Random Comics is a comic series by Epic Lucario. In it, a lot of random things happen.


Issue OneEdit

Epic Lucario goes to a water temple and falls down a hole. However, the hole is made by commercial people making an insurance commercial.

Sign Ups!Edit

  • KP Blue - I wanna be the noobish Pokemon Trainer who acts at times plays the role of the group's Leeroy Jenkins/Kenny McCormick (I ruin plans due to a tendency to zone out, and I get killed a lot)
  • JesseRoo - I try to be the leader and invent stupid plans, and if nobody agrees with what I say I go wild and cause big explosions.
  • Henrydamoose- I'll be the Marine-like dude, shouting out commands like a U.S. Marine would. Super strong and sometimes humorous.
  • COKEMAN11 - I want to be the guy who builds a cheese temple and traps KP in there then he gets out and a commercial starts

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