Super Mario X Rabbids: RemasteredEdit

Edit Comments (22) Share ----  Super Mario X Rabbids: Remastered is a video game made for PC Systems developed by TheMorningFlash. The game was originally going to be a hack of the NES game Super Mario Bros, but due to various limitations, the project was moved to Game Maker. The SMB style is still retained, although various concepts have been added, such as more characters, more enemies, and a use of the overworld. In addition, the game includes a free-roam gameplay not unlike that of The Legend of Zelda, and also has more focus on story and characters, more so than any Mario game before it. A release date is August 29th 2017.


[show]==Development== In an interview with director TheMorningFlash, the goal of Super Mario: Remastered was to make Mario seem fresh and new, after how bland and unoriginal many Mario games had become after New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS. MorningFlash also wanted characters from other Mario games not part of the platformers, such as Paper Mario, to gain more recognition, resulting in a combination of everything related to Mario into one series, allowing the team to bring back characters such as Count Bleck, Dimentio, and Fawful. But this came at a cost, as due to an overflow of characters, many other characters, such as Kamek, had been replaced or removed entirely. In addition, other characters had been redesigned to fit in with the primary Mario Style. However, MorningFlash feels that the new and replaced characters "still have the qualities many players know and love."

There are three other sequals planned for this game, using the styles from SMB2, SMB3, and SMW, respectively. A remake using the games graphics from Super Mario All Stars was also planned, but due to time constraints, it was canceled.


In many ways, the story is a combination of Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii and Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, in which Bowser, after stealing the Star Rod, aims to conquer the world with ultimate power. Rosalina, her seven star spirits, and her Lumas are the only things that can stop Bowser's power. Unfortunately, he has captured both Rosalina and all of the Star Spirits, distributing the Spirits amongst his sub bosses for safe keeping. His direct schemes are assisted by his son, Bowser Jr; His henchwoman, Kammy Koopa; and the seven Koopalings.

Then there is the Mushroom Kingdom, the sworn enemy of the Koopas. Bowser, with this power, declares war on the kingdom, and quickly overpowers it. Mario, after defeating Goomboss, who lead the attack, barely escapes from the invasion, and takes refuge with a select few in the Flower Kingdom, a longtime ally of the Mushroom Kingdom. There, Mario learns that with the power of the Power Stars, mario can combat Bowser's forces and save the Star Spirits. With new scenery and new faces, Mario will need all the allies he can get if he wishes to defeat Bowser and his newfound power.

Can Mario succeed, or will all fall under the power of Bowser?


For the most part, many staples from the mainstream Mario platformers have been retained in Super Mario: Remastered, such as 2D platforming, jumping, using Question Blocks to gain power ups, and using an overworld to select a stage. However, the game expands on all of these concepts while also adding new ones, most notably is the fact that the overworld no longer follows a certain path. Instead, the player can roam freely across the overworld, allowing them to access not only stages, but also towns and locations. There, the player can purchase items using the coins they had collected in certain stages to store in their inventory. Similar to Super Mario Bros 3, these items can include either power ups or items that interfere with the map.

When the player selects a town, location, or stage, the game switches to the traditional Mario gameplay, alowing the player to jump, use powerups, and, in stages, travel from start to finish. Most items from previous Mario games, including question blocks, have also been retained. However, the game also returns previously lost elements into the game, such as Dragon Coins from Super Mario World.

Many sprites in the game are custom made, being made by spriters AwesomeZack, Soulcaliburfan, AJ Nitro, and others.

Items and PowerupsEdit


Item Image Information
Super Mushroom [1] An Item that restores any lost health.
Hammer Suit [2] A discarded suit of the Hammer Bros. It allows Mario to throw hammers.
Boomerang Flower [3] An Item that transforms Mario into Boomerang Mario
Fire Flower [4] An Item that transforms Mario into Fire Mario
Ice Flower [5] An Item that transforms Mario into Ice Mario
Boo Mushroom [6] An Item that transforms Mario into Boo Mario
Frog Suit [7] An Item that enhances swimming physics. It is completely useless on land.
Super Leaf [8] An Item that transforms Mario into Racoon Mario, allowing him to fly when he reaches top speed.
Shell [9] An Item that transforms Mario into Shell Mario, which allows him to protect himself inside the shell and also slide into other enemies.
Super Carrot [10] An Item that transforms Mario into Rabbit Mario, allowing him to slow his descent.
Rainbow Star [11] An Item that makes Mario invincible. Lasts only for a limited time.
Yoshi [12] Yoshi returns to help Mario once again. His yoshis can eat enemies and turn them into eggs. Said eggs can be thrown at other enemies or Question Clouds.


Item Image Information
Life Heart [13] A heart found only in Subspace, which temporarally increase the player's health by one. Permanent hearts can be found in shops.
Coin [14] The Main colectables of the game, which can be used to buy items.
Dragon Coin [15] With five in each level, collect these coins to unlock upgrades and extra levels.
Power Star [16] Items gained from quests and subplots. You need these to defeat Bowser.
Vegetable [17]


A plant that can be pulled out of the ground and thrown at enemies. They come in five variants.
Vegetable Generator [22] A machine that produces vegetables. Found only in The Ocean and The Airfleet.
Bomb [23] A bomb that can be pulled out of the ground. When thrown, it explodes.
POW Block [24] A block that can be found in certain areas. If hit, it obliterates all enemies on screen.
Warp Potion [25] A potion that warps players to Subspace.
P Switch [26] A switch that generates coins or secret passages.
Grand Star [27] An item dropped by Mid Bosses upon defeat. Grabbing them completes their level.
Key [28] An Item that can unlock locked doors or passages. They can be obtained freely, by escaping a Phanto, or by colecting Key Coins.
Key Coin [29] Five coins that summon a Key for the player.
Grab Block [30] Blocks the player can carry and throw at enemies. Dissapears after ten seconds.

Overworld ItemsEdit

Item Image Information
Hammer [31] An item that clears paths normally unreachable to the player.

Other ObjectsEdit

Item Image Information
Question Block [32] Hitting this from below releases a coin or powerup.
Brick Block [33] An ordinary block. Can be destroyed if Super Mario or greater.
Barier Block [34] Barriers that can only be destroyed using Hammer Mario's Hammers, Fire Mario's Fireballs, or Ice Mario's iceballs.
Iron Block [35] Cannot be destroyed, but can be used as platforms
Note Block [36] A block that bounces the character upward.
Hint Block [37] Hitting this from below gives you information, usually tutorials.
Doughnut Block [38] A block that collapses if the player stands on it for too long.
Grass [39] A piece of grass that yields vegetables.
Destructable Block [40] A block that can be destroyed using a Bomb.
Axe [41] A giant Axe that falls down, destroying a colapsing Bridge.
Colapsing Bridge [42] A bridge that can be destroyed using an axe, dropping any enemies on it.
Checkpoint Flag [43] A flag that records the player's progress in a stage. If they die, they restart from this point.
Warp Pipe [44] A pipe that transports players to other areas.
Door [45] Similar to pipes, they transport players.
Boss Door [46] A door transporting the player to the lair of a boss.
Flagpole [47] The goal awaiting at the end of every stage. Touching it completes the level.
Exit Sign [48] A sigh that determines the exit from a town or Location.


World Image Information
World 0

Mushroom Castle

The First world and mainly a tutorial world. For the most part, only simple enemies, such as Goombas, Shy Guys, and Koopa Troopas are present. The player also cannot access the overworld until this world is completed. The boss of this world is Goomboss.
World 1

Mushroom Plains

The first true world of the game, allowing players to access the overworld for the first time. The world features scenery simmilar to traditional Mario Scenery, including grassland and plains. Similar to the previous world, only simple enemies are encoutered, but this also includes plant-related enemies to fit with the world's theme. Birdo is the mid boss of the world, with the world boss being Petey Pirahna.
World 2

King Boo's Graveyard

The third world of the game, based off of the various ghost houses in other Mario games. As such, only spectral enemies, such as Boos, lurk in this haunted abode. The player must navigate through the various mazes and traps put in place by the ghosts haunting the mansion. Lady Bow is the first midboss, followed by Boolossus. Finally, King Boo appears as the world boss.
World 3


A world filled with nothing but sand and heat, ruled over by Tutankoopa, the world boss. Players must avoid tornadoes and quicksand if they hope to survive in this world. The enemies include desert-based enemies, including Pokeys, Spikes, and others. The world's first mid boss is Mummipokey, followed by Eyerock.
World 4

Sparkling Ocean

A world that is completely underwater, inspired by the underwater levels in other Mario games. The player cannot jump on enemies in this world, only being able to swim unless they have a fire flower. The Frog Suit enhances the swimming mechanics, allowing the player to swim more smoothly. Cheepskipper is the world's mid boss, followed by Clawgrip. Gooper Blooper is this world's boss.

World 5

Jelly Bean Jungle

A location inspired by the Donkey Kong Country games, taking place in a jungle infested area terrorized by the Kremlings. Most enemies in this world are from DKC, including Kritters, Klaptraps, and Zingers, while also including other Mario enemies, such as Frog Pirates. Wart, leader of the Frog Pirates, is the world's mid boss, with King K Rool, leader of the Kremlings, as the world boss.
World 6

Nimbus Land

. A cloud filled world terrorized by the evil Huff n' Puff and his cloud gang. Various cloud based enemies lurk in this world, such as Lakitus, and many levels require the player to jump from place to place. Lakilester appears as the first mid boss, followed by Lakithunder
World 7

The Diamond Dust Tundra

A world filled with nothing but ice. Players must brave through various ice physics, including low traction, while avoiding various snow based enemies, such as Flurries, Crystal Bros., Ice Bros, and Crystal Bits. Chief Chilly is the mid boss of this world, with the Crystal King being the world boss.

World 8

Rugged Mountains

An industrial world inspired by the Airships in other Mario games. The crew of the ship is very unhappy with Mario's gang, and will attack him on sight. This includes Hammer Bros, Boomerang Bros, Rocky Wrenches, and Bob Ombs. In addition, the player must avoid the cannons and weaponry, including Bullet Bills and Autobombs, installed on the Airship. King Bob Omb is the world's mini boss, followed by General Guy and Tryclyde. Mouser is the world boss.
World 9

The Ztar Mushroom Kingdom

The former kingdom Mario himself lived in. After Bowser conquered it, however, it has become a barren wasteland. As a result, many enemies are volcano-based in this world, including Fire Bros, Brolders, Trouble Bugs, and Blaarghs. Boss Brolder is the world's mid boss, with Dry Bowser as the world Boss.
World Bowser

Bowser's Castle & Peach's Castle

The final, most unique world in the game, as there are only seven stages, with each ending in a boss battle. The final stage is a trek through the occupied Peach's Castle. The enemies include Bowser's best troops, including Koopatrols, Magikoopas, Chargin' Chucks, and Fake Bowsers. The boss order starts out with Boom Boom following the first stage, Wendy and Roy following the second, Ludwig and Larry following the third, Morton, Lemmy, and Iggy following the fourth, Kammy Koopa following the fifth, Bowser Jr. following the sixth, and ultimately culminating with the final battle against Bowser.



Character Image Information
Mario Rabbid Mario The Main character, who is all around and balanced.
Luigi Rabbid Luigi Mario's Brother. He can jump high, but has low traction.
Princess Peach &

KoopaKaper Edit

Rabbid Peach

& Rabbid KoopaKaper

The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She can float, but has the lowest top speed.
Prince Haru Cappy the Ukiki Link & Shrekio Rabbid Haru Rabbid

Cappy Edit

Rabbid Link & Rabbid Shrekio

The Prince of the Flower Kingdom. He can run fast, but has a low jump.


Character Image Information

Rabbid Rosalina

A mystic of the Stars. Bowser kidnaps her and the Star Spirits to rule the world.
The Star Spirits The Dark Guardians  The guardians of the cosmos and the Star Rod. They are captured by Bowser.
King Toadstool & Queen Shitake Rabbid King Toadstool & Rabbid Queen Shitake The royal Monarchs of the Mushroom Kingdom.
Toad Rabbid Mega Man The captain of the Toad Brigade, a group of seven Toads that serve as Peach's royal guard.
The Toad Brigade The Rabbid AiAi Brigade A group of seven toads, acting as the guardians of the Mushroom Kingdom
Toadsworth Rabbid Toadsworth The prime minister of the Mushroom Kingdom. He worries for Peach.
Yoshi Henry The Leader of the Yoshi Clan. His friends can be found in question blocks.
Donkey Kong [49] The powerful guardian of DK island and Mario's former rival. He is your main ally in DK Island.
The Kongs Donkey Kong's friends.
Professor Kolorado An esteemed explorer. He is Mario's ally in Dry Dry Desert.
Goombella Kolorado's personal assistant.
Kooper An explorer for Kolorado.
Lady Bow [50] The lady of all of the boos.
Lakilester [51] A former member of the Cloud Gang. He joins Mario after being defeated.
Flavio The esteemed captain of the SS Flavion. He is Mario's ally in The Ocean.
Pauline [52] Flavio's wife and Mario's former love interest.
Admiral Bobbery [53] The captain of the Bob Omb buddies on the SS Flavion.
Bob Omb Buddies [54] The main crew of the SS Flavion.
Bombette [55] A female member of the Bob Omb Buddies.
Pa Patch A scurvy, Scottish member of the Bob Omb Buddies.
Mallow [56] The prince of Nimbus Land.
Professor E. Gadd An expert professor on the paranormal. He is your ally throughout King Boo's Haunt.
Raphael the Raven A giant raven who formally lead Bowser's DK Isle faction.


Character Image Information
Bowser [57] The main Antagonist and cruel leader of Dark Land
Kammy Koopa Bowser's crony, arrogant henchwoman.
Bowser Jr. [58] Bowser's one and only son. He aims nothing more to impress his father.
The Koopa Pack [59]


A group consisting of Mouser, General Guy, and Tryclyde, who captain Bowser's air fleet.
The Koopalings [61]


Bowser's elite strike team. They appear every so often to cause trouble.

Other CharactersEdit

Character Image Information
Wario [68] Mario's greedy, bizarre doppelganger and rival.
Waluigi [69] Wario's lanky brother. He acts as Luigi's rival.
Boshi A rouge, nasty Yoshi. He acts as Yoshi's rival.
Popple [70] The self proclaimed leader of the "Shadow Thieves".
Rookie [71] Popple's right hand man. He's not exactly the brightest...
Nabbit A rabbit-like member of the Shadow Thieves.
Crocco A sly, purple crocodile and a member of the Shadow Thieves.
Birdo [72] The Mid Boss of Mushroom Plains. After being defeated, she joins the Shadow Thieves.
Count Bleck [73] A rouge that suffers a mysterious past. Just who is he?

Enemies and BossesEdit

Common EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information


A simple enemy. One stomp defeats it.
Koopa Troopa Super Dark Koopa The weakest of Bowser's forces. Stomping on them ejects them from their shell.
Beach Koopa Cut Mettaur A Koopa without its shell. One stomp defeats it.
Galoomba [74] Round Goombas that turn over when stomped. They can be thrown at other enemies.
Phanto [75] A strange mask. It chases you when you grab a key.
Cosmic Clone [76] Clones that chase after you, mimicking your movements. They cannot be defeated.

Plains EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Pirahna Plant [77]


A chomping plant that eats everything near it. Some stay on the ground, while others rise from pipes.
Nipper Plant [79] A baby Pirahna plant. It jumps when you are near it.
Muncher [80] Black, stationary Nipper Plants that constantly munch upward. They cannot be defeated.
Panser [81] Small, Red flowers that periodically release fireballs.
Ant Goomba Bro. Ant enemies that patrol the ground. One stomp defeats it.
Battle Beetle Beetley Atlas beetles that fly after Mario.
Wiggler [82] Caterpillers that at first appear happy, but turn angry when stomped.

Halloween EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Boo [83] Shy ghosts that follow you when you turn away.
Peepa Octoboo Small ghosts that follow a set pattern, usually as a wide circle.
Gold Ghost Goomboo Ghosts that periodically appear, attacking you.
Pumpkin Plant [84] Ghosts that rise up suddenly before falling back down.
Mr. I


Giant eyeballs that shoot lasers at you. They cannot be defeated.
Kyororo Rebound Bro. One eyed cyclops that run around. A simple stomp defeats them.


Vampires that summon bats to attack the player.
Karakara Brutah Moopa Enemies that resemble umbrellas. They jump and parachute downwards.
Hobogoblin Glum Reaper Enemies that hold lanterns, walking around.
Carroboscus Metal Lantern Ghost Phantoms that resemble carrots.

Desert EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Pokey [85] Tall, segmented cactuses.
Buzzy Beetle [86] Four legged, dark Koopas that lurk in the pyramid.
Spike Top [87] Spiked Buzzy Beetles that walk around a set platform.
Swooper [88] Bat enemies that swoop down. They also appear in the Wastes of Dark Land.
Spike [89] Enemies that cough up spiked balls, rolling them towards you.
Bandit Bandit Joe Enemies that try to steal coins or items. They take three stomps to defeat.
Gao Rabbid  Gūrindai Sphinx creatures that breathe fireballs.
Cobrat [90] Snakes that rise from the sand or from vases, breathing fireballs.
Sandoon King Tut Rabbids Worms that rise from the sand, blocking your path.

Underwater EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Cheep Cheep [91] Fish that swim in a set pattern. One fireball defeats them.
Blurp [92] Schools of fish that swim from right to left. One fireball defeats them.
Blooper [93] Squids that "Bloop" towards players.
Sidestepper [94] Crabs that patrol the seafloor. One attack angers them, two attacks defeat them.
Gunion Goby Octopuses that swim in figure eights. It separates into fireballs upon defeat.
Yurain Dire Bloopers Seahorses that breathe fireballs.
Bitacuda Scuba Rabbids Giant pirahnas that snap after the player.
Jelectro [95] Jellyfish that stay in one place. They cannot be defeated.
Urchin [96] Spiked urchins that follow a set pattern.
Skull Box [97] A box that releases Torpedo Teds
Torpedo Ted [98] Torpedoes released from Skull Boxes.

Tropical/Jungle EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Rex [99] Dinosaurs that require two stomps to defeat.
Dino Rhino [100] Giant, burly dinosaurs that charge at the player. They cannot be defeated.


Generic Kremlings that attack the player. Can be defeated with a simple stomp.

Cling KoobraEdit

Crocodiles that snap at approaching players.


Bees that fly after the player.
Frog Pirate Frogog Frogs that try to eat Mario, similar to Yoshi.
Ukkiki Krimp Monkeys that either run from Mario or drop items on him. Takes two stomps to defeat.
Beehoss Jungle Joe Giant, walking beehives. They shoot bees at you.
Fuzzy [101] Fuzzballs that jump around.

Ice EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Ice Bro [102] Burosos that throw ice balls at the player.
Frost Bro [103] Obese Ice Bros that shake the ground upon impact.
Flurry [104] Snow Monsters that run after the player.
Freezie [105] Sentient Icebergs that stay in one place, breathing icy wind. They can only be defeated with fire flowers.
Bumpty Yeti Rabbid Penguins with bouncy exteriors. They cannot be defeated.
Cooligan Imguin Penguins that slide down slopes. Two stomps defeat them.
Mr. Blizzard [106] Snowmen that throw snowballs.
Crystal Bit [107] Small Iceballs that float after the player.

Nimbus EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Lakitu [108] Koopas that drop spinies using their clouds. Stomping them ejects them from the cloud, allowing you to ride it.
Ruff Puff [109] Clouds that release jolts of electricity. Can only be defeated when it cools down.
Gusty Air Sniper Joe Wind gusts that rocket in from left to right.
Cloud Drop Caped Clashin' Clark Slow gustys that move back and forth in a pattern.
Parakoopa [110] Winged koopas that move in a set pattern. One stomp reduces them to a normal koopa.
Beach Parakoopa

Pure Skill Bill Edit

Parakoopas without their shell. Unlike regular beach koopas, they kick back shells.
Spiny [111] Spiked enemies dropped by Lakitus.
Fighter Fly [112] Flies that slowly bounce towards the player.
Paragoomba [113] Winged goombas that walk normally, occasionally hopping with their wings.

Rabbidifed EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Rabbid Guy Tectokid The main crew of the Airfleet. They throw bombs at you.
Rabbid Snifit Gecko Rabbid Shy Guys wearing what resembles gas masks. They shoot bullets at you.
Hammer Rabbid Bro Jet Flame Rabbid Burosos that throw hammers. They also appear in Bowser's Castle.
Sledge Rabbid Bro Rabbid Metalaser Obese Hammer Bros that shake the ground upon impact.
Boomerang Rabbid Bro Ape Rabbid Burosos that throw Boomerangs.
Curve Rabbid Bro


Obese Boomerang Bros.
Rabbid Cuchicken Sludgeman Rabbid The guard dogs of the Airfleet. They attack by lunging at the player.
Rabbid-Omb Tomahawk Rabbid Automated bombs that wander around. They explode after being jumped.
Rabbid Sealeal Football Rabbid Monty Moles that pop up, throwing wrenches.
Bumblebee Rabbid Rabbid Sporti-Champ A cannon that fires Bullet Bills.
Autobomb Bill TutanRabbid A moving Bill Blaster. Unlike its stationary counterpart, it can be defeated with a stomp.
Rabbid Hissy Primitive Rabbid Rockets fired from Bill Blasters and Autobombs.
Missle Rabbid Rabbid Shrex Blasters that fire Missle Bills.
Rabbid Burnant

Small Livid Stone Edit

Moving Missle Blasters.
Shock Kick Rabbid Yoshabbids Bullet Bills that follow the player.
Rabbid Sascave Porcu-Rabbid Kongs that throw barrels at Mario. They are controlled by whipmasters.
Smashers Rabbid-Bandit Joe Moustached, capped humans that control Chained Kongs. Defeating them releases the Kong.

Airship EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Shy Guy [114] The main crew of the Airfleet. They throw bombs at you.
Snifit [115] Shy Guys wearing what resembles gas masks. They shoot bullets at you.
Hammer Bro [116] Burosos that throw hammers. They also appear in Bowser's Castle.
Sledge Bro [117] Obese Hammer Bros that shake the ground upon impact.
Boomerang Bro [118] Burosos that throw Boomerangs.
Curve Bro [119] Obese Boomerang Bros.
Chain Chomp [120] The guard dogs of the Airfleet. They attack by lunging at the player.
Bob Omb [121] Automated bombs that wander around. They explode after being jumped.
Rocky Wrench [122] Monty Moles that pop up, throwing wrenches.
Bill Blaster [123] A cannon that fires Bullet Bills.
Autobomb [124] A moving Bill Blaster. Unlike its stationary counterpart, it can be defeated with a stomp.
Bullet Bill [125] Rockets fired from Bill Blasters and Autobombs.
Missle Blaster [126] Blasters that fire Missle Bills.
Missle Autobomb [127] Moving Missle Blasters.
Missle Bill [128] Bullet Bills that follow the player.
Chained Kong [129] Kongs that throw barrels at Mario. They are controlled by whipmasters.
Whipmasters [130] Moustached, capped humans that control Chained Kongs. Defeating them releases the Kong.

Ztar EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Ztar Clawsting Ztar Spectrog Armored Koopa Troopas that patrol the halls of Bowser's Castle.
U.S.Z. Ztar Scoundog Koopa Wizards that teleport around, sending magic blasts.
Zhargin' Zhuck Axe Bro. Football Koopas that run after the player. They take three stomps to defeat.
Ztar Tanoomba Ztar CardGuards Soccer Koopas that kick shells at the player.
Tindalo-Chomp Bro. Ztar Rabbids Large, muscular Koopas that throw weapons shaped like Chain Chomps. They take three stomps.
Mecha Zoopa Zritters & Zrushas Mechanical Koopas that walk back and forth. They can be stunned by jumping on them.
Ztar StormMets Liquid Bro. Giant, fire breathing Koopas that resemble Bowser. They take three stomps.
Ztar Yarikos

Ztar Starmie

Ztar Hitmoncena

Ztar Bearco Ztar Militarant

Ztar Gravematch


Statues of Bowser himself, who stay in one place breathing fireballs. Golden ones jump towards you.
Ztar Brothers Nader Stone guardians that fall on the player when they are underneath.


Ztar Squirtle Bros.

Ztar Peppop Ztar Battle Beetle




Thwomps without spikes, allowing them to be used as platforms.
Ztar Cryoflake, Ztar Cryosicle, & Ztar Cryoking Ztar Hammer Joe Miniature thwomps that jump left to right.

Volcanic/Underground EnemiesEdit

Character Image Information
Fire Bro [131] Burosos that throw Fireballs
Blaze Bro [132] Obese Fire Bros
Bully [133] Horned spheres that try to push the player. Can only be defeated by pushing into lava or an abyss.
Monty Mole [134] Moles that pop out of the ground. They only appear underground.
Blaargh [135] Lava Monsters that suddenly rise from lava.
Brolder Boulder-Throwin' Rabbid Large boulders that roll after the player. Stomping them stuns them.
Lava Bubble [136] Bubbles of lava that rise from lava.
Fire [137] Lava Bubbles that roam along the ground after emerging.
Wall Lakitu Crystal Bro. Lakitus that throw spiked Balls at the player, aiming at them. They only appear underground.
Dry Bones [138] Skeletal Koopas that reassemble after being stomped. They only appear underground.
Bony Beetle [139] Skeletal Buzzy Beetles, which occassionally protrude their spikes. They only appear underground.
Bony Plant [140] Skeletal Pirahna plants that rise from pipes, breathing fireballs. They only appear underground.

Bowser's Elite forcesEdit

Character Image Information
Koopatrol [141] Armored Koopa Troopas that patrol the halls of Bowser's Castle.
Magikoopa [142] Koopa Wizards that teleport around, sending magic blasts.
Chargin' Chuck [143] Football Koopas that run after the player. They take three stomps to defeat.
Koopa Striker CardGuards Soccer Koopas that kick shells at the player.
Chomp Bro Warlockoopa Large, muscular Koopas that throw weapons shaped like Chain Chomps. They take three stomps.
Mecha Koopa [144] Mechanical Koopas that walk back and forth. They can be stunned by jumping on them.
Koopaling [145] Giant, fire breathing Koopas that resemble Bowser. They take three stomps.
Bowser Statue [146]


Statues of Bowser himself, who stay in one place breathing fireballs. Golden ones jump towards you.
Thwomp Bowser Rabbids Stone guardians that fall on the player when they are underneath.
Flat Thwomp [148] Thwomps without spikes, allowing them to be used as platforms.
Thwimp [149] Miniature thwomps that jump left to right.

Main BossesEdit

Item Image Information
Goomboss [150] The boss of Mushroom Castle. He does nothing but run at you.
Birdo [151] The Mid Boss of Mushroom Plains. She shoots eggs, which requires you to throw them back.
Petey Pirahna [152] The World Boss of Mushroom Plains. He shoots goop, but is clumsy. Jump when his belly is exposed!
Boolossus [153] A ginormous Boo and the mid boss of King Boo's Haunt. Lure him to the spikes, then stomp on his separated boos.
King Boo [154] The King of all the Boos and the World Boss of King Boo's Haunt. He will manipulate the scenery to his advantage.
Mummipokey Agualung The First Mid Boss of Dry Dry Desert. Stomp on his head as he rises and falls.
Eyerock The Second mid boss of Dry Dry Desert. Try attacking his open eye.
Tutankoopa [155] The world boss of Dry Dry Desert. He throws shells and casts magic, which means you must throw the shells back.
Cheepskipper The first mid boss of The Ocean. It is a large fish that jumps at you.
Clawgrip A large crab that throws rocks at you. Said rocks must be thrown back.
Gooper Blooper A ginormous squid that tries to crush you with its tenticles. Stomp on them while they are stuck.
Queen B A large Zinger that buzzes after you. Three vegetables should defeat it.
Wart [156] The leader of the Frog pirates, who spits bubbles at you. Throw vegetables in his mouth!
King K. Rool The leader of the Kremlings. He attacks by charging and throwing his crown.
Chief Chilly [157] A large, icy bully. Push him into the icy abyss three times.
Crystal King [158] The King of Ice, who casts magic.
Lakilester [159] A member of the Cloud Gang, who targets spiny eggs at you.
Lakithunder The Second in Command of the Cloud gang. He unleashes bolts of lightning, and swoops down.
Huff 'n Puff [160] The cruel leader of the Cloud Gang, who breathes wind and body slams.
King Bob Omb [161] The Leader of the Bob Ombs. He tosses bombs and tries to body slam you. Throw these bombs back at him.
General Guy [162] The First of the Koopa Pack. He attacks from his large tank with bombs and electricity.
Tryclyde The second of the Koopa Pack. He breathes fireballs in your direction. Use three Grab blocks to defeat him.
Mouser [163] The final of the Koopa Pack. He pops from pipes, attempting to stomp on you.
Boss Brolder A large brolder that summons brolders and fires. Throw the brolders back at him.
Dry Bowser [164] A skeletal Bowser that throws bones and breathes fire. He also throws his head, allowing you to stomp it.
Boom Boom [165] An idiot that flails his arms around. Three stomps defeats him.
Roy & Wendy [166]


The first koopaling tag team in Bowser's castle. Roy uses brute strength, while Wendy uses death rings.
Ludwig & Larry [168]


The second koopaling tag team in Bowser's castle. Ludwig uses illusion, while Larry uses plain magic.
Morton, Lemmy, and Iggy [170]


The final koopaling tag team in Bowser's castle. Morton attacks using magic, Lemmy uses circus acts, and Iggy utilizes chain chomps.
Kammy Koopa A witch that warps from place to place. She can only be stomped when casting magic.
Bowser Jr. [173] Bowser's son. He attacks from his Clown car, spitting flames.
Bowser [174] The main antagonist. He slashes at you with his claws, while also breathing fire. He can also cast magic using the Star Rod.
Giga Bowser Bowser powered by the Star Rod. You can't defeat him, you can only run. Eventually, there is a switch to destroy the castle, taking Bowser with it.

Abaniko Airplane Guy Albatoss Albino Chomp Pack Albino Dinister Albino Dino Albino Dinoster Albino Mole Miner Alchemy Bros. Amazing Flyin' Fire Bros. Amazing Flyin’ Hammer Bros. Amazing Flyin’ Sledge Bros. Amethyst Cheep-Cheep Amp Amp Lakitu Amp-lified Ancient Dinister Ancient Dino Rhino Ancient Dinoster Ancient Fish Bone Ancient Fish Bone Chomp Ancient Piranha Plant Ancient Thwomp Angler Stu Angry Moon Angry Star Angry Sun Antotto Ant Trooper Arach Astrily Astro Buster Beetle Atom Bill Autobomb Ax Knight Axe Bros. Axe Guy Axe Joebros. Axe Shroobros. Baby Blooper Baby Cheep Cheep Baby Rex Baddie Box Ball Bros. Ball Joebros. Ballbit Balloomba Balloon Goomba Balloon Guy Bandit Bandit Joe Bandlekoots Bangle Bros. Banzai Bill Baron von Zeppelin Barribad Batadon Baton Sectle Dee Baton Waddle Dee Beach Bros. Beach Koopa Beak Pillar Beamy Bro Beat Magikoopa Bēro Bee Goomba Beefoes Bee-Shelled Troopuiose Beeninja Beezo Beriberi Biddybud Biddyswinging Metool Big Amp Big Ant Trooper Big Balloomba Big Bertha Big Boo Big Boo Buddy Swarm Big Boulder Big Bouncy Ball Big Bully Big Bungee Piranha Big Cannonball Big Galoomba Big Mr. I Big P-Balloomba Big Preying Manta Big Snooze-A-Koopa Big Special Galoomba Big Steely Big Trouter Blargg Blaze Bros. Blazey Blindfold Boo Blizzard Guy Blobat Blockhopper Blockstepper Blokkablok Blooper Blooper Nanny Blue Bound Fire Blue Kintot Blue Pyro Guy Blueberry Muncher Bob-Omb Bombshell Gutsmet Bombshell Koopa Bomubomu Bodyslam Koopa Bone Bow Balloon Bone Broomba Bone Bros. Bone Goomba Bone Hoopster Bone Piranha Plant Bone Thwomp Bongo Spike Bony Beetle Boo Boo Buddy Boo Buddy Block Boo Buddy Swarm Boodelier Boomburst Piranha Plant Boomerang Bros. Boowhomp Boss Bass Boulder Boulder Bros. Bouncy Anenome Bouncy Ball Bound Fire Bow Balloon Bowling Goonie Bowser Blaster Bratty Beetle Bratty Beetley Broozer Broulder Bubble Goomba Bulber Bulky Scuba-Omb Bullet Bill Bully Bumpty Bungee Piranha Buster Beetle Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetley Bzzap! Cannon Cannon Pipe Cannonball Cannonball Lakitu Carbon Scoundog Carrot Cat Banzai Bill Cat Bill Blaster Cat Bill Cat Blade Knight Cat Bombshell Bill Blaster Cat Bombshell Bill Cat Goomba Cat Goombones Cat Goompling Cat Hammer Sisters. Cat Mettune Cat Moonja Cat Scuba Troopa Cat Yariko Chain Chomp Chain Chomplet Chainsaw Chamomeleon Chameleon Boo Chargin' Galoomba Chargin’ Chuck Chargin' Gutsmet Chargin' Kitty Scratch Cheep Cheep Cheep Chomp Chemical Bros. Cherry Blossom Boruum Chibibo Chikunto Chill Bully Chillhopper Chillire Chokey Chomp Muncher Chomp Pack Chuboomba Chuck Grizzo Chuck Gūrindais Chuck Hammor Chuckya Circling Boo Buddies Circus Bros. Clappin’ Chuck Cleaner Ninjun Climbing Dry Bones Climbing Koopa Cloned Corporal Paraplonk Cloned Private Goomp Cloned Sergeant Guy Cloudling Coalboo Cobrat Cold Bones Cold Carl Colossal Chomp Colossal Koopa Paratroopa Comet Confused Chuck Cookin Conkdor Constellation Bros. Cooligan Crabb Y Craw Craw Archer Crazy Chair Crog Crowber Crowblaze Cruisin’ Chuck Crushing Column Crystal Telly Cutter Bros. Curve Bros. Dallock Dark Craw Archer Deep Cheep Diagonal Bill Trap Diagonal Pidgit Trap Diamond Bros. Diamond Magikoopa Digga Diggin’ Chuck Ding Doom Dino Dino Chomp Dino Koopatrol Dino Rhino Dino Torch Dire Glooper Discr Dolphin Dokanto Dr. Freezegood Dread Bones Dreadiax Dry Bone Bros. Dry Bones Dry Bros. Dry Skull Dry Spear Guy Dual RoSpikes (Enemy) Eep Cheep Eerie Egg Bros. Elasto-Piranha Elec'n Go Elite Blue Koopa Elite Cyan Koopa  Elite Dark Koopa Elite KP Koopa Elite Nekonian Koopa Elite Pink Koopa Elite Quartz Koopa Elite Red Koopa Elite Sandstone Koopa Elite Spear Guy Elite White Koopa Elite Yellow Koopa Elite Sandstone Kroopa Elite Paratroopa Elite Blue Paratroopa Elite Cyan Paratroopa Elite Dark Paratroopa Elite KP Paratroopa Elite Nekonian Paratroopa Elite Pink Paratroopa Elite Quartz Paratroopa Elite Red Paratroopa Elite Sand Bros. Elite Sandstone Paratroopa Elite Shady Paratroopa Elite White Paratroopa Elite Yellow Paratroopa Evergoomba Evil Eyes Fake Block Fafwag Fang F Bōi Fiery Pumpkin Plant Fire Bros. Fire Chomp Fire Crog Fire Hammer Bros. Fire Hari Harry Fire Magikoopa Fire Koobra Fire Nipper Fire Piranha Galoomba Fire Piranha Goomba Fire Piranha Plant Fire Rollidillo Fire Shooter Fire Snake Fire Snake Bullsdozer Fire Spike Firebar Fish Bone Fish Bone Chomp Fishin’ Boo Flaming Tiki Fuzzy Flappy Cheep Flickster Fliprus Floating Mine Flopsy Fish Flurry Flurry Koobra Fly Guy Fountain Spike Freezie Freezee Dayzee Frobog Froggy Koopa Froggy Kroopa Froggy Froggy Hammer Bros. Frosties Frost Bros. Frost Piranha Goomba Frost Squirps Frozen Spike Fuzzy Galoomba Ganchan Gargantua Koopa Troopa Gas Bubble Getuned Geyser Guppy Ghost ? Block Ghost Fire Ghost Piranha Ghostly Fire Snake Giant Fish Bone Giant Jelectro Giant Jumping Piranha Plant Giant Ninji Giant Phanto Giant River Piranha Plant Giant Shy Guy Giant Snifit Giant Spark Giant Spiked Ball Giant Targeting Ted Giant Torpedo Ted Giga Paratroopa Giga Scuba Troopa Giga Spike Giga Troopa Gigawatt Gūrindais Glam Boo Buddies Glom Gloomba Gloomboth Gold Bowser Statue Gold Bony Beetle Gold Cheep Cheep Gold Para-Beetle Gold Snifit Golden King Bill Golden Titanic Ted Goomba Goomba Chuck Goomba Stack Goomba Tower Goombeetle Goombrat Goombulb Goomfrog Goompling Goonie Goopa Troopa Goronto Grand Goomba Grand Kaiboon Grand Koopatrol Grand Shoe Goomba Grand Shoe Lakitu Grand Shoe Podoboo Grand Tail Goomba Grand Terekuribo Gravity Boruum Green Heavy Para-Beetle Green Para-Beetle Grey Bowser Statue Grindel Grinder Grinder Kong Groove Bros. Groove Guy Grispy Gromba Grrrol Grubby Grumba Gugi Gurindais Gusty Hammer Bros. Hammer Sisters. Hammer Wrench Hanma Kun Hari Harry Haunted Table Hawkmouth Heavy Para-Beetle Heligoomba Honey Griz Hoop Bros. Hoopster Hop-Chop Hopping Flame Horned Ant Trooper Hotfoot Hothead Huckit Crab Huge Bubble Head Huge HulaHula Huge Para-Goomba HulaHula Hydra Spike Hyper Electric Fan Monkey Hyper Goombekk Hyper Koopa Hyper Rhino Goomba Hyper Shroomba Ice Bros. Ice Smolderin' Stu Icebar Icy Lava Bubble Inky Piranha Plant Inguin Inukshock Jack O’ Goomba Jacket Goomba Jade Ant Trooper Jade Boxin Jade Galoomba Jade Goomba Jade Jellybellies Jade Ninji Jaw Breaker Jelectro Jellybeam Jellybellies Jellyfish Jerk-O-Lantern Jet Flame Met (he can fly, but not very high) Jewel Stu J Son Jumbo Ray Jumpin’ Chuck Jumping Bone Piranha Plant Jumping Chain Chomp Jumping Piranha Plant Jumping Pumpkin Plant Jurassic Hammer Bros. KP Koopa KP Paratroopa Kab-Omb Kaiboon Kamikaze Koopa Kappi Koopid Karakara Keeleon Killer Shoe Goomba King Bill Kintot Klapsand Koobra Koopa Paratroopa Koopa Striker Koopa Striker with Ride Armor Koopa Troopa Koopalloon Koopid Krabb Y Kreepoh Kyororo Lakitrash Lakitu Lakitu Bros. Laser Bowser Statue Lava Lotus Ledge Bros.

LEPBELLER Licorice Scratch Little Glove Lil’ Sparky Lily Skippin' Stu Loud Lizard Lune Mace Guy Mace Knight Madpole Magic Bros. Magikoopa Makoop Mammoth Mario-Masked Kintot Mario-Masked Makoop Mario-Masked Mettune Mario-Masked Spike Mask Koopa Mattermouth Mecha Bros. Mecha Cheep Mecha-Spike Top Mecha Koopa Mega Blooper Mega Blurp Mega Buzzy Beetle Mega Cheep Cheep Mega Comet Mega Deep Cheep Mega Fuzzy Mega Grrrol Mega Lakitu Mega Mole Mega Monty Mole Mega Podoboo Mega Rex Melonchomp Metune Micro Goomba Mini Buzzy Beetle Mini aloombaraoh Mini-Golem Guy Mini Hammer Bros. Mini Koopa Paratroopa Mini Sledge Bros. Mini Spiny Mini Torpedo Ted Mini Tulip Green Mini Urchin Missile Banzai Bill Missile Bill Missile Top Money Bag Monkey Boxin Monkey Guy Monty Mole Morty Mole Morty Mole Train Mountain Bob-Omb Mr. Blizzard Mr. Gustard Mr. I Mr. Skeleton Muddy Water Boruum Muncher Native Galoomba Native Shroob Rex Neo Swim Metall Neo Swinging Metool Net Bones Ninja Bros. Ninji Nipper Nokobon Note Block Goomba Nutt Glider O’Dile Octo (Yoshi's Safari) Octoomba Ostro P-Balloomba Panser Para-Beetle Para-Biddybud Para-Bomb Para-Bones Para-Buzzy Para-Chomp Para-Fuzzy Para-Galoomba Para-Goomba Para-Hammer Bros. Para-Mecha Koopa Para-Micro Goomba Para-Piranha Para-Spike Para-Spike Top Para-Spiny Parachute Bomb Parachute Chomp Passin’ Chuck Phanto Pidgit Pidgit Bill Pile-Driver Micro-Goomba Pink Cheep Cheep Pink Piranha Plant Pink Snoomba Pint-sized Piranha Plant Pinwheel Pipe Blooper Pipe Lakitu Piranha Galoomba Piranha Goomfrog Piranha Lotus Piranha Plant Piranha Sprout Piranhacus Giganticus Pirate Goom Pitchin’ Chuck Pizza Slice Bros. Plauncher Podoboo Podoboo Lakitu Poison Pokey Pokey Pokey Lakitu Pokey Sprout Porcu-Puffer Porcupo Pouncer Preying Manta Primal Bandlekoots Primal Honey Griz Psychic Snaker Psychic Waddle Doo Ptooie Pumpkin Lotus Pumpkin Plant Pumpkin Pokey Putrid Piranha Pyro Guy Pyro Tap-Tap Pyroro Quad Cannon Quad Engine Quartz Koopatrol Quartz Koopa Troopa Quartz Rex Radioactive Antr Radioactive Rex Rainforest Fuzzy Really Eerie Red Goomba Red-Hot Rex Red Hulk Joe Red Para-Goomba Red Pirate Bones Remettaur Returning Monking Rex Rhino Goomba Ring Sisters Rip Van Fish River Piranha Plant Robintaur Rock Bros. Rocket Bill Rocket Engine Rocket Guy Rocky Hammer Rocky Wrench Rolling Bob-Omb Rolling Chomp Roonkstey Roto-Disc Roto-Fire Royal Spike Ruby Bodyslam Koopa Ruby Chuck Guy Ruby Elec'n Go Ruby Fishbone Chomp Ruby Glom Ruby Kobble Ruby Kreepoh Ruby Licorice Scratch Ruby Makoop Ruby Mecha Bros. Ruby Robintaur Ruby Scald Fish Ruby Tobawani Ruby Wizard Joe Sand Bros. Sand  Fuzzy Sand Lotus Sand Spike Sand Whomp Sandstone Koopa Sandstone Yoshi Troopa Sarasa Plants Scald Fish Scaredy Rat Scuba-Omb Scuba Rob-omb Scuba Troopa Scuba Yariko Scuttlebug Sensu Boruum Sewer Trapchinid Shady Koopa Shady Paratroopa Shoe Goomba Shroomba Shy Diver Shy Guy Silver Bzzap! Silver Mettaur Singybread Skate Goomba Skeeter Skipsqueak Skorp Sledge Bros. Slippa Slippin' Stu Slime-A-Rang Bros. Slingshot Guy Slurry Small Flame Snailicorn Snake Bulldozer Snake Gloomba Snifit Sniper Bill Sniper Charlie S Snorkel Mega Charlie S Snorkel Mega Clubba Snorkel Mega Hammer Bros. Snowgo Snow Chokey Snow Pokey Snow Spike Snufit Soldering Iron Joe Neo Spark Spear Guy Special Galoomba Special Para-Galoomba Special Pokey Spike Bass Spike Goomba Spike Lotus Spike Pillar Spike Top Spiked Ball Spiky Spiky Froomba Spiky Klapsand Spinenut Gloomba Spiny Cheep Cheep Spiny Spiny Egg Spiny Skipsqueak Splorch Splounder Splunkin Spooky Squiggler Squirps Stalking Piranha Plant Star Bros. Starbag Steel Pokey Steely Steely Guy Stilt Guy Stone Spike Stretch Stump Sumo Bros. Sunken Dry-Bones Sunken Parabones Super Angler Stu Super Apple Plant (Flaming and Normal) Super Bandlekoots Super Beriberi Super Blank Koopa Super Bob-Omb Super Cheep-Cheep Super Cold Bones Super Dry Bones Super Dull Bones Super Flurry Super HulaHula Super Jewel Stu Super Koopa Super Kroopa Super Laser Beriberi Super Nutt Glider Super Piranha Galoomba Super Piranha Lotus Super Piranha Plant Super Pokey Super Preying Manta Super Pumpkin Plant Super Sarasa Plant Super Shady Koopa Super Slurry Super Soarin' Stu Super Spiny Super Swinging Metool Super Swoopin' Stu Super Swooper Super Thwimp Super Thwomp Super Tobawani Super Venus Fire Trap Super Volcano Lotus Super Yoshi-Cheep-Cheep Sushi Swampire Swim Ring Goomba Swim Metall DX Swinging Metool Swinging Metool DX Swooper Syobon Star Tail Bullet Bill Tail Chomp Tail Goomba Tail Lakitu Tail Spiny Taloomba Tanooki Bros. Tanoomba Targeting Ted Telsa Bros. Terekuribo Terrible Torch Thwimp Thwomp Tiny Troopa Tiny Tweester Tiny Venus Fire Trap Titanic Ted Tobawani Tokotoko Topman Topmini Torpedo Ted Toxiko Tox Box Treenom Tricoin Trouter Turban Dry Bones Turboo Tweester Tweeter Twilight Grolem Ty-Foo Uchuujin Ukelele' Chuck Unagi Unchained Chomp Unera Urchin Venus Dry Trap Venus Fire Trap Venus Ice Trap Venus Thunder Trap Viking Mettaur Volcano Lotus Waddlewing Walkodile Walleye Wallop Walrus Warlock Bros. Warpid Wasp Water Shuriken Lakitu Water Shooter Water Spiny Water Wiggler Wave Joe Met Were-Wolfos Whale Whimp Whirly Fly Guy Whispy Trunk Whomp Wiggler Wiggler Worm Wild Goomboar Wild Melonhead Wild Piranha Goomba Wild Piranha Plant Wild Putrid Piranha Wizard Joe Wizor Woodland Buckles Wooly Dino Rhino Wooly Squidon Wrench Bros. Yeti Gaw Gaw Yoshi-Cheep-Cheep Yoshi Deep-Cheep Yurarin Yurarin Boo Ztar Giant Ztop-and-Go

Goombas Koopa Troopas Undergrunts Piranha Plants Anti Lumas Native Spikes Sea Fuzzies Hornwings Cluckbooms Pokeys Sosorrisurfs Octopuses Octoombas Sharkys Boostars Piranha Chomps Octoboos Octosubs Boos Pyro Crogs Dry Bones Bullygoatees Bookends Prickly Piranha Plants Topminis Spiky Topmen Tiki Porcu-Puffers Faded Portraits Bowser Popups Archer Topmen Armorocs Roboombas Fire Spikes Drumbles Ruddy Bros Buster Beetles Razor Topmen Makoops Huckit Mutant Crab Sentry Beams Starbags Thorny Flowers Flipbugs Pickaxe Shroobros. Robo-Shimmers Mandibugs Swoopers Spring Piranhacus Giganticis Bone Dino Ribbits Stretchy Bros Armidillo Boos Crystal Krittas Fairy Goombas Yetees Circus Bros. Yoshi Yeast Troops Red Kappi Koopas Arctic Zaririns Lakitufos Magicheeps ARCTIKIBAS Chiroculas Diamond Scoundogs Wild Shark-hrannas and Cloned Small Mega Men & Cloned Big Mega Men Chargin' Pingoons Dry Bros. Fruity Army Mets Red Crystalomos Beares Super Beares Floating Mandineros Tubba Yarikos Rock'in Wrenches Kaliber Kals Metal Armour Chucks Crested Mandifrogs Spade Spikes Lobzters Bearlruses Cloned Small Silvests & Cloned Big Silvests Dried Shroom Mettaurs    Grolems Undergrunt Gunners P.T. Piranhas Emerald Koopatrols Giant Grolems Magikoopas Warlockoopa Mario-Masked Grolems Buffkips Boomba Troopas Rip Van Chain-Saw Fishes Thwomps Mecha-Goomknights Snow Pillars Tomassos Whomps Grinders Forest Livid Stones Chain-Saw Fishes Croakrazes HAMMER SHROOBROS, FIRE SHROOBROS, ICE SHROOBROS & BOOMERANG SHROOBROS Clumphs Yeti Grinder Kongs Angry Watermelon Plants Bullet Bills Abominable SnowgaugauS Scoundogs Blue Koopa Troopas Croconiles Polar Goomknights Clashin' Clarks Pyro Guy Tribes Fire Shooters Rare Cold Fishers Water Shooters Electricity Shooters Li'l Brrrs Li'l Cinders Ancient Thwomps Red Makoops Goombeetles Bitterflies Brown-Es Chain Chomps Watermelon Plants Chomp Pups Scuttlebugs Laser Crawltons Boulder Jiros Sand Thwomps Tweesters Blue Helmet Goombas Bub-Ombs Robintaurs Hermids Yeast Troops Aztec Ruddy Bros Chavarrghs Mandifrogs Arctic Rexes Rip Van Starfish Flamin' Boomerang Boruum Bob-ombs Arctic Foxers Whomps Teal Magikoopas Cruisin’ Chucks Dromps Yoshi Troopeas Horned Bully Toadies Cherry Tomassos Grand Goombas Metalasers Cruisin’ Clarks Jawers Chargin' Woodchuckies Idolruses Coinbags Lemmy Metalasers Shroombas Nekoshis Magmaws Crested Crogs Deep Magicheeps Snake Scraftys Mini-Diamondos Sphinx Spikes Goombumpkins Scuttlepions  Bullies Podoboos Jack O' Goombas Wallsnappers Bloopers Clams Mechakoopas Pyropuffers Amps Frost Ototos Big Amps Wild Shy Guys Porcu Puffers Skellyrexes Banzai Bills Mighty Kwhack Arfo Spikes Golden Chomps Magmarrghs Bone Viparapas Wigglers Gargantuan Koopa Troopas Grolem Tankers Jewel Stus Speedy Scorchers Vassaljacks Python Galoomboths Seabombers Goomknights Iron Goomlets Space Grubbins Fire Ukikongs Duplicatin' Lemmy Chucks  Missile Seabombers Parakoopas Podobrrs Paragoombas Sparkly Ghosts Giant Thwomps Pickaxe Bros. Honey Rollerbears Cheep Cheeps Mines Magnectors Violet Sentry Bots Strealoids Thorny Flower Chucks Ice Cream Goombas Whip Bros. Mega Grombas Troopeas Junglejacks Pyro Brown-Es Tail Ice Bros. Spicy Jambon Bros. Metal Rexes Masked Koopas NavalPlants Dino Shocks Scuba Koopas SKULL MAN CHUCKS Scuba Bro. Bone Munch-Snakes Galoomboths Galoombeetles Mini-Kudgels Pumpkin Candy Joes Bomber Spikes Dino Frosts Space Spade Grubbins Squirtle Bros Croakkerts Desert Frogogs KANGARDES Kirobos Crystal Flower Metools Novice Shamans Stuffuls Lantern Wolves

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