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Mario & Luigi VI Developer(s) AlphaDream

Expansion Corporations, Inc. Publisher(s) Nintendo Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Release Date(s) 2019 Mode(s) Singleplayer, multiplayer Age Rating(s) PEGI 7ESRB2013E10 Genre(s) RPG Series Mario & Luigi Predecessor Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros. Max. amount of players 2

Mario & Luigi VI is the sixth game in the Mario & Luigi series. Contents[show] Differences from the other five games


Mario's Story

Mario is having a tea party with Peach when Bowser appears and interupts the scene. He points a ray gun on Peach and pulls the trigger, causing Peach to inflate like a balloon. Bowser grabs "Balloon Peach" and flies off with her. Mario & Luigi give chase. Upon arriving in Bowser's Castle, though, it's blocked by eight Ztars. Kamek explains that they only go away by finding Bowser's Koopalings (plus Bowser Jr.) and knocking them out. The Bros. then seek out the Koopalings in the entire kingdom.

More TBA Bowser's Story

From Bowser's point of view, he arrives back at the castle after a failed attempt to re-capture Peach (the story takes place after Mario's). He notices the castle empty, though. Upon arriving into the Throne Room, he finds a video, recorded minutes before his arrival, in which the Koopalings explain that they have been abducted by Fawful, who also turned Bowser's entire army against him, and that he has the choice to either join forces with Fawful and reunite with his children, or get hunted down by his army. Bowser decides to break through Fawful's defences and put a halt to his schemes before he takes over the world. Koopalings' Story

Peach is out to reuducate the Koopalings to set them against Bowser. The Koopalings must foil her plans before her troops arrest them. Last Story

Short Summary: Fawful returns. He summons Sunnycide, a monster originally created by the Shroobs inside Yoob. Bowser, Mario & Luigi and the Koopalings all team up to defeat this threat. Though, it becomes worse when Sunnycide gets powered up.

Status Effects

Status Effects are what happens to characters when hit by specific attacks. Most of them can be cured with the Refreshing Herb (exceptions marked with *). Name Info Trip* Usually by ramming attacks. Mario, Luigi, Bowser or the Koopaling trips.

   Sick (Bowser, Koopalings, Enemies) 
   Intoxicated* (Mario, Luigi) 

   Sick: The victim turns blue and takes damage every turn. Sneezes when attempting to attack. Has a chance of temprarily causing swoon.
   Intoxicated: Usually by virulent attacks. The brother turns purple and takes damage every turn. Ends after three turns. 

Burn The victim (wether it be the player's character(s) or the enemy) cannot move for two turns, and takes damage every turn. Usually from fire-related attacks. Dizzy The same as Burn, but no damage is taken. Usually from attacks that target the head. Both the player characters and enemies can get this. Somnolence* Causes drowsiness. The character falls asleep and cannot move for three turns (very rarely, counter attacks will wake him/her up). Each turn, 20-45 HP is healed. Stat Down/Up

Random stats (POW, DEF, SPEED, STACHE/HORN) decreases or increase. Both player characters and enemies can get this. Special Attacks

Special Attacks are unusual attacks that cause more damage. Mario & Luigi's special attacks use BP, Bowser's use SP, and the Koopalings', like in Partners in Time, are items that can be bought in shops. Mario & Luigi


This section is under construction. Mario's Story Image Name HP Location Strategy RunBlock Koopaelite Teal Koopa Troopa Green: 10 Red: 15 Grass Land Green Elite Koopa Troopas attack by spinning into their shell, attempting to hit Luigi. Red ones attempt to ram into Mario. ShyGuyM&LSR Cat Shy Guy 18 Grass Land They attack by attempting to ram into the bros., but will trip. They'll apparoach the bro. they're going to hit. 1ScoutBloop Dire Scoot Bloop 30 Grass Land They randomly skitter to Mario or Luigi. WigglerM&LVQ Pink Wiggler 35 Dimble Wood Wiggler looks at the bro. he's going to skitter at. Hammer him ! BooM&LRiA Swamp Boo 50 Dimble Wood Boos attack by going behind Mario or Luigi, then fly into them. Mario or Luigi must jump to avoid. GoombaM&LR Frog Goomba 58 Dimble Wood, Grass Land Goombas are, in sharp contrast to other appearance, very strong. They attempt to dash at you at very high speed, and it can do up to 73 damage if you're not quick enough to jump. They might jump on you, too ! That must be countered with the hammer. The last attack, from Superstar Saga, is somersaulting to a bro. and biting. Jumping is the key. PiranhaPlantM&LSR Pink Piranha Plant 65 Dimble Wood Piranha Plants attack by biting. A Lakitu will fly by and show either an M or L formation, which predicts what bro. is going to be attacked. Chargin'ChuckM&LVQ Monkey Chuck 100 Dimble Wood Chargin' Chucks attempt to... well, charge. If he looks at Luigi, he attacks Mario and vice versa. ParagoombaM&LR Paragaloomba 99 Dimble Wood, Bowser Path Paragoombas attack by dropping Micro-Goombas on you. Hammer 'em back to where they belong and we'll be fine. Though, they can also fly into you. Use the hammer !Galoomba Chargin' Galoomba 102 Blubble Lake, Bowser's Keep Galoombas will attempt to roll into you, countered by jumping. If they blink before rolling, they'll jump and have to be hammered before they land on your noggin. If they lean forward before rolling, they'll attack Mario and vice versa. Para-Goomba Mario Clash Clashing Para-Galoomba 110 Bumpsy Plains, Bowser's Keep This Galoombas have spikes on their head, so jumping won't work. They'll attempt to crash land into you, use the hammer to deflect them. They can only be defeated by counterattacks, as they fly, thus the hammer cannot directly attack them aside from counterattacking. Bob-Omb Clashin' Bob-omb 107 Cavi Cape, Cavi Cape Cave, Bowser Path They'll selfdestruct when attacked, damaging other enemies. Haven't you attacked him ? Then he's pretty much blowing up himself in your face, unless you defeated him. He can also shoot fire. They always appear alongside other enemies. Mecha-KoopaM&LVQParamecha-KoopaM&LRQ Mecha-Kappi Koopa 192 Bowser's Castle These guys attempt to run into you (green) or fire a rocket (red) ! The running attack must be evaded by jumping, the missile with the hammer. ChuckyaM&LVQ Araña Olfiti 200 Bowser Path, Underground Tunnel Chuckyas will grab you and throw the bro. away. Hammer them ! Magifoofa BiS Fire Magifoofa 124 Bowser Path Magifoofas attack by using their wands to inflict poison on a bro. Jump when his wand glows to avoid the attack. 31hammerbro Bee Bro. 160 Bowser Path Hammer Bros. have only one attack, but it comes in two variations. They can throw hammers; if it bounces on the floor, you'll have to jump, and if it's thrown in the air, you'll have to counter using the hammer. Elite Boom Guy Plasma Boom Guy 180 Bowser's Castle One of the strongest enemies in Mario's Story, they attack by using their cannons to shoot Bullet Bills. It randomly goes slow or fast; there's no way to predict it's speed, making it very hard to avoid. It can be countered by jumping. Once their HP drops below 80, the cannon falls off, and it'll try to ram into a bro, which has to be jumped over. If not defeated in 5 turns, the cannon returns.Army Hammer Bro. Grunt Clashin' Snifit 150 Bowser's Castle Snifits attack by rapidly shooting bullets, which have to be jumped over. Another attack is flying into a bro., and this cannot be countered with a jump due to the propellor; it can just be avoided with jumps. They have high POW, but low DEF. The worst is, if the bullets hit, they'll all cause tons of damage, making them super deadly. MLPUPDryBones Sunk Bones 190 Bowser's Keep Dry Bones have three attacks. The first is throwing bones, which have to be avoided by jumping. The second is throwing their head, and this can be countered with a hammer. The final attack is a "kamikaze" attack; it jumps into the air and collapses into several parts, which then proceed to all fall down. Counter with the hammer ! They're immune against every form of fire. Elite Hammer Bro Elite Boomerang Bro. 190 Bowser's Keep Elite Hammer Bros. attack solely by using the Knockback Bros. technique. They're always with two or more in a fight. If only one remains, he'll flee in a turn. Goomba sprite Diamond Galoomba 240 Bowser's Keep The strongest enemy in Mario's Story. They're immensely strong, as their attacks can deplete all HP in one attack. They attack by somersaulting and quickly biting/shooting fangs. Another attack is somersault, then landing on a Mario bro. After countering with a hammer, they quickly roll in the other bro. The third attack is summoning a Lakitu to grab him, then he drops down via a parachute, which has to be countered via the hammer. The final attack again involves dropping from Lakitu, but this time without a parachute; upon landing, near-invisible shockwaves appear. To avoid the shockwaves, one must count how much seconds it takes for the shockwaves to collide with the Mario Bros, as it's very hard to see. The parachute attack can inflict dizzyness, the shockwaves attack can inflict Trip, and the others can cause DEF/POW/SPEED/STACHE DOWN. Enemies

   Big Goomba
   Spiky Goomba
   Koopa Troopa
   Koopa Paratroopa
   Bombshell Koopa
   Para Bob-omb
   Bulky Bob-omb
   Shy Guy
   Fly Guy
   Spear Guy
   Ranger Boruum
   Piranha Plant
   Venus Fire Trap
   Venus Ice Trap
   Inky Piranha Plant
   Nipper Plant
   Killer Cents
   Mini-Ruthless Rex
   Chain Chomp
   Monty Mole
   Morty Mole
   Mega Mole
   Rocky Wrench
   Baron Blizzard Soldiers
   Spiky Topmen
   Pipe Lakitu
   Buzzy Beetle
   Spike Top
   Sword Knight
   Ruff Puff
    Fan Fiend

Top Fiend Friender Tama Escaroo Penguin Machine Big Snakey Pickelman Bull

   Rebound Bro.
   Scuba Guy
   Stone Spike
   Fire Sledge Bro.
   Bomb Boo
   The Moppers 
   Ghost Piranha
   Fishin' Boo
   Ruby Whacka
   Mr. I
   Tundra Wizard Joe
   Wild Piranha-Fly
   Air Urchin 
   Mini-Sandire Guy
   Sumo Bro.
   Chargin' Chuck
   Scaredy Rat
   Fire Flower Chuck Throwable
   Little Mouser
   Ant Trooper
   Cold Air Urchinn 
   Horned Ant Trooper
   Mr. Blizzard
   Ballistic Ben
   Goom Vulture
   Lava Piranha Goomlet
   Huckit Crab
   Bill Blaster & Bullet Bill or Missile Bullet Bill
   Banzai Bill Blaster & Banzai Bill or Missile Banzai Bill
   Skull Box & Torpedo Ted or Targeting Ted
   Sniper Bill
   Elite Crystal Joe
   Dry Bones
   Dark Bones
   Bone Goomba
   Bone Piranha Plant
   Sergeant Spike Grunts
   Hammer Bro.
   Boomerang Bro.
   Fire Bro.
   Ice Bro.
   Sledge Bro.
   Curve Bro.
   Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.

Name Description


Stone Grolem


Venus Bulletrap

Bunbun flies around in the sky dropping arrows.


Emerald Wood Knights


SML Kitty Scratch

Chikako (Glitter)

Hornet Guy


Fighter Fly

Sir Frosty


Emerald Knight Chucks


Dino Phino


Ra Spear Guy


Sandy Gunion




Cape Tanga


Frost Piranha Galoomba


Bombshell Koopa


Jewel Tangas

Pakkun Flower

Rose Vine Chomp


Troll Poacher Joe

Mega Pionpi

Bandifroggy Edit

Pompom Flower

Purple Klampon


Air Striker Tangas


Mad Mario

Lemguins Edit




Grinder Kong


Silly Civet Edit

Toad Tangas, Lizard Tangas, Saber Wheelie, Gigawatt Spikerhog, Chill Armor Tangas, Tribal Guy , Pierobot B, Snake Tangas, Bee Tangas, Croc-Fisher, & Skull Man Tangas.

Yurarin Boomerang Boruum, Pearl Boruum, Burningblade Boruum, Ruby Grizzeti, Tribal Eggplant Warrior, Grand Beezley, Smilodon Chucks, Dark (Yeast Troop, Strollin' Stu, Ogre Bro., Robintaur, Tomasso, Livid Stone, Superball Bro, Tanookoopa), Sledgerang Bro.

Dark (Desert Lakitu, Piranha Lotus, Kasplat, Me Roars, Giganticus Fishicus, Boner Joe, Kicking Stanly, Skunk Elecape, Mobile Jeepbots, Sir Fox-A-Lot)

Yurarin Boo

Wanderin' Goom

Hammer Bro. Mechanoid

Enemies & BossesEdit


Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[1] Bowser(1) "That's Bowser, the king of the Koopas, but you know that already." HP:10



Chapter 1: Secrets of the ForestEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[2] Boo "That is a Boo, they look like spooky ghosts but they're kind of shy." HP:5



[3] Peepa "That's a Peepa, they're like Boos but they aren't afraid to show their faces." HP:5



[4] Eerie "That would be an Eerie, they're little Dinosaur ghosts, they're known to fly in straight lines most of the time." HP:4



[5] Boolossus "That's Boolossus, a big fusion of at least thirty boos." HP:60



[6] Prince Boocula III "That's Boocula, he's not exactly the brightest light in the sky, and he talks with a weird accent, but that doesn't matter in a battle." HP:80



[7] Violet King Boo "That's Violet King Boo, he's being powered-up by the Purple Rainbow Orb." HP:120



Chapter 2: Of Dunes and PokeysEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[8] Piranha Plant "That's a Piranha Plant, if you hop on them, they might bite you. Actually, I'm not sure 'might' is the right word." HP:20



[9] Bald Cleft "That's a Bald Cleft, they have no spikes, hence the name HP:19



[10] Pokey "That yellow guy is a Pokey, they are exactly what it says on the tin." HP:25



[11] Desert Lakitu "The little Koopa in the sky is a Desert Lakitu, they adapted to the heat, they still act like normal Lakitus." HP:20



[12] Spiny "That's a Spiny, I don't think it's a good idea to hop on them." HP:10



[13] Poison Pokey "Poison Pokeys are zombie Pokeys found underground, if they hit you, you'll be poisoned." HP:30



[14] Dry Bones "That's a Dry Bones, they're undead Koopas, they can't be defeat by just a jump to the head, maybe freeze them?" HP:25



[15] Chain Chomps "Those are Chain Chomps, they're big, mean, killing machines!" HP:30



[16] Toothy "I don't know the big guy's name, but let's call him Toothy, he's the leader of this Chomp pack." HP:65



[17] Lady Lila (1) Unknown Unknown
[18] Koopmosis III "That's Koopmosis III, an undead king from centuries ago, I guess he as revived as a mummy thanks to the power of the orb." HP:110



Chapter 3: Mount Boomverest's TreasureEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[19] Ice Spiny "Spinies that adapted to the cold mountainside, it's still not a good idea to jump on these guys." HP:35



[20] Icy Cleft "Bald Clefts made of pure ice, they are as silly as they look." HP:35



[21] Bob-Omb "That's a Bob-Omb, if you get them angry, hide or run!" HP:30



[22] Bluzzard "That's Bluzzard, the guardian of the mountainside, he can't talk, but I think his squawks are insults of some sort." HP:150



Metall Swim POPLING "That living statue is the Bob-Omb Guardian, it won't let us get to the orb, so I guess it has to get destroyed." HP:205



Chapter 4: 20,000 Bloops Under the SeaEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[23] Cheep-Cheep "That derpy fish is a Cheep-Cheep, it's weak to fire, somehow." HP:20



[24] Spiny Cheep-Cheep "The purple fish is a Spiny Cheep-Cheep, I'm sure you know the drill for enemies with spikes." HP:20



[25] Polluper "That's a Polluper, their ink is incredibly poisonous, so don't get hit by it." HP:40



[26] Deep-Cheep "That green guy is a Deep-Cheep, they're like Cheep-Cheeps but more aggresive." HP:50



[27] Gooper Blooper (1) "That giant squid is Gooper Blooper, his ink can harm you and blind you, so watch out!" HP:350



[28] Unagi "That eel's name is Unagi, he's Lord Eelie's second-in-command. I don't think eels are supposed to roar." HP:410



[29] Lord Eelie "The king of the Deep Abyss, he swallowed the indigo orb, so we have to beat him." HP:450



[30] Gooper Blooper (2) "Gooper Blooper followed us all the way here? Geez, this guy does not give up! HP:400



Chapter 5: A Tale of Two ArmiesEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[31] Red Koopa "That's a Red Koopa, they are at war with the green Koopas for a long time, so we're gonna fight them off." HP:39



[32] Koopa Tank "The Koopa Tank is a destructive weapon made by Prince Koopens to win the war, we have to destroy it!" HP:550



Chapter 6: Snifit and WeepEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[33] Poison Guy "That's a Poison Guy, they have a poisonous breath that will destroy you if you're not careful." HP:60



[34] Putrid Piranha "Putrid Piranhas are Piranha Plants with a venomous bite, be as careful as possible around them." HP:90



[35] Poison Boo "That purple ball? It's a Poison Boo, when they scare you, they also shoot small drops of poison that hit or don't hit randomly." HP:80



[36] Lady Lila (2) "That's Lady Lila, she's weak to Star power, so let's defeat her!" HP:600



[37] Petit Piranha "That Petit Piranha seems to be the cause of Plywood Fields' poisoning, it can shoot poison balls at you, so watch out." HP:600



Chapter 7: Kingdom of the KoopasEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[38] Goomba "Bowser's front line soldiers, Goombas are smart, powerful enemies that will do anything to stay in your path! Wait, I mixed up the descriptions..." HP:70



[39] Spike Goomba "That's a Spike Goomba, they're Goombas with spikes and I'm sure you know the protocol for spikes by now." HP:70



[40] Koopa Troopa "Koopas under the command of their king, Bowser, are given the title of Koopa Troopa. They are quite powerful compared to their more peaceful counterparts." HP:85



[41] Hammer Bro "That guy is a Hammer bro, they're Koopas that can throw hammers at you, hence the first half of the name, I'm not sure about the 'bro' part." HP:100



[42] Lakitu "That's a Lakitu, isn't it weird that we saw a variant before the actual enemy?" HP:80



[43] Flame Piranha "That's a Flame Piranha, like their poisonous counterpart, they can spit elemental balls to attack you." HP:93



[44] Koopatrol "The armored Koopa is a Koopatrol, they can charge at you and fight with spears." HP:150



[45] Kooptarol General "After Peach tried escaping a few times, Bowser put the general of the Koopatrols in charge of guarding the guest room. He's basically a normal Koopatrol but a lot stronger, he can also do a shell attack." HP:350



[46] Kamek "Kamek is Bowser's most loyal Magikoopa, he can shoot magic and attack you with his broom." HP:1,050



[47] Bowser Jr. "That's Bowser Jr, Bowser's son, I don't think we can do much as long as he is in his clown car." HP:1,300*






*=Bowser Jr

**=Clown Car

[48] Bowser(2) "That's Bowser, the king of the Koopas, but you know that already, he's stronger than before, thanks to the red Rainbow Orb." HP:2,500



Chapter 8: The Monochrome CastleEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[49] Monochrome Shy-Guy "Shy-Guys that have been brainwashed by Lila, they are stronger than normal, as expected for the guards of her own castle." HP:170



[50] Koopatrol "That's a- Wait, didn't we see these guys just last chapter?" HP:170



[51] Roy Koopa "That's Roy Koopa, one of Bowser's seven generals, the Koopalings, he is the strongest of them all."

"Roy Koopa: Member of the Koopa clan known as the Koopalings, he is the strongest of the group." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary




[52] Iggy Koopa "That's Iggy Koopa, one of Bowser's seven generals, the Koopalings, he is the smart one." -Tinkle

"Iggy Koopa: Member of the Koopa clan known as the Koopalings, he is the smartest of the group." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary




[53] Larry Koopa "That's Larry Koopa, one of Bowser's seven generals, the Koopalings, he doesn't have any special traits." -Tinkle

"Larry Koopa: Member of the Koopa clan known as the Koopalings, he has no special traits to himself."

-Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary




[54] Wendy O. Koopa "That's Wendy O. Koopa, one of Bowser's seven generals, the Koopalings, I guess her trait is being the only girl." -Tinkle

"Wendy O. Koopa: Member of the Koopa clan known as the Koopalings, she is the only female in the group." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary




[55] Ludwig von Koopa "That's Ludwig von Koopa, one of Bowser's seven generals, the Koopalings, he's the oldest of them all and has the same accent as Boocula."

"Ludwig von Koopa: Member of the Koopa clan known as the Koopalings, he is the oldest of the seven siblings." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary




[56] Morton Koopa Jr. "That's Morton Koopa Jr, one of Bowser's seven generals, the Koopalings, he's the stupid one, I suppose."

"Morton Koopa Jr.: Member of the Koopa clan known as the Koopalings, he is the least intelligent member of the team." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary




[57] Lemmy Koopa "That's Lemmy Koopa, one of Bowser's seven generals, the Koopalings, he's the smallest and weakest among them."

"Lemmy Koopa: Member of the Koopa clan known as the Koopalings, he is the youngest of the group and, thus, the weakest." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary




[58] Bowser (3) "Yadda yadda yadda, that's Bowser, yadda yadda yadda, we are fighting him a lot, blabity blah..." -Tinkle

"Koopa King Bowser: Lord of the Koopas, arch-nemesis to Mario and Luigi, always trying and failing to get with Princess Peach." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary




TBA Monochrome Peach "Princess Peach has been turned into one of Lila's soldiers, I'm afraid we have to defeat her." HP:6,000



[59] Lady Lila(3) "That's Lady Lila, this is our final battle, let's give it all we have!" HP:10,000



[60] Lila's Soul "What the hay is that thing!? It's too powerful to even scan properly!" -Tinkle, Phase 1

"..."-Tinkle, Phase 2

"That's Lady Lila's corrupted spirit, I have to destroy it now and save the world below, to save my friends and to save my people!" -Tinkle, Phase 3


Chapter 9: Pit of 100 TrialsEdit

Each floor of the pit has a different pre-estabilished enemy in the game, along with enemies from The Thousand-Year Door and Super Paper Mario (with severely boosted stats and adapted attacks) plus rematches with every boss except for Lady Lila and Monochrome Peach, so there isn't much to be added.

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[61] Toadragon "Toadragon: Legends tell of a Toad that was cursed to be a vengeful dragon, so he was sealed away deep underneath Toad Town." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary HP:200,000



Chapter 10: Return to The BitlandsEdit

Picture Name Tattle Log Stats
[62] Bit Goomba "Bit Goomba: Goombas native to the Bitlands, they are made of small, resilient squares known as 'pixels'" -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary HP:220



TBA Bit Koopa "Bit Koopa: Koopas native to the Bitlands, they are made up of squares known as 'pixels' and have high defense." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary HP:250



TBA Bit Lakitu "Bit Lakitu: Lakitus native to the Bitlands, they are made of squares known as 'pixels', they can throw Bit Spinies at people." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary HP:230



TBA Bit Spiny "Bit Spiny: Spinies thrown by Bit Lakitus, they are made out of pixels and can't be jumped on." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary HP:180



TBA MeowBots "Meow-Bots: Mechanical cat-like critters made by Francis to attack intruders and maintain his castle." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary HP:400



[63] Francis "Francis: A nerdy lizard who 'rules' over the Bitlands, he can summon Meow-Bots to attack his foes." -Mushroom Kingdom Beastiary HP:9,001



  46 abilities are confirmed to appear.

Image Name Description Powers Main Enemy
Swordie & Sword Brother Sword Hiyaah! I can unleash my might with this legendary sword straight from the heavens! I'll attack rapidly with multiple slashes, then I'll concentrate all of my force in a Spin Slash! Cuts ropes and grass, can be used underwater Blade Knight
Sectle Doo Beam That's nice - a wand that creates a energy whip! I just need to swing it down. I can even grab foes with that, or - BAM! WAVE BEAM for ya, baddies!! And the hat is very nice, too! Passes through walls Waddle Doo
Scorpion's Fire Sentries Fire Argh! Hot hot hot HOT HOT HOT! ...At least, that's what I think enemies feel, while I spit fire on them, or while I destroy them with my Burning Fireball attack... Lights fuses, melts ice, burns grass Hot Head
Cutter Shroobro. Cutter Boomerangs and blades are fun - if they unite, they can prove to be quite deadly! Charging them makes them huge as well! Alternatively I can use it as a melee weapon to execute a CUTTER FINALE! Cuts ropes and grass, can be used underwater Sir Kibble
SparkDr. Spark Yeah, bring the thunder! Or is it a lightning? That doesn't matter, until you can create a Zap Barrier by shaking that controller, and unleash it when at full charge! N/A Sparky
FrostDr. Ice It's so fun to skate on ice, I should really participate at that competition... Now, if I freeze foes with my breath, I'll kick' em to victory! I can also protect myself with ice! Freezes surfaces of water and lava, melts fire, freezes foes Chilly
Stone Underkrab Stone I'm a rock now! I can uppercut with a fist of rock, or transform into a stone! If on a slope, I'll slide. If above an enemy, I'll crush them to victory! Best part is I'm invincible while doing this! Pounds stakes, rolls down slopes, breaks Metal Blocks, becomes invincible, can be used underwater Rocky
Wheelie Launcher Wheel Watch out, as the Pink Lighting 2 (or, at least, its wheel) dashes and destroys enemies! I can charge up for a Rocket Start, slam to the ground, and I'll always go FAST! Rides on water and lava, breaks Metal Blocks Wheelie
Cyborg Geckit Cyborg I'm a cyborg, too! I can unleash powered kicks or shoot powerful beams! I can shoot thunders and lightings, control certain enemies, and transform into a car or a cannon! N/A Cybot
Bounce Brother Bounce Boing! Jump, jump, jump! With the right timing, I can jump even higher! You just need to press the button just as I land. And I can even jump on foes to defeat them! N/A Boing Boing
Super Dark Koopa Darkness I'll hide into the darkness with this ability! I can then reappear into enemies to heavily damage, or attack with Dark Orbs, Dark Spikes or Dark Blades! You can't see me! Cuts ropes and grass (Dark Blades), passes through walls (Kirby himself) Shardoo
Cloudling Cloud The power of nature is with me! I can shoot lightings from my hand! I can blow wind to push enemies away! I can create clouds that devastate enemies with rain, and use them as platforms! N/A Kracko Jr.
Mossy Dragooey Dragon GROARRR!!! Watch out, as the fire dragon soars down from the skies! I can now spit fire, blow away enemies with my new wings, stomp on the ground, or just fly away! Lights fuses, melts ice, pounds stakes, burns grass Dragooey
Elite Bit Shroobro. Retro This ability is so nostalgic! I turn 8-bit: while that isn't really much, I'll be able to inhale enemies, but not to copy their abilities... At least, the star spit has any property: it can be used for any puzzle! It'll also bring music from the good ol' days... Literally everything Pixel Candy
Gutsmet Fighter Watch out, as the king of fighters climbs the ladder! Depending on how long the button is held, I'll do weak or strong attacks! Force Blast to victory, or Rising Break to ultimate glory! Breaks Metal Blocks, lights fuses, melts ice, burns grass Knuckle Joe
Advanced Hammer Drone Hammer The hammer of kings! This thing is a big bad boy to defeat the strongest of enemies! I can just whack 'em open, spin in midair, or unleash the ultimate slayer: the Hammer Flip! Pounds stakes, breaks Metal Blocks, lights fuses, melts ice, burns grass, can be used underwater Bonkers
Ninjun Knight Ninja I'll hide into the shadows and throw kunais or shurikens depending on how long you hold the button! Should I wield my katana, baddies will bow to me! And for a grand finale, Blossom Storm! Cuts ropes and grass, can be used underwater Biospark
Laser Hunter Laser This futuristic visor lets me shoot laser! Continue pressing to make me fire a whole lot of lasers, or hold the button to make the laser bigger and stronger! Aim those lasers for maximum precision! Cuts ropes, burns grass, lights fuses, melts ice, bounces off slopes Laser Ball
Elite Simirror Mirror This mirror scepter has odd powers! I'll split into multiple versions of myself, protect myself with a mirror shield that'll reflect projectiles, and use a mirror blade to defeat enemies! Reflects projectiles, cuts ropes and grass, passes through walls, can be used underwater Simirror
Scorpion's Jet Sentries Jet This jet helmet gives me a lot of power, and even cool sunglasses! I'll headbutt or kick into enemies and even hover with this propulsor, and charge energy for massive damage! Lights fuses, melts ice, burns grass Capsule J-3
Twister Shroobro. Tornado Spinspinspinspinspin! Rise into the air, and shake that controller for an Hyper Tornado! I can also launch cyclones in multiple directions, and if I pass through any element, I'll take that property! N/A Twister
Parasol Sectle Dee Parasol Wow, falling down with a parasol is so much fun! From any height, I'll just float down until touching the ground! This parasol can also shoot small stars and serve as a shield as well! Melts fire, can be used underwater Parasol Dee
Needle Turtloid Needle It's a helmet with spikes on it! They can enlarge to serve as a shield, or eject from the helmet for a ranged shot... but be careful! Here: pointy spikes! There: spiky points! Cuts ropes and grass, can be used underwater Tick
Hi-Jump Shroobro. Hi-Jump An heroic jump into the air! I feel like a superkirby! I can dash into foes or zoom back down at'em! And the cape also lets me to hover into the air! I'd like a flare vision, but oh well! Breaks Metal Blocks Starman
Atom Owl Wing Flap flap flap! The warrior spirit of an eagle is now mine! I'll bash into enemies, or Shuttle Loop to rule the skies! And I've got unlimited feathers, so there's no problem in going near to the sun! Cuts ropes and grass Owgulf
Bomber Shroobro. Bomb I've always wanted to play bowling with bombs - my wish came true! I can also use an expert aim to lob them at any angle. I might throw Dynamite instead, but, all I really need is... BOOM! Lights fuses, melts ice, burns grass Poppy Bros. Jr.
Sectle Wrestle Dee Suplex

I'm the king of slams! I'll dash into any foe, then slam them badly to the ground! There are 8 unique slams, depending on if I'm dashing or just walking! Will you master' em all?

N/A Wrestle Dee
Fiery Phan Phan Throw Wait, do I just get a fancier inhale and a headband? Of course not! I'll be able to throw enemies in any direction! Just like normal me, shake the controller for a Super Inhale! Projectiles break Metal Blocks Phan Phan
Shock Rocket Joe Rocket Transform into a rocket and soar through the skies! Forget throwing bombs - I'm a rocket now! I'll explode in contact with an enemy or with a wall, so be careful. Breaks Metal Blocks, lights fuses, melts ice, burns grass Bang Bang
Topmen Top I can use these tops to slice enemies and obstacles with ease, or spin off screws! And beware of the Hyper Tops - they attach on to enemies, then they explode after a while! Cuts ropes and grass, spins off screws Spinnad
Scorpion's Smash Bros. Sentries Smash It's time to smash enemies! This ability lets me unleash my moves from that fighting game. Hammer Flip! Final Cutter! Twinkle Star! Smash Kick! Stone! And many more! Cuts ropes and grass, breaks Metal Blocks, pounds stakes, lights fuses, melts ice, burns grass, can be used underwater Master Hand
Elite Doctobot Doctor I'm a doctor now! I can throw pills, swing a syringe, attack with clipboards, and many more, as I prescribe a painful time to enemies! The Chemical Mix attack is powerful as well! Lights fuses, melts ice, burns grass, melts fire Doctobot
Ninjun Leaves Leaf It's time to dance! I'll summon torrents of leafs to slice and dice as you cut through enemies! I'll unleash the mighty Leaf Finale, or play hide'n'seek by guarding! Cuts ropes and grass Leafan
Mossy Poisofrog Poison Toxic alert! This poison crown gives me the ability to spit poison that constantly damages enemies! I'll surf on to a wave of poison, or breath poisonous gas in a large area! Poisons enemies, can be used underwater Poisofrog
Scorpion's Spear Sentries Spear Raise a true warrior's weapon to the sky as you lead the attack! Spin it around to fly away with the Spearcopter, drop to the ground with the Moon Drop, or use it underwater! Cuts ropes and grass, can be used underwater Lanzer
Metal Sledge Bro. Metal Wow, I'm invincible! I can just walk into enemies to inflict heavy damage! I can also transform into a ball and roll down slopes, or ground pound! Wait a second... I'm SO slow... Pounds stakes, rolls down slopes, breaks Metal Blocks, becomes invincible Metallun
Mega Psyfoe ESP ESP as Extra-Sensory Perception! I have got psychic powers now! I can teleport away, create bubbles of energy that I can control with my mind, or counter attack! N/A Psyfoe
Archer Tangas Archer I'll defeat enemies from long distances with this high-precision bow! I can aim into any direction, or charge up arrows for maximum damage! And camouflage to hide from enemies! Cuts ropes and grass Spynum
Bone Beetley Beetle The king of bugs soars through the skies as he destroys enemies with his horn! Horn Flurry, Rocket Horn Dive, Spiral Horn, Hardhead Slam, and many more! Cuts ropes and grass, pounds stakes, can be used underwater Beetley
Circus Boruum Circus I'll jump through flaming hoops, juggle batons, balance on a small ball, jump at high altitudes with a trampoline - the clown arts are no jokes, fellas! Burns grass, melts ice Clown Acrobot
Sand Shroobro. Sand I'll defeat all foes in the screen with a powerful, huge explosion! Shake that controller for a devastating finale! Use it only as a last resort: I can only use it once. Lights fuses, melts ice, breaks blocks, affects all screen, can only be used once Sandman
Mega Walky Mike WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! My voice is enough to destroy enemies! I can only sing three times, but each one is more powerful than the last! Build up power and DESTROOOYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Can only be used three times Walky
Paint Sludgie Paint Now's my chance! I'll paint the town red - and all other colors! This ability lets me destroy enemies, and blind bosses and mid-bosses, making them inaccurate! Can only be used once, blinds bosses and mid-bosses, affects all screen Papaint Blab
Diamond Chargin' Chuck Diamond This visor is pretty cool! With this, I can analyze enemies and copy their abilities! ....wait, couldn't I do that when inhaling? Oh, I don't seem to defeat enemies with this. N/A R-Bone
UFO Metool UFO A UFO? I didn't think those existed, really! Anyway, I can do four different attacks depending on how much you hold the button! With A, I beam up enemies to power up my shots! Breaks Metal Blocks, cuts ropes, burns grass, lights fuses, melts ice, bounces off slopes UFO
Star Gem Boruum Star Sword

This sword is the fusion between the 7 Star Gems and Lord Volaid's Starxus. It's very powerful, I'll use it for traitor-slaying! It can even solve any puzzle! No scam, no joke!

Literally everything Boruum

Super AbilitiesEdit

There are confirmed to be 10 Super Abilities as of now.

Image Name Description Main Enemy
Sectle Blade Knight Ultra Sword It's the Ultra Sword! A blade that is capable of slicing through anything. This one has got some serious power, and enlarges upon I unleash it! Ain't that nice, my friend? SLASSSHHHHHH!!!!! Super Blade Knight
Flame Cat Galoomba Monster Flame A fiery dragon that crosses the screen and destroys everything in its path as it wildly roars fury? Sounds awesome to me! I can even change its direction! ROOARRRRRRRR!!!! Super Hot Head
Super Flare Koopa Flare Beam This scepter concentrates energy to then unleash it as a powerful energy ball that can be controlled and pierces through enemies! The hat isn't that good, though. It's still awesome! KA-PSSSSSHHSH!!!! Super Waddle Doo
Snow Bowl Joe Snow Bowl "Today there will be snow." The Weather Forecast was indeed right! I can crush enemies and enlarge this massive snowball as I absorb them! I'm a bowling ball! WOOOOOOSHHH!!!! Super Chilly
Super Hammor Grand Hammer This isn't the hammer of the kings - this is the hammer of the gods! I can smash the ground with this huge hammer and power it up to make it stronger! Giant stakes are no problem now! SLAAAAAAAMMMM!!!! Super Bonkers
Silver Sir Kibble Hyper Cutter This is some serious boomerang! I can throw it to destroy everything in its path.... and it comes back as well! I can direct its trajectory, too! I can now cut heavy chains!! ZAACCCCCCCCCC!!!!! Super Sir Kibble
Super SparkDr Spark Volt The power of electricity is now in my hands! I can shoot lightings from myself in 4 directions! I can also control a cloud that blasts' em downwards. BRRTTZZTZTZTZTTZTTTTRTTRZZZTTT!!!! Super Sparky
Spiked Poisofrog Poison Tsunami A poison wave that annihilates everything in its path! It might've been of Water, but since Poison instead is in this game, - Poison Tsunami! Survivors are poisoned as well!!! SPLASSSSSSHHHHH!!!! Super Poisofrog
Primid Boruum Final Smash Master Core's Attacks

Robobot Armor ModesEdit

There are 21 Robobot Modes, with one of them being a Final Weapon.

Image Name Description
[64] Sword
[65] Fire
[66] Beam
[67] Spark
[68] Cutter
[69] Stone
[70] Wheel
[71] Bomb
[72] Parasol
[73] Jet
[74] Mike
[75] ESP
[76] Ice
[77] Archer
[78] Hammer
[79] Spear
[80] Laser
[81] Rocket
[82] Needle
[83] Artist
Star Jet



Image Name
Goboten Goomba
Ruby Paragoomba Paragoomba
Electric Fence Goomba Parachute Goomba
Gromba Tower Goomba Tower
Prickly Bloomba Prickly Goomba
Gombhorn Hunter Grand Goomba
Grublin-nized  Goomba Huge Paragoomba
Aztec Broomba Micro-Goomba
Hammerhead Sharkoomba Shoe Goomba
Pearl Goomba Skate Goomba
Galoomfish Galoomba
Winged Goomhorn Winged Galoomba
Snoomfish Big Galoomba
Spiked Galoomba Goombeetle
Octoomba Gritty Goomba
Heligromba Gromba
Wild Cat Goomba Gritty Gromba


Image Enemies
Teal Koopa Troopa Koopa Toopa
Tail Beach Koopa Beach Koopa
Pumpkin Paratanoopa Koopa Paratroopa
Gargantua Tail Koopa Troopa Gargantua Koopa Troopa
Colossal Mask Paratroopa Colossal Koopa Paratroopa

Koopa Troopa

Bombshell Koopa
Koopaligator Bombshell Paratroopa
Masked Underkoopa Kamikaze Koopa


Image Enemies
Bone Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro.
Whip Bro. Sledge Bro.
Para-Dry Bro. Para Bro.
Kappa Hammer Bro. Sumo Bro.
Crystal Bro. Boomerang Bro.
Explosive Bro. Fire Bro.
Archer Bro. Ice Bro.
Glacier Bro. Bomber Bro.
Abnormal Lazer Bro. Sand Bro.
Mummified Fire Bro. Ball Bro.
Robo-Sledge Bro. Bone Bro.
Boulder Bro. Dry Bro.


Image Enemies
Iron Blargg Blargg
Glacier Magmaargh Magmaargh


Crystal Charvaargh Charvaargh
Lagoon Nep-Enut Nep-Enut
Crimson Yci-Enut Yci-Enut
Wild Blue Sandmaargh Sandmaargh
Sand Aquamaargh Aquamaargh
Shady Magmaargh Frostmmargh
Teal-Lava Charvaargh Blue-Lava Charvaargh

Grassland enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Laser Chuck (Aquamarine) Chargin' Chuck
Glacier Diggin' Chuck (Cyan) Diggin' Chuck (brown)
Dagger Chuck (Blue) Passin' Chuck (yellow)
Nocturnal Chuck (Mahogany) Confusin' Chuck (green)
Nerd Chuck (Light-red) Clappin' Chuck (red)

Target ArcheryEdit

Chuck (Emerald)

Splitin' Chuck (purple)
Mad Piranha Plant Piranha Plant
Big Watermelon Plant Big Piranha Plant
Venus Plasma Trap Venus Fire Trap 
Venus Hammer Trap Venus Ice Trap
Stardust Ninji Ninji
Crystal Spiny Spiny
Spy Guy Shy Guy
Bullet Snifit Snifit
Mega Fly Guy Fly Guy
Glowing Biddybug Biddybug
Electric Blue Biddybug Para-Biddybug
Golden Waddlewing Waddlewing
Pokey Bro. Pokey Sprout
Buzzer Bro. Stingby
Web Fuzzler Fuzzler
Kuribow Flophopper
Grassland Frolrus Hop-Chop
Flower Monty Mole Monty Mole
Moxie Mob Skipsqueak
Mega Moxie Mob Big Skipsqueak
Spiny Moxie Mob Spiny Skipsqueak
Snow Flaptor Flaptor

Cavern EnemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Aztec Swooper Swooper
Lighty Beetle Buzzy Beetle
Buzzy Bombeetle Bombeetle
Aztec Buster Beetle Buster Beetle
Flame Monkey Coin Coffer
Wild Inky Piranha Plant Inky Piranha Plant
Mega Morty Mole Morty Mole
Dino Mega Mole Mega Mole
Piko Piko Squiggler
Sewer Blurker Blurker
Cave Rattler Mega Blurker
Forest Fuzzy Fuzzy
Forest Forest Fuzzy Mega Fuzzy

Desert enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Spokey Pokey
Mega Spokey Mega Pokey
Dune Skellyrex Spike Top
Gem-Spike Top Blue-Spike Top
Sandtwister Goblimp Tweester
Crysthine Cluckboom
Camouflage Spike (Enemy) Spike
Gray Porcupo Porcupo
Mummified Conkdor Conkdor
Swimming Cobrat Cobrat
Red Cactus Piranha Plant Cactus Piranha Plant
Lemmy Bloomba Blokkablok
Small Defense Chargin' Chuck Baddie Box

Aquatic and Beach enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Swimming Jelectro Cheep-Cheep
Spiny Blipper Spiny Cheep-Cheep
Rainbow Deep-Cheep Deep-Cheep
Rainbow Eep-Cheep Eep-Cheep
Swimmerrus Baby Cheep
Ruby Big Bertha Big Bertha
Deep Cheep-Chomp Cheep-Chomp
Swamp Porcupuffer Porcupuffer
Swimmer Painguin Tuck Rip-Van Fish
Mega Bulber Bulber
Slooper Blooper
Ink Slooper Ink Blooper
Big Slooper Big Blooper
Baby Slooper Baby Blooper
Slooper Nanny Blooper Nanny
Scuba Boomer Skeeter
Greek Roguard Clampy
Gritty Madpole Madpole
Stone Rammerhead Rammerhead
Spike Krorog Spike Eel
Scuba T-Joe Splounder
Scuba Pengrill (small) Jellyfish
Jammyfish Urchin
Pink Urchin Big Urchin
Scuba D.D. Cataquack
Huckit Elite Huckit Crab

Jungle enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Jungle Cat Goombully Bramball
Jade Wiggler Wigger
Jungle Spear Roguard Stumper
Cat Piranha Creeper Piranha Creeper
River Spewin' Stu River Piranha Plant
Cat Guragura Ptooie
Stalking Hurt Plant Stalking Piranha Plant
Sledge Beetle Propeller Piranha
Jungle Nipper Plant Nipper Plant
Chameleon Piranha Plant Choppah

Snowcap enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Snow Boxin Fliprus
Snow Kuff 'n' Klout Cooligan
Blizzard Malibut Mr. Blizzard
Ice Lakitu Freezie
Boombox Spike (Enemy) Snow Spike
Mega Flurry Flurry
Snow Mand-Mand Snow Pokey
White Batty Snorch
Frosty Pebble Frog Frost Bubble
Frosty Protobatter Chill Bully
Snow Catling Gun Ice Snifit
Frosty Yagichi Freeze Chomp
Snow Gama-Gam Moneybag

Horror enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Turboo Boo
Para-Turboo Para-Boo
Big Turboo Big Boo
Bone Gilabite Stretch
Boo Buddy Snake
Scuttle Bug
Mud Trooper
Mini Poison Gobblegut Boo Guy
Dry Bones
Super Dry Bones
Super Parabones
Bone Goomba
Bone Galoomba
Bone Piranha Plant
Bony Beetle
Bony Parabetle
Bone Wiggler
Bone Mole
Bone Rex
Dark Block

Mountain enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Dino Torch
Dino Rhino
Ant Trooper
Mini-Mega Titan Big Ant Trooper
Horned Ant Trooper
Stone Spike
Magmite Bomp
Piranha Sprout
Chain Chomp

Sky enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Pipe Lakitu
Fishin' Lakitu
Heavy Para-Beetle

Volcano enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Fire Snake
Fire Chomp
Blue-Lava Splorch
Lava Bubble
Blue-Lava Bubble
Raining Debris
Volcano Smog
Fire Pokey
Fire Spike
Fire Snifit
Big Bully
Ring Burner

Factory, Fort and Artillery enemiesEdit

Image Enemies
Big Blockstepper
Rocky Wrench
Big Rocky Wrench
Para-Rocky Wrench
Rocket Engine
Ball 'n' Chain
Gray Bowser Statue
Gold Bowser Statue
Big Steelie
Bill Blaster
Banzai Bill Blaster
Skull Box/Ted Blaster
Lagoon Bill Bullet Bill
Banzai Bill
Torpedo Ted
Missile Bill
Missile Banzai Bill
Targeting Ted
Big Amp

New SpeciesEdit




Frogoodbad CutMini








Seapoihorson Gem Malibut Cereal Treats Joe Sandrimp

Mr. Magnet



Skull Driod Men'ono   Bob-Bat Hammer Steely Lagoon Jeep Launcher Rayo U-auch Pokem Bladleon Ice Glom Mini Banjo-Tron Tiki Doom Mecha-Rammerhead Mini Sledge Bro. Bubblegeist Mini Archduke Bulber Mega Monty Mole Dekabu Ice Lava Devil Mini Bongaconga Crag Man