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'Sub-con: Wart's Return   By I Larry Koopa I'''''''''''''''''''Platform: GameCube ''''

''''Players:  Up to 2'

''''Save Feature: Yes'

''''Rating: E'


''''The game begins with the Dreamilitizer. Mario and Luigi are asleep, and Bowser plots to steal their dreams from afar in order to conquer their worst fears, as they were having a nightmare that night. From the castle's projection screen, it seems Mario was dreaming of a vegetable drought, and Luigi of a vast enemy increasment. Although both are equally bad, the Dreamilitizer goes haywire and causes the dreams to fuse with the outer world!'

''''Now the dreams are real, and Sub-con is released to wreak havoc in Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser has joined up with Wart and their forces combined are twice as powerful. The adventure begins in a locked cage, with the kidnapping of Princess Toadstool and all the citizens of Mushroom Kingdom! Mario winds up at the throne of Wart and Bowser themselves and is sentenced to the dungeon below until his punishment is decided.'

''''Later that same evening, Birdo helps the Mario's escape secretly and joins them on a quest to thwart the team of Bowser and Wart.  They meet up in Mushroom Kingdom to regroup and begin their hectic adventure...'


''''Control Stick: Move A: Jump A + A: Double Jump A + A +A: Triple Jump B: Punch B+ B: Double Punch B + B + B: Mario Tornado B^: Mario Uppercut Bv: Pick enemy up A + B: Call Birdo, hop on C-Stick: Camera view Z (on Birdo ): Spit egg L: 180º turn on Birdo, left R: 180º turn on Birdo, right 'L + R: Spit fireball '


''''Shy Guy, Goomba, Pidgit, Bob-omb, Big Shy Guy, Koopa Troopa, Paratroopa, Yoshi Clone, Phanto, Birdo Clone, Podoboo, Roy Koopa, Morton Koopa, Ludwig von Koopa, Wendy O. Koopa, Larry Koopa, Iggy Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Robodynamic Koopaling, Bullet Bill, Bonzai Bill, Chargin' Chuck, Flurry,  The Angry Sun, Fuzzy, Bumpty Penguin, Buzzy Beetle, Autobombs, Beezo, Cheep Cheep, Rip van Fish, Big Bertha, Blooper, Blurp, BooBig Boo, Leviathan, Fry Guy, Triclyde, Mouser, Bowser Koopa, Wart'

''''1-P Mode'

''''There are seven large, fun-filled, worlds in Sub-con, each sporting a vast number of enemies and strategically beatable bosses. Each enemy has a weakness to another, and each need from one to three hits each regular enemy. Each boss, excluding the last, have ten hits total.'


''''Mushroom Kingdom: You begin in Peach's Castle, as that is where you looked for everyone but found them missing. The castle has a large number of rooms, each wrecked from the invasion of Snifits and Koopas.  You must clear each room and escape the castle to the outside. Once there you will go along a road, climb up a few platforms, and fight Mouser. Defeat him to advance. There are three keys for three locked doors which must be found.'

''''Pidgit Valley: This is an air-tight case for anyone who's afraid of heights. Hijack the Pidgit carpets and make it up to the top of the vines to reach the middle of the level.  Search around for a key and enter the cave. Inside the cave are many Snifits, so watch out. There are Shy Guys too. Use the bombs to reach secret chambers for health and coins and other goodies, and once done, use the main staircase to ascend into the chamber to fight Fry Guy.'

''''Birdo's Nest: This is a series of branch-jumping, vine-climbing, tree-hopping levels where you start on the ground and must ascend to the top of the nest. Begin by climbing the vines to the branches and jump them until you reach a large sturdy leaf. Here you will face off with a mini-boss, a King Cobrat. Defeat him and keep climbing by jumping harder spaces to reach the over-sized Birdo's Nest.'

''''Seadome: At the end of the last fight, you hopped on the last of Birdo's "airplane moving" eggs to reach the ocean, where through strong winds you fall into the ocean but are found by a team of explorers. They choose you to go down and enter the domes on the ocean floor, and you will find many water-filled rooms. You must swim a long ways, and quickly, as the water fills up quite fast in each room, so take a breather but at the same time be quick about it. Get to the end to find a large serpent crack the last large dome and cause you to float to the top of the ocean on the plank of the broken ship that once helped save you. Defeat Leviathan to win.'

''''Desert Dunes: Cobrats galore! Try to avoid sinking in the fast moving sand, and use the pipes the Cobrats come out of to find the secret exit. When you move on you will find a large pyramid at the end of a long walk, so get on the right side of it and climb inside the crawlspace. Here you must go deeper, as nothing is above. Dig with Bv to get further in, but beward the walking Shy Guys and Snifits. Cobrats inhabit some sand, so watch it! Once you get to the bottom, enter a long tunnel leading to Clawgrip and Triclyde's chamber, and fight to the end!'

''''Cloud Castle: Ouch, this place is mind-boggling. Take to the right at first, and enter the secret crawlspace to access many treasures. Then go along the path. Beware the Chomps and dodge the flurries. Wind will push you harder the higher you go in this stage, so be aware of this. Once you get to the top cloud, fight to get inside. Then take the key and Phanto will be alive once more. Fight Phanto by throwing the key at him five times to defeat this mini-boss. Once you get outside you find another Phanto, and he will chase you as you descend to the locked door at the bottom. Enter here and climb a series of stairs filled with falling Koopa Shells kicked by the annoying seven Koopalings, and then make a run for their very, very large chamber. Defeat the Koopalings and their Rob. K. to win.'

''''Endless Dream: You first end up in a dark room with a faint Podoboo or too for light. It's really a cloud-like bridge where you must use Podoboos as your only light and enemy for the time. After you're done here you'll enter a partially lit room, with many walking candles and Shy Guys.  Defeat the Shy Guys to advance to a room of ledges and Snifits. Jump the platforms while taking note of the flying pellets. Sparkies will light up the next few rooms ,and there are some decoy doors and trap rooms with a mini-boss of a Phanto in them, but only one real door houses the real key and the real Phanto. Defeat Phanto and run outside to get into the secret room. Do some exploring and solve the puzzles, which include a room made of blocks that is out of order, a color problem (Shy Guys attack with many colors, defeat them all and find the real one), and a mini-boss fight with a few Paratroopas. Move on to a flight of stairs that take almost twenty seconds to ascend. Once you're there, find the right doors and survive to make it to Wart's Throne Room. Defeat Bowser and Wart to beat the game.'


''''Once a world is beaten, you will get a power-up listed in the table below:'

''''World 1: Mushroom Kingdom - Mario Uppercut World 2: Pidgit's Valley -  Mario Tornado World 3: Birdo's Nest - Extra Health World 4: Seadome - Birdo's Fire Ability World 5: Sand Dunes - Extra Health World 6: Cloud Castle 'World 7: Endless Dream - Mini-Games '

''''Multiplayer Mode'

''''In this mode, you can have a second player join in as Luigi on the same screen. Luigi can also ride Birdo, but with greater jump and lesser speed. Luigi has the same moves as Mario, and in Multiplayer mode the difficult is increased as your power with two people is better. When you progress you will notice the levels are different in Multiplayer, and that you must sometimes help Mario with Luigi's extra jump to reach secret platforms.'


''''After you defeat each level in each world, or after each world, you will go into what is called the Save Cloud.  Here you will meet Toad, who will replenish your health two hearts (each, if 2-player ), and allow you to save.  You can also play the two mini-games explained below.'


''''Dream Catcher: In this mini-game you have to move along the ground and catch as many falling dreams (little clouds) as you can in your bottomless bag. Once you catch 50, the ground will elevate and drop in different sections, making it harder. Once you reach 100, Shy Guys will attack you along with the ground falling. If you make it to 200 without losing, the ground will disappear and you will fall. Here, you must try to fall into the puff of cloud on the right side at the bottom while collecting fallen dreams during your fall.'

''''Baddie Training School: Here you will actually get the chance to see what it is like to be a Shy Guy, Cheep Cheep, Goomba, or Koopa Paratroopa. Mario will progress through the level and you must try to get him. If he kills you, you will end up in the next baddie body and you will try again. If Mario completes the level, you lose. If you kill Mario, you win!'


''''Super Mushroom: Makes you grow bigger. If you get hit you'll be downsized and one more blow will result in death. This is if you have two hearts. After a few worlds you will have three hearts, and then later four, making it possible to get hit and still keep your Super form.'

''''Poison Mushroom:  Downsizes you or kills you.'

''''Switch: Makes enemies scrambled up in the game, allowing you to breeze by. Caution: Enemies go berserk in this 15 second mode.'

''''Leaf: Lets Mario become Racoon Mario'

''''Coin: Collect 100 to gain a life.'

''''Fake Star: These are lighter in color, and hard to tell from a real Star.  Fake Stars, when recieved, will explode, causing damage.'

''''Bomb: Use these to blast open weak walls and the like. Use carefully.'

''''Disguise Outfit: Allows you to slip into an enemy costume, making your travel safe until one of the smarter enemies notices your stange actions and figures you out. It's fun to talk to fellow enemies with and to hear what they think. Stealth and skill is required with these. Just watch what happens if you make it into Wart's Chamber with a Shy Guy outfit on. These are lost only if hit, and attacks vary pending on the enemy you are disguised as.'


''''Note: Each Boss requires ten hits except Wart and Bowser.'

''''World 1: Mouser:  This guy is now moving, and he can attack swiftly! He carries a bag of bombs and takes one to three out at a time, showering them upon Mario's head. Dodge them and pick one up quickly. Run over to Mouser from behind and plant it into his Bomb Bag. The bag will explode, causing him 5 damage. Now the room will rain bombs from above, as Mouser has summoned the Bomb-Blaster to make bombs fall, exploding on impact! While this is occurring you must run up to Mouser, get behind him, grab his tail, and move him into spot where a bomb will fall. Five times of this and he's toast, literally.'

''''World 2: Fry Guy:  It's him again, but this time he has a fountain in his chamber. He's flying around you in circles, and breathing fire. Dodge the shots and suck in some water with Birdo, and fire at him. After seven hits he'll get faster and dry up the water. Now you must rely on Birdo's eggs, hitting him three more times to win. Besides shooting fire, he will randomly send a fire "wave" at you. Dodge and he can drop like a stone, sending a good wave about him.'

''''World 3: Birdo Clone: This is an oversized Birdo that shoots massive eggs. They move incredibly slowly, so you must climb onto one of these eggs and run and jump along each egg until you reach Birdo. Although she is big, you will enter her mouth and fight the Egg Machine. Jump on it to deal out 2 damage. Then you will be spat out on an egg far away, whereby you must complete the process again. Five times of this and she's done.'

''''World 4: Leviathan:  He's a doozy, because you're on a wooden plank floating in the middle with a giant sea serpent floating around you. Here you must complete a series of tasks before getting to him. There is a nearby ship and you must fire your eggs into the boat's windows, knocking into the water a hazard to the serpent. Once you knock five chemicals in, the serpent will eat the plank up. Now you have to swim with A and go under, firing eggs into his mouth. Five of these and he goes under!'

''''World 5: Clawgrip and Triclyde:  This is a double challenge which means you put in twice the effort. They have 15 hits, as they are counted as one although seperate. You must fire eggs into Clawgrips rocks to repel them back into either him or Triclyde, but this is hard because he throws a rock every five seconds, and Triclyde fires his beam every eight seconds. After ten hits they will stop being still and move. They jump off of the platform above, so move out of their shadow. You must mount Clawgrip in order to fire at Triclyde, and three hits will do him in. Now for Clawgrip, you will have to fire one egg into his face, then try to lure him into the lava. Do this by having him chase you to the edge, wait for him, jump onto his back and run the opposite way. He'll meet his fate and you'll meet victory.'

''''World 6: Koopalings / Robo Koopa: This is a tough challenge as you must face off with two Koopalings at a time in order of Morton and Larry, Roy and Wendy, Lemmy and Iggy, and finally the last one Ludwig. They attack with thier wands, stomps, claws, and ball (in one case). Five jumps on each and they'll run. Once you're done, where did they run? A robotic machine shaped like a giant Koopa Troopa. For this you must climb the 5-story-tall machine using platforms, dodging obstacles, and along the way take out screws and bolts by pressing the  A button and circling the control stick. Once you have two out, it will shake and attack, and then you must get in back and climb again. Climb higher each time to take out a new bolt and screw and the large back of the machine will drop, so move to the side. This spills the Koopalings out to the floor, but before they can attack the machine falls on them. That's the end of this battle.'

''''World 7: Bowser and Wart:  This is very hard and challenging, as it's the second two-on-one. Birdo is captured in Bowser's Clown Copter, so there's no help with her. While Bowser throws Mecha Koopas and bowling balls, you must dodge Warts bubbles and thrown rotten vegetables. Although you may be tempted to throw the Mecha Koopas at Bowser, it will not work as he is e too high. Rather, you must stun Wart by picking and throwing a fresh vegetable into Wart's mouth, paralyzing him, wait for Bowser to approach, hop onto the Clown Copter, and jump on him. After five jumps on Bowser, Bowser will pop out of the Clown Copter leaving you and Birdo plunging into the ground, so jump quickly or lose instantly. Now Bowser will fire his fire breath at you, followed by Warts bigger bubbles. What you must do here is confuse Bowser by making him fire at you but then get behind Wart quickly enough for the fire to enter Wart's mouth. Now they are ready for a final assault. Every enemy in marched into the chamber and you must defeat each caliber of enemy at a time. While this is going on, the Clown Copter is back up, and Wart's stolen it!  Wart has gone balistic, bumping Bowser out of the scene and going after Mario. Run along the opened pathway, dodging the Copter as it smashes into the ground. Once you get to the end, Wart will crash into the wall, causing pieces of wall to crumble, so be careful. Once the wall and roof are gone, Wart takes his wand and fires ice and fire at you, and you must get away. The floor is crumbling, and there are clouds. Climb the clouds and let Wart fall to his doom, and then you've won! Enjoy the ending scene with the reuniting of Princess, Toad, the Mushroom Kingdom, and the gang with their newest friend, Birdo.'

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