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Edit Comments8920,529pages on this wiki Mario is back in an all-new adventure, Super Mario and the 8 Elemental Crystals. Join Mario as he seeks out 8 legendary crystals while also saving Princess Peach from Bowser and the Koopalings.




Mario and Peach were having a picnic outside the castle, when suddenly, Bowser and the whole airship fleet attack! Iggy unleashes the first of three new inventions: the Super Snatcher. It shoots a strong tractor beam and snatches Peach. Then the fleet scatters, but not before Bowser telling Mario that he will have recurring nightmares, for he has brought back past foes from previous adventures to guard towers. Mario ponders on this statement. When he looks up, the whole fleet is gone except for the airship of Wendy O. Koopa, who flies off to her castle. 

When Mario finally gets to Bowser's Castle, with all 8 Elemental Crystals, he is finally ready to fight Bowser and another evil horror that can be only stopped by the Crystals (as stated on a prophecy slate in one of the levels of Desert Dunes). He finally fights Bowser, and uses the Crystals on him, they are useless. Mario had to rely on his normal techniques: wait for Bowser to jump and run under and hit the button. As Bowser struggles in the lava, he is reduced to Dry Bowser.

Mario heads on to get Peach. Then the lava drains, and Iggy uses the Super Snatcher to bring up the bones of what was their father. The Koopalings use their magic wands to reanimate him, and Dry Bowser lives! Dry Bowser and the Koopa Clan then taunt Mario for the Princess is not here, she's in space! Iggy fires up invention 2/3: the Mega Rocket. The Koopas load up, but Mario is quick and sticks to the ship with the help of a new power-up. They fly to Cosmic Koopa Station, but soon after they land, Larry detects a life form at the station entrance, it's Mario! The Koopalings panic, but Dry Bowser puts them back on track. The Koopalings load in their airships and create a blockade around Dry Bowser's HQ. 

Mario finally reaches Dry Bowser and the Koopalings, yet the crystals are still useless. Anyway, Mario defeats Dry Bowser the same way he beat Bowser, he jumps, he runs, hits button. But there is no bridge to collapse. Instead, fireball cannons lower and aim on Mario. IT WAS A TRAP! The cannons fire and knock Mario unconscious. The KO was long enough for Iggy to take the 8 Elemental Crystals and place them in his 3rd and final creation: the Monstro-inator! The Crystals power it! Mario awakes and sees that his entire adventure was pointless! He shoots a Monstro-beam at Dry Bowser and he breaks apart. Not "just falling apart", he separated so the Mostro-inator could create more bones, more muscle, more Dry Bowser. When Dry Bowser awoke, he was an all-powerful, skeletal, four-eyed reptile menace: MONSTRO DRY BOWSER! Mario now realizes that this is the evil horror spoken in the prophecy. The battle begins. He attacks Monstro Dry Bowser, but they have no effect, for he is bones. He runs for the Monstro-inator trying to figure out which button releases the Crystals. He tried the red button, but things got worse, the Monstro-inator shoots another beam at Monstro Dry Bowser. This time it creates flesh and muscles and "other things". Monstro Dry Bowser was bones no more. He becomes an all-powerful, scaly, fire-breathing, four-eyed, reptile monster: MONSTRO BOWSER!!! Mario is freaked out by this turn of events. Mario presses the green button, and the Crystals release. Monstro Bowser lunges at Mario for the blow, but the Crystals protect Mario. Mario is amazed. The Crystals now have power! Then the 8 Elemental Crystals combine, forming the Super Crystal Mushroom. Mario grabs it, and becomes Super Crystal Mario! He has the power of all elements! Now the true battle begins! Using this power he uses them strategically to defeat Monstro Bowser. When defeated, Monstro Bowser, (now just Bowser again) smashes into the space station's main reactor. The place starts to explode! Mario finds Peach and they use Peach's parasol to glide safely down to the ground. The Koopa Clan however, fell into the Bowser's Castle creating a ginormous hole! Bowser yelled crazily not about defeat, but the hole in his castle. Mario and Peach glide down to Peach Castle, and all is well. The End.

Worlds and LevelsEdit

World 1: Grassy Hills (a plain world)

  • 1-1: Castle Fields
  • 1-2: Crystal Caves
  • 1-3: Yoshi's Nest
  • 1-T: Gear Crush Tower (Boom Boom)
  • 1-4: Grassy Shore Bay
  • 1-5: Mushroom Tops
  • 1-6: Hammer Bro Hideout
  • 1-C: Wendy's Bolt-Strike Castle (Wendy O. Koopa)
  • Enemy Course: Koopa Paratroopa

World 2: Desert Dunes (a desert world)

  • 2-1: Quicksand Pits
  • 2-2: Shitfing Sand Temple
  • 2-3: Pokey's Sandstorm Peak
  • 2-4: Chain Chomp Ruins
  • 2-T: Brick-Block Climb Tower (Eyerok)
  • 2-5: Palm Oasis
  • 2-G: Scaredy Rat Sand Hut
  • 2-6: Torch-Fire Pyramid
  • 2-C: Lemmy's Sand Spout Castle (Lemmy Koopa)
  • Enemy Course: Blockhopper

World 3: Swampy-Branch Jungle (a jungle world)

  • 3-1: Piranha Plant River
  • 3-2: Bramball's Cavern
  • 3-3: Wiggler Woods
  • 3-T: Beanstalk Tower (Petey Piranha)
  • 3-4: Tall Trunk Trees
  • 3-5: Scuttlebug Raft Ride
  • 3-G: Mind-Boggling Pathways
  • 3-6: Jumbo Rays in the Clouds
  • 3-C: Morton's Vine-Swing Castle (Morton Koopa Jr.)
  • Enemy Course: River Piranha Plant

World 4: Shoreline Beach (a water world)

  • 4-1: Cheep Cheep Reef
  • 4-2: Underground Tides
  • 4-G: Boo's Soken Wet Horror House
  • 4-3: Dragoneel's Murky Waters
  • 4-T: Fishbone Swarm Tower (Kingfin)
  • 4-4: Blooper Bluewater Sea
  • 4-5: Huckit Crab Coast
  • 4-6: Water Geyser Falls
  • 4-7: Island Cliff Stalks
  • 4-C: Ludwig's Flooded Castle (Ludwig Von Koopa)
  • Enemy Course: Skeeter

World 5: Glacier Pass (a snow world)

  • 5-1: Snowfall Forest
  • 5-G: Chilly Haunted Cabin
  • 5-2: Snowstorm Skyway
  • 5-T: Freezy Fire Tower (Chief Chilly)
  • 5-3: Cooligan Glacier
  • 5-4: Arora Glow Mountains
  • 5-5: Frozen Urchin Lake
  • 5-6: Icicle Cavewalk
  • 5-C: Larry's Slip-Slope Castle (Larry Koopa)
  • Enemy Course: Snow Spike

World 6: Sunny Cloudway (a sky world)

  • 6-1: Foo's Foggy Skies
  • 6-2: Grassy Hilltop
  • 6-3: Tilting Shrooms
  • 6-T: Stormcloud Tower (Lakithunder)
  • 6-4: Fuzzy's Mushroom Nest
  • 6-5: Lakitu's Fluffy Turf
  • 6-6: Para-Beetle Path
  • 6-7: Snake Block Clouds
  • 6-C: Roy's Pillar Spike Castle (Roy Koopa)
  • Enemy Course: Foo

World 7: Great Stone Mountains (a mountain world)

  • 7-1: Bullet Battlefield
  • 7-2: Porcupuffer Cove
  • 7-3: Monty Mole Gorge
  • 7-4: Cliff Line Sewers
  • 7-T: Boulder Drop Tower (Bouldergeist)
  • 7-G: Old Clockwork Mansion
  • 7-5: Fire Bar Mountain
  • 7-6: Underground Streamline
  • 7-7: Rocky Stone Slopes
  • 7-C: Iggy's Artillery Castle (Iggy Koopa)
  • Enemy Course: Buzzy Beetle

World 8: Valley of Despair (a cave world)

  • 8-1: Fire Bro Cave
  • 8-2: Gloomy Forest Gorge
  • 8-G: Broozer's Boxing Labyrinth
  • 8-3: Dry Bones Tunnels
  • 8-T: Super Spook Tower (King Boo)
  • 8-4: Colassal Pipe Maze
  • 8-5: Scuttlebug Caverns
  • 8-6: Rolling Crystal Mine
  • 8-C: Bowser Jr.'s Bomb Blow Castle (Bowser Jr.)
  • Enemy Course: Whomp

World 9: Volcanic Falls (a volcano world)

  • 9-1: Meteor Mountain
  • 9-2: Magmaargh Falls
  • 9-3: Lava-Lava Raft Ride
  • 9-4: Spine Coaster Grounds
  • 9-T: Magma Rise Tower (King Kaliente)
  • 9-5: Flame Chomp's Smoggy Sky
  • 9-6: Burning Tide Volcano
  • 9-7: Banzai Lava Canyon
  • 9-8: Blargg's Boiling Lake
  • 9-BC: The Final Battle (Bowser)
  • Enemy Course: Blargg

World 10: Cosmic Koopa Station (a space world)

  • 10-1: Front Line Defenses
  • 10-2: Flight of the Galactic Crowber
  • 10-3: Star-Spin Sector
  • 10-4: Return of the Octoomba
  • 10-T: Space Age Tower (Topmaniac)
  • 10-5: Breaching the Station
  • 10-6: Crashing Thwomp Corridors
  • 10-7: The Main Reactor
  • 10-8: Giant Sized Minions
  • 10-9: King Bill Catastrophe
  • 10-10: Mecha-Koopa Docking Bay
  • 10-T2: Magic Blast Tower (Kamek)
  • 10-A: Koopalings' Airship Fleet (All Koopalings and Bowser Jr.)
  • 10-SBC: The True Final Battle (Dry Bowser, Monstro Dry Bowser, Monstro Bowser)
  • Enemy Course: Topman

World 11: Rainbow Path (a mixed theme/rainbow world)

  • 11-1: Huge Goomba Plains
  • 11-2: Dry Dry Mushrooms
  • 11-3: Scorched Tree Jungle
  • 11-4: Porcupuffer Shore
  • 11-5: Whomp's Frozen Cave
  • 11-6: Sky Bubble Hills
  • 11-7: Stone Spike Cliff
  • 11-8: Ice Bro Wasteland
  • 11-9: Underground Lava Pits
  • 11-10: Galactic Fleet
  • 11-11: Rainbow Road


  • Yellow Crystal (Lightning) W1 Wendy
  • Orange Crystal (Sand) W2 Lemmy
  • Green Crystal (Plant) W3 Morton
  • Blue Crystal (Water) W4 Ludwig
  • White Crystal (Ice) W5 Larry
  • Silver Crystal (Air) W6 Roy
  • Black Crystal (Earth) W7 Iggy
  • Red Crystal (Fire) W8 Bowser Jr.


  • Super Mushroom-Super Mario
  • Mini Mushroom-Mini Mario
  • Fire Flower-Fire Mario
  • Ice Flower-Ice Mario
  • Super Star-Invincible Mario
  • Penguin Suit-Penguin Mario
  • Propeller Mushroom-Propeller Mario
  • Boomerang Flower-Boomerang Mario


  • Crystal Mushroom-Crystal Mario
  • Bramball Flower-Bramball Mario
  • Frozen Mushroom-Frozen Mario
  • Burning Mushroom-Burning Mario
  • Drill Mushroom-Drill Mario
  • Super Crystal Mushroom-Super Crystal Mario (Final Boss only)
  • Rainbow Wing-Rainbow Winged Mario


emy Picture

Name Level First Appeared in
File:480px-Nsmb2goomba2.png Goomba 1-1: Castle Fields
[1]Added by YoshiGo99 Paragoomba

6-1: Foo's Foggy Skies

[2]Added by UltraMarioKart1234 Prickly Goomba 11-3: Scorched Tree Jungle
[3] Micro Goomba 3-5: Scuttlebug Raft Ride
[4]GoombaAdded by Nutter Butter Grand Goomba 10-8: Giant Sized Minions
[5]Added by YoshiGo99 Mega Goomba 10-8: Giant Sized Minions
[6]Added by DohIMissed Volcanic Goomba 9-2: Magmaargh Falls
[7]Added by Shy guy yellow Volcanic Paragoomba 9-2: Magmaargh Falls
[8]Added by YoshiGo99 Bone Goomba 1-T: Gear Crush Tower
[9]Added by DohIMissed Headbonk Goomba 7-7: Rocky Stone Slopes
File:84px-Koopa Troopa NSMB2.png Koopa Troopa 1-1: Castle Fields
[10]Added by Flameguy9981 Koopa Paratroopa 1-2: Crystal Caves
[11]Added by Waluigiking Dry Bones 1-T: Gear Crush Tower
[12]Added by Waluigiking Parabones 6-T: Stormcloud Tower
[13]Added by Silver-zoroark Mecha-Koopa 10-1: Front Line Defenses
[14]Added by YoshiGo99 Piranha Plant 1-2: Crystal Caves
[15]Added by YoshiGo99 Venus Fire Trap 1-3: Yoshi's Nest
[16]Added by YoshiGo99 Venus Ice Trap 5-2: Snowstorm Skyway
[17]Added by DohIMissed Venus Thunder Trap 6-T: Stormcloud Tower
[18]Added by Waluigiking Bone Piranha Plant 1-T: Gear Crush Tower
[19]Added by YoshiGo99 Hammer Bro 1-6: Hammer Bro Hideout
[20]Added by YoshiGo99 Boomerang Bro 2-1: Quicksand Pits
[21]Added by YoshiGo99 Fire Bro 2-6: Torch-Fire Pyramid
[22]Added by YoshiGo99 Ice Bro 5-6: Icicle Cavewalk
[23]Added by Arend Thunder Bro 1-C: Wendy's Bolt-Strike Castle
[24]Added by Weegeelover Sledge Bro 1-6: Hammer Bro Hideout
[25]Added by Arend Curve Bro 10-A: Koopalings' Airship Fleet
[26]Added by Arend Blaze Bro 8-1: Fire Bro Cave
[27]Added by Arend Frost Bro 10-A: Koopalings' Airship Fleet
[28]Added by Arend Storm Bro

10-A: Koopalings' Airship Fleet

[29]Added by YoshiGo99 Sumo Bro 8-4: Colassal Pipe Maze
[30]Added by YoshiGo99 Cheep Cheep 1-4: Grassy Shore Bay
[31]Added by Fire-Luigi Mega Cheep Cheep 1-4: Grassy Shore Bay
[32]Added by YoshiGo99 Eep Cheep 4-1: Cheep Cheep Reef
[33]Added by YoshiGo99 Deep Cheep 4-1: Cheep Cheep Reef
[34]Added by YoshiGo99 Spiny Cheep Cheep 1-4: Grassy Shore Bay
[35]Added by YoshiGo99 Porcupuffer 2-5: Palm Oasis
[36]Added by YoshiGo99 Cheep Chomp 4-1: Cheep Cheep Reef
[37]Added by Cybercope Boo 2-G: Sandy Scaredy Rat Hideaway
[38]Added by Anime2578 Big Boo 3-G: Mind-Boggling Pathways
[39]Added by DohIMissed Circling Boo Buddies 3-G: Mind-Boggling Pathways
[40]Added by Steverocks27 Scaredy Rat 2-G: Sandy Scaredy Rat Hideaway
[41]Added by SonicWiki Broozer 8-G: Broozer's Boxing Labyrinth
[42]Added by YoshiGo99 Buzzy Beetle 2-2: Shifting Sand Temple
[43]Added by YoshiGo99 Spike Top 3-2: Bramball's Cavern
[44]Added by YoshiGo99 Bony Beetle 7-T: Boulder Drop Tower
[45]Added by YoshiGo99 Spiny 2-3: Pokey's Sandstorm Peak
[46]Added by YoshiGo99 Lakitu 6-5: Lakitu's Fluffy Turf
[47]Added by McBoo-Blitzman Fishin' Boo 4-G: Boo's Soken Wet Horror House
[48]Added by NintendoDrilly Spike 2-2: Shifting Sand Temple
[49]Added by Yoshi3000 Stone Spike 7-T: Boulder Drop Tower
[50]Added by SonicWiki Snow Spike 5-1: Snowfall Forest
[51]Added by SonicWiki Crowber 8-2: Gloomy Forest Gorge
[52]Added by SonicWiki Galactic Crowber 10-2: Flight of the Galactic Crowber
[53] Para-Beetle 6-6: Para-Beetle Path
[54]Added by Yoshi3000 Heavy Para-Beetle 6-6: Para-Beetle Path
[55]Added by YoshiGo99 Thwomp 7-C: Iggy's Artillery Castle
[56] Thwimp 10-6: Crashing Thwomp Corridors
[57]Added by YoshiGo99 Bullet Bill 7-1: Bullet Battlefield
[58]Added by YoshiGo99 Missile Bill 7-C: Iggy's Artillery Castle
[59]Added by YoshiGo99 Banzai Bill 9-7: Banzai Lava Canyon
[60]Added by YoshiGo99 King Bill 10-9: King Bill Catastrophe
[61]Added by Bradly1203 Chain Chomp 2-4: Chain Chomp Ruins
[62]Added by YoshiGo99 Fire Chomp 9-5: Fire Chomp's Smoggy Sky
[63]Added by Fire-Luigi Amp 1-C: Wendy's Bolt-Strike Castle
[64]Added by DohIMissed Blaarg 9-8: Lava Monster Lake
[65]Added by YoshiGo99 Magmaargh 9-2: Magmaargh Falls
[66]Added by YoshiGo99 Urchin 1-4: Grassy Shore Bay
[67]Added by YoshiGo99 Mega Urchin 5-5: Frozen Urchin Lake
[68] Blooper 4-4: Blooper Bluewater Sea
[69]Added by McBoo-Blitzman Blooper Nanny & Baby Blooper

4-4: Blooper Bluewater Sea

[70]Added by Kirbymariomega Dragoneel 4-3: Dragoneel's Murky Waters
[71]Added by YoshiGo99 Huckit Crab 4-5: Huckit Crab Coast
[72]Added by YoshiGo99 Fishbone 4-T: Fishbone Swarm Tower
[73]Added by Tigerfang98 Octoomba 10-4: Return of the Octoomba
[74]Added by Arend Podoboo 5-T: Freezy Fire Tower
[75]Added by Blue Jay of Lightning Coldoboo 5-T: Freezy Fire Tower
[76]Added by MarioGameChampion Topman 10-T: Space Age Tower
[77]Added by YoshiGo99 Monty Mole 7-3: Monty Mole Gorge
[78]Added by YoshiGo99 Fuzzy 3-4: Tall Trunk Trees
[79]Added by YoshiGo99 Foo 6-1: Foo's Foggy Skies
[80] Bulber 4-3: Dragoneel's Murky Waters
[81] Jellybeam 4-3: Dragoneels Murky Waters
[82]Added by YoshiGo99 Swooper 7-6: Underground Streamline
[83]Added by Weegeelover Whomp 7-C: Iggy's Artillery Castle
[84]Added by YoshiGo99 Stalking Piranha Plant 3-1: Piranha Plant River
[85]Added by YoshiGo99 River Piranha Plant 3-1: Piranha Plant River
[86]Added by YoshiGo99 Pokey 2-3: Pokey's Sandstorm Peak
[87]Added by MentorX7 Bramball 3-2: Bramball's Cavern
[88]Added by T0M.V.12 Skeeter 4-2: Underground Tides
[89] Gargantua Koopa Troopa

10-8: Giant Sized Minions

Enemy Picture Name Level First Appeared In
[90]Added by YoshiGo99 Fire Snake 2-6: Torch-Fire Pyramid
[91]Added by Silver the Hedgehogfan Bob-Omb 8-C: Bowser Jr.'s Bomb Blow Castle
[92]Added by Dieglex Wiggler 3-3: Wiggler Woods
[93]Added by YoshiGo99 Mega Wiggler 3-3: Wiggler Woods
[94] Scuttlebug 3-4: Tall Trunk Trees
[95]Added by Fire-Luigi Blockhopper 2-T: Brick-Block Climb Tower
[96]Added by The Man without a Face Torpedo Ted 4-C: Ludwig's Flooded Castle
[97]Added by SonicWiki Cooligan 5-3: Cooligan Glacier
[98]Added by DohIMissed Dark Boo 8-T: Super Spook Tower
[99]Added by Yoshi3000 Bungee Piranha 3-T: Beanstalk Tower

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[100]Added by Cybercope Boom Boom Gear Crush Tower
[101]Added by Arend Wendy O. Koopa Wendy's Bolt-Strike Castle
[102]Added by Fire-Luigi


Brick-Block Climb Tower
[103]Added by GMC Lemmy Koopa Lemmy's Sand Spout Castle
[104]Added by YoshiGo99 Petey Piranha Beanstalk Tower
[105]Added by Half-blood2000 Morton Koopa Jr.

Morto's Vine-Swing Castle

[106]Added by Fire-Luigi


Fishbone Swarm Tower
[107]Added by ImSpidey5 Ludwig Von Koopa Ludwig's Flooded Castle
[108]Added by Bandicoot54

Chief Chilly

Freezy Fire Tower
[109]Added by Arend Larry Koopa Larry's Slip-Slope Castle
[110]Added by DohIMissed Lakithunder Stormcloud Tower
[111]Added by Half-blood2000 Roy Koopa Roy's Pillar-Spike Castle
[112]Added by RedYoshi


Boulder Drop Tower
[113]Added by NSMWu Iggy Koopa Iggy's Artillery Castle
[114]Added by Waluigiking

King Boo

Super Spook Tower
[115]Added by Ghosto Bowser Jr. Bower Jr.'s Bomb Blow Castle
[116]Added by YoshiGo99 King Kaliente Magma Rise Tower
[117]Added by Samurai Fall Bowser The Final Battle
[118]Added by Arend


Space Age Tower
[119]Added by SuperMario426


Magic Blast Tower

[120]Added by Piper506

Dry Bowser/Monstro Dry Bowser/Monstro Bowser

The True Final Battle


[121]Mario[122]Toad[123]Bowser[124]Koopalings[125]Bowser Jr.100px-SM3DL Peach.pngPeach100px-Fire Flower NSMB2.pngFire Flower100px-Ice Flower2.pngIce Flower[126]Super Mushroom511px-MiniMushroomNSMB2.pngMini Mushroom[127]Propeller Mushroom[128]Penguin Suit[129]Burning Mushroom[130]Frozen Mushroom[131]Boomerang FlowerStarz.pngSuper Star[132]Wendy O. Koopa[133]Wendy in her clown car[134]Lemmy Koopa[135]Lemmy in his clown car[136]Morton Koopa Jr.[137]Morton in his clown car135px-LudwigNSMBU.pngLudwig Von Koopa[138]Ludwig in his clown car[139]Larry Koopa[140]Larry in his clown car[141]Roy Koopa[142]Roy in his clown car[143]Iggy Koopa[144]Iggy in his clown car[145]Bowser Jr. in his clown car Add a photo to this gallery==Start a Discussion Discussions about Super Mario and the 8 Elemental Crystals==

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