Slipster is a character in the Fantendo and Slippy series. Even though Slipster didn't appear in Fantendo,Slippy the Penguin (user) did. Slipster has appeared in only 4 games so far.Fantendo Strikers,Fantendo Kart Wii,Fantendo Super Sluggers and Fantendo Riders

Slipster the Penguin
Age 10
Gender Male
Type Ice
Town Club Penguin
Class Penguin
Weapon Umbrella
Water Balloon
Element Snow
Forms Racing form (known as Slipster Z)
Baseball Form
Striker Form (known as Slipstriker Z)
Skater Form
Pokemon Form (Pokemon:Houndoom,known as FlameEye)
Series FANTENDO Series/Slippy Series/Wikimon Fantendo Dungeon Series (COMIC)

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