Grand Mario Land U Reloaded Is a upcoming game for the Wii U.


[show]==​Story== Wario and Waria steals Sarrasahland straight from ground. It's up to Mario to save Sarrasahland by gathering 8 orbs guarded by 8 kings to create a path to Wario's Castle.

After getting all 8 orbs, Mario creates the path to Sarrasahland, but Shroob Tamer appears and announces that he is now the king of the Shroobs. He is waiting at Sarrasahland, getting ready his Lunar Sanctum to fire. Mario has to get to Shroob Tamer before he fires the Lunar Sanctum.

After beating Shroob Tamer at the Lunar Sanctum, Mario witnesses Shroob Tamer fusing with a giant planet known as the Infinity Spire. Now known as Lord Tamor, he plans to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom by himself. Mario now must defeat a entire plannt to save the world.

After painting Lord Tamor's heart green, Lord Tamor remembers a day from when he was young. He remembers the day that his best friend Tatanga, has betrayed the Galactic Shroob-Tatangic Empire and invades Planet Shroob. He defeated Tatanga with the cost of his life. Lord Tamor remembers that all he was when he tried to take over Sarrasahland and destroy the Mushroom Kingdom was a ghost. Lord Tamor apologizes for everything he has done and explodes. Mario then decides to tell everyone that Lord Tamor has apologized to them. Mario then starts a festival to honor Lord Tamor and his days of peace. The End.


  • Mario; The main hero of the game. Average stats.
  • Luigi: Mario's brother who is afraid of ghosts. Has a very high jump, but he has little traction.
  • Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She can float in the air, but is very slow.
  • Toad: A citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom. Is very fast and has high traction, but has very small jumps.
  • Ninjira: A Ninji that can blend itself into the background for a short time, but has little traction. Unlocked by getting the Sandstorm Orb.
  • Barri: A female Swordlik that doesn't have a sword like other Swordliks, but can make herself invincible if she stands still. Unlocked by getting the Barrel Orb. She is the heaviest of all the players and has the smallest jumps, but wherever she jumps, she creates small shockwaves too.
  • Medic Bandinero: A Bandinero mage that uses the power of love to suck the power of enemies that are using Power-Ups to copy the enemy while having the enemy being reduced to a Goomba. She can't mimic bosses, and has speeds that take a while to slow down. When she is copying a enemy, she uses the Power-Ups abilities that were used on the enemy. Unlocked by getting the Medic Orb.
  • Ghost Prince: The son of Ghost King who was given by Ghost King to Mario to get the other orbs. Ghost Prince has built in fire which he can spit out like a Draglet. He can also posses small enemies and suits of armor. Unlocked by getting the Poltergeist Orb.
  • Cannon Joe: A Bandit that has a Bullet Bill Blaster for a right arm. He is invincible against the Bullet Bill species and can shoot Bullet Bills of his own that can harm enemies. He is the fastest of all the characters, but has a very fast falling speed. Unlocked by getting the Bullet Orb.
  • KIp & Kass: Are a Kremling (possibly Kritter) children that appears as a playable character in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Unlocked by getting the Jungle Orb.
  • Coldtooth: A Rollidillo that can roll up walls and do a charge attack that if it hits enemies, it freezes them so when he turns around to attack them, he breaks them. He dies instantly from fiery attacks, but becomes invincible temporarily from icy attacks. Unlocked by getting the Blizzard Orb.
  • Glowmi: A magic star that glows in the dark creating light for other players. Unlocked by getting the Light Orb.
  • Daisy: Daisy has the same stats as Peach, but can do a shoulder bash attack that can break brick blocks and small enemies. Unlocked by beating Goolord.
  • Shroobsworth & Boom-Bot: After beating Shroob Tamer and Kaiser King, Shroobsworth believes that Shroob Tamer has betrayed the Shroob species and joins Mario inside his Boom-Bot. Shroobsworth pilots the Boom-Bot, a giant robot that has punches that vary by the Power-Up it is using. Unlocked by beating Shroob Tamer & Kaiser King.


  • Whirlwind Dunes: The very first game that has a desert as World 1 is this one. Has wind mechanics.
  • Barrel Sea: A ocean city that has barrels keeping it afloat. There are water pillars that propeller Mario into the sky.
  • Underground Railroad: A train that drills underground and has 1000 train cars. There are pipes that transports Mario all around the train.
  • Earthquake Temple: A temple that was ravaged by earthquakes. There are gates you can cling on as Cat Mario to get across areas.
  • Magma Volcano: A volcano where Bowser lives in as his new castle. The castle has a lot of lava, so Mario will have to plan his jumps wisely.
  • Mt. Iceberg: The tallest mountain in the Mushroom Kingdom. There is a lot of ice, which is slippery.
  • Forgotten Lighthouse: The place of the final orb, the Light Orb. The lights turn on and off from time to time.
  • Juice-and-Water Jungle: The Juicest Jungle in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Sarrasahland: A kingdom that used to be near the Mushroom Kingdom, before it was pulled out of the ground  by Wario. Now it is ruled by Shroob Tamer. Has a great variety of puzzles to solve with many forms of Mario.
  • Lunar Sanctum: The area where the final showdown between Mario and Shroob Tamer. There are a ton of alien enemies here, so Mario has to use every Power-Up he has.
  • Lord Tamor: The final area of the game. It is a faraway planet that Shroob Tamer fuses with. It is mostly a volcanic area, but there is another side of the planet that is made of subspace matter.
  • Infinity Spire: A mystical planet where the Tatangians used to live. The Boss Rush takes place here.

Normal EnemiesEdit

Picture Name HP Stats EXP Coins


Glowbug Baby Wiggler 10 Attack:5



10 5 Coddle Woods Outskirts Nothing special.
Gold Boxin Bushling 20 Attack:6



15 7 Coddle Woods

Sunnyside Beach

Moves around the arena to mess with the timing to dodge the attacks.
Piranha Galoomba Piranha Plant 35 Attack:15



40 25 Coddle Woods

Florentine Caverns

New Yosh Sewers

Has two forms, if its head is up, it will bite whoever jumps on it to defend itself, head facing forward and hammers and eggs are useless.
Bone Broombas Goomba 30 Attack:8



36 15 Florentine Fields

Bowser's Castle

Nothing special.
Shy Diver Flutter 45 Attack:18



30 30 Florentine Fields Flutters are flying enemies, and can't be hit by hammers.
RamBam Fang 30 Attack:9



27 40 Florentine Caverns Flying enemy, can only be hit with jumps, unless it's on the ceiling, in which case, it's invulnerable.
Sir Kibble Sand Blooper 56 Attack:16



42 40 Muldoon Dunes Always come with Shark Bones that hide under the sand with them to trick the player.
Sand Guys Shark Bones Infinite Infinite 0 0 Muldoon Dunes Only appears in fights against Sand Bloopers
Tribal Guy Pokey 55 Attack:16



Muldoon Dunes

Pokey Tower

A spiked enemy, cannot be jumped on.
Chariot Guy Paladin Yoshi Troopa TBA TBA TBA TBA Yetsi's Lair TBA
Javelin Bro. Lemmy Metalaser TBA TBA TBA TBA Yetsi's Lair TBA
Sectle Dee Koopa Troopa 68 Attack:35



67 50 Bowser's Castle

Florentine Fields

New Yosh Sewers

Nothing special.
Sectra Robintaur Koopa Paratroopa 70 Attack:40



75 55 Bowser's Castle

Florentine Fields

Flying Koopa Troopas, aside from that, nothing special.
Fumon (both Goombas and Koopas) Bullet Blaster 100 Attack:68



150 100 Bowser's Castle Fires Bullet Bills from a distance, thus, cannot be countered directly
Sledge Brother Forest Fuzzy TBA TBA TBA TBA Hidden Forest TBA
Kreepoh Biteranha TBA TBA TBA TBA Hidden Forest TBA
Chuck Teds Boxin TBA TBA TBA TBA Hidden Forest TBA
Chuck Rex Rex TBA TBA TBA TBA Rex Mountains

Yesha's Temple

Gets shorter and faster as it gets attacked.
Bow Balloon Spiny TBA TBA TBA TBA Rex Mountains

New Yosh Sewers

Spiked enemy, cannot be jumped on.
Beamsword Bros (Cats, Not turtles) Space Koopirates TBA TBA TBA TBA Rex Mountains Tries to blow the attacking character up if it's disturbed.
Egg Bro. Eggling TBA TBA TBA TBA Yesha's Temple

Floretine Fields

Can hide in their shell to heal.
Coco-Knight Golden Eggling 655 Attack:88



1,000 1,500 Yesha's Temple (At first)

Anywhere else (post-Temple)

Like a normal Eggling, except it can run from battle
Archies Arfo Goomba TBA TBA TBA TBA Dark Star Fortress TBA

Frost Piranha Plant

Frost Piranha Galoomba

Hatch Bro. TBA TBA TBA TBA Dark Star Fortress TBA
Pointy Tuck Eskyeti TBA TBA TBA TBA Dark Star Fortress TBA
Knight Bro. Goomboar TBA TBA TBA TBA Dark Star Fortress


  • Goomba: The underling of underlings. Defeated by a jump.
  • Koopa: A turtle that walks off cliffs. When jumped on, it retreats into a shell you can grab and throw.
  • Dig Beetle: A beetle that digs underground to try to eat Mario. Defeated by shooting a fireball into its mouth.
  • Shroob: A alien that has a laser gun which shoots lasers. Defeated by 2 jumps. He can use a evasion technique to try to avoid the jump.
  • Pyrogoomba: A Goomba that throws fireballs. Defeated by throwing a jug of water.
  • Charging Chuck: A Koopa that plays baseball. He throws baseballs and can charge torwards you. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Tumblechomp: A Chain Chomp that has no chain, but is pushed to the left by high winds. Undefeatable.
  • Cactus Piranha: A Piranha Plant that is protected by thorns. Defeated by 3 fireballs.
  • Whirlwind Koopa: A Koopa that spins like Boom-Boom to make whirlwinds. Wait untill it gets dizzy, then jump on it to retreat it to its purple shell.
  • Earthquake Goomba: A Goomba that creates earthquakes that stun Mario if he is on the ground. Jump on it 2 times to defeat him.
  • Pokey: A cactus that can knock his segments at you. Defeated if the head is the only segment left. Only Orbit Mario can reduce him to one segment 
  • Cape Goomba: A Goomba that flies with a cape and uses evasive techniques to avoid jumps. Defeated by a jump.
  • Ninji: A ninja that resides in deserts shooting shurikens and jumping from foreground and background. Defeated by a jump.
  • Cheep-Cheep: A fish that jumps out of the water and swims around. Defeated by a jump over the water, and a fireball underwater.
  • Barrel Goomba: A Goomba that defends himself with a barrel. Defeated with a ground pound.
  • Mermaid Shroob: A Shroob that dwells underwater shooting lasers with a laser gun. Defeated by deflecting its laser ball at him.
  • Background Hand: A hand that hides in the background to avoid attacks while being able to attack Mario In the foreground. Defeated by launching him back at the background when he tries to attack you, or jumping on it if you are playing as Ninjira and using his special skill.
  • Cape Bro: A Hammer Bro that floats around with a cape. He lobs hammers while trying to swoop down at you. Defeated by a jump.
  • Aqua Koopa; A Koopa that spits water, retreats into a shell that moves into its shell, and uses the water to gain speed able to destroy steel blocks. Undefeatble, but if you can grab its shell, you can use it to steel blocks.
  • Crocodiver: A crocodile that swims on the top of the water in groups of 3. Can be defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Pirak: The oppisite of a Ninji. It has a arm that shoots cannonballs and a hookshot on its other arm to swing from left to right. Defeated by a jump.
  • Blooper: A squid that follows you around trying to spew ink. Defeated by a fireball.
  • Swordlik: A barrel that has a sword that can hurt Mario if he tries to jump on it. Defeat it by using the Orbit Flower to pull his sword away, and then ground pounding him when he doesn't have a sword.
  • Pelican Goomba: A Goomba that has tiny versions of himself flying around him. Defeated by getting one of his babies to hit him by pulling the babies forwards him using Orbit Mario.
  • Cat Goomba: A Goomba that can perch on walls and pounce on Mario. Defeated by a jump.
  • Shy Guy: A masked minion that can turn around from a cliff unlike Goombas. Defeated by a jump.
  • Cat Monty: A Monty Mole that uses the Super Bell to come from the background and pounce onto the foreground.
  • Goombo: A creature simalar to the Goomba that can be grabbed when you jump on him, and throw him at enemies.
  • Fake Fire Flower: A Piranha Plant that disguises itself as a Fire Flower. If you try to collect it, you will get burnt. Defeated by pulling it out of the ground with Orbit Mario.
  • Hookshot Goomba: This Goomba swings between foreground and background and if defeated, the rope changes to swing from side to side for Mario. Defeated by a jump.
  • Bandinero: A bandit that tries to steal your Power-Up and turn into a enemy that can use that Power-Up.
  • Cape Goombo: Same as a Cape Goomba, but when you jump on it, he can be picked up and thrown.
  • Mechakoopa: A robot that spews a beam that richochets off of mirrors. Defeated by a ground pound.
  • Ogor: A mutant Koopatroll who's spikes melted and is twice as big as a Koopa. When jumped on, it retreats into a shell too big to pick up.
  • Yakki: A tiny floating chandelier that shoots fire in 5 directions. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Phoenix Bandit: A Bandit using a Phoenix Suit to swoop down while trying to take coins from Mario. When he is defeated with a jump, all the coins he stole and a Phoenix Suit will appear where he dies.
  • Ruined Turret: A statue designed like a Biota from the Aurum to defend the Earthquake Ruins. Deflect the blue orbs launched by it to defeat it.
  • Draglet: A baby dragon that spits tiny fireballs that bounce on the ground. Defeated by a jump.
  • Blockhopper: A creature made out of blocks that try to jump on Mario. Destroy all the blocks with either Boulder Mario or Orbit Mario to defeat him.
  • Vine Guy: A Shy Guy that swings from left to right on a vine while throwing exploding seeds. Defeated by a jump.
  • Lampoomba: A Goomba that glows in the dark. Keep it alive to reach the goal.
  • Magmaw: A undefeatable lava monster that goes in a circle through the foreground and background.
  • Dry Bones: A skeletal Koopa that if beaten by a jump, comes back to life 3 seconds later. The one way to truly  defeat it is by crushing it as Boulder Mario.
  • Spiked Swordlik: A Swordlik that also has spikes on the barrel. Defeated by crushing it as Boulder Mario.
  • Piranha Plant: A plant that tries to chomp Mario. Some are on the ceiling and can't be reached. Defeated by a fireball.
  • Boo: A ghost that chases Mario and can posses suits of armor. Defeated by using Knight Ghost Prince's sword.
  • Polterboo: A Boo that is haunting a suit of armor. Defeated by using Boulder Mario, but once defeated, the Boo goes out of the suit of armor.
  • Para-Omb: A Bomb-Omb with wings. If jumped on, not only will he lose his wings, he will glow red and explode.
  • Bomb-Omb: A walking bomb that is avoided by everyone. If jumped on, it will glow red and allow Mario to pick up the bomb and throw it to destroy steel blocks. Don't hold it too long, or it will explode.
  • Rollidillo: A green armidillo that rolls around and leaves a slippery trail wherever he goes. Defeated by a jump when he isn't rolling and using Boulder Mario when he is rolling.
  • Rollidillo Rider: A Goomba riding on a Rollidillo. The Goomba controls the Rollidilo and makes him turn around from cliffs. Using Orbit Mario can separate the two enemies apart.
  • Blazing Moth: A moth that uses fire to make itself fiery. Jump on it as Water Mario to defeat it.
  • Spear Guy: A Shy Guy that hides in the background and throws spears. Use Fire Ninjira to flip to the background and launch fireballs to defeat him.
  • Mega Rollidillo: A giant Rollidillo that crushes everything it rolls over. Defeated by 3 jumps.
  • Cat Rollidillo: A Rollidillo that uses a Super Bell to climb up walls and roll down at high speeds. Defeated by a jump.
  • Bullet Bill: A missile that is shot from Bullet Bill Blasters. Defeated by a jump.
  • Bullet Bill Blaster: A undefeatable enemy that stands still and launches a infinite amount of Bullet Bills.
  • Mega Goombo: A Goombo that is giant. The Mega Goombo, if jumped on, splits into 3 regular sized Goombos.
  • Melak: A muddy ghost that floats and oozes quicksand from its mouth. Jump on it 2 times to defeat it.
  • Latiku: A Koopa inside a cloud. Lakitus throw Spiny Eggs that when they touch the ground, turn into Spinies. Defeated by a jump or by deflecting the Spiny Eggs back at Latiku before they touch the ground.
  • Spiny: A red Buzzy Beetle that has spikes all over its body. Can be retreated into his shell if you are using Metal Mario.
  • Background Bill: A Bullet Bill that comes from the background from Background Bill Blasters. Defeated by a jump.
  • Background Bill Blaster: The same as a Bullet Bill Blaster, but is in the background shooting Background Bills to the foreground.
  • Hikidillo: A red Rollidillo that has spikes on his armor to hang onto gates and ceilings. If Mario is below him, he will try to fall on Mario. Defeated by jumping on him as Metal Mario.
  • Crocosky: A Crocodiver that instead of swimming, flies. He comes in a group of 3 and can be defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Freezer Goomba: A Goomba that is protected by a frozen shield. Melt the shield and then jump on him to defeat him.
  • Icidillo: A Rollidillo that freezes the water he touches. Defeated by a jump.
  • Wooly Monty: A Monty Mole that breaks any ice it finds. He has horns that hurt you if you try to jump on him, so defeat him with a fireball.
  • Gamma Guardian: Another statue designed to guard a sacred area, this time designed to look like a Tribyte from the Aurum. Defeated by crushing it with Boulder Mario when it is on the ground part of its set path.
  • Bomerang Bro: A Hammer Bro that launches bomerangs that go in a circular area and go back to him. Defeated by a jump.
  • Hammer Bro: A Koopa that lobs hammers and jumps. Defeated by a jump.
  • Glow Bill: A Bullet Bill that's shot in the direction of the goal. Follow it to the goal.
  • Scubaglider: A Crocodiver that uses hangliders to glide down and come in groups of 3. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Shrooboid Brat: A chubby Shroob that swings with his lollipop. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Merlonian Ghost: A ghost of a ancient civilization. He uses icy spells and can create a projectile-proof force field. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Robust Warrior: A giant suit of armor controlled by 3 Merlonian Ghosts. The suit of armor is in the background, and swings its sword at the foreground. Undefeatable.
  • Petal Pusher: A Piranha Plant that has arms to punch the projectiles back at Mario. When he spits a fireball, keep deflecting it untill he misses a punch and gets defeated by a fireball.
  • Pelican Guy: A Shy Guy that uses a Pelican Suit to create tiny pelicans that he uses as a platform to continue walking in that direction. Defeated by a jump.
  • Octoguardian: A statue that was designed like a Blooper. Octoguardians attack by crushing the ground with tentacles. Climb its tentacles and shoot 3 fireballs at its weak spot to defeat it.
  • Miner Goomba: A Goomba that has a construction helmet. If he gets you in his light vision, he will chase torwards you. Defeated by a jump.
  • Astrogoomba: A Goomba that resides in space. He uses his jetpack to go fast in the lower gravity of Sarrasahland. Defeated by a jump.
  • Scini: A Shrooboid gardener that harvests Shroobs to attack Mario. Defeated by a ground pound.
  • Gao: A lion that spits fireballs and pounced from above. Defeated by deflecting the fire back at the Gao as Cape Mario.
  • Shewball: A Shrooboid football player. He throws footballs that explode after a few seconds. Defeated by deflecting its football back at him as Cape Mario.
  • Spaki: A Shrooboid knight that swings his sword like Boom-Boom. He can jump while spinning and hover over gaps while spinning. Defeated by a jump.
  • Baalok: A sheep that tries to ram you with her electrified horns. Defeated by crushing her as Boulder Mario.
  • Jlakis: A Shrooboid UFO that launches Missle Bills. Defeated by shooting a projectile into its abduction radius.
  • Rakadillo: A Rollidillo that jumps and uses Sarrasahland's low gravity to roll in the air. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Shroboo: A Shrooboid Boo that tries to attack you if you are looking at him. Defeated by blowing him into lava as Whirlwind Mario.
  • Lagiju: A Shrooboid Latiku that throws Icidillos from the background to the foreground. Defeated by jumping on him as Ninjira.
  • Missle Bill: A Bullet Bill that is red and homes at you. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Goombekk: A Goomba that uses a Agile 'Shroom to speed around Mario and break brick blocks. Defeated by a jump.
  • Sprint Shroob: A Shroob which is using a Agile 'Shroom to rapidly fire his lasers. Try painting him green as Paint Mario to make him a great helper.
  • Holokizu 8.0: A living hologram machine that makes a hologram of a enemy. Defeated by painting the hologram to life to crush the Holokizu.
  • Guardian Shroob: A white Shroob that comes in groups of 3 that protect each other while shooting lasers. They can be beaten by deflecting their lasers back at each other as Cape Mario.
  • Swiggler: A Shrooboid Wiggler that has spikes on every even segment. It is undefeatable, but can be used to cross the gaps of acid in some levels.
  • Faral: A alien Ninji that creates Holokizu 8.0s that project holograms of himself. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Kakak: A Shrooboid Crocodiver that swim on the top of acid in groups of 3. Defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Armored Monty Mole: A Monty Mole wearing a suit of armor. It will lead a group of 5 Goombas and will charge torwards Mario with a magic sword that when swung, launches a sword beam. Defeated by running past it as Quick Mario to knock the sword away and knocking him onto his back, and then jumping on him.
  • Bombardi: A Shrooboid Bullet Bill Blaster that launches Shroob-Ombs that land on the foreground.
  • Shroob-Omb: A Shrooboid Bomb-Omb that can't be picked up and has a large explosion radius.
  • Sr. Shroob: A Shroob that pilots a small tank to bombard Mario with Bullet Bills. The tanks vary in size and length. The tank can't be defeated, but you can defeat the Shroob by jumping on it.
  • Blaka: A black Rollidillo that explodes if Mario tries to jump on it. Defeat it from faraway using Fire Mario's fireballs.
  • Plaku: A Koopa that leaves a trail of plasma behind it. Jump on it to retreat it to its shell. The shell can explode upon hitting small enemies and break brick blocks.
  • Zlaki: A Goomba that uses a magic wand to turn brick blocks into enemies. Defeated by a jump.
  • Primid: A creature made of subspace matter that uses a variety of weapons. If it uses a gun, deflect the shots back at it as Cape Mario. If it uses a sword, use Cat Mario to pounce on its back. If it uses claws, crush it as Boulder Mario. If it uses a missle silo, it is undefeatable.
  • Shadow Guppit: The shadow of a random enemy. It copies all the traits of the enemy it's the shadow of and is instantly defeated if the enemy it's the shadow of is defeated.
  • Shadow Sr. Shroob: A subspace version of the Sr. Shroob that pilots a tank. The tank shoots Blakas from its cannon while shooting 2 Missle Bills as well. The tanks can't be defeated, but the Shadow Sr. Shroob is defeated by 2 jumps.
  • Volcanicy: A subspace volcano that spews ice from the top of its head. Defeated by clogging its top as Paint Mario.
  • Tamorlings: Minature versions of Lord Tamor that uses its fiery back as a propulsion system to fly around. Use Paint Mario to make it a ally that follows Mario around and spews lava out of its back at enemies.
  • Scopok: A scorpion that is covered with fire and launches its stingers like Bullet Bills. Defeat it by jumping on it 2 times as Water Mario or deflecting its stingers as Cape Mario.
  • Lacoon: A shielded Rollidillo that defends itself from jumps by using a shield. Defeat it by running past it as Quick Mario.


​Story Mode BossesEdit

  • Cape Kamikaze Koopa: A Kamikaze Koopa that has a cape. When she pulls her head out of the shell, jump on it to damage her. Defeated by 4 jumps. Boss of Whirlwind Desert-Fortress.
  • Desert King: A sandy dragon that guards the Sandstorm Orb. Blow away all the segments of its body with a whirlwind to defeat it. Boss of Whirlwind Desert-Castle.
  • Octoboom Boomer: A alien Goomba that shoots bombs at you. Propel his bombs back at him as Cape Mario 3 times to defeat him. Boss of Barrel Sea-Fortress.
  • Barrel King: A baby dragon that hides in a 4-layered barrel and guards the Barrel Orb. First you have to ground pound each of the 4 layers of barrels. The second through fourth barrels have cannons to try to defend himself. Each time a layer is destroyed, he becomes faster. Once all 4 layers of barrels are destroyed, he takes one jump to defeat. Boss of Barrel Sea-Castle.
  • Cat Goomboss: Goomboss is using a Super Bell to use this form. He runs from the walls to the ceiling. When he falls down and is upside down, jump on him. Jump on him 4 times to defeat him. Boss of Underground Railroad-Fortress.
  • Twin Queens: Twin dragons that guard the Medic Orb and are fought on the top of the train. The left one spits ice while the right one spits fire. Launch the fireballs shot by the one at the one shooting iceballs or vice versa by deflectig them as Cape Mario 5 times to defeat them. Bosses of Underground Railroad-Castle.
  • Temple Guardian: A giant version of the Ruined Turret. Deflect its blue orbs 5 times to defeat it. If you try to deflect its red orbs, the red orbs will explode. Boss of Earthquake Temple-Fortress.
  • Shroob Tamer & Ghost King: A Shroob that is taming a ghostly dragon that used to guard the Poltergeist Orb before he got brainwashed to serve only the Shroob Tamer. When the Ghost King lowers his head so that Shroob Tamer can use his giant whip to attack, climb the whip and jump on the Shroob Tamer. 4 jumps defeat the Shroob Tamer and get the Ghost King to his natural self. Bosses of Earthquake Temple-Castle.
  • Bowser: The King of Koopas who has made a castle here. Get to the end of a long bridge and use the axe to cut the bridge to defeat Bowser. Boss of Magma Volcano-Fortress.
  • Rollidillo King: A dragon that has adapted armidillo armor and a Bullet Bill Blaster on his back. He is the one who guards the Bullet Orb. Deflect the Bullet Bills at the armidillo armor to damage it. Damaging the armor 3 times destroys the armor and making the weak spot vulnerable. Then all it takes is 3 jumps to defeat it. Boss of Magma Volcano-Castle.
  • Frozen Guardian: A giant version of the Gamma Guardian. When it is on the ground, roll into it with Boulder Mario to break a part of it. Destroy all of its frozen segments to defeat it. Boss of Mt. Iceberg-Fortress.
  • Shroob General: Shroob Tamer got a promotion and became a general. He has kidnapped Iceberg King and removed his wings to add the wings to himself. He flies around the area and shoots lasers. When he stops to rest his wings, jump on him. Jump on him 5 times to defeat him. When you defeat him, he disappears and leaves the Blizzard Orb. Boss of Mt. Iceberg-Castle.
  • Arthis: The ghost of a legendary knight of the Merlonian civilization. He swings his sword to make whirlwinds above and below him. When he gets dizzy, jump on him. He is defeated by 5 jumps. Boss of Forgotten Lighthouse-Fortress.
  • Wario, Waria, & Temple King: The showdown for the final orb, the Light Orb. Wario lobs hammers, Waria throws bomerangs, and Temple King breathes a windy breath. Use Quick Mario to break Temple King's feet to make him immobile. Then you have to climb his tail and reach Wario and Waria. They still lob their projectiles, but they both also do a shoulder bash attack. Both are defeated 3 jumps each. Once defeated, Temple King explodes and Mario grabs his heart, the Light Orb. Bosses of Forgotten Lighthouse-Temple King.
  • Kaiser King: A dragon designed by Shroob Tamer to defeat Mario. He launches Missle Bills from his wings and spews a icy breath. Defeat it by launching a projectile at his mouth when it's open and not spewing icy breath 5 times. Boss of Sarrasahland-Fortress.
  • Goolord: A giant blob made by Shroob Tamer to defeat Mario. Goolord can transform into a variaty of weapons such as a whip, a laser gun, a hammer, a fist, a bow, and a toaster. Defeat it by attacking its weak spot (which varies with each different form) as Fire Mario 10 times to defeat it.
  • Shroobsworth & Boom-Bot: Shroobsworth riding a robot designed to copy Boom-Boom. Boom-Bot spins while creating a fiery trail. When Boom-Bot throws creates and throws a giant fireball, use Cape Mario's cape to deflect it back at it. Do this 4 times to defeat Boom-Bot. Once Boom-Bot is defeated, Shroobsworth tries to attack Mario. He acts just like a Scini, but the only difference is that it takes 3 jumps to defeat him instead of a ground pound. Bosses of Lunar Sanctum-Fortress.
  • Shroob King & Kaiser King: Shroob Tamer rides Kaiser King to defeat Mario. Kaiser King uses his wings to create razorwinds and launch Missle Bills. Kaiser King also launches a giant laser beam to try to obliterate Mario. Use Paint Mario to paint something to clog Kaiser King when he is charging his laser 4 times to defeat Kaiser King. When he is defeated, Shroob Tamer absorbs his tail to attack Mario. He acts just like his last battle, but he now can use his new tail to scrape the floor. When he is defeated by 4 jumps, he opens a portal to another planet and flees. Bosses of Lunar Sanctum-Castle.
  • Tabuu: A subspace swordsman that guards the entrance into Lord Tamor's intestines. When it charges its ultimate attack, use Phoenix Mario's flight to reach Tabuu's giant orb it is charging and use a fireball to knock it out of the sky. Do this 5 times to defeat it. Boss of Lord Tamor-Fortress.
  • Lord Tamor's Soul: The soul of Lord Tamor. It looks the same as the Kaiser King, but has all the heads of the other kings. Defeat each king by using each of the weaknesses that they had during each battle. Iceburg King, who wasn't fought in the main story, is defeated by 3 fire balls. Once all heads but the Kaiser King's head are defeated, you have to use Cape Mario to knock back Kaiser King's projectiles 30 times to defeat it. Once Kaiser King is defeated, Lord Tamor uses his heart as a last weapon. Defeat it by painting the entire heart green with Paint Mario. Once the heart is defeated, Lord Tamor explodes, and Infinity Spire is restored. Boss of Lord Tamor-Heart. 

​ Boss RushEdit

In the Infinity Spire, Mario can defeat all the bosses he faced in a row. This is unlocked by beating the game.

​ Power-UpsEdit

  • Fire Flower: A flower that turns Mario into Fire Mario. Fire Mario can shoot fireballs to defeat some enemies.
  • Whirlwind Flower: A flower that turns Mario into Whirlwind Mario. Whirlwind Mario can blow away enemies and defeat sandy enemies.
  • Cape Feather: A feather that turns Mario into Cape Mario. Cape Mario can run to get enough speed to fly and do a cape attack to launch projectiles in the other direction.
  • Orbit Flower: A close that turns Mario into Orbit Mario. Orbit Mario can create small planets that act as platforms. Mario can charge these shots to make a giant planet that pulls multiple segmented enemies apart.
  • Pelican Egg: A egg that turn Mario into Pelican Mario. Pelican Mario can create eggs that hatch into Pelican Babies that defend you. Pelican Mario can also fly if he runs.
  • Super Bell: A bell that turns Mario into Cat Mario. Cat Mario can climb up walls and pounce enemies from above. If Cat Mario touches water, Cat Mario turns back into regular Mario.
  • Boulder Mushroom: A mushroom that turns Mario into Boulder Mario. Boulder Mario rolls around the place and is invincible, but if you hit a wall in this form, you will go out of boulder mode and have to activate boulder mode again.
  • Phoenix Suit: A Suit that turns Mario into Phoenix Mario. Phoenix Mario can fly by doing a triple jump and can shoot fireballs while flying.
  • Chameleon Suit: A Suit that turns Mario into Chameleon Mario. Chameleon Mario can become undetectable by turning invisible and can use his tounge as a rope you can use on every ceiling. Chameleon Mario can also use his tounge to move steel blocks to solve puzzles and can defeat enemies using his tounge to propel Chameleon Mario torwards enemies.
  • Suit Of Armor: A Suit that only Ghost Prince can posses to become Knight Ghost Prince. Knight Ghost Prince has a giant sword to slice ropes and enemies. Knight Ghost Prince loses half his speed, but can push or destroy steel blocks.
  • Water Mushroom: A mushroom that turns Mario into Water Mario. When Water Mario jumps on fiery enemies, the enemies lose their fiery traits. Water Mario can also harden magma and make into a stone platform.
  • Metal Cap: A cap that turns Mario into Metal Mario. Metal Mario can walk on spikes and is invincible. Metal Mario turns into Water Mario at the end of a level.
  • Freezing Mushroom: A mushroom that turns Mario into Frozen Mario. Frozen Mario can throw iceballs that freeze enemies and can freeze the water he walks on.
  • Agile 'Shroom: A mushroom that turns Mario into Quick Mario. Quick Mario can run so fast, he can run over lava and water. Quick Mario can also break brick blocks by running.
  • Magic Paintbrush: A paintbrush that turns Mario into Paint Mario. Paint Mario can paint platforms to help with puzzles. Paint Mario can also paint enemies green, a color that makes enemies work for Mario. Does not work on any of the Bullet Bill species or bosses.
  • Gravity Flower: A flower that turns Mario into Gravity Mario. Gravity Mario can flip gravity to walk on the ceiling. This also affects enemies and flips them to the ceiling too.