Super Mario 3D Land WiiEdit

Edit Comment122,479pages on this wiki Super Mario 3D Land Wii is an upcoming game, it is an sequel to the 3DS Version of Super Mario 3D Land. it will be release somewhere in 2012.


[show]==Gameplay== The Gameplay from the 3DS Version returns, only with different controls from the Wii and the Nunchuck, unlike the 3DS Version, their will be no timer.



Returning Enemies from 3DS Version

New Enemies


Here are the Bosses below and what world their in.



Other ItemsEdit

WalkthroughMole Ruins*Echoes of Birabuto

Flower Plateau*Monty Monument

Donut Volcano*Bones Labyrinth

Symphonic Mountains*Ice Bomb Bridge

Magical Forest*Noteworthy Terrain

Koopa Desert*Rhino's Road

Bowser's Valley*Iceberg #2

Second Reality*Silence

Second Reality (Secret Levels)*Green Hill Zone

Thirdspace*Crashlanded Castle

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