Super Mario Galaxy: Bowser's Meteor Dome is another Super Mario Galaxy series games for the Wii.


[show]==Story== One upon a time in the Mushroom Kingdom, there lived to brothers, Mario and Luigi. The land was ruled by Princess Peach. One day, the Mailtoad came to the brother's house with a letter reading

Dear Mario and Luigi, please come to the castle. I have a surprise for you. Love, Peach.

Mario and Luigi set off to visit her. Along the way, he found a baby Luma. He was lost, and he reconizged Mario and Luigi. The Luma tagged along. Later, at the castle, Mario and Luigi have arrived, except that Bowser was attacking! He kidnapped Peach and set off into outer space. Two other Lumas turned into launch stars so he could follow.

After finally defeating Bowser, he falls off the planet. But before Mario could grab the final Grand Star, Bowser returns and gobbles it up. You then fight Bowser again by smashing meteors into him. After being defeated once and for all, Peach rides in on the Grand Star, and the two return to Starship Mario. The Comet Observitory then appears, and Rosalina comes down. She says that now that Bowser is defeated, she can help Mario access to a special world. As the credits roll, we see various clips, one is that Bowser and Bowser Jr. stranded on a planet, possibly in the Topic Tropic Galaxy.



World 1Edit

  • Beginner Spinner Galaxy
  • High Desert Galaxy
  • Dirty Digs Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Proud Cloud Galaxy
  • Sky Slot Galaxy
  • Wild Whirlpool Galaxy
  • Bowser Jr.'s Fiery Fort

World 2Edit

  • Wonderland Galaxy
  • Rocky Road Galaxy
  • Glide Canyon Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Music Mayhem Galaxy
  • Honeyblossom Galaxy
  • Turbo Tide Falls Galaxy
  • Bowser's Floating Fortress

World 3Edit

  • Rock n' Roll Galaxy
  • Klepto Temple Galaxy
  • Topic Tropic Galaxy
  • Bulletworks Galaxy
  • Dusty Dunes Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker

World 4Edit

  • Frost Flake Galaxy
  • Creep Glide Galaxy
  • Haunted Hallway Galaxy
  • Swinging Jungle Galaxy
  • Atomic Clock Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Humongous Fungus Galaxy
  • Bowser's Gravity Grave

World 5Edit

  • Rocket Rumble Galaxy
  • Brrblaze Galaxy
  • Lux Lake Galaxy (Hungry Luma)
  • Sunshine Galaxy
  • Boo Sky Galaxy
  • Slimy Goo Galaxy
  • Bowser Jr.'s Grand Star Prison

World 6Edit

  • Terrible Tumble Galaxy
  • Vicious Volcano Galaxy
  • Baby Bash Galaxy
  • Grande Petite Galaxy
  • Coral Corral Galaxy
  • Icicle Mountain Galaxy
  • Bowser's King Castle

World SEdit

  • Retro Rumble Galaxy
  • DK Konga Galaxy
  • Bonus Boss Galaxy
  • Cotton Candy Galaxy
  • Ocean Comotean Galaxy
  • Rosalina's Castlegrounds

For levels, see here


For Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, or TBCEdit

For YoshiEdit

Image  Name  Description  Type 
[1] Goomba The most basic Mario enemy there is - Goombas. The can only walk around, but one touch and your dead (unless underpower up). Basic
[2] Green & Red Koopa Troopa A common Koopa that comes in Green and Red. The green ones just walk off the edge, but the red ones can turn around. Basic
[3] Red & Green Koopa Paratroopa A airborne Koopa that again comes in Red and Green. The colours only matter if they get hit, when they become normal Koopa Troopas Basic
[4] Paragoomba Parasnomba Basic
[5] Shy Guy Snow Guy Basic
[6] Fly Guy Whirly Fly Guy Basic
[7] Bandinero Basic
[8] Pitchfork Basic
[9] Bob-omb Weaponry
[10] Bomba Troopa Weaponry
[11] Bullet Bill Weaponry
[12] Banzai Bill Weaponry
[13] Golden Bob-omb Weaponry
Kab-bomb Weaponry
Bomb Blipper Weaponry
[14] Boo Undead
[15] Dark Boo Undead
Big Boo Undead
Acoorn Undead
Pink Boo Undead
Jumpbone Joe Undead
Sorceror Spirit Undead
[16] Goomba Shoe Misc.
[17] Killer Goomba Shoe Misc.
Magikoopa Misc.
Shroom Kritter Misc.
Pirate Goom Misc.
Strollin' Stu Misc.
Slippin' Stu Misc.
Mutant Striker Misc.

Bobbin' SqueeklyEdit

Flame Monkey Misc.
Gaugau Misc.
[18] Cheep-Cheep Underwater
[19] Deep-Cheep Underwater
[20] Blooper Underwater
[21] Blooper Nanny and Baby Bloopers Underwater
[22] Camo Blooper Underwater
Scuba Makoop Underwater
Rammerhead Underwater
Swamp Blurp & Blurp Underwater
Slippin' Stu Underwater
Tobawani Underwater
Grindarr Castle
Kritta Castle
Wizard Joe Castle
Hammet Castle
Ballistic Ben Castle
Light Blue Piranhacus Gigantici Castle
Icy Paratroopa Castle
Bow Balloon Castle
Opalus Knight Castle

Extra FeaturesEdit

Yoshi can now lay eggs after eating an enemy. These can thrown to defeat enemies or to hit buttons out of reach.

When Wario hops on Yoshi, Yoshi goes "WAA!!!" and sweats when he walks due to the heavy weight.

Wario and Toad Brigade Captain are the only characters who don't have Star Spins. Instead, Wario has his arm thrust move, and TBC has a "head bonk". Neither of them can be used to saddle on Yoshi, but they can be used to damage enemies/bosses, break crystals/crates/boxes, and activate switches, just like the Star Spin.

Resemblances to Other GamesEdit

Octorock Goomba Bone Cave Dude Banishback Battle Axe Bro. Suplex Arm Chuck
Giga Pupdozer Sludge Wiggler Shocktroopas Pyrokinesis Swirlypop Lava Squirt Antr
Kamikaze Chuck Jade Konkers Blaze Jiro Red Rip Van Fish Snorkel Mega Ribbite 
Billy Drill Toxic Piranhacus Gigantici Purple Fang Galoomstar General Whattar
Beetley Horned Beetley Fiery Beetley Shock Beetley Crogoodbad
Warrior Beetley Mini-Kinguin Jungle Beetley Mega Staggy Zasp
Ice Zasp Armoured Zasp Aquamaargh Knight Bro. Stinger Joe
Lovely Rose Royal Guard Zasp Goomshock Sandroc Bowser Stunbear
Mace Sir Frosty Turkeyjerk Twister Sister Kreepoh Meatling Warrior
Mand-Mand Snow Guy Krustation Koopa-Saucer Tozan Jinzou
Gorgoom Swinging  Wooly Met Cobrette


Volcanic Ninjun
Green Makoop Ice Galoombarr Fire Archy Mini-Caladoa Rumble Weed
Gloober Spark Gloober Miney Mole White Gloober Dinoba
Tribal Sectle Dees Swamp Piranha Skull Lavender Urchin Stone Tuckbooth Hazelnaut Infantry
Diamond Buster Joe Ice Bee Galoomba Iron Flaptor Dino Ribbit Lava Robro.
Flutterflies Spinenut Cave Dude

Chain Man Edit

Harp & Pia Glacial Groomboar
Crimson Magikoopa Red Magiku Green Magiku Jade Magiku Purple Eyeballer
Mr. Owl Morty Molefish Rainbow Cobrat Mushroom Madmole PACEHARE
Armordig Drone

Illuzard Drone Edit

Huntja Edit


Black Wolf White Wolf
Blood Wolf Shadow Wolf Spider Electrical Spider Ice Spider
Mechanical Spider Katana Sand Fury Dual Bladed Sand Fury Cleaver Sand Fury Drone
Toxic Bat Ent Evergreen Ent Pine Ant Parasitical Ent
Forest Ent Jungle Ent Desert Ent Imp Shadow Drone
Drone Drone Mage Drone Knight Drone Drone
Dark Mage Drone Centepoid Burrowing Centepoid Jungle Centepoid Desert Centepoid
Boomraven Thunder Boomraven Shadow Boomraven Harpie Mountainous Harpie
Forest Harpie Gargoyle Stone Gargoyle Ice Gargoyle Giant Gargoyle
Trident Gargoyle Spinenut Galoomba Bow Gargoyle Fire Elemental Ice Elemental
Earth Elemental Water Elemental Thunder Elemental Wind Elemental Light Elemental
Darkness Elemental


Enemy Name Strategy Level Rarity
Gromba Goomba Goombas walk around slowly. No need to panic. Jump on them and they die. They look like Galoombas, oddly. Mario's House, Mushroom Kingdom Way, Bowser Castle Foregrounds Semi-Common
Broomboth Spiked Goomba You can't jump on them. Roll into them and they die. Mushroom Kingdom Way Uncommon
Gritty Galoomba Gritty Goomba Like Spiked Goombas, but can create sandstorms. They resurrect after 5 seconds, and they can only be killed by leading then into water. Mushroom Desert Common (especially in the coffin)
Greenie Ghost Goomba They can't be killed unless brought under a spotlight. Come in packs from 2 to 5 All Ghost Houses Semi-Common
Koopaligator Alternate Goomba Hide spikes in their back, roll is recommended. Bowser's Alternate Universe Rare
Samurai Joe R Blue Helmet Goomba These Goombas took precaution and decided to wear a helmet... too bad it doesn't protect from ground-pounds. The Final Challenge Rare
Mega Gromba Mega Goomba A towering Goomba that is slow, but defeats Mario with one touch!!! The rarest enemy, with only one in existence! The Final Challenge THE RAREST OF THEM ALL
Alternate Galoomba Koopa Troopa Simple. They can be stomped twice and they die. All levels Very Common
Pumpkin Troopa  Alternate Koopa Unlike normal Koopas, they can duplicate. They can spike their shell every few seconds, so a roll is recommended. Bowser's Alternate Universe Rare
Clubba Alternate Paratroopa Replacing Paratroopas, they act like Alternate Koopas. One roll is enough to kill them. Bowser's Alternate Universe Rare
Alternate Cuauhthwomp Bombshell Koopa They use the same tactics as in Super Mario Land. The best way to defeat them is by throwing an object at them. Bowser Castle, The Final Challenge Rare
Cuauhthwomp Hammer-Bro. These pests are more annoying than ever, with a new attack where they charge while swinging their hammer. Bowser Castle Uncommon
Kosha Boomerang Bro. Faster than in Super Mario Bros. 3, and will remove 3 slices of health with every attack! Jumping is better than rolling. Bowser Castle Rare
Shiver Shark Fire Bro. Annoying. Jumping at them is the way to go. Bowser Castle Rare
Decibreak Sledge Bro. Act like in most games, most easily defeated by a ground-pound. Bowser Castle Rare
Tyrant Twins Whip Bro A variety of Hammer Bros that use whips instead of hammers. Defeated with a ground-pound. The Final Challenge Rare
Passin' Lemmy Chuck Ice Bro. Just like Fire Bros, but faster. Can also freeze Mario. Mt. Ice, The Final Challenge Uncommon
Alternate Boomerang Bro. Alternate Hammer-Bro. They act like Alternate Koopas, but throw hammers. A roll is recommended. Bowser's Alternate Universe Rare
Beamy Bro Bob-omb As common enemies later, they are a force to be reckoned with. Jumps should stun them, while rolls will explode them and harm you. A good toss will do them in. Bowser Castle Semi-common
Kritter Bob-ulk [23] This time, they look like recolored Bob-ombs. They create a larger explosion. The Final Challenge Rare
Scuba Bob-omb Bulky Bob-omb This one is similar to Bob-ulks, but stronger and rarer. The Final Challenge Very rare
Flaptor[24] Gold


Drop coins with defeat, but are faster than normal Bob-ombs. Golden Train Rare
Snow Machine Gun Joe Pokey With only 2 weaknesses (jumping on them and throwing objects (for exapmle, crates) at them), they are a force to be reckoned with. Mushroom Desert Rare
Swinging Mettaur2 Bandit This time, they steal carried objects and collected coins. This is annoying when attempting to get the 100-coin Boss Key in Bowser Castle. Any attack can defeat them. Mushroom Desert, Bowser Castle Uncommon
Cave Dudes Blargg Blarggs can now chase Mario for a few seconds. Jumping on to them will stun them for a short time. the only way to defeat them is by throwing a Bob-Omb at them. Bowser Castle Rare
Vinegaul Boo Boos are now only weak to thrown objects. Otherwise, they act like they did in most other games, by turning invisible when looked at. All Ghost Houses So common it's not even hilarious
Dust-Devil Joe Dark Boo Unlike normal Boos, this purple-colored variety can turn invisible at will, go through enemies and, worst of all, DON'T SHY AWAY WHEN LOOKED AT!!! Otherwise, they are similar to normal Boos. Bowser Castle, The Final Challenge Uncommon
Circling Red Boo Buddies Red Boo Known as Pink Boos in this game, they act just like normal Boos, excluding the fact that they can disguise themselves as decorations (for example, vases and chairs). Haunted Mansion Semi-Uncommon
Kritta Bumpty They are faster than before, and are indestructible. They are only defeatable if lead into an abyss. Mt. Ice Rare
Brambi Freezie Freezies now chase Mario. Jumping on to them is not recommended, because they are spiked. Rolling is the best way to defeat them, though leading them towards torches is another way to defeat them. Mt. Ice, Cloud Rift Semi-Uncommon
 The Wenchhog Bros! Mr. Blizzard Acting just like in Super Mario 64, they throw snowballs. They have a new weakness: rolling. Mt. Ice Semi-Rare
Limbo . Whomp These baddies come with a similar appearance to that of Super Mario Galaxy 2, while retaining the X-shape of bandages from Mario Party 7. Obviously, ground-pounding is the way to go. Bowser Castle Foregrounds (2nd visit), Bowser Castle, The Final Challenge Semi-Uncommon
Snow Geckit Iron Whomp These Whomps are made of iron and their bandage is protected by an iron plate, which can be destroyed by throwing a Bob-Omb at it. The Final Challenge Rare
Malibut Thwomp Nothing special here, just acting like they did in Super Mario Bros. 3. Their weakness in this game is... having Bob-Ombs thrown at them. Bowser Castle Rare
Vinegaul Wallop Acting like they did in Super Mario 3D Land, they block pathways and necessary objects. They CAN'T be defeated! Bowser Castle, Cloud Rift, Princess Peach's Castle Moderately common
Barbeque Guy Shy Guy One of the rarest enemies in the game (ironically), they are pretty much quick versions of Goombas. Cloud Rift, Princess Peach's Castle Very rare(!!!)
Rogue Snifit Fly Guy The 2nd-rarest enemy, can only be defeated by a jump attack. Cloud Rift Very rare
Gulpit Bowser Popup They look like paper cut-outs of Bowser, on a stick. Any attack will tear them in half. The Final Challenge Rare
Blizzard Croctopus Fiery Cheep Similar to the jumping Cheep-Cheeps from Super Mario Sunshine in behavior, these hop from lava and will make Mario catch on fire. They can be defeated by throwing an object at them. Bowser Castle, The Final Challenge Semi-common
Robros Magicheep A cross between a Magikoopa and a Cheep-Cheep, can summon fireballs and fling them out of the water. These fireballs can be punched back towards the Cheep-Cheep. The Final Challenge Rare
Violet Gulpit Porcu-Puffer A pufferfish that can't deflate and can't be defeated. The Final Challenge Rare
Vinegaul Sparkly Ghost A ghost that sparkles and can masquerade as a Coin. Jumping on them will banish them to nowhere. The Final Challenge Rare
Skellobit Faded Portrait A faded (blurred) portrait of Bowser. It can breathe fire, just like the Boo portraits in Super Mario 64. A Bob-omb is required to defeat them. The Final Challenge Rare
Venus Magestic Trap Sand Mowz A Mowz that is actually made of sand. Despite that fact, they are entirely sentient. Any attack will defeat them. Mushroom Desert Semi-common



NEW denotes newly added enemies.


HP ATK DEF Coins Where
Goomba 3
  • Clammer
Spiked Goomba (NEW*) 5
  • Ruby Metall Swim Ω
Paragoomba 4
Green Koopa Troopa 4
2-Fold Goomba 6
Buzzy Beetle 4
Spiny 5
Bob-omb 6
Drybake Pokey 14
Green Pokey 14
Sombrero Guy 10
Swoop 9
Hammer Bro. 16
Dry Bones 8
Maraca Guy 10
Accordion Guy 10
Red Paratroopa 11
Sandmaargh (NEW) 15 5 (lunge attack) 0 13
  • Sandshifter Ruins
  • Drybake Stadium
Spike 13
Mural Goomba 11
Mural Koopa 11
Snifit 13
Ninji 10
Clip Guy** 11
Paint Guy** 11
Shy Guy 10
Boomerang Bro 16
Piranha Plant 17
Poison Blooper 13
Scuttlebug*** 11
Spike Top 12
Cheep Cheep 9
Ice Cherbil (NEW) 14 8 (ice cloud) 0 (aerial) 18
  • Snow Rise
  • Ice Flow
Ice Puff (NEW) 18 9 (ice dash) 0 (aerial) 23
  • Snow Rise
  • Ice Flow
Snow Spike 24
  • Snow Rise
Duplighost (NEW) 20 8 (dash attack) 0 22
  • Ice Flow
Penkoon (NEW) 30 12 (body check) 2 35
  • Ice Flow
Flurry (NEW) 11 6 (ground freeze) 0 13
  • Ice Flow
Ice Bro 25
Scaredy Rat 10
  • The Enigmansion
Broozer 30
  • The Enigmansion
Eerie (NEW) 16 7 (spook) 0 18
  • The Enigmansion
Boo 24
  • The Enigmansion
Bomb Boo (NEW) 20 10 (lick), 15 (explosion) 0 (fire blows it up) 25
  • The Enigmansion
Fuzzy 4
Bob-ulk (NEW) 30 4 (doubles every time it's attack twice, followed by explosion) 2 (attacking angers it) 40
  • Bowser's Snow Fort
Spear Guy 17
Small Chain Chomp (NEW) 25 9 (lunging bite) 5 30
  • Chomp Ruins
  • Rumble Volcano
Fire Bro 25
Fire Piranha**** 28
Bony Beetle 16
Cherbil (NEW) 14 8 (poison cloud) 0 (aerial) 18
  • Rugged Road
  • Rumble Volcano
Puff (NEW) 18 9 (air dash) 0 (aerial) 23
  • Rugged Road
  • Rumble Volcano
Fire Snake (NEW) 22 7 (fire bounce) 0 (burning body) 24
  • Rugged Road
  • Rumble Volcano
Clubba (NEW) 28 10 (spike club slam) 0 35
  • Rugged Road
  • Rumble Volcano
Rocky Wrench 16
Koopatrol (NEW) 40 12 (spike dash), 24 (power shell- takes two turns to use) 4 (spiked) 60
  • Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
Magikoopa (NEW) 30 9 (magic blast) 0 38
  • Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
Thorny (NEW) 22 8 (spike rollout) 3 (spiked) 30
  • Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
  • Bowser's Sky Castle Basement
Snake (NEW) 24 10 (egg blast) 0 (spiked) 35
  • Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
  • Bowser's Sky Castle Basement
Lobb (NEW) 38 10 (bomb lob) 4 50
  • Bowser Jr.'s Flotilla
  • Bowser's Sky Castle Basement


In Koopa Kingdom the evil Bowser sits in his throne thinking of a plan. Kamek then appears and suggests to Bowser that they go to Klockwork Kingdom and steal the All-Time-Clock a warp device that can take them to 

any time period they choose. Bowser decides to go to the time when Mario and Luigi were about to be born. But the Koopalings have to defeat the present Mario and Luigi first. All of a sudden Knights, Dinosaurs, Robots, War Soldiers, Pirates, and others start wrecking Mushroom Kingdom. Now Mario has to stop them in costumes. You can also be Luigi. Can Mario and Luigi defeat the Koopalings, Kamek, and Bowser, or will Bowser rule in time?



He can jump, ground pound, use a sword and shield, use cannons, fire a laser gun, and  even chuck fireballs.


He can jump, smackdown, use a blade and barrel, man rocket launchers, use a pincher hand, and chuck electric orbs.


Lives you have 


Health Meter 

Boss Meter 

Treasure Collected

GameCube Controls 

Start: Pause 

Select: Menu 

A: Jump 

AA: Ground pound or smackdown 

X: Attack with weapon or chuck fireballs or electric orbs 

XX: Super attack or bigger fireballs or bigger electric orbs 

B: Slide 

BB: Slide Roll 

Y: Check Status 

YY: Check Map 

L: Change Game Camera 

R: Go to Art Sketches Menu 

M and Z: Switch characters


Prehistoric Kingdom 

Enemies: Dino-Torches, Dino-Rhinos, Koopas, Paratroopas, Spinyies, Tubba 

Koopas, and Podoboos 

Levels: Dino Rhino Jungle, Torch Forest, elociraptor Volcano 

Boss: Larry Koopa 

Talisman: Golden Dinosaur Breathing Gold Flame This place is prehistoric! Mario and Luigi's first quest is to get past the stone ages and make it into the volcano. With E. Gadd's Warp-Watch, Mario and Luigi can go to different time periods. Enemies guard the forests and swamps. Go through a few tasks, defeating enemies while catching treasure. Once you pass the Dino Rhino Jungle you'll face the mini-boss, Dino Dino Rhino. He's huge; avoid his crush attack and fire spew. Ground pound his head three times to win. Then you must go through the Torch Forest, in which fire and lava have been spread. Now once they pass the fiery forest they'll face Torch Scorch, a torch who's red and as big as a normal Dino Rhino. Avoid his fiery charge and his fireball attack and quickly throw him into the puddle. Then he'll fizzle. Three times beats him. Now you must go through the spiral down Velociraptor Volcano. If you make it, good for you. Kill all the enemies and you'll be at the bottom of the volcano and go into the battle arena and fight Larry.

Medieval Kingdom 

Enemies: Koopa Knights, Blade Goombas, Shield Troopas, Armored Spinies, 

Bullet Bills, and Sniper Bills 

Levels: Spellcaster Village, Soldier Plains, and Koopa Knight Castle 

Boss: Iggy Koopa 

Talisman: Platinum Sword (too small to fight with but very neon on the edges) We are in the medieval times! The time with swords, armor and villages. Unfortunately this level will be a little harder than the previous level. Magikoopas can make you lighter or heaver. Lighter makes you have 2 health and a little wind will blow you away. Heavy makes you very slow and enemies can slice you easily. After collecting items and defeating several enemies in Spellcaster Village you'll face the mini-boss, Mighty Might, on a mountain. He is a muscular Koopa who's pretty stupid. His punch and swordslash is hard to avoid. Make him charge off the mountain. That's going to hurt for a week. Now Soldier Plains has several Blade Goombass. Defeat many enemies and soon you'll face another mini-boss, Banzai Bill! He's actually easy. He homes in on you though. Go to the top of the hill quickly and pick him up and throw him into a spike ball. OUCH! Just like Bowser in Super Mario 64. Three times and he'll explode. Now you must explore the great Koopa Knight Castle. Kill many enemies blocking your way and you will make it to the top. There it's a circular battle arena on top of the castle, and you'll fight Iggy.

World War Kingdom 

Enemies: Bullet Bills, Torpedo Teds, Sniper Bills, Bob-ombs, Koopas, Goombas, and Missile Marvins 

Levels: Cannon Gardens, Bob-omb Base, and Mine Mainland 

Boss: Roy Koopa 

Talisman: Bronze Rocket (not a real rocket but it's very reflective and shiny!) 

World War! This place is apparently crazy for a mission but Mario is not scared. Luigi may be. But you'll need more skill this time. Bob-ombs can paralyze you, Missile Marvins deliver a vertical homing attack, Sniper Bills are Bills that shoot three smaller Bills! Torpedo Teds are on ceilings. Cannon Gardens has most of the enemies, like Bullet Bills and Sniper Bills. Once you reach the end you'll see Big Bob-omb. He's harder now than he was in Super Mario 64. Grab Big Bob-omb and throw him into a Bullet Bill passing by. He'll send out Bob-ombs and try throwing you far away. After getting shot three times he'll be done for. Now you go through Bob-omb Base, which is very explosive and requires stealth. You must get past and defuse all the Bob-omb security systems. After you make it out alive and get five huge dynamite sticks and a fuse you'll blow up the base and face the mini-boss, Bob-omb Mom. Apparently she's pink. Avoid her stomp, roll, and her pink Bob-omb minions. Pick her up and throw her into an electrical line, and make sure it'll come to her quickly enough or she'll just get back up. Three electrocutions and this bomb mom will be defused. Now avoid plenty of mines, get items, and kill some enemies. Then you'll be surrounded by electric lines and you'll face Roy.

Pirate Kingdom 

Enemies: Pirate Koopas, Captain Goombas, Bob-ombs, Bullet Bills, Bazooka Koopa, Paratroopas, and Paragoombas 

Levels: Scallywag Station, Arrgh Grotto, and Treasure Cavern 

Boss: Wendy O. Koopa 

Talisman: A silver skull with cross-swords. Very shiny and it can blind you if it reflects the sun at you. 

To the pirate ages. This place has a boat, an underground hideout, and a cavern of loot. Luigi is best here. Pirate Koopas match swords with you, Captain Goombas attempt to headbutt, and Bazooka Koopa launches a rocket at you. This place is pretty long so be careful of enemies and barracks that have tough sequences of patterns. In Scallywag Station once you pass the barracks of tough patterns you'll face Bullet Bernard. He homes and is very fast. Lead him into a cannon and QUICKLY GET TO THE CANNON in three seconds and launch him into a target. When it hits a target a boulder will fall on him. Three times and you've won! Now Arrgh Grotto is the hardest level so far, with many patterns, lots of enemies, and not too many items. The mini-boss is apparently Cortez! Cortez is way easier this time. Avoid his sword slash and when he jumps around. Make him hit his sword at a crumbled part of the rink and boulders will fall on him. Four times and you've won. Now in Treasure Cavern, lots of items and candy rings will be passing by. Not that many enemies appear here. After you pass the rainbow part of the hallway you'll be dropped down to a treasure-filled place similar to Cortez's rink except with water and pillers. You'll then fight Wendy.

Ice Age Kingdom 

Enemies: Snowball-Throwing Koopas, Ice Bazooka Goombas, Freezies, 

Snow Monsters, and White Magikoopas 

Levels: Snowy Palace, Freezing Sanctuary, and Halls of Frostbite 

Boss: Lemmy Koopa 

Talisman: Golden Snowball with ice chunks surrounding it. It's also very shiny and always frozen at least as cold as -20. 

Boy it's cold! But something very scary, we see. We see Larry frozen! Whoa! But you can't release him. He is dead in frozen ice. Keep going to the palace of two-ton ice. Either Mario are Luigi is good. Snowball Koopas throw snowballs that can freeze you to death, Ice Bazooka Goombas shoot huge snowballs at you, Freezies will stun you in a block of ice, Snow Monsters will try to brawl with you, and White Magikoopas cast ice spells and heavy spells. In Snowy Palace lots of enemies appear and you must light candles with fireballs. Once you pass the halls of icy flames you'll enter an arena and battle the mini-boss, Giant Freezie. He only slides around. Grab fireballs and avoid icy missiles. 12 fireballs will melt this beast. Now you must go through a very hard and a little short level, Freezing Sanctuary. There are many, many stalactites and White Magikoopas! There are also more platforms that are hard to get through. Once you pass the huge blue door you'll face the mini-boss known as Guardian Ice Monster. As usual, use the fireball attack on him. Shoot his face and avoid his stomp attack and his mallet that makes shockwaves. Sixteen fireballs at his face will melt him. Now pass the halls of frostbite killing enemies, getting items and avoiding stalactites. Eventually you'll be dropped into a throne room with a rink. You'll then face Lemmy in a fun battle.

Future Kingdom 

Enemies: Robo-Koopas, Cyber Goombas, Mecha Troopas, Bob-ombs, RoboticShy Guy, Laser Eyes 

Levels: Cybernetic City, Mecha Crater, and Technology Fortress 

Boss: Ludwig Von Koopa 

Talisman: Silver and Neon Rocket. Mostly a badge but the neon is shiny and beautiful. 

Oh yeah! The future! The day of tomorrow. Before we come here we get a shock. Larry gets away from the ice and tries to get to Bowser's Castle. This just can't be good. Anyway, this place is pretty tough to get through. Also you are Metal Mario or Metal Luigi here. Rocket platforms are going in seriously tough patterns. Annoying enemies are here and, most importantly, riding the platform to the end of Technology Fortress. Robo-Koopas shoot missiles, Mecha Troopas drop bombs, Cyber Goombas headbutt as usual, Bob-ombs explode furiously, Robotic Shy Guys shoot laser blasts, and Laser Eyes shoot laser beams at you. In Cybernetic City, once you pass the four giant robots, you'll face the mini-boss, Robo-Magikoopa. He'll only shoot objects that make you a giant block of metal. Destroy him by shooting fireballs out of your fireball bazooka. Overheat him and you'll win. It takes at least thirty fireballs. Now you are in Mecha Crater, the toughest level so far for real. There are too many enemies, and you have to avoid touching the electrocuting ground. It takes three minutes to pass this, but keep getting jetpack fuel at the right time. Eventually you'll face Mecha Bob-omb. Avoid his grinding roll and his electric beam. Pick him up and throw him to an electrocuting square six times and you win. Now you have to go to the fortress of technology known as Technology Fortress. Here's the hardest part. Ride the platform to the boss. Ride through the fortress, getting items and killing enemies. Then you'll soon appear at the stage power system, an electrical arena where you fight Ludwig.

Revolutionary Kingdom 

Enemies: None but one boss 

Levels: President's Lair 

Boss: Morton Koopa Jr. 

Talisman: Gold and bronze hat with many stars 

No enemies, one Mushroom, and one hallway to a golden door. You'll see "Danger" five times and then the boss is Morton. He is the toughest boss so far. Beat him and get to Bowser.

Dark Mushroom Kingdom 

Enemies: Mechakoopas, Podoboos, Koopas, Bullet Biils 

Levels: Bowser's Castle and Bowser's Throne Room 

You go through the castle of Bowser. Thus, this is the hardest level. There are too many Bullet Bills, Podoboos, Koopas, and Mechakoopas. Mechakoopas mess up your controls, and Podoboos can really overheat you. If you remember Outrageous from Super Mario World, it's like that except with lava. Oh, and he placed his castle in the Mushroom Kingdom making it dark. Once you reach the fiery battlefield you'll face Kamek. Kamek turns extremely huge. He'll shoot huge triangles that mess up your controls, squares that make you dizzy, and fiery circles that damage you. Push him into the pit. This is similar to Roger the Potted Ghost except twice as hard. When you hear a blasting sound, move away from him. Once he falls in the pit, he'll die. Now you'll be sent to Bowser's Throne Room, on top of the castle! The final showdown begins here.

Klockwork Kingdom 

Enemies: Larry Koopa! 

Levels: Time For Trouble 

You must fight Larry Koopa as he gets his revenge on you. You fight through a vortex. Defeat Larry to beat the game. You must get every single Time Star by beating every level in the correct time. Some are hard and some are easy.

Boss Guide 

Prehistoric Kingdom Boss: Larry Koopa 

He'll shoot fireballs from his mouth and toss blue seeds that make Venus Fly Traps. They'll shoot Bob-ombs instead of fireballs. Grab the red Bob-omb and throw it at him. He'll explode badly. After six times it's time for the next stage. Larry gets a dinosaur robot! Run to the top of any piller and avoid his firebreath and huge fireballs. When he comes to you ground pound or smackdown the head. After six times the robot will explode. Larry will try getting away. Charge him into the lava to beat the boss.

Medieval Kingdom Boss: Iggy Koopa 

Iggy slashes his sword to make waves, throws his spike shield, and tries stabbing you. When he throws his sword, kick his head. Sooner or later after ten hits Iggy will get upset. He'll send many, many fireballs. Avoid his his sword cyclone attack. Make him cut a rope and make a wrecking ball fall on his head by getting around Iggy and then when you hear a falling sound move out of the way while avoiding his attacks. Four wrecking balls and he'll get angrier. He'll get a giant Koopa Knight robot. Avoid a bigger sword wave and his sword slash. Use Luigi for this one, so switch. Chuck plenty of electric orbs at his sword and then when it turns blue and slashes you again kick it back at him and it'll electrify his head. After six times the robot goes away and Iggy only tries defending himself. Chuck fireballs at his back and it'll hurt and you'll have to keep running around him. Five fireballs and he'll be beaten.

World War Kingdom Boss: Roy Koopa 

Roy will be in a circular tank launching exploding Bob-ombs and Bullet Bills. Chuck fireballs or electric orbs in his cannon twenty times to get him out of the tank. Roy will then try punching you, kicking you, and grabbing you and they're all hard to avoid. Make him run into electricity and he'll say "Ouch"! Eight times will make him go into a second tank. His second tank is now protected by a shell. Avoid his rockets, Torpedo Teds, and giant fireballs. Throw the blue rockets that don't target you back to the shell. Five times and Roy will come out. He'll shoot giant fireballs only. Throw fireballs at him ten times to destroy him.

Pirate Kingdom Boss: Wendy O. Koopa 

Now this boss is tough! She'll throw fiery candy rings and bombs and breathe light-colored fireballs. She stands on a high piller. Throw her non-fiery candy rings at the piller eight times to make her fall down. She'll throw a tantrum and throw many, many bombs. Chuck fireballs in her face six times to make her super angry. She'll enter a giant ship, with four cannons and one captain. The cannons launch powerful fireballs. Three hits on each cannon and then Wendy will come out and breathe light fireballs and only fiery candy rings. Throw electric orbs in her face eight times to defeat her.

Ice Age Kingdom Boss: Lemmy Koopa 

This boss is in one of sixteen snowballs. Hit the wrong one and a bomb will explode. The explosion can be as big as quarter of the arena. Hurt the right snowball with Lemmy in it six times and he'll come out. He'll be on a ball shooting snowballs and freeze blasts from his gun. Shoot fireballs at his blasts and just kick him off his ball and ground pound his head six times and he'll get a giant robot like Lemmy similar to Yoshi Safari except it has ice hands, the legs are giant, and there is no cannon in the mouth. Avoid hypno beams from the eyes and shoot electric orbs at  each eight times. Once the eyes are destroyed Lemmy will be shown and throw ice bombs. Throw fireballs underneath him as Lemmy will duck if you try to shoot him. Once he jumps into the water he'll freeze and explode, thus defeated.

Future Kingdom Boss: Ludwig Von Koopa 

Ludwig is tough. He'll be in a giant robot with one eyeball, two pinchers, and four cannons. The four cannons launch rockets so hit each cannon with six fireballs or electric orbs and soon they'll be destroyed. Then the pinchers will try snapping you. Ground pound or smackdown the snapping arms. Eight ground pounds or smackdowns will destroy the arms. Now the eyeball will shoot laser blasts. Throw electric orbs at it twelve times to destroy the eyeball. Then Ludwig will throw missiles and shoot huge fireballs. Punch Ludwig six times and he'll get into a UFO and so will you. Avoid the lasers from his two turrets and shoot lasers at him ten times to toast him. Good job on the winning.

Revolution Kingdom Boss-Morton Koopa Jr. 

Morton is probably the wierdest boss you'll fight. Morton shoots rockets from his bazooka and breathes fire. Also he'll yell out of his megaphone, making death rings. Grab his tail and throw him out of the window. Then he'll be in a giant hat. Bombs, enemies, mines, firebolts, Freezies, Dino Torches, Robo-Koopas, Pirate Koopas, Koopa Knights, and Kannon Koopas will appear. Throw the bombs back in the hat and it'll explode. Eight bombs will destroy the hat. Morton will get angrier. He'll have a hothead and chase you. Get around the window and make him fall out again. Then avoid many of his fireballs and more death rings and make him charge off the white house. He'll still be alive. Use a ground pound or a smackdown and if you damage him one more time he'll explode. If you don't then you and him will be back on the white house and repeat the final part of the stage again. Once he gets ground pounded or smackdowned he'll be destroyed for good!

Dark Mushroom Kingdom Boss: Bowser 

Bowser is very hard. He'll be in his Klown Kopter with two giant arms. He tosses hammers, breathes fireballs, throws bombs, throws Thwomps and Koopa shells, and the arms turn into drills and try to drill you. Punch the arms twelve times each and then throw the red Bob-ombs in the mouth of the machine. Then the machine will go up and shadows will appear on about 98% of the ground and fireballs will drop. Go to a non-shadow part of the ground. Then the Klown Kopter will get a bigger propeller! Avoid his propellar and throw electric orbs or fireballs at it and it'll explode soon enough. Then it'll just roll around sending bowling balls. If you don't pick them up quickly enough you'll be a squished Mario or Luigi. Toss them at Bowser three times and Bowser will make another escape. Now a huge target will appear on you. It's Bowser without his Kopter. He tosses hammers, fireballs, and bombs. Grab his tail and throw him off the castle. If he hits lava he'll take damage and come back up and jump in the air, turning into shell and making an electric line behind of him wherever he goes. When he's out of his shell grab his tail and throw him into the lava. Finally he'll ground pound three times, making shockwaves. Throw him into the lava once more and he'll explode and be beaten for good!

GOOD JOB! You beat the game! Wait, no you didn't! After the credits it shows Larry heading for the Klockwork Kingdom! Beat all the levels and get the relic stars. The ones with the boss at the end don't have one. Get 12 relic stars and you'll be teleported to Klockwork Kingdom! Here's the final battle with Larry Koopa.

Klockwork Kingdom Boss: Larry Koopa 

Larry is equally as tough as Bowser. He breathes neverending fireballs, throws countless bombs, and shoots laser beams from his hands. Ground pound or smackdown his head twenty times and he'll use the All-Time-Clock and shoot a freeze beam from it. Grab it and freeze him! After he is frozen, punch him ten times. Now for the final stage. You are on the All-Time-Clock and Larry is on a gigantic monster that's real! It'll grab and use venom breath. Throw fireballs or electric orbs in its mouth fifty times to destroy the monster. Now Larry will breathe huge fireballs. Punch him five more times and Larry will explode and die! You've won the final fight!


Mushroom: Gives you more power 

Poison Mushroom: Can kill an enemy 

Super Mushroom: Gives you way more power 

Super Poison Mushroom: Can kill an enemy better 

Ultra Mushroom: Gives you maximum power 

1-Up Mushroom: Gives you a life 

1-UP Super-Gives you a life and more power



You and three opponents must ground pound the most circles to win.

Figure Fate 

You ride on an ice rink in ice skates. Make the most circles to win. Falling knocks you out of the game.

Pool Duel 

You must shoot your submarine's torpedoes at your opponents. Everyone has three hearts. Whoever stands last wins.

Hot Rod 

You and your opponents race through a volcano. Avoid stalactites and fireballs. Whoever makes it to the finish first wins.

Clockwork Chaos 

You must use your thumbs and fingers to press A repeatedly to get the clock in a circle. This requires sore thumbs. Once you win you can rest your hands.

Boss Blitz 

Beat Larry in the final round to unlock this. Beat every world boss in the game. Beat the kids and Bowser. You don't fight the final battle. If you win it says you're a true game player.


Mario returns the All-Time-Clock back to the Klockwork Kingdom and Bowser, Kamek, and his kids live horribly ever after. Mario and Peach get married and this becomes a part of history. Yuck! Well you get Sound Test and a new mini-game, Boss Blitz!Happy Holidays, everyone! And here for you, :icontrexking45: your request!

The game-masters are on separated missions, exploring different realms of Video Game Land. While their archenemy Kaos is plotting a new scheme. Although with some difficulties with new "Allies".

Kongoland: Ozzy travels into the depths of Kongoland's tropical jungles where villainous crocodiles and poisonous beaked birds lurks.

Dreamglade: At the ruins of a castle, Max is set to free the imprisoned Teensies from a gang of nightmarish poachers.

Megaland: Jade found herself caught in a battle with hostile robots working on the futuristic city's mad scientific control.

Pac-Land: The evil portal master himself, tries tiredly to make alliance with the local trouble-makers in one of the realm's haunted mazes. 

The following characters are undercopyrighted ownership of the following companies:

Max Keene , Jade Brice and Ozzy Delias belongs as OCs to Trexking45.

Kremlings: Kritter and Klaptrap and Nitpick from Donkey Kong to Nintendo. (c)

Buffalogreblimp, Devilmothapart and Sabrecat Goomba From Rayman to Ubisoft. (c)

Sniper Joe, Hammer Joe and Met from Mega Man to Capcom. (c)

The Ghost Gang: Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde from Pac-Man to Bandai Namco Entertainment. (c)

Kaos from Skylands to Activision. (c)


Image   Name   Description  
Octorock Goomba Goomba A simple and easy to beat enemy that can only walk around. Stomp on its head to destroy it.
Kappi Koopa Koopa Troopa A a turtle like enemy, they walk around and annoy you. Jumping on them will cause them to pop into there shell, chuck the shell or throw it at another nearby enemy. Red Koopa Troopas shell, keeps going and doesn't stop until it is hopped on or it falls off a edge.
Boomerang Nekotaro Boomerang Bro. Boomerang Bro's are a relative to the Koopa troopa, throwing Boomerangs is what they do, hop on there head and it should do the trick. They also can jump.

Mech Livid StoneEdit

Bomber Bro. Bomber Bro's will throw bombs everywhere, make use of him by jumping on his head to destroy him. They can jump.
Ball Minion Monkey Ball Bro. Ball Bro's will throw bouncing balls at you, that can push you off ledges or just be really annoying, but, there is a good way to use the balls to your advantage, you can jump on them to reach a Ball Bro, then jump on there head, and they will be rid of. They can jump.
Bone Clubba Bone Bro. Bone Bro's Throw bones at you, they throw them pretty fast, but you can destroy the bones by throwing fire at him as fire mario. They can jump.
Ball Bro. Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro's will throw hammers at you, they can jump, and will try and get you off guard then bam! your hit with a hammer. One bop on the head and these suckers will be goners.
Kuribow Paragoomba A Paragoomba is a flying Goomba, once hit on the head, they will turn back into a regular Goomba. They can jump and fly, so try and dodge them so they don't land on you.
Fire Fow Fire Bro. Fire Bro's toss fireballs at you, they can also jump. They are a pain in the butt to fight but you can freeze there fireballs with Ice.
Ice Fow Ice Bro. Ice Bro's throw Ice chunks at you and can jump. Destroy there Ice with ease by throwing fireballs at them.
Turban Valkyrie Sentries Thunder Bro. Thunder Bro's can jump just like the others, but he can throw Thunder at you, throw thunder back and create a bigger thunder ball that will be going straight for the thunder bro, causing him to go flying, and of course, be destroyed.
Vortex Fro. Vortex Bro. Vortex bro's Create small tornadoes and send them flying at you, they can suck up coins and enemies in there tornadoes.
Football Pointy Tucks Curve Bro. Curve Bro's are stronger fatter versions of boomerang bros, they throw boomerangs slower,but with more force. They can cause earthquakes with there bellies, it will take 2 bumpdrops to kill this guy.
Blaze Fro. Blaze Bro. A Stronger fat version of Fire bro, Blaze bro's can also cause earthquakes with his belly, he also can jump, and fires bigger fire balls then fire bro, to destroy him, it will take 1 bumpdrop or 2 normal hits on the head to take him down.
Frost Fro. Frost Bro. Frost Bro's are Stronger fat versions of Ice bro's they cannot jump high, they can caus earthquakes, and they can jump barely, there ice can freeze you, and is also thrown faster then the ice bro's. 2 stomps on the head should do it.
Sand Bro. Shuriken Bro. Shuriken Bro's throw Shuriken's at you, there is not much of a way to fight back, other then jumping on there head, causing them to get back up. Ht them a second time one the head and they will be out like a light.

Cactus Flower CharlieEdit

Storm Bro. Fat Thunder bro's these ones throw giant shocking thunder balls instead of normal ones, they can cause earthquakes, but throwing ice at the thunder will turn the ice into electric ice, heading its way right back at him, storm bros with take 3 hits to be taken out.
Fusion Menoid Twister Bro. Fat vortex bros that throw big tornados instead of small ones, they can jump a little bit and can cause earthquakes, there tornados really cannot be stopped, if you have a Bowser Mushroom, use it and you will not be able to be sucked up by the tornado, 3 hits to take this bro down.
Mini-Roargan Fire Bar A bar made out of fireballs that is usually stuck on something and will only spin in circles.
Splunkin Spider Splunkin A evil pumpkin that is a relative to the Goomba, takes about 4 knocks on the head to take him out.
Shoe Galoomba Shoe Goomba A Goomba hopping around in a shoe, be careful or he will squish you. It is possible to steal his shoe once you destroy him.
Dry Skull Boruum Dry Bones Dry Bones collapse after being jumped on, eventually they will regenerate, and continue to walk again.
Grolem Deck  Rocky Wrench Rocky Wrenches are creatures that hide in the ground, pop out and throw wrenches at you. 1 hop on the head should do the trick.
Painguinful Tucks Bill Blaster Shoot's the Bullet Bills at whoever is in its way.
Bulletful Bullet Bill When a bullet bill is shot out of a bill blaster, it goes straight the direction it is launched.
Booful Boo A sneaky ghost enemy, hides when your facing it.
Galoomdrop Frillipad A vicios relative to the lilipad. Has eyes and spikes all over it, if jumped on with the frog suit, the Frilipads die and you may continue jumping.
Chili Beanie Beanie A little bean type fellow, dies the same as a goomba.
Flooper Blooper A swimming squid enemy, they can spew ink onto you, and touching them will hurt you, so shock them with thunder.
Fleep-Fleep Cheep-Cheep A fish enemy that swims and jumps in water, he is very simple to defeat.
Lollipop Bro. Chomp-Bro. A Enemy who throws chain chomps at you, throw fire at him and eventually he will be a goner (about 5 hits of fire) he is one of the toughest normal enemies in the game.
Fawful Mimicard Dark Boo A Dark version of Boo, he doesn't hide when your facing him.
Fawful Spear Guy Spear Guy A shy guy relative, who carries a spear, and a different mask, they can poke you with there spear, but hitting them on the head will destroy this guy.
Fawful Guy Shy Guy A shy enemy, wont attack you with much effort, they usully only walk around NOTE: if you run fast at it, it will run away.
Kickful J Fighter Fly A fly type enemy, jumps in a odd pattern, they take to knocks on the head till there out, but they are pretty simple to take out
Beanie Knight ParaBeanie A beanie with wings, hence the ability to fly, the equivalent of a Paragoomba, because hitting them once on the head will make them turn into a beanie.
Valkyrie Sentries Tanoomba A raccoon like enemy, is basically the Tanooki suit in action, having the ability to swing his tale at you.
Sledge Fro. Sledge Bro. Fat Hammer bros, they can caus earthquakes, they also throw bigger hammers, you cannot freeze there hammers, but you can set them on fire (Not good idea) The fire hammer will be comeing at you instead! it takes 4 stomps on the head to take these guys out.
Red Fawflopper Fawflopper A fawful like grasshopper, he hops around and trys to attack you. kill him with one bop on the head.
Scuba-Omb Bob-omb Bomb enemies that turn red and eventually explode, they can be picked up and thrown in other directions.
Tall Fawful Guy Fawful Guy Shy guys, with the apearence of fawful, these buggers are not afraid of you and will attack you if your not careful, they take 3 firball hits to destroy.
Fawfiroomba Fawflant Fawflant's are drill like enemies that are fawful like, they can drill through the ground, walk, and drill from underneith you, one pop on the head and there out.
Fawful Flower Charlie Fawfulcopter Fawfulcopter's are ufo type enemies that resemble fawful, they spin and float around, 1 fire shot or ice shot and they wil die.
Relic Lakithree Crawful A crocodile like enemy that stands on both feet. Looks like fawful and will take 2 shots on the head still they die.
Dark Tall Fawful Guy Dark Fawful Guy A dark version of fawful guy, this one can send out dark balls that go straight for you, hit him on the head 2 times and hes dead.
Teal & Red Magifoofa Magifoofa A fawful like magikoopa, he uses beams of darkness on you and can dodge some of you attacks (he can jump and run, but wont go off edges by himself.) One pound on the head though and hes dead.
Mawful Mobs Mawful Mole Mawful Moles are monty mole sort of creatures that look like fawful, they can dig,pop out of the ground, and walk on land. 1 bop on the head and they are dead meat.
Icy Foofa Mechawful Mechawful, is a metal robot fawful sort of enemy, although,all they can do is walk back and fourth, and throw black balls made of iron, they are easy to destroy...1 hit on the head.
Circling Booful Buddies Booful A Fawful version of Boo that laughs like Fawful, taunting you. These will flee from you, hoping you follow, only leading you into a trap. They only appear in Fawful land.
Snow Fokey Fokey A Fawful version of Pokey that chases after you, while laughing.
Fiery Pendrill Pendrill It may sound like it but Pendrills cannot dig in normal ground, they can only dig through ice, and they attempt to drill you, jump on there heads and teach them a lesson.
Mini-Clawhammer Sneed Sneed's are one of the weirdest enemies in the game, they multiply when stomped on, the only way to take them out is with ice, or electricity, fire works to but is commonly used.
Gloomfish Pokey This enemy is very pointy, if you land on it you downgrade right away, a tip is to lick him up with yoshi and eat him.
Relic Lakitu Lakitu A enemy that floats on clouds, these enemies can be very anoying because they throw Spiny eggs everywhere, that turn into spinys, if you land on his head, he will die and you can take his cloud.
Lakithree King Lakitu King The king of Lakitus, throws golden Spinys instead and wears a crown, taking him out will not be easy, yoshi can eat him but if you jump on his crown you will get hurt. You cannot get his cloud either.
Chocolate Snifit Snifit Snifits are couisins of the shy guy, they shoot out bullets which can be dodged by crouching. Snifits like to stay in one spot and shoot at you, and can be destroyed in one shot.
Chocolate Cheep-Chomp Cheep-Chomp Cheep-Chomps are anoying, they will chase you and eat you, and you automaticly lose a what a evil fish.
Mega Sludgebone Mega Cheep-Cheep A Giant Version of Cheep-Cheep.
Mega Spiny Cheep Mega Deep-Cheep A Giant Version of Deep-Cheap.
Koopa Parafoofa Koopa Paratroopa Flying Koopatroopa's. hop on them once and they will turn back into a Koopa troopa.
Piranha Flant Piranha Plant these evil creatures come out of pipes. Jumping on them will hurt you and not them, either wait for them to go down the pipe then crossover, or freeze them, burn em, or electrocute them. Or throw a bomb etc.
Venus Majestic Moon Trap Venus Fire Trap A form of Piranha Plants, these Plants shoot fire out of there mouths.
Venus Lettuce Trap Venus Ice Trap A form of Piranha Plant, these guys will shoot out ice to try and freeze you.
Majestic Moon Nipper Nipper Plant Nipper Plants hop about and can be destroyed by one bonk..These are very simple enemies.
Gargantua Muncher Muncher Munchers are indestructible, if you land on are toast. Oh and if Yoshi lands on them, The only way to get past these is to jump!
Crystal Spiny Spiny Spinys are spiked enemies, throw 1 fire,ice or thunder ball at them to destroy them, they cant do much but walk around.
Vampire Guy Fly Guy Fly guys, are not shy and will fly around you, if you jump on there spinner, you will be shot high in the air, fire or ice will destroy it (immune to electricity)
Fawfuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy's are not fuzzy atall, they are actually spiky enemies who pop out of bushes, you should burn them.
Ice Moler Monty Mole The Monty Moles dig, and pop out of anywhere, watch out where you are because they might pop out at you!
Flower Spike Spike A big lipped enemy, throws spiked balls that roll around, to destroy them,simply jump on there head.
Vampire Spike Snow Spike Snow Spikes are kind of like Spikes, they throw snowballs instead.
Snow Deep-Cheep Deep-Cheep Deep-Cheeps,follows you until you are not in it's eye-sight anymore, for instance if it started chasing you and you hid under some seaweed.
Wild Boar Banzai Bill Banzai Bill Banzai Bills, are bigger bullet bills, they take up more space and are hard to dodge, throw 3 fire,ice,or thunder balls at it to pummel it.
Duck Wiggler Wiggler Wigglers walk about, and if you jump on them, they turn red and get extremely mad, and will go very fast, kill them with fire.
Campanastral  Angry Sun Angry suns, start off in the background, they come up enough so you know they can attack you, they will chase you, and are basically unstopable, freeze them and they should be goners, but if you only have fireballs, run for your life!!!
Green Piranha Podoboo Podoboo Podoboos, are little fireballs that jump out of the fire. You can freeze them, but usually just ignore them and wait for them to jump up, then pass.
Tribal Shroob Shroob A Shroob is a mushroom like enemy who can shoot with there shroob laser. one hit and these guys will be sent to the twilight zone.
Wild Shrooboar Chain Chomp These creatures are usually chained to a latch of some kind, and will jump at you and bite, but they can break free, and will chase you.
Grand Snakeoombas Snakeoombas Green Goombas that walk around with snakes on there head, there snakes jump off when you see them, and then the snakes chase you.

Tree Grinder KongEdit

Tree Omb A brown bob-omb, a tree grows in its place when it dies.
Bionic Buster Joe, Frigid Hammer Joe And Arc Metool Goom Volture Vulture like creatures with goombas riding them, they swoop in for devastating attacks.
Killer Shoe Gromba Killer Shoe Goomba Killer Shoe Goombas, are like normal goombas but have killer shoes, if they land on you...Its a little to late, your instantly dead. Land on them and you can steal there shoe.
Ruby King Bill King Bill Giant Bullet Bills that smash through everything....There indestructible...HIDE!
Green Broozer Broozer Broozers, can be destroyed by one bump drop or 3 hits on the head, these guys will crush you will all there might and can smash through any block.


Para-Beetle Flying Versions of the Buzzy Beetle. You can jump on them and ride on them, if you hit 8 in a row, it is said that a 1 up apears.
Throdo Crowber These enemies fly above you, and will swoop in to attack. One jump on there head and they will fall to there Epic Defeat, they make u-turns at you and try and attack.


Porcu-Puffer These Swimming creatures chase you, they jump at you if they are near the land, to defeat them BURN THEM...another one some how always ends up coming after these are destroyed.
FawSerphentine Fawfloon Fawfloons are balloons that have fawfuls face on them, its amazing that they count as enemies, all they do is float either upwards or downwards and can be popped by jumping on them.
Faw-Hulk Joe Faw-Glider Faw-Gliders, are just like Electri-Gliders, but are the fawful version,the diference with these is the apearence, and also the attack, instead of swooping down at you, they will swoop down and grab any ememy thats near, and drop it on can dodge the enemy if you are fast enough.
Electri-Lone Hoof Electri-Glider Electri-Gliders are Gliding electric type enemies, they have capes, and a little bolt of electricty on there head, they have little white gloves and swoop straight at you, hitting them once will make them die.
Faw-Grolem Fawstomp Faw-Stomps are just like stomps, the only diference is they have the look of fawful, and they laugh like fawful.
Mini-Clanky Knight Mini Stomp Mini Stomps Are Baby versions of Stomp, they are smaller and can only hurt you if your mini mario, or normal mario, not super mario or any other power up marios...Either ignore them, or be mean and crush them like a bug.
Kappi Stomp Stomp Stomps are strong musculer koopa liike creatures, they have giant red shoes that they lift up then try and stomp you with, they can be destroyed in 2 hits, but watch out for there powerful stomps!
River Snaker Snaker Snakers are Snake like creatures that do nothing but hiss, slither around and go back and forth..To take them out is as simple as taking candy from a baby, 1 bump on the head.
Flame Snaker Giant Snaker Giant Snakers are a pain, they take 3 Hits to take out, but you must be able to jump high enough to make it over there large head.
Axe Snaker Baby Snaker Baby Snakers, are easy to jump over, they can hurt you as much as a normal Snaker, but they are slower and will take awile to make it over to you.
Laser Snaker Winged Snaker Winged Snakers, are exactly what they sound like, flying Snakers, with wings, 1 hit and there a Snaker again, 1 more hit and they are as gone as they can be.
Rocker Wizard Scuba Rocker Scuba Rockers Are Rockers that swim in the oceon with Scuba Masks, they spit out bubbles instead of rocks.
Ruby Rocker Para Rocker Para Rockers are Rockers with wings that fly around, they shoot out the traditional rock size 1 hit turns them into a Normal Rocker.
Snow Rocker Chub Rocker Chub Rockers, are fatter Rockers, that shoot out large rocks instead of the normal smaller ones, they take 1 hit to kill and they are slower.
Rocker Bro. Rocker Rockers are Goomba like enemies with lips just like spikes(The enemy spike.) They walk around and shoot rocks from there mouth,and can be destroyed by one bounce on the head.
Bull-Piranha-Riding-Hammer Shroobro. Snaker Bro. Snaker Bros. Are just like any other bro enemy, they take one hit to kill and they throw Snakers.
Crystal Spike Top Spike Top Spike Tops are like Buzzy beetles, they are red with a spike on there head, jumping on them hurts you so using a star is key.
Rock-Rolls Nokobon Boom Beetles are bomb species of Buzzy Beetles, when stomped on they turn into a bomb shell, which explodes after 3 seconds.
Swabby Goomba Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetles are enemies that just walk around and can hurt you, jumping on them dosent kill them so you better use a star.
Bull Clubba Clubba Clubbas are enemies that walk around and try and smash you will there clubs...2 hits and they will die.
Big Bony Beetle Bony Beetle Bony Beetles are undead Buzzy Beetles that can extend yellow spikes out of there shell, these guys can be killed with a star.
Psychic Spike Burning Spike Couisins of the spike, Burning Spikes spit out fireballs at you and can be destroyed in one hit.
Big Wizard Boo Big Boo Big boos are larger boos..There is no other difference then that. They are larger, that is all. Read Boos info and thats the same for Big boo.
Faw-Mummies Cooligan Cooligins are Penguin like dudes that slide on ice, they hurt you if you jump on them so fire is a good idea.
Troopuiose Bumpty Bumptys Cant hurt you, however they make you bounce off of them if you touch them.
Spiky Cheep-Chomp Spiky Cheep-Cheep Spiky Cheep-Cheep's are larger then reguler Cheep Cheep's that have spikes on them, they can swim a bit faster to.
Bitebite Cheep-Cheep School A Cheep-Cheep School is a school of cheep cheep's that basically stay in a pack, giving you less room to dodge them.

Pale Piranha

Scoomba Scuba Diving goombas that swim in the water..They take one hit to kill and swim pretty fast.
Heligaloomba Heligoomba Heligoombas are goombas that float in the air with there propeller on there heads, if you land on there head, you get hurt, so kill em with fire.
Lunater Clampy Clampies are giant, purple Clam enemies that first appeared in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. They only appear in World 1-4 and in a secret area in 4-1. They will trap a character in its shell if it closes on a character, causing them to take damage and then opening back up.

[show]==World 1 bosses==

Palooka PiranhaEdit

  • Galaxy: Beginner Spinner
  • Levels: Mealtime for Palooka Piranha, Palooka Piranha's Speed Run

A distant cousin to Dino Piranha, Palooka Piranha is yet another dinosaur Piranha Plant, and the very first boss in the game.

In Mealtime for Palooka Piranha, when you're character lands on his egg from a Launch Star, he hatches, and the battle begins. Palooka Piranha will try to run over you're character, which is his only attack, until he gets tired. When he does, spin attack on his large navel to hit him. Do this two more times to beat him.

In Palooka Piranha's Speed Run, it is the same, except you are only given 3:00 to beat him.

King PokeyEdit

  • Galaxy: High Desert
  • Levels: King Pokey's Mystery Time,King Pokey's Daredevil Run

A large King Pokey with a crown on his head. It is a YouTube joke that he is Pokey

In King Pokey's Mystery Time after you're character (who must be on Yoshi for this fight) jumps up onto the pyramid-like arena, King Pokey lands from the ground, and the battle begins. King Pokey can throw up into a ball and zoom around the stage, much like you're character after getting a Rock Mushroom. King Pokey can also try and Ground Pound you're character, as well as summon frog-like enemies. Have Yoshi eat the cactus-like enemies and make eggs. Then aim the eggs at King Pokey's big orange belly then throw them. Three more times and he's defeated.

World 2Edit

Queen O. HartEdit

  • Galaxy: Wonderland
  • Levels: Queen O. Hart's Castle, Queen O. Hart's Daredevil Run

It's a humanoid version of Glamdozer.

In Queen O. Hart's Caslte, when you're character enters the castle gates, Queen O. Hart is at the throne, and he summons Heart Koopas to get him. After beating the Heart Koopas, the real battle begins. Queen O. Hart can fire pink fireballs from her staff (which by the way, holds the Power Star). Queen O. Hart can also dash towards you're character. If she doesnt hit you're character, she'll trip and fall over. When she does, hit her with a spin attack. Do this three more times to defeat.

In Queen O. Hart's Daredevil Run, it is the same, except you're character only has 1 health.

Mandibug Duo (miniboss)Edit

  • Galaxy: Honeyblossom
  • Levels: Bee Prepared

A regular-sized Mandibug with a smaller Mandibug on it's back.

In Bee Prepared, when you're character reaches the top of a tower, the duo comes down, and the battle begins. Just do the same thing as in the real SMG games.

Major BurrowsEdit

  • Galaxy: Honeyblossom
  • Levels: Major Burrows is Back!

Main article: Major Burrows

Bowser (1)Edit

  • Galaxy: Bowser's Floating Fortress
  • Levels: Bowser's Big Bad Bash

Bowser is HUGE!

In Bowser's Big Bad Bash, just beat him the same way as in SMG2.

World 3Edit

Mandibug Duo (miniboss)Edit

  • Galaxy: Rock n' Roll Galaxy
  • Levels: Boulder Bowl's Mandibug Bash

Same as last time.

King KleptoEdit

  • Galaxy: Klepto Temple Galaxy
  • Levels: King Klepto's Sandy Fight, King Klepto's Daredevil Run, King Klepto's Green Star

King Klepto is a giant Klepto or Necky with a crown on his head.

When you're character gets onto an arena with a Spin Drill, King Klepto appears and the battle begins. King Klepto attacks by using his feathers as darts and by flying across the stage. After his first hit, he can also summon Klepto enemies. To hit him, use the Spin Drill to drill underground to he opposite side of the arena. Then, when he flies across, Drill into him. Twice more and he's down.

Bazooka BillEdit

  • Galaxy: Bulletworks
  • Levels: Bazooka Bill's Party Crash Bash, Bazooka Bill's Speed Run

Bazooka is an enormous Banzai Bill ridden by a Koopa Troopa.

Yoshi needed. When you fly onto a large metallic planet, the Koopa will leap into a cannon and fly out riding Bazooka Bill. The battle begins. He flies around the arena, often trying to charge into you. When he fires Bullet Bills from his bazooka-like hands, have Yoshi grab them with his tongue. When the Bill is in his mouth, have Yoshi walk to the sides of him and fire the bill and some blue spots on his sides. As soon as all the blue spots are eliminated, Bazooka Bill will explode, sending the Koopa Troopa flying into space.

Bowser Jr. (2)Edit

  • Galaxy: Bowser Jr.'s Boom Bunker
  • Levels: A Boomleg Battle, Boomleg's' Explosive Speed Run

Main article: Boomleg

World 4Edit

Dark Fluzzard and Shadow MarioEdit

  • Galaxy: Creep Glide
  • Level: A Creepy Creep Race

Shadow Mario got his own Fluzzard!

Just beat them in a Fluzzard race.

Ninja KongEdit

  • Galaxy: Swinging Jungle
  • Levels: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Ninja Kong is back from Jungle Beat! After beating some enemies in a junglish arena, the big doors open, showing two red eyes. Then, the announcer announces Ninja Kong onto the arena. Ninja throws some quick punches and dash pretty fast. When he dashes, make him get his head stuck into a board. Then hit him with a spin attack in his "area". Three more times and the Ninja should be defeated.

Bowser (2)Edit

  • Galaxy: Bowser's Gravity Grave
  • Levels: Bowser's Gravity-Defying Party

Same as last time, only he is harder.

World 5Edit

Queen PepperEdit

  • Galaxy: Frostflake
  • Levels: Queen Pepper's Spicy Battle

Possibley a giant Octoomba with tentacles who lives in freezing water. When you're character lands onto an arena with icy water, Queen Pepper emerges and roars. The battle begins. Queen Pepper can summon Brr Bits, as well as shoot balls of ice from his Birdo-like mouth, as well as coconuts. You probably know what to do if you've faced King Kaliente in SMG.

Gooper BlooperEdit

  • Galaxy: Sunshine
  • Levels: Gooper Blooper's Return

Gooper Blooper wants his revenge!

Same as in Super Mario Sunshine.

Bowser Jr. (3)Edit

  • Galaxy: Bowser Jr.'s Grand Star Prison
  • Levels: Bowser Jr.'s Final Battle

Bowser Jr. now has the power of a Hammer Bro., Octoomba, and Lakitu combined!

Be sure to spin him to make him dizzy, then ground pound on him. Do this five times to defeat.

World 6Edit


  • Galaxy: Baby Bash
  • Levels: Kamek's Cracking Battle, Kamek's Speed Run

Kamek is back!

Kamek will fly around on her broom, firing magic shapes as she does. Orange ones become fire, grey ones become Bullet Bills, and green ones become Koopa Troopas. When a Koopa Troopa appears on the stage, grab it's shell and throw it at Kamek. Three more times and he is defeated.