Pinga Bird
Pinga Bird in her Baby Penguin form.
Age 10 or older
Date of Birth 27 October
Species Human/Penguin
Gender Female
Joined May 25, 2011 (On Fantendo)
September 17, 2011 (On Usertendo)
Aliases None
Moves None
Allies None/Unknown
Enemies None/Unknown
Groups Users, Sockpuppeters (Fantendo), Sysops (Pinga Bird's Wikis)
Pronunciation Unknown
Themes None/Unknown

Pinga Bird is a User on Fantendo as well as a Sockpuppeter and Troll. He was originally one of the worst trolls on Fantendo, and then he supposedly reformed. However, upon the creation of the Fantendo Forums Pinga Bird made the deadly mistake of creating sockpuppet accounts on the forums as well, which had their IP's read by YoshiEgg and thus were proved as sockpuppets of Pinga Bird. In Pingu Fanon Wiki and other wikis, Pinga Bird was a sysop. In Play School Fanon Wiki, Pinga Bird was a founder.

Sockpuppets Edit




Baby PenguinEdit

In Pingu, Pinga Bird was a baby penguin named "Pinga".


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