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Super Smashtendo Bash is a game made by BlueYoshter. It is Super Smash Bros. styled, as the title says.

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Characters Edit

 ??? He has also joined the bash! DryGuy mainly uses bone attacks.
Standard Special Move  ??? Standard Special Move Bonemerang
Side Special Move  ??? Side Special Move Bone Club
Up Special Move  ??? Up Special Move Bone Toss
Down Special Move  ??? Down Special Move Bone Bomb
Final Smash  ??? Final Smash Bony Storm

Unlockable Characters Edit

Dark Raichu
BlueYoshter eats her way to the fight! She uses many Ice attacks but uses Yoshi attacks also. Dark Raichu uses Dark-type moves but some Fighting-type moves too.
Standard Special Move Lick Standard Special Move Dark Thunderbolt
Side Special Move Ice Punch Side Special Move Thunderpunch
Up Special Move Fly Up Special Move Sky Uppercut
Down Special Move Ground Pound Down Special Move Thunder Wave
Final Smash Flying Mongoose Attack Final Smash Dark Thunderstorm

Stages Edit

  • Free County, USA - a stage based on the location of the same name from Homestar Runner.

Unlockable Stages Edit

None yet, neither.

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