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''''The Story 'One fine day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and his pals were playing a nice game of basketball. Luigi was about to shoot a 3-pointer, when all of a sudden, the Axem Rangers butted in. They popped the basketball with their axes just as it was about to enter the hoop. '

''''"Hey, I was-a just about to score a basket!" Luigi yelled. "Who do you think you are?"'

''''"You should know who we are, Luigi," said Axem Red.'

''''"We've beat your bro before!" Axem Black stated.'

''''"Umm, sorry to interject-a," said Mario, "but I beat you many times-a before!"'

''''"... So?" Axem Pink rebutted. "We're still more powerful than you! You only won because you had your stu-pid friends with you!"'

''''"I'll have-a you know that we're the best 'round here!" Mario said, smirking.'

''''"Really?" Axem Green said, dubiously. "Boss? What should we do?"'

''''Axem Red looked at the popped ball. "We challenge you to a basketball tournament!" he said. "Whoever loses must leave the Mushroom Kingdom- forever!"'

''''"Mario, this isn't a good idea," Princess Peach whispered. "We'll get our tails kicked out there!"'

''''"Don't-a worry, Peach," Mario said reassuringly. "We've got help." Then, Bowser and his Koopalings stomped onto the court as if on cue.'

''''"I heard ya were challenging these here guys to a hoops tournament," Bowser roared. "Well, we were thinking of pummeling them into the ground too!" Bowser and his kids laughed. However, they weren't the only players in this tournament. The Virus Team stepped onto the court.'

''''"Well, if it isn't my old friend Mario," said Blue Virus. "How nice to see you here. Too bad you'll be gone after we beat you!"'

''''"Yeah, bleh," said Red Virus. "we're gonna put the smackdown on ya!"'

''''"Boss is right," Yellow Virus remarked. "We're the best there is!"'

''''"... No, you're not." Axem Yellow said. "We are."'

''''"Oh, yeah," Yellow Virus said.'

''''Mario stood, motionless. "Luigi?"'

''''"Yeah, Mario?"'

''''"We're doomed."'

''''Controls Control Stick: Move olayer A Button: Shoot X or Y Button: Pass B Button: Special Shot (when S-meter is full) L+R Button: Fill S-meter 'Z Button: Time Out! '

''''Items 'Items help you on the court. Each item's description is listed here. '

''''Mushroom: Speeds you up. Fire Flower: Increases your Shoot for a limited time. Raccoon Leaf: Increases your Pass for a limited time. Hammer Bros. Suit: Stun every enemy player on the field. Tanooki Suit: Lets you perform slam dunks easily. Frog Suit: You're so slippery, nobody will be able to steal the ball from you. Shell: Green ones hit one enemy, red ones hit three. Jugem's Cloud: Calls upon Lakitu to cover the field in Spinies. Kuribo's Shoe: Calls upon a Kuribo's Goomba to stomp on whoever has the ball. Boo: Slows you down by sticking to you. Mini Mushroom (LOCKED): Turns all enemies tiny. Mega Mushroom (LOCKED): Turns all your teammates giant. 'Axem's Axe (LOCKED): Hit an enemy with this and they're out of the game! '

''''Teams 'Each player has two stats: Shoot(S) and Pass(P). Shoot determines the distance and power of the shot. Pass determines how well the player passes. Also marked is their Special Shot(SS). '

''''Mushroom Kingdom Spores Mario: S:***  P:*** SS: Fireball Shot - Turns basketball fiery Luigi: S:** P:*** SS: Green Missile - Makes ball fast Peach: S:**** P:*** SS: Royal Takedown - Instant dunk Yoshi: S:*** P:** SS: Egg Toss - Anybody who catches the egg will be stunned 'Toad: S:** P:** SS: Spore Shoot - Poisons whoever catches it '

''''Dark Land Koopas Bowser: S:**** P:* SS: Koopa King - Instant dunk Larry: S:** P:*** SS: Piranha Planter - Eats an opposing player Wendy: S:*** P:*** SS: Cheep Shot - Cheeps bite onto an opponent, slowing them down Lemmy: S:**** P:**** SS: Clown Around - Tosses tons of star balls on the screen, flooding the court 'Bowser Jr: S:* P:* SS: Paintbrush Pass - Makes a paint stream behind the ball, making opponents slip '

''''DK Country Apes Donkey Kong: S:*** P:*** SS: Banana Hammock - An arced shot that never misses Diddy Kong: S:** P:**** SS: Diddy Rock - Plays guitar to stun opponents Dixie Kong: S:*** P:**** SS: Ponytail Pitch - Throws the ball with ponytail Baby Kong: S:* P:* SS: Shot of Stupidity - Always misses 'Cranky Kong: S:**** P:**** SS: Grumpy Old 3-Pointer - Instant dunk '

''''Maniacal Minions Goomba: S:** P:*** SS: Headbonk Hurl - A pass that never fails Koopa: S:**** P:*** SS: Shell Shock - Stuns whoever catches the ball Piranha Plant: S:**** P:**** SS: Toothy Toss - Instant dunk Bob-omb: S:*** P:*** SS: Kaboomer - If an opponent catches the ball, it explodes and they're out 'Cheep Cheep: S:* P:* SS: Spit Shooter - Absolutely nothing '

''''Wart's Warriors (LOCKED) Wart: S:**** P:**** SS: Poison Bubble - Poisons whoever catches it Shy Guy: S:*** P:*** SS: Shy Shot - Turns the screen black so others are confused Cobrat: S:*** P:** SS: Sinking Fang - Instant dunk Pokey: S:** P:*** SS: Spiny Shooter - If an opponent catches it, they are out 'Flurry: S:* P:* SS: Skate Shot - Covers arena in ice '

''''Sarasaland Superstars (LOCKED) Daisy: S:***** P:**** SS: Flower Power - Instant dunk Tatanga: S:**** P:** SS: Space Shoot - A high-arc shot that usually misses Biokinton: S:*** P:**** SS: Cloudy Skies - Clouds opponent's vision Dragonzamasu: S:** P:*** SS: Undersea Shot - Floods arena 'Hiyoihoi: S:* P:* SS: Ganchan Attack - Sends Ganchans after opponents, slowing them down '

''''Team V (LOCKED) Blue Virus: S:**** P:**** SS: Tsunami - Instant dunk Yellow Virus: S:**** P:**** SS: Lightning Spike - If an opponent catches it, they're out 'Red Virus: S:**** P:**** SS: Tongue Lasher - Stuns an opponent '

''''Axem Rangers (LOCKED) Red: S:***** P:***** SS: Axle Axe - Instant dunk Black: S:***** P:***** SS: Shady Shoot - Turns screen black Yellow: S:***** P:***** SS: Tubby Toss - A pass that never fails Pink: S:***** P:***** SS: Diamond Dunk - Instant dunk 'Green: S:***** P:***** SS: Magic Slam - Destroys an opponent :O '

''''Unlockables Teams Wart's Warriors: Beat Tournament Mode Sarasaland Superstars: Clear all Duel Matches V Team: Beat all Mini-Game Challenges 'Axem Rangers: Beat the Axems in the Ultimate Showdown '

''''Modes Duel Matches: Beat Tournament Mode once Mini-Game Challenge: Beat Tournament Mode twice 'Ultimate Showdown: Complete Tournament Mode with all teams '

''''Mini-Games Mario Bros: Beat Tournament Mode three times Bowser's Castle Crasher: Beat Mario Bros. with a score of 10,000 or more Going Ape: Beat Bowser's Castle Crasher once Feeding Time: Beat Going Ape with a score of 100 Bananas or more Autobombs Ahoy: Unlock Wart's Warriors Submarine Pop!: Unlock Sarasaland Superstars Infection Connection: Unlock V Team 'Axem Challenge: Unlock Axem Rangers '

''''Items Mini Mushroom: Beat all Mini-Game Challenges Mega Mushroom: Beat all Duel Matches 'Axem's Axe: Destroy the Axems in the Ultimate Showdown '

''''Mini-Game Challenges'

''''Mini-Game Challenges are fun little games that have nothing to do with basketball. They're just there for fun! Of course, if you beat them all, you do get the Mini-Mushroom power-up in gameplay.'

''''Unlocked Mini-Games Mushroom Hunt: Find the one Golden Mushroom in a slew of ? Boxes! Lava Leap: Hop on the platforms, but don't fall off! Record Playas: Spun around by the record player, you're dizzy and need to find Toad! 'Whompa Thwompa: Run as fast as you can to escape the falling Thwomps! '

''''Locked Mini-Games Mario Bros: Classic arcade action! Bowser's Castle Crasher: Blow up doomships with Bullet Bills! Going Ape: Catch the bananas as they fall out the trees! Don't miss any, or it's game over! Feeding Time: The Piranha Plants are hungry, and you have to feed them Poison Mushrooms! Autobombs Ahoy: Try to dodge the nightmare bullets being fired at you! Submarine Pop!: Shoot the enemies and get to the boss! Infection Connection: A simple game of Dr. Mario... only you're the Virus! Toss poison pills at Dr. Mario! 'Axem Challenge: A Mini-Game rewind! All the mini-games in one... Don't fail! '

''''Duel Matches 'Duel Matches are one-on-one matches against all the characters. If you beat this mode, you get the Mega Mushroom item! '

''''Ultimate Showdown 'This is it. The final battle between Mario and the Axems. Destroy them by pummeling them with Fireball Shots. Warning! Each gets harder as they fall. After going through Yellow, Green, Pink, and Black, you finally face Axem Red. Be careful. One hit from his axe and you're a goner! '

''''Ending 'Mario defeats the Axems and wins the tournament. All of his teammates grab the trophy at the same time and raise it up in the air. '

''''The others, however, are none too happy. Bowser and his kids sneer at Mario. Blue Virus shrugs, and takes his team to Taco Bell. Daisy starts a hissy fit, storming off. DK and his gang congratulate Mario and friends for their victory, however. Wart's team starts crying and walk off, disappointed. Goomba's team starts to blame all their problems on their lack of hands... well, except for Koopa. The words "Thanks for playing!" appear on the screen, and Mario laughs.   '

''''Well, I hope you enjoyed my game idea. I'm hoping Nintendo makes this one day... then again, who would take advice from an infectuous disease?'

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