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New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2: Bowser's Back
Developer(s) Mt. Fire Shell Co.
Publisher(s) [3]
Release date TBA
Genre 3D Sidescroller, Action-Adventure
Mode(s) TBA
Rating(s) [4]


Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Media Nintendo Wii Optical Disk

New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2: Bowser's Back (also known as New Super Mario Bros. Wii 2) is a sidescrolling platformer 3D game for the Wii. It's a sequel to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The game has a multiplayer mode, and features more enemies, levels, and items. The game was made by Mt. Fire Shell Co.



Years have passed since the Mushroom Kingdom was created. And now, it's the Mushroom Kingdom's anniversary! Everyone was having a huge party, but... Out of nowhere, a Banzai Bill crashed into the castle! Princess Peach fell off the balcony. Mario and Luigi saw her, and ran to help, but she disappeared. The Koopalings kidnapped her! Yellow Toad and Blue Toad met up with Mario and Luigi, and chased the Koopaling's Airship.==EndingEdit== When Mario and Co. reach Bowser they battle him. He gets defeated but a loud roar is heard. Jumping onto a platform is Morton Koopa Senior and he is 2 times bigger than Bowser! After Mario and Co. defeat him he falls off the edge of a platform and lands near the Koopalings and Bowser. They carry Morton Koopa Sr. with the help of some Koopa Troopas. Later when Mario, Peach and Co. Return the decide that the party should keep going. In the end Mario gets to proceed to the next world but needs to find parts of a rocket in Factory World in order to fly to the 11th world, Cosmic Galaxy.==GameplayEdit== The game is just like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The controls are the same but now you can use the GameCube remote. Players ride Yoshi again but two new colors were added. Black and White Yoshi, both Yoshis have powers that they can use but use them the player needs enough Star Coins to unlock the two Yoshis. The player can now take Yoshi to different levels, but Yoshi cannot go in Ghost Houses, Fortresses, Castles, or Enemy Courses.In some worlds there are secret exits which lead to mini worlds. There are three mini worlds in the game and the first one can be entered from Spear Guy's Jungle. The mini worlds have 3 levels, a castle and an enemy course.When the player reaches Bowser, he is invincible. The only thing to defeat him is Bob-ombs. The player has to throw them at Bowser for him to get hurt. When Morton Koopa Sr. comes he eats a Mega Mushroom and chases you through the rest of Bowser's Castle. The only way to defeat Morton Koopa Sr. is to get to the end of the level and press the Skull Switch which releases a big amount of Lava onto Morton Koopa Sr.==CharactersEdit== [6]Mario, one of the playable characters in the game.Added by McQueenMario===Playable CharactersEdit===

Supporting CharactersEditEdit

[7]A BonecoasterAdded by YoshiGo99*Toad


[8]The Koopalings return.Added by YoshiGo99*Bowser


There are 12 worlds and 3 mini worlds.

Name Airships and it Boss Tower/Fortress Boss Castle Boss Enemy Course Enemy
Grassy Plains None Larry Koopa Big Bob-omb Hammer Bros.
Dusty Desert Dunes None Roy Koopa Super Royal King Bill Pokeys
Frozen Iceburg Bowser Jr. Lemmy Koopa N/A Spindrift
Seaside Shore None Wendy O Koopa Prince Puffer Huckit Crabs
Supermassive Territory Boom Boom Iggy Koopa N/A Sledge Bros.
Spear Guy's Jungle None Morton Koopa Jr. King Spear Guy Stalking Piranha Plants
Monty Mole's Mountain Bowser Jr. Ludwig Von Koopa King Monty Monty Moles
Ghostly Gulch None Big Boo King Boo Broozers
Cloudy Climb Boom Boom Giga Lakitu Super Raven Lakitu
Bowser's Boiling Lava Pit Bowser Jr. Kamek Bowser/Morton Koopa Sr. Fire Snakes
Cosmic Galaxy None None King Kaliente Octoombas
Star World None None None None

Mini WorldsEditEdit

Name Castle Boss Enemy Course Enemy Unlockable by...
Crumble Canyon N/A Bullet Bills Finding the secret exit in World 6
Pipe Maze Petey Piranha Ptooies Finding the secret exit in World 8
The Factory Digga-Leg Bob-ombs Finding the secret exit in World 10


All the enemies from New Super Mario Bros. Wii Super Mario RPG Donkey Kong Country 2 & Kirby Super Star reappear. There are some new ones and some from different Mario Games.  Goomba     Paragoomba     Grand Goomba     Grand Paragoomba     Mega Goomba     Micro-Goomba     Spiked Goomba     Pile Driver Micro-Goomba     Shoe Goomba     Goombo     Winged Goombo     Koopa Troopa     Paratroopa     Gargantua Koopa Troopa     Colossal Paratroopa     Nokobon     Piranha Plant     Venus Fire Trap     Venus Ice Trap     Super Piranha Plant     Super Venus Fire Trap     Piranhacus Giganticus     Ptooie     Stalking Piranha Plant     River Piranha Plant     Venus Flower Trap Jungle Green Wrench Bro.     Para-Piranha     Nipper Plant     Muncher     Hammer Bro.     Boomerang Bro.     Fire Bro.     Ice Bro.     Thunder Bro.     Vortex Bro.     Sledge Bro.     Curve Bro.     Blaze Bro.     Frost Bro.     Storm Bro.   Wrench Bro.  Twister Bro.     Buzzy Beetle     Mega Buzzy Beetle     Parabuzzy     Para-Beetle     Heavy Para-Beetle     Spike Top     Lakitu     Spiny     Cheep-Cheep     Mega Cheep-Cheep     Deep-Cheep Shadow Swoopers    Mega Deep Cheep     Spiny Cheep-Cheep     Cheep-Chomp     Tap-Tap     Blooper     Blooper Nanny     Porcu-Puffer     Urchin     Mega Urchin     Skeeter     Clam    Tarphalt Bulber     Jellybeam     Huckit Crab     Pokey     Poison Pokey     Spike     Stone Spike     Snow Spike     Tweester     Cooligan     Bumpty     Mr. Blizzard     Spindrift     Snailicorn     Podoboo     Fire Snake     Swooper     Wiggler     Mega Wiggler     Flutter     Bramball     Skipper Block     Monty Mole     Undergrunt     Bullet Bill     Banzai Bill     King Bill     Missile Bill     Missile Banzai Bill     Bill Blaster     Banzai Bill Blaster     Torpedo Ted     Cannon     Rocky Wrench     Bob-Omb     Para-Bomb     Bulky Bob-omb     Mecha-Koopa     Rocket Engine     Chain Chomp     Fire Chomp     Icy-Chomp     Fuzzy     Mega Fuzzy     Foo     Boo     Big Boo     Circling Boo Buddies     Broozer     Lil' Mouser     Crowber     Dry Bones     Dull Bones     Parabones     Amp     Super Dry Bones     Thwomp     Super Thwomp     Whomp     Magikoopa     Ball 'n' Chain     Spiked Ball     Giant Spiked Ball     Spiked Pillar     Firebar     Roto-Disc     Fishbone     Octoomba     Octoguy     Octoboo     Bully     Chuckya     Unagi     Mega Unagi     Sushi     Topman     Shy Guy     Spear Guy     Fly Guy     Snifit     Chargin Chuck     Tiki Goon     Tiki Doom     Tiki Zing     Frogoon


  • World 1-1

There you can see screenshots from the game's levels. This also includes enemy courses. Also shows certain boss battles. This does not show mini world levels.There are Fortresses, Castles, Warp Cannons, Toad Houses, Airships, and Enemy courses. Each level is different from one another. Some levels are harder than others while some are very easy. New to the levels are Time Attack. Rescuing Toads are back.==ItemsEdit== Click here to see a full list of items.==Yoshi's PowersEdit== White Yoshi- Can spit Ice Balls out. The Ice Balls are 2 times bigger than normal.Black Yoshi- Can spit Fireballs out. The fireballs are 2 times bigger than normal. Can run fast.==GalleryEdit== Click here to see gallery.==In-Game ModelsEdit== Click here to see in-game models.==TriviaEdit==

  • In the Group Art wallpaper the Paragoomba is bigger than the Toads while the normal Goombas are smaller than them. In the game Goombas and Paragoombas are smaller than the Toads.


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