Super Mario 3D ChallengeEdit

Super Mario 3D Challenge
Developer(s) BlooP-OW
Publisher(s) [2]
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
1 Player
Age Rating(s)
[3] [4]
Genre(s) Adventure

Super Mario 3D Challenge is a game for Wii U and another sequel to Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World. The game is heavily based on Super Mario 3D series, but it is a Mario game in the vein of games like (New) Super Mario Bros. series, Super Mario World, Super Mario Land, Super Mario 64 (DS), Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2.


[show]==Story== Mario and Luigi were peacefully walking and talking when suddenly, Toadsworth, Toadette and Toad appears and gives the Bros. a letter from Yoshi, inviting them to some vacations at Egg Island. The Bros., of course, accept and they go to the Airport, alongside some other friends, like Peach and Daisy. Wario and Waluigi are not invited, but they go secretly on a box to the plane. Mario and friends arrive at Egg Island and finds Yoshi and Birdo, alongside with some other visitors. They explore the island and go to the top of it, where they found the Giant Atomic Egg. Yoshi explains that the guardian of the island someday created the Egg to protect the island and give it energy. The Creator found radioactive elements at the top of the island and use them to make the powerful giant Egg. After it, while everybody have eating, some Airships, Tanks, Submarines and meteorites were attacking the island. Bowser appears and tells the gang about his plan. He wanted to use the Giant Atomic Egg's energy to make him more powerful to conquer the entire universe. The gang tried to stop him, but Kamek and Motley Bossblob arrives and both uses their magic to destroy the island. The Egg Island fragmented into 8 worlds transformed by Kamek and Motley. Mario and Luigi decide to stop Bowser, but Bowser build a castle in the first world and kidnapp Peach. Bowser Jr. get the others and kidnap them into the other 7 "Worlds".

After defeat some bosses and defeat Bowser in the world 8, he appears saying that his master plan is almost complete and goes to World Bowser, where the Giant Atomic Egg transforms into a dark Borser-like Atomic Egg. Kamek also creates 6 Fortresses connected to the Egg to protect it. After the heroes destroy all the fortresses, encounter Bowser again into Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg. Here, Bowser makes use of the Egg Power, turning into Atomic Bowser, and initiating the final battle and transforming the entrie level into a toxic radioactive place.

After defeat Atomic Bowser, the heroes use the power of the Ginat Atomic Egg to restore the entrie island. Bowser, back into normal, falls into a pool of acid (that transforms into Dry Bowser, battled on World ★-Castle: Special Bone Castle) and the other villains quickly escape from the island (leaving Dry Bowser) and go to the Rainbow Area out of the island. The heroes start comemorate the victory on the island with a party.


The gameplay is pretty similar to the other Mario 3D platformer games. The game has a main hub, called Egg Island. Levels are completed similar to how Super Mario 3D Land and 3D World's levels are completed. Also, like Super Mario 3D World, the player needs find 3 Green Stars in each stage and needs find one Stamp. Like in Super Mario 3D World, the Wii U Gamepad can be used at any point during gameplay to interact with the environment, allowing players to stun enemies, momentarily reveal hidden objects (both in levels and on the map), hit blocks, stop moving platforms, and various other functions that can help the player at some missions. The GamePad can also be used to control the camera during gameplay by pressing the button on the bottom corner of the GamePad screen and tilting the controller, in what is known as Free Camera Mode. It works in a similar fashion to the camera from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The GamePad can also be used for Off-TV Play at any point. 

Egg HouseEdit

The Egg House, that it's on World 1, provides all the cutscenes that appeared on the game and every soundtrack of the game. There you can also see the collection of Stamps that the player collected, the stats of gameplay of each level (if every playable character played the level, if all the Green Power Stars and Stamps were collected and if the player reach the top of the Flagpole) and if every character were unlocked.

The Egg House also provides research information and an 3D model of each thing on the game. To acquire them, there are some instructions to follow. To acquire a 3D model with informations of:

  • An enemie: the player must defeat it at least once with any character (Ex: Goomba)
  • A boss: the player must defeat it with all the playable characters (Ex: Motley Bossblob)
  • A level: the player must complete the level (100%), getting all the Green Stars and Stamp on that level and also reaching the top of the Flagpole at least once (Ex: Yoshi Hill)
  • A world: the player must complete every level (100%) of the world and defeat every boss(es) of the world (Ex: Yoshi's Grassland)
  • A normal power-up: the player must use it at least once with one character (Ex: Goomba's Shoe)
  • Playable character using a normal power-up: the player must use the power-up with the specific character at least once (Ex: Double Toad)
  • A object: the player must grab/see it at least once (Ex: Green Star/Stamp/Clear Pipe)
  • A non-playable character/rideable character: the player needs talk with it at least once (Ex: Gearmo)
  • A playable chatacter: the player must need to unlock the character and play all the levels with it (Ex: Mario)


Playable CharactersEdit

When you unlock a character, the game works like Super Mario 3D World, where you can choose the characters freely.

Image  Name  Advantage  Disdvantage  Unlocking Criteria 
[5] Mario All-around Playable from the start
[6] Luigi Can jump higher. Low traction. Playable from the start
[7] Princess Peach Can hover in midair for a short time. Runs slower. Complete World 1-Castle
[8] Princess Daisy Can do a impulsive second jump. Short long-jump Complete World 2-Castle
[9] Toad Can run faster. Falls faster. Complete World 3-Castle
[10] Toadette Can jump farther. Falls faster. Complete World 4-Castle
[11] Wario He can pick up enemies and launch them. He has the lowest jump. Complete World 5-Castle
[12] Waluigi He has the longest long-jump He has the worst traction. Complete World 6-Castle
[13] Rosalina She has the Spin Attack. She loses her spin attack when gains a power-up. Complete World Star-Castle

Rideable CharactersEdit

These caracters can be used as Rideable characters for the Playable Characters.

Image  Name  Abilities 
[14] Yoshi Yoshi can flutter jump, can do ground pounds and has his usual tongue ability. He can easily eat a normal enemy such as a Goomba or Piranha Plant, creating an egg that can be used to attack other enemies or blocks. If Yoshi eats a shelled enemy, hammers, sledge hammers, spiked balls or boomerangs, he can't swallow it, and must spit it out eventually instead. If Yoshi eats an explosive enemie, such as a Bob-omb or a Bullet Bill, he creates an Explosive Egg that explodes in some seconds if not thrown back. Yoshi can also jump on spiked places and on certain enemies that players can't normally jump on, such as Spinies, though it won't affect the enemies in any way. Eating a Fire enemie or a fireball allows Yoshi to spit out a fireball. Also, eating an Ice enemie or an iceball allows Yoshi to spit out an iceball. Electrical attacks, electric barriers, lava or certain fire or ice attacks send Yoshi back to his egg.
[15] Plessie Plessie rides though water, sand, snow, lava and even though poisoned water, oil and acid. It's only playable at some parts of a course, not at all of the course (like Yoshi). It can defeat all of enemeis during the course (except electric enemies and spiked enemies). When it played on multiplayer, only the first player controls Plessie.

Other CharactersEdit

Image  Name  Description 
[16] Birdo Birdo appear as a helper of the game, giving advices to the players and also she appears at the Egg House, providing research information on all the enemies and bosses the player has defeated.
[17] Toadsworth Toadsworth appears before the first level of each world, explaning the basic controls of the game (World 1). He also talks sometimes about each world's characteristics.
[18] Bowser Bowser, knowing the existence of the Giant Atomic Egg on Egg Island, pretend to absorve its power to conquer the entrie universe. He send his troops to attack the island and capture Mario's friends, trapping them into different worlds, staying in World 1 with Princess Peach. After being defeated in World 1 and loses Peach, he escapes to World 8, saying to Kamek and Motley to use thei magic to improve some members of the Koopa Clan, while Bowser Jr. helps with the prision of the other Mario's friends and Army with the Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade. After being defeated again in World 8, he tells the heroes that his plan is almost completed, going to the Egg and creating a World of himself. When the heroes reach the Egg, Bowser is surprised with the persistence of the group, but absorves the power of "his" Giant Atomic Egg, transforming into Atomic Bowser. After being defeated, he falls into some acid, transforming into Dry Bowser and escapes to World ★.
[19] Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. appear helping his father in his plan, capturing all the players (except Mario and Luigi, who escapes from him), trapping Yoshi and Plessie into Eggs and helping to build the castles of all the Worlds. He also helps his father to protect his transformed Giant Atomic Egg, guarding the last Fortress that have the most of energy to protect the Atomic Egg.
[20] Kamek Kamek, alongside with Motley, have a big importance to Bowser's plan: They destroy the island and transform it in 8 worlds commanded by the Koopa Troop. Kamek, after the defeat of Bowser in Wolrd 1, uses his magic with the power of Giant Atomic Egg to improve the best members of the Koopa Troop (Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Motley and Army Hammer Bro.). After Bowser is defeated in world 8, Kamek appears again, creating 6 Fortresses to protect the Egg, transformed into Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg.
[21] Motley Bossblob Motley, alongside with Kamek, have a big importance to Bowser's plan: They destroy the island and transform it in 8 worlds commanded by the Koopa Troop. Motley, after the defeat of Bowser in Wolrd 1, uses his magic to transform some minions of the Koopa Troop into some powerful leaders, creating Leader Conkdocrat, Waddleking, Archduke Bulber, Emperor Mosikice, Baron Rexock, King Fizzliater and Czar Ty-Foon. He also appear to guard a Circus in World 5 to try to disturb the players.
[22] Army Hammer Bro. Army Hammer Bro. is consider now one of Bowser Jr.'s best allies and one of the High Ranking Members of Koopa Troop. His loyalty to Bowser and the Koopa Troop is very signifiant, making him direct the Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade. Before his battle against the players, Kamek appear and use his magic combined with the power of the Giant Atomic Egg, making him vey powerful.
[23] Boom Boom & Pom Pom Boom Boom and Pom Pom are allies of Bowser that are transformed by the magic of Kamek and Motley Bossblob combined with the power of the Giant Atomic Egg. They have their appearence and abailities improved in their battles.
[[File:|150px]] Rabbits Rabbits appear in the game at some levels, where they can again be chased and caught. Larger variations also appear. When they are caught they give prizes like Power-Ups, Coins, Green Stars, Stamps or even a Mega Mushroom.
[24] Yoshis (species) Yohis appear as hostages at all the worlds and they give some advices at some levels. They also serve as hostages when there is more than one player riding an Yoshi.
[25] Toads Toads appear as hostages of world 1 and they give some advices of that world.
[26] Birdos (species) Birdos appear as hostages of world 2 and they give some advices of that world.
[27] Piantas Piantas appear as hostages of world 3 and they give some advices of that world.
[28] Penguins Penguins appear as hostages of world 4 and they give some advices of that world.
[29] Whittles Whittles appear as hostages of world 5 and they give some advices of that world.
[30] Gearmos Gearmos appear as hostages of world 6 and they give some advices of that world.
[31] Bob-omb Buddies Bob-omb Buddies appear as hostages of worlds 7 and 8 and they give at levels of these worlds.
[32] Sprixies Sprixies appear as hostages of worlds ★ and Crown and they give some advices of these worlds.
[33] Lumas Lumas appear as hostages of worlds ★ and Crown and they give some advices of these worlds.


These are the levels of Super Mario 3D Challenge. The first 8 worlds were parts of the Egg Island, destroyed by Bowser, Kamek and Motley Bossblob. The Bowser World is an dark world created by Bowser to guard the Giant Atomic Egg. The Star World and the Crown World are special worlds located in the space. The first is unlocked by defeating the final boss. The other is unloked after every Green Star and Stamp are collected as well as getting the Golden Flag by reaching the top of the Goal Pole for every level. Every world has also one Mystry House, that appears before the end-of-world castle level, each one with 20 different mystery box challenges (with a checkpoint flag at the 10th mystery box challenge).

World  Theme  Character Captured  Boss(es) 

World 1 - Yoshi's Grassland

Grass Princess Peach
  • Bowser
World 2 - Sarasa Desert Desert Princess Daisy
  • Leader Conkdocrat
  • Boom Boom
World 3 - Tropical Island Forest/Beach/Water Toad
  • Waddleking
  • Archduke Bulber
World 4 - Frozen Snowcap Snow Toadette
  • Emperor Morsikice
  • Pom Pom
World 5 - Rock Crumble Canyon Mountain Wario
  • Baron Rexock
  • Motley Bossblob
World 6 - Old Factory Land Factory Waluigi
  • King Fizzliater
  • King Boo
World 7 - Dark Thunder Skies Sky None
  • Czar Ty-Foon
  • Army Hammer Bro.
World 8 - Koopa's Volcano Lava None
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Bowser
World Bowser - Bowser's Giant Egg Bowser None
  • Boom Boom
  • Pom Pom
  • Motley Bossblob
  • Army Hammer Bro.
  • Kamek
  • Bowser Jr.
  • Atomic Bowser
World ★ - Rainbow Area Rainbow Rosalina
  • Dry Bowser
World Crown Gold None
  • All previous Bosses (excluding Atomic Bowser)

World 1 - Yoshi's GrasslandEdit

Level Number Level Name
1-1 Yoshi Hill
1-2 Armadillo Cave
1-A Rex's Blockade
1-3 Wollballer Autumn
1-4 Froggy Lake
1-5 Mushroom Trampoline Land
1-Castle Bowser's Lava Stronghold
1-MH Mystery House Yoshi Run

World 2 - Sarasa DesertEdit

Level Number Level Name
2-1 Spike Desert
2-2 Pokey's Cavern
2-A Cluckboom Blockade
2-3 Magnetic Peaks
2-Pyramid Conkdor's Pyramid Fortress
2-4 Acorn Oasis
2-5 Plessie's Dune Run
2-Tank Bowser's Cannon Brigade
2-MH Mystery House Feline Run

World 3 - Tropical IslandEdit

Tropical Island ForestEdit

Level Number Level Name
3-1 Bramball's Rainforest
3-2 Gargantuan Land
3-A Wiggler Blockade
3-3 Illusionist Boo Mansion
3-Tree Waddlewing's Tree Fortress

Tropical Island OceanEdit

3-4 Madpole's Beach
3-5 Rammerhead's Beach
3-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #1
3-6 Piranha Creeper's Poison Archipelago
3-Submarine Torpedo Ted Shocking Battleship
3-MH Mystery House Amphibious Run

World 4 - Frozen SnowcapEdit

Level Number Level Name
4-1 Frozen Lake Fun
4-2 Ghost Shipwreck

Luminous Flip-Swap Galaxy

4-A Mr. Blizzard's Blockade
4-Glacier Snowball's Iced Fortress
4-4 Skipsqueak's Rolling Panic
4-5 Crazy Trapeze Circus
4-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #2
4-6 Yoshi's Ice Cream Desert
4-Train The Missile Bill Express
4-MH Mystery House Raccoon Run

World 5 - Rock Crumble CanyonEdit

Level Number Level Name
5-1 Boulder Mountain
5-2 Large Savana Sunset
5-3 Potted Piranha Mine
5-4 Trampoline Undergrounds
5-A Spike's Blockade
5-5 Swooper Swamp
5-6 Searchlight Tower
5-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #3
5-7 Ninji's Temple
5-Castle Lava-Rock Crushing Castle
5-Circus Motley Bossblob's Mirror Circus
5-MH Mystery House Armadillo Run

World 6 - Old Factory LandEdit

Level Number Level Name
6-1 Clockwork's Room
6-2 Yoshi's Crazy Run
6-3 Dark Bulber Lagoon
6-4 Playcard Maze
6-A Monty Mole's Blokcade
6-5 Cannon Battlefield
6-6 Oil Refinery Factory
6-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #4
6-7 Electron Tower
6-Tank Magnetic Brigade
6-Mansion Ghostly Horror Mansion
6-MH Mystery House Magnetic Run

World 7 - Dark Thunder SkiesEdit

Level Number Level Name
7-1 Cloudtop Park
7-2 Prongo Station
7-A Flopter Blockade
7-3 Tornado Desert
7-4 Fly Guy Mountain
7-5 Invisible Cloud Falls
7-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #5
7-6 Floating Jungle Panic
7-7 Aerial Garden
7-Castle Spiral Castle
7-Airship Koopa's Masterful Airship Brigade
7-MH Mystery House Squirrel Run

World 8 - Koopa's VolcanoEdit

A lava-themed world. The first boss is Kamek, the second boss is Bowser Jr. and the third boss is the second encounter with Bowser.

Level Number Level Name
8-1 Smashing Volcano
8-2 Infernal Dunes
8-3 Blue-Lava Lagoon
8-A Fire Snake Blockade
8-4 Dark Smog Tower
8-5 Hard Rock Cavern
8-B Hammer Bro.'s Hideout #5
8-6 Spying on the Koopa Bridge
8-Fortress 1 Kamek's Illusion Labyrinth
8-Fortress 2 Bowser Jr.'s Grafitti Tower
8-Castle Bowser's Blazing Castle
8-MH Mystery House Support Run

World Bowser - Bowser's Giant EggEdit

An world created by Bowser to guard the Giant Atomic Egg in his posses, that transforms into a dark Borser-like Egg.

Level Number Level Name
Bowser-1 Koopa's Dark Bridge
Bowser-2 Sphinx Inferno
Bowser-3 Frightening Crystal Dungeon
Bowser-4 Toxic Pipeyard
Bowser-5 Chain Chomps Lair
Bowser-6 Dark Atomic Skies
Bowser-Fortress 1 Boom Boom's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 2 Pom Pom's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 3 Motley Bossblob's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 4 Army Hammer Bro.'s Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 5 Kamek's Dark Fortress
Bowser-Fortress 6 Bowser Jr.'s Dark Fortress
Bowser-Bowser Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg
Bowser-MH Mystery House Koopa Run

World ★ - Rainbow AreaEdit

Level Number Level Name
★-1 Yoshi Plains
★-2 Smashing Dunes
★-3 Poison Woods
★-4 Pipeline Seaside
★-5 Glacier Iceburrow
★-6 Haunted Ghost Mansion
★-7 Hard Rock Cliffs
★-8 Mecha-Electric Factory
★-9 Cloudy Skyway
★-10 Rising Magma Volcano
★-11 Cosmic Cannon Nebula
★-12 Dark Tower Run
★-13 Rainbow Land
★-Castle Special Bone Castle
★-MH Mystery House Rainbow Run

World CrownEdit

Level Number Level Name Icon Description
Crown-Crown Champion's Level Crown The final standard course of the game, containing difficult sections and a congratulations message at the end.
Crown-Bowser Boss Blitz Challenge Bowser's Head The stage consists of boss battle rematches with all the bosses of the game (only Atomic Bowser don't apperar in this level). The player starts in a room with eight Warp Boxes. These Warp Boxes leaves the player to battle against Leader Conkdocrat, Waddleking, Archduke Bulber, Emperor Morsikice, Baron Rexock, King Fizzliater, King Boo and Czar Ty-Foon. After defeating all of them, an Green Pipe appear at the center of the room. Entering in this pipe will leave the player to a room similar to the first room of the level, now with more five Warp Boxes. These Warp Boxes leaves the player to battle against Boom Boom, Pom Pom, Motley Bossblob, Army Hammer Bro. and Kamek. After defeating all of them, an Bowser-like Pipe will appear at the center of the room. Entering in this Pipe will leave the player to an Bowser-like room with three Warp Boxes. These warp boxes leaves the player to battle against Bowser Jr., Bowser (2nd Battle) and Dry Bowser. After defeating them, the player can go to a Warp Box and go to the Goal Flagpole
Crown-MH Mystery House Masterful Challenge Mystery House The final Mystery House of the game. It has all the Mystery Box challenges from the game (with both Mystery Boxes along the normal courses and Mystery Boxes from Mystery Houses). It is the longest course in the game, with 135 Green Stars to collect. Every 15 Green Stars you collect there is an Checkpoint Flag/Midway Point.


  • The levels Bowser's Giant Atomic Egg and Boss Blitz Challenge are the only levels of the game that don't have any Green Star or Stamp, due to be Boss Levels.
  • Boss Blitz Challenge is the only level in the game that don't have a time limit. Mystery House Masterful Challenge and the other Mystery Houses also don't have a time limit, however, in these courses, the player, when enters in a Mystery Box, is under a ten-second time limit to complete an objective.


New Power-UpsEdit

Power-Up Image' Item Image Form Effect
[34] Armadillo Suit [35] Armadillo Mario Armadillo Mario is able to dig freely underground, and he can use it to finding secrets, to defeat some certain enemies (Thwomps and Rhomps) and to continue moving though the level. Also, he's invunerable to small fireballs and iceballs, but it turns back to Mario if attacked by rock boulders and strong fireballs and iceballs. Sometimes, he can use his carapace to roll arround (like Rock Mario). He's easier to control, but he's less stronger than Rock Mario.
[36] Magnet Mushroom [37] Magnetic Mario Mario can attract to metalic walls/platforms, climbing them. He can also can attract nearby coins, metalic objects and metalic enemies. When atract someting, he can pull it off, destroying it. Also he can sink easily to the bottom of any body of water with metalic ground (only metalic grounds).

Old Power-UpsEdit

Power-Up Image Item Image Form Effect
[38] Boomerang Flower [39] Boomerang Mario Boomerang Mario can throw a boomerang just like other Boomerang Bros.
[40] Tanooki Suit [41] Tanooki Mario This unique suit allows Mario to fly, falling down slowly and the ability to whack things, all three with his tail.
[42] Super Bell [43] Cat Mario Mario can turns into a cat, allowing him to run up walls and lunge against the enemies. It can also be used to attack enemies scratching them.
[44] Super Acorn [45] Flying Squirrel Mario Mario can lightly glide and temporarily cling to walls, blocks and pipes. He is also able to air jump while gliding.
[46] Frog Suit [47] Frog Mario Mario can jump very high and can swim very fast underwater. Also, Mario can do a kind of spin attack underwater to defeat certain enemies.
[48] Fire Flower [49] Fire Mario In this form, Mario is able to shoot fireballs
[50] Ice Flower [51] Ice Mario In this form, Mario is able to shoot iceballs.
[52] Double Cherry [53] Double Mario The Double Cherry creates a clone of the player who copies the real character exactly.
[54] Mega Mushroom [55] Mega Mario Mario turns giant and invencible!
[56] Rainbow Star [57] Rainbow Mario Rainbow Mario is invencible and very fast!

Support ItemsEdit

Image Item Effect
[58] Coin Box They appear by hitting a Coin Block enough times before it expires. They are also shinier than a regular ? Block. It cannot be taken off unless he hits an enemy. If Mario makes it to the Flagpole with the Coin Box, it disappears and a 1-Up is received. While inside a Coin Box, infinite coins will pop out from it while the player is moving.
[59] Cannon Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and the characters can fire cannonballs from a cannon on the front of the box; the projectiles can also be charged before being fired.
[60] Light Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and the lamp on the front will emit a beam of light, which can be used to not only light up any dark spaces in front of the player, but also to defeat ghost enemies.
[61] Propeller Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and the blades of the propeller can be used to rapidly fly into the air to a great height, and then slowly fall back down towards the ground.
[62] Horn Box Upon wearing one, the block will change into the color depending on the character, and allows the player to charge up power to release a shockwave and disarm/paralyze enemies identical to Yellow Yoshi's on SMW.
[63] Goomba Mask The mask can be found after defeating a certain Goomba. Upon wearing it, Goombas capable of noticing your presence will not recognize the player and will not attack them. However, contact with enemies will still cause damage, removing the mask.
[64] Prongo Mask The mask can be found after defeating a certain Prongo. Upon wearing it, Prongos capable of noticing your presence will not recognize the player and will not attack them. Also, the player can headbump enemies, such as Goombas, Koopas, Prongos, Goombadillos and Koopadillos. However, contact with enemies will still cause damage, removing the mask.
[65] Koopa Shell Jumping on a Koopa Troopa allows the player to kick the Koopa Troopa out of its shell and take it. Additionally, while carrying a shell, the player can have Mario and the others climb inside of it and slide/dash across the ground in it, similar to Shell Mario. Like this, the player can knock aside any enemies they ram into. The player can also use the shell to ride on in a manner similar to surfing, surfing on surfaces like earth, water, ice and lava. Koopa Shells also appear as common items which can be thrown to defeat enemies and smash open chests or held onto underwater in order to swim faster
[66] Magma Shell The Magma Shell lets players swim through lava (not in water though, that acts as lava in the player's case now), and gives them the Hammer Suit-like ability to dodge the attacks of enemies when they crouches. As long as they keep ducking, they will be safely protected from most enemies. They can also Shell Dash by running or sliding fast enough, leaving behind a trail of fire that can take out otherwise hard to kill enemies.
[67] Ice Shell The Ice Shell lets players swim through water (not in lava though, that acts as ice in the player's case now), and gives them the Hammer Suit-like ability to dodge the attacks of enemies when they crouches. As long as they keep ducking, they will be safely protected from most enemies. They can also Shell Dash by running or sliding fast enough, leaving behind a trail of cold water that can take out otherwise hard to kill enemies.
[68] Ice Skate The player can get one Ice Skate after defeating the Goombas riding them. When the player is in an Ice Skate, they can skate on the ice, move quicker, and are also immune to certain enemies and spikes. However, if the player hits a wall or a Walleye, they will lose the item.
[69] Goomba's Shoe The player can get one Goomba's Shoe after defeating the Goombas riding them. When the player is in an Goomba's Shoe, it will be able to easily hop across spikes and sharp-toothed or spiky enemies, such as Munchers, Prongos and Spinies, it can jump very high and can defeat almost every enemie. It is also imune to strong gusts of wind.
[70] Potted Piranha Plants Potted Piranha Plants can be used to chomp up enemies in the way.

Enemies Edit

Enemy Name Enemy Description
Met [71] A small, common-occuring enemy, Mets are found all over the place hiding under their helmets attacking with a small barrage of energy bullets if they detect a nearby enemy.
Neo-Metall [72] Un upgraded Met, Neo-Metalls once unleashing their energy bullets will make a quick dash at their enemy attempting to hurt them more, this does leave them vulnerable to more attacks however.
Metall Sniper [73] Yet another upgrade to the Met, Metall Snipers are able to fire from far away although only fire one bullet, they're rather good sentries and their powerful energy bullets can block Mega Man's.
Returning Sniper Joe [74] A defensive and often rather tough enemy, Sniper Joes will stand their ground firing bullets after lowering their shield, there's no getting around them as they'll quickly change which way their facing to fight Mega Man.
Hammer Joe [75] A powerful variant of the Joes, Hammer Joes flail a large metallic ball around before unleashing it, their armour is more sturdy and they can only be hurt when they open their eyes before throwing the ball to see where they're throwing.
Wall Blaster [76] Large and accurate blasters, Wall Blasters will target Mega Man and fire at him, they don't fire very quickly but are accurate and often will be encountered in groups.
Shield Attack GTR [77] A very defensive enemy, Shield Attack GTRs will fly from wall to wall with their jet propulsion damaging anything that gets in their way. Their front is completely protected forcing Mega Man to attack their jets when they're travelling in the opposite direction.
Super Ball Machine Jr. [78] A giant cannon that fires bouncing explosive rounds, they are very powerful although fire slowly and take time to reload. They have a large amount of health making them tough walls to surpass.
B-Bitter [79] B-Bitters are trap sentries which will activate when Mega Man is near them firing off a bullet before quickly retreating into their hidden position. It is often necessary to fire on the B-Bitter while it's hiding to avoid being shot.
Dust Crusher [80] A very large serpentine enemy, Dust Crushers move along the ground fairly quickly, their metal jaws can clamp down on Mega Man if he's not careful, their bodies also force Mega Man to look for safe passages above or attempt to destroy the Dust Crusher.
Fire Metall [81] A Metall with the ability to shoot fireballs, these slow moving projectiles quickly succumb to gravity and fall to the floor creating small fires that linger for some time.
Frost Metall [82] A Metall that will charge up an Ice Bullet and fire it at high speed, dispatch this Metall quickly as if their bullets will freeze Mega Man solid.
Spark Metall [83] A Metall that doesn't fire bullets but instead stores static electricity in the horn-like helmet it wears, it will charge at Mega Man heavily damaging him if he makes contact with the Spark Metall.
Apache Joe [84] Sniper Joes that pilot armed helicopters. They will fly around trying to fire at Mega Man, they are more of a nuisance in this regard than a true threat although are often coupled with other enemies to make things more difficult. If Mega Man destroys the Helicopter the Sniper Joe will abandon his craft and start attacking Mega Man like a regular Sniper Joe.
Lightning Lord [85] A flying electrical enemy, Lightning Lords fly around on fake clouds throwing Lightning Bolts at Mega Man, if Mega Man destroys the Lightning Lord but not the cloud he can hijack the cloud and fly across giant chasms.
Piriparee [86] An advanced Sniper Joe, Piriparees are able to charge their whole body in an intense electricity before firing it off in a large beam shot. They are invulnerable to damage while charging although their armour is weak to allow it to conduct electricity.
Parocket [87] Parockets are strange trap enemies that will fly up in the air if approached by Mega Man and then slowly float down firing at Mega Man. They are easy to destroy although can be dangerous around pits and spikes.
Power Slam [88] A large and deadly enemy, Power Slams will jump up in the air and then crash into the ground with enough force to generate a shockwave, there is no way to bypass them and they must be destroyed when encountered.
Yambow [89] A flying dragonfly-esque enemy, Yambows will attempt to swoop Mega Man while they're flying making them particulary dangerous over bottomless pits, they are very fast and avoiding them can prove rather tricky.
Gundrill-Mini [90] A strange enemy that  will burrow up ground out of the ground, once they do they will fire off their drills like missiles, quickly dispatch them otherwise Mega Man will have to face an endless barrage of drill missiles.
Pickelman Bull [91] A Pickelman that controls a Bulldozer, these construction enemies will drive across the screen acting as dangerous obstacles for Mega Man to defeat. Pickelman Bulls are able to shovel away gravel opening up new pathways.
Piledan Gunner [92] A Piledan that has attached to a Gunner Turret, these fast firing enemies require precise timing to overcome, they will unleash numerous bullets in each volley and can face in either direction so getting past one will not stop them.
Crunchran [93] An enemy built for ambushes, Crunchrans stay burrowed in the ground until Mega Man gets near them and then reveals their powerful teeth trying to clamp Mega Man, be observant of this enemy's presence.
Armaroid [94] An Armadillo-Turtle looking enemy, Armaroids will fire their spines off like missiles while slowly walking along, if Mega Man tries to get close to one it will roll up into a ball and charge at him becoming invincible for the time being.
Telly-X [95] The updated version of the Telly, Telly-Xs move slightly faster than their predecessors and have spikes on them making them dangerous on contact, they tend to be found in groups or appearing from Telly Spawners
Ragger [96] A small robot that can detach its horn and throw it like a boomerang. They tend to hide on statues and usually attack in groups.
Power Gladiator [97] A large humanoid robot that carries a Morningstar and large shield. The Power Gladiators are an upgrade to the Power Musclers remaining stationary now and acting as powerful sentries.
Sumatran [98] An animalistic enemy that appears somewhat like a Tiger. Sumatrans will try to pounce at Mega Man and can hide in the background where possible. They are fairly bulky and usually appear in pairs.
Berg Crabbot [99] A fast moving enemy, Berg Crabbots are an elemental upgrade to the standard Crabbot, destroying their shell does not stop them and they will fire Icy pellets which freeze Mega Man solid if he comes into contact with the pellets.
Gabgyo [100] A marine robot, Gabgyos can be found swimming around and will charge at Mega Man if they seem him in their sights. Gabgyos will even jump out of water to attack Mega Man although once on land will flail about as they're unable to re-enter the water.
Neo-Moby [101] An upgraded version of the original Moby, Neo-Mobies are weaker although have greater firepower able to shoot multiple missiles at once while also unleashing whole barrages of Mines. They cannot inhale Mega Man although are encountered more frequently and sometimes in duos or trios.
Shrink [102] Small rocket-propelled shrimp-like enemies. Shrinks move graciously in the water and are relatively harmless aside from contact, they tend to move in large numbers however making them more dangerous.
Snapper [103] A rather simplistic enemy, Snappers will attempt to charge at Mega Man if he gets close although they are easily destroyable, in water they can fire compressed air in pellets to try and damage Mega Man although are overall rather weak.
Squidon [104] An underwater sentry, Squidons are powerful enemies that can fire missiles, create an Icy whirlwind and summon Shrinks. They are tough and take a lot of punishment before being destroyed.
Octone [105] A strange octopus-like enemy that can be encountered on land or in water. They fire their multi-cannons in rapid succession pulling off 6 shots in one volley. When in water they will jet around while on land they will stand up on their tentacles to get higher ground.
Darspider [106] This Spider-like enemy will hide high up and drop down to try and attack Mega Man, although weak they are very fast and sometimes tricky to avoid.
Bombomboy [107] A false plant, Bombomboys will fire a small volley of energy bullets from the cannon hidden in their leaves, Mega Man needs to hit them in their head to defeat them which requires jumping.
Shaboan [108] A bizarre, jelly-like enemy that will stick to the ceiling or walls before dropping towards Mega Man, they will then slowly move along the floor trying to attack him. Shaboans can combine together to form larger Shaboans with up to four being able to combine to form a Giga Shaboan.
Tropfish [109] A strange propeller-based fish robot, Tropfish will swim along in the water and charge at anything in their line of sight, they are also capable of firing off their snout like a missile to damage Mega Man if he's further away.
Have Su Bee [110] A Bee enemy that flies around releasing Chibees from its hive. Have Su Bees will even drop the hive if Mega Man proves to be persistently able to defeat its Chibees. Have Su Bees move very quickly.
Neo-Hanabiran [111] A strange flower that occasionally appears ingroups. Neo-Hanabirans will fire their petals at Mega Man before trying to hop at him to damage him, if Mega Man is far enough away they'll spin their petals to reflect shots fired at them.
Cactus Flower Presenter [112] A plant-themed robotic enemy that remains stationary, it fires Cactus Missiles into the air which when they make contact with a surface explode releasing small darts in 8 directions.
Sunflower Flower Presenter [113] A plant-themed robotic enemy that remains stationary, it fires Sunflower Missiles which move very fast and destroy weak platforms above the Sunflower Flower Presenter.
Tulip Flower Presenter [114] A plant-themed robotic enemy that remains stationary, it fires Tulip Missiles which will target and attempt to hit Mega Man, they can be lured to hit walls however.
Tackle Fire [115] A small robot able to keep itself completely ignited for a prolonged period of time. Tackle Fires will attempt to attack Mega Man by charging right into him setting him on fire as well. Tackle Fires are often encountered in large numbers and can be created by Hotheads.
Fire Telly-X [116] An upgraded Telly-X, Fire Telly-Xs have spikes protruding from their tops making them dangerous to try and jump over. In addition they will unleash a fireball from their turret which will ignite the ground below them.
Hothead [117] A humanoid robot that will throw Tackle Fires at Mega Man, they have no other way of defending themselves although have bulky armour making them tougher to take down.
Hot Dog [118] A very large fire-breathing enemy. Hot Dogs will often act as elite guards for levels and require a lot of hits to be defeated, they can breathe fire in arcing motions and will slash at anyone who gets too close.
Image Enemies
[119] Goomba
[120] Paragoomba
[121] Parachute Goomba
[122] Prickly Goomba
[123] Goomba 'n' Bubble
[124] Goomba Tower
[125] Grand Goomba
[126] Huge Paragoomba
[127] Micro-Goomba
[128] Galoomba
[129] Winged Galoomba
[130] Big Galoomba
[131] Goombeetle
[132] Octoomba
[133] Koopa Toopa
[134] Koopa Paratroopa
[135] Gargantua Koopa Troopa
[136] Colossal Koopa Paratroopa
[137] Bombshell Koopa
[138] Bombshell Paratroopa
[[File:|125px]] Kamikaze Koopa
[139] Blokkablok
[140] Flophopper
[141] Swaphopper
[142] Spike
[143] Stone Spike
[144] Snow Spike
[145] Fire Spike
[146] Chargin' Chuck (blue)
[[File:|125px]] Diggin' Chuck (brown)
[[File:|125px]] Passin' Chuck (yellow)
[[File:|125px]] Confusin' Chuck (green)
[[File:|125px]] Clappin' Chuck (red)
[[File:|125px]] Splitin' Chuck (purple)
[[File:|125px]] Explodin' Chuck (black)
[147] Magikoopa
[148] Chain Chomp
[149] Amp
[150] Big Amp
[151] Hop-Chop
[152] Bill Blaster
[153] Bullet Bill
[154] Banzai Bill Blaster
[155] Banzai Bill
[156] Skull Box/Ted Blaster
[157] Torpedo Ted
[158] Missile Bill
[159] Missile Banzai Bill
[160] Targeting Ted
[161] Lakitu
[162] Pipe Lakitu
[163] Fishin' Lakitu
[164] Spiny
[165] Spiny Egg
[[File:|125px]] Piranha Plant Egg
[[File:|125px]] Piranha Creeper Egg
[166] Buzzy Beetle
[167] Buster Beetle
[168] Bombeetle
[169] Para-Beetle
[170] Heavy Para-Beetle
[171] Monty Mole
[172] Morty Mole
[173] Mega Mole
[174] Rocky Wrenches
[175] Piranha Plant
[176] Big Piranha Plant
[177] Piranha Sprout
[178] Piranha Creeper
[179] Inky Piranha Plants
[180] Venus Fire Trap
[181] Venus Ice Trap
[182] Boo
[183] Big Boo
[184] Eire
[185] Peepa
[186] Broozer
[187] Scuttle Bug
[188] Crowber
[189] Splunkin
[190] Stumper
[[File:|125px]] Mud Trooper
[191] Dark Block
[192] Prongo
[193] Cheep Cheep
[194] Spiny Cheep Cheep
[195] Baby Cheep
[196] Big Bertha
[197] Cheep Chomp
[198] Porcupuffer
[199] Bulber
[[File:|125px]] Rip Van Fish
[200] Blooper
[201] Ink Blooper
[202] Big Blooper
[203] Baby Blooper
[204] Blooper Nanny
[205] BlooP-OW
[206] Skeeter
[207] Urchin
[208] Mini Urchin
[209] Big Urchin
[210] Madpole
[211] Rammerhead
[212] Spike Eel
[213] Jellyfish
[214] Lava Bubble
[215] Frost Bubble
[216] Thwomp
[217] Super Thwomp
[218] Thwimp
[219] Whomp
[220] Whimp
[221] Rhomp
[[File:|125px]] Rhimp
[222] Sphomp
[[File:|125px]] Sphimp
[223] Wallop
[224] Walleye
[225] Tox Box
[226] Grumblump
[227] Bomp
[228] Flimp
[229] Firebar
[230] Fire Snake
[231] Splorch
[[File:|125px]] Blue Splorch
[232] Raining Debris
[[File:|125px]] Volcano Smog
[233] Ball 'n' Chain
[234] Big Steelie
[235] Rocket Engine
[236] Boulder
[237] Cannon
[[File:|125px]] Pillar
[238] Skewer
[239] Spiked Bar
[240] Spiked Ball
[241] Ka-Thunk
[242] Ninji
[243] Shy Guy
[244] Snifit
[245] Fly Guy
[246] Tweester
[247] Porcupo
[248] Ant Trooper
[249] Big Ant Trooper
[250] Horned Ant Trooper
[251] Rex
[252] Pokey
[253] Pokey Sprout
[254] Mega Pokey
[255] Snow Pokey
[256] Fire Pokey
[257] Bramball
[258] Flurry
[259] Biddybug
[260] Para-Biddybug
[261] Cobrat
[262] Conkdor
[263] Flaptor
[264] Freezie
[265] Scoldy
[266] Fliprus
[267] Cataquack
[268] Draglet
[269] Waddlewing
[270] Stingby
[271] Flopter
[272] Foo
[273] Ty-Foo
[274] Fwoosh
[275] Digga
[276] Fuzzler
[277] Swooper
[278] Squiggler
[279] Wiggler
[280] Flutter
[281] Brolder
[282] Dino Rhino
[283] Dino Torch
[284] Bob-omb
[285] Para-Bomb
[286] Krab-omb
[287] Chuckya
[288] Fuzzy
[289] Mega Fuzzy
[[File:|125px]] Ring Burner
[290] Blockstepper
[291] Big Blockstepper
[292] Skipsqueak
[293] Big Skipsqueak
[294] Spiny Skipsqueak
[295] Splounder
[[File:|125px]] Blurker
[[File:|150px]] Mega Blurker
[296] Fizzlit
[297] Bully
[298] Big Bully
[299] Choppah
[[File:|125px]] Clampy
[300] Mecha-Koopa
[301] Paramecha-Koopa
[302] Bomb-Mecha-Koopa
[303] Mecha-Cheep
[[File:|125px]] Mecha-Blooper
[304] Sumo Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Hammer Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Sledge Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Boomerang Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Curve Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Fire Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Blaze Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Ice Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Frost Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Sand Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Desert Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Rock Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Boulder Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Thunder Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Storm Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Vortex Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Twister Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Ball Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Circus Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Bomber Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Explosive Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Shuriken Bro.
[305] Para Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.
[306] Dry Bones
[307] Super Dry Bones
[308] Parabones
[309] Super Parabones
[310] Bone Goomba
[[File:|125px]] Bone Galoomba
[311] Bone Piranha Plant
[312] Bony Beetle
[313] Bony Para-Beetle
[314] Fishbone
[315] Bone Wiggler
[316] Skellokey
[[File:|125px]] Bone Mole
[[File:|125px]] Bone Rex
[[File:|125px]] Bone Thwomp
[[File:|125px]] Bone Bro.
[[File:|125px]] Dry Bro.
[317] Blargg
[318] Magmaargh
[319] Magmaw
[320] Charvaargh
[321] Nep-Enut
[[File:|125px]] Yci-Enut
[322] Sandmaargh
[[File:|125px]] Aquamaargh
[[File:|125px]] Frostmaargh
[[File:|125px]] Blue-Lava Charvaargh
[[File:|125px]] Gray Bowser's Statue
[[File:|125px]] Gold Bowser's Statue
[323] Baddie Box

New EnemiesEdit

Hammer Bro.'s new sub-speciesEdit

  • Curve Bro.
  • Blaze Bro.
  • Frost Bro.
  • Sand Bro.
  • Desert Bro.
  • Rock Bro.
  • Boulder Bro.
  • Thunder Bro.
  • Storm Bro.
  • Bomber Bro.
  • Explosive Bro.
  • Bone Bro.
  • Dry Bro.
  • Vortex Bro.
  • Twister Bro.
  • Ball Bro.
  • Circus Bro.
  • Shuriken Bro.
  • Para Bro.
  • Amazing Flyin' Sledge Bro.

Chargin' Chuck's sub-speciesEdit

  • Chargin' Chuck (blue): Will charge as soon as it see you.
  • Diggin' Chuck (brown): Will dig up rock and toss them.
  • Passin' Chuck (yellow): Will toss out american footballs.
  • Confusin' Chuck (green): Will toss out baseballs.
  • Clappin' Chuck (red): Will jump and clap over their heads.
  • Splitin' Chuck (purple): Will split into triplets and charge as soon as they see you.
  • Explodin' Chuck (black): Will kick soccer ball bombs.
  • Flamin' Chuck (orange): Will charge the player, sometimes, leaving a trail of fire and shooting fireballs.
  • Freezin' Chuck (cyan): Will charge the player, sometimes, leaving a trail of ice and shooting iceballs.

Blargg's sub-speciesEdit

  • Blargg: Lava creatures that attempt to bite down on Mario (like SMW2YI/YNI).
  • Magmaargh: Blargg that move towards Mario in a wave-like movement (like SM3DL/NSMBU).
  • Magmaw: Magmaargh that circle a certain place.
  • Charvaargh: Magmaarghs that completely jumps out of lava.
  • Nep-Enut: Blarggs that make their home in water.
  • Yci-Enut: Blarggs that make their home in snow.
  • Sandmaargh: Magmaarghs that attempt to bite down on Mario in sand.
  • Aquamaargh: Magmaarghs that attempt to bite down on Mario in water.
  • Frostmaargh: Magmaarghs that attempt to bite down on Mario in snow and frozen water.
  • Blue-Lava Charvaargh: Charvaarghs that are made out of blue lava.
  • Thundermaargh: Magmaarghs that are made out of electricity.
  • Thundermaw: Magmaws that are made out of electricity. They, unlike normal Magmaws, shoot electric balls.

Other new sub-speciesEdit

  • Bone Mole
  • Bone Wiggler
  • Bone Rex
  • Bone Magikoopa
  • Fire Pokey
  • Fire Spike
  • Blue Splorch
  • Inksplorch
  • Mega Blurker
  • Big Blockstepper
  • Big Skipsqueaks
  • Piranha Creeper Egg
  • Ink Blooper (Blooper from SMS)
  • BlooP-OW

New especiesEdit

  • Cavedillo
  • Wollballer
  • Magnector
  • Frogoodbad
  • Seapoihorson


Image Boss Location Description
[324] Bowser (1st time)
  • W1-Castle
Bowser uses a tank similar to the one from MP10 to attack the players. Bowser mainly attacks by firing spiked bombs from his tank's main cannon, but he can also launch jets of flame from the four cannons on the corners of the vehicle (at this point, he will usually rotate fastly) and he also launch Missile Bullet Bills. He also uses a charge attack and spitting fireballs that leave lava residue. The player must use Yoshi, whose Egg can be found on the battle arena. If Yoshi eats a Missile Bullet Bill, he creates an Explosive Egg that explodes in some seconds if not thrown back. The player, using this method, must attack Bowser with Explosive Eggs 9 times to destroy the tank and ejecting Bowser from his own castle.
[325] Leader Conkdocrat
  • W2-Pyramid
  • WCrown-Bowser
Leader Conkdocrat is the king of all the Conkdors. Like a normal Conkdor, he slams its beak on the ground, which can cause damage to the player. But, unlike a Conkdor, he can walk, he spits rock boulders and sand balls and can create a powerful shockwave when he slams it's break into the ground. Using the Armadillo Suit, the player can dig underground (but can't dig in metalic surfaces) and attack the boss underside. When hit, Leader Conkdocrat can also attack by retreating into his large shell and then spinning fast in random directions, but he don't retreat his head and spiked neck, witch difficults the battle.


Boom Boom
  • W2-Tank
  • WBowser-Fortress 1
  • WCrown-Bowser
Before the battle begins, Boom Boom appears, but, before starting the battle, he changes his appearence, creating spikes on his shell, increasing his size and having a darker shell and skin. Now he can: jump, do a spin jump, spin and turn invisible. When hit, Boom Boom can also attack by retreating into his large spiked shell and then spinning fast in random directions. After the first hit, Boom Boom creates a clone of himself, but only the real Boom Boom can turn invisible. After the second hit, Boom Boom creates wings, starting to fly. But he can also turn invisible. After the final hit, Boom Boom returns to his normal appearence and shows to be defeated.
[328] Waddleking
  • W3-Tree
  • WCrown-Bowser
Waddleking, like any Waddlewing, will glide from slide to slide. But, he's faster than any other one from your species. Also, he can split explosive Poisoned Acorns, that jumps and, after a time, explodes (like Lemmy Koopa's bombs from NSMBU) which leave temporary poison puddles that the player must avoid. In his battle, he also can summon Waddlewings. To defeat him, Mario needs use the Super Acorn and need jump on his head 3 times to defeat him.
[329] Archduke Bulber
  • W3-Submarine
  • WCrown-Bowser
An giant anglerfish that is the ruler of Bulbers and lives inside one dark submarine. The boss iluminates the area of battle, although he can shut down the light on his rod to disturb the player. He also lunge at the player and launch electric balls from his rod. The player needs to use the Frog Suit to attack Archdule Bulber's stomach 3 times. After the second attack, the boss starts to be more faster, sometimes electrifying his own body to do faster lunges at the player.
[330] Emperor Morsikice
  • W4-Glacier
  • WCrown-Bowser
Emperor Morsikice is the leader of the Fliprus species. Like any other Fliprus, he launch jumping snowballs that can hurt the player, but he can also roll in a giant snowball and can make shockwaves while jumping on his snowball shield. Using the Fire Flower, Mario needs throw 7 Fireball at Morsikice's snowball shield to make him dizzy and, then, ground pound on him. Mario need do this 3 times to defeat him. Before the final attack, he sumon Flipruses to aid him.


Pom Pom
  • W4-Train
  • Bowser-Fortress 2
  • WCrown-Bowser
Before the battle begins, Pom Pom appears, but, before starting the battle, she changes her appearence, increasing her size and having a darker shell and skin. Now she can: jump, launch faster shurikens and faster boomerangs. When hit, Pom Pom can also attack by retreating into his large shell and then try to land on the player. After the first hit, Pom Pom creates clones of herself that launch shurikens and/or boomerangs, but only the real Pom Pom can now turn invisible. After the second hit, Pom Pom creates cloens that can land on Mario with their shell. After the final hit, Pom Pom returns to her normal appearence and shows to be defeated.
[333] Baron Rexock
  • W5-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
The baron of all Rexes appears. He can fly, can shoot boulders and can ground pound, creating a energy wave that the player can dodge by jumping. He also summons Rexes in the fight to assist him. When he slams into the ground, he stops to fly for a few seconds, starting to charge into the player. Baron Rexock is so fast when he is charging into the player, so the player can get his boulders and launch on the boss to make him dizzy. Then, the player needs to ground pound on him twice to damage him. After being jumped on once, the boss will simply become flattened. The player needs do this 4 times. After hit the second time, he only launch flaming boulders, which leave temporary fiery puddles the player must avoid. In this way, the player can get an Ice Flower and freeze the boulders to attack him.
[334] Motley Bossblob
  • W5-Circus
  • WBowser-Fortress 3
  • WCrown-Bowser
Motley Bossblob is a jester who uses gelatinous blobs to transform into a large clown-like monster transforms as a big ally of Kamek. He will try to jump on the player, creating shockwaves. On the last jump, Motley will split into many smaller blobs along with his jester form, where he will be vulnerable to attack. The player must defeat him by attacking the fleeing jester when he is defenseless, while avoiding the blobs that hurt the player. Every time the boss splits, a set of Double Cherries will appear. But now, Motley Bossblob can create blob like spikes on the ground and can launch inkballs to make the player slip.
[335] King Fizzliater
  • W6-Tank
  • WCrown-Bowser
The leader of the Fizzlit species wants you to battle against him. He can climb on magnetic walls, can create an electric puddle, and can fastly move side to side in this form. Also, he can launch electric balls by his antennas. The player needs to use the Magnetic Mushroom, use giant metal balls that are on the arena, attract them and launch them on Fizzliater when he's not in his electric puddle form to make him dizzy. Then climb the walls of the arena and jump of Fizzliater while he's dizzy. After the first attack, he creates 2 clones of himself and summon 3 Fizzlits to aid him. Attack him two more time and then he'll disappear!
[336] King Boo
  • W6-Mansion
  • WCrown-Bowser
King Boo appears in his mansion to block the way to World 7. King Boo can launch spiked balls; slam into the platform, creating powerful waves that the player can dodge by jumping; launch lightning into the ground to hurt the player; and create spiked patches. He can also sumon Boos, Bomb Boos and Peepas (like in Bowser's Block Battle from MP9). To defeat him, you need get a Light Box and shone the beam of light on the boss for a short period of time to hurt him. Do it 3 times to defeat him.
[337] Czar Ty-Foon
  • W7-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Yes, the leader of Foos and Ty-Foos appear as the boss of Dark Thunder Sky's castle. He produces smogs (dark fog) that can obscure the player's view and can blow a strong gust of wind that pushes the player in the opposite direction. He also can throw thunderballs and he can do a slap attack (like Bouldergeist) that will crate a electrical shockwave. Also, watch out with his most powerful attack, when he creates an electrical tornado that can launch electrical rocks to the air. To defeat him, use the Cannon Box and fire 5 cannonballs to leave him confused and then ground-pound him. Do this 4 times to destroy him.
[338] Army Hammer Bro.
  • W7-Airship
  • WBowser-Fortress 4
  • WCrown-Bowser
Army Hammer Bro. is consider now one of Bowser Jr.'s best allies and one of the High Ranking Members of Koopa Troop. In the battle, Kamek uses his magic to make Army Hammer Bro. bigger and powerful. He can launch giant hammers (even biggers than Sledge Bros hammers), he can teleport and can cause earthquakes that can paralyse and hurt the player. Mario neds punch him and do a ground pound on his stomach 3 times. After the first attack, he'll summon Hammer Bros., Sledge Bros., Boomerang Bros and Curve Bros. and after the secons attack, he'll summon Thunder Bros., Storm Bros, Bomb. Bros. and Explosive Bros. and after the third attack, he'll be defeated.
[339] Kamek
  • W8-Fortress 1
  • WBowser-Fortress 5
  • WCrown-Bowser
Kamek wants to help his master and this means stop everyone that wants to defeat him! He can fly, launch magic balls and teleport. He can, also summon Magikoopas to help him and he can summon various enemies to help him. When he goes launch his magic balls you need to be fast and ground-pound on his head 3 times. The player needs to be carerful when he uses is magic hammer to shake the ground, it can paralyse the player and he can use it to smash the player.
[340] Bowser Jr.
  • W8-Fortress 2
  • WBowser-Fortress 6
  • WCrown-Bowser

Bowser Jr. appears as one of the most important bosses from the game. He attack by using the boxing gloves from his Clown Car to attack the players, lauch bob-ombs, mechakoopas and spiked balls. The player must get the Mechakoopas and lauch them back at Bowser Jr. After the first attack, the boss will create electric fences arround the arena and use an spin attack to bump the player into the electric fences. Lauch more 4 mechakoopas to destroy the Clown Car. After that, the boss will still be alive, but using other methods of attack: use his magic paintbrush to lauch graffiti at the arena to disturb the players (sometimes lava or ice graffiti that can hurt the players) and spliting fireballs. In that case, the player must jump on his head 3 timRemeber that he also retreives into his shell when attacked.

[341] Bowser (2nd time)
  • W8-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Bowser returns using an upgraded tank. The strategy is similar to before: firing spiked bombs from his tank's main cannon, launching jets of flame from the four cannons on the corners of the vehicle, launching Missile Bullet Bills, using a charge attack, spitting fireballs that leave lava residue and now he can throw sledge hammers (like in NSMB2) and his tank can also lauch electricity from his cannon (the electric balls follows the player); however, a variety of terrain hazards have been added to the road, such as retractable spikes, jets of fire, Blarggs, Amps and the occasional hole to the lava that lies underneath the road. He also launch less Missile Bills. After the same amount of hits as the previous, using Yoshi and Explosive Eggs, the boss is defeated.
[342] Atomic Bowser
  • WBowser-Bowser
[343] Dry Bowser
  • W★-Castle
  • WCrown-Bowser
Dry Bowser returns as a special, secret boss in the game. Dry Bowser will appear in a bigger size compared to Bowser in his tank battle. The boss will throw bones at the player, will make shock waves after jumping, will split blue fireballs that leave blue lava residue. He can also jump into the background (out of the range of the players) and bombard the stage with fireballs; players should watch for the blue spots and move to another part of the stage. The player must use Yoshi, eat the bones that he launchs and, then, throw back at Dry Bowser. He must do it 10 times to destroy the Boss. After the fifth time, the boss will be angry and will throw dark bones that can hurt the player (even if Yoshi eat them) and also will summon 5 Parabones to help him distract the players. Also, a Mattermouth will appear, eating away part of the ground, which regenerates after a few seconds.


Boss SoundtracksEdit

Level SoundtracksEdit

Map SoundtrackEdit

  • Yoshi's Grassland Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Sarasa Desert Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Tropical Island Forest Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Tropical Island Ocean Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Frozen Snowcap Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Rock Crumble Canyon Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Old Factory Land Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Dark Thunder Skies Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • Koopa's Volcano Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • World Bowser - Bowser's Giant Egg Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • World ★ - Rainbow Area Map
    • Coming Soon...
  • World Crown Map
    • Coming Soon...

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Other SoundtracksEdit

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