Grand Mario Land U Reloaded Is a upcoming game for the Wii U.


[show]==​Story== Wario and Waria steals Sarrasahland straight from ground. It's up to Mario to save Sarrasahland by gathering 8 orbs guarded by 8 kings to create a path to Wario's Castle.

After getting all 8 orbs, Mario creates the path to Sarrasahland, but Shroob Tamer appears and announces that he is now the king of the Shroobs. He is waiting at Sarrasahland, getting ready his Lunar Sanctum to fire. Mario has to get to Shroob Tamer before he fires the Lunar Sanctum.

After beating Shroob Tamer at the Lunar Sanctum, Mario witnesses Shroob Tamer fusing with a giant planet known as the Infinity Spire. Now known as Lord Tamor, he plans to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom by himself. Mario now must defeat a entire plannt to save the world. Toxic Tellies: a toxic version of Magmaargh that resides in the poisoned waters of world 4. Bramboomer: a more advanced version of Bramball that resides in world 4. It has spikes on its bottom, and it can only be hit on its top.

Stone Gruntly: a subspecies of Dragoneel that jumps out of water. It has a long, thin mustache, and is colored Yellow-orange. It appears in one level of world 3.

Elite Goombule: a floating, aerial subspecies of Fuzzy that not only damages the player when touched, but also warps the screen in a similar way to the Fuzzies from the Yoshi's Island level Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy.

Targeting Huckit Lobzer: a green Huckit crab that launches sand balls in the direction of the player. It will also turn back if the player stands behind them. Fruity Ninjun: a floating, aerial subspecies of Fuzzy that not only damages the player when touched, but also warps the screen in a similar way to the Fuzzies from the Yoshi's Island level Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy. Sand-Spittin' Rex: a Rex subspecies that spits fireballs at foes.

Snake Goomba a Porcupuffer subspecies that squirts water that pushes the player off of platforms -Bigeared Scoundog -Earth Scoundog -Iron Scoundog -Water ScoundogYeti Scoundog -Tough Scoundog -Huntin' Scoundog -Chargin' Scoundog Sheevrawl Kalidurga (Kali Durga) 'Story As Mario celebrates his birthday with everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, he gets a present from Bowser. Bowser says that he has changed his ways and is not going to be evil anymore. Mario opens the gift. That's when he finds out the gift was a Bob-omb. It explodes and the smoke blocks out Bowser kidnapping Peach, Daisy, and Luigi. Mario eventually finds out and must go after him.' World 1: Mushroom Hills These levels are very simple. There are mostly Goombas Sledge Guys, Sectle Dees, Mask Tanoopas, Yoshi Troopas, and Koopa Troopas. Not to mention that Petey Piranha is the boss here. His castle is full of Ptooies and Rail Lifts. 1-1 Mushroom Hills 1 1-2 Mushroom Hills 2 1-3 Mushroom Hills 3 1-4 Mushroom Hills 4 1-5 Mushroom Hills 5 1-6 Petey Piranha's Castle Key: NONE World 2: Circus Koopa Iggy now owns a circus and is the boss of this world. He also has his own castle inside this giant tent. There are lots of Clown Guys Tall Clown Guys, Clown Alspheres and Clown Rexes in this world. In Iggy's Castle there are lots of ropes and Skull Rafts. 2-1 Circus Koopa 1 2-2 Circus Koopa 2 2-3 Circus Koopa 3 2-4 Circus Koopa 4 2-5 Circus Koopa 5 2-6 Circus Koopa 6 2-7 Iggy's Castle Key: Circus Key World 3: Donut Plains These levels are like world 1 but harder. There are lots of Chargin' Chucks Spikin' Chucks and Baseball Boys. This is also the first world to have a ghost house with lots of Boos Turboos and Dry Bones. The Boss here is Goomboss. In his castle there are lots of Goombas Bloombas and Triangle Blocks. 3-1 Donut Plains 1 3-2 Donut Plains 2 3-3 Donut Ghost House 3-4 Donut Plains 3 3-5 Donut Plains 4 3-6 Donut Plains 5 3-7 Donut Plains 6 3-8 Goomboss' Castle Key: NONE World 4: Dry Dry Desert Lots of Pokeys Chokeys Dinobones, and Heelarangs. This also has a special level called Dry Dry Pyramid. This world also has a ghost house. Morton is the boss and has a castle full of Bullet Bills and Triangle Blocks. 4-1 Dry Dry Desert 1 4-2 Dry Dry Desert 2 4-3 Dry Dry Pyramid 4-4 Dry Dry Ghost House 4-5 Dry Dry Desert 3 4-6 Dry Dry Desert 4 4-7 Morton's Castle Key: Dry Dry Key World 5: Thief's Tunnel Popple's tunnel that he has made himself. This world has two ghost houses. This world has lots of Shy Guys, Baseball Barrys, Toplestone Tim IIs, Albino Sniper Armors and the new enemy Earthquake Jake, which love to hurt you using their earthquake shock waves. Popple's Castle has a Skull Raft that takes you all the way to Popple's room. 5-1 Thief's Tunnel 1 5-2 Thief's Ghost House 1 5-3 Thief's Tunnel 2 5-4 Thief's Ghost House 2 5-5 Thief's Tunnel 3 5-6 Thief's Ghost House 2 5-7 Popple's Castle Key: NONE World 6: Cheep Cheep Ocean This is the shortest world in the game and is full of swimming levels. The boss is Cheepskipper. There are lots of Cheep Cheeps Squidgies Sharklies Batatons and Dire Bloopers in this world. Cheepskipper's Castle is also a swimming level but with lots of Spikes everywhere and Super Cheep Cheeps & Wild Sharklies everywhere too. 6-1 Cheep Cheep Ocean 1 6-2 Cheep Cheep Ocean 2 6-3 Cheep Cheep Ocean 3 6-4 Cheep Cheep Ocean 5 6-5 Cheep Cheep Ocean 2 6-6 Cheepskipper's Castle Key: NONE World 7: Forest of Illusion Larry is the boss of this world. This world is full of Piranha Plants Spiny Boruums Dried Shroom Mettaurs Piranha Plant Bros. and Ptooies. There is one ghost house. Larry's Castle has Rail Lifts everywhere with lots of Ptooies. 7-1 Forest of Illusion 1 7-2 Forest of Illusion 2 7-3 Forest of Illusion 3 7-4 Forest Ghost House 7-5 Forest of Illusion 4 7-6 Forest of Illusion 5 7-7 Forest of Illusion 6 7-8 Forest of Illusion 7 7-9 Larry's Castle Key: Forest Key World 8: Chocolate Mountain Ludwig owns this world. There are lots of brown enemies like Galoombas, MetJacks, Chocolate Ninjuns, Chocolate ORCLUBs, Chocolate Sludgies and others. There is also a special level called Chocolate Peak. There are two ghost houses. Ludwig's Castle is full of Skull Rafts Chocolate Bananasnakes and Chocolate Earthquake Jakes. 8-1 C,hocolate Mountain 1 8-2 Chocolate Mountain 2 8-3 Chocolate Ghost House 1 8-4 Chocolate Peak 8-5 Chocolate Mountain 3 8-6 Chocolate Ghost House 2 8-7 Chocolate Mountain 4 8-8 Chocolate Mountain 5 8-9 Ludwig's Castle Key: Chocolate Key World 9: Blooper Sea A huge ocean with lots of Bloopers Camo Bloopers Mini-Mega Soldier Bloopers & Teal Bloopers in these levels. The boss is Gooper Blooper. His castle is underwater and has lots of Bloopers Mini-Mega Soldier Bloopers Teal Bloopers and an Aqua Lakitu that will follow you for the whole Level 'til you get to Gooper Blooper. 9-1 Blooper Sea 1 9-2 Blooper Sea 2 9-3 Blooper Sea 3 9-4 Blooper Sea 4 9-5 Blooper Sea 5 9-6 Blooper Sea 6 9-7 Gooper Blooper's Castle Key: NONE World 10: Jelly Bean Jungle An underwater cave with Krumples Jungle Bananasnakes Krittas, Crazy Frogogs Krushas Mini-Marpolos Kritters, Scubagators & Spiked Nut Galoombas everywhere. The boss is Eely Mouth. His castle is full of Chompasauruses Mini-Necatcers and Jungle Thwomps, so be very careful. 10-1 Jelly Bean Jungle 1 10-2 Jelly Bean Jungle 2 10-3 Jelly Bean Jungle 3 10-4 Jelly Bean Jungle 1 10-5 Jelly Bean Jungle 2 10-6 Jelly Bean Jungle 3 10-7 King K.Rool's Castle Key: None World 11: Cookie Beach A beach with lots of rocks everywhere Plus Beach Bros. & Cookie-Throwinn' Chucks. There is one ghost house. The boss is Wendy. Her castle is full of ropes, Triangle Blocks, rocks, Rock Bros. and many Chargin' Chucks. 11-1 Cookie Beach 1 11-2 Cookie Beach 2 11-3 Cookie Beach 3 11-4 Cookie Ghost House 11-5 Cookie Beach 4 11-6 Cookie Beach 5 11-7 Cookie Beach 6 11-8 Cookie Beach 7 11-9 Wendy's Castle Key: Cookie Key World 12: Boo Woods A haunted forest that has Boos, Dry Bones, Dry Crazy Rexes, Dry Guy Tribes, Boo Blahs, Slammers, Dry Coil Piranhas, Cyan Coltons and Dry Chuck Rs in every level. There are two ghost houses and a special level called Boo Mansion. The boss is King Boo. His castle has lots of Dry Rexes Boorows, Dry Bone Boruums and Skull Rafts. 12-1 Boo Ghost House 1 12-2 Boo Woods 1 12-3 Boo Woods 2 12-4 Boo Mansion 12-5 Boo Woods 3 12-6 Boo Woods 4 12-7 Boo Ghost House 212-8 Boo Woods 5 12-9 King Boo's Castle Key: NONE World 13: Cheese Bridge A small but challenging world. The boss is the Amazing Flying Hammer Brother (that was unexpected). His castle has lots of Boomerang Bros, Fire Bros, Rock Bros, Squirtle Bros, Baser Bros, Breakdance Bros, and of course Hammer Bros. 13-1 Cheese Bridge 1 13-2 Cheese Bridge 2 13-3 Cheese Bridge 3 13-4 Cheese Bridge 4 13-5 Cheese Bridge 5 13-6 Amazing Flying Hammer Brother's Castle Key: NONE World 14: Ice Dome A cave full of ice and snow and lots of levels with Freezies Rainyfs Ski Goombas Snowball-Throwin' Monkings Ice Bros, & Ice Boruums. The boss is Lemmy. His castle is full of lava and unmeltable yet slippery Ice. There are lots of Freezies Snowflades Krabominables & Polar Tuckbooths, too. Don't worry. There is one Ghost House and a special level called Freezie Igloo. 14-1 Ice Dome 1 14-2 Freezie Igloo 14-3 Ice Dome 2 14-4 Ice Ghost House 14-5 Ice Dome 3 14-6 Ice Dome 4 14-7 Lemmy's Castle Key: Freezie Key World 15: Koopa Colosseum An abandoned sports arena where Roy's Castle is. He has lots of Chargin' Chuck Rs, Elite Baseball Boys, Baseball Boruums, Chargin' Luigi Relics, Chuck Bros. Chargin' Chuck Mechaniloids and Zeus Guys in these levels. His castle is mostly swinging on ropes and avoiding Baseball Boys. 15-1 Koopa Colosseum 1 15-2 Koopa Collosseum 2 15-3 Koopa Collosseum 3 15-4 Koopa Collosseum 4 15-5 Koopa Collosseum 5 15-6 Roy's Castle Key: Sports Key World 16: Magic City An abandoned city that is no longer abandoned because Kamek has built his own castle there. There are two ghost houses. In Kamek's Castle there are Magikoopas Mage Jiros Magi-Power Musclers, Magic City Chucks Magic Cartaguardias Die-totums & Squire Dice Jrs that will follow you all the way to Kamek's room as well as a Block Train. 16-1 Magic City 1 16-2 Magic Ghost House 1 16-3 Magic City 2 16-4 Magic Ghost House 2 16-5 Magic City 3 16-6 Magic City 4 16-7 Magic Ghost House 3 16-8 Magic City 5 16-9 Kamek's Castle Key: NONE World 17: Doomship A ship floating in the air where Bowser Juinor has the last key to get access through the gate on the volcano on another island. There is one ghost house in this world. In Bowser Juinor's Castle there are Bullet Bills Missile Dees and Cannonballs getting shot in every direction. Can you make it to the end and get the last key? Note: If you find the secret path in Bowser Junior's Castle and defeat him in the secret room you will access the secret 21st world instead of Blaze Island. 17-1 Doomship 1 17-2 Doom Ghost House 17-3 Doomship 2 17-4 Doomship 3 17-5 Doomship 4 17-6 Doomship 5 17-7 Bowser Juinor's Castle Key: Key of Doom World 18: Lemmyland A mysterious island with an unknown volcano. There is where the gate to saving the princess is. But first Mario must go through Czar Dragon. In this world there are lots of fire creatures like Lemmy Explosive Bros. Lemmy Bananasnakes, Lemmy Die Jrs, Lemmy Froombas, Lemmy Cowboy Bandit s, Lemmy Fat Cop Bros., Lemmy Ferreasels, Lemmy DEVIMPs, Lemmy Yoshi Troopas, Lemmy Thwomps and Lemmy Slammin' Sams. In Czar Dragon's Castle there are Skull Rafts everywhere. Oh, and be careful of Fire Sumos & Blue Fire Sumos. 18-1 Lemmyland 1 18-2 Lemmyland 2 18-3 Lemmyland 3 18-4 Lemmyland 4 18-5 Lemmyland 5 18-6 Lemmyland 6 18-7 Lemmyland 718-8 Lemmy The Chargin' Chuck's Castle Key: All keys are collected World 19: Mt. Koopa The top of a very hot volcano. This is where Bowser's Castle is. It is on a small island in the very middle of the hole full of ava. There are two ghost houses, a special level (Koopa Fortress), and levels full of Hammerin' Chucks, Blue Fire Sumos, Piranha Galoombas Boulder Jiros, Yeti Jiros, Kazonkeys, and Fire Sumo Rs. In Bowser's Castle board the Block Train over lava. It is a VERY hard level. But the hardest part is defeating Bowser in his Clown Copter. 19-1 Mt. Koopa 1 19-2 Mt. Ghost House 1 19-3 Mt. Koopa 2 19-4 Mt. Koopa 3 19-5 Mt. Koopa 4 19-6 Mt. Koopa 5 19-7 Mt. Ghost House 2 19-8 Mt. Koopa 6 19-9 Koopa Fortress 19-10 Mt. Koopa 7 19-11 Bowser's Castle. Key: All keys are collected World 20: Volcano Valley After defeating Bowser, then hurling Bowser into the lava, it looks like Mario's adventure is over, but then Bowser comes back as a skeleton. He is now Dry Bowser. He takes your friends again when the lava sinks, revealing anothor world. This is the final world, and has levels full of lava- and fire-type enimies Plus Viking Mettaurs Lava Snowgos, Axe Bros, Fire Mini-Muglies & Heatpions. There are three ghost houses and Dry Bowser's Castle is full of Dry Bones, Dry Diggin' Chucks, Dry Rexes, Dry Guys, Turquoise Galoombas, Dry Axe Bros, Dry Piranha Lilyplants, Colton Rs and fire-type enimies. To get to the end you must use the rail lifts. The final battle is against Dry Bowser in his Dry Copter. 20-1 Volcano Valley 1 20-2 Volcano Valley 2 20-3 Volcano Ghost House 1 20-4 Volcano Valley 3 20-5 Volcano Valley 4 20-6 Volcano Ghost House 2 20-7 Volcano Valley 5 20-8 Volcano Valley 6 20-9 Volcano Valley 7 20-10 Volcano Ghost House 3 20-11 Volcano Valley 8 20-12 Dry Bowser's Castle Key: All keys are collected Ending Mario and Friends use the dynamite to destroy Mt. Koopa and Bowser's Castles and well... Bowser for that matter. But just before that happens the Koopalings and Bowser Junior use thier wands to turn Dry Bowser back to Normal Bowser. Bowser, the Koopalings, and Bowser Junior escape in a giant Clown Copter that Ludwig and Iggy made and fly away before the huge explosion. Mario and Friends return home and celebrate by finishing off Mario's birthday party. So everyone lives happily ever after. Well... everyone except the Koopas! THE END! ' World 20: Hidden Land After defeating Bowser, then hurling Bowser into the lava, it looks like Mario's adventure is over, but then Bowser comes back as a skeleton. He is now Dry Bowser. He takes your friends again when the lava sinks, revealing anothor world. This is the final world, and has levels full of lava- and fire-type enimies Plus Jurillas, Energy Chomps, Goombules, Fire Shockin' Kritters & Mechloos. There are three ghost houses and Dry Bowser's Castle is full of Koitanas, Frozen Dragon Chucks, Smack'n'Jacks, Dry Scuba Guys, Turquoise CAMOAGUANAs, Cactundras, Ancient Piranha Lilyplants, Treburlon Rs, Lightning Bros Bongo Beetles, Xenapses, Geckorodes, & Pale Green Goombas. There are three ghost houses and Dry Bowser's Castle is full of Dry Dungoliarths, Embees, Embee Galoombas, Dry Spears Guys, Pale Green Crystal Pawnss, Thorosts, Beetchills, Iguacua Rs and fire-type enimies. To get to the end you must use the rail lifts. The final battle is against Dry Bowser in his Dry Copter. 20-1 Volcano Valley 1 20-2 Volcano Valley 2 20-3 Volcano Ghost House 1 20-4 Volcano Valley 3 20-5 Volcano Valley 4 20-6 Volcano Ghost House 2 20-7 Volcano Valley 5 20-8 Volcano Valley 6 20-9 Volcano Valley 7 20-10 Volcano Ghost House 3 20-11 Volcano Valley 8 20-12 Dry Bowser's Castle Key: All keys are collected Ending Mario and Friends use the dynamite to destroy Mt. Koopa and Shadow Alex's Castles and well... Bowser for that matter. But just before that happens the Koopalings and Bowser Junior use thier wands to turn Dry Bowser back to Normal Bowser. Bowser, the Koopalings, and Bowser Junior escape in a giant Clown Copter that Ludwig and Iggy made and fly away before the huge explosion. Mario and Friends return home and celebrate by finishing off Mario's birthday party. So everyone lives happily ever after. Well... everyone except the Koopas! THE END! ' After painting Lord Tamor's heart green, Lord Tamor remembers a day from when he was young. He remembers the day that his best friend Tatanga, has betrayed the Galactic Shroob-Tatangic Empire and invades Planet Shroob. He defeated Tatanga with the cost of his life. Lord Tamor remembers that all he was when he tried to take over Sarrasahland and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom was a ghost. Lord Tamor apologizes for everything he has done and explodes. Mario then decides to tell everyone that Lord Tamor has apologized to them. Mario then starts a festival to honor Lord Tamor and his days of peace. The End.


  • Mario; The main hero of the game. Average stats.
  • Luigi: Mario's brother who is afraid of ghosts. Has a very high jump, but he has little traction.
  • Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She can float in the air, but is very slow.
  • Toad: A citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom. Is very fast and has high traction, but has very small jumps.
  • Krem Krem Binks
  • Ninjira: A Ninji that can blend itself into the background for a short time, but has little traction. Unlocked by getting the Sandstorm Orb.
  • Barri: A female Swordlik that doesn't have a sword like other Swordliks, but can make herself invincible if she stands still. Unlocked by getting the Barrel Orb. She is the heaviest of all the players and has the smallest jumps, but wherever she jumps, she creates small shockwaves too.
  • Medic Bandinero: A Bandinero mage that uses the power of love to suck the power of enemies that are using Power-Ups to copy the enemy while having the enemy being reduced to a Goomba. She can't mimic bosses, and has speeds that take a while to slow down. When she is copying a enemy, she uses the Power-Ups abilities that were used on the enemy. Unlocked by getting the Medic Orb.
  • Ghost Prince: The son of Ghost King who was given by Ghost King to Mario to get the other orbs. Ghost Prince has built in fire which he can spit out like a Draglet. He can also posses small enemies and suits of armor. Unlocked by getting the Poltergeist Orb.
  • Cannon Joe: A Bandit that has a Bullet Bill Blaster for a right arm. He is invincible against the Bullet Bill species and can shoot Bullet Bills of his own that can harm enemies. He is the fastest of all the characters, but has a very fast falling speed. Unlocked by getting the Bullet Orb.
  • KIp & Kass & Dr. Luigiana Jones: Are a Kremling (possibly Kritter) children that appears as a playable character in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Unlocked by getting the Jungle Orb.
  • Thor, The Spark Bro.: Unlocked by getting the Spark Orb.
  • Coldtooth: A Rollidillo that can roll up walls and do a charge attack that if it hits enemies, it freezes them so when he turns around to attack them, he breaks them. He dies instantly from fiery attacks, but becomes invincible temporarily from icy attacks. Unlocked by getting the Blizzard Orb.
  • Glowmi: A magic star that glows in the dark creating light for other players. Unlocked by getting the Light Orb.
  • Daisy: Daisy has the same stats as Peach, but can do a shoulder bash attack that can break brick blocks and small enemies. Unlocked by beating Goolord.
  • Shroobsworth & Boom-Bot: After beating Shroob Tamer and Kaiser King, Shroobsworth believes that Shroob Tamer has betrayed the Shroob species and joins Mario inside his Boom-Bot. Shroobsworth pilots the Boom-Bot, a giant robot that has punches that vary by the Power-Up it is using. Unlocked by beating Shroob Tamer & Kaiser King.


  • Whirlwind Dunes: The very first game that has a desert as World 1 is this one. Has wind mechanics.
  • Barrel Sea: A ocean city that has barrels keeping it afloat. There are water pillars that propeller Mario into the sky.
  • Underground Railroad: A train that drills underground and has 1000 train cars. There are pipes that transports Mario all around the train.
  • Earthquake Temple: A temple that was ravaged by earthquakes. There are gates you can cling on as Cat Mario to get across areas.
  • Norse Valley: A Valley where The Neo-Vikings lives.
  • Juice-and-Water Jungle: The Juicest Jungle in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Magma Volcano: A volcano where Bowser lives in as his new castle. The castle has a lot of lava, so Mario will have to plan his jumps wisely.
  • Mt. Iceberg: The tallest mountain in the Mushroom Kingdom. There is a lot of ice, which is slippery.
  • Forgotten Lighthouse: The place of the final orb, the Light Orb. The lights turn on and off from time to time.
  • Sarrasahland: A kingdom that used to be near the Mushroom Kingdom, before it was pulled out of the ground  by Wario. Now it is ruled by Shroob Tamer. Has a great variety of puzzles to solve with many forms of Mario.
  • Lunar Sanctum: The area where the final showdown between Mario and Shroob Tamer. There are a ton of alien enemies here, so Mario has to use every Power-Up he has.
  • Lord Tamor: The final area of the game. It is a faraway planet that Shroob Tamer fuses with. It is mostly a volcanic area, but there is another side of the planet that is made of subspace matter.
  • Infinity Spire: A mystical planet where the Tatangians used to live. The Boss Rush takes place here.

Enemigos EditarEdit

Imagen Nombre Descripción
Yeti Manky Kong  Sproing-oing Glad Sproing-oing
Yeti Tamanoripū Tamanoripū Calm Tamanoripū
Blue Burt Burt Sad Burt
Golden Tap-Tap Tap-Tap Mad Tap-Tap
Yeti Pidgit Pidgit Glad Pidgit
Jade Snifit Snifit Mad Snifit
White Gulpit Gulpit Glad Gulpit
Imagen Nombre Descripción
Cat Goomba Goomba Sad Goomba
Mad Paragoomba Paragoomba Mad Paragoomba
Azure Koopa Koopa Troopa Glad Koopa Troopa
Heart Koopa Red Koopa  Mad Azure Koopa Mad Heart Koopa & Mad Red Koopa
Azure Paratroopa Paratroopa Mad Azure Paratroopa
Heart Paratroopa Red Paratroopa Mad Heart Paratroopa
Scuba Piranha Piranha Plant Glad Piranha Plant
Sad Nipper Plant & Glad Nipper Plant  Nipper Plant Wild Watermelon Nipper Plant
Glad Jumpin' Pumpkin Plant Waddlewing Glad Waddlewing
Chocolate Chuck Chargin' Chuck Glad Chargin' Chuck
BiddyKoopeleon Biddybud Calm Biddybud
Glad Koopeleon  Koopeleon Red Koopeleon
Lakithree Lakitu Calm Lakitu
Mad Cherry Tomato Goomba Cherry Tomato Goomba Calm Cherry Tomato Goomba
Calm Milde Milde Advanced Robyte-01 Drone
Glad Shy Guys Shy Guy Spear Guy
Calm Cheep-Cheep Cheep-Cheep Pink Cheep-Cheep
Sand Blooper Blooper Glad Blooper
Red Jelectro Jelectro Glad Jelectro
Jade Jellybeam Jellybeam Calm Jellybeam
Mad Mōgyo Mōgyo Hammer Giant
Green Urchin Urchin Glad Urchin 
Glad Scubi Scubi Lagoon Scubi
Porcu-Galoomfish Porcu-Puffer Calm Porcu-Puffer
Green Boo Boo Glad Boo
Snow  Koopaleon Big Boo Big Glad Boo
Small Champi-Monster Bēro Mad Bēro
Jade Weevil Bro. Fire Sledge Brother Calm Weevil Bro.
Pokey Kuribow Pokey Mad Pokey
Teal Spiny Spiny Sad Spiny
Dry Spike (Enemy) Spike (Enemy) Mad Spike (Enemy) & Mad Dry Spike (Enemy)
Jade Buzzy Beetle Buzzy Beetle Glad Buzzy Beetle
Greek Monty Mole Monty Mole Calm Monty Mole
Greek Ninji Ninji Glad Ninji
Monkey Banana Flurry Calm Flurry

Archy Fluff &  Big SphenEdit

Pointy Tucks Sad Fluff Calm Pointy Tucks Glad Archy & Mad Big Sphen
Teddy Beare Blaster Bro. Glad Blaster Bro.
Chomp Bro. Hammer Bro. Calm Hammer Bro.
Fire Sis. Ring Sister Glad Ring Sister.
Aztec Gold Magikoopa Magikoopa Mad Magikoopa
Azure BuyonLavender Buyon Forest Green Buyon Peridot Buyon Teal Blue Buyon Red-Violet Buyon Tropical Rain Forest Buyon Macaroni and Cheese Buyon & Yellow-Green Buyon Buyon Calm Buyon
 Azure BuyoyonLavender Buyoyon Forest Green Buyoyon Peridot Buyoyon Teal Blue Buyoyon Red-Violet Buyoyon Tropical Rain Forest Buyoyon Macaroni and Cheese Buyoyon  & Yellow-Green Buyoyon Buyoyon Glad Buyoyon
Wild Cat Bullet Bill Bullet Bill Mad Bullet Bill
Silver Torpeshi Rocky Wrench Calm Rocky Wrench
Scuba-Omb Bob-omb Glad Bob-Omb & Glad Scuba-Omb
Beeninja Bomubomu Glad Bomubomu
Fake Diamond Flower Mekabon Sad Mekabon
Jade Podoboo Podoboo Mad Podoboo
''''Dry Guy & Dry Spear Guy'''' Rosire Glad Rosire
Elite Nabbit Nabbit Mad Nabbiit

Zoshi Troopa   Cannonmini   Kadaal 275    780    190    Coldrock Caves  Rocky Wrench Torpeshi     nemy Stats Cat Goomba: HP: 2 Attack:1 Defense:0 Cat Paragoomba: HP: 2 Attack: 1 Defense: 0 Cat Spiked Goomba: HP: 2 Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Huckit Bubble Crab: HP: 4, Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Yoshi Troopa: HP: 4 Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Yoshi Paratroopa: HP: 4 Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Cat Bob-omb: HP: 2 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Sand Piranha Plant: HP: 5 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Gritty Ameboid: HP: 7 Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Cat Bill Blaster: HP: 5 Attack: 0 Defense: 2 Cat Bullet Bill: HP: 1 Attack: 6 Defense: 1 Cat Banzai Bill Blaster: HP: 6 Attack: 0 Defense: 3 Cat Banzai Bill: HP: 3 Attack: 12 Defense: 2 Spiny Dogon: HP: 5 Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Hyper Cat Goomba: HP: 7 Attack: 4 Defense: 0 Hyper Cat Paragoomba: HP: 7 Attack: 4 Defense: 0 H. Spiked Cat Goomba: HP: 7 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Foo: HP: 7 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Super Mad Mallet: HP: 6 Attack: 5 Defense: 1 Jade Koopatrol: HP: 8 Attack: 4 Defense: 1 Archer Bukiset: HP: 20 Attack: 8 Defense: 1 Fly-Cheep: HP: 6 Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Wild Amazee Dazyee: HP: 20 Attack: 20 Defense: 1 Sparkdr: HP: 6 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Shark Bill: HP: 8 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Monkey Banana: Archy Fluff &  Big Sphen Blaster Bro. Rees (which act like Monty Moles) and Bearsquirrels (Mega Moles) BomubomuDry GuyPink Beriberi Sproing-oing RosireLight Blue BeriberiYellow BeriberiPurple BeriberiOrange BeriberiTeal BeriberiJungle Green BeriberiBlue BeriberiWhite BeriberiBlack BeriberiPointy Tucks HP: Archy 7 Attack: 6 Defense: 0 Yoshi Tub-o-Troopa: HP: 9 Attack: 8 Defense: 2 Sparky Lakitu: HP: 5 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Spark Spiny: HP: 2 Attack: 3 Defense: 2 Red Chain Chomp: HP: 5 Attack: 5 Defense: 2 Shark Bill Blaster: HP: 10 Attack: 8 Defense: 3 Jade Weevil Bro.Dicethropod: HP: 9 Attack: 7 Defense: 4 Wet Bones: HP: 1 Attack: 1 Defense: 1 Perilous Piranha-Chomp: HP: 9 Attack: 11 Defense: 0 Heavy Metal Armour Joe: HP: 4 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Ice Cheep Chomp: HP: 7 Attack: 5 Defense: 0 Cat Goomba Bro.: HP: 6 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Hammer Guy: HP: 5 Attack: 3 Defense: 0 Skelokey: HP: 8 Attack: 6 Defense: Troopa Strikers: HP: 8 Attack: 6 ==Enemies== A variety of enemies both returning and new comprise of the main creatures Mario & Luigi will face along their way through the Melodius Islands.

Goomba Gromba Commando Gombhorn Gombhorn Hunter
Galombhorn Chief Flowmba Goomba Tower Gombhorn Tower
Green Koopa Troopa Red Koopa Troopa Blue Koopa Troopa Trumpa Troopa
Hot Pink Koopa Troopa Tuba Troopa Hornatroopa Drumbo Troopa
Hammer Bro. Fire Bro. Ice Bro. Thunder Bro.
Boomerang Pill Bro. Flare Beam Bro. Para Bro. Sumo Bro.
Mystic Bow Bro. Drumstick Bro. Fluter Bro. Red Shy Guy
Blue Tall Shy Guy Yellow Tall Shy Guy Shadow Guy Fly Guy
Mandibuzz Cat Guy Basstar Guy Dry Bones
Rattle Bones Glacier Galoomfish Marimbones Accornax
Crystal Crocodrillo Llamarado Thwomp Big Thwomp
Thwimp Whomp Pianomp Drumomp
Chain Chomp Drum Chomp Timpa Chomp Bongo Chomp
Bullet Bill Banzai Bill Bullet Horn Oboe Bill
Aztec Goom Cutter Elite Ubert Clone Raichu Monty Mole Wealthy Mole
Heavy Mole Mighty Mole Kalimba Mole Bellowphone Mole
Pipe Ninjun Treekiki Sharpsicord Pipe Tree Holophonix Pipe Tree
Koopa Paratroopa Harpic Paratroopa Harpitar Paratroopa Lakitu
Pink Koopa Paratroopa Green Lakithunder Lakiano Lakigan
Lakispear Spiny Dark Spiny Spinute
Froxic Comootight Boo Podoboo
Chilly Boo Big Boo Broozer Hushaboo
Roseard Knight Blitz Bot Amp Big Amp
ESP Amp Neon Amp Cobrat Flare Cobrat
Forest Cobrat Clash Cobrat Guibrat Harbrat
Shadow Gyātoru Lake Manditoad Lunar Shadow Shadoomba
Shada Troopa Shaditu Shaggler Wiggler
Toxic Wiggler Big Claviggler Cymbaggler Tamboriggler
Slag Slug Red Devil's Harbinger Blue Crescendor White Dimuve
Black Undercrab Big Blocky Bot Thraltal Bot Heavtal Bot
Mini-Robobot Armor Cyborg Shadow Kirby Mecha Kracko Bot Metalore Bot Folkoat
Rockitar Rockorum Rockical Rockano
Tribal Cheep-Cheep Yellow Cheep-Cheep Spiny Cheep-Cheep Porcu-Puffer
Stormy Cheep-Cheep Dark Ninja Knight Xyleep-Cheep Bongeep-Bongeep
Crazy Snark Urchin Orgchin Big Orgchin
Bob-Omb Pink Urchie Para Bomb Retro Bomb
Walking Timer Bomb Cannon Bob-Bomb Ninji Purple Ninji
Sleepy Melody Ninjun Blockstepper Marching Tune Blockstepper Hot Pepper Blockstepper
Tubastepper Rocker Bro. Batonstepper Trombostepper
Nuke Bros. Piranha Plant Fire Piranha Plant Nipper Plant
Apple Plant Triple Watermelon Plant Piranha Creeper Taiko Creeper
Stalking Piranha Plant Trombo Piranha Plant Piranha Walker Chimanha Walker
Walking Orches Ink Slooper Wooden Orches Para-Wooden Orches
Sledge Broomba String Shooter Mettaur Piccileo Saxanther
Bagpiger Vocaheads Ampli-Vocaheads Ampli
Snow Leon Tank Pop Mole Bellibird Chimate Bird
Mad Musciolo Infected Musicolo Brass Musicolo Horn Musicolo
Stone Horns Chuck Stone Strings Stone Keys Stone Drums
Stone Pipe Ninjun Stone Bells Kazonkey Whistonkey
Treetorn Fire Kazonkey Fire Whistonkey Fire Acconkey
Bagponkey Krustation Green Trumpet Cobrat Green Trombone Cobrat
Green Tuba Cobrat Blue Maracagas Red Maracagas Steamaker
Buzzy Beetle Bolty Buster Beetle Bongo Beetle Snaring Beetle
Bass Beetley Taiko Beetley Steely Beetle Chargin' Chuck
Robobot Armor Chuck Hyper Cutter Chuck Ukelele' Chuck Maraca' Chuck
Snifit Painter Snifit Ice Snifit Trumpet Snifit
Red Tuba Snifit Charade Snifit Vocal Snifit Flute Snifit
Cryo Laser Snifit Bullet Snifit Blooper Stone Blooper
Calabooper Fire Blooper Mama Blooper Blooper Jr.
Azure Koopa Troopa Leaf Blooper Balafooper Gonglooper
Glooper Flurry Spikey Flurry Bagpipe Flurry
Scuba Paratroopa Cloud Flurry Tweeter Hornter
Organter Jelectro Giant Jelectro Clapperlectro
Scoomba Commando Jellybeam Giant Jellybeam Clapperbeam
Lava Lotus Frost Lotus Electro Lotus Spike Lotus
Hopkins Howler Waldough Brass Ghoul Wooden Ghoul
Leather Hopkins Laser Beam Hopkins Trombat Trombat Lord
Trombat Grand-Lord Fire Roturret Fire Oboe Worshipper Fire Sax Worshipper
Mega Neonoomba Neona Troopa Bright Chomp Flash Bros.
Rainbow Cheep-Cheep Rainbow Porcu-Puffer Steelotree Titanotree
Rainbow Telly Roller Cupid Harpers Cupid Pianists Dancing Boos
Cellolanzer Violarcher Jiro Basshammer Violinight
Waldrum Walgong Bongeal Drumeal
Nekonian Doctobot Nekonian Galoomba Tubaphant Horphant
Blue Pirave Pink Pirave Purple Slurple Brass Slurple
Magmaargh Sandmaargh Frostmaargh Cragmaargh
Muddyaargh Snowaargh Guitaargh Cybeaargh
Desert Tooth Magma Sledge Bro. Frost Tooth Key Tooth
Firey Dōryī Onyxon Knight Vocal Tooth Horn Tooth
Magikoopa Red Magikoopa Green Magikoopa Yellow Magikoopa
White Magikoopa Pink Magikoopa Siren Magikoopa Beat Magikoopa
Grime Magikoopa Conducto Magikoopa Eerie Scary Eerie
Mecha-Galbel Sand Eerie Reznor Ice Reznor
Uncooligan Cooligan Red Cooligan Ice Cooligan
Cleanserooligan Throwooligan Synthooligan Beatbooligan
Tribal Spearidus Hammerdus Doctordus Drumdus
Barbariandus Desertdus Raindus Xylodus
Metal Blob Copper Undergrunt Gold Blob Silver Blob
Platinum Mandibait Honk Owgulf Bell Blob Pipe Blob
RB Motley Bossblob GP Motley Bossblob  YW Motley Bossblob Tuba Motley Bossblob
Nekonian Motley Bossblob Oboe Motley Bossblob Brolder Iron Brolder
Diamond Brolder Marabrolder Castabrolder Boss Brolder
Igloo Eltrut Ka-Thunk Bell Ka-Thunk Chime Ka-Thunk
Bully Ice Bully Cellully Bassully
Bald Klepto Gold Klepto Cymbalepto Mad Piano
Coppice Klepto Mad Harpsicord Mad Keyboard Mad Xylophone
Purple Ramram Red Ramram Blue Ramram Saxaram
Teal Ramram Tubaram Hot Foot Cold Foot
Melody Joe Terra Foot Yellow Nitpicker Blue Nitpicker
Yellow Capnap Red Capnap Banananap Bellnap
Techno Sir Kibble Iron Beehoss Hornhoss Beehoss
Dinopet Dinobone Dinoba Dinohorn
Dino Octorok Dinonet Dinolute Dinoccilo
Gustor Cyclustor Propelli Jetelli
Circling Boo Buddies Spiky Boo Buddies Fused Boo Buddies Orchestra Boo Buddies
Circling Grime Boo Buddies Rock Boo Buddies Pop Boo Buddies Folk Boo Buddies
Treb & Bas Harp & Pia Ita & Dru Apho & Tru
Teal Cactilli Red Cactilli Blue Cactilli Green Cactilli
Robox Robolf Silver Robolf Cyberolf
Camo Prongo Rail Chief Charocal Charger Charcoal Burner
Charcoal Bun Rail Trumpeteer Rail Guitarist Charocoal Pianist
Bender Diddy Kong Rail Chief Drummer Rail Chief Vocalist Charcoal Blue Burner
Spike Blue Spike Fire Spike Drummer Spike
Brr Fire Brr Green Spike Vocal Brr
Blazat Blue Blazat Trumpa Blazat Tria Blazat
Inferog Black Inferog Drum Inferog Taiko Inferog
Pebble Frog Dancing Pebble Frog Disco Pebble Frog DJ Pebble Frog
Tama Inferog Inferog Inferog Cymbal Spooklester
Mini-Scorpeon Babble Blitz Babble Bashful Babble
Ludwig Bill Bully Babble Baron Von Babble Blue Cataquack
Blue Cataquack Red Cataquack Brass Cataquack Wodden Cataquack
Strollin' Stu Soarin' Stu Keyboard Stu Harmonica Stu
Fliprus Icy Fliprus Marimbrus Xylorus
Emerald Ribbite Crystar Shark Tubar Shark Guir Shark
Choppah Spiked Choppah Fluttah Clarrah
Jumping Avocado Plant    Obbah Pupdozer Shelldozer
Hot Pink Frogoodbad Celldozer Glamdozer Hansdozer
Grandozer Bassdozer Twirlip Fire Twirlip
Stone Twirlip Chime Twirlip Clapper Twirlip Rex
Blue Draglet Red Draglet Dragloon Charcoal Draglet
Chocarp Drumglet Trombloon Taikloon
Stingby Stingby Warrior Hornby Fluteby
Red Stingby Knight Stingby Paladin Bassoonby Saxaphonby
Prongo Giant Prongo Prongo Tower Orchaprongo
Relicrow Laser Relicrow Neon Relicrow Timpani Relicrow
Volt Relicrow Violin Relicrow Giant Relicrow Keynote
Orange Rex Keynote Warrior Keynote Archer Fire Keynote
Ice Preying Manta Keynote Knight Keynote Cannon Parakeynote
Treblnote Bassnote Keynote Guard Keynote Mage
Pumpki Giant Pumpki Rotting Pumpki Bellki
Scuba Pill Bro. Robonet Laser Robonet Electric Robonet
Conkdor Longdor Trombodor Cellodor
Mega Star Pointer Violidor Xylodor Marimbodor
Evleye Charcoleye Frosteye Buzzye
White Dicemond Red Dicemond Glass Dicemond Horn Dicemond
Jester Jack Grand Duke Bellster Jack Song Duke
Porcupo Steel Porcupo Bagcupo Brass Porcupo
Rollem Clawstanet Clamborine Clawiangle
Rambam Stone Rambam Ice Rambam Iron Rambam
Electar Electass Galactar Galactass
Orchada Metal Orchada Rock Orchada Grand Orchada

Koopa Troopa Azure Koopa Troopa Mad Azure Paratroopa Glad Nipper Plant Glad Piranha Plant Koopeleon Mad Heart Paratroopa Glad Jumpin' Pumpkin Plant Cherry Tomato GoombaGaloombas, ParaGaloombas, Spiked Galoombas.- Gloombas, Paragloombas, Diver Gloombas.- Bubble Squishies, GuSquishies, Spiked Squishies- Koopa Troopa, Koopa Paratroopa (4 variants)- Amazin' Flying Hammer Bros.- Laser Bros.- Scuba Inguins.- Ice Bros. - Boxin - Superball Bros.- Trench Tucks- Rock Bros.- Buzzy Beetle- Bullet Bill- Diver Galoomba- Cheep Cheep (3 variants)- Piranha Plant- Sniper Joe 01s, Crystal Hammer Joe 01s, Sector Joe 01s.- Cat Gloombas, Throhs, Archies, Krab Apples.- GuGaloombas, Para GuGaloombas, Tennis Teds,- Troopea, Paratroopea (4 variants)- H-ammer Brexes.- Rock'in Wrenches.- Fire Fows.- Axem Chucks.- Superball Gulpits.- Kuribows- Krushas- Flaming Mayundeds- Spicy Noodo- Harpoon Harry- Cruisin' Chuck (6 variants)     Bandinero Tribemen    Red Chain Chomp    Chargin' Mini Marios    Cat Shy Guy    Tribe Guy    Apple Pie Guy    Meticical    River Biteranha    Gross Koopa    Cave Bro.    Hikidillo    Yeti Ninji    Bee Ninjun    Swoopstar    Shroopa Troopa    Toss Mankey kong   Advanced Skelebot Drone  Wooly Gnawty    Wooly Swooper    Red Bullet Bill    Gem Lakitu    Mossy Goomba    Klimd    Spiny Bro.    MagiCheep   Wild Pachydarn RosireLight Blue BeriberiYellow BeriberiPurple BeriberiOrange BeriberiTeal BeriberiJungle Green BeriberiBlue BeriberiWhite Beriberi Black Beriber



Introduced in what game?


[1] Galoomba Super Mario World Like Goombas, but can not be defeated by being jumped on, however, a spin-jump would do fine.
[2] Para-Galoomba Super Mario World Their wings let them hop higher then normal Galoombas.
[3] Koopa Super Mario Bros. Bowser's main army troops. When stomped on, they hide in their shell, which can be kicked at enimes. Green ones walk off cliffs while red ones turn around at the edge of cliffs.
[4] Para-Troopa Super Mario Bros. A winged Koopa that can fly. Green ones jump up and down in a direction while red ones fly up and down in midair without ever touching the ground in this state.
[5] Piranha Plant Super Mario Bros. A plant which comes out of pipes and damages Mario. Can be spin-jumped on.
[6] Fire Piranha Plant Super Mario Bros. 3 Like a Pirhana Plant, but shoots fire.
[7] Venus Triple Trap Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island Like a Venus Fire Trap, but has three heads and shoots ice.
[8] Piranha Creeper Super Mario 3D World Comes out of the sides of walls. Repeatedly damage until it goes back inside its wall to defeat it.
[9] Monty Mole Super Mario World A mole that can jump out of the ground or the background platforms.
[10] Morty Mole Super Mario 3D Land A giant Monty Mole with double the health unless you spin-jump on it, which will defeat it.
[11] Pokey Super Mario Bros. 2 A cactus that slowly follows Mario. Can be spin-jumped on.

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Big Pokey Super Mario Galaxy A giant Pokey that requires three damage points for each body ball.
[13] Wiggler Super Mario World A caterpiller that can be bounced on. Only Yoshi's tongue can defeat it.
[14] Wiggy Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island A giant kind of Wiggler that can only be deafeated when its nose is hit. Cannot be swallowed by Yoshi.
[15] Flutter Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island A flying wiggler.
[16] Hammer Brother Super Mario Bros. A Koopa which throws hammers.
[17] Para-Brother Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island A flying Hammer Brother.
[18] Boomerang Brother Super Mario Bros. 3 A boomerang-type Hammer Brother.
[ ] Army Brother Super  Princess Peach A speedy Hammer Brother that chases Mario down.
[19] Ball Brother New Super Mario Bros. Ω A ball-type Hammer Brother.
[20] Buzzy Beetle Super Mario Bros. Only spin-jumps will suffice for defeating this guy, besides the usual throw-off-the-cliff. Stomping on him will make him hide in his shell, which is holdable.
[21] Spiny Super Mario Bros. These cannot be jumped on while mortal, and spin-jumps will act just like a Piranha Plant. If they are upside down (meaning they dropped down from the ceiling), then they can be jumped on, picked up, thrown, and yes - spin-jumped on to be defeated.
[22] Lakitu Super Mario Bros. A flying Koopa that throws the enemy listed above. Its cloud can be Grand-Theft-Auto'd for Mario's use before it fades away.
[23] Chompitu Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island A Lakitu that swings around a Chain Chomp at Mario like a yoyo. Chompitus ride in Koopa Clown Cars, not clouds, though the Koopa Clown Car can be ridden by Mario as well.
[24] Chain Chomp Super Mario Bros. 3 Will remain chained to its post until 200 seconds of it being loaded on-screen have passed. Can be spin-jumped on.
[25] Fire Chomp Variation 1 Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island A fire-breathing Chain Chomp. It is attatched to a metal post. These cannot run free after 200 seconds, nor any amount of time. Its fire chains damage Mario. Cannot be spin-jumped on.
[26] Fire Chomp Variation 2 Super Mario Bros. 3 A bouncing and hovering Chain Chomp that spits fireballs. Its fire chains damage Mario. Rarely will you see these on metal posts.
[27] Bob-omb Super Mario Bros. 2 Tame until Mario stomps on it, then it will explode, which can damage other enemies as well as Mario and hard blocks.
[28] Timed Bob-omb Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga A type of Bob-omb wich blows up in 5 seconds, still destroying hard blocks, enemies, and yes - Mario.
[29] Bullet Bill Super Mario Bros. A projectile shot out of bill blasters.
[30] Missile Bill New Super Mario Bros. Wii A Bullet Bill that will chase Mario. If looped around too much, it will just fly off into the direction it is pointing.
[31] Shellcreeper Mario Bros. Just like a Koopa, but if they are still for too long while they are hiding in their shell, they will pop back out faster than before - up to two tiers higher than the original, ranging at green, red, then blue Shellcreepers.
[32] Sidestepper Mario Bros. Cannot be jumped on, and spin-jumps will work just like Chain Chomps or Piranha Plants - bouncing Mario off.  Can only be killed the ways a Spiny can be killed - fireballs, shell, invincibility, etc.
[33] Slipice/Freezie Mario Bros. Cannot be frozen. Chases after Mario and can only be killed while Mario is invincible or if he uses fireballs - not even a shell being thrown at a Slipice will damage it! It would freeze the shell.
[34] Fighter Fly Mario Bros. Can be jumped on and killed all sorts of ways, like a Goomba (if those were in this game). Jumps up and down towards Mario.
[35] Boo Super Mario Bros. 3 Can only be killed with invincibility. Looking at them will make them stop in their tracks, but not looking at them will let them follow Mario.
[36] Boxing Spike

Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island

Spike has lost his throwable and now he is angry - at Mario! He will box his way out of any tussle in this game.
[37] Nessdark New Super Mario Bros. Ω Hovers around (but will fall if they leave their origin platform) and throws triangles at Mario. He can take these down with a stomp, though he will take damage! He can, however, perform a spin-jump and bounce off of a Nessdark like a Piranha Plant.
[38] Tricoin New Super Mario Bros. Ω Looks like a coin, but bounces to Mario when the plumber approaches. Defeat it with a stomp.
[39] Fire Bar Super Mario Bros. A bar made out of fireballs which swings in circle patterns.
[40] Roto-Disc Super Mario Bros. 3 Up to two flashing discs that looks like waffles circling around a round block. They could be avoided easier than Fire Bars.
[41] Banzai Bill Super Mario World Acts like a Bullet Bill, but moves slower and is significantly larger.
[42] Butterscotch Ice Cream Troll Face/BICTF Super Mario World 3: Back to the Island Chases Mario and spills butterscotch essence on its path, which damages all enemies, Mario, and explodes Bob-ombs.
Mini  Mecha Sax
Tomato Goomba
Naval Shellcreeper
Donoes (Domino-shaped enemies that tremples if hit by any attacks),
Stone Rex
Shrimp Joe
Ancient Sharkbone
Returning Buster Joe
Returning Piriparee
Sand Blizard
Skull Jumper
Frosty Topman
Tuba Motley Bossblob
Ra Yoshi Troopa
Putrid Piranha Galoomba
Tasmanian Boruum Devil
Honey Guy
Shark-Toothed Blippers
Swimming Mettaur2s
Miniature King T. Mole
Dark Ninja Bro.
Water Shuriken Spike
Patch Bros.
Purple Blurp (SMW style only)
Glaciar Magikoopa
Fisher And Joe/Angry Red Sun
Bone Morty Moles
Sailor Guy
Gold Paladin Chuck
Crystal Flower Metools
Chargin’ Gorgoom
Sound Wave Ninjun
Sectra Air Rider
Snow Bowling Lakitu 
Patheon Hulk Joe
Egg Bro.
Ice Watermelon  Plant
The Echidna Merman
Pickelman Bulldozer 
Chargin' Pinkasaurus
Strike Koopeleon
Goop-Squirtin' Purcupuffer
Rabbid Bandit Joe
Painguin Tucks
Venus Hammer Traps
Freezy Bill
Cyan Swingin' Chuck
Blue Piranha Goombrat
Spinenut Pengaves
Shadow Bandit Joes
Shiverin Stu
Sand Paratroopa
Saloon Bandit Joe
Bamboo Chuck
Snowflake Jiro
Sand Spiny Fish


Sandy Frillfin
Penguin Bucket
Chasing Stone Rex

Marching Band Chuck Edit

Guardin' Native Chuck
Fire-Spitting Boo
Fire-Spitting Rex
Huckit BiddyCrab 
Laser Joe E
Hammerin' Chuck
Ledge-Dwelling Mega Mole
Giant Elite Koopas
Bone Goomboth
Deep Cheep Bang
Lemmy Lakitu
Lemmy Ledge-Dwelling Mega Mole
Cyan Klaptrap
Giant Red Beetley
Snorkel Mega Mole
Water Gtolem
Dancing Spear Guy
Magistone Gargo-Flyer
Midnight Wolf Spider-omb
Bandit Joe Elite
Diving Gromba
Teal Magikoopa
Wartortle Paratroopas
Wartortle Bros.
Snorkel Mega Galoomba
Bone Manky Kong
Hyper Torzilla Ted
Valkyrie Warrior Sentries
Komodo Koopagon
Ice Hermite Crab
Woodchucky Chuck
Ski Goomba
Sludge Salamandy
Super Sniper Jane
Unidentified Flyin' Sledge Bro.
Hockey Charlie
Spikey Sandoomba
Shy Diver
Piranha Gloomba
Deep Jungle Green Clumph
Boulder Jiro
Spear Thwack Totem
Glam Shell Spike (Enemy)
Snow Scubadile
Spiny Cheepirahna
Sumo Firin
Fear-Full Fridge
Bowser Stunbear
Bubble Blooper
Abominable SnowKritta
Ninja Leaf
Jumpy Frog
Ball Thrower
Chargin' Grublin Chuck
Slammin' Sam
Tomahawk Bro.
Sapphire Honey Piranha Plant
Boomerang Ninjuns
Pumpkin Guys
Chestnut Wearin' Chuck
Skele-Zidane Bro.
Batton Bone
Pompon Flower
Marx Blurp Fish
Hammer Ninjun
The Echidna Bull Knight 
Jurassic Piranha Plant
Lemmy's Circus Ball Bro.
Pendulum Ball N' Chain
Honey Piranha-Fly
Super Eskimo Koopas
Wave Joe Met
Native Shroob Rex
Fishbone Chomp
Dry Ice Piranha Plant
Sand Bro.
Crystal Snake Bulldozer
Blue Thunder Lakitu
Honey Griz
Mic Boruum
Tasty Garlic
Ice Brutal Moopas
Chestnut Wearing Rex
Air Shooter Joe
Stationary Magikoopa
Snowflake Lotus
Gunvolt Mandriller
Tree Frogger
Chargin' Gutsmet 
Native Galoomba


Bowserified Wave Joe Metool    Dimentio Midbus Popple Waluigi
Tanooki Gabon Cat Peach Metal Mario Mimi O'Chunks
Groomba Tubba Blubba Lord Crump Larry Koopa Morton Koopa Jr.
Cyan Masked Koopa Iggy Koopa Roy Koopa Lemmy Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa
Big Boomba Bowyer Boomer Axem Rangers Cackletta
Lil Shroobonkies Antasma Mouser Doopliss Vivian
Saberus Trizer Boom Boom Pom Pom Toadsworth
Toxic River Hench Nabbit Orcus Koopa Polentam Koopa Nereium Koopa
Snow Ty-Foo Sirenae Koopa Spiritus Koopa Draco Koopa Ilusifon
Camo Construcraken Reyvoid Allegro Vae Ictus Tamborantula
Cyan Rumblebee Classicromancer Trombat Lord J.A.Z. Machine Keynote King
Lunar Burning Leo Zant Demise Phantom Ganon Yuga
Chocolate Goombee Nabooru Medli Majora Odolwa
Red Krusha Cubus Sisters Fraaz Midna King Bublin
Shroshi Troopa Volcagrux Goramai Malliko Blade
Cyan Arrow Joe Crystal Renge Edr Ebul
Neko Gattling Joe Alpha Drezdane Hurooky Charlie Jigglypuff
Mini-Crystalgeist Ninjask Scizor Weavile Dragonite
Rock Wrecker Joe Chandelure Haxorus Hawlucha Darkrai
Scoomba Golurk Cacturne Blastoise Blaziken
PHARAOH CAT GUY Empoleon Samurott Delphox Bewear
Hammer Joe Brother Colokraigen Epidemeath Feralolalax Timasterer
Ogre ParaGaloomba Ambuito Ningorumph Pete Serena
Lava Piranha-Fly Saharah Gulliver Blanca Nat
Turtle Ketk Mugly Tiki Tong Klubba Dread Kong
Karate Fungdue Ninja Kong Sumo Kong Tectock Vixelame
Wire Shroob Don Flamenco Doc Louis Bald Bull Bear Hugger
Painguin Tuck Aran Ryan Darwin Crocker Mercio Verona Timothy Two-Toe
Pwn Bro. Lily Flyer Phoenix Deathborn Pico
Octo Joebro. Mr. EAD Super Arrow Copy Kat Ashman
Spirit Mummies Giygas Teddy Paula Frank Fly
Bony Lancer Krusha Salsa Starman Everdred Fassad
Very Skeleton Goonie Nionu Cryem Flooded Toad King 9-Volt
Very Skeleton Chargin' Chuck Scumflower Mike Dribble & Spitz Mega Titan
Hammer Monking Paint Roller Goriath Poppy Bros. Sr. Bugzzy
Skeleton Clumph Ribbon Susie Bandana Dee Arachesert
Zero Kirbies Spinnan Captain Estralla Haley Redabound
Ado-Bot Keeby Hades Great Reaper Dark Pit
Elite Lobzter Dyntos Thanatos Gaol Phosphora
Cool Boo Cluster Baby Mario Baby Luigi Burt Baby Bowser
Crazee Geckaw Jelonzo Crust Sean Cap'n Cuttlefish Annie
Oopsee Dayzee Judd Ura Shen Corelli Ross Lurfish
Wild Diamond Bro. SA-X Mogenar Torizo Anthony Higgs
Sandstone KP Koopa Draedorn Aria Gorbydiamus Reyn
Ember Stu Melia Antiqua Kallian Egil Vanea
Mini-Giant Cheep-Cheep Gwin Evans L'cirufe Grandmaster Luxaar Ryyz
Mini-Octovil Andrew Oikonny Lyons Cawmann Aracee Mortino Amagor Jal-Al
Lucy Hare Ross Cybeye Thelena Tellis Rosella Vamuzi Vern Dorsix
Henry Dramos Bill Grey James McCloud Tharja Ephraim
Eirika Lucina Cordelia Oboro Azura
Ryoma Hinoka Xander Camilla Izana
Fuga Micaiah Edward Leonardo Bashmaster
Leanne Titania Oscar Hector Eliwood
Marcus Alen Lance Andy Eagle
Olaf Kanbei Princess Shroob Takamaru Balloon Fighter
Isaac Sukapon Isa Jo Wonder Red Wonder Blue
Wonder Yellow Wonder Pink Wonder Green Wonder Black Wonder White
Ray 01 Ayumi Tachibana Bubbles Mike Jones Muddy Mole
Stanley the Bugman Hikari & Donbe Fire Ice Electric
Fiend Lord Beat Mudanca Francis W. Thurston Mr. Sandman
Calea Azul & Fugo Espada Augmatis Tam-Tom
Bailey Aeriaos Teleno Indigo Magikoopa Sonic
Tails Knuckles Amy Rose Silver Vector
Espio Mega Man Zero Axl Protoman
Guts Man Cut Man Vile King Bass & Treble
Lumine Grey/Ashe Dr. Doppler Dynamo Double
Hapruia Leviathan Fefnir Phantom Pac-Man
Ms. Pac-Man Blinky Rayman Globox Barbara
Teensie King Mr. Dark Bayonetta Balder Jeanne
Rosa Rodin Joy Alraune Solid Snake
Liquid Ocelot Raiden Boss Meryl Kamek
Miller Solidus Snake Volgin Jetstream Sam Sundowner
Bladewolf Quiet Phoenix Wright Miles Edgeworth Apollo Justice
Athena Cykes Simon Blackquill Klavier Gavin Red-Hot Rex, Prof. Layton
Descole Emmy Altava Clamp Grosky/Chelmey Leon Bronev Firion
Cecil Harvey Bartz Klasuer Terra Branford Cloud Strife Squall Leonhart
Zibane Tribal Tidus Maria Kain Highwind Lenna C. Tycoon
Boco Sabin Locke Barret Tifa
Zell Dincht Vivi Ornitier Garnet Til Alexandros XVII Rikku Yuna
Vaan Lightning Noctis Lucis Caelum Prompto Argentum Gladiolus Amicitia
Ignis Scientia Crono Marle Lucca Frog
Robo Ayla Magus Loto Hero Dragonlord
Maribel Kiefer Ruff Yangus Jessica Albert
Angelo Bianca Nera Briscoletti Ragnar McRyan Alena
Maya Stella Erinn Aquila Carver
Ashlynn Nevan Prince of Lorasia Prince of Cannock Princess of Moonbrooke
Maille Aroldo Simon Belmont Dracula Crazee Dayzee
John Morris Eric Lecarde Julius Belmont Albus Ryu
Ken Masters Chun-Li Cammy M. Bison Guile
Blanka Zangief Vega Balrog Dhalism
Cleo Lilith Pett Rashid Laura Matsuda Marina Liteyears
Plok Sparkster Sir Arthur Shantae Wendy O. Koopa
Bill Rizer Pocky & Rocky Master Higgins Bub Dig Dug
Bomberman Statue Master Ryu Hayabusa Firebrand Bren
Ark Joanna Dark Banjo & Kazooie Conker the Squirrel Tal'Set
Juno & Vela Cinder Fulgore Glacius Sabrewulf
Spyro Cinder Asura Sora Amaterasu
Crash Bandicoot Rasputin Aquato Jak & Daxter Ratchet & Clank Sly Cooper
Shovel Knight Shield Knight Plague Knight Patricia Wagon Carol Tea
Milla Basset Sash Lilac Yuelia Red-Hot Rex Meatboy
Gomez Quote Gunman Clive Rusty Jason Aguacate
Chris Redfield Leon Kennedy Claire Redfield Ada Wong Steve Burnside
Viewtiful Joe Ryo Hazuki Beat Ezio Auditore Klonoa

​Story Mode BossesEdit

  • Cape Kamikaze Koopa: A Kamikaze Koopa that has a cape. When she pulls her head out of the shell, jump on it to damage her. Defeated by 4 jumps. Boss of Whirlwind Desert-Fortress.
  • Desert King: A sandy dragon that guards the Sandstorm Orb. Blow away all the segments of its body with a whirlwind to defeat it. Boss of Whirlwind Desert-Castle.
  • Octoboom Boomer: A alien Goomba that shoots bombs at you. Propel his bombs back at him as Cape Mario 3 times to defeat him. Boss of Barrel Sea-Fortress.
  • Barrel King: A baby dragon that hides in a 4-layered barrel and guards the Barrel Orb. First you have to ground pound each of the 4 layers of barrels. The second through fourth barrels have cannons to try to defend himself. Each time a layer is destroyed, he becomes faster. Once all 4 layers of barrels are destroyed, he takes one jump to defeat. Boss of Barrel Sea-Castle.
  • Cat Goomboss: Goomboss is using a Super Bell to use this form. He runs from the walls to the ceiling. When he falls down and is upside down, jump on him. Jump on him 4 times to defeat him. Boss of Underground Railroad-Fortress.
  • Twin Queens: Twin dragons that guard the Medic Orb and are fought on the top of the train. The left one spits ice while the right one spits fire. Launch the fireballs shot by the one at the one shooting iceballs or vice versa by deflectig them as Cape Mario 5 times to defeat them. Bosses of Underground Railroad-Castle.
  • Temple Guardian: A giant version of the Ruined Turret. Deflect its blue orbs 5 times to defeat it. If you try to deflect its red orbs, the red orbs will explode. Boss of Earthquake Temple-Fortress.
  • Shroob Tamer & Ghost King: A Shroob that is taming a ghostly dragon that used to guard the Poltergeist Orb before he got brainwashed to serve only the Shroob Tamer. When the Ghost King lowers his head so that Shroob Tamer can use his giant whip to attack, climb the whip and jump on the Shroob Tamer. 4 jumps defeat the Shroob Tamer and get the Ghost King to his natural self. Bosses of Earthquake Temple-Castle.
  • Bowser: The King of Koopas who has made a castle here. Get to the end of a long bridge and use the axe to cut the bridge to defeat Bowser. Boss of Magma Volcano-Fortress.
  • Rollidillo King: A dragon that has adapted armidillo armor and a Bullet Bill Blaster on his back. He is the one who guards the Bullet Orb. Deflect the Bullet Bills at the armidillo armor to damage it. Damaging the armor 3 times destroys the armor and making the weak spot vulnerable. Then all it takes is 3 jumps to defeat it. Boss of Magma Volcano-Castle.
  • Frozen Guardian: A giant version of the Gamma Guardian. When it is on the ground, roll into it with Boulder Mario to break a part of it. Destroy all of its frozen segments to defeat it. Boss of Mt. Iceberg-Fortress.
  • Crocktapu
  • Kim & Timmy The Boss Krusha Twins: He is the one who guards the Jungle Orb.
  • Shroob General: Shroob Tamer got a promotion and became a general. He has kidnapped Iceberg King and removed his wings to add the wings to himself. He flies around the area and shoots lasers. When he stops to rest his wings, jump on him. Jump on him 5 times to defeat him. When you defeat him, he disappears and leaves the Blizzard Orb. Boss of Mt. Iceberg-Castle.
  • Arthis: The ghost of a legendary knight of the Merlonian civilization. He swings his sword to make whirlwinds above and below him. When he gets dizzy, jump on him. He is defeated by 5 jumps. Boss of Forgotten Lighthouse-Fortress.
  • Wario, Waria, & Temple King: The showdown for the final orb, the Light Orb. Wario lobs hammers, Waria throws bomerangs, and Temple King breathes a windy breath. Use Quick Mario to break Temple King's feet to make him immobile. Then you have to climb his tail and reach Wario and Waria. They still lob their projectiles, but they both also do a shoulder bash attack. Both are defeated 3 jumps each. Once defeated, Temple King explodes and Mario grabs his heart, the Light Orb. Bosses of Forgotten Lighthouse-Temple King.
  • Kaiser King: A dragon designed by Shroob Tamer to defeat Mario. He launches Missle Bills from his wings and spews a icy breath. Defeat it by launching a projectile at his mouth when it's open and not spewing icy breath 5 times. Boss of Sarrasahland-Fortress.
  • Goolord: A giant blob made by Shroob Tamer to defeat Mario. Goolord can transform into a variaty of weapons such as a whip, a laser gun, a hammer, a fist, a bow, and a toaster. Defeat it by attacking its weak spot (which varies with each different form) as Fire Mario 10 times to defeat it.
  • Shroobsworth & Boom-Bot: Shroobsworth riding a robot designed to copy Boom-Boom. Boom-Bot spins while creating a fiery trail. When Boom-Bot throws creates and throws a giant fireball, use Cape Mario's cape to deflect it back at it. Do this 4 times to defeat Boom-Bot. Once Boom-Bot is defeated, Shroobsworth tries to attack Mario. He acts just like a Scini, but the only difference is that it takes 3 jumps to defeat him instead of a ground pound. Bosses of Lunar Sanctum-Fortress.
  • Shroob King & Kaiser King: Shroob Tamer rides Kaiser King to defeat Mario. Kaiser King uses his wings to create razorwinds and launch Missle Bills. Kaiser King also launches a giant laser beam to try to obliterate Mario. Use Paint Mario to paint something to clog Kaiser King when he is charging his laser 4 times to defeat Kaiser King. When he is defeated, Shroob Tamer absorbs his tail to attack Mario. He acts just like his last battle, but he now can use his new tail to scrape the floor. When he is defeated by 4 jumps, he opens a portal to another planet and flees. Bosses of Lunar Sanctum-Castle.
  • Tabuu: A subspace swordsman that guards the entrance into Lord Tamor's intestines. When it charges its ultimate attack, use Phoenix Mario's flight to reach Tabuu's giant orb it is charging and use a fireball to knock it out of the sky. Do this 5 times to defeat it. Boss of Lord Tamor-Fortress.
  • Lord Tamor's Soul: The soul of Lord Tamor. It looks the same as the Kaiser King, but has all the heads of the other kings. Defeat each king by using each of the weaknesses that they had during each battle. Iceburg King, who wasn't fought in the main story, is defeated by 3 fire balls. Once all heads but the Kaiser King's head are defeated, you have to use Cape Mario to knock back Kaiser King's projectiles 30 times to defeat it. Once Kaiser King is defeated, Lord Tamor uses his heart as a last weapon. Defeat it by painting the entire heart green with Paint Mario. Once the heart is defeated, Lord Tamor explodes, and Infinity Spire is restored. Boss of Lord Tamor-Heart.  Sectle DeeToy Dream: Nothing but Racetrack Goombas, Toy Soldier Koopas, Mini-Bob-ombs, and Krusha-nized Toy Soldiers. You start off on a wooden block. Move along the lego bridge onto a toy racetrack road. Move onto the speed pad and jump at the last second across the gap and cross the toy houses, shooting enemies out of the way. Cross the racetrack
    road and use the dash pad to cross the last gap and land in the battle arena.
    It Has 8 Levels & 1 Castle
    2. Rainbow Dream: Blizzard Snifits, Blue Cheep Cheep, Cat Lakitus with Cat Paragoombas and Cat Felis Pirahacus with Cat Alspheres. Cross the machanical road and avoid the lightning. Use the dash pad to cross over to the rain section. Shoot the jumping fish, go under the waterfall, and dash across the dash pad on to lilypads. Cross and use the dash pad to get to the sun section. Go up the ramp, past the sun statue, and down the other side, shooting all that you come across. Use the dash pad to get to the snow side. Cross the ice bridge and through the rows of snowmen to the battle arena.
        World 0 - Peach's Castletown: Peach's castle, Toad Town and surroundings.
            Peach's Castle Boss: Jinkesse (This fight involves Jinkesse's basic attacks, like shooting her retractable arm and shooting laser beams)
            Battle Course: Hammer Bro. (Two Hammer Bros. will throw hammers at Mario, while jumping on Brick Block platforms)
            Castle Boss: Larry (Larry will fire blue magic with his wand and occasionally shoot Green Shells)
        World 1 - Grassy Outskirts: The Grasslands just outside the Castletown area. Yoshi has a house here, and he requests to save all the trapped Yoshis.
            Battle Course: Sir Kibble (Two Hammer Bros. will throw hammers at Mario. This time, there are no platforms)
            Castle Boss: Bowser Jr. (Bowser Jr. will breath fire out his Mini Clown Car, which could shoot lasers, and also throws Mecha-Koopas)
        World 2 - Toadstool Forest: A wicked forest maze. The trees are so close to each other, Mario and Luigi have to rely on random Warp Pipes.
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (Jinkesse receives this time the Elly Drive, which makes her able to shoot purple magic alongside)
            Battle Course: Hammer Boruums (Two Hammer Bros. will throw hammers at Mario. The battle takes place among trees)
            Castle Boss: Elly (Elly shoots purple magic and climbs on walls to prevent Mario from attacking her)
        World 3 - Hijinks Jungle: This jungle is filled with Cannon Barrels, Blast Barrels, Rocket Barrels and normal Barrels. DK loves to reside here.
            Battle Course: Kritters (Two Hammer Bros. will throw hammers at Mario. The stage resembles the 25m stage from Donkey Kong)
            Castle Boss: Iggy (Iggy is yet again in his carriage with a Chain Chomp, but instead of firing green magic, he throws bouncing balls)
        World 4 - Huckit Beach: This beach is resided by Huckit Crabs. Beside that, expect Bloopers and Cheep-Cheeps.
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (Jinkesse receives the Wendy Drive and is in this fight able to shoot rings)
            Battle Course: Huckit Elites (Two Boomerang Bros. will throw boomerangs at Mario, while jumping on Brick Block platforms)
            Castle Boss: Wendy (Wendy will make rings that hurt Mario, and let the room fill up with water)
        World 5 - Dry Bone Desert: This desert is so sandy, that even Dry Bones are bothered by sand in their eyes. The Mario Bros. need a special item to get through.
            Battle Course: Fire Bro. (Two Fire Bros. will throw fireballs at Mario, while jumping on Brick Block platforms)
            Castle Boss: Roy (Row will occasionally do a shoulder bash and fire black-colored magic. He also climbs in the chains)
        World 6 - Snowfall Plains: [Snow world]
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (Jinkesse receive the Morton Drive, making her able to create little earthquakes)
            Battle Course: Ice Bro. (Two Ice Bros. will throw iceballs at Mario, while jumping on Note Block platforms)
            Castle Boss: Morton (Morton creates earthquakes and shoots brown magic that homes to Mario)
        World 7 - Piped Maze: [Pipe maze/Sewer world]
            Battle Course: Pipe Ninjun (A Hammer Bro. and Boomerang Bro. will throw their items at Mario. The battle takes place on pipes with Piranha Plants)
            Castle Boss: Dragonia (Dragonia is able to execute all the spells the previous Koopalings have executed as well.)
        World 8 - Frostflame Island: [Ice/Fire world]
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (Jinkesse receives the Lavora Drive, allowing her to create False Notes)
            Battle Course: Wooly Boxins (A Fire Bro. and Ice Bro. will throw their elements at Mario. The ground is made of Note Blocks)
            Castle Boss: Lavora (Lavora creates False notes, breathes fire and climbs on the walls)
        World 9 - Bustle City: [City world]
            Battle Course: Thunder Bro. (Two Thunder Bros. will throw thunderballs at Mario. The battle takes place atop cars)
            Castle Boss: Jackson (Jackson will shoot Rainbow Shells and uses homing yellow magic)
        World 10 - Minmax Land: [Mini/Mega world]
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (In this Fight, Jinkesse gets the Bowser Jr. Drive, making her able to breathe fire)
            Battle Course: Sledge Bro. (Two Sledge Bros. will throw sledgehammers at Mario. The platforms in this battle resize)
            Castle Boss: Bowser Jr. (Bowser Jr. rematches Mario in an even better Mini Clown Car which shoots giant laser beams. Jr. himself also breaths bigger fire and uses DX Mecha-Koopas)
        World 11 - Alimentopia: [Food world]
            Battle Course: Meatling Warrior (Three Hammer Bros. will throw hammers at Mario, while jumping on Brick Block platforms)
            Castle Boss: Dolly (Dolly hides in giant pans, shooting homing cyan magic and reshaping rings)
        World 12 - Rattly Ruins: [Temple world]
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (Jinkesse receives the Harley Drive, which gives her permission to use Harley's minions)
            Battle Course: Boomerang Krusha(Four Boomerang Bros. will throw boomerangs at Mario, while jumping on Brick Block platforms)
            Castle Boss: Harley (Harley will call his minions and can create earthquakes, while using red magic)
        World 13 - Peaky Mountain: [Mountain world]
            Battle Course: Boulder Bro. (A Sledge Bro. and Curve Bro will throw their items at Mario)
            Castle Boss: Tim (Tim creates large boulders and throws them at Mario. Tim can also climb on the walls.)
        World 14 - Cloudy Zone: [Sky world]
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (Jinkesse gets the Lemmy Drive and is able to shoot yellow bouncy balls)
            Battle Course: Billy Bobs (Two Hammer Bros. will throw hammers at Mario. The Hammer Bros. fly in Lakitu Clouds)
            Castle Boss: Lemmy (Lemmy hides in Warp Pipes while using his magic to create yellow balls)
        World 15 - Dusty Wasteland: [Dark wasteland world]
            Castle Boss: Risen (Risen calls in all sorts of enemies, breathes fire and mimics Jinkesse's main attack in form of an Ultra Hand.)
        World 16 - Wacky Factory: [Factory world]
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (Jinkesse receives the Ludwig Drive, making her able to flutter in the air and Ground Pound)
            Battle Course: Mecha Bro. (One Hammer Bro. and three random relatives will throw their items, while Mario is on a conveyor belt)
            Castle Boss: Ludwig (Ludwig can flutter in the air and use homing Ground Pounds. Aside from that, he creates Falser Notes and breathes blue fire)
        World 17 - Spooky Woods: [Haunted Forest world]
            Battle Course: Bone Bro. (Three Dry Bros. will throw bones at Mario. The battle takes place among trees)
        World 18 - Bowser's Kingdom: [Bowser world (Volcano wasteland)]
            Fortress Boss: Jinkesse (???)
      1. Burrobot & Monty Burrobot
      2. Boa Boa & River Boa Boa
      3. Crawlton & Wild Crawlton
      4. Kiki & Sand Kiki
      5. Buzzbomber & Iron Buzzbomber
      6. Masher & Wild Masher
      7. Penguinator & Chargin' Penguinator
      8. Asteron & Rabid Asteron
      9. Sandworm & Rabid Sandworm
    10. Knight Egg Pawn & Pyro Knight Egg Pawn
    11. Prickle-Bomb & Teal Prickle-Bomb
    12. Aquis & Diamond Aquis
    13. Sledge Beetle & Diamond Sledge Beetle
    14. Egg Pawn w/ Scuba Gear & Figure Skatin' Egg Pawn
    15. Redz & Sound Blaster Redz
    3. Pirate Dream: Embers, Tiki Carvis, Peg-Alsphere, Klingers, Lockjaws, Mecha Puffers, Pirate Bob-ombs, Pirate Coco-knights, Patch Bros, Peg-Pickaxe Brothers), Funky Yoshi Troopas, and Peg-Ben Ks. Go over the bridge and past the waterfalls, and use the dash pad to cross the gap over to a ship. You'll go halfway and turn into a cave. Go down the path and up the ramp and back out. Cross the bridge into the waterfall cave down a ramp and back onto the ship, where you'll fight the mini-boss. Cross the bridge and use the dash pad to cross onto a path. Go into the cave up the ramp and out back and around to the top and the battle arena.

    4. Undersea Dream: Spiny Cheep Cheep, Hammer Giants, Bubble Bloopers, Huge Malibuts, Scubis, and Scuba Wartortle Troopas. Cross the bridge and use the dash pad to get on to a floating clam, then use the dash pad at the other side to get on a coral ramp going down. Enter the sunken ship and go left to the dash pad, which shoots you out a hole in the wall across a large gap and onto a long bridge. Cross onto a sea shell platform and enter the cave.Cross through and out to shoot across the gap using the dash pad. Go up the clam stairs and out into the battle arena.

    5. Future Dream: Moon Goombarrs, Fake Bold Rexes, Laser Snifits, Beamsword Chucks, Roboopa Troopas and  Roboopa Troopeas. You start out on a metal road. Cross it to the dash pad. Use it to land on a small ledge with two more dash pads. Select the one on the left and dash to a metal bridge. Use the teleporter to teleport over on a floating space station. Go up the metal spiral ramp to the top and use the dash pad to reach the next space station. The entryway is blocked by the mini-boss. Beat him and press on. Use the teleporter to teleport to a metal bridge. Go across it to the battle arena.

    6. Sweet Dream: Marshoombas, Zombie Yoshi Troopas, Venom Spinies, Browie Goblimps, Gummi Chomps, Spear Gingybreads Football Gingybreads Hammer Gingybreads and Ring Gingybreads. Cross the cookie bridge and onto the cake. Use the dashpad and cross onto the cake lined with gumdrops. Cross onto the chocolate bar road and blast things. Use the dash pad to jump onto a brownie and use the left dash pad on it to zip over a gap onto a piece of fudge. Use the dash pad to the right and cross the gap and land on a pie. Cross it and go past the chocolate river and up the donut ramp. Use the dash pad on top of it to cross another gap and onto a chocolate platform. The platform is forked and the platform sinks. The left leads to an area filled with enemies and the other leads to a series of dash pads. If you go to the dash pads go (<,>,>,>,>,<,<,<,<) and go across the hopefully still sinking platform. Both paths lead onto the same cake. Go across the cookie bridge onto a cheesecake, which is the battlefield.

    7. Pop Star Dream: Waddle Dees, Panslavas, Batty Mets, Boxins, Gordos, Ice Gabons, Mini Hot Rodds, Sandmans, Tsukikages, Hexoshi Troopa, Cheetah Blippers, Gruntlys,Yarikos, Fishbone Blippers, Glunks, Blippers, and Waddle Doos. Cross the cookie bridge and onto the cake. Use the dashpad and cross onto the cake lined with gumdrops. Cross onto the chocolate bar road and blast things. Use the dash pad to jump onto a brownie and use the left dash pad on it to zip over a gap onto a piece of fudge. Use the dash pad to the right and cross the gap and land on a pie. Cross it and go past the chocolate river and up the donut ramp. Use the dash pad on top of it to cross another gap and onto a chocolate platform. The platform is forked and the platform sinks. The left leads to an area filled with enemies and the other leads to a series of dash pads. If you go to the dash pads go (<,>,>,>,>,<,<,<,<) and go across the hopefully still sinking platform. Both paths lead onto the same cake. Go across the cookie bridge onto a cheesecake, which is the battlefield.

    Mario realizes a single Koopaling is left, but where could it be...? OMG, you get a message saying a Koopa is snooping in the Super Duel section. That just can't be good...

    8.Super Duel: Cross a bridge and enter the Super Duel building. Odd, there are no enemies... OMG! He's right there but in a robot he designed himself. You will be teleported to the battlefield.

    This is it! Mario receives info on where Bowser's Nightmare is and heads there. The screen cuts to Bowser at a cannon, aiming at the Dream Orb, an orb filled with good wishes that transfer to people at night. OMG! He's going to suck up all the good dreams and replace them with nightmares that will haunt everyone forever! Stop him!

    9. Bowser Nightmare: Gold Koopa Troopas, Bob-omb Corons, Coron-Toothed Tigers, Super Thwomps, Magigoombas, Heavy Joe S, Kabus, Koopatrols, Lemmy Boruums, Scuba Bros. & Scrapunks  
    Metoomba Xs Pointy Tuck Xs Tune Pointy Tucks Accendino Pointy Tucks Scintilla Tucks Cotton Candy Tucks Glaciale Tucks Illusione Tucks Chiffrer Tucks Uncino Tucks Blue Aire-Fuegos  Red Codans, Gritty Trick Squirrels, Swamp Goeikis,White Bzzaps!,Tail Minins,Voltage Spikerhogs Red Honey Grizs Light-Blue Giant Hammer Bros. Yeast Troops, Pickaxe Brothers (Hammer Brothers, but without a pattern)Tundra Baseball Boys Mecha-Fuzzlers Ice Charvaarghs Ice Skating Tap-Taps, Ice Cobratacks & Chilly Moles Red  Rick Rattlers, Lava Lil'Gels, Scoriachis, Bone Koshas,
    Bob-omb & Scuba Bob-omb Tweeter & Laser Tweeter Phanto & Sandstone Phanto Hoopster & Silver Hoopster Panser & Pansand Porcupo & Dry Porcupo Pidgit & Oil Pidgit Ninji & Ice Ninji Pokey & Spokey Beezo & Honey Beezo Tank Joe & Plasma Tank Joe Egg Bro. Glirdo & Jade Flame Glirdo Ostro & Wild Ostro Snifit & Dino Snifit Shy Guys & Tall Shy Guys Snapjaw & Jungle Snapjaw Spark & Jade Spark Kosha & Lightsaber Kosha Albatoss & Fiery Albatoss Flurry & Boulder Flurry Autobomb & Underwater Autobomb Cobrat & Swimming Cobrat Trouter Mini-Boariors & Sabre-Toothed TrouterShy GuySnifitNinjiBob-OmbTweeterFly GuyBeezoPidgitSparkBirdoPokeyOstroCobratMini Wicked WizzerdSnifaroBee GuyWigglerSidestepperGigant Shy GuysGigant NinjisGigant SnifitsWizzard GuyLettuce SnifitFlurryAutobombThwompMole Miners, StormMettaurs, Hockey Joes, Fire Gordo, Archer Egg Pawns, Bone Piriparees, Secta Wave Joe Mets, Halcandra Heatools, Secta Biddybees, Halcandra Chuck Bros., Secta Oil Man Mechanoids, Halcandra Fusion-Bots, Secta Twiniums, Secta Rock Bros, Secta KrittasWart MechanoidIblis Cryoflake, Iblis Cryosicle, Iblis Cryoking, Iblis Cotta KnightTrouter & Sabre-Toothed Trouter Zombie Goomba Fishin' Joe Red-Hot Eerie Big Turboo Pink Lil' Sparky Super Sand Dry Bones Pink Hothead Sumo Thwomp & Sumo Thwimp Sand Bony Beetle Sand Grinder Ball 'N' Chain Pink Ancient Fishbone & Fishbone Mechakoopas & Mechakoshas

​ Boss RushEdit

In the Infinity Spire, Mario can defeat all the bosses he faced in a row. This is unlocked by beating the game.

​ Power-UpsEdit

  • Fire Flower: A flower that turns Mario into Fire Mario. Fire Mario can shoot fireballs to defeat some enemies.
  • Whirlwind Flower: A flower that turns Mario into Whirlwind Mario. Whirlwind Mario can blow away enemies and defeat sandy enemies.
  • Cape Feather: A feather that turns Mario into Cape Mario. Cape Mario can run to get enough speed to fly and do a cape attack to launch projectiles in the other direction.
  • Orbit Flower: A close that turns Mario into Orbit Mario. Orbit Mario can create small planets that act as platforms. Mario can charge these shots to make a giant planet that pulls multiple segmented enemies apart.
  • Pelican Egg: A egg that turn Mario into Pelican Mario. Pelican Mario can create eggs that hatch into Pelican Babies that defend you. Pelican Mario can also fly if he runs.
  • Super Bell: A bell that turns Mario into Cat Mario. Cat Mario can climb up walls and pounce enemies from above. If Cat Mario touches water, Cat Mario turns back into regular Mario.
  • Boulder Mushroom: A mushroom that turns Mario into Boulder Mario. Boulder Mario rolls around the place and is invincible, but if you hit a wall in this form, you will go out of boulder mode and have to activate boulder mode again.
  • Phoenix Suit: A Suit that turns Mario into Phoenix Mario. Phoenix Mario can fly by doing a triple jump and can shoot fireballs while flying.
  • Chameleon Suit: A Suit that turns Mario into Chameleon Mario. Chameleon Mario can become undetectable by turning invisible and can use his tounge as a rope you can use on every ceiling. Chameleon Mario can also use his tounge to move steel blocks to solve puzzles and can defeat enemies using his tounge to propel Chameleon Mario torwards enemies.
  • Suit Of Armor: A Suit that only Ghost Prince can posses to become Knight Ghost Prince. Knight Ghost Prince has a giant sword to slice ropes and enemies. Knight Ghost Prince loses half his speed, but can push or destroy steel blocks.
  • Water Mushroom: A mushroom that turns Mario into Water Mario. When Water Mario jumps on fiery enemies, the enemies lose their fiery traits. Water Mario can also harden magma and make into a stone platform.
  • Metal Cap: A cap that turns Mario into Metal Mario. Metal Mario can walk on spikes and is invincible. Metal Mario turns into Water Mario at the end of a level.
  • Freezing Mushroom: A mushroom that turns Mario into Frozen Mario. Frozen Mario can throw iceballs that freeze enemies and can freeze the water he walks on.
  • Agile 'Shroom: A mushroom that turns Mario into Quick Mario. Quick Mario can run so fast, he can run over lava and water. Quick Mario can also break brick blocks by running.
  • Magic Paintbrush: A paintbrush that turns Mario into Paint Mario. Paint Mario can paint platforms to help with puzzles. Paint Mario can also paint enemies green, a color that makes enemies work for Mario. Does not work on any of the Bullet Bill species or bosses.
  • Gravity Flower: A flower that turns Mario into Gravity Mario. Gravity Mario can flip gravity to walk on the ceiling. This also affects enemies and flips them to the ceiling too.

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