I think Sprak is a pretty cool guy. He makes images and doesn't afraid of anything.

Spark01 (also known as Sprak, Sprka, or S01) is a person who makes images.


Spark joined Fantendo when, after waking up at midnight, he began browsing the internet. Within a week, he had befriended Henry, Mick and YoshiEgg, and started going on chat to have random pointless conversations with his new friends. There he met Shroobario, who complimented his skin for the new Fantendo forums. When summer began, he started waking up earlier. After several unsuccesful attempts to find someone willing to brawl him, he met Uil Team. They quickly became friends, and Spark now considers Uil one of his closest friends on Fantendo.

After a long period of nothing interesting happening, Spark founded #fantendoRP and befriended Hemu, who was the first to join the new RP. He later became Hemu's apprentice.


Spark is generally considered to be calm and friendly. He is known for his models (although his modeling skills are not very advanced, he's one of the few Fantendo users who actually enjoys modeling in 3D). However, he is often criticized for his blunt and rude statements, especially to 1337doom, Spark's "rival".

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