This is the second chapter in The Dark Wars that is told by McQueenMario.

I only joined the army to fight for my kingdom. I told my other friends to stay behind but they came anyway. COKEMAN11 was kidnapped by the enemy. I knew RedYoshi was worried about me but I had to stop him from going after COKEMAN11. I secretly left camp and left a message for RedYoshi. It said, "RedYoshi my friend. I tell you to stay here at camp to wait for me. I am going to find COKEMAN11. Please don't worry. - McQueenMario" I didn't know why I was doing this... but I knew I had to.

The next day, I discovered the enemy hideout and found COKEMAN11 being tortured into telling the enemies where our hideout was. I jumped in to rescue the poor guy, but I was caught soon after I entered. Then they started the torture on me, too. After a short, hideous time of torture, I had to tell them. I pointed in the opposite direction. However, the enemies made me come with them to make sure I showed them the right place. Just like that, RedYoshi arrived, though he was the next to be kidnapped. RedYoshi still had the note I gave him. The enemies destroyed it so no one would find us. We were in huge trouble.

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