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Smash Run, known as Field Smash (フィールドスマッシュ?) in Japan, is a new game mode for Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS that was revealed during the Smash Bros Nintendo Direct on 04/8/2014. It is exclusive to the 3DS version.


[show]==Basic Rules== Up to four players, they can compete in two separate instances: one where they collect power-ups and another one where they fight each other.

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Mario at the end of the first part of Smash Run, with the resulting stats.

The first part of the mode happens in a gigantic labyrinth, similar to the Great Maze from the Subspace Emissary mode seen in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Players are tasked with exploring the vast field and defeating enemies to collect power-ups, which boost the characters' stats. There are 6 types of boosts:

  • Speed: increases running speed and air speed.
  • Jump: increases jumping heights (including double jumps).
  • Attack: increases the amount of damage and launching power caused by normal attacks and Smash attacks.
  • Special: increases the amount of damaged caused and launching power by Special Moves.
  • Arms: increases the amount of damage caused by weapon items, as well the power of throwing attacks.
  • Defense: decreases the amount of damaged when receiving attacks.

The effect of those power-ups can be stacked. The larger the power-up is when dropped by the enemy, the higher is the resulting boost.

Being hit by enemies will also make the characters drop those power-ups; and some, such as Tac, will be able to steal the player's charged power, which can be retrieved by defeating this fleeing foe. This match lasts for 5 minutes, and the goal is to collect as many power-ups as possible. When the time limit is up, players carry the boosts collected into the second phase.

Aside from power-ups, players can also collect Smash Coins (which can be spent on other modes), trophies, equippable items, and Special Move customizations.

To keep track of players, a feature called "Smash News!" will sometimes announce what the other characters are doing, such as opening treasure chests and defeating a number of enemies. At the end of the first phase, players will be taken to a results screen, where they will be shown their current stats, as their opponents'.

It is worth noting that your only interaction with the other players during the first portion of Smash Run will be through the Smash News. While the mini-map on the touchscreen shows the players location, if someone is in the same location as the other player, the player won't find anything, meaning that players can't interact with each other.

Final BattleEdit

The second part of the mode is the Final Battle, where players will compete with each other with their enhanced abilities. The battle type is randomly chosen and the players battle using the power-ups they collected.


There are a variety of smash battles that can be chosen for the final battle. Unless otherwise stated, all smash battles are Free-for-All or Team Battle, any stage, all items, 1-minute timed battles.

  • Smash: Regular smash.
  • Stock Smash: 1-minute, 2-stock battle.
  • Stamina Smash: No time limit, all players have 200 hp.
  • 300% Smash: Players start every respawn with 300%.
  • Glorious Smash: Only Omega-form stages.
  • Reflect Smash: Players automatically reflect all projectiles.
  • High-Launch Smash: Every move has increased launch power.
  • Mega Smash: Everyone is mega-sized for the duration of the match.
  • Flower Smash: Players have a Lip's Stick effect on their heads for the duration of the match.
  • Explosive Smash: Only explosive items such as Bob-ombs, Smart Bombs, Explosive Crates, etc.
  • Mr. Saturn Smash: Only Mr. Saturns.
  • Mushroom Smash: Only Poisons and Super Mushrooms.
  • Warp Star Smash: Only Warp Stars.


These final battles are not traditional player-against-player fighting battles. They have different objectives and settings from smash battles.

  • Multi-Man Smash: Defeat as many Mii-Fighters as you can within 1 minute, on Battlefield. Mii Fighters can be giant and/or metal. Metal and/or giant clones of your own character can also appear.
  • Vs. Enemy Team!: Involves characters individually fighting off swarms of enemies for 1 minute. The type of enemies is randomly chosen, and can include:
    • Kirby enemies on Omega-form Dream Land
    • Kid Icarus enemies on Omega-form Reset Bomb Forest
    • Mario Bros. enemies on Omega-form Golden Plains
    • All other enemies not listed above on Battlefield.
  • Run!: Involves characters dashing toward the finish line. Characters with high Speed stats will have the advantage in this battle, but speed power ups can still be found in the stage to pick up. Danger zones are scattered throughout the race, and if a character touches it, they will instantly be KO'ed and respawn further back in the stage.
  • Climb!: Involves the characters jumping toward the finish line. Characters with high Jump stats will have the advantage in this battle. Danger zones are also present in this Final Battle. If a player gets too far ahead of the other players, Smart Bombs will start blowing up near the lead player, allowing for the others a chance to catch up.


[4] From time to time, events will occur in the first phase. All players will be subject to similar conditions and they will use their techniques to power up and proceed. These events vary from defeating hordes of powerful enemies to simply having some of their stats increased. Similar to Subspace Emissary, some of those events can be accessed by entering hidden doors, which will take players to small instances.

Equippable ItemsEdit

[5][6]:Main articles: Powers and Equipment Players can carry equippable items and use them (by tapping their icons in the touch screen) to improve their performance in Smash Run, by granting them special buffs and effects. Those special items can be obtained by defeating powerful enemies or by finding them in treasure chests scattered around the maze. The level of an item is proportional to the strength, number of uses, and weight. They can be equipped in a menu, the players can change how the items are set up by touching their icons and dragging them in other blank icons, if the X button is pressed, they will be randomly placed.

The types of items varies: from health recovery and invisibility to summoning meteors from the sky. Some of the items also allow the players to hold weapons, such as the Beam Sword.

The weight of the character affects the amount of slots and number of stacks that the player can have: heavier characters tend to have more slots and can carry more items, while lighter characters have less slots and can carry less items.

These items can not be used on both fazes of Smash Run, only on the first.


In a combination of Adventure Mode from Super Smash Bros. Melee and Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, players will fight enemies from the various franchises (including 3rd Party Characters'), as well the returning original enemies from Subspace Emissary.

This ever-changing cast of enemy characters will be randomly placed in the maze. More powerful enemies drop lots of boost items. They are also more likely to drop custom parts and other rare items.

Enemies will flash red as their health is low, a visual indication that the player is closer to defeat them. [7]*Bacura (Xevious)


  • In the Nintendo Direct it was announced, Sakurai stated that this mode was inspired by one of his own games, Kirby Air Ride (which was the last Kirby game he worked on as a director), which featured a similar mode called City Trial. "I created that game a while ago, and thought I'd unearth a piece of it and use it in Smash Bros."
  • Four Smash Run enemies, Hammer Bro, Starman, Chain Chomp and Metroid, double as Assist Trophies.

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