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'Paper Mario: The Vampire's Curse   By Fillet-O-Fish''''''''''''''''System: Wii   Rating: E   Players: 1-2   Wi-Fi: No   Genre: RPG     Intro/Story   Parakarry delivers the mail, as always. Luigi reads a letter from Peach aloud. It says:     Hello, Mario and Luigi! I would be delighted if you could come with me to Sanctum City, a far-off city named after its famous Treasure Sanctum. They put on the most FABULOUS plays there, and I was wondering if you could come. Please do!     -Sincerely, Peach     PS: That means you'll come tomorrow at noon to catch the plane.     Mario and Luigi decide to go, but Mario doesn't know the adventure ahead of them...     Gameplay   Like PM: TTYD, but no Boat Mode. You also go to the Spirit Shrine after every chapter, but I won't list that.     Controls   2: Jump, choose stuff; like the A button on the GameCube.   1: Like B. Hammers things and stuff   Control Pad: Move   A: Partner Move   +: Pause   -: Nothing   B: Nothing     Commands   Jump   Hammer   Item   Spirit   Other     Partner Commands   Attack   Item   Other     Audience   Luigi: Never throws bad things. Ever. Also sucks up any Boos. Appears in Prologue.   Toad: Doesn't throw items unless you pull off a Stylish Move. Appears in Prologue.   Koopa: Throws rocks, cans, or items. Appears in Chapter 1.   Fuzzy: Sucks HP away from random people. Appears in Chapter 1.   Goomba: Headbonks a random person. Appears in Chapter 1.   Hammer Bro: Never throws bad things. You DID save them! Appears in Chapter 2.   Shroob: Will laser you, your partner, or an enemy, making them dizzy. Appears in Chapter 3.   X-Naut: Throws potions with random effects. Appear sin Chapter 3.   Boo: Will sometimes make an enemy invisible. Appears in Chapter 4.   Twilighter: Will sometimes scare audience members away. Appears in Chapter 4.   Yoshi: Throws eggs with random effects. Appears in Chapter 5.   Shy Guy: Runs away from loud noises. Found in Chapter 5. Also never throws good things.   Cheep Cheep: Squirts partner, you, or enemy. Found in Chapter 6.   Bumpty: Will bump other members out of the audience. Found in Chapter 6.   Duplighost: Turns into a random audience species. Found in Chapter 6.   Smorg: Throws bad things at you. Once in an audience, can't be chased away until the battle is over. Found in Prologue.     Bingo!   Mushroom: Full HP   Flower: Full FP   Blue Arrow Up: +1 Attack   Red Arrow Up: +1 Defense   Spirit: Refills Spirit Power   Shine Sprite: Refills everything   Star: Refills audience   Ztar: Loses 75% of audience   Posion Shroom: Cuts HP in half, lower Atk and Def by 1, and empties everything else     Spirit Moves   These are the moves you get by rescuing the Spirits Who Love so-and-so, the Crystal Stars or Star Spirits in this game. The first one is for the Spirit Necklace.     Heal: Like the Sweet Treat move.   Surprise!: The Spirit Who Loves Surprises makes an explosion with a random effect. No command.   Fist Crush: The Spirit Who Loves Mightiness comes in and runs into all enemies, waving his fists. Hit the arrows pointing up to raise his attack.   Clock Out: The Spirit Who Loves Swiftness slows down enemies for a few turns. Hit the clocks in a way like Power Lift.   Wispy Cage: Like Art Attack, the Spirit Who Loves Scariness will capture enemies in boxes and do damage. Circle the enemies like Art Attack.   Coin Collecting: By pressing a sequence like Fiery Jinx, the enemies all turn into coins. You only get Star Points already earned.   Power-Up: The Spirit Who Loves Kindness raises your attack or defense by performing a sequence like Earth Tremor.   Egg Drop: The Spirit Who Loves Cuteness drops eggs on you to restore health fully. No command!     Partners   Goombette: A sassy, spunky Goomba girl. She works at the Treasure Sanctum, and is sort of a tomboy. Sorta like Goombella's personality. She wears an Indiana Jones hat and has blue pigtails sticking out from under it. She also Tattles in the field.   Attacks   Headbonk: Press 2 with good timing.   Tattle: Press 2 when the cursors are lined up.   Multibonk: Press 2 with good timing.   Speedy Spin: Press the button sequence. Makes enemies dizzy, and lets Mario attack twice in one turn. Also raises his attack by one.   Note: Goombette is one of the best partners, and I recommend getting her to Ultra Rank first. She doesn't have the highest HP, but has mean attack!     Koop Jones: Koop Jones (Koop for short) is a basketball player in the off-season. He wears a purple 07 jersey and has a purple shell. He has a laid-back attitude. He can shoot his shell out to get items, too.   Attacks   Shell Shooter: Hold the Control Pad left and release it when the star lights up. Hits one enemy.   Super Shell Shooter: Like Shell Shooter, only it hits all ground enemies.   Shell Toss: Press 2 where you want Mario to throw Koop's shell.   Crazy Shell: Hit the button sequence. Koop goes crazy and hits all on-screen enemies, even those in the air!     Night Bro: Night Bro is a dark gray Hammer Hro with black and green armor. He also wears night vision goggles. He can let Mario use this to see clearly in dark places. He NEVER, repeat NEVER, jokes around.   Attacks   Hammer Toss: Press 2 rapidly to throw hammers at an enemy.   Night: Line up the cursors to hide Mario for 2 turns.   Super Hammer: Rapidly press + and - to make his hammer grow as large as possible.   Hammer Charge: Press buttons like the Earth Tremor move in PM:TTYD. You do this for three turns, then it does MAJOR damage!     Rob: Rob is a black Bandit. Say his name and species. Rob the Bandit. Well, that’s what the other Bandits do to him, so he tries to pull off a big heist- robbing the Space Base! He can hack computers (smash them to bits with his baseball bat).   Attacks   Doubleslap: Press +, then - to hit an enemy twice.   Baseball Whack: Uses his baseball bat to whack enemies. Press + with good timing.   Backflip: Press +, then -, then +, then -, and so on as many times as possible to flip off the enemy's head. Automatically stops after 5 times.   Baseball Beat: Press + to get into position, and - to smack an enemy into another enemy behind it.     Merlite: Merlite looks like Merlee from PM:TTYD and was a member off the Shaman Sisters. She specializes in magic and disbands from them because she realizes the difference between good and evil. She can use her magic to hide Mario, and has a bit of a crush on him. She also talks in rhyme.   Attacks   Will O' Wisp: Aim and press 2 where you want to shoot Will O' Wisps.   Cloak: By pressing a random button, Merlite will hide Mario for a turn.   Spark: By pressing a button sequence, you will spark all enemies.   Moonarang: Merlite shoots the Moonstone on her head at all enemies, then it hits them again coming back.     Fred: Fred is a red Yoshi, and his name is Red with and F added to it. He is very scatterbrained. He likes throwing eggs at things for fun. He lets Mario cross gaps by riding him.   Attacks   Egg Toss: Press 2 where you want to aim to throw eggs.   Ground Pound: Press 2 and 1 repeatedly.   Egg Effect: Throws an eggs with a random effect at an enemy by pressing 2 where you want to aim.   Egg Roll: Turns himself into an egg and rolls over all enemies by pressing 1 and 2 repeatedly.     Daizy: Daizy is a red Crazee Dayzee. She can sing to activate things with a music note on them, and is the blow-up-cracks-in-walls person of this game.   Doremifasolatido: Press 2 at the correct time to sing notes, doing damage.   Music Staff: Think of the enemies as notes in a music staff. Press 2 with the cursors lined up to "play each enemy" (hurt them). You can hit all enemies if you execute it right.   Petal Slice: Throws her petals at enemies by pressing 2 to aim.   Scary Face: Charge up by doing something like the Earth Tremor move while Daizy hides her face. When she shows it, it frightens enemies so much it does damage!     Sir Chillywaters: Sir Chillywaters is a blue Cheep Cheep explorer. He was stranded in Crystal Ruins for 18 years, but survived by eating a popcorn kernel every two weeks. He is an overconfident leader and lets Mario swim in water if on a Cheep Cheep panel. He also wears those tall hats like Bob-ombs in Fahr Outpost.   Squirt: Press 2, then release, then do it again to squirt water, like Flurrie's Gale Force or Sushie's Squirt.   Body Slam: Press 2 when the cursor is in the circle to body slam an enemy.   Whirlpool: Press a button sequence to create a whirlpool. Sucks up enemies, does damage, and rearranges their order.   Tidal Wave: Press 2 in the circle (like Earth Tremor) in a line three times to create a tidal wave.     Dopple (Optional): Dopple is a black Duplighost. He can be found by completing the "Looking for a Challenger" trouble, in which you must beat him as he impersonates all your partners with their exact stats. He joins if you beat him. He can use his powers to see if there's an item in the room.   Transform: Transforms into a non-boss enemy and gets their stats. Can stay like that for the whole battle. Press a button sequence to execute this. If used on a boss, you get a fraction of their stats. You only get 1 attack option while transformed.   Dopple Bonk: Does a headbonk by pressing 2.   Shadow Wisp: Makes a wisp around enemies, causing a random effect.   Shadow Bonk: By pressing 2 a lot, you can hit enemies repeatedly by headbonking them.     Walkthrough   PROLOGUE: A DIFFRENT KIND OF SHOW   SANCTUM CITY:   Finally! Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth get off the plane and go into the Sanctum, where a play is being put on. Suddenly, a red Koopa with a black shell, top hat, tux, and a black robe like Count Bleck appears out of nowhere! He announces himself as Vlad, and that a different play will be put on. Smorgs infest the theater, and Vlad shoots a spell. Peach is turned into a Smorg! Luigi, Mario, Toadsworth, and a Goomba escape. An orange Shaman comes along and says he escaped too. He is Merluce. He also says that he knows about that guy. Apparently, Vlad wants to destroy the Spirits so no one can make them reveal where their hideout is. They want to release a darkness! (Who's they? You'll see.) Merluce gives you the Spirit Necklace, but he says you need to find the Spirit Shrine in the sewers to activate it. Go to the green warp pipe on the east side of town.     SANCTUM SEWERS:   This place looks like that town-ish area of the Rogueport Sewers. Leave that area to be in another Rogueport Sewers-ish place. Get past there, but two Goombas show up, looking for trouble. The Goomba that escaped with you, Goombette, helps you in this battle by telling you how to do moves. I won't count it as a boss. Kill them and you'll be at the Spirit Shrine!     SPIRIT SHRINE:   Put the necklace on the pedestal in the middle, and it works. An image of a grassy plain appears above you. To find it, leave the Shrine.     SANCTUM SEWERS:   Go over to the town, and then go in the other direction. You'll find a black chest, with the key a few feet away. Open it for a CURSE! He lets you become a Paper Plane. ("HAHA! Now none of your friends will come to your birthday parties, because no one likes PLANE birthday parties!") Go to a plane panel in the town, and fly to a green warp pipe. Chapter 1 is underway!     CHAPTER 1: THE POWERS OF FLOWERS   FLOWER VALLEY:   You will be in an area like Flower Fields, only in a valley. Watch out for the Goombas and stuff (you have your hammer) and find a large, brown tree. Goombette says that it's called Tree Village, because everyone lives in there. However, the entrance is blocked. Go back into Flower Valley, and go left. There is a well. Just hop down.     THE WELL:   Some Fuzzies will see you, and scream. Chase them to a blue key. Once you grab it, King Red Fuzzy hops down from the sky (or somewhere).     KING RED FUZZY: HP: 10 ATK: 1 DEF: 0   FUZZIES x2: HP: 2 ATK: 1 DEF: 0   SONG: PM2 MINI-BOSS   King Red Fuzzy doesn't suck health, but his little friends do. If you've found Multibonk in Flower Valley, use it. Once you kill King Red Fuzzy, the others hop away.     Go back up the well and to Tree Village.     TREE VILLAGE:   Near the entrance, you will see Koop Jones tossing basketballs around. Find the mayor, but he is too busy sleeping. Convince Koop to wake him up and the mayor says that an evil Koopa with a white shell has built a fortress on their land. Mention the Spirit, and he says he has it in a jar, but he won't give it to you until you beat Koopwhite, the evil Koopa. What a ripoff! Leave the tree.     FLOWER VALLEY:   As you walk out of the tree, Koop will ask to join. (The off-season is pretty boring.) Once he does, hit the switch on the other side of the river. A bridge will appear, leading into a field. There are two rocks there. Have Koop shoot his shell at one while you hammer the other. His fortress rises up behind you! Go in... if you dare.     KOOPWHITE'S CASTLE:   You will be in a place like the main hall of the Koopa Bros. Fortress. Two Koopas will see you, and try to alert Koopwhite. They also close the path to his throne (which is right in front of you) by making the ceiling cave in on top of it. Now you must go the long way. This place has lots of moving block puzzles like Hooktail Castle. Once you get to the jail cells, there will be a switch. Hit it and- POOF! -You're surrounded in a cage. The two Koopas from earlier will throw away the key. However, there is a gap. Shoot Koop and he crosses over a gap, goes up a warp pipe, hits a black chest, and pushes it into a hole. It falls into your cage! Shoot Koop through the gap again. Once he gets to where the chest was, he keeps going and gets a black key. Put them together and he lets you become paper flat! ("Hahahaha! Now that guy who was so annoying from second grade will have ANOTHER reason to make fun of you!") Get through the bars and leave the room. A little while later you should be on the roof. Save and heal, and go to the hole where the ceiling fell. Hop down to be on the other side of the debris. Go into Koopwhite's room...     KOOPWHITE: HP: 10 ATK: 2 DEF: 0   TANK: HP: 20, ATK: 4 DEF: 1   KOOPAS x2: HP: 3 ATK: 1 DEF: 1   SONG: MACHO GRUBBA BATTLE   Koopwhite will be angry that you've made it to him, but no big deal. For the first part of the battle, you must destroy his tank. His servants will run away once you beat the tank. Koopwhite can only shoot his shell, but his tank can shoot bombs four times (each doing 1 damage) or run you over. I recommend Koop for Koopwhite, since he can't attack while flipped over. The tank should be taken care of with your hammer.     Once you beat him, he runs off with a few pieces of his tank. The mayor will come in (impressed that you won) and give you The Spirit Who Loves Surprises.   CHAPTER COMPLETE!     Vlad will be in a paper-ized area that looks like the Final Destination. Angry he didn't get the spirit and destroy it sooner, he sends his highest general, Sarge, an X-Naut with the red parts brown and the white parts gray.     Peach will be in a jail cell in the Final Destination-like place, still a Smorg. A blue Boo guard likes her, so he changes her to normal. Leave the cell and the Boo (Bloo) will stop her and talk to her. Then he puts her back in the cell.     Bowser will hear from Kammy that another person has kidnapped the princess. Bowser cries and screams like a baby. Kammy says that if he brings his kids to help that he might actually have a chance. Now you must go through the castle knocking on doors.     SANCTUM CITY:   Merluce will say that he has located The Spirit Who Loves Mightiness in the Hammer Factory, in the Hammer Bro Marsh. To activate the warp pipe in the sewers, you must have the Hammer Bro resident of town tell you a code. He is hiding behind Merluce's house.     CHAPTER 2: MYSTERY OF THE HAMMER FACTORY   HAMMER BRO MARSH:   This place's skies are... too gray. And so is the ground. And trees. And water. Well, actually it's more of a gray-blue. Once you leave the first screen, you'll see two Hammer Bros with antennae on their heads. These are Brainwashed Bros.     BRAINWASHED BROS. x2:   HP: 5 EACH ATK: 2 EACH DEF: 1 EACH   SONG: PM2 MINI-BOSS   These guys are pathetically easy. All they do is throw hammers. This might be hard if you have low health, but not much.     Continue down to see the Swamp Outpost.     SWAMP OUTPOST:   In the back of the town, you will see a large building looking like Riverside Station. Hammer Bros. keep entering, but not coming out... What could be going on? Try and go in, and two Brainwashed Bros. will close the doors and lock them. A junkload (word I made up) of Hammer Bros. leave in dismay. One, Night Bro, will come and walk towards you, and say he noticed some suspicious activity going on in there lately. But he doesn't join. He just goes to search for the key to the building. Leave the town.     HAMMER BRO MARSH:   Go to the next screen to find three Shamen guarding a key. They look like Merlee (PM:TTYD version), Merluvlee (also PM:TTYD Version) and Merluvlee (same as others) only red. These are the Shaman Sisters. The Merlee-looking one (Merlite) says that she is missing her Moonstone. Go to the next screen, where it is on a ledge. Fly there in plane mode and give it to Merlite. Her sisters realize that this is Mario, and he needs to be game-overed. Battle time!     MERLITE: HP: 10 ATK: 2 DEF: 0   MERLA: HP: 12 ATK: 2 DEF: 0   MERELLE: HP: 13 ATK: 3 DEF: 1   SONG: HOOKTAIL BATTLE   Merla is the Merluvlee-looking one, Merelle is the red Merluvlee, and Merlite is the Merlee-looking one. Merelle just likes to power up, then attack with a burst of lighting when low on health. Merla, the leader, will power up and sometimes restore health. She attacks by sparking you with magic. Merlite should be taken out first, since she is the weakest. Once you have defeated two of the Shamen, then the last one does a really powerful attack. Watch out for it!     They run off and drop the key, so go pick it up. Bring it back to Night Bro.     SWAMP OUTPOST:   Night Bro is still searching the ground. Give him the key and he says that he should join to get stronger. Go into the Hammer Factory...     HAMMER FACTORY:   Wow, major resemblance to Riverside Station. Two Hammer Bros. will be working on a conveyor belt with several hammers on it. One of them goes to open the doors to the building, so Mario and his partner hide. Thousands of Hammer Bros. run in, and the worker says that the hammers are behind the door. They go in... and are shocked by a bolt of lightning. Now they are Brainwashed Bros! BUM BUM BUM! They see Mario and his partners, and try to make sure they don't get out alive. Smash through the hordes of Brainwashed Bros. to get to a different door. Go in to find Sarge talking to a Brainwashed Bro. They see you, and open the floor below! In jail, there are mostly puzzles, not enemies. Get out of the basement and back to where Sarge (who is no longer there) was. There will be an ? Block in the middle of the room. Hit it and an alarm goes of. Several thousand Brainwashed Bros. will come through the doors. Bash them away, to find another door. Go in to find the Super Hammer! Go back to the main room to find a big block. Hit it to be in a more factory-like area. Get through there to find Sarge.     SARGE: HP: 35 ATK: 2 DEF: 0   SONG: BROBOT BATTLE 1   Sarge will announce he brainwashed the Hammer Bros. to search for The Spirit Who Loves Mightiness. He can throw potions with bad effects or throw a potion on the ground so it grows into bombs that explode for... wait a second... 9 damage! He can also body slam you or ground pound. You might need to use a Mushroom here, maybe even a Super Shroom. I recommend Night Bro's Hammer Throw. Halfway through the battle he blows up the audience and you fight him in the seats. I really don't know what else to say.     After you've beaten Sarge, he will set his timer for 300 seconds to blow up the building. Run out ASAP, and the building will sink into the swamp. (Don't worry, the Hammer Bros. escaped and returned to normal, and the building returns after you beat Chapter 3.) Sarge runs off, and your partner sees something sticking out of the muck: a jar holding the Spirit!   CHAPTER COMPLETE!     Vlad will yell at all his minions. Really, that's all.     Peach will be let out again by Bloo, and he will ask her to turn off the lock to his bedroom. Go to a room with a big computer, and press random buttons. Once you do, Bloo will let you use his Mailbox DS to send message to Mario.     Bowser will be in Flower Valley. He will go through 1-1 from SMB and come out in Tree Village. Everyone runs away, but Bowser demands answers. The mayor says that Marty-yo has gone somewhere else, and he doesn't know what happened to Peach.     SANCTUM CITY:   Merluce says that the next Spirit is on Gabbu Gu, a planet at the end of the universe! They have rocket flights there daily, but you need to have a Space Pass. Talk to the astronaut on the west side of town, and he says that they are exclusive to GWTOSD, Guys Who Travel to Outer Space Daily, and you need 1,000,000 coins to join. Bargain the price down to 5 coins, and he panics and runs into the store. Go in to find him going through the back. Talk to Merluce, and he says that there is a code. Talk to the black Bandit in the sewers, and he temporarily joins. He knows the code. Buy a Super Luigi Pop-Up, Contact Lens, and POW Block in that order. The answers to the questions are:   1. Yellow   2. Yellow   3. Sniff it   Go in to find the rocket. They let you on, and you play minigame to guide the rocket. To Outer Space!     CHAPTER 3: ATTACK OF THE GIANT ALIEN CLUBBAS FROM THE MOON   SPACE BASE:   Everyone goes off in different directions. This place looks like X-Naut Fortress, but with no enemies. A Shroob will say that he heard a noise from the control room. Go in to find the black Bandit, with two red Bandits behind him. They're making him rob the bank! The black Bandit (Rob), overwhelmed by the peer pressure, enters battle with you against them.     BANDITS x2: HP: 6 EACH ATK: 2 EACH DEF: 0 EACH   SONG: PM2 MINI-BOSS   Rob is operated by a CPU. This isn't hard at all.     Rob says you and him make a good team, and joins. Leave the room to see a giant, purple Macho Grubba storming the building with an army of Sentinels and Alien Clubbas (purple Clubbas). This is Drubba, who sucks out the brains of Shroobs, X-Nauts, and anything else that moves. He will see you and try to eat you. But Mario doesn't go down without a fight!     DRUBBA: HP: 40 ATK: 4 DEF: 0   SONG: RAWK HAWK ROCK   Drubba can ground pound you, but also likes to increase his attack and defense. He can also summon Sentinels to take away a command. He can also shake the building to make electronics fall on you. Once he's down to 10 HP, he sucks the audience’s brains, restoring 10 HP. Easiest chapter boss ever.     Drubba falls and drops the Spirit.   CHAPTER COMPLETE!     This is odd. You're still on the planet. And something seems different... Mario is missing! Your partners decide to take charge, meaning you can't use Mario for a while. Go to Floor 3 and find the astronauts. They will be talking about exploring the planet. You come with them.     GABBU GU:   This place marks the first appearance of Crazee Dayzees, Green Fuzzies, and a few other species. On the vast purple planet, there are green goo pits, so watch out for those. The stitches on the ground act like walls, cuz you can't go over them. When you come to the end of the path, step on the Star Pad. It teleports you to Gabbu Gu's 16th Moon, Ganslorf 9.     GANSLORF 9:   This place looks a lot like Gabbu Gu. To get in Drubba's Spacestation, you need the key. You need all your partners’ abilities to get it. Once you go in the door...     DRUBBA'S SPACE BASE: see Mario in a test tube! Rob will break him out, but he is unconscious. Take him to Drubba's throne, and hop in the pool of blue goo. IT'S ALIVE!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist. Your partners explain what happened, and Mario rejoins. Use Night Bro to reveal a door with the Super Boots behind it. Use them to get to the rest of the castle. You should see Drubba soon.     DRUBBA: HP: 60 ATK: 4 DEF: 1   SONG: RAWK HAWK ROCK   You defeat him again, and he drops The Spirit Who Loves Swiftness. Pick it up and...   CHAPTER COMPLETE! (For real now!)     Peach will be let out again, but Bloo runs off. Go search for him, and you must answer a quiz at the 177th Annual Super-Duper Quizfest.     Bowser will be in Gabbu Gu. After some searching, he decides that this is boring and jumps off the planet... and falls into the ocean. Play 2-2 of SMB to win.     SANCTUM CITY:   Merluce says that the next spirit is in Haunted Hollow. No catch, just go down the warp pipe.     CHAPTER 4: TINISHI'S NEW TOY   HAUNTED HOLLOW:   Wow, this place looks a lot like Twilight Town. But the sky is red. Anyway, Mayor Dowll (Doll) will say that someone wants to make their town and woods COLORFUL and FUN! *gasp* You don't think that would be bad, but anything to help. Go out of town to find the culprit.     SCARY CREEPY WOODS:   In this Forever Forest-esque area (without the mazes) you will see the Shaman Sisters. Merla will be yelling at Merlite for breaking her Star Stone (the artifact on her head). Merlite will be suspended for the rest of the expedition. You try to help, but no dice. She insists that it can't be fixed. For trying to help, she gives you a key she was supposed to be guarding. Might come in handy! Try to return to town, but now a giant Lego is blocking the entrance/exit. Go through the forest and find a black chest, but you don't have the right key. Leave and go to Merlite to find her sisters yelling at her. Merla yells so loud that a black key falls out of a tree. Grab it, and go back to the chest. Now you can turn into a tube! ("Now you will never get to eat the last Oreo before your brother does, because tubes don't eat!") Roll under the Lego and into town.     HAUNTED HOLLOW:   Go to the shop, and unlock the back storage room. There will be a Star Stone! Give it to Merlite.     SCARY CREEPY WOODS:   Merlite will say thanks, and take it. Her sisters will come and ask if she is still holding the photo of Mario. She isn't. Marla starts yelling like a maniac, and says how "The world will never be destroyed at this rate!" Merlite starts crying, cuz she thought Mario was the one trying to do that and they were saving the world. She decides to join Mario! Go past the black chest. There will be a gate that can be pushed up, like how you get to Doopliss' parrot. Now you should be in Maze Mansion.     MAZE MANSION:   Ignore the fact that this place looks like the Palace of Shadows, and do the first maze. After you do, Merla and Merelle will catch up to you.     MERLA: HP: 18 ATK: 3 DEF: 0   MERELLE: HP: 24 ATK: 4 DEF: 1   CHIMERA: HP: 10 ATK: 2 DEF 1   Merelle is obviously the tougher one, so take her out first. Now they've got new attacks: Merelle can create an earthquake, causing stage porps to fall on you, and Merla can summon Chimera, her pet, to battle. They can also both ride Chimera at the same time for a total of 12 damage! This might take a few Super Shrooms, maybe even a Life Shroom. Always keep trying!     Merla and Merelle collapse into a heap. Merlite cheers, and you continue doing mazes. The farther you get in the mansion, the more colorful it gets. Eventually, you will see a big door. Go in to see a baby yellow Yoshi, Tinishi. He will be playing with toy cars. Once he sees you, he wants to play hide in seek. He always hides under the bed. He will say that you cheated and all that crud. He also calls on his new toy- Tobor.     TOBOR: HP: 40 ATK: 4 DEF: 1   MINI MISSLES: HP: 1 ATK: 9 DEF: 1   GEARMO SQUAD: HP: 20 ATK: 1 PER GEARMO DEF: 0   LEGO BLOCK: HP: 0 ATK: 0 DEF: 0   MECHKOOPAS: HP: 3 ATK: 1 DEF: 1   TOPMEN: HP: 1 ATK: 1 DEF: 1   DRILL BITS: HP: 1 ATK: 6 DEF: 3   MUSIC: BROBOT BATTLE 2   What's the deal with all this? Tinishi figures that if you defeat his other toys, you’ll be too worn out to fight Tobor. First he sends out the Gearmo Squad. There are 20 Gearmos, so each has one health. After that you'll fight four Mechakoopas, then 2 Drill Bits, then Tobor. Tobor can shoot lasers at you or turn his fists into Mini Missles. He can also call on Topmen to aid him. The Lego Block is there to prevent you from hammering. This guy is really tough. I recommend Will O' Wisp, since it ignores defense. This guy will definitely require a Super Shroom or two, maybe even a Life Shroom. And you thought the Shaman Sisters were hard!     Tobor's head pops up like a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robot, and bursts through the ceiling. Tinishi throws a total fit, but who cares? You won! Get the Spirit Who Loves Scariness and leave.   CHAPTER COMPLETE!     Merla and Merelle are explaining to Vlad about how Merlite quit. Vlad sends them to the dungeon, and calls Sarge.     Peach is let out again, and Bloo wants some info. You see, being with Peach has made him decide he doesn't want to be evil. He figures that if you find out some info for him, he might be able to overthrow Vlad. He turns you back into a Smorg, and you must sneak around as a Smorg.     Bowser is in Haunted Hollow, looking for Mario. He goes off to search by himself in the forest. He gets scared, and you must play through a level of NSMB Dark Land to escape.     SANCTUM CITY:   Merluce says the next Spirit is on Banana-Fana Island. The only way to get there is by boat, but an "explorer" dropped by town. Go to the docks to see Fred on a boat. He announces that he is an adventurer, and he'll take you to the island for forty coins. Once you pay him and the boat starts moving, Fred admits that he has no idea how to drive a boat, and that someone else steered for him, but he "accidentally" fell out of the boat and died. Your other partners try to steer, but they end up sinking the boat. They land in the Banana-Fana Jungle.     BANANA-FANA JUNGLE:   That feels weird to say. This place has lots of tropical enemies. Ahh, paradise...     Back on track! Despite the area's lush nature, there is an important cutscene! Fred admits that he came to town because the Fruity-Booty Village is under attack! (Who comes up with these names? Oh, yeah.) The villain: an evil Shy Guy who has built a Watchtower on the Super Happy Tree. The Shy Guys are kidnapping villagers! Get out of the jungle ASAP! Oh, and Fred hasn't joined yet.     FRUITY-BOOTY VILLAGE:   If you have YIDS and have got to the level Spear Guy Village (or something along those lines), then you know what this level looks like. Well, actually, it's just the houses, but oh well. Several of them have locks. Go in the one that doesn't, and you will see two Shy Guys running off with an orange Yoshi. Fred asks if you will save the Yoshis. He joins, no matter what you say. This place has a lot of puzzles, being one of the largest areas with 5 screens. The objective here is to find the password into the Watchtower. The password is 1337.     THE WATCHTOWER:   A gigantic dungeon going up, up, up! Think of Moltz the Very Goonie's Fortress, but paper-ized. This place uses all your partners, and has more puzzles than anything. This place also introduces most of the Shy Guy types, and Lantern Ghosts. However, this dungeon doesn't seem as long as the others. Once you get to the roof, the Shy Guy leader appears. He wears army robes, and is called Lord Guy. He doesn't fight, however. A fog floats over, and possesses Lord Guy. Meet Demon Guy.     DEMON GUY: HP: 20 ATK: 5 DEF: 0   SONG: SHADOW QUEEN BATTLE   Demon Guy is a purple-black Shy Guy. This is the toughest boss so far. Instead of himself attacking, this guy creates weird purple hands that grab you, squeeze you, and bend you every which way. He can also backflip on you, sending you into an alternate universe for 99 damage! Just kidding. It does 12. That's still a lot, but he needs to charge up to use it. Use all your Spirit moves, and you might even need to use a Life Shroom or two. While you hear all this, you're probably thinking: ‘This guy? Tough? He has twenty HP!’ Wrong-a-mundo, little buddy! After you drain him of HP, he gains 20 more. After you do this three times, Demon Guy turns back into Lord Guy.     As you go get The Spirit Who Loves Greediness, Sarge pops up. He says that the demon you just beat was under his command, and he was working with Lord Guy. The demon was the amount of darkness released so far by destroying Hongo the Great Book Spirit. Now, Sarge challenges you.     SARGE: HP: 50 ATK: 4 DEF: 0   SONG: BROBOT BATTLE 1   Yes, you do have time to save in between the two battles. This guy is tougher then last time, but not by much. He can ground pound you, but that isn't your main worry: he can call in a horde of Smorgs! This plays out similar to the Lord Crump battle in PM2.     Defeat him, pick up the spirit, yada yada yada.   CHAPTER COMPLETE!     Peach will be let free again, and must mix together different materials to knock the Smorg guards unconscious. You have to run into the throne room and find Bloo's laptop, which has important info.     Bowser will be tired of searching in the woods, but he trips and falls down a hole. Play a castle world of SMB to win.     SANCTUM CITY:   Merluce says that if one of the Spirits gets destroyed and is that powerful, there's no telling what the others could do! The next Spirit is hidden deep in the Crystal Ruins. There's only one person in town who can get you there, and that is Daizy. Tough name, huh? Nah, I didn't think so either. Go to Club GC to find the red Crazee Dayzee as a singer. She wants to make sure you are powerful enough to beat the enemies on the way there, so she challenges you to a quest. Find the Ultra Stone in the Sanctum Sewers.     SANCTUM SEWERS:   Down below, Bowser falls down from the ceiling. Ouch! His kids all fall on top of him. Double ow! Kammy doesn't fall on Bowser, but instead the floor. Ow. However, he caught up to Mario! Bowser whispers to his kids, telling them to run off. It's Bowser time!     BOWSER: HP: 50 ATK: 5 DEF: 2   SONG: BOWSER BATTLE 2   Bowser can do everything he does in the Glitz Pit, but he has more health and attack. Really, the hardest part about this battle is trying to stop laughing at what he says once you hit him. If you don't beat this guy on your first try... Anyway, he's a joke.     Bowser runs off screaming (Not a good example for his kids, is he?) and bursts through the wall. Hop in the hole he makes to be in a secret room with the Ultra Stone. Use the spring pad to hop up back through a hole in the west area of Sanctum City.     SANCTUM CITY:   Daizy is impressed you found it, and will now show you the way! She actually needed to make sure you were tough enough to make it through the path without getting hurt since she is just a little girl who needs protection. (Or, at least, that's what she calls herself.) Go to the east of town, and look for a wall with a music note on it. She sings to make the wall crumble (the house is locked), revealing a light blue warp pipe on the other side.     CHAPTER 6: OF ICE AND SHAMEN   FROSTY TRAIL:   I can see why Daizy needs help! The enemies here are tough, but you don't go into RPG battles with them (for now). When they attack, they instead hurt Daizy. If you let her heart meter drop to 0 from 5, then you get a game over. This place also has a lot of puzzles requiring all your partners. Soon, after a long and tiring journey, you reach the town.     POLAR PARK:   This place is the second biggest town, rivaled only by Sanctum City, with 6 screens! When you talk to the green Bumpty, a detective named Drew, he says the entrance to Crystal Ruins is just ahead. However, it has been blocked! Who could've blocked it? ... Looks like a mystery. I don't know how to explain what to do, but you look for clues and stuff, question the suspects, yada yada. The ne'er-do-well? None other than the Shaman Sisters- in disguise! After you solve the crime, Daizy joins. Her abilities will be useful later on.     MT. MAMMOTH:   There are Muths here! Don't fret, they have less health. In the long and artic-y climb going up, you'll earn the Ultra Hammer, so you can break some of those annoying blocks. On top of the mountain, at the ruin entrance, a blue Cheep Cheep is placing a Lemon Candy on the ground. His dad went in there before the Cheep Cheep was born, 18 years ago. As a memory, he places Lemon Candy outside every year on his dad's birthday. Now he thinks he is sorta... Y'know. The D-word. One that starts with D and ends with Ead. He asks you to bring the Lemon Candy to his dad's skeleton if you see it. You accept.     CRYSTAL RUINS:   Wow, this place looks a lot like Joke's End. You will see skeletons of many species, but no dad. This place is the hardest area so far, and you need all partner abilities to get through. Avoid the booby traps and you will come to a big door. Your partner says you should go in alone, in case it's dangerous. It is. Inside, there will be a switch. Hit it, and a cage will form around the person at the other end of the room... Merla? She does a spell, so now you're in her body and she's in yours! She steals your partners, too. Drat! You are trapped. But you still have paper abilities and your jump. Turn sideways through the bars, and escape. Go to the next room and hit the ? Block. Wrong again! Merla figured you'd get out, so she made another trap- a trapdoor! Go through the cave, solving puzzles, blah blah blah. Soon you'll hear a moan. Who is it? Sir Chillywaters! He tells you about how he lived on popcorn kernels for 18 years (Don't ask me how) and all that. He helps you get through the rest of the area, until you need the Ultra Hammer.     Merla keeps complaining. The mustache is itchy, the overalls are too tight, and the hat makes her sweaty. She can't take it anymore! She switches bodies back, but now you must rescue Sir Chillywaters... again. Once you get him, you can go to the final room. The Shaman Sisters have a giant missile, Torque P. D’oh, and they are aiming it at Polar Park! They hit the blast off button, but Mario and Co. hop on. The Shaman Sisters do too, to fight Mario!     MERLA: HP: 40 ATK: 4 DEF: 0   MERELLE HP: 30 ATK: 6 DEF: 1   SONG: SMORG BATTLE   Wow. Fighting two witches on a giant missile heading towards a city at 300 MPH? How do I come up with this stuff? No matter. Merla can't summon Chimera on a moving object, but she can use thunder. Merelle can strike you with fire and throw stars at you. Altogether, their attacks do ten damage, and they like to power up! This won't be easy. It will definitely take at least one Life Shroom, and maybe an Ultra Shroom. Halfway through the battle, when one of the Sisters are dead, then the other will twirl around Torque and shoot him into the audience. The audience all falls on Mario, each member doing one damage. The Sisters also can restore 10 HP, and can use most of Merlite's attacks. If all else fails, never give up!     The missile crashes into the town, and-     BOOM!!!     POLAR PARK:   The area is destroyed. Anywhere you go in that region is a big, snowy, mess. Everyone is okay, but the Spirit is still missing. Go over to the would-be top of Mt. Mammoth, to the entrance of the Crystal Ruins. There is a music note mark near a higher area, not covered in snow. Inside, swim around on Sir Chillywaters and get the Spirit! This place is restored at the end of the game.   CHAPTER COMPLETE!     Peach must go into Vlad's room again to get more info, but Vlad catches her. No more Peach scenes.     Bowser will land in Flower Valley again. Play through 4-1 of SMB to get out.     SANCTUM CITY:   Merluce tells you that the next Spirit is located in the Paradise Islands, a chain of islands that the rich and famous like to go to for relaxation. To get the tickets for the cruise, talk to Daizy's boss.     CHAPTER 7: ALOHA!   PARADISE ISLANDS:   This place has enemies and houses/huts. There are many fishing people and movie stars. This place really is paradise! However, the fishermen say all the fish have been gone lately. Suddenly, a silhouette of a body that looks like Fracktail's swims under the islands. A Bob-omb says that the monster probably lurks under the ocean, but there is only one way to get there... But he doesn't tell you. Whack him with your hammer until he does. Apparently, there was once a naval base with a few things that could get you down there, but now it is blocked off. To get there, you must activate a switch. Go through the islands, using most of your partner abilities, to find a switch at the end. Go back to the Bob-omb. A warp pipe will be there instead.     NAVAL BASE:   No enemies! Yay! However, there is no one to work the base, and even if there was, they wouldn't know how. The two Bob-ombs that know are a white Bob-omb named Bobwhite and a gold Bob-omb named Bobfeller. Bobfeller is at the Hammer Factory, trying to turn it into a business area. He gives you the operating manual. Bobwhite is chased around:   1. At the Tree Village.   2. Space Base.   3. Ruins of Polar Park.   4. Banana-Fana Village.   5. At the Hammer Factory.   6. Haunted Hollow.   7. Sanctum City.   After you tell the Bob-omb you can't find him, he appears behind you! He was looking for some action, and he came to the right place! But you don't use a sub, oh no...     You use A CANNON!     The Naval Base rises into the air, and a cannon spouts from below it. Mario and his partners get shot to the bottom of the ocean!     THE OCEAN'S BOTTOM:   This place has ground from The Moon, but dark blue. Everything has a blue tint here, and the background looks like the sea from the 2-2 Bowser thing in PM2. You can swim without Sir Chillywaters here, and if you swim too high you reach the surface, next to the Naval Base. You also see a green Yoshi, the one that fell off the ship. Whack him and he swims to the surface. Soon, you will come across a giant stone building. There wasn't an entrance, but now there is a giant hole that the sea monster probably made.     SEVEN SEAS PALACE:   This place looks like it sunk a bazillion years ago. You don't float around and stuff anymore =( This place requires you to use all partner abilities, and paper modes too. You also get the Ultra Boots here. This place has many secrets, and over 30 screens! The toughest area so far. In one room you must escape the rising water, while in another there is a horde of Dry Bones you must blast through. There are numerous save blocks, and the toughest puzzles ever. I don't know what else to say about this place! There are so many puzzles. As you get closer to the sea monster, skeletons will appear more. After enough puzzles, you will be in a large, empty room. The sea monster bursts through the floor! It has a dark green Fracktail body, and a dark green Hooktail head. It introduces itself as Nesstail (I got the name from the Loch Ness Monster), and is the one eating all the fish. Soon, it plans on destroying the island... But since you came this far, the least he can do is let you get beaten into a bloody pulp.     NESSTAIL: HP: 75 ATK: 6 DEF: 1   SONG: BONECHILL BATTLE   OMD, this guy is hard. He can swallow you for a turn, lash out of the water and smack you with his tail, shoot water at you, or, the most powerful, call on 1,000 Embers of dead sailors to drag Mario into The Underwhere and repeatedly do 4 damage about 4 times. This is definitely the hardest boss. He can also shoot lasers at you. Have a shield item, badge, or partner attack ready to use, and also carry a stock of Ultra Shrooms and Whacka Bumps. Never give up! Use Daizy for this fight, or it is also really cool to see Dopple transform into it. Make sure to hide when it powers up, cuz it can do 25 damage! After a long and tedious fight, he will collapse, with The Spirit Who Loves Cuteness coming out its mouth.   CHAPTER COMPLETE!     Peach has no more parts.     Bowser will complain about not getting anywhere, when he stubs his toe on a rock. This opens a trapdoor and he falls...     Merluce will congratulate you, but reveal a horrifying surprise: Merluce was just a bunch of Smorgs trying to get Mario to gather the Spirits for Vlad! BUM BUM BUM! The Smorgs leave, and Vlad appears. He says that with the power of his vortex, he shall consume all worlds! But not before destroying all your Spirits. He creates the vortex, and the world is sucked in.     CHAPTER 8: THE FINAL SHOWDOWN   LOST WORLD:   The Final Destination place. You and you partners will be on the ground in the main hall. Continue down, solve puzzles, and fight enemies (mostly creatures from the Subspace Army in Brawl) until you see Vlad talking to Merla and Merelle. When he sees you, he screams. “How did you get here?! You were sucked into the vortex! Apparently, your hearts are too full of good. I worked all that time to get the Spirits together and destroy them, and look at you now! You're in the base anyway! Ugh!” Vlad swoops off, and you are left to fight the Shaman Sisters. (I just noticed how strange that sounds 0.o)     MERLA: HP: 50 ATK: 5 DEF: 1   MERELLE: HP: 50 ATK: 6 DEF: 1   SONG: HOOKTAIL BATTLE   Take out Merla first, since she's weakest. They now use shadow attacks like Demon Guy. They can also call on Primids (look it up or play SSBB) to take a hit for them. They also restore HP, and Merelle can charge up her attack to +14, seriously. Remember, give it all you got! Did I mention you can't use Spirit Moves?     Defeat them, and go forward, into Peach's room. She won't be there, but Bloo will be crying. Since you're trying to rescue Peach, he tells you how to bring the Spirits back. Use must use your Spirit Necklace and pray in the throne room. But he also says he hears guards coming, so he makes you run. Save and heal, and Bowser, Kammy, and his kids fall from the ceiling. Bowser and Kammy go into the next room.     JUNIOR: HP: 10 ATK: 1 DEF: 0   LARRY: HP: 10 ATK: 1 DEF: 0   MORTON: HP: 10 ATK: 1 DEF: 0   WENDY: HP: 10 ATK: 1 DEF: 0   IGGY: HP: 10 ATK: 1 DEF: 0   ROY: HP: 10 ATK: 2 DEF: 1   LEMMY: HP: 10 ATK: 1 DEF: 0   LUDWIG: HP: 10 ATK: 2 DEF: 0   SONG: SSBB PORKY'S THEME   What's with all the SSBB stuff lately? Well, I was browsing the site as I typed this, so... Yeah. 10 damage per turn! Unless you're good at guarding, which you should be. This seems devastating, but Multibounce and Merlite's Spark should finish them off. You could also use an item like a Shooting Star. Which reminds me, you could also use Merlite's Moonarang. Recommended partner: Merlite. (Didn't see that one coming!) And, for some reason, you can use Spirit Moves in this battles and the ones after them.     After that battle, go to the next room. Bowser won't be there. Solve another horde of puzzles to find you need three keys to enter: the Sun Key, the Moon Key, and the Star Key. Go to the first room to find Koopgrey guarding the Star Key.     KOOPGREY: HP: 80 ATK: 6 DEF: 0   MUSIC: MACHO GRUBBA BATTLE   Koopwhite's older bro. This guy is basically a Koopwhite on steroids. He can use a dizzy shell attack, but nothin' our hero can't handle... Right?     Return to where you put the keys, and you'll find that Sarge has decided to steal the Sun Key.     SARGE: HP: 60 ATK: 5 DEF: 0   SONG: MAGNUS VON GRAPPLE BATTLE   Now he has a new attack, throwing potions for 12 damage! But this guy isn't hard. Really, what else can I say?     The Moon Key? King Red Fuzzy, no joke.     KING RED FUZZY: HP: 40 ATK: 4 DEF: 0   SONG: PM2 MINI-BOSS   Anyone remember this guy? I thought so. He now sucks HP, and he also likes to remove your commands. He can suck pretty much anything away, from SP to FP to HP to items to commands to power to defense to badge effects to-     OH MY DAD OH MY DAD OH MY DAD I CAN'T GO ON! *explodes*     Sorry, I couldn't resist putting that in. He can also make clones of himself, bum bum bum! But they have a fourth of his stats. This guy is hard, but you won't lose fifty million times to him.     After you get the keys, put them in to find a tall tower.     TOWER OF EIGHT PUZZLES:   This place is like Riddle Tower. These puzzles must all be completed to win. They are all the same ones from the last game, so no sweat. I'm beginning to wonder if I should've made this a separate place in the first place. Hmm...     LOST WORLD:   These guys must be desperate, because in the next room they blew up the ground, leading into internal nothingness. Walk around for a little while, and a spaceship will zoom in. It's Drubba, and he wants revenge.     DRUBBA: HP: 70 ATK: 4 DEF: 1   SONG: MACHO GRUBBA BATTLE   This guy has higher stats, but you should be able to pummel him like in outer space.     Once you beat him, I guess a nuclear reaction happens and he grows 28 times his size, filling the gap. There are also health and save blocks on Drubba’s belly. Onward, to the next room! Never mind, this place is puzzle mania. At the end of the room, there will be a rusty-looking robot. Hammer the switch on its stomach, and be ready to fight.     TURBO TOBOR: HP: 80 ATK: 5 DEF: 0   SONG: SSBB EASTON KINGDOM   Why does the regular Tobor look newer, yet he's the older version? Oh well. This guy does everything Tobor does, and more. He has no Lego Block or any reinforcements, but don't let your guard down. Instead of the fancy-pants stuff Tinishi had, he has some sort of magic powers. He can thundershock you, and he can make the floor below you glow, doing lots of damage. Once you drain him of forty HP, he goes into defense mode. Now he'll have 3 defense. Use all your partners here!     Defeat that bucket of bolts, and his head goes up like a Rock 'Em Sock 'Em robot too. This makes him hit a switch, revealing a portal to the throne room. Hop in, and Peach will be crying. She says she prayed for you, bringing your Spirit Moves back. She also says that Vlad will be here any minute, and you should leave. You're about to protest, when Vlad comes in. He says he was watching your little sob-fest all along, and that he's gonna give you a reason to be crying.     VLAD: HP: 90 ATK: 6 DEF: 0   SONG: SSBB SQUEAK BATTLE   Wow. And you thought Turbo Tobor was tough! I hope Lemmy doesn't think I'm putting in too many bosses. Anyway, this guy creates vortexes to suck you in, uses shadow power like Demon Guy, and- Are you ready for this? -can attack Peach instead, lowering your attack or something because you can't stand seeing Peach hurt. He also likes to power up. Or he calls on Merla or Merelle, but they have the same stats as the first battle with them. He can also swipe his cloak, and who knows what that'll do? Might give you items, maybe a status effect, you never know. Oh yeah, remember what I said about attacking Peach? Well, if you get him down to 10 HP or less, he pulls a suicide attack, doing 30 damage to everyone on the field.     After that tough battle, you're probably thinking "When will you cut us some slack?" After you beat Vlad, Bowser crashes through the ceiling. And you do have time to heal, cuz Peach prays for you.     BOWSER: HP: 70 ATK: 7 DEF: 1   KAMMY: HP: 50 ATK: 5 DEF: 0   SONG: PM2 BOWSER BATTLE 2   Nope, I'm never gonna cut you some slack. And I never wanna hear that video games are too easy nowadays. Bowser can breathe fire and jump on you to take away a command. Kammy is just like a Magikoopa on steroids. Actually, it seems like a lot of these enemies are. Aaanyway, Kammy also restores Bowser's health, so take her out first. Remember how in M&L:SS the Rookies got higher stats if you killed Popple first? Same here. She gets 70 health (at full), does 7 damage, and has 3 defense. Bowser and Kammy can also do a "double attack" in which Bowser throws Kammy against Mario and his partner like a boomerang. Bowser can do this as long as he wishes, but automatically stops after you guard. But I'm still wondering why he fell from the ceiling...     Bowser lays limp, and Peach says that they should leave. Hop in the portal, and you will be in Turbo Tobor's room. As you run to escape, Vlad comes after you. He grabs Peach with his magic, and takes her into the throne room. Chase him down, and he tries again to destroy your Spirits. The effect? A giant cloud of darkness. This needs a host... Mario.     DARK MARIO: HP: INFINITE ATK: 20 DEF: INFINITE   SONG: NONE   You can't use Mario, you can't use Spirit moves... This is hopeless. Give it your all, and some more, and more than that, and maybe a teensy bit more... And you still fail.     Peach, watching that, can't have her dear Mario be the thing to try to destroy the universe! Vlad decides that Peach might rise up, so he gives Peach to Dark Mario first. Instead of yelling, she prays one last time... The Spirits come up, and Mario returns to normal. Unfortunately, Vlad had just enough time for the Demon to be out that it can be resurrected without him needing to destroy the Spirits. It now decides to take Bowser as its host.     DEMON BOWSER: HP: 200 ATK: 8 DEF: 0   RIGHT HAND: HP: 20 ATK: 2 DEF: 0   LEFT HAND: HP: 20 ATK: 2 DEF: 0   SONG: THE ULTIMATE SHOW   This is it... Once and for all... The final battle... This guy is tougher than every boss in the game combined. He looks like Giga Bowser, but is black and bigger. He can shoot dark flames, and throw shadow balls at Mario or his partner. To get to him, kill his Right Hand and Left Hand. Watch out for his ground pound because it shakes the screen, makes audience members run, and it does- Are you sure you're ready? -30 damage. However, it takes 5 turns to charge up for this. He can also take away commands and make clones of himself. He can also create clones of Mario or his partners. Use all the best partner moves, have lots of items, and use Spirit Moves. This will definitely take a few turns, and some items. Remember, never give up. If you're ever low on HP, then use a new Spirit Power, Peach Beam, to do major damage. But it also takes all your SP. Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, EVER, give up.     Demon Bowser explodes in a burst of light, and regular Bowser flops on the ground. He wonders what happened, but Kammy says that this is all a bad dream. The darkness vanishes, and Peach kisses Mario. The Lost World fades away, and the citizens are all okay. Everyone cheers, including Sarge, Lord Guy, and the Shaman Sisters. The suns sets, and all is well.     Mario and Peach get on to the plane back to the good ol' MK, and his partners wave goodbye. Everyone has a happy ending.     Epilogue:   Mario is back at home, relaxing.   Peach is sleeping at her castle. Getting kidnapped is a lot of work!   Bowser is trying to sleep, but his kids start congratulating him. He doesn't know what happened, so he yells at them.   Goombette is cleaning up at the Treasure Sanctum after what Vlad did.   Koop Jones is seen making a slam dunk.   Night Bro gets a letter from the FBI saying they want him to join.   Rob is living in Drubba's Spacestation, and the other Bandits frown outside his window.   Merlite is living with her sisters in the Maze Mansion.   Fred lives in The Watchtower, and he wants to remodel it.   Daizy has her own albums, and they are hits with everyone!   Sir Chillywaters is with his family, but then he announces he's going to explore somewhere else. His family sighs.   Dopple is opening a business, The Art of Shapeshifting: Martial Arts Academy.   Sarge is paying the Hammer Bros. large amounts of money to make up for brainwashing them.   The Shaman Sisters are living with Merlite.   Vlad is laying on the ground in the middle of the Treasure Sanctum. He is a footrest for the VIPs.     Luigi's Tales   Chapter 1: Went to Flower Mountain and defeated Goomwhite.   Chapter 2: Saved a bunch of Boomerang Bros. from an evil Yux who wanted to brainwash them.   Chapter 3: Went to the bottom of the sea and defeated a person who liked to eat the citizens.   Chapter 4: Went to Fun Land and stopped a Shy Guy from making it boring.   Chapter 5: Went to Fana-Banana Isle and saved a bunch of Shy Guys from an evil Yoshi.   Chapter 6: Went to Mt. Lava and saved the town from being hit by a satellite falling to Plit.   Chapter 7: Went to outer space and saved the planet from an evil space dragon.   Chapter 8: Defeated Dalv and stopped him from destroying the world with the Star Spirits.   (I'll leave his partners to your imagination.)     Optional Stuff   DOPPLE: HP: ?? ATK: ?? DEF: ??   SONG: PM2 MINI-BOSS   This guy impersonates all you partners, so I can't do stats. You can get him by going to Crystal Ruins and beating him after Chapter 6.     DARK ATOMIC BOO: HP: 60 ATK: 6 DEF: 0   SONG: PM2 DOOPLISS BATTLE   To fight this guy, go to the room with all the Dark Boos in the Crystal Ruins, and whack them with your hammer when they latch on to you. This plays out like the Atomic Boo battle.     KOOPBLACK: HP: 300 ATK: 12 DEF: 6   SONG: SSBB SQUEAK BATTLE   This guy lies in the Pit of 100 Trials. He does everything Koopwhite, Koop Jones, and Koopgrey do, plus more. Add a little bit of Kent C. Koopa, and BAM! You've got an incredibly hard boss. Your prize: The Power Pwn Badge. Effect? When Mario attacks, it does his normal amount of damage plus half of the enemy's. This will be especially helpful against...     ENDTAIL: HP: 600 ATK: 15 DEF: 6   SONG: SQUEAK BATTLE   Endtail. For if you want a real challenge. He can be found at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials after you complete it again. This time it will be filled with "Dark" enemies. Sadly, he has no prize.     THE END!'

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