I'm not Jesus, I'm just a 6 stone, 5 foot 13 year old, who likes pasta, you got a problem?
Stelios7, the friendly neighbourghood troll Stelios7, on Stelios7 on chat.

Stelios7 is a user who joined Fantendo on the 2nd January 2009 (on the same day as RedYoshi and a year before Uil Team). His wife is Rosalina, when not a Tepig.

Age 13
Date of Birth 6th of June
Species Pokabu
Gender Male
Joined 2nd January 2009 (On Fantendo), March 26, 2009 (On Usertendo),
Aliases None
Moves Off-Topic Blast, Pasta Punch, Salad Side,
Allies Uil Team, COKEMAN11, Vined, JesseRoo, YoshiEgg, Spark01
Enemies None/Unknown
Groups Users, Sysops.
Pronunciation Stel-e-os-seven.
Themes Sysop Squad Theme.

He has fought spammers, he loves Pokémon, football/soccer and is a master of disguise. He says if he was ever a sysop he would be a bad cop. (Since fighting spammers) and he was promoted in March 2011 along with Uil Team and Spark01.

Wiki History Edit

Steli's first wiki was The Simpsons wiki in early 2008, he then discovered gaming Wikias making newbie shames. After residing on PokeFanon and SmashFanon (the latter Where he was admin there), he decided to try out Fantendo, which is the only wiki he has been on since, majorly, except a brief Friends Central tenure before the Sysop days.

He Joined Fantendo making instant friends with the Newb hugger and Cokeman11! He matured drastically with the re-arrival Of Max, Henry and Shroob, and the arrival of YoshiEgg, thus he deleted most of his newby games when He became sysop and saw that Nobody would want THAT crap, not even flies.

But, one game stayed, one series stayed.


He made or started (more like) 2 Games, for the series which was later to be revamped by Awesomeness.

The games were pretty crap until he became sysop, Steli only put himself foward to the election by chance. And his two best friends, Uil Team and Spark01, got the first two places. In the third election, behind to KP Blue and SonicWiki, somehow Steli to his shock, won.

Trivia Edit

  • He admits now, if he wasn't sysop and Halfy didn't arrive, he would of probably left Fantendo.
  • His favourite band is Electric Light Orchestra.

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