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Utopia is a vast world contains hundreds of enemies and obstacles, here is the complete list of nearly 600 enemies to be featured in game. Please DO NOT edit any of these enemies or images unless you are part of Utopia's Dev Team. The enemy images shown are the actual 16-Bit NPCs found in the game itself. Most of these are completely custom and therefore require permission if you wish to use them. NPC sprites that are made by Nintendo are obviously free to use.


Image Name Description
[1] Airplane Guy Airplane Guy is an enemy that fires missiles at unwary heroes. When the Airplane Guy is defeated, so is the Airplane. However, Airplane Guys that fly Red Airplanes can be defeated without losing the Airplane too. This means the now unmanned Red Airplanes can be ridden. Airplane Guys cannot be defeated by fireballs or iceballs.
[2] Albatoss Albatoss is one of very few enemies from "World A" that cannot be picked up. It can be ridden upon though. Most Albatoss throw down Bob-Ombs at the player and usually these Bob-Ombs can be used by the player before they detonate. Very rarely a gold-coloured Albatoss will appear and throw a random item to the player. The items can range from being a Vegetable to a 1-Up. None of the items thrown can harm the player.
[3] Albino Dino Albino Dino are rare white Dino Rhino that can be used as platforms by the player. They cannot harm the player at all and can also jump gaps or anything blocking their paths. They are also incredibly fast. They appear only in "Star Hill".
[4] Alchemy Bros. The Alchemy Bros. are a type of Hammer Bros. that throw viles of what looks like the Magic Potions found in Subcon. They have an extremely long throwing range so it is best to attack from close up.  Sometimes the Alchemy Bros. are guarded by groups of Slime, believed to be products of the potions they throw.

Amazing Flyin’ Hammer Bros.

The Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros. are aggressive enemies that have a strong advantage over the player. Not only are they constantly moving on their winged perches, but they also rain down showers of hammers faster than any other type of Hammer Bros.
Amazing Flyin’ Ink Bros.

Amazing Flyin’ Sledge Bros.

The Amazing Flyin' Sledge Bros. are slightly larger than their brethren and are even more lethal, throwing massive Sledge Hammers at a vicious rate. Unlike their smaller cousins, the Amazing Flyin' Sledge Bros. can dismount their perches at a moment's notice.
[6] Amp Amps are relativey common enemies that can be both immobile and mobile. They are usually found circling Blocks, large crystals or Big Amps. They are not affected by fireballs, though an iceball or shell will send them packing.
[7] Amp Lakitu Amp Lakitus are extremely rare Lakitus that throw Amps. These Amps are completely immobile and are set to explode after they land.  Like Bob-Ombs they will begin to flash before exploding. Amp Lakitus can be defeated by conventional methods.
[8] Ancient Dino Rhino
[9] Ancient Fish Bone
[10] Ancient Goomba
[11] Ancient Piranha Plant
[12] Ancient Thwomp
Angry Moon
Angry Star
Angry Sun
Ant Trooper
Archer Bros.
Scuba Tanoopa Atom Bill Bessie Bass
Axe Guy
Baby Blooper
Baby Cheep Cheep
Baby Rex
Baddie Box
Ball Bros.
Balloon Goomba
Balloon Guy
Bangle Bros.
Banzai Bill
Baron von Zeppelin
Beach Bros.
Beach Koopa
Beak Pillar Ben K



Big Amp
Big Ant Trooper
Big Balloomba
Big Bertha
Big Boo
Big Boulder
Big Bouncy Ball
Big Bully
Big Bungee Piranha
Big Cannonball
Big Galoomba
Big Mr. I
Big P-Balloomba
Big Pinhead
Big Special Galoomba
Big Steely
Big Trouter
Blaze Bros.
Blooper Nanny
Blue Bound Fire
Bombshell Koopa
Bone Bros.
Bone Goomba
Bone Hoopster
Bone Piranha Plant
Bone Thwomp
Bony Beetle
Boo Buddy
Boo Buddy Block
Boo Buddy Swarm
Boomerang Bros.
Boo Thwomp
Boss Bass
Boulder Bros.
Bouncy Anenome
Bouncy Ball
Bound Fire
Bowling Goomba
Bowling Goonie
Bowser Blaster
Bubble Goomba
Bullet Bill
Bullseye Bros.
Bungee Piranha
Buster Beetle Buzzy Globin
Buzzy Beetle     Buzzy Bishops
Cannon Pig
Cannon Pipe
Cannonball Lakitu
Carrot Wooly  Monty Mole
Cat Banzai Bill Cat Troopgenta
Cat Bullet Bill Cat Koopirates
Cat Goomba Cat Spike Guy
Chain Chomp Cat Urchin
Chain Chomplet
Chargin' Galoomba
Chargin' Chuck
Cheep Cheep Cat Galoomba
Cheep Chomp Cat Krumples
Chemical Bros. Cat Tiki Doom
Chibibo Cat Samurobo
Chikunto Cat Remo Con
Chill Bully Cat Stalking Piranha Plant
Circling Boo Buddies
Circus Bros.
Clampy Giant River Piranha Plant
Clappin’ Chuck Spearfishin' Chuck
Climbing Dry Bones
Climbing Koopa Climbing Witchy Koopa
Colossal Chomp
Colossal Koopa Paratroopa Colossal Pirate Goomba
Comet Comet Frogog
Confused Chuck Confused Chuckula
Constellation Bros.
Crazy Chair
Crowblaze Mega Crowblaze
Cruisin’ Chuck Radioactive Cruisin’ Chuck
Crushing Column
Curve Bros. Darkron Blooper
Deep Cheep
Diagonal Bill Trap
Diagonal Pidgit Trap
Diggin’ Chuck

Subak Chuck Edit

Dino Dino Amp-Lified
Dino Rhino
Dino Rider
Dino Torch Dino Kosha
Dr. Freezegood
Dread Bones Dread Bone Bros.
Dry Bones Dry Bone Bros.
Dry Bones Blaster Dry Bones Blaster Bros.
Dry Bros. Red Dry Bros.
Dry Skull Skull

Pepe Peño

Eep Cheep
Evil Eyes Dry Shiver Shark
Fake Block
F Bōi
Fiery Pumpkin Plant Fiery Pumpkin Troopa
Fire Bros. Fire Gooman
Fire Chomp Fire Gaugau
Fire Nipper
Fire Shooter
Fire Snake
Fire Spike
Fish Bone
Fishin’ Boo
Fliprus Lava Fliprus
Floating Mine
Flopsy Fish Floro Sandapien
Fly Guy
Frog Goomba Froggy Gromba
Froggy Froggy Knuckle Joes
Frost Bros. Froomba
Frozen Spike Sparky Spike
Galoomba Glacier Galoomba
Ganchan Gargantua Zoopa Troopa
Gargantua Koopa Troopa Plasma Laser Ball
Gas Bubble Frog Boing-Cappy
Geyser Guppy Sparky Beetley
Ghost ? Block Fiery Galoomba
Ghost Piranha Froggy Firanha Plant
Ghostly Fire Snake Frog Skully
Giant Chain Chomp Froggy Spiny Bro.
Giant Fish Bone Glacier Squishy
Giant Jelectro Giant Bone Goomba
Giant Jumping Piranha Plant Bone Pointy Tuck
Giant Phanto Giant Zeus Guy
Giant River Piranha Plant Giant Sectle Dee
Giant Shy Guy Giant Protobatter
Giant Snifit Jungle Bone Clubosaur
Giant Spark Giant Jumping Pumpkin Plant
Giant Spiked Ball Giant Para Bros.
Giant Targeting Ted Gem Sledbobbles
Giant Torpedo Ted Giant Cape-Galoomba
Giga Paratroopa Bone Kibble Blade
Giga Spike Giant Hot Spike
Giga Troopa Gem Hammer Bros.
Gloomba Giant Tip-Toe Acidox Plant
Gold Bowser Statue Giant Spear Ferret
Gold Cheep Cheep Gold Cheep Cheep
Gold Para-Beetle Gold Heavy Para-beetle
Golden King Bill Giga Rapoomba
Golden Titanic Ted Giga Magigoomba
Goomba Giga Groovy Bros.
Goomba Stack Giga Fruito Bruto
Goomba Tower Giga Piranha Sprout
Goombeetle Giga Sumo Bros.
Goombrat Giga Pumpkin Parakoopa
Goombulb Giga Beehive Dee
Goonie Giga Koopaleon
Goronto Giga Fire Spike
Grand Goomba Giga Bowser Statue
Grand Kaiboon
Grand Shoe Goomba
Grand Shoe Lakitu
Grand Shoe Podoboo Grand Shoe Pointy Tuck
Grand Tail Goomba Grand Tail Goomba
Grand Terekuribo
Green Para-Beetle Green Gem Para-Beetle
Grey Bowser Statue Green Heavy Para-Beetle
Ground Hawk
Grubby Gulpit
Gurindais Grand Tail Bandit
Gusty Grand Tail Chav Koopa
    Hammer Bros. Flamin' Chuck
Haunted Table Ferocious Ferret
Hawkmouth Broccoli Wiggler
Heavy Para-Beetle Grand Tail Tinsuit
Hoop Bros. Hyper Hoop Bros.
Hopping Flame
Horned Ant Trooper
Hothead Gold Tinsuit
Huckit Crab Gold Bouncelisk
Huge Para-Goomba Gold Gūrindai
Hyper Koopa Gold Sentry Beam
Ice Bros. Gold Clumph
Icebar Tribal Hunter Scarfy
Inky Piranha Plant Tusk Fuzzies
Inukshock Tuba Clumph
Jack O’ Goomba Gold Rockoopa
Jaw Breaker ''''Mucky Mole Miner''''
Jelectro ''''Icy Jelectro''''
Jellybeam Gold Grim Leecher
Jellyfish Jungle Green Tikoco
J Son Gold Fright Knight
Jumbo Ray Cape-Hammer Bros.
Jumpin’ Chuck Were Mole Miner
Jumping Bone Piranha Plant Gold Ant Charger
Jumping Chain Chomp Hoop Chuck
Jumping Piranha Plant
Jumping Pumpkin Plant
Kamikaze Koopa
Karakara Lil Bonky
Killer Shoe Goomba
King Bill
Koopa Paratroopa
Koopa Troopa
Kyororo Scubadile
Lakitu Bros.
Laser Bowser Statue
Lava Lotus
Ledge Bros. Golden Ledge Bros.
Lil’ Sparky Boomboxer
Lune Lunar Nimbus Blockade
Magikoopa Caribbean Green Magikoopa
 Makoop Green Blue Makoop


Mattermouth MagiLivingstone
Mecha Cheep Teal Blue Magikoopa
Mecha Koopa MagiRibbite
Mega Blooper Leather Jacket Magikoopa
Mega Blurp Green Killer Tomato
Mega Buzzy Beetle Electro Buzzider
Mega Cheep Cheep Orchid Magikoopa
Mega Comet Mini-Monty Mole Train
Mega Deep Cheep Electric Lime Magikoopa
Mega Fuzzy Electric Lime Laser Hunter
Mega Grrrol MagiGrublin
Mega Lakitu Blue Violet Magikoopa
Mega Mole Jade Mega Mole
Mega Monty Mole Mega Penkoon
Mega Podoboo Mega Porcupuffer
Mega Rex  Mega Tribal Guy
Micro Goomba Mega Star Pointer
Mini Buzzy Beetle Mega Peckerjack
Mini Hammer Bros. Supermassive Chargin' Chuck
Mini Koopa Paratroopa Mini-Kudgel
Mini Sledge Bros. Strealoid
Mini Spiny Slime Shroob
Mini Torpedo Ted Cat Shy Guy
Mini Urchin Mega Passin' Chuck
Missile Banzai Bill Cat Rex
Missile Bill Amazing Flyin' Fire  Bro.
Money Bag Mega Billy Bob
Monty Mole Red Makoop
Morty Mole Mossy Paragoomba
Mountain Bob-Omb
Mr. Blizzard
Mr. I
Net Bones
Note Block Goomba Bubble Bros.
O’Dile Orchid Fuzzy
Octoomba Spiked Octoguy

Ooze MettaurEdit

Para-Bomb Egyptian Trench Tuck
Para-Bones Para-Bone Bros.
Para-Buzzy Dry Para-Buzzy
Para-Fuzzy Para-Fuzzy
 Para-Galoomba  Bee Galoomba
Para-Goomba Bee Goomba
Para-Hammer Bros.
Para-Mecha Koopa
Para-Micro Goomba
Para-Spike Heavy Laser Spike
Para-Spike Top
Para-Spiny Swampy Bronto Burt
Parachute Bomb Para-Squishy
Parachute Chomp Very Skeleton Chav Koopa
Passin’ Chuck
Phanto Pharoah Troopa
Pidgit Blitz Bot (Super Mario World)
Pidgit Bill Para-Fuzzy
Pile-Driver Micro-Goomba
Pint-sized Piranha Plant Acid Piranha Plant
Pipe Blooper
Pipe Lakitu
Piranha Lotus Violet Beam Lotus
Piranha Plant
Piranha Sprout Bee Galoomba
Piranhacus Giganticus Blazing Piranhacus Giganticus
Pitchin’ Chuck Ball Bouncin’ Chuck
Plauncher Hyper Gwanty
Podoboo Hyper Super Koopa
Podoboo Lakitu Hyper Bee Galoomba
Poison Pokey Podoboo Lotus
Pokey Pokey Bro.
Pokey Lakitu Hyper Thwomp
Pokey Sprout Hyper Fake Vegetable Flower
Porcu-Puffer Hyper Cutter Primid
Porcupo Hyper Big Sphen
Pouncer Hyper Whisp
Ptooie Hyper Mic Animecha
Pumpkin Lotus Bronto Bob
Pumpkin Plant Pumpkin Fish Plant
Pumpkin Pokey  Pumpkin Paratroopa
Putrid Piranha Hyper Mystic Guardian
Pyro Guy Sledgerang Bros.
Quad Cannon Fire Kruncha
Quad Engine Hyper Chargin' Chuck
Really Eerie
Red Goomba Red Para-Gromba
Red Para-Goomba Red Para-Goomba
Rip Van Fish Huge Rip Van Fish
River Piranha Plant
Rock Bros. Rainbow Rock Bros.
Rocket Bill
Rocket Engine
Rocket Guy
Rocky Wrench
Rolling Bob-Omb
Rolling Chomp
Royal Spike Royal Gem Spike
Sand Bros. Sand Galoomcastle
Sand Paratroopa Sand Whomp
Scaredy Rat Red Fisted Hammer Primid
Scuttlebug Red Hammer Bros.
Shoe Goomba Red Fierce Ferret
Shy Guy Blue Skellobit
Skate Goomba Red Painguin Tuck
Skeeter Red Tsukikage
Sledge Bros. Red Geemba
Slingshot Guy Red Wrestle Bros.
Slurry Rocker Primid
Small Flame Red Jumping Pumpkin Plant
Snailicorn Red Venus Ink Trap
Snifit Golf Guy
Sniper Bill Twin Guy
Snow Pokey Burrobot
Snow Spike Snorkel Mega Galoomba
Spark Spark Bros.
Spear Guy Spicy Noodo
Special Galoomba Baseball Wigglers
Special Para-Galoomba Robo-Laser Bros.
Spike Bass Chuck Gulpit
Spike Goomba Scrafty
Spike Lotus Jade Sir Kibble
Spike Pillar Rocket Tediz
Spike Top Jade Amanita
Spiked Ball Chimp Warriors
Spiky Spiky Chimp Warriors
Spiny Cheep Cheep Rocket Termite-Nator
Spiny Roboticized Rip Van Fish
Spiny Egg Gum-Shootin' Chuck
Spiny Skipsqueak Rocket Perot
Splorch Buzzy Goombones
Splounder Sand Spewin' Stus
Splunkin Super Splunkin
Spooky Sand Whomp
Squiggler Sand Whomp
Stalking Piranha Plant Super Stalking Piranha Plant
Star Bros. Sand Gromba
Starbag Sand Amanita
Steel Pokey Super Koopeleon
Steely Red Coated Lantern Ghost
Steely Guy Big Steely Guy
Stilt Guy Crystal Berryba
Stone Spike Alien Berry Spike
Stretch Oil Spike
Stump Sandy Thwomp
Sumo Bros. Tusker Spike
Super Bob-Omb Diver Kosha
Super Dooper Koopa Stone Boomboxer
Super Dry Bones Bee Spike
Super Flurry Snow Bowl Spike
Super Koopa
Red Sniper Armor Neo Slimy Water Spike
Super Piranha Plant Stone Suerill
Super Pokey
Super Pumpkin Plant Super Billy Drill
Super Slurry Super Sky Bot
Super Spiny Super Met Mole
Super Swooper Super Sky Blue Swampire
Super Thwimp Rocky Wrench Bros.
Super Thwomp Light-Gray Tinsuit
Super Venus Fire Trap Super Arfo Goomba
Super Volcano Lotus Super Bullet Kal
Sushi Super Pigtus
Sushi Goomba Super Bone Harey
Swim Ring Goomba Snake Sledge Bros.
Swooper Sapphire Snooze-A-Koopa
Syobon Star Wild Violet Pumpkin Plant
Tail Bullet Bill
Tail Chomp
Tail Goomba Super Venus Aurora Trap
Tail Lakitu Small Livingstone Tribes
Tail Spiny Super Venus Thunder Trap
Taloomba Dark Hammer Fros.
Tanooki Bros. Super Venus Hammer Trap
Tanoomba Blazing Jambon Bros.
Targeting Ted Super Venus Radio Trap
Terekuribo Scrapunk
Terrible Torch Super Venus Moon Trap
Thwimp Ice Strike Chameleon
Thwomp Giant Gem Rocky
Tiny Troopa Super Venus Pine Trap
Tiny Tweester Blue Morty Mole
Abominable SnowKasplat Tiny Venus Fire Trap Super Venus Ink Trap
Titanic Ted Tail Makoop
Tokotoko Tail Gulpit & Tail Gulpits' Rocks
Topman Crystal Lakitu
Topmini Mini-Bleep Chomper
Torpedo Ted Dull Bone Rammerhead
Tox Box Tail Boomerang Bros.
Tricoin Boomerang Lakitu
Trouter Tail Grizzo
Alpha Bill Tweester Heart Lakitu
Tweeter Bat Tweeter Tail Sledge Bros.
Camo Unkooped Ty-Foo Rally Lakitu
Uchuujin Tail Stretchy Bros
Unagi DynaLakitu
Unchained Chomp Lolli Pop Joe
Unera Tail Scuba Bob-omb
Urchin Camo Lakitu
Venus Dry Trap Super Venus Dry Trap
Venus Fire Trap Venus Subzero Trap
Venus Ice Trap Venus Ember Trap
Venus Thunder Trap Venus Joker Trap
Volcano Lotus
Volt Clubba Waddlewing
Walrus Dry Grolem
Warrior Skeleton Venus Flamethrower Trap
Wasp Bone Forest Koopa
Water Balloon Guy Venus Dry

Ochre Trap

Water Geckit Cat Piranha Plant
Water Shooter Venus Dry Trap
Water Suemba Cat Burning Leo
Watermelon Ukiki Venus= Grenade =


Web Pider Cat Kibble Blade
Whale Venus Chuck Trap
Whimp Cat Circus Bros.
White Cat Clubba Venus Red Leaves Trap
White Lakitufo Cat Nep-enut
White Pezado & White Antiácido Venus Oil


White Podoboo Big Jewel Bringers
Whomp Cat Kritter
Wiggler Venus Beam Trap
Wiggler Worm Aurora Wiggler
Wild Piranha Plant
Wild Blue Beezo Gold-Digger Wiggler
Wild Blue Ferocious Ferret
Wild Blue Remo Con Jungle Green Wiggler
Winged Terra Cotta Oil Wiggler
Wiskers Swiggler
Wizard Piranha Plant Wizard Wiggler
Wooly Chain Chomp Laser Eye Wiggler
Wooly Kritter Bionic Wiggler
Woolly Mole Miner Albino Wiggler
Wooly Monty Mobs
Wooly Morty Mobs
Wooly Suu Snake Wiggler
Wooly Tokotoko
Wrestle Bros. Mega Monty Mobs
Wrestle Grublin Wooly Undergrunt Gunners
Yellow Cannogre Wooly Mole Guards
Yellow Jungle Tribal Guy Yoshi Troopgenta
Jungle Green Shiverin Stu
Yellow Green Krusha Wooly Chucks
Yellow Green Tomitu Camo Guy
Yellow Koopa Armoredtroopa Fire Skellobit
Yellow Red Gulpit Mega Groomba
Yellow-Red Krusha Hydromini
Golden Mummbon Fiery Cheep
Yellow Samurobo Sparkly Ghost
Yellow Terrapin Faded Portrait
Yellow Thwomp Kong Snake  Scrafty
Yellow Waddlewing Painguin Tuck
Yellow Zrusha Furred  Whomp
Yeti Magikoopa Moopa Troopa
Yo-Bros. Yoshi Troopgenta
Yurarin Robintaur
Yurarin Boo Crawdile
Zeus Guy Magicheep-Chomp

Blue Helmet Clumph

Zeostar Bros. Boiling Thwomp
Zibbite ProtoMini
Iron Whomp Kritterified Targeting Ted
Bone Thwomp Fiery Porcu-Puffer
Troopea Sparkly Vinesnapper
Bowser Popup Gingybread
Whip Bros. Red Tyrant Twins
Sabre-Toothed Porcu-Puffer
Met Bushes
Python Bullet Bill
Chilly Liliy
Armored Buzzy Mole

BarrageMini Edit

Squirtle Tanoopas/Paratanoopas (Koopas which squirt water) Magicheep
Blue Helmet Goomba Chloro Porcu-Puffer
Undead SkullMan Mega Electrasquid
Bullet Blaster 2.0

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