ATK: 4 Def: 0   You’ll have to jump around on the little balls on the web to get around the arena. You’ll have to get near the big bulb on Tarantox’s rear and jump on it to damage him. You’ll need to jump around as he moves around the web, and at some angles you can’t hit him. Watch out for his toxic goo spit, as it can do poison damage in addition to normal damage. If you tattle on him, he’ll make a weird noise.     When you do enough damage, Tarantox explodes and drops behind the next Crystal Heart. Go down and pick it up, thus: YOU GOT THE DIAMOND HEART!     Peach’s Side 6:   Peach is in her cell and Pyr appears. The Triangle-Heads are going to take her down to their labs to confirm if she’s actually who they need. Try to escape on the way to the labs. Then the Triangle-Heads come to the room and grab Peach by her wrists. On the way there, Peach breaks free. It’s a platforming hallway. Jump on the two Triangle-Heads to defeat them and proceed through. Unfortunately Truff sees you and gets you and then their plans proceed normally, finishing with you in your cell.     Bowser’s Side 6:   Bowser tiredly stomps through Diamond City. It was hard to get him out of the iceberg and get to shore, so now he’s tired. Wario rides up on his Wario Bike. They then proceed to trash talk each other for a few minutes when Wario kicks Bowser in the shin and runs into the Warioware building. Bowser gets mad and follows him with Bowser Jr. in tow. You will play 5 microgames as Bowser. At the top, Wario is there and Bowser gets revenge and asks him if he knows where any Crystal Hearts are. Of course Mario already took it.     Luigi’s Side 5:   Luigi lands on the catwalk inside Shadow Noah Island, where Bowser landed. Rotopin then drops in saying something about it being safe to come back to this place and start plotting again. He then notices Luigi. Rotopin threatens him and Luigi runs away. Eventually he’s chased to the room where Mario fought the Metal Gizmo in platformer style. Rotopin presses a button and some bombs drop down into the room. Rotopin will run around the room. Press 1 to pick up and throw bombs. Hit Rotopin with 5 bombs and a scene starts. Luigi forces him to say if he saw a big Koopa around. Rotopin says he didn’t, but maybe he headed off to the city to the east. So Luigi leaves and Rotopin decides it’s not safe to return yet.     Interlude:   Mario is in Tarantox’s room in Omega Forgate and a black pipe with neon lines appears. Hop in and it’ll warp you to the first room in the castle. Take the warp in the room down to Starbang’s core and get back to the surface’s village. But before you leave the core, go to the area where Lumio’s cage is and use the Ultra Hammer on it. It’ll break and reveal a spring underneath. It’ll bounce you up to an area where you can get the Mega Boots. These are optional but they make fights a little easier so get them if you want.     Starbang:   The lumas thank you for saving them from the dragon in their planet’s core and for stopping the monsters in the space castle. They ask what he wanted again and he shows them the Diamond Heart. It’s pointing downward, back to your planet.     Mushroomwood:   Back in Mushroomwood, you can get a more accurate reading. It seems to be pointing west. With Merler, he’ll state that you seem to have found Ritzburg. He’s heard rumors of a special pearl there, possibly the Pearl Heart. But it’s not exactly easy to get there. Some people staying in the hotel should know. In the hotel, ask some people around. They’ll say that a “Fishmael” may know. He’s staying on the second floor in Room 201. Go in there and a toad maid will be making his bed. She says he went to Club 65. Go there and ask some patrons. One of them will say he went to the docks to do some fishing. Go to the docks where the boat dropped you and Luigi off. Fishmael is there. Ask him if he knows about a place called Ritzburg. He does. There’s a bus near the movie set that takes people to Ritzburg if they can pay for it. Then he asks you to find his Fuzzipede. You don’t have to, but he’ll give you the Whacka Coin for doing this. That coin lets you hit Whacka as much as you want without consequence. Hint: Fuzzipede is hiding on the roof of the ? Shop. Go up to the shop and use your Ultra Hammer spin on the side of the shop to shake it some and knock Fuzzipede down to the ground. After some talk, he’ll head back to Fishmael.     More on the bus: It costs 30 coins for a ride to Ritzburg. Ouch. Well you can find ways to make money and the bus won’t leave without you, as per RPG format. When you have enough, board the bus and Mario will pick a seat near the back and the bus will take you away to Ritzburg!     Chapter 6: The Ritzburg Blitz   Ritzburg:   Welcome to Ritzburg! No, it’s not a town based off of those crackers. You’re in a festival environment east of Mushroomwood and south of a certain frozen sea that you visited before. The biggest thing here is a giant circular wall in the center of town. And also there are stores all around the wall. On the wall, on all four compass sides are doors and the words RITZ CRATER written above these doors. Go to any of the four entrances and a guard will say that you can’t come in without a ticket. Go to the ticket machine near the store to find that they’re all out. Tattell suggests that maybe you can find another way to convince him. Actually there is! He’s hungry, but can’t leave his post so he’ll give you 15 coins to buy a funnel cake. Do this for him and you’re in. Feel free to buy one for yourself if you have the spare change. Then head into the door and into the “Ritz Crater”.     Ritz Crater:   You’re in a big, circular room with platforms that are part of the floor that rise and lower to certain levels There are four doors on the inner wall. Go through a door and you’ll find that when they called this place a crater, they weren’t lying! This whole place is a crater! The walls leaning inward have seats, and down in the center is an arena! In the arena, you can find a guy in a red helmet with a black visor covering his face and a star on said helmet, a red scarf, a white jumpsuit with red gloves and boots and a red X on his chest, all with a red belt. This is Star X. Watch as Star X takes down a Muth! The promoter toad (Battle T., from Mario Party 3) awards Star X and gives him the Pearl Heart as his prize. If you played Paper Mario 2 and if you can recognize a chapter’s plot in the making, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what you do next.     Ride the floor pieces down into a similar room with 6 doors on the outer wall and two on the inner one. Go to the one with a fiery B on the door. You’re in Battle T.’s office. You’ll need to sign a contract if you want to fight for the Pearl Heart. You’ll have to get through the preliminary round though to get a shot at the Crystal Heart.     Preliminary Foes:   1. Goomba Army (3 Goombas, 2 Paragoombas, 1 Spiky Goomba)   2. Mini Koopas (1 Buzzy Beetle, 1 Spike Top, 1 Parabuzzy, 1 Spiky Parabuzzy)   3. Sky Spikes (1 Lakitu, 3 Spinies)   4. Poking Around (1 Pokey, 1 Poison Pokey, 1 Mummipokey)   5. Bob-omb Blast (2 Bob-ombs, 1 Bulky Bob-omb)   6. The Infantry (1 Koopatrol, 1 Hammer Bro., 1 MagiKoopa, 1 Goomba)   7. Tribal Terrors (1 Spear Guy, 1 Bristle, 1 Dark Bristle)   8. Desert Dogs (2 Anuboos)   9. Doughy Doom (5 Fundos)   10. MagiKoopa Masters (1 Green MagiKoopa, 1 Yellow MagiKoopa, 1 Black MagiKoopa, 1 White MagiKoopa)   11. Green Sprite     Champ: Star X   1. Muthra (1 Muth)   2. Knights Of Doom (1 Dark Koopatrol, 2 Koopatrols)   3. Metal Madness (4 Mecha Koopas, 1 Chrome Koopa)   4. Dino Might (3 Rexes, 2 Rogueshis)   5. Number Game (4 Numbrrs)   6. Thorn Thrashers (1 Piranha Plant, 1 Putrid Piranha, 2 Floro Sapiens)   7. Chop-Chop (2 Choppas, 2 Coptas)   8. Boo! (2 Boos, 2 Dark Boos, 1 Broozer)   9. Shy Guy Squad (4 shy guys, 1 tie-dye guy)     After beating the MagiKoopa Masters, your next opponent is Star X’s little brother, green Sprite. He looks the same, only green, and the star on his helmet is a shine sprite and he’s shorter.     BOSS: GREEN SPRITE   HP: 40 ATK: 3 Def: 0   Green Sprite has some decent attacks. He can shoot green energy bolts from his hands that can attack both of you, and he can use a green shine sprite on a chain as a whip. And he can jump and dive into you. That’s all he can do, except awkwardly try to trash talk you. Just use some of your more powerful attacks to get rid of him quickly.     Finally you’re a part of the tournament proper. Now you’ll have to abide by certain rules made specifically for you after being watched in the preliminaries. Now watch out, all these guys have done everything you’ve done to get to this position!     Tournament Opponents:   1. Shy Guy Squad (4 Shy Guys, 1 Tie-Dye Guy)   2. Boo! (1 Boo, 1 Dark Boo, 1 Broozer)   3. Chop-Chop (2 Choppas, 2 Coptas)   4. Thorn Thrashers (1 Piranha Plant, 1 Putrid Piranha, 2 Floro-Sapiens)   5. Number Game (4 Numbrrs)   6. Dino Might (2 Rexes, 2 Rogueshis)   7. Metal Madness (2 Mecha Koopas, 1 Chrome Koopa)   8. Knights of Doom (1 Dark Koopatrol, 2 Koopatrols)   9. Muthra (1 Muth)   10. Star X     BOSS: MUTHRA (MUTH)   HP: 50 ATK: 3-4 Def: 0   Muthra fights just like an average Muth, since he’s just a Muth with a semi-cool fighter name. But still, he’s tough.     If you make it past Muthra, you’ll fight the only other person to make it this far in this current tournament. Big surprise, it’s…     BOSS: STAR X   HP: 60 ATK: 4 Def: 0-1   They didn’t make Star X the champion for nothing. He has every attack that Green Sprite has. Only red. His energy bolts can actually make you dizzy, and his green shine sprite is a red star. Sometimes he can pull out a red shield for defense. If he could also beat Muthra, watch out.     When you defeat Star X, everyone is amazed. A newcomer straight from out of the blue, the famous Mario at that, just beat the top fighter. This chapter seemed to end smoothly and without a hitch. Oh no, that means something’s gonna happen! It does! The Triangle-Heads’ Triangle Ship lowers down into the arena. Obviously Truff wants you to hand over your Crystal Hearts, as well as the Pearl Heart from Star X. Afraid of getting beat up again, Star X hands over the Pearl Heart and a Triangle-Head comes out of the ship, takes it, and goes back into the ship. Then Truff speaks to you from inside the ship.     “I see you’re into fighting now. Well I bet you didn’t know my ship could do THIS! (The ship changes) How do you like this baby? I saw some X-Naut schematics and applied them to the good ol’ S. S. Tri! You might best me hand to hand, but you will fall before the might of our ship! Well come on! You like fighting so much, go for it!”     Said transformation is the ship turning upside-down, and a dome appears out of what was the bottom, the two points on the flat end extend off and become pointy fists, and the lone point breaks off in half and extend off into feet.     BOSS: S. S. TRI   BOSS: DOME   BOSS: TRUFF   HP: Infinite, 3, 30 ATK: 4, -, - Def: Infinite, 1, 0   To win the fight, you’ll need to take out Truff. The three targets work together. The invincible ship does the attacking, the dome protects Truff, and Truff pilots the ship. The ship punches, slams its fists, kicks, stomps, and its pointy hands spin and launch off so they’re like flying drills. You can’t defeat the ship, so it’ll get in the way of attacking the dome. The dome doesn’t have much life, but it does have a point of defense. When it’s broken, you have a small window of opportunity to release your power onto Truff. The dome regenerates quickly, so you’ll have to be quick and powerful about it. Especially since you can’t hurt the ship, like I said. Eventually, you should defeat Truff. Just be careful, this is directly after the Star X fight so you didn’t heal unless you had a level up. When you tattle on him he’ll praise his ship and insinuate that you’re scared of it.     After the fight, Truff has one last trick. He presses the bomb button making the ship explode in seconds. He then makes the ship run toward you to take you out with you, but then a red bolt hits the ship, making it blow up on it’s own, launching Truff and some henchmen sky high, and the Pearl Heart drops.     “You take it. Not only because you won, but also because I’ve shamed myself. I was so caught up in myself that it was such a blow to actually lose! And that made me so spineless, I just gave up when the giant green thing came!”     Green Sprite conveniently appears and says that he’s still proud of Star X. Star X thanks him, the crowd goes “aww” and Star X’s pride is restored, but now at a more modest level. That’s really kinda cheesy. All is well, and YOU GOT THE PEARL HEART! … And Battle T. bids the audience farewell.     Peach’s Side 6:   Pyr is pacing back and forth in front of Peach’s cell, trying to find ways to let Peach escape. Pyr also admits another reason why he’s helping: She reminds him of a girl he once knew. Apparently if you once knew a girl in the Paper Mario world, it means that you were in love. Yeah, you’re not allowed to just know them, it’s gotta be love. Anyway, Grei comes in.     “Pyr. The prophecy states that you must be sacrificed.”     “Wh-what?”     “Do not question it. No one must. I had a vision… for our dream to come true, we all must make sacrifices… and I must do it.”     Grei turns his head 360 degrees and lightning zaps Pyr, and he’s gone. Peach is sad, angry, and scared at the same time.     “As for you, Princess Peach… Just wait. I have the feeling your little Mario friend will make it here with every Heart. So just wait here and I’ll be back for you…”     Ouch. He knows Mario will likely succeed and he found out about Pyr! Saying he’s a threat to Mario would be an understatement.     Bowser’s Side 6:   Bowser is on top of Mushroomwood Mountain, directly from Diamond City. He notices the Star Pipe that leads to Starbang. Kammy tells him rumors of the Diamond Heart there. Bowser, Junior, and Kammy enter the pipe. Bowser appears on Starbang and immediately heads to the core in hopes of the Heart being there. You’ll then control Bowser (with back-up from Jr.) through a platforming level where you hop from platform to platform over lava and beat some enemies. At the end, Bowser will be standing in the area where the warp to Omega Forgate is (the warp is temporarily deactivated). Wraptor appears and tries to swoop by and pick Bowser up with his feet, but Bowser’s too heavy. Bowser then grabs him, throws him to the ground and stomps on him, then kicking a flattened Wraptor into the lava (he’ll survive). This was a bust for Bowser. But at least we got to see the Ultimate Dragon Battle.     Luigi’s Side 5:   Luigi makes it to Diamond City. He heads into the Warioware building and asks the receptionist if Wario is willing to see anyone today (he’s willing to bet that since Wario is also one of Mario’s enemies, he may be teamed up with Bowser). She tells him that Wario’s not in today, but she did see Bowser heading to Mushroomwood.     “Ah, returning to the original scene of the crime, is he? Well he can’t fool the Great Luigi! Bowser, your little romp of terror is coming to an end!”     Interlude:   In Battle T.’s office, Tattell and your partner explain that they need this heart for the good of the world, and that their time here will have to come to an end. Battle T. understands, but says that if you ever want to return, you’re more than welcome. As for now, leave Ritzburg and head back to Mushroomwood.     Mushroomwood:   The Pearl Heart is pointing south. Merler heard about a place in that area called the Rodan Sea. It doesn’t see very many visitors, but it’s not very hard to get there. There should be a person who might have a boat. Make sure you’re ready before you head there. Go to the docks and you’ll find Fishmael and Fuzzipede again. What a coincidence, Fishmael has a boat! Good for you, finding Fuzzipede for him previously will make him feel generous enough to let you use his boat. If you didn’t find Fuzzipede, the story changes to Fuzzipede getting lonely and returning and you having to pay him 64 coins to let him let you use your boat. Hopefully the goodness in your heart led you to finding Fuzzipede before. So when you’re ready to go, Fishmael’s boat will come out of nowhere and you’ll all get a ride to the Rodan Sea.     Chapter 7: The Crystal Hourglass   Rodan Sea:   Welcome to the Rodan Sea, a sea south of Mushroomwood Island! The controls here are different than before. You’re on a big, blue screen. An image of Mushroomwood Mountain is on the northern part, and a picture of an Hourglass is in the center. Point and press A on the location you want to go to. You want to go to the hourglass.     Hourglass Island:   At the docks, you’ll find a small, medieval village in case you need to restock. Head to the giant hourglass building, as it looks very suspicious.     Hourglass Temple:   The inside of Hourglass Temple is very empty. All that’s inside is an altar with an hourglass on it. An old guy with gray, bushy eyebrows and a similar mustache as well as a pinkish round nose in a partly ragged whitish/yellowish robe with a mini hourglass on a necklace around his neck appears. This is Uncle Time, protector of time and Hourglass Island. He already knows who you are, what you want, etc. He knows what you’ve done, will do, and what’s going on right now, since he controls time. He shows you the Crystal Heart. It’s bronze. Your partner asks what’s wrong with it. A long time ago, for a safety measure, the Platinum Heart was divided in three, and the parts were spread all across the Rodan Sea. You’ll need to find the Gold Heart and the Silver Heart. He marks their locations on your map of the sea. Stock up if you haven’t, you’re going on an exploration around the sea.     Rodan Sea:   Two more islands showed up. To the east of Hourglass Island is an image of a flower. To the west is an image of a flame. You can go to either one I recommend the flower first.     Flower Island:   Fishmael’s boat docks at Flower Island. It’s a very happy setting with lots of flowers. Unfortunately the enemies are lethal. You’ll need Lumio more than your other partners for some wind-related puzzles. Eventually, you’ll reach a giant tan column with a checker pattern with shiny green grass on top and a shiny blue pipe. Said column is on top of a vent so you’ll need Lumio to spin some pinwheels around the island to activate the wind from the vent to make it so you can reach the pipe.     Blue Act Zone:   Another oddly placed name! Any Sonic fans in the audience will find this place very reminiscent of a certain hilly area where Sonic first appeared. Even the music sounds similar. Go through the whole area and eventually you’ll find a loop de loop in the land. How will you get through? Make Yoyo your current partner and hop on his back. You can ride him along the loop de loop! Next is a platforming area with a few more loop de loops. Since you don’t have partners (save for Tattell) in these segments, how will you get past loops? You flip into 3d! At the end is a purple pipe. You’re lead to a stony area on top of a tall mountain at night, back in the normal playing format. A dark blue Yoshi reminiscent dragon with some crystal on it appears. It looks sort of like a Mario version of Dialga. What is with all the references in this game?     BOSS: CRYSTAL YOSHI   HP: 40 ATK: 4 Def: 0   The Crystal Yoshi can do anything that a Rogueshi can do, but has some original attacks. No it doesn’t control time. There are spiky crystals growing on top of his head, so jumps are out. The original attacks involve using icy breath, hiding in a Yoshi egg covered in spiky crystals and rolling over you, and lowering a rafter to hang onto. He can also make himself “fast” meaning he can do more than one thing per turn. When he gets weaker, he can also make you “slow” which means you or your partner can’t do anything for one turn.     When you defeat the Crystal Yoshi, it’ll run away and leave behind what looks like one of the Crystal Hearts, only smaller and it’s silver. You have the Silver Heart!     Rodan Sea:   On the sea, press A on the image of the flame.     Fire Island:   How blunt. A blunt name for a blunt premise: A volcanic island. You’re in a rocky setting. There are lots of fire hazards here. When you get to the volcano, you’ll find a crack. Use Apple on the crack to reveal a doorway, with a metal block in the way. Use your hammer on it and enter.     Mt. Fire:   The volcano is quite simple. A stony path spiraling up the outer edges of the inside of the volcano, leading up to a stony platform. A more dragon-like, crimson Yoshi appears with slightly rocky skin, claws, and it’s slightly larger. It looks like Groudon. Yet another pokemon reference!     BOSS: MAGMA YOSHI   HP: 40 ATK: 4 Def: 0   The song is the same as the fight with the Crystal Yoshi if anyone’s wondering. Obviously in addition to its normal attacks, it has fire attacks and some earth attacks. It has a fiery mist that keeps you from jumping on it. And it can scratch you with claws. The strategy isn’t entirely different.     When you defeat the Magma Yoshi, it’ll drop what looks like the Silver Heart, only gold, and then run away. You got the Gold Heart!     Hourglass Temple:   Back on Hourglass Island, go to the temple. There, speak to Uncle Time. From left to right appear the Gold Heart, Bronze Heart, and Silver Heart. They all merge together to form the Platinum Heart. Outside, there’s a weird noise.     Hourglass Island:   Outside the temple, Mario finds a small rocket has landed. A spaceman in a red suit with a glass helmet, and a head that’s mostly bald with small (literally) red hair, and no nose appears. Spacey. Spacey tells you that he traveled long and far to stop a prophecy from being fulfilled.     “The false ruler of time shall fool the Chosen One into merging the three hearts into one. Then the false ruler shall restore his form and bring doom to all.”     This can’t be good. You rush back into the temple and Spacey follows.     Hourglass Temple:   Uncle Time is there with the Platinum Heart and he notices Spacey. They know each other?     “Oh so you’ve arrived? I guess I may as well explain. You see Mario I’m one of his people! Yes, centuries ago I was a powerful wizard of theirs. But then I got “corrupted” as they say, so they had me banished to this planet and my power source was separated. I was too weak to reunite them, but I managed to learn time magic to become powerful and claim the role as Uncle Time. So I waited for someone mentioned in the prophecy to arrive so I could trick them. But now you know too much! Now you must perish! And now with the power of the Platinum Heart, your game will end!”     Uncle Time warps you, Tattell, your partner and himself into the Crystal Hourglass. In a giant sandy room, a big giant dragonhead comes out of the ground! It’s a mix between a scorpion thing, dragon, and Uncle Time’s original form and you can only see his head and the top part of his neck. Then the battle starts.     BOSS: UNCLE TIME   HP: 70 ATK: 5 Def: 0   Uncle Time is the strongest boss in the game so far, so I hope you stocked up by this point. He has a big bite attack that packs a punch and he can shoot green fire that can freeze you in time for 2 turns. Fight back with his own trick, with the Diamond Heart. He can also shoot regular fire. This has got to be like what- the third dragon boss in this game? He can also roar loudly so sand will fall down into the area, making some start piling onto you, making it harder to do things. When you’re eventually entirely covered in sand, you’re stuck in place for one turn, until the boss’s next attack unearths you (after hurting you). This is truly a long fight don’t be too surprised to find yourself needing some revival items. You’re best off with Gray Mask, because he can hide you from some of his deadlier attacks. Also hope that you’ve leveled your partners up to get some of their best moves. Other than that, just use some of your best things, but heal when you must. It’s always better to play it safe in this fight. If you tattle on him, he’ll roar.     When you defeat Uncle Time, his head sinks back into the sand and you’re warped back to the temple. The Crystal Hourglass explodes, sand is floating around everywhere and the Platinum Heart is on the altar. Grab it, and all the sand will fly toward the center of the room, forming a new Crystal Hourglass. Spacey says that he should probably look after it and make sure nothing bad ever happens again. YOU GOT THE PLATINUM HEART! AND AS OF NOW YOU HAVE EVERY CRYSTAL HEART!     Peach’s Side Finale:   Peach is in her cell, concerned and scared. Then Truff appears. He tells her it’s time. Peach refuses to go, but the two Triangle-Heads accompanying him grab her and Truff leads them up to Grei’s throne. He says that now all there is left to do is wait. He then orders Truff to “welcome” the guest that’ll no doubt be there soon. The prophecy shall be fulfilled, he thinks.     Bowser and Luigi’s Sides’ Finale:   Bowser is in Mushroomwood City in front of Mushroomwood Mountain. He’s ANGRY! He’s been running around this whole island trying to find Mario, but nothing went right! His son and Kammy aren’t too happy either. Then suddenly Luigi jumps down from Mushroomwood Mountain! He finally caught up with Bowser! Now he can stop him from stopping Mario and prove how important he is! Bowser is not in the mood for this and ignores whatever Luigi says, thinking Mario sent Luigi to taunt him. Well that’s it!     BOSS: BOWSER   HP: 30 ATK: 3 Def: 0   Curtains close and then re-open to find that the area has changed into platformer format. That’s right Luigi is in a boss fight against Bowser! Bowser runs around and jumps and breathes fire. Your only attacks are a jump and a super jump, and you have 5 Mushrooms at your disposal. It’s a fairly easy fight, and it’s just so satisfying to finally see some action from Luigi and Bowser. Don’t fret Bowser Jr. and Kammy, they’re cheering Bowser on from the sidelines and stupidly not helping him other than that.     When you defeat Bowser, he’s even angrier and flies away in his Clown Copter to look for Mario, as his minions follow. Luigi looks for a means to follow him. And a toad from the movie set just saw all this. Oh well.     Interlude:   Huzzah, you’ve completed your quest! You should probably check in with Merler to decide your next move. Head to Fishmael and he’ll take you back to Mushroomwood.     Mushroomwood:   Merler is amazed! Of course he knew you’d probably be able to do it, but still! No time to party though, it’s time to pay another visit to the ROB Society. Merler heads there right away, but suggests that you stock up like there’s no tomorrow. And there won’t be one if you don’t stop these guys.     Mushroomwood Mountain:   General ROB says they’ve located the Triangle-Heads’ base: A floating castle somewhere in the sky over Mushroomwood (technically it’s over the water between Mushroomwood and the Rodan Sea). They’ve crafted a special device that should help you get to the floating fortress. Follow General ROB to a high-tech warp pipe that just appeared. When you go through that pipe, you’ll be taken to the device that’ll help you get up to the fortress. Are you ready?     Battlespring:   Barrowed Music: Super Mario Galaxy – Buoy Base Galaxy   You’re in a big, red dome with a flat top. You have to solve regular level puzzles, but there are thankfully no enemies. When you reach a red pipe, go down and it’ll warp you to the flat top. You get an email from Dr. ROB.     “GET READY”     Suddenly a countdown starts. Mario, Tattell, and the current partner are freaking out and then after the countdown finishes, the red dome springs up (it was connected to a dormant spring) and you’re launched sky high! From a part in the ROB Society room with a window, Merler, General ROB, and Dr. ROB are watching, wishing you luck. You’ll need it.     Chapter 8: Moonlit Finale   Space:   Mario and Tattell crash onto a planet in space. You’re in a platforming area with small planets acting as platforms that have gravity on all sides. Get to the end of the area and you’ll make it to a giant, flat meteor in normal play style. Your partner is unconscious. Wake them up and you’ll notice a giant, elaborate fortress floating in the background. Explore around for a pair of switches for both you and Koopella to hit (use Koopella’s holding ability). It’ll reveal a small hole with a white pipe that has green triangles on it. You want to go down that pipe if you want to enter that fortress.     Triangle Palace:   You come out of a pipe in a dark room. Go through the door and you’ll find yourself in a main hall of sorts. This place sort of visually resembles the last world of Kingdom Hearts II if you’re wondering. The room is littered with Triangle-Head soldiers for you to optionally fight. At the end of the hall, go through the big door. You’re in a hallway in platformer style. But an old friend is waiting for you: Rotopin! He’s been hired to exact his revenge on you and he’ll be glad to do it. He snaps his fingers and a robotic copy of Mario appears.     BOSS: MECHA MARIO   HP: Your max HP ATK: Your max ATK Def: 0   The first of the boss fights in this chapter is certainly odd. Mecha Mario will run and jump around the area and do things you can do. His HP and ATK are the same as yours, so it sort of brings a consequence to leveling those things up this whole adventure. Mecha Mario is sort of a small target so you’ll need to rely on items. Your partners can’t help you, since this is a sidescrolling area.     When you defeat Mecha Mario, the robot explodes. Rotopin is scared and runs away. Go into the next room to find a normal play style again. I shouldn’t have to tell you that a fair share of the time spent is in hard puzzles requiring your boots, your hammer, your abilities, and your partners. Seriously it’s Chapter 8, wouldn’t you expect that? At the far end of the palace, Truff will appear.     “Oh look what we have here! The mustache man finally got all his precious hearts and now wants his girlfriend back! Well I’m sorry but that’s as far as you go!”     He pulls out a potion and drinks it. No holding back: A final assault against Truff.     BOSS: BARON VON TRUFF   HP: 50 ATK: 4 Def: 0-1   Baron Von Truff can do anything he did during the fight in Deep Wood Shrine in Chapter 2. But now he can also extend his arms to grab an audience member and throw them at you, he can also make one of his fists grow and then slam it down, and he can also throw green triangles like ninja stars. As a spider, he can shoot energy bolts.     When you defeat Baron Von Truff, he’ll get down on one knee and go on about how you always beat him. Then he falls to unconsciousness. At this point, you can save and go through the door ahead. You’re in the hallway where Grei caught Peach and where the wall as a boarded-up hole! Go through the hallway to the outside area with spiral stairs going up to the altar with Grei’s throne. But then on the stairs upward, Bowser appears with his two-man entourage! He hops out of his copter onto the stairs with Junior and Kammy.     “MARIO! It’s about time! I’m sick of running all around this stupid island just to find you! Well that’s it! Your stupid little brother can’t stop me and neither can you!”     “Not so fast, Bowser!”     Luigi jumps down from nowhere, landing on Bowser’s head, and lands behind Mario.     “RAAAAAA!!! I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS! I’m finishing both of you off for good! It’s either you two or me!”     “Dad, we’re helping, too!”     “Uh, I guess I should too, Your Angriness.”     “Bwahaha! Kiss your plungers goodbye, Stupid Moron Bros!”     BOSS: BOWSER   BOSS: BOWSER JR.   BOSS: KAMMY KOOPA   HP: 100, 50, 30 ATK: 6, 3, 2 Def: 0, 0, 0   Oh my goodness! This fight should last a while! But maybe it doesn’t have to - Luigi will be helping you in this fight! Luigi will appear at points in the fight to help you take down the Koopas. He can go backstage and drop something on them, he can run across stage and jump on all three in a row, he can throw something at them from in the audience, he can throw something helpful to you, and he can hold up a CHEER sign so the audience will cheer and boost your Special Power. Bowser stomps, scratches, bites, and breathes fire. His son scratches, rams, throws shells, and spits fireballs. Kammy can do anything normal magiKoopas can do. When you get Bowser alone, he can also punch you or your partner. This is the hardest fight in the game to this point, but with Luigi, it’s a little bit easier. But still give it your all! There is also a secret way to get rid of two of them at once: If you beat Bowser first, Kammy will be too scared to fight and runs away. Use the Mario Finale attack you got from the Platinum Heart, whenever you can as it causes unavoidable fire damage to all foes. Needless to say, you’ll need many healing items. If you tattle on Bowser, he’ll try to add his own (pointless) information (after you’re told what you need to know).     You should win at some point. Bowser and co. will fall down and moan about how they did all this work and still lost and they were so close. Go back to the previous room and save. WARNING: THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN. It’s true, once you go back to the stairway and go all the way up, there is no going back so this is your last chance. If you’re ready, go back to the stairway (the Koopas are still lying there but you can walk past them). Continue up the stairs (Luigi will follow behind your partner). You’re finally at Grei’s altar.     “So you’re Mario. We meet at last. The prophecy shall be coming true any moment now. And thank you for bringing me the Crystal Hearts. I’ll take them now. And use them the correct way.”     Grei raises his hands and the Crystal Hearts leave Mario and float in the air around the altar in circular. They stop and then release energy. The palace is falling apart! All that’s left is the altar and the stairs leading to it! Down below, the rest of the palace falls into the ocean (between Mushroomwood and Rodan Sea) and then a humongous whirlpool opens up and shoots a giant, dark beam that surrounds the altar in the sky. The scene starts switching to Shell City to Deep Wood Village to Diamond City to Starbang to Ritzburg to the Hourglass Temple to Mushroomwood to the ROB Society. Everyone is concerned.     Back with you, there’s no escape! Your only hope now is to take down Grei!     BOSS: GREI   HP: 60 ATK: 4 Def: 0   Grei is a magical type. You can jump on his head as the point isn’t pointy, the top point kind of droops forward. He can do any kind of magic and can cause nearly any status effect. He can also just shoot green energy orbs. This fight is harder since you can’t use your Special Powers. And is Luigi helping you? Nope. Sorry, that was a one-time thing. He’s too scared. This isn’t nearly as hard as the fight with the Koopas, so rest easy on that concern. Grei can also do a spell that sucks HP from your party member and adds that total to his own amount. When he’s all but defeated, he pulls a fast one! He sucks all the audiences’ HP and regains his own, now up to five more than his original maximum (totaling at 65 HP)! Dang it! But when you deplete his HP for the second time, he won’t refill again. This battle will tire you out so use Gray Mask. Also, it’d be nice to have retrieved the Strange Sack so you can have more items.     After you defeat Grei, he makes Peach appear. She’s unconscious, but seems to be fine. Grei focuses and all the dark energy stops and converges into one spot in the center of the ring of Crystal Hearts. It takes the form of a dark mist. It then heads down for Peach to possess her! Tattell (who’s developed some feeling for Mario) sees how worried Mario is about Peach and decides it’s better for him and Peach to be together instead, so Tattell rushes over into the way and the black mist swarms all over Tattell, turning her into a dark flame with red eyes. Grei welcomes the ancient demon, Malum. Malum is upset that he got into the wrong body, but is glad that he got some physical form. Why did it have to be Peach? Something about a pure and noble heart I think. Grei asks Malum to reward him. Malum then zaps Grei with a beam. Now if Malum defeats the mustached guy, Grei will gain unstoppable power (Malum’s authority can stop him though). If Malum loses, Grei goes too. And that Luigi, too scared to help. Plus he’s tending to Peach.     BOSS: MALUM   HP: Infinite ATK: 5 Def: Infinite   You can’t win. Just attack for a few turns and wait for the scene. Oh and Malum’s attacks consist of spitting dark fireballs at you.     At this point, you’re really at a loss: You’re facing an unstoppable demon, Peach is out cold, Luigi’s paralyzed in fear, and Tattell is possessed. No Crystal Hearts, no hope. A green version of Tattell then appears and wakes Peach up. It’s Pyr! Or, it was. He’s found a way to come back. Luigi looks over to see what’s going on. They then know what they must do: They must give Mario all their strength and support. I would think they’d just literally help Mario kill the thing, but this is a Paper Mario game. The Crystal Hearts then change back to normal and go back to Mario. Pyr just leveled the playing field. He’s wants to help for Peach’s sake (as well as everyone else’s). Luigi’s starting to feel more confident too. Not enough to actually participate, but he cheers you on. So does Peach. You then hear another voice. Bowser and his group have just made it to the top of the stairs to the altar. They heard what’s going on and Bowser doesn’t want anyone but him conquering everything. Well that’s it then, we can’t let this Malum waltz on in this world like he owns the place and conquer everything! It’s go time!     BOSS: MALUM   BOSS: DARK HAND x2   BOSS: GREI   HP: 150, 10, 30 ATK: 6-7, 3, 4 Def: 0, 0, 0   At the start of the fight, Pyr floats up to you. Since Tattell isn’t here with you, he’ll replace her. Now Malum has a multitude of attacks. Malum can body slam, shoot lasers that do random effects (like Grei), charge up to do more damage, suck up HP from the audience members, summon its Dark Hands, cause explosions, spit the fireballs like before, and confuse you and/or your party member. The Dark Hands can do flyby punches and can strangle you, sucking up HP. He can also tattle on you to find out who’s the weakest currently and attack them (being a possessed Tattell). When he gets down to 50 HP, Grei assists him. He fights like before but is still weak from being beaten and has fewer attacks. At the start of the fight, you get a Shine Sprite Bingo, helping you out. You can use your Special attacks again so use whichever you see fit. Gray Mask is recommended for hiding you from attacks, but you should have your strongest party member for this fight, followed by your next strongest and so on. You need no regrets because this is the final battle, so go out in a blaze of glory!     After a long and epic battle, Malum will be severely weakened. Tattell briefly takes over.     “Mario, help me! He’s taking over, and I can’t stop him! AAAAAAAAAHH!!!”     “Silence, puny spirit! Your existence is no longer needed! You can’t defeat me, Chosen One. No matter what you do, I can just leave the body in the nick of time. You’d only be damaging your loved ones!”     Your partner asks what to do, Peach, Luigi, and the Bowser group are watching in awe and fear. Pyr recognizes that voice (Tattell’s). Don’t tell me. Tattell is the girl Pyr used to know? After some catching up, Pyr gets an idea. He’ll take Tattell’s place. She hesitates, but finally agrees after some convincing. They switch places and then Pyr focuses hard and makes the Crystal Hearts unleash all their power onto him, finishing off him, Malum, and Grei. Remember, Grei’s life was put in the balance, based off of the results of the fight. Before anybody has time to mourn for Pyr, the piece the place starts exploding and such and you have no way to get out safely! Suddenly Merler appears and warps you away. We cut to sunrise of the next day.     Ending:   It’s time to say goodbye- Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth don’t really feel like staying here after what happened. Not now anyway. Tattell is really confused on how to feel- Sad, happy, guilty, she doesn’t know. Merler convinces her that everything will be okay. She then thanks you. Koopella thanks you for allowing her to come along. Now she has more courage than ever. Apple also thanks you. You’ve taught him that there is more than one way to look at everything. Yoyo is kind of embarrassed. He mostly joined you out of boredom. He states how fun it was and says that it was probably good for him to get out and see new places. Gray Mask thanks you for not telling anyone about that one loss and thanks you for letting him come along. He’s going to dedicate all future missions to you. Lumio thanks you for saving him from his planet’s core, he wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. If you recruited R. O. B., he’ll say that the ROB Society has a secret: This was their first big cause. He thanks you for giving them their start. General ROB and Dr. ROB appear and say they have a goodbye gift planned, but you’ll have to back up a ways away first. Suddenly Bowser flies up in his copter, with his son in his own, and Kammy on her broom. Bowser says that they’ll back off for now but next time they meet, everything is the way it was again. Then they leave. Lastly, Merler apologizes to Luigi. He lied to him. He told Luigi he’d be useless, so Luigi would find a big way to help Mario. Otherwise, nobody would stop Bowser from impeding Mario (Merler knew about Bowser?!). Luigi thanks him. Then Peach thanks all of your friends for helping, as well as Mario and Luigi. Now to go home…     The boat starts getting ready to leave and when it’s back enough, fireworks start being shot. One of them says:   “THANK YOU”. Then the screen blacks out. Mario and Luigi are back in their house, reminiscing. Mario gets an email from Merler and Tattell! They both read it. It’s telling you everything that’s happened since one month ago.     Koopella is going steady with her new boyfriend, Kool. They’re very happy together. Apple is in Deep Wood Village, and is being considered for the position of Chief of Security. The Blue Monster is also there, taking care of the kids. Yoyo is now a regular in the Warioware Microgame Challenge. He’s winning diamonds left and right. Gray Mask is still going on missions. He’s also using his sword again. Lumio is known as the hero of Starbang. He’s also leading an expedition to Omega Forgate to explore it and learn more. In Ritzburg, Green Sprite is now battling Star X for the championship it’s said to be a good fight. Out in the Rodan Sea, Spacey is watching over the place, and they’ve visited frequently. The ROB Society is now helping Gray Mask with his missions and R. O. B. is second in command. Also, Truff appeared. He’s changed his ways so now he’s Merler’s helper along with Tattell. Other than that, there’s not that much new going on. Oh, but there is one last thing she mentions: Since last month, they’ve changed the plot of the movie down on the set and it’s also a big hit. It’s called: Luigi Vs. Bowser. Feel free to come back again, she says.     Luigi hears Parakarry delivering the mail and goes to get it. Whatever it said, Mario and Luigi jump and then head on out the door.     '''''''''''''The End'''''''''''''    Credits:   Like Paper Mario 2, there’s a silhouette parade along with the credits and the screenshots.     Parade:   Luigi   Toadsworth   Merler   (Mushroomwood characters)   Parakarry   Dupree   Bowser   Bowser Jr.   Kammy Koopa   Koopella   Kool   Koopler   Shelltail (off to the side)   Apple   Blue Monster   Yoyo   Wario   (Diamond City characters)   General ROB   Dr. ROB   Generic ROBs   R. O. B.   Gray Mask   (Shadow Noah Island characters and sentinels)   Rotopin   Metal Gizmo SHARK Head (flies by)   Lumio   (Starbang/Omega Forgate characters)   Wraptor (flies to the top of the screen)   Tarantox   Battle T.   Star X   Green Sprite   (Ritzburg/Ritz Crater characters)   S. S. Tri (off to the side)   Spacey   Crystal Yoshi   Magma Yoshi   Uncle Time (humanoid form)   Mecha Mario   Baron Von Truff   (Triangle Army Soldiers)   Grei   Malum/Tattell (changes to Tattell)   Mario   Peach   Pyr (in Tattell-like form, floats across the screen all alone)     After The Fall:   After beating the game, you can save. If you do and continue, Mario and Luigi will return to Mushroomwood! You can now feel free to explore Mushroomwood Island and its surrounding areas! All your partners are waiting for you, too. You can now go back to Diamond City and compete in the Microgame Challenge again. Inside Shadow Noah Island, some ROBs will be found around the place, considering making this a second base. Truff is now with Merler as an apprentice. You can go back to the Ritz Crater now, too. Now is also a good time to visit the two Pits of 100 Trials and the Dojo. Simply said: You can do anything you want. The Battlespring can still be visited, but it doesn’t function anymore. And the remains of Triangle Palace joined the rest of its pieces under the sea. Other than that, go for it!     Pits of 100 Trials:   There are two of them, deep under Mushroomwood. One is the Turn-Based Pit and the other is the Sidescroller Pit, both have completely different Gameplay types of course.     RPG Pit of 100 Trials   In Mushroomwood, go to the movie set. Use Lumio to spin a pinwheel there to make a pipe appear! You’ll be taken to the Pit of 100 Trials! Every 25 floors, the background changes from Emerald to Sapphire to Crystal to Ruby. At the 50th floor is a Mega Muth.     BOSS: MEGA MUTH   HP: 65 ATK: 4-5 Def: 0   The Mega Muth is like a normal Muth, only a bit stronger. Other than that, there are no special features.     At the bottom, you’ll find a skeleton dragon in a dry bones shell.     “AAARROOOOOOOGHAAAAA!!!”     BOSS: DRYTAIL   HP: 100 ATK: 4 Def: 1   Drytail is similar to Shelltail, only he can do more dark attacks and cause more status effects. It’s a long fight.     Prizes:   1. Fire Drive Badge   2. Zap Tap Badge   3. Double Dip Badge   4. Really Lucky Day Badge   5. Strange Sack   6. Power Rush Badge   7. Adv. Dodge Master Badge   8. All or Nothing Badge   9. Cool Out Badge   10. Return Postage Badge     Platformer Pit of 100 Trials   In Mushroomwood, enter Mushroomwood Mountain. Near the door to the ROB Society, use Apple to bomb a crack to reveal a warp pipe. Get ready. In this Pit of 100 Trails, it’s in platformer style, so it’s a bit easier, but you don’t have partners. Every 25 floors, the background changes from Amethyst to Diamond to Pearl to Platinum. At the bottom is a big monster called Dark Dragoon. He’s Bowser’s size, has a body and limbs like Truff, and a skull for a head.     “You dare enter my lair?! You must DIE!”     BOSS: DARK DRAGOON   HP: 100 ATK: 4 Def: 0   Dark Dragoon fights kind of like O’ Chunks in Super Paper Mario during the third encounter. Enough said. It’s a little easier than Drytail.     Prizes:   1. General ROB Catch Card   2. Merler Catch Card   3. Koopella Catch Card   4. Apple Catch Card   5. Yoyo Catch Card   6. Gray Mask Catch Card   7. Lumio Catch Card   8. R. O. B. Catch Card   9. Tattell Catch Card   10. Mario Catch Card     The Great Palace   Upon returning to Mushroomwood after the game is finished, Merler will point out that a mysterious floating palace appeared above Mushroomwood. He’s created a spring on top of Mushroomwood Mountain that’ll lead there. In The Great Palace, you’ll find yourself in Platforming format. This palace requires you to go through recreations of past levels and find special keys to unlock the room in the center. You’ll also fight gray clones of each chapter boss (minus Chapters 6 and 8). Their attacks and HP are exactly the same so refer to their chapters to see the strategies, thus for RPG style bosses, the RPG play style returns.   WARNING: ONLY ATTEMPT THIS PLACE IF YOU’RE EXTREMELY SKILLED AND READY.     Area/Key/Boss:   Shell Castle – Shell Key - Shelltail   Deep Wood Shrine – Blue Key – Truff   Diamond City Sewers – Diamond Key – Wario/Wario Man   Shadow Noah Island – Metal Key – Metal Gizmo (first fight)   Omega Forgate – Omega Key – Tarantox   Rodan Sea – Phantom Key – Uncle Time     When all 6 locks are unlocked, you have access to the center. In the center room is a ghost that looks like Merler. This is Meracle. You’ve proven yourself as a true warrior. He sends a special picture to your Wii message board and if you have Super Smash Bros. Brawl data on your memory card, you’ll get the (obviously fictional since this Paper Mario game doesn’t exist) Crystal Heart trophy. Way to go!     And that’s all for the Walkthrough!       Badges   You can collect badges again. Only new badges, old badges with a new purpose and Attack FX badges will get descriptions. Some can be traded from Badger if you give him Star Pieces. Let’s see what’s out there to get:   Adv. Dodge Master: Super Dodging will be easier to pull off.   Adv. Dodge Master P: Super Dodging will be easier to pull off for partners.   Air Fire Drive: Like Fire Drive, but also effective against airborne enemies and ceiling enemies.   All or Nothing   All or Nothing P: Partner attack goes up if the command is followed. If not, the attack is useless.   Attack FX B: Bowser grunt.   Attack FX C: Cricket chirp.   Attack FX D: Drums   Attack FX F: Fire burning.   Attack FX L: Luigi’s “haha!” noise he makes when he Super Jumps in Super Paper Mario.   Attack FX M: Meow.   Attack FX P: Peach sound effect.   Attack FX R: Dog barking.   Attack FX S: Snake hiss.   Attack FX V: Car engine starting (vroom).   Attack FX W: Ocean waves.   Attack FX Y: Yoshi noises.   Chill Out   Close Call   Close Call P   Cool Out: Like Chill Out, but only works sometimes.   D-Down Jump   D-Down Pound   Damage Dodge   Damage Dodge P   Defend Plus   Defend Plus P   Dodge Master   Dodge Master P: Now partners can dodge better, too. If you equip this badge of course.   Double Dip   Double Dip P   Double Pain: You take twice as much damage but you also deal twice as much damage.   Double Pain P: Your partner deals twice as much damage but takes twice as much damage.   Extremely Lucky Day: 2 good things happen to Mario and the partner, and 2 bad things happen to the enemies.   Feeling Fine   Feeling Fine P   Feeling Mad: ATK goes up.   Feeling Mad P: ATK goes up for partners.   Fire Drive   Fire Shield   Fire Shield P: Partners will be protected from fire enemies, letting them jump or whatever on them.   First Attack   Flower Finder   Flower Saver   Flower Saver P   Fp Plus   HP Plus   HP Plus P   Half Pain: You only deal half the damage, but you only take half the damage too.   Half Pain P: Your partner takes half as much damage, but they only deal half as much, too.   Hammer Throw   Happy Flower   Happy Heart   Happy Heart P   Head Rattle   Heart Finder   I Spy   Ice Power   Ice Power P: Partners are stronger against fire enemies, too.   J Emblem: You have a blue shirt and red overalls (can’t be worn at the same time as L or W emblems.)   Last Stand   Last Stand P   L Emblem   Lucky Day: 1 good thing will happen to you and your partner.   Lucky Start   Mega Jump   Mega Quake   Mega Smash   Money-Money   Multi Bounce   Pay-Off   Pay-Off P: Partners’ damage will contribute to the coins Mario wins in battle.   Peekaboo   Piercing Blow   Piercing Blow P: Partner attacks can pierce defenses.   Piercing Stomp: Jumps can pierce defenses.   Piercing Stomp P: If a partner’s attack is a form of jump, it’ll pierce defenses.   Power Bounce   Power Jump   Power Quake   Power Rush   Power Rush P   Power Smash   Quake Hammer   Quick Change   Quick Change P: Partners won’t waste their turn switching out for other partners, either.   Really Lucky Day: 1 good thing happens to you and your partner, and 1 bad thing happens to the enemies.   Refund   Refund P: If a partner uses a store-bought item in battle, they will get money.   Return Postage: Enemies will take ALL the damage they deal, except for bosses, who take only half.   Return Postage P: Same as Return Postage, but for partners.   Rewind: Rewinding the battle is added to strategies. Only works in regular fights and mini bosses.   Rewind P: Partners can rewind one turn, but not in boss fights.   Runaway Pay   Runaway Pay P: You’ll get Star Points if the partner chooses for you to run away.   Slow-Go: Instead of not letting you run and making you slower, enemies will now sometimes lose a turn.   Spike Shield   Spike Shield P: Partners are protected from spikes.   Super Appeal   Super Appeal P   Super Jump   Super Quake   Super Smash   Timing Tutor   Timing Tutor P: Partners will have an indicator where to pull off a “Stylish”.   Triple Dip   Tornado Jump   Ultra Jump   Ultra Quake   Ultra Smash   W Emblem   Zap Tap   Zap Tap P: Partners will be electrified.     Catch Cards   Mmm-hmm, Catch Cards have returned as well. These things are about as common as badges! Some of them are at least.   Mario: Our beloved hero is ready to save the day with all his known abilities.   Peach: Princess Peach has been stolen… What else is new? She can help you, however.   Bowser: Feeling bummed about not kidnapping Peach again, Bower hits the road to claim Peach.   Bowser Jr.: Bowser’s son would like to help Bowser this time, so maybe Bowser has a chance?   Kammy Koopa: Bowser’s right-hand woman, this hag is Bowser’s brain, though she’s somewhat crazy.   Luigi: When Mario’s away, Luigi shall play. Luigi tries to capture Bowser after spotting him in Mushroomwood.   Tattell: An informative ball of light that is here to guide you. She seems to have a crush on Mario.   Koopella: Koopella is shy, but with the fate of the world at risk, asking her crush out is the least of her worries.   Apple: A “lone wolf” bomb if you will. He’ll need to open up for the world to be saved.   Yoyo: No world means no sports, so of course loyal Yoyo lends a hand. And his back: for Mario to ride.   Gray Mask (1): A spy who accidentally attacked Mario. But now he helps him hide when needed.   Gray Mask (2): A Bandit whose name is really Band Jagger. He’s a spy that’s infiltrating Shadow Noah Island.   Lumio: A newborn orange luma. He’s fun to be with, but you may get dizzy.   ROB: An optional party member with fun spinning tops.   Merler: This fellow will be your guide, and he even introduces you to Tattell.   Grei: The mysterious Triangle Head Tribe leader. What does he want the Crystal Hearts for?   Baron Von Truff: Grei’s minion and Lord Crump’s spiritual successor. Can he beat Mario?   Pyr: A Triangle-Head who’s secretly helping Peach.   S. S. Tri (1): The Triangle-Heads’ travel ship, primarily used by Truff to collect Crystal Hearts.   S. S. Tri (2): The Triangle Heads’ travel ship, changed into a fighting robot to attack Mario.   Malum: Who is he? And what’s he gonna do when he gets here?   Toadsworth: Peach’s worrying but well-meaning guardian is waiting for Peach’s return.   Badger: This happy ratooie will give you badges for Star Pieces.   Muv. E: The oldest of the “E” brothers, this guy is directing a movie.   Kauph E.: The second oldest sibling is in charge of making coffee in Club ’65.   Yum E.: This guy’s the cook for Club ’65. He’s very agreeable.   Merlon: For 3 Shine Sprites, he’ll upgrade your partners to Super Rank.   Merlee: For 3 Shine Sprites, she’ll upgrade your partners to Ultra Rank.   Merluvlee: For 3 Shine Sprites, she’ll upgrade your partners to Mega Rank.   Merle: Father of the siblings, Merle will guide you in case you get lost.   Merlissa: Mother of the siblings, Merlissa will give you a charm.   Meracle: A ghost dwelling in the center of a mysterious dungeon. Nobody’s been strong enough to meet him.   Radio Contest Toad: This toad runs the radio contests.   Chuck Quizmo: Chuck Quizmo! Can you win his Star Pieces this time around?   Vanna T.: Chuck Quizmo’s lovely assistant.   Master Koopa: The teacher of Mushroomwood’s Dojo. His skills rival Master Toad’s.   Chomps: Master Koopa’s star pupil, a slightly dim chomp bro.   Tai-Kwan-Doshi: A kung-fu Yoshi who also trains under Master Koopa.   Headbonker: This noble Headbonk Goomba trains hard under Master Koopa.   MapiKoopa: A reliable map salesman. Unlike other magiKoopas, he’s purple.   Mailman: This mailman has a habit of losing letters. He’d appreciate some help.   Postmaster: The mailman’s boss. Shh! He doesn’t know the mailman lost his letters!   Gameboo Advance: This boo usually knows a lot and runs the arcade.   Fishmael: An odd creature that loves fishing. Like Mario, he’s also from Toad Town.   Fuzzipede: Ishmael’s unwilling bait. He really hates his job.   Dupree: Dupree is at it again, hitting on all the ladies wherever you go. That’s really creepy.   Koopstar: This Koopa owns a ramshackle shop but with your help it can improve.   Whacka: Whackas have items that are good healers, but die if you hit them 9 times. Be wise.   Koopler: The mayor of Shell City. He’s sort of a babbler.   Kool: The boy that Koopella has a crush on. You think he knows?   Shelltail: A dragon-Koopa crossbreed! Is that natural? Oh well…   Blue Monster: A monster who lives near Deep Wood Village. He’s good with kids despite his appearance.   Wario: Wario made Mario’s life troublesome in Diamond City, but Mario got that Crystal Heart anyway.   Wario Man: Wario’s super powerful form that still couldn’t beat Mario.   Kat and Ana: Twin ninja girls who are powerful for their age; They generally get along.   Orbulon: An alien who once tried to take over the planet but then started working for Wario.   Young Cricket: A young man practicing the Way of the Wii and is a Warioware Intern.   Receptionist: A pretty part-time receptionist for Warioware Inc.   General ROB: A general of the secret ROB Society, dedicated to helping Mario.   Dr. ROB: A ROB scientist who helps Mario discover Shadow Noah Island.   Sentinel: Jellyfish-like security robots. Don’t let them catch you!   Rotopin: A guy who says BUZZ a lot and is in charge of Shadow Noah Island.   Metal Gizmo SHARK: A giant robot shaped like a rex that will help Rotopin achieve his goals.   Luma: A race of chubby star things that live on Planet Starbang.   Gold Fuzzy: A gold fuzzy that can recharge his entire HP meter.   Wraptor: The space dragon that lived inside Starbang and ate lumas.   Tarantox: The Spider King, who attacked Starbang. His tricky palace couldn’t faze Mario.   Battle T.: The Promoter of the Ritz Crater. He’s a nice guy, real sports fan, like Yoyo.   Star X: The top fighter in the Ritz Crater. He’s cocky, but he’s really a good guy.   Green Sprite: Star X’s nervous younger brother who’s trying to be as good at fighting. He’s on his way.   Spacey: A veteran space explorer sent to stop Uncle Time.   Crystal Yoshi: A rare Yoshi found on Flower Island. It’s covered in spiky crystals.   Magma Yoshi: A rare Yoshi found on Fire Island. It’s huge and fiery with rocky skin and claws.   Uncle Time (1): This keeper of the Crystal Hourglass and ruler of time. Something’s off about him.   Uncle Time (2): Uncle Time’s dragon form. This dragon is a force to be reckoned with.   Mecha Mario: A robot of Mario built to stop him! Has Mario met his match?   Drytail: A skeleton dragon in a Pit of 100 Trails. Can Mario defeat him?   Dark Dragoon: A dark demon in a Pit of 100 Trails. Can Mario beat him all alone?   Muth: An intensely strong elephant monster. Don’t get it mad!   Mega Muth: If you thought Muths were tough, just wait until you see this guy!   (Enemy): It’s (a/an) (enemy name). Max HP: (HP) ATK: (ATK) and Def: (def). First seen (at/on/in location).   Goombario: Goombario from the first Paper Adventure! He had brain and brawn.   Kooper: Kooper from the first Paper Adventure! Shells never worked better for you.   Bombette: Bombette from the first Paper Adventure! She was “the bomb”. … Forgive me.   Parakarry: Parakarry from the first Paper Adventure! Despite all, he was a decent mailman.   Bow: Lady Bow from the first Paper Adventure! She’s a sign that high-society can get their hands dirty.   Watt: Watt from the first Paper Adventure! Watt was really bright.   Sushie: Sushie from the first Paper Adventure! Nothing fishy about her.   Lakilester: Lakilester from the first Paper Adventure! He wasn’t so bad when he quit Bowser’s army.   Goombella: Goombella from Rogueport! She was spunky and smart.   Koops: Koops from Rogueport! He wasn’t so weak, after all.   Flurrie: Flurrie from Rogueport! She blew you away.   Yoshi Kid: The Yoshi Kid from Rogueport! You knew him from the moment he hatched.   Vivian: Vivian from Rogueport! When she’s away from Beldam, she’s very powerful.   Bobbery: Bobbery from Rogueport! After getting over the loss of Scarlette, he helped you sail the seas.   Ms. Mowz: Ms. Mowz from Rogueport! She was very interested in badges.   Tippi: It’s Tippi from your last adventure! She’s in a better place…   Thoreau: It’s Thoreau from your last adventure! He came in handy.   Boomer: It’s Boomer from your last adventure! His motto was: “You build it, I blast it.”   Slim: It’s Slim from your last adventure! He got you out of some tight spots. And into some.   Barry: It’s Barry from your last adventure! He knows how to make his point.   Thudley: It’s Thudley from your last adventure! Your friendship was full of Girth Points.   Carrie: It’s Carrie from your last adventure! You were on her wavelength from the moment you met.   Fleep: It’s Fleep from your last adventure! You and him found many secrets.   Cudge: It’s Cudge from your last adventure! Spiky enemies trembled in fear.   Dottie: It’s Dottie from your last adventure! Big things came in small packages.   Piccolo: It’s Piccolo from your last adventure! Her songs were never so good.   Dashell: It’s Dashell from your last adventure! You were fast friends.   Tiptron: It’s Tiptron from after your last adventure! Even if she’s like Tippi, there’s no replacing her.     Status Effects   Asleep: Can’t attack.   Attack Up: Self-explanatory.   Burned: Deals fire damage periodically, for a small bit.   Burning: Deals fire damage to direct attackers.   Confused: Your character will not always follow commands, and might attack allies.   Cursed: Bad things happen to the character.   Def. Down: Self-explanatory.   Def. Up: Self-explanatory.   Dizzy: May miss when you attack.   Dodgy: You’re hardy to hit.   Egg: Can’t do anything.   Electrified: Deals lightning damage to direct attackers.   Freezing: Deals ice damage to direct attackers.   Frozen: Can’t move, and feels 1 damage when thawed.   Frozen in time: Self-explanatory.   Huge: Bigger, and attack is up.   Intangible: Can’t be attacked.   Invincible: You can’t be hurt.   KO’d: Participation in battle ends, and you die.   Payback: Direct attackers take damage they would deal. Bosses only take half the damage.   Poisoned: Deals damage periodically for a bit.   Scarecrow: Can’t attack. But can do other things.   Stone: Character is a statue, thus can’t move. But defense increases.   Tiny: Smaller and attack is down.   Weakened: Attack and defense are cut in half.     Bingo!   Mushroom: Heals all HP.   Flower: Heals all FP.   Star: Fills Star Power.   Toad: Fill Audience.   Shine: Refills everything.   Poison Mushroom: Cuts HP in half.   Dizzy Dandy: Empties all FP.   Ztar: Empties all Star Power   Goomba: Empties Audience.   Shadow Shine: Random bad thing.     Items and Recipe Results:   Mushroom: Heals 10 HP.   Super Mushroom: Heals 20 HP.   Ultra Mushroom: Heals 50 HP.   Mega Mushroom: Fully heals you.   Long-Last Mushroom: Gives you 1 HP each turn for 5 turns.   Massive Mushroom: Enlarges you.   Mini Mushroom: Shrinks enemies.   Bee Mushroom: Summons bees to sting enemies, maybe poisoning them for two turns.   Boo Mushroom: Makes you intangible for two turns.   Spring Mushroom: You’ll automatically jump over all attacks for two turns.   Happy Flower: Turns Enemies into Scarecrows.   Speed Flower: Gives you and your partner another turn.   Slow Flower: Takes a turn away from all the enemies.   Mix Flower: Could be one of the 3 flowers listed above.   Syrup: Heals 10 FP.   Super Syrup: Heals 20 FP.   Ultra Syrup: Heals 50 FP.   Mega Syrup: Entirely fills your FP.   Blue Shell: Doubles your def.   Starman: Makes you invincible for 2 turns.   Shine Sprite: Causes a bright flash of light, dizzying enemies.   Grand Star: Makes you invincible for 3 turns. It’s rare.   Rainbow Star: Completely heals HP or FP.   Red Star: Causes all enemies to fly away. It doesn’t always work.   Fire Flower: Burns all enemies. Hopefully.   Ice Flower: Freezes all enemies. Hopefully.   Pill Pals: They take the hits for you for the amount of turns there are Pal Pills. 1-5.   Shroom Shake: Heals 10 HP and 5 FP.   Super Shake: Heals 20 HP and 10 FP.   Ultra Shake: Heals 50 HP and 25 FP.   Mega Shake: Heals all HP and half your FP.   Long-Last Shake: You gain 2 HP and 1 FP every turn for 5 turns.   1-Up Mushroom: Revives you and gives you half of your HP.   1-Up Super: Revives you and gives you all your HP.   Poison Mushroom: Poisons enemies.   Dried Mushroom: Restores 1 HP.   Sap Bottle: Restores 1 FP.   Sweet Treat: A chocolate bar that heals 10 HP.   Sleepy Sheep: Puts enemies to sleep.   POW Block: Flips some foes over, and deals 5 damage.   Dizzy Dial: Makes enemies dizzy.   Lightning Bolt: Strikes one enemy.   Lightning Storm: Strikes all enemies.   Egg: Heals 5 HP.   Pasta: Heals 10 HP.   Lemon: Heals 5 HP.   Lime: Heals 5 FP.   Apple: Heals 25 HP.   Banana: Heals 10 HP.   Banana Bunch: Heals 20 HP.   Stop Watch: Freezes enemies in time.   Peanut Butter: Restores 5 HP and doubles ATK.   Jelly: Restores 5 HP and doubles def.   Whacka Bump: Restores 25 HP and FP.   Potato: Doubles ATK and def.   Yoshi Egg: Traps 1 enemy in a Yoshi egg.   Cookie: Heals 10 FP.   Inn Coupon: Lets you stay in an inn for free.   Shop Coupon: You can buy 3 items for free.   Fire Card: Same as in SPM. Only enemies WILL catch fire.   Yoshi Cookie: Summons a stampede of Yoshis the next turn.   Fright Jar: Scares enemies away.   Orange: Heals 25 FP.   Coconut: Restores 1/3 your FP.   Yoshi Candy: Doubles ATK and def. (recipe)   Chuckola Cola: Restores 15 HP.   Refreshroom: Heals any status effect.   Froggy Drink: Heals half your HP and FP.   Volt Shroom: You’re electrified.   Crystal Bomb: Weakens enemies.   Crystal Berry: Triples your def.   Cake: Gives you 15 HP.   Ice Cream: Gives you 15 FP.   Pie: Heals 10 HP and 5 FP.   Dodgy Spray: Makes you dodgy.   Gold Leaf: Restores 1/4 of your FP.   Peachy Peach: Restores 5 HP and 5 FP.   Spite Pouch: Makes enemies do the damage they deal when they directly attack. Bosses take half the damage.   Green ? Block: Anything could be inside!   Mushroom Drops: Heals 10 HP for you and your partner.   Super Drops: Heals 20 HP for you and your partner.   Ultra Drops: Heals 50 HP. For you and your partner.   Mega Drops: Heals all HP for you and your partner.   Long-Last Drops: Heals 3 HP for you and your partner every turn for 5 turns.   Smash Egg: Like in MandL2.   Trampoline: Also like in MandL2.   Copy Flower: Makes 2 copies of your chosen character. They also get to attack.   Cannonballer: Yes, like in MandL2.   Gold Bar: Give this to anyone, and they might do what you say. You can also melt them down into coins. You can also cook them.   Gold Bar x2: If characters won’t take a gold bar, use these.   Gold Bar x3: If you still can’t persuade characters, use these.   Shooting Star: Causes stars to rain on your enemies.   Block Block: Makes direct attackers bounce off.   Mighty Tonic: Triples ATK.   Hot Sauce: Doubles ATK   Mistake: Heals 1 HP and FP. (recipe)   Emergency Ration: Heals all HP and doubles ATK (recipe)   Shroom Steak: Heals 1/2 HP (recipe)   Pancake Batter: Heals 5 HP.   Frozen Waffles: Heals 5 FP.   Bread: Heals 5 FP.   Goomnut: Heals 10 FP.   Toast: Heals 10 FP. (recipe)   Pancakes: Heal 20 HP. (recipe)   Waffles: Heal 10 FP. (recipe)   Ice Cream Cake/Ice Cream Pie: Heals 3/4 HP and FP. (recipe)   Golden Meal: Restores all HP, FP, and doubles ATK and def. (recipe)   Syrup Shake: Restores 1/2 HP and FP. (recipe)   Egg Bomb: Explodes on enemies (recipe)   Bland Meal: Heals 10 HP. (recipe)   Shroom Fries: Heal 10 FP. (recipe)   Apple Pie: Heals 20 FP. (recipe)   Awesome Snack: Heals 10 HP and cures any status effect.   Mousse Cake: Heals 15 HP. (recipe)   Boiled Egg: Doubles ATK (recipe)   Orange Juice: Heals 45 FP. (recipe)   Candy Bag: Restores 1/3 of your HP. (recipe)   Brown Bag: Restores 1/3 of your HP. (recipe)   Chocolate Cake: Heals 50 HP. (recipe)   Coconut Bomb: Explodes on enemies. (recipe)   Deluxe Feast: Heals half your HP and FP. (recipe)   Couple’s Cake: Heals half HP for you and your partner. (recipe)   Snow Bunny: Heals 15 HP., and direct attackers will be frozen. (recipe)   Breakfast: Restores 10 HP and doubles ATK. (recipe)   Lunch: Doubles ATK. (recipe)   Dinner: Restores 15 HP and FP. (recipe)   Gold Chocolate Bar: Heals 1/2 FP and doubles def. (recipe)   PBJ Sandwich: Heals 5 HP and doubles ATK. (recipe)   Spicy Soup: Direct attackers will get burnt, and it heals 15 HP. (recipe)   Salad: Heals 20 FP. (recipe)   Fruit Salad: Heals 20 HP and FP. (recipe)   Golden Tea: Doubles def. (recipe)   Nutty Cake: Heals 1/3 def. (recipe)   Omelet: Doubles ATK. (recipe)   Shroom Cake: Heals 1/3 HP. (recipe)   Yummy Meal: Heals 50 HP and FP. (recipe)   Trial Stew: Lowers one stat. to its lowest point and raises another to its highest, for 2 turns. (recipe)     SIDE QUEST AND OPTIONAL THINGS COMPENDIUM:   Radio Stations: Throughout the game, there will be many radios. Here are different stations to listen to:   Music: The music station is interactive, as it offers a menu of music that’s played in the game so far, and lets you listen to the tunes.   Information Station: This station will give advice to the “wandering traveler and/or wayward hero”.   Radio Contest: The Radio Contest Toad returns from Paper Mario. His quest is essentially the same, but I’ll explain for people who don’t know: Go to any place with a radio and change stations until you get to the Radio Contest station. The voice will announce where he’ll be and what item you must bring him. You have six minutes to get the item and meet him. This is where I change things a little. When you get there, he’ll take your item and give you another item, and he’ll tell you to meet you in another place with that item and a different item. Do this 5 times total to win 100 coins. You can redo this quest any time.   Rumor Station: This station is filled with rumors, which of course in this game are true. You’ll have to listen, and test these rumors yourself.   Larry Koopa: Zombie Heartbreaker: This station tells you the story of Larry Koopa and his zombie encountering escapades.   What’s Where: This station tells what shop you can find certain things at.   Cooking Suggestions: This station gives you suggestions on what to take to a nearby cook or what beans to make into a coffee.     Fight School: Like Paper Mario’s dojo, this is a place where you can fight a few people to gain experience.   Headbonker HP: 20 ATK: 2 Def: 0   Tai-Kwan-Doshi: HP: 25 ATK: 3 Def: 0 (1 when in egg)   Chomps (a Chomp Bro): HP: 30 ATK: 4 Def: 0   Master Koopa: HP: 40 ATK: 4 Def: 1 (0 when flipped over)     Trouble Center: This game has a Trouble Center, too. Only this time, there IS time limit to completing a few troubles. Don’t fret the time limits are usually long enough if not longer than you need. Though the limit does differ from trouble to trouble. You have to pay 15 coins to quit a trouble.     Mail: In the game, there will be a mailman. He lost his letters, and wants help. You can choose from a list, which letter to look for. On the list, they come as pairs. You choose which one of the pair to find, and he’ll find the other while you find the one you chose and give to him. For finding some of his mail, he’ll reward you. If you find all his letters, you’ll get a gold bar. But before you can even start for the first time, you must agree to not tell the postmaster. If you say no, you can’t look for mail. But you can come back and decide not to tell at any time. It’s impossible for you to tell once you agree not to.     Arcade: There’s a town arcade where you can play some games.   Donkey Kong (25m only)   Mansion Patrol   Hammer Whacker   Tilt Island   Forget-Me-Not   Airplane Game   3d Flip Game (get to the end, flipping when necessary)   Paper Game   Boat Game   Tube Game   Baddie Jump (jump on baddies as they come from both sides until you’re hit three times)   Bowser Mini Game 1 (1-1 recreation)   Bowser Mini Game 2 (Minus World recreation)   Luigi Mini Game 1 (outside Shell Castle’s main tower)   Bowser Mini Game 3 (hopping on ice to get to Shadow Noah Island)   Bowser Mini Game 4 (microgames)   Luigi Mini Game 2 (throwing bombs at Rotopin)   Bowser Mini Game 5 (traversing Starbang’s core)   Luigi Vs. Bowser (Luigi fighting Bowser in platformer style)     How To Unlock Arcade Games:   Mansion Patrol (beat Chapter 2)   Hammer Whacker (get the Super Hammer in Chapter 3)   Airplane Game (get the Airplane Medal)   3d Flip Game (get the 3d Flip Medal)   Paper Game (get the Paper Thin Medal)   Boat Game (get the Boat Medal)   Tube Game (get the Tube Medal)   All Bowser Mini Games (clear the Bowser mini games during the quest)   All Luigi Mini Games (clear the Luigi mini games during the quest)   Luigi Vs. Bowser (defeat the final boss)     Gold Shop: Here, you can melt down your gold bars for money.   Gold Bar = 50 coins.   Gold Bar x2 = 100 coins.   Gold Bar x3 = 150 coins.     Maps: In Mushroomwood, there’s a map salesman named MapiKoopa. He can sell you maps. There are 20 maps for each chapter location (sans the eighth), and 20 in Mushroomwood as well.     Club ’65: Yes, in my quest to make the best Paper Mario game, I decided to add a lot of things from the prequels. There are lots of things to do here:   1. Turn beans you find into coffee.   2. Speak to Chef Yum E. to get him to make foods.   3. Buy food and drink items.   4. Speak Poetry (by choosing words from a list, usually pretty funny).     Coffee Info: You can turn in beans to make coffee. There are different bean types:   Mush Bean: The most common bean type.   Chuckola Bean: Usually underground, you’ll need to ground pound to find them.   Cocoa Bean: A chocolate bean.   Jellybean: A candy bean.   3d Bean: Beans that are only found in the platforming areas, when you’re in 3d.   Air/Sea Bean: These are in the air, and can only be grabbed as an airplane or Origami Bird. Sea beans are on the water, and can be reached as a boat.     Coffees:   Mush Mush: Shroomspresso: Heals 20 HP and 15 FP, on the first time, you’ll get the Kaugh E. Catch Card.   Mush Chuckola: Chuckshroomchino: Heals 30 HP and FP. On the first time, you get a Star Piece.   Mush Cocoa: Chocolate Shroom Coffee: Heals 1/3 FP and gives you another turn. First time, you get a Star Piece.   Mush Jelly: Candy Coffee: A coffee that doubles your defense. For the first time, you get a Couple’s Cake.   Mush 3d: Flippachino: Heals 20 FP. On the first time, you get the Feeling Fine Badge.   Mush Air/Sea: Nature Espresso: Works like a Long-Last Shake. First time, you get an HP Plus Badge.   Chuckola Chuckola: Fizzy Coffee: Gives you another turn. First time, you get the Peekaboo Badge..   Chuckola Cocoa: Chocolate Fizzy Coffee: Heals 20 HP and FP. First time, you get a Couple’s Cake.   Chuckola Jelly: Jelly Soda Latte: A coffee that makes you impervious to poison. First time, you get a Star Pice.   Chuckola 3d: Earthspresso: Doubles ATK. First time, you get a Star Piece.   Chuckola Air/Sea: Wild Mocha: Triples ATK. First time, you get the Super Jump Badge.   Cocoa Cocoa: Hot Chocolate: Heals 20 HP and FP. First time, you get a Chocolate Cake.   Cocoa Jelly: Chocolate Shake: Heals 25 HP. On the first time, you get an FP Plus Badge.   Cocoa 3d: Cocoa Coffee: Heals 1/2 your FP. First time, you get a Star Piece.   Cocoa Air/Sea: Dirtspresso: Doubles def. First time, you get the Damage Dodge badge.   Jelly 3d: 3d Jellychino: Fills 1/3 of your FP. On the first time, you get a Star Piece.   Jelly Air/Sea: Jelly Mocha: Heals 1/3 of your HP. First time, you get an HP Plus P Badge.   3d Air/Sea: Long-Last Mocha: Fully heals FP. First time, you get the FP Plus Badge.   3-5 Beans Together: Super Coffee: Heals half your HP and FP and doubles def. First time, you get a Gold Bar x2.     Tattle Log: The “introduced in ___” title also includes the interlude before the chapter.   Introduced in Prologue:   Goomba   Paragoomba   Spiky Goomba   Introduced in Chapter 1:   Koopa Troopa   Paratroopa   Triangle-Head   Numbrr (number-shaped monster)   Hammer Bro.   Shelltail   Introduced in Chapter 2:   Krabb (red crablike monster with extendable claws)   Krustation (blue Krabb, more power and more defense)   Scuttlebug (like piders)   Blueper (blue blooper that’s slightly weaker than a blooper)   Blooper   Dry Bones   Dull Bones   Arrow-Head   Baron Von Truff   Introduced in Chapter 3:   Gloomba   Paragloomba   Spiky Gloomba   Monty Mole   Rogueshi (evil Yoshi, can be green, red, blue, or yellow)   Shy Guy   Snifit   Fundo (clay monster)   Boomerang Bro.   Orbulon   Kat   Ana   Young Cricket   Wario   Wario-Man   Introduced in Chapter 4:   Frost Piranha   Tornado-Head   Sentinel (as seen in Paper Mario, can’t be fought)   Chrome Koopa (metal Koopa)   Bob-Omb   Muth   Metal Gizmo SHARK   Metal Gizmo SHARK Head   Introduced in Chapter 5:   Moon Cleft   Fuzzy   Green Fuzzy   Fire Bro.   Lava Bubble   Spania   Burnia (a human-shaped flame monster)   Barribad   Sobarribad   Cosmic Scuttlebug (stronger Scuttlebug recolor)   Mr. I   Green MagiKoopa   Black MagiKoopa   Mecha Koopa   Gold Fuzzy   Wraptor   Tarantox   Introduced in Chapter 6:   Floro-Sapien   Piranha Plant   Putrid Piranha   Rex   Choppa   Copta   Boo   Dark Boo   Broozer   Tie-Dye Guy   Anubuu   MagiKoopa   Bulky Bob-Omb   Pokey   Poison Pokey   Mummipokey (like the New Super Mario Bros. boss)   Lakitu   Spiny   Buzzy Beetle   Parabuzzy   Spike Top   Spiky Parabuzzy   Koopatrol   Dark Koopatrol   Green Sprite   Star X   S. S. Tri   Introduced in Chapter 7:   Crazee Dayzee   Amazy Dayzee   Lazy Dayzee (a purple Dayzee that sleeps a lot but is dangerous when awake)   Happy Ball (big yellow orb with a happy face)   Blue Rat (a blue rat that can curl into a ball and runs away when it’s alone)   Cleft   Crystal Yoshi   Magma Yoshi   Uncle Time   Introduced in Chapter 8:   Elite Triangle-Head (stronger Triangle-Head with different colors)   Mecha Tri (mechanical Triangle-Head)   Bomb Tri (mechanical Triangle-Head that clings to you and explodes upon death.   Bombat (bomb with bat wings)   Mecha Mario   Bowser   Bowser Jr.   Kammy Koopa   Grei   Malum   Introduced in the Pits of 100 Trials:   Nez (weird little monster can use elemental attacks) – RPG Pit   Emblem Knight (knights that throw swords at you) – RPG Pit   Jester (like Dimentio, but multiple colors and not a boss) – RPG Pit   Angry Ball (like a Happy Ball but red) – RPG Pit   Red I – RPG Pit   Mega Muth (49th floor) – RPG Pit   Robot Koopa (stronger Mecha Koopa) – RPG Pit   Shadow Versions of every monster in the other pit - Platformer Pit   Trouble Bug (hazard, unbeatable, fireballs from Donkey Kong) – Platformer Pit   Drytail – RPG Pit   Dark Dragoon – Platformer Pit   Introduced in the Dojo:   Headbonker   Tai-Kwan-Doshi   Chomps   Master Koopa     In Conclusion   That’s about it. If you made it all the way down here, you win a cookie! Not really. Don’t worry if the plot seemed sort of uninvolved. There’s actually a bit more to it than I wrote, I’m mostly just outlining the main idea. Plus, it leaves a bit to your imagination. Personally, I think this is my favorite Paper Mario idea I wrote.'

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