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The official boxart.
Publisher(s) [4]
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Action, Platform
Release Date(s)
[5] July 20 2012 

[6] July 26 2012  [7] August 02 2012  [8] August 08 2012

1-4 Players (local)
Age Rating(s)


Media Included Wii Optical Disc (Dual-layered)

Super Mario Evolution (or SMEv), is a Mario game, for the Wii. The game is in 2.5D with 2.5D graphics. This game is a sequel to the game Super Mario World. It used many elements, classics and news, from the Mario games, like items and enemies.



Due to the large amount of movement, that allows the Wii, the gameplay is very different from Super Mario World: the movements are the same than Super Mario World's one. They are however less difficult to realize. The graphics are, of course, completely differents, integrating the 3D relief. This game also possess news capacities, like the capacity to see our progression, during a level, and the one to save our progression any time, and keep our Dragon Coin when exiting the game. The story is also more worked than Super Mario World's one, and included dialogues. In each levels (exept the Toad Houses), four Dragon Coin can be collected. They allows the player to access in new levels, hidden in the map, which requires a certain number of Dragon Coins for being open. In the levels, the player can always have an items in reserve, and use it when he wants. The Giant Gates has disappear, to be replaced by a Flagpole. The bonus Minigame also has disappear, but a similar game is playable in the yellow Toad Houses. The principe is exactly the same, but the reward in case of victory is different: instead of 1-Ups , the player obtains the represented objects. Super Mario Evolution also possesses a multiplayer mode, in which the players (four maximum) can play the differents levels normally, or participate in a battle, that takes place in specials area, and where they must grab a certain number of Stars and try to keep them, like in the battle levels of New Super Mario Bros. Once the Special World finished, Koopa the Quick will appear in all the completed levels. The player can do a race to the flagpole with him. If Mario wins, he will obtain one or several 1-Ups. If he loses, he will lose a life.


The Princess Peach, who doesn't have seen Mario and Luigi since several days, decides to invite them to come take the tea in her castle. The two plumbers gladly accept, and so, come to the castle. But, in Toad Town, they meet Toadsworth, panicked:Master Mario ! It's terrible ! The princess has been kidnapped by the Koopalings, and sent to Dinosaur Land. Follow me, I know a shortcut to Dinosaur Land, in Pipe Plaza ! —Toadsworth

The adventure starts here. The player controls Toadsworth, in a 3D stage, and has to bring Mario and Luigi to Pipe Plaza, and avoid the few enemies that try to hurt him, like Goombas and Bob-ombs. Once in Pipe Plaza, another kinematic show Toadsworth saying good buy, and good luck in there mission to the two plumbers, entering in a long pipe, that lead to Dinosaur Land. Wario and Waluigi, that have followed in secret Mario and Luigi, also enter in the pipe, hoping save the princess and receive money in return.

After defeating Larry Koopa, the bosse of Dinosaur Land, Mario learn that Peach isn't here but, in the Valley of Bowser, a difficult and hostile world, situated very far from Dinosaur Land. He also learn that the Koopalings have captured others inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom, and have confined them in differents castles.



Image   Name   Description   Characteristics   How to unlock ?  
[14] Mario Mario is the main hero of the game. He is a full character. He has normal jumps and run and cool ray blaster He can, with Luigi, Wario and Waluigi, spin jump. He also can do a wall jump. He is already unlocked.
[15] Luigi Luigi is Mario's brother, and the player can take him in the solo game now !

Luigi's jumps are higher than the other's. He is also a speed but little powerful character. Like his brother, he masters the wall jump, and is the only character who can do a spinning back-flip.

He is already unlocked
[16] Wario Wario is Mario's rival. He has heard Toadsworth say that the princess was kidnaped and has decided to save the her, hoping to be paid. But he has been captured and locked in the castle of the World 3. Forunately, Waluigi came to his rescue. Wario is the strongest character in the game. He can throw the others players very far, and break the Used Blocks. Complete the castle of the World 3, a kinematic will show Waluigi saving his brother, making him playable.
[17] Waluigi Waluigi is Luigi's rival and Wario's brother. Like his bro, he is a playable character in this adventure, and, helps him to save the princess. Although he hasn't any special move, he is the speeder of the group. He is also the most agile, and is very easy to control, contrary to Wario. His force, however, is very low. By beating a boss with Wario.
[18] Birdo Birdo, old enemy of Mario, come back in this game but, this time, as a playable character ! Birdo is a powerful character, able to swallow enemies from a distance and turn them into white eggs, that she can throw. She can't use some Power-Ups, like the Bullet Suit or the Koopa Shell. By clearing all the secrets levels of the World 4. NOOOO!
[19] Green Toad The Toads are Princess Peach's subjects. Mario discovers this green Toad prisoner of Iggy Koopa, in the castle of the World 5. For thanks Mario, Toad so decides to help him and his group to save Peach. Toad is the less powerful of all the playable characters. His jumps are however the best. He is also, with Waluigi, a good swimmer. Like Birdo, he can't use some Power-Ups. By beating Iggy Koopa in the castle of the World 5.
[20] Toadsworth Toadsworth is Peach's intendant. He is only playable during the prologue, where he is charged to lead Mario and Luigi to Pipe Plaza. He is a very slow and very low character and, his jumps are very small, rending him easily vulnerable to the enemies' attacks. Mario and Luigi can however help him to crush the monsters. He is already unlocked but, for one stage only.

Non PlayableEdit

Image Name Description
[21] Yoshi Yoshi can be gotten by breaking a Yoshi Egg. It exist several colors of Yoshis. They all have a special particularity. A White Yoshi also has been locked in the castle of World 2, and a Yellow one in the castle of World 7.
[22] Princess Peach Once again, Peach has been kidnapped by the Koopalings, and bring to Bowser. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Birdo and Green Toad must save her !
[23] Toad The Toads run the Toad Houses. They allows Mario to collect items, in several Mini games. Toad is also the prisoner of the Big Bob-Omb, in the castle of the World 6.
[24] Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is the prisoner of Wendy O. Koopa, in the castle of World 4. He offers Mario a Boomerang Suit to thanks him.
[25] Koopa the Quick Koopa the Quick is an old Mario's Character. He appears in the completed levels once the Special World is finished. Mario can defy him to the race, and win 1-Ups in cas of victory !

Yoshi's Power-UpsEdit

Like in the original game, Yoshi is back in this aventure, in different colours ! Each color has a special ability. Here the list:

Image Effect
[26] Green Yoshi is the most common Yoshi. He hasn't got any particularity.
[27] Blue Yoshi can fly temporarily by swallowing any kind of Koopa.
[28] Red Yoshi can expel fire by swallowing any kind of Koopa.
[29] Yellow Yoshi can create shockwaves after jumping by swallowing any kind of Koopa.
[30] Pink Yoshi can fly for a few seconds by swallowing an enemy.
[31] Purple Yoshi can brick the Used Blocks and has a longer longue.
[32] Cyan Yoshi transforms all the enemies he swallows into Ice Block, that, while thrown, slips without stopping.
[33] Black Yoshi transforms the enemies he swallows into bombs.
[34] Rainbow Yoshi allows the player to be invincible by swallowing any kind of Koopa !


The game contains 10 worlds: 8 normal Worlds and, 2 secrets Worlds; accessible by founding a shortcut to the Mysterious World.

Name Description Character locked in the Castle + Item given Enemy Course
1 Dinosaur Land A grassy stage, with common enemies and low difficulty. The boss of the fortress is Larry Koopa , and the castle boss is Boom Boom. No character locked. [35]
2 Pokey Plateau A dry area with lots of Spiny, Sand Bros., Pokey and other desertic enemies. The boss of the world is Mummipokey, and the fortress boss is Roy Koopa. White Yoshi + Blue Koopa Shell [36]
3 Icy Cave A frozen and cold cave, dotted with dangerous stalactites. The slippery ground constrains the player to walk very slowly. The fortress boss is Lemmy Koopa, with a frozen ball. The castle's one is Yoshice, a bad Yoshi that works for the Koopa Troop. Wario [37]
4 Sunny Island Coconuts, resplendent sun, and a beautiful turquoise water. The perfect location for holidays ... But it's not the time for Mario and his Luigi to pause. They must save the princess! The fortress boss of this superb island is Wendy O. Koopa. The castle boss is King-Puffer, a boss in Super Mario World: Wii. Diddy Kong + Boomerang Suit [38]
5 Forest of Illusion This forest is a real maze, which will make the player crazy. The only way to exit this dangerous forest is to find the secrets passages, really well hidden, in certain levels. They aren't any fortress in this curious place. The boss of the Castle is the strange Iggy Koopa. Green Toad + Cat Bell [39]
6 Kritter Jungle A huge mountain, populated by Bullet Bills, Bob-ombs, Bomber Bros. and several other monsters. The climbing of Mario will get more complicated with the apparition of the Big Bob-omb at the top of the mountain, who try to launch Bob-Ombs on Mario. The fortress boss is Morton Koopa Jr.. The castle's is Big Bob-Omb. Toad + Paratroopa Shell [40]
7 Chocolate Mountain Entirely white, this cloudy world is, in fact, a big trap, with an impressive number of monsters, holes and traitor clouds. This world also possess two towers. The boss of the first fortress is Lakithunder; the one of the second is Huff N. Puff, and the boss of the castle is Ludwig Von Koopa. Yellow Yoshi + Bowser Mushroom [41]
8 Valley of Bowser The valley of Bowser is a scary and gloomy place, situated near an active volcano, which is very dangerous. The monster living here are principaly Fire and Undead creatures, like Boos, Dry Bones and Podoboos. The boss of the first fortress is Kamek, and the boss of the second fortress is Bowser Jr.. The castle is divided in several rooms, which contains different enemies. The player must cross three rooms, before accessing to the Dark Room, and finally, the castle's roof, with Bowser. Peach [42]


9 Star Road The Mysterious World is a special world, accesible by the Mysterious Roads, in the normal worlds. It contains only 6 levels and, each one has two exits: a normal and a secret one. The player must find all the secrets exits, to open a new way to the last world: The Special World. No castle [44]
10 Special World The Special World is the last world of the game. This secret place can be access by founding all the secret exits of the Mysterious World. This World possesses 8 levels, that are probably the hardest of the game. When all the levels of the Special World are cleared, the player will be teleport to Dinosaur Land, and a special challenge will be available: now, in each completed level, the player can defy Koopa the Quick at the run, and win 1-Ups in cas of victory ! No castle No Enemy



Main article here.

Super Mario Evolution possesses an important number of enemies. The differents kind of monsters are listed below.

  • Basic: These are the enemies that we can found everywere. Example: Goombas, Koopas ...
  • Flora: These enemies are plants. We can found them in many levels, except ghost levels, and fiery levels.
  • Plain: These enemies are essentially found in grassy levels. Example: Monty Moles or Goombas Bros.
  • Aerial: These enemies are found mainly in sky levels.
  • Cave: These enemies principally live in caves and grottos.
  • Underwater: This kind of enemy only lives in the oceans and seas.
  • Weapon: The enemies that are used as a weapon are regroups in this category. Example: Bob-ombs.
  • Undead: It's regroups the ghosts and living death monsters. Example: Boos and Dry Bones.
  • Icy: These enemies can only be found in snowy or frozen places. Example: Ice Bros. or Cooligans.
  • Fiery: These creature master the fire, and are found, generally, in lava-containing levels.
  • Castle: These monsters are essentially found in castles.
  • Misc: This category regroups all the unclassifiable monsters.

Waddlebot & Insect Waddlebot World 1 Very Common

Clone Ashura World 1 Very Rare "Whoa!! Look like there are more than one Clone Bowser! But don't worry, just ingore them otherwise cut the brigde with the classical Axe!"

Sectle Goomba World 1 Common "Humph...When will those boys learn to have to train very hard? They are even weaker than the Waddlebots..."

Ninjoomba & Grand Ninjoomba World 2 Rare "Okay, these guys can cause troubles if you don't know their techniques: Jump at you, create illusions, and throw Shurikens."


World 1

Uncommon "There are Seven color; Green, red, yellow Lavender Jade Rose Quartz and the rarest, blue. No differences from before to today..."

Electricutar World 1 Uncommon "Like the Koopas, but with wings. One stomps isn't enough, but two will do! The newly added Blue Paratroopa will chase the watch out!"

Frost Lakitu World 2 Rare "These boys can exterminate you with their Spiny! Just outsmart them by simply get on a Block upper these annoying species, then jump on them!"

Frost Spiny World 2 Common "Stomping on them is bad, so try something esle like throw a Fireball or a Koopa Shell. Of course, I don't need them 'cause I can use my Koopa Bash!"

Ruby Buzzy Beetle World 3 Uncommon "Can resist fire, Fire John can have a hard time with them if he only think about fire. I bet that you can simply stomp these thugs so my brother will get it!"

MagiCheep World 1 Common "Either swimming around the sea, or fling theirself at you, they can be painful if you don't watch out. There are also Deep MagiCheep."

Nibbles World 2 Uncommon "Bloopers will chase you and won't stop even if you froze them. Just uses Fire or Thunder at them and you will be okay!"

Klimd Fortress/Castle Only Very Common "Podoboos...It can simply make you into ashes if you run without thinking! They hate ices so Nado do not have to worries about them."

Pink Piranha Plant World 2 Common "These boys just want a chomp on ya, so don't jump on them! Give them something a Koopa Shell or anything can hurt people!"

Hot Bones Fortress/Castle Only Uncommon "They spin and spin even if these traps touch you. I don't know why they are called enemies but Iceballs is Super Effective against them!"

Cat Bullet Bills World 4 Common "Frankly, Bullet Bills can resist fire and thunder so why not just a single stomp? There also Homing Bullet Bills so watch out."

Cat Banzai Bill World 4 Uncommon "Stronger version of Bullet Bills. They can found of nowhere, which is scary. But they can also be fired from Banzai Blaster."

Cat Kritta World 8 Rare "Strongest version of Bullet Bills. These powerhouse bullet will destroy everything on it's way! Their only weakness is a Ground-Pound while using the Mega Mushroom or a Star."

Cat Thowmp Fortress/Castle Only Common "Thowmp! Thowmp! So that's their name? Okay. They maybe are immune to jump, fire, ice and thunder, but my Shell Bash will turn this enemy into pebbles!"

Goopy Boo World 5 Uncommon "These shy man-eating ghosts will only approch if you look behind. If it get too close at you...peekaboo!!"

Shuriken Strike Chameleon World 5 Uncommon "Hold on! Where are the Hammer Bro.!? Never mind...They might just defend Bowser Castle as a Goomba told me. Shuriken Bro. will throw straight-foward shurikens."

Froggy Gromba World 6 Rare "That's right. The Sledge Bro. version of Shuriken Bros. Not only they throw big shurikens, cause earthquake...but they also teleport! Such tough guys!"

Clone Bounty Bones, World 7 Rare "Why does Clarx copied Turnof!? Never mind, they are just weaker anyway. I mean, a single stomp will destroy them!"

Blandies World 3 Very Rare "It's not just Boshi only the bad Yoshi. They are also Stealer Yoshi. These boys will steal coins if it gulp you, to 5 to 50! Shake your Wii Remote to escape!"

Piranha Gloomba World 8 Rare "Like Boos, they will approch you if you turn back. But these sub-species of Boo will spit out poisons if you face it! Yuck..."



It's the comeback of the Big Bob-Omb !

The list of the bosses can be found here.

In this games, a lots of old bosses are coming back, like Boom Boom or the Big Bob-omb.

In the six first Worlds, there are two bosses: one in the fortress; and one in the castle. The Worlds 7 and 8, possess two fortresses, and so, three bosses by world. the World 9 and 10, that are special worlds, don't have any castle or fortress and so, don't have bosses.

There also are two airships levels in the games, situated after the World's castle: one in the World 4 and one in the World 6. Bowser Jr. is the bosse in these two airships.

King Boo and Goomboss also are secrets bosses in the game. King Boo is the one of the Plateau Secret House and Goomboss the one of the Cave Secret-2, two secret levels. The player can accesses to the Mysterious Road by beating one of these bosses.

Items and Power-UpsEdit

Image  Name  Type  Description 

[46]CoinCollectibleOne of the most basic item, coins are everywhere. Collecting 100 will give you a 1-Up.[47]Red CoinCollectible8 Red Coins appear for a short time when jumping into a Red Ring. If you collect these eight coins, you will get an item ![48]Blue CoinCollectibleThe Blues Coins appear for a short time after jumping on a P-Switch. If you collect all of these coins, you will get an 1-Up.[49]Silver CoinCollectibleIf you jump on a Gray P-Switch, all the enemies will turn into Silvers Coins for a short time. Collecting them allows you to win points and 1-Ups ![50]Red RingObjectIf Mario jumps into this ring, 8 Red Coins wil appear for a short time.[51]P-SwitchObjectIf Mario actives this switch, the Blocks will turn into Coins and the Coins into Blocks. Blue Coins and doors also can appear.[52]Dragon CoinCollectibleThere are three Dragon Coins in each levels. Collect them will open new paths.[53]? BlockBlockThese blocks can contain Coins, Power-Ups, Yoshi Eggs and many other items.[54]Winged ? BlockBlockThese blocks are exactly the same as the ? Blocks; except that they can fly.[55]Flip BlockBlockIf Mario hits this block, it will flips around during a short time. Mario can go through it, until it stops flipping.[56]! BlockBlockThese blocks, that exist in four different colours, can contain an item or nothing. After hitting it, it will turn into an Used Block if it was full; or will not change if it was empty.[57]¿ BlockBlockThese blocks contain enemies instead of items.[58]Roulette BlockBlockThis block contains items that scroll. The player will get the item represented on the block when he had hit it.[59]Brick BlockBlockThis block can be destroyed only if the player isn't small. It also can contains an item.[60]Used BlockBlockAn Used Block is the result of a hit ? Block, ¿ Block, Roulette Block or ! Block. It can't be destroyed.[61]♪ BlockBlockThe player will bounce if he jumps on this block.[62]Grab BlockBlockMario can take this block and, throw it.[63]FlagpoleObjectThe Flagpoles are found in almost each levels, and allow the player to close it.[64]KeyObjectThe Keys are found in some levels. They allow the player to unlock a secret level, if he grabs it to the Keyhole.[65]KeyholeObjectThe Keyholes, hidden in some levels, allow the player to unlock a secret level if he grabs the Key.[66]Midway FlagObjectIf the player dies, he will restart from this flag, and not from the beginning[67]BeanstalkObjectLeads the player to another zone, in the sky.[68]Lakitu CloudObjectAllows the player to fly, by climbing in it, until it dissapears.[69]MushroomPower-UpThe most basic Power-Up. The Mushroom transforms Mario into Super Mario, if he is small.[70]Fire FlowerPower-UpTransforms Mario into Fire Mario.[71]1-Up MushroomCollectibleGives Mario one extra live.[72]1-Down MushroomObjectTakse away one of Mario's life but, without killing him.[73]3-Up MoonCollectibleGive Mario three extra lives.[74]Ice FlowerPower-UpTransforms Mario into Ice Mario.[75]Thunder FlowerPower-UpTransforms Mario into Thunder Mario[76]Super StarPower-UpTransforms Mario into Invincible Mario.[77]Cape FeatherPower-UpTransforms Mario into Cape Mario.[78]Blue ShellPower-UpTransforms Mario into Shell Mario.[79]Paratroopa ShellPower-UpTransforms Mario into Para-Shell Mario.[80]Bowser MushroomPower-UpTransforms Mario into Bowser Mario.[81]Hammer FlowerPower-UpTransforms Mario into Hammer Mario.[82]Boomerang FlowerPower-UpTransforms Mario into Boomerang Mario.[83]P-BalloonPower-UpTransforms Mario into Balloon Mario.[84]Bullet SuitPower-UpTransforms Mario into Bullet Mario.[85]Spike MushroomPower-UpTransforms Mario into Spike Mario.[86]Kuribo's ShoeObject + Power-UpTransforms Mario into Shoe Mario.[87]Yoshi EggObjectA Yoshi will pop out of this egg. It exists in differents colours.[88]Rainbow EggObjectThey are Rainbow Yoshi's Eggs. Except the colour, these eggs haven't go any differences with the normal one.[89]Koopa ShellObjectAfter jumping on a Koopa, this one will go in his shell. Mario can throw this shell. Exists in 3 differents colours: red, green and yellow.The list of Mario's transformations can be found just here.


see this.

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