Pizzaguy22 is a user on Fantendo. He has no image but he is a 15-year-old boy with short,ash-blonde hair and is also rather tall. He was born in Glasgow,UK, but has been raised in New York most of his life.

Personality (on Fantendo)Edit

On the wiki, the Pizzaguy has been known for notoriously flaming people in the past. He dosen't flame as much to this day, but his past flaming has put him in a bad friendship situation on Fantendo. Most people disagree with Pizzaguy's opinions, which he understands and respects, but dosen't appreciate. He had been highly known for getting into arguments with Cobweb and SonicWiki, and as of recent, JesseRoo. Things have since cooled down between Cobweb and Pizzaguy, but they seem to have gotten worse between Jesse and Pizzaguy. There was a legend that once stated that Pizzaguy22 and YoshiEgg were friends, but Pizzaguy's annoying, flamer status on Fantendo has since strained the friendship.

Personality (Real Life)Edit

Pizzaguy22 is actually a very calm person in real life, unlike what Fantendo would suggest. His real name is Roger. He has a rather large portion of friends, but he is in no way "popular". In real life the only time he gets into major arguments like on Fantendo, is if he is heavily insulted (but then the rage monster that he is well known for on Fantendo comes out). Here is a list of some of his favorite things:

  • Movie: Anchorman
  • TV Show: South Park
  • Videogame: Skyrim
  • Fictional Character: Viktor Reznov
  • Actor: Morgan Freeman
  • Model: Kim Kardashian
  • Country: MOTHER RUSSIA!!!
  • Fictional Weapon: The Fat Man from Fallout


Roger was known for his Rick and Gunboy series. Rick: the Game,was a RPG about strange little creatures, and was deleted for inappropriatness. The Gunboy was a FPS game about dreams fusing into reality,so then crazy crap happened, like kids turning into zombies and alien invasions. It had 2 sequels released, and Roger was planning on making many more (up to 10) however the series was deleted for unknown reasons, presumably because Pizzaguy left Fantendo for a long time.

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