=Super Mario World Returns


Super Mario World Returns is a new project of Tigerfang Games. The game is a follow-up to the original Super Mario World for the GBA and SNES. This game, however has improved graphics and gameplay, as well as some new suits and new platformer gameplay.

Contents GameplayEdit

Gameplay is similar to that of the NSMB games, being that Mario & White has moves available from his debut in SMW. A notable difference is that a flag appears instead of a gate if the player hits a checkpoint or the end. Many of the sprites and graphics in the NSMB appear as well.

Few tracks from the NSMB games have been confirmed, as most of the tracks are remixes of the SMW tracks.

As far as actual gameplay goes, not much is confirmed. Coins will appear in levels and collecting 100 gives the player an extra life. Play mechanic is the same as in the other sidescrolling Mario games, where you collect Mushrooms and such to keep your health going.

This game is NOT, however just stomping goombas on the way to the castle. Each level is unique and has different things.


Mario Healickoopa the female magekoopa Weights the HamsterWhite The Popopo Blue Toad & Thrash= =NPC's

Princess Peach Toadette & Luigi Toadsworth Diddy Dixie & Donkey Kong Princess Daisy Sprixies

Tails & Knuckles

New Enemies

Glacier Goomba     Jade Mega Wiggler

Whip Guy     Armgun Koopa Tanoopa

Fire Topi     Ruby Magikoopa

Super Dry Piranha Plant     Boom Slam Shell

Wresules Bros.     Ruby Fish 'n Boo

Walloroca     Sand Bro.

Harey     Monocle Monica

Bone Mole Miner     Rocky Wrench

Dark Mechawful Body     Bully Mechawful Body

Ruby MumMum     Mega Bully Kasplat Grassland Enemies

Goombas     Paragoombas     Micro Goombas     Grand Goombas   Bowserified Stingbies     Sweet Goombas    Bowserified Zlakis   Lemmy Kappi Koopas     Sweet ParaGoombas     Mega Goombas     Lemmy Petal Chomps     Koopa Troopas    Venus Lemon Cake Traps     Koopa Paratroopas     Piranha Plants     Jumping Piranhacus Giganticis     Super Piranha Plants     Hammer Bros.     Venus Fire Traps

Underground Enemies

Super Venus Fire Traps     Swoopers   Red Mole Miners    Red Sledge Bros.     Buzzy Beetles    Bowserified Swoopers    Blue Spike Tops    Venus Rudine Traps    Dark Keepas     Spike Tops     Fire Bros.     Sledge Bros.

Water Enemies

Bloopers     Blooper Nannies     Baby Bloopers    Violet Electrasquids    Lemmy Strealoids     Cheep-Cheeps    Bowserified Jellybeams     Mega Cheep-Cheeps     Deep-Cheeps     Mega Deep-Cheeps     Spiny Cheep-Cheeps     Porcu-Puffers    Gargantua Jellybeams    Piranha Fish Plants     Urchins    Ink Squidges     Grublinified Jellybeams     Mega Urchins     Clampies     Jellybeams     Bulbers     Cheep-Chomps

Desert Enemies

Pokeys     Lakitus     Spinies    Masked Sand Bros.     Bowserified Snake Goombas     Spikes     Spirit Mummies     Boomerang Bros.     Fire Snakes

Ice Enemies

Cooligans     Ice Bros.     Light-Blue Gulpits & Light-Blue Gulpits' Rocks    Christmas Goomba Bros.    Bowserified Painguin Tucks     Munchers

Island Enemies

Huckit Crabs

Rainforest Enemies

Stalking Piranha Plants     River Piranha Plants     Wigglers     Forest Green Frogoons     Jungle Red Goombas     Livingstones     Ninja Bros.     Bowserified Felis Pirahacuses     Mega Wigglers     Red Aboriginal Chuck Guys     Bramballs

Mountain Enemies

Monty Moles     Stone Spikes     Mole Miners    Silver Sumo Bros.     Bullet Bills     Sumo Clumphs   Red Gaw Gaws    Mega Barrel-Moles     Banzai Bills     Missile Bills     Missile Banzai Bills

Sky Enemies

Fire Chomps     Chain Chomps     Para-Beetles     ParaBonkers    Bowserified Bun Buns      Terminoombas   Winged Foongas       Amazing Flyin' Fire Bros.     Heavy Para-Beetles     Fuzzies     Mega Fuzzies     Foos     King Bills

Lava Enemies

Podoboos     Firanha Plants     Para-bombs

Ghost House Enemies

Boos     Big Boos     Circling Boo Buddies     Broozers     Blue Pumpkin Plants    Big Blue Pumpkin Plants     Pumpkin Parakoopas     Super Splunkins     Little Mousers     Ghost Vases     Crowbers

Fortress Enemies

Dry Bones     Amps     Lemmy Clubbas    Angears   Bowserified Wallops    Electro Missle Bills   Bowserified Klingers   Mecha-Hammer Bros.    Robo Troopas    Bone Electockies     Pillars

Castle Enemies

Super Dry Bones     Thwomps     Sludge Podobos      Bowserified Ballerontos     Iggy Bills     Bowserified Wild Ptooie Piranhas     Lemmy Skwests     Super Thwomps     MagiTinsuits    Pink Lil' Sparkys     Bowserified Fiery Cheeps     Ball 'n' Chains     Bone Ninja Bros.     Bone Magikoopas    Lemmy Pointy Tucks    Grublinified Fire Bros.    Alpha Bullet Bills     Spiked Balls     Ruby Bowser Statues     Wralekeens      Bowserified Chav Koopas      Bowserified Curve Bros.     Bone Kuribo  Goombas     Mega Pillars     Firebars     Fishbones  Cyan Goombullies     Sand Thwomp     Gritty Goombullies     Tutanchomp     Snow-Skate Manky Kong     Mini Purple Chomp: stomp can stun him.     Mini Grrrols: No spikes, but can roll faster.     Big Hit-Kiai-kis     Emerald Chav Koopa Airship Enemies Mario fighting Bowser Jr. in his airship.

Bob-ombs     Cannons     Cannonballs    Robo Banzai Bill Robo Banzai Bill Blasters     Gray Rocky Wrenches     Giant Cannonballs     Rocket Engines     Mecha-Koopas     Rocky Wrenches     Giant Spiked Balls

Froxic     Jade Skittler

Blue Fire Bro.     Sour Twirlip

Banzai Bloody Bill     Fire Bumpty

Waddle Dee,Waddle Doo,Gim,Honeysuckle,Robo-Waddle2000,Thunder Wisp,Plasma Wisp,Rocky,Kewasabbi,Pixii,Barron,Carrd,Kung-Fu Joe,Clonea,Broom Hatter,Simmirror,Wheelie,Flappy,Starman,Chilly,Freezerburn,Hot Head,Burning Leo,Super Hot Head,Blade Knight,Super Blade Knight, Super Chilly,Super Kibble,Sir Kibble, Super Doo,Bot,Knuckle Joe,Cappy,Bronto Burt,Sparky, Birdon, Walky., Poppy Bro Jr., Freezdrop, Roly Poly, Nruff, Mine Cart Dees, Yarn Dee, Yarn Doo, Whispy Woods Jr.,Boxer,Junker,Flamedrop,Chompa,Grip,Mega Waddle Dee, Mega Bronto Burt,Mega Waddle Doo,Mega Cappy, Starshooter Woozy Guy     Suemba

Crystal Gol' Chunks     Putrid Bone Piranha

Mecha Krumple     Jungle Muncher

Icy Igneous     Bone Nipper Plant

Super Thwoo     Spitter Plant

Tap-Cheep     Red Bones

Blue Bone Bro.     Blue Dry Bones

Curve Bro.     Dark Bone Yoshex

Banana Bro.     Bone Sledge Bro.

Dessgeega     Spiked Ball

Hard Groomba     Bone Mega Wiggler

Hotfeet Camogoomba     Topi Bill

Inferno Kasplat     Emerald Swooper

Golden Flying Mines      Fuzzy

Inferno Bokoblin     Spike

Reptail     Stone Spike

Chess Man     Dice Man     Fairy Woman     Bobcat Man     Greek Man     Bunny Man     Princess Woman     Beehive Man     Gorilla Man     Plumber Man     Bounty Woman     Artist Woman     Blimp Man     Broadway Man     Medical Man     Diva Woman     Rackoon Man     Queen Woman     Pine Man     Nega Man

Giree     Burning Spike

Tribal Grublin     Snow Spike

Sword Primid     Poison Spike

Sabretoothed Little Mouser     Lil Mouser

Cosmic  Kappi Koopa     Mecha koopa

Mecha Great Koopa     Para Mecha Koopa

Desert Bro.     Fishbone Broozer

Light-Red Squishy     Burning Ball

Bomber Pepe     Chain 'n Ball

Ninja Bro. Poisonunbun     Clam

Venus Gemstone Trap     Cooligan

Pickelman Dada     Mr Blizzard

Wooly  Monty Mole     Burn Bit

Chameleon Goomba     Brr Bit

Icy Heliogon     Cannon

Snublin     4 Way Cannon

Rock Thrown     Super Thwomp ( Gray, Spiked

Shroom Chomp     Super Mummira

Returning Enemies

Koopa Troopa     Goomba     Lakitu     Banzai Bill     Bullet Bill     Beach Koopa     Big Boo     Blargg     Blurp     Bony Beetle     Boo     Chargin' Chuck     Circling Boo Buddies     Dino Rhino     Dino-Torch     Disappearing Boo Buddies     Eerie     Snowmaargh     Fishbone     Fishin' Boo     Diddy-5000    Donkey-5000     Fishin' Lakitu     Fire Bro.     Cheep-Cheep     Blooper     Jumping Piranha Plant     Piranha Plant     Koopa Paratroopa     Li'l Sparky     Mask Koopa     Wiggler     Mecha-Koopa     Mega Mole     Missile Bill     Monty Mole     Muncher     Nipper Plant     Ninji     Para Mask Koopa     Para-bomb     Pidgit Bill     Pipe Lakitu     Porcu-Puffer     Slipping Stu     Rex     Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro.     Rip Van Fish     Sawfish     Dry Bones     Skull Box     Spike Top     Spiny     Sumo Bro.     Super Koopa     Thwomp    Ruby Mowlee Bros. Lumberjack Waddle Dee Hammer Waddle Dee & Plasma Waddle Dee     Urchin     Torpedo Ted BossesEdit


Bowser Jr


Other FeaturesEdit


Super Mushroom

Fire Flower

Ice Flower

Bomb Mushroom

Hammer suit

Blue Shell

Cape Feather Double Cherry


? blocks

note blocks

brick blocks



! switches

giant ! switches, possibly in switch palaces

warp pipes

ice cubes

orange puzzle pieces Level ElementsEdit



10 Yoshis

Rambi WorldsEdit

Eight worlds have been confirmed in this game:

-Grassy Plains

-Starry Savanna

-Awazon Seaside

-Land Of The Giants

-Hot Fudge Sundae Forest

-Pristine Cliffs

-Dry Dry Desert

-Kross Jungle





-volcano DevelopmentEdit

This game was started after Donkey Kong Country Returns. Tigerfang games decided that they wanted to re-do SMW in a similar way to the way Retro Studios did with Donkey Kong. Super Mario World is planned to be brought back late summer-early fall 2011.

The game's development is near completion. We don't want to give anything away, but this may be Tigerfang's best project yet!=

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