Ultimate Super Mario World; The Second Reality Project ReloadedEdit

Edit Comments017,787pages on this wiki Mario, Luigi and the gang have returned to Dinosaur Land for a new adventure for Wii U. Bowser and his Koopalings have returned with the toughest challenge yet: surrender the Mushroom Kingdom or have Peach destroyed! Fight your way with Yoshi and the Baby Yoshis to unexplored areas of Dinosaur Land, and save Peach from utter destruction!




  • A or B: Jump
  • X or Y: Dash, Use Power Up, Throw
  • Joystick or D-Pad: Left, Right: Move, Down: Crouch, Up: Look Up, Toss Up
  • ZR, R, ZL, L or Shake: Spin Jump
  • ZR + A: Pick Up

Wii Remote:

  • 2: Jump
  • 1: Dash, Use Power Up, Throw
  • D-Pad: Left, Right: Move, Down: Crouch, Up: Look Up, Toss Up
  • Shake: Spin Jump
  • Shake + 1: Pick Up
  • A: Bubble (Multiplayer Only)


WalkthroughMole Ruins*Echoes of Birabuto

Flower Plateau*Monty Monument

Donut Volcano*Bones Labyrinth

Symphonic Mountains*Ice Bomb Bridge

Magical Forest*Noteworthy Terrain

Koopa Desert*Rhino's Road

Bowser's Valley*Iceberg #2

Second Reality*Silence

Second Reality (Secret Levels)*Green Hill Zone

Thirdspace*Crashlanded Castle


Grassland EnemiesEdit

Underground EnemiesEdit

Water EnemiesEdit

Desert EnemiesEdit

Ice EnemiesEdit

Island EnemiesEdit

Rainforest EnemiesEdit

Mountain EnemiesEdit

Sky EnemiesEdit

Lava EnemiesEdit

Ghost House EnemiesEdit

Fortress EnemiesEdit

Castle EnemiesEdit

Airship EnemiesEdit

[1][2]Mario fighting Bowser Jr. in his airship.*Bob-ombs

Second Reality (Secret Levels) EnemiesEdit

[3][4]Mario fighting Bowser Jr. in his airship.*Scuba Bob-ombs

Thirdspace EnemiesEdit

Second Reality EnemiesEdit

[5][6]Mario fighting Bowser Jr. in his airship.*Bob-ombs


Image Name Level
[7]Added by YoshiGo99 Reznor Yoshi's Egglands-Fort
[8]Added by NSMWu Morton Koopa Jr. Yoshi's Egglands-Castle
[9]Added by McBoo-Blitzman Army Hammer Bro. Chocolate Peaks-Fort
[10]Added by YoshiGo99 Roy Koopa Chocolate Peaks-Castle
[11]Added by SuperMarioBro64 Huckit King Tropical Punch Islands-Fort
[12]Added by NSMWu Iggy Koopa Tropical Punch Islands-Castle
[13]Added by DohIMissed King Bones Cheesy Desert-Fort
[14]Added by YoshiGo99 Wendy O. Koopa Cheesy Desert-Castle
[15]Added by T0M.V.12 Giga Lakitu Cotton Candy Skyline-Fort
[16]Added by YoshiGo99 Lemmy Koopa Cotton Candy Skyline-Castle
[17]Added by DohIMissed Wiggler King Minty Leaf Jungle-Fort
[18]Added by Arend Larry Koopa Minty Leaf Jungle-Castle
[19]Added by Arend BlizzFlake Malt Snowfields-Fort
[20]Added by YoshiGo99 Ludwig Von Koopa Malt Snowfields-Castle
[21]Added by Ghosto Underchomp Sugar Crystal Caverns-Fort
[22]Added by SuperMarioBro64 Bowser Jr. Sugar Crystal Caverns-Castle
[23]Added by Jatboy1000 Boohemoth Poison Soda Swamp-Fort
[24]Added by SuperSamMario All Koopalings & Bowser Jr. Poison Soda Swamp-Castle
[25]Added by DohIMissed Podoboss Bowser's Volcano Valley-Fort
[26]Added by Yoshi3000 Ledge Bro. Bowser's Volcano Valley-Fort 2
[27]Added by LaserVP7 Bowser Bowser's Volcano Valley-Bowser's Castle

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