The Legend of Tedworth is a fan-fic created by User:YoshiEgg, starring YoshiEgg.

Chapter 1 - Secret Secrets of Secrecy: Edit

  Once upon a time, there lived a little green Bob-omb named YoshiEgg. YoshiEgg was once a curious, exceedingly enthusiastic child, but he matured after the middle of 4th grade. (And thank god for that!) Shortly after he matured, YoshiEgg's parents once told him that he had a long-lost twin brother, who's name was Tedworth. Nobody knew where Tedworth was and for all they knew, Tedworth could've been dead. But, YE didn't care. He snuck out of his house one night and hitched a ride on a train to begin his search for Tedworth.

Chapter 2 - The First Stop Edit


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