This is the first chapter in The Dark Wars that is told by RedYoshi.

I didn't know I was in danger from the start... I regret that sad, frightening, and mournful night... And yet, I couldn't understand why my kingdom was under attack... But my friends were with me, and wouldn't let them down... And yet, I couldn't understand why my friends were in peril...

The grassy meadows were more beautiful than I remembered as I freely walked through them. Unlike the peaceful garden back home in Werlock Square of the Light Kingdom, this meadow was large and free of intruding villagers. My friends would love it here, too. I found a giant hill and climbed up. On top, I could easily see the Light Kingdom far ahead. The kingdom was so peaceful, but still I didn't know why the Light Kingdom was in a war. But then I remembered why I joined the army in the first place, to be with my friends that joined, too. I began to think that the Light Kingdom was safe and sound, but how wrong I was...

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