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Adventures of Princess Daisy
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[show]==ContentsEdit== [show]==ContentsEdit== [show]==Synopsis== The Adventures of Princess Daisy or デイジー姫の驚くべき冒険 (The Amazing Adventures Of Princess Daisy as it is known in japan) is a 4-player mario game made by Fandro and Yvetal that was published by LegendaryStar Co.. It has a rating of E for everyone and is going to be released in 2014


You play as Princess Daisy and friends, trying to collect Bloom Shards to repower Sarasaland, which is in an eternal blackout due to the malevolent plans of the alien Tatanga. This game has a similar play style to that of Super Mario 3D World, but there are some differences. One difference is that every character can float, which has become a key aspect of this game. There is also a new rideable companion, named Arouffle.

There is also a weather system, a system of changing weather that you have to talk to Glenda to keep track of for a full list of weather, see here.

If your Jump is  3, you can double jump. If your power is 3, you can ground pound and spin jump to deflect projectiles. The float stat depends for how long you can float. Your speed depends on how fast you can run.


Playable CharactersEditEditEdit

Image Character Stats Description
Yvetal hasn't Drawn yet Daisy









The princess of Sarasaland. She is going on a search for Bloom Shards to return power to a blacked-out Sarasaland. She is average in all stats.
Yvetal hasn't Drawn yet Mallow









Mallow is helping Daisy on her goal to restore Sarrasaland. He has great jump and okay float and speed, but poor power.
Yvetal hasn't Drawn yet Yellow Toad









Yellow Toad is helping Daisy on her quest today!  He has great jump and power but has average speed and no float.
Yvetal hasn't Drawn yet Baby Peach









Baby Peach was having a playdate with Baby Daisy when the power went out. Baby Peach went to join Daisy to help return power so her playdate can continue. She has great speed and average float and jump, but low power.


Image Character Description
[1] E. Gadd A scientist that recently started studying thy mysterious Bloom Shards, shards of a Bloom Crystal that open new levels. He also has a shop you can use to buy items for Coins.
[2] Glenda E. Gadd' s helpful apprentince. She can use her telescope to scan the weather. The weather changes the level, so talk to her to see the weather.
Yvetal hasn't Drawn yet Tatanga A evil alien who put Sarrasaland in a eternal blackout for his malevolent plans.
Yvetal hasn't Drawn yet Arouffle A baby mammoth that Daisy and friends can use to climb up rough slopes, break Iron Blocks with a ram attack, and even stomp on the ground for a earthquake! It comes in 3 colors. Blue ones are normal, red ones can defeat enemies by touch instead of ram attack, and yellow ones can run over water with a ram attack.
Yvetal hasn't Drawn yet Burt The Bashful A giant Burt who becomes friends with Daisy once he is defeated and realizes that he was hypnotized by Tatanga. He owns Clear Pipe Transport, a pipe system that makes it easier to go between worlds.
[3] Bowser The Koopa King who is using one of the Bloom Crystals to make himself huge! He sent most of the bosses to castles at the end of each world. Burt the Bashful, Wiggomoth, and Tatanga are exceptions.
[4] Rosalina A cosmic person who acts as the Super Guide if you lose a live too many times.


Image Name Description
[5] Fire Flower A flower that turns Daisy into Fire Daisy. Fire Daisy can throw fireballs that burn enemies and instantly explode Bomb-Ombs.
100px Propeller Mushroom A mushroom that turns Daisy into Propeller Daisy. Propeller Daisy can do a 2nd propeller jump. Propeller jumps are double the height of regular jumps.
[6]  Cape Feather A magical feather that turns Daisy into Cape Daisy. Cape Daisy can float even further than usual and can run up walls if she runs up a triangle block first. She can also raise a P-Meter, which if full, Cape Daisy can gain high altitude and raise for slow speed or descend faster for faster speeds.
[7] Penguin Suit A suit that turns Daisy into Penguin Daisy. Penguin Daisy can slide for great speeds and can throw snowballs. Penguin Daisy can also swim faster.
Yvetal Hasn't Drawn yet Circus Ball A magic ball that turns Daisy into Circus Daisy. Circus Daisy can create hula hoops by spinning, do a 2nd jump using balloon animals, and throw exploding circus balls.
Yvetal hasn't Drawn Yet Super Carrot A carrot that turns Daisy into Rabbit Daisy. Rabbit Daisy can jump really high and can jump on the surface of water. Rabbit Daisy, however, loses her ability to float.
[8] Phoenix Suit A suit that turns Daisy into Phoenix Daisy. Phoenix Daisy can fly and throw fireballs. If Phoenix Daisy touches water, she loses the Power-Up.
Yvetal hasn't Drawn yet Chameleon Mushroom A mushroom that turns Daisy into Chameleon Daisy. Chameleon Daisy can use her tounge to swing on ropes and be invisible by standing still. Chameleon Daisy can also use her tounge to pull objects and some enemies to her.


World Name Description
Blooming Fields The fields near Sarrasahland. It is filled with many Bloom Shards. The boss is Boom-Boom.
Lovely Lake A lake with many floating platforms. There are many water enemies. The boss is Burt The Bashful.
Apple Maze A maze within a giant apple that was used by the Bandit Gang a while back. The boss is Choomba.
Collosal Cavern A gigantic cavern that has naturally growing crystals. There are Bloom Shards everywhere! The boss is Boss Bass.
Koopa Woods A very dense woods that is overrun with monsters. There is a geyser in the middle of the forest that spews Bloom Shards from underground. The boss is Wiggomoth
Oni Mountain A mountain with a Japanese temple at the top. There are a lot of Bloom Shards here. The boss is Golem Guy.
Upward Clouds A cloudy sky with low gravity. There are meteors falling down from Bowser' s Castle. The boss is Bowser.
Tatanga' s Lair A castle in deep space. There are 2 parts, each with their own boss. The first part is the outside, with the boss being King Circo. The second part is inside the castle, and the boss is Tatanga.


Image Enemy Description

Jungle Green Goomba

Goomba The Goomba is a weak mushroom creature which is very weak. Any attack can defeat it.
Twister Bro. Koopa A shelled creature that hides in its shell when you attack it. You can use the opportunity to surf on the shell.
Big Waddle Dee Shy Guy A robed creature who skips around playfully. If it spots you, it tries to hug you. If it hugs you, you ironically take damage.
Mega Jade Wiggler Paratroopa A Koopa with wings. If you jump on it, it loses its wings, making it become a normal Koopa.
Jade Thwomp Thwomp A cement creature who stomps down, destroying everything untill it hits a ground that's not a Brick Block Ground.
Peppermint Flouwer Fly Guy A flying Shy Guy that uses a propeller. Unlike the Paratroopa, when you jump on it, you defeat it.
Green Bubble Head Cheep-Cheep A swimming fish that occasinnally skims the water. If there is a part above water, it can just be beated by a jump. If it is completely submerged, use a fireball.
Big Pogo Guy Pogo Guy A Shy Guy on a Pogo Stick. He bounces around, usually on spikes. He can be defeated by a jump (or 2 if you have a jump power of 1y.).

Proto Bob-ombEdit

Bob-Omb A walking bomb that you can pick up and throw. If you hold it too long, it explodes.
Kritter-ized Fat Guy Sqiggler A baby Wiggler that squirms around. It squirms on walls too.
Sledge Bro. Mechanoid Whomp A cement creature that walks around, waiting for the perfect moment to stomp down on Daisy. He can be ground pounded to be defeated.
Prehistoric Pointy Tuck Spike A reptilian creature who throws spiked balls from its mouth. It is protected from its back.
Kritter-ized Burts Burts A set of 2 enemies that hop on each other for a jump boost. They can't be defeated by a normal jump, so use a Ground Pound!

Foxy Bob-ombEdit

Gao A fiery stone lion that breaths fire. To defeat it, you have to deflect its fireballs with a Spin Jump.
Grublin-ized Cat Paratroopa Wiggler A giant worm that walks peacefully. Not only is it invincible, it also gets angry if you jump on it!
 Jade Mum-mums Arantula A spider that walks on vertical and horizontal webs. It takes a jump or 2 to defeat (Depends on Power).
Foxy Grublin Sleepy-Omb A sleepy Bomb-Omb that moves around. He is very sleepy, so his explosion is delayed by a while. The explosion, however, is very huge.
Foxy Circus Bro. Circus Bro. A giant Hammer Bro. that throws giant circus balls and rarely rides on one themselves.
Light-Ruby Koopa Tanoopas Hammer Bro. A bro that throws hammers. He can also swing a hammer if anyone gets too close.
Foxy Bullet Bill Bullet Bill A mechanical bullet that goes in a straight path fastly.
Foxy Burt Para-Burt A Burt that has wings. It flies with 6 other friends in a V pattern.
Sledge Broomba Sledge Guy A giant Shy Guy that creates shockwaves by slamming its sledgehammer on the ground. It takes a whopping 3 jumps to defeat it!
Jungle Green Snifit Snifit A Shy Guy with a cannon on it's mask. It's cannonballs explode when they hit something.
Tiki Torch Hoop Guy A blue Shy Guy that spins around with a hula hoop. The hoop destroys most projectiles (the circus balls just collide and bounce in the oppisite direction.).
Foxy Ball Bro. Ball Bro. A Hammer Bro. that throws small circus balls that Daisy can bounce on for a very high jump. They can also sometimes ride giant circus balls like a certain Koopa.
Floro Sandapien Magikoopa A wizard Koopa that launches magical fireballs while warping around. It is not wearing a shell, so one hit defeats it.
Red Boom Bird Meteor Guy A Shy Guy made of falling debris. He acts like a regular Shy Guy, but falls through clouds easily.
Red Trench Tuck Fly-Cheep A Cheep-Cheep with wings. It flies around, swooping down at Daisy. A jump turns them into Cheep-Cheeps, ironically sealing their own fates.
AnuBopapodami Anuboo A sarcophagus with a Sniffaroh inside. It protects him and launches 3 magical fireballs at once! It is defeated by 2 jumps (Or 3 if your Power is 1.).
 Pharaoh Bro. Egyptian Trench Tuck & Egyptian Big Sphen Sniffaroh A pharoh Snifit that is protected by a Anuboo. He shoots lasers and taunts you. If you destroy the Anuboo, he tries to run away.
AckStack Chomplet A baby Chain Chomp that has no stool holding it down. He runs around, very crazily. Throw a Bomb-Omb or Sleepy-Omb into its mouth to defeat it.
Big Kosha Reactor Guy A Shy Guy robot with a steamroller. It tries to crush Daisy with its steamroller. It is invincible, even to lava.
Green Splitar Splitar A star-like person that launches both ice and fire. It also splits into 2 smaller versions once jumped on. There can be a maximum of 8 Splitars coming from one Splitar.
Green Dangling Ghost Bomb Boo A explosive Boo that Yellow Toad can spin jump to attach its tounge to Yellow Toad. Yellow Toad has to spin the Bomb Boo and make it explode a enemy and the Bomb Boo or have it explode on him.
Jade Baboxy Boomboxer A noisy dancer that launches waves of harmful music. It is defeated by 1-3 jumps depending on Power.
Gritty Heligoomba Heligoomba A red Goomba that flies downward and propeller jumps when it hits the floor. It's propeller protects it from jumps, so throw a projectile at it.
Dark-Red Blaster Bro. Blue Heligoomba A blue Goomba that spits ice while flying like a regular Heligoomba. Like the Heligoomba, it's propeller protects it from jumps, so use a projectile.
Gritty Spiny Bro. Circus Guy A Shy Guy that floats on a balloon animal, throwing flaming bowling pins. If it's balloon pops, it tries to use a pump to make a new one. Jump on it to defeat it. 
Thorny Pakkun Flower Thorny Goomba A Goomba in a spikey shell. It can't be harmed physically, so use any projectile to defeat it.
Foxy Rip Van Fish Camo Guy A Shy Guy that wears camo gear and throws smoke bombs. Defeated by 2 jumps.
Foxy Kasplat Paragao A Gao that has wings and flies around, spitting fireballs. Defeated by deflecting a fireball at it with a Spin Jump.
Foxy Lil Bonky Goomshock A electric Goomba that leaves a electrified trail wherever it goes! Defeated by a jump.
Spiked Desert Bro. Spiked Bullet Bill A spiked Bullet Bill that is invincible.
Emerald Boss Bass Giga Burt You can keep jumping on this giant invincible Burt to cross gaps and lava.
Dark-Blue Laser Hunter Rhomp A giant stone wheel that can flatten you if he rolls over you.
Image    Name    Enemy kind    Description   
[9] Galoomba Groomba Goombas are the most common enemy on the whole island. They are found almost anywhere. Any kind of tactic will defeat these pawns.
[10] Para


ParaGroomba Paragoombas are just Goombas with wings, no other differences. Jumping, fireballs, or anything along the lines of that will defeat these guys.
[11] Spiky


Spiky Drooba Goombas with spiky caps, nothing too hard, right? Just be careful not to jump on them, otherwise they are really easy to defeat.
[12] Iron


Iron Drooda Iron Goombas are Goombas made of iron and impervious to almost everything. The only way to defeat them is by having Yoshi eat them.

Musklet GaloombaEdit

Green=Galoomba= Round Goombas that are quite rare in the Koopa Troop. The only difference between these and Goombas, other than appearence, is that these guys take two hits to defeat.
[14] Koopa Troopa Red & Blue Tail Koopa Koopas are the main members of the Koopa Troop. They have higher defence due to their shells, so they take two hits to defeat them.

They come in red, green, blue, orange, and yellow.

[15] Koopa Paratroopa Pumpkin Paratroopa Paratroopas are just like Koopas, but airborne. They take 3 hits to defeat, and can swoop down at you.

They come in red, green, blue, and yellow.

[16] Koopatrol Armored Did-Lings Koopatrols are elite Koopa soldiers in armor. They attack by charging at you with their spikes. Only a starman can defeat them.
[17] Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bro. Lil Bonky Hammer Bros. are big, hammer wielding Koopa's and elite members of the Koopa Troop. Fireballs, Iceballs, and Starmen can beat them.
[18] Cherry Bomber Bro. Ring HIder Boomerang Bros. are blue Hammer Bros. with Boomerangs. Same tactics to beat him as a Hammer Bro..
[19] Fire Skellobit Big Mico Fire Bros. are red Hammer Bros. that spit out fire. Treat them like a Hammer Bro. when trying to beat them.
[20] Tribal Clubba Wooly Monty Mole Cyan Hammer Bros. that spit out ice. Ice Bros. can be defeated in the same way as any other of the "Bro. Family".
[21] Red

Mega Mole

Red Pointy Tuck Thunder Bros. are yellow bros. and, as the name suggests, spits out lighting. He is just as strong as any other bro..
[22] Magikoopa Castle Magikoopas are Koopas in blue cloaks that know magic. They can duplicate themselves. Attack them twice to defeat them.
[23] Lakitu Flight Lakitus are, oddly shaped, Koopas in clouds that toss Spinies. Any attack that will go in the air will work, except when they are holding a spiny, cut short on the jump.
[24] Spiny Misc. Spinies are small Koopa-like creatures. They are thrown by Lakitus, and can only be defeated by iceballs or invincibility.
[25] Buzzy Beetle Grotto Buzzy Beetles are small, 4-legged Koopas that lurk in caves and sewers. Only ice or smarmen can defeat one.
[26] Bony Beetle Undead Bony Beetles are the undead cousins of Buzzy Beetles. If you try to jump on them, they extend their spikes. Try a starman or Yoshi.
[27] Dry Bones Undead Dry Bones are undead Koopas and tough enemies to defeat. Ice, Starman, or Yoshi's tongue are the best ways to go.
[28] Parabones Flight Dry Bones with wings, or, undead Paratroopas. You can defeat them like a Dry Bones, except for ice, you have to hit it twice.
[29] Dull Bones Undead Dull Bones are yellow Dry Bones. They are practically invincible. The only way to beat it is to eat it with Yoshi.
[30] Boo Undead Ghosts that are very shy. When you look at them, they hide. Lead them into the light to beat it.
[31] Dark Boo Undead Dark Boo's lurk in the darkest of places. They are the oposite of Boos, you look at them and they follow you. Lead them into the light to defeat it.
[32] Eerie Undead Undead, Spike-like creatures. They can only be defeated by a starman.
[33] Spike Meadow Spikes are shelled creatures that pull spiked balls out of their mouthes. When spiked ball-less, anything can beat one.
[34] Shy Guy Basic Shy Guys are little creatures dressed in red robes and don a mask. Only one person has ever seen their "true" face. Anything will defeat them.
[35] Hammer Guy Castle Grey Shy Guys with black and yellow Hammer Bro. caps that throw hammers. Anything but a jump will knock these guys out.
[36] Squiddy Galactic Alien creatures, native to the Moonlight Isle. Bowser brough them to space to fight with him. They can be defeated in all ways possible.
[37] Void Squiddy Galactic Squiddies that suck you up and drag you around. They are subspecies of the Squiddy tribe. They can be defeated with a jump or a starman.
[38] Whomp Desert Whomps are large, living, desert dwelling blocks of stone, and very dangerous. When it lands on it's front, ground pound the bandages on it's back.
[39] Steel Whomp Castle Blue Whomps that are invinsible. Well, a good starman might just let you get past these beasts.
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Edit Talk021,731pages on this wiki==Redirected from Utopia/Enemies==  ==Enemies Overview== Utopia is a vast world contains hundreds of enemies and obstacles, here is the complete list of nearly 600 enemies to be featured in game. Please DO NOT edit any of these enemies or images unless you are part of Utopia's Dev Team. The enemy images shown are the actual 16-Bit NPCs found in the game itself. Most of these are completely custom and therefore require permission if you wish to use them. NPC sprites that are made by Nintendo are obviously free to use.Giant fly guy -Giant bandit

Image   Character   Emblem   Weight  
Miiario Mii Any
Sonario Mario Medium
Foxy Grublin Luigi Medium
Paramore Peach Medium
Gogo Dodo Daisy Medium
Glenn Frey Yoshi Medium
Ivan the Cat Birdo Medium
Panchito Pistoles Donkey Kong Heavy
[1] Donkey Kong Jr. Medium
[2] Toad Light
[3] Toadette Light
[4] Wario Heavy
[5] Waluigi Heavy
[6] Bowser Heavy
[7] Bowser Jr. Medium
[8] Koopa Troopa Light
[9] Koopa Paratroopa Light
[10] Baby Mario Light
[11] Baby Luigi Light
[12] Baby Peach Light
[13] Baby Daisy Light
[14] King Boo Heavy
[15] Petey Piranha Heavy

Unlockable racersEditEdit

Image   Character   Emblem   Weight   Unlocking Criteria  
[16] Toadsworth Light
[17] Rosalina Heavy
[18] Luma Light
[19] Pianta Heavy
[20] Whittle Light
[21] Lubba Heavy
[22] E. Gadd Light
[23] Chimp Light
[24] Plessie Heavy
[25] Gearmo Medium
[26] Baby Rosalina Light
[27] Noki Light
[28] Honey Queen Heavy
[29] Pauline Medium
[30] Penguin Light
[31] Diddy Kong Medium
[32] Dixie Kong Medium
[33] Cranky Kong Medium
[34] Funky Kong Heavy
[35] Tiny Kong Medium
[36] Baby DK Light
[37] Wiggler Heavy
[38] Dry Bones Light
[39] Shy Guy Light
[40] Lakitu Light
[41] Nabbit Light
[42] Monty Mole Light
[43] Spike Medium
[44] Chargin' Chuck Medium
[45] Hammer Bro. Medium
[46] Flutter Heavy
[47] Sumo Bro. [48] Heavy
[49] Metal Mario Heavy
[50] Metal Luigi Heavy
[51] Pink Gold Peach Heavy
[52] Magikoopa Medium
[53] Boom Boom Heavy
[54] Pom Pom Heavy
[55] Sledge Bro. Heavy
[56] Shadow Mario Medium
[57] Lord Fredrik Heavy
[58] Lemmy Koopa Light Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Level 1 missions.
[59] Wendy O. Koopa Light Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Level 2 missions.
[60] Larry Koopa Medium Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Level 3 missions.
[61] Iggy Koopa Medium Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Level 4 missions.
[62] Roy Koopa Heavy Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Level 5 missions.
[63] Ludwig von Koopa Heavy Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Level 6 missions.
[64] Morton Koopa Jr. Heavy Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Level 7 missions.
[65] Whomp Heavy Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all Level 8 missions.
[66] Big Bob-omb Heavy Beat all the expert staff ghosts on each course.
[67] Dry Bowser Heavy Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all missions.
[68] R.O.B. Heavy Obtain a minimum of one star ranking in all cups of every engine class.
[69] Gold Mario Heavy Get all the gold vehicle parts: Gold Kart, Gold Bike, Gold ATV, Gold Tires and Gold Glider.

Pallete SwapsEditEdit

Image   Pallete Swap   Original Character   Unlocking Criteria  
[[File:|120px]] Fire Mario Mario
[[File:|120px]] Rock Mario Mario
[[File:|120px]] Flying Mario Mario
[[File:|120px]] Cape Mario Mario
[[File:|120px]] Cosmic Mario Mario
[[File:|120px]] Ice Luigi Luigi
[[File:|120px]] Flying Squirrel Luigi Luigi
[[File:|120px]] Propeller Luigi Luigi
[[File:|120px]] Cloud Luigi Luigi
[70] Biker Peach Peach
[71] Sunshine Peach Peach
[[File:|120px]] Cat Peach Peach
[72] Biker Daisy Daisy
[73] Sunshine Daisy Daisy
[74] Pink Yoshi Yoshi
[75] Blue Yoshi Yoshi
[[File:|120px]] Maroon Yoshi Yoshi
[[File:|120px]] Red Yoshi Yoshi
[76] Wooly Yoshi
[77] Blue Birdo Birdo
[78] Orange Birdo Birdo
[79] Yellow Birdo Birdo
[80] Red Birdo Birdo
[[File:|120px]] Super Kong Donkey Kong
[81] Mechanic Toad Toad
[82] Captain Toad Toad
[83] Blue Toad Toad
[84] Green Toadette Toadette
[85] Cyan Toadette Toadette
[[File:|120px]] Dark Bowser Bowser
[[File:|120px]] Meowser Bowser
[[File:|120px]] Dreamy Bowser Bowser
[[File:|120px]] Shadow Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr.
[86] Bombshell Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopa
[87] Yellow Paratroopa Koopa Paratroopa
[88] Blue Spiny Shell Paratroopa Koopa Paratroopa
[89] Fire Baby Mario Baby Mario
[90] Luigi's Mansion King Boo King Boo
[91] Shunshine King Boo King Boo
[92] Dino Piranha Petey Piranha
[93] Biker Rosalina Rosalina
[94] Tanooki Rosalina Rosalina
[95] Cosmic Spirit Rosalina
[96] Polari Luma
[97] Green Luma Luma
[98] Red Luma Luma
[99] Blue Luma Luma
[100] Baby Luma Luma
[101]  Purple Pianta Pianta
[102] Red Pianta Pianta
[103] Silver Gearmo Gearmo
[104] Gold Gearmo Gearmo
[105] Green Noki Noki
[106] Red Noki Noki
[107] Sunshine Wiggler Wiggler
[108] Dark Bones Dry Bones
[109] Parabones Dry Bones
[110] Fly Guy Shy Guy
[111] Spear Guy Shy Guy
[112] Snifit Shy Guy
[113] Orange Nabbit Nabbit
[114] Mega Mole Monty Mole
[115] Morty Mole Monty Mole
[116] Stone Spike Spike
[117] Boomerang Bro. Hammer Bro.
[118] Fire Bro. Hammer Bro.
[119] Ice Bro. Hammer Bro.
[[File:|120px]] Gold Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro.
[120] Green Magikoopa Magikoopa
[121] Red Magikoopa
[122] Blue Sledge Bro. Sledge Bro.
[[File:|120px]] Gold Sledge Bro. Sledge Bro.
[123] Chuckya Big Bob-omb
[[File:|120px]] Dark Dry Bowser Dry Bowser
[[File:|120px]] Silver R.O.B

Super Luigi Land: Ludwig's PlotEdit

Super Luigi Land: Ludwig's Plot is a platforming game for the Nintendo Wii.



Today is Bowser's birthday. To throw a surprise party, Ludwig von Koopa, his eldest of eight, captured Mario. Learning from last time this happened, he captured Princess Peach as well. He got a little carried away, and enslaved nearly all of the Mushroom Kingdom's residents in big raid. Minutes later, Luigi came back from a much-needed vacation to see that everyone was gone. So he set off on[41]Added by McQueenMariohis biggest adventure yet to save Mushroom Kingdom from the clutches of Prince Ludwig von Koopa and his siblings before Bowser gets in the way!

New Power-ups[42]EditEditEditEdit

Monkey Flower- Swings on poles, swings farther on vines, climbs trees, and picks up and throws coconuts.

Bubble Mushroom- Goes into a safety bubble.



Luigi- The main character

Luigi-bots- Professor E. Gadd's newest invention allowing multiplayer help for Luigi


Parabuddles- friendly parabeetles that go up or down by your choice.

Buzzy Buddles- friendly Buzzy Beetles that you can pick up without defeating

Bigga-Buddles- friendly Buzzy Beetles that can keep you in their fire-proof shell for a limited amount of time

Yoshi- friendly dinosaurs that eat things and flutter jump.

Toads- run power-up shops, Spade spaces and Toad houses and can be rescued from enemy courses or blocks

Toadette- runs Yoshi care shops

Toadsworth- gives advice and tips in on some secrets


Larry Koopa

Morton Koopa Jr.

Wendy O. Koopa

Iggy Koopa

Roy Koopa

Lemmy Koopa

Ludwig von Koopa

Bowser Jr.

Image Name Description 180px-Goomba.png Goomba A basic enemies, that attacks by walking straight forward, and will walk off cliffs. They can be defeated by a single stomp. There are many kinds of Goombas. Spiked Goomba NSMBDIY.png Spiked Goomba Spiked Goombas are pretty much the same as Goombas in their movement and style, and would be easy to defeat it wasn't for the huge spiked helmet on their heads. They obviously can't be jumped on but can easily be beat with fireballs. Paragoomba NSMBDIY.png Paragoomba Paragoombas are a winged type of Goomba that drops Micro-Goombas on Mario, all the while flying around the stage. Micro-Goombas do not kill Mario, but slow him down and reduce his jumps. Red Paragoombas are a variation of Paragoomba that just straightly jump around the stage. Stomping will cause them to loose their wings and turn into a Goomba. Pile Driver Micro Goomba.png Pile Driver Micro-Goomba Pipe Driver Micro-Goombas may look like Brick Blocks, but they are really Micro-Goombas in disguise. They will set on the ground and try to jump on Mario when he comes near. They can be defeated with a ground pound or Star. Goomba's Shoe Goomba NSMBDIY.png Shoe Goomba A type of Goomba that jumps around in Goomba's Shoe. They able to jump quite high before they land for a few second. Shoe Goombas are also able to attack Mario directly, unlike most Goombas. If Mario stomps one, he will become Shoe Mario. Goombo.png Goombo A type of round Goomba that walks and moves just like a normal Goomba, the only difference is that if they are stomped, they flip over and can't be just defeated like a normal Goomba and a fireball or Star must be used. A bit later, they will flip back if they are not defeated. Strollin' Stu.png Strollin' Stu A possible relative of the Goomba that act just like Goombas, only they can chase Mario, until normal Goombas. They are still quite weak and can be defeated with one stomp just like Goombas. Soarin' Stu NSMBDIY.png Soarin' Stu A fluttering Stu that flies back and forth, not paying the least bit of attention to Mario. They can easily be crushed in the air but Mario can also use them as springboards to jump off. 200px-Koopa.png Koopa Troopa A basic turtle-like enemy that will hid inside it's Shell if it is stomped. Mario can then pick up the Shell and toss it at enemies. Green Koopas walk straight and turn around at walls, but will walk off cliffs, Red Koopas turn around at cliffs, and Blue Koopas will flee from Mario but it's Blue Shell will turn Mario into Shell Mario. 180px-Paratroopa.png Koopa Paratroopa A winged Koopa Troopa that jumps around the stage like a Red Paragoomba or flies like a normal Paragoomba. Green jumping Paratroopas will jump off cliffs like normal Koopas, but Red ones will turn around. If a Paratroopa is stomped, it will loss it's wings and become a Koopa Troopa. It's Shell can then be use as an item. MP7 DryBones.jpg Dry Bones A skeleton Koopa Troopa that walks back and forth through out the stage. When Mario jumps on it, Dry Bones will shatter. However, after a bit, it will reassemble and can only be defeated with a Star or an iceball, followed by a ground pound. Parabones NSMBDIY.png Parabones A winged Dry Bones that flies aimlessly back and forth throughout the stage. Unlike Paratroopas, they don't loose their wings when they are crushed, but after a few seconds, they will get up and fly again. Stars and iceballs will defeat this flier. Hammo2.png Hammer Bro. Very annoying foes that jump while tossing hammers at the Mario Bros. Hammer Bros. are usually seen in doubles, and their hammers can be eaten by Yoshi and spat back at them. Mario can also stomp this guy for victory. BoomerangBro.png Boomerang Bro. A boomerang tossing Hammer Bro. that moves and jumps just like a Hammer Bro. It's boomerang will be thrown toward Mario and then fly though the air back to the Boomerang Bro., making them quite dangerous. FireBro.png Fire Bro. A fireball shooting Hammer Bro. that uses Fire Mario's attacks against him. He shoots a fireball every few seconds in a particular pattern. Fire Bros. are must more dangerous when they appear in doubles. IceBro.png Ice Bro. An ice shooting Hammer Bros. that has all of Ice Mario powers and can actually freeze Mario if his is hit with an iceball for a few seconds. When Mario is unfrozen, he will loose his power-up or just die. Bomb Bro. NSMBDIY.png Bomb Bro. The newest type of Hammer Bro. that tosses Bombs, in a same motion of Bomb Mario. If the Bombs hit the ground, they will take a few seconds to explode, but will explode at the very moment they hit Mario or an enemy. SledgebrosNSMBW.png Sledge Bro. An obese Hammer Bro. that attacks by throwing large sledge hammers. It will stun Mario if he is on the ground when a Sledge Bro. jumps and pounds down on the ground. They can easily be killed with fireballs. Lakitu NSMBWii.jpg Lakitu Another Koopa Troopa cousin that rides around in a cloud, that Mario can ride into if he jumps on Lakitu. This cloud rider, rides around, dropping Spiny Eggs on Mario, that hatch into Spinies. Pipe Lakitu NSMBDIY.png Pipe Lakitu A species of Lakitu that hides in Warp Pipes instead of riding on clouds. They still throw Spiny Eggs at Mario, just from the pipe. Pipe Lakitu can also be defeated with a single stomp. Spiny2.png Spiny Enemies that are hatched from Spiny Eggs, with minute they are dropped by Lakitu and hit the ground. Spiny attack like Buzzy Beetle, only they are red with spikes and can be defeated with fireballs. Buzzy Beetle.jpg Buzzy Beetle A tough enemy with a hard shell like a Koopa that can be stomped and kicked. They also turn back at walls and cliffs. However, unlike Koopas, fireballs don't phase this guy. A Star must be used for defeat. Some Buzzys walk on ceilings and fall off when Mario is near and spin rapidly around. N/A Buster Beetle Fast placed Buzzy Beetles that run toward and will pass by Mario if he jumps over one. Buster Beetles will also toss Ice Blocks if they get close to one. However, Mario can just toss one back at him, and unlike other beetles, they can be defeated with a stomp. Spike Top.png Spike Top A cross between the Buzzy Beetle and Spiny, Spike Tops walk slowly on the ground, not letting Blocks getting in their way, walking right over them. Like Buzzys, they can also walk on the ceiling and can not to destroyed with fireballs. Para-Beetle.png Para-Beetle A type of flying Buzzy Beetle that if Mario is careful, will cause not harm to them. If he jumps on one, it will lift him up until he jumps off. If he jumps on six in of row, he will get a 1-Up Mushroom. The larger Heavy Para-Beetles fly low when Mario jumps on them however. Use a Star to defeat them. Spike NSMBWii.jpg Spike Koopa-like foes that harmlessly stand in one spot, and exhale giant Spiked Balls from their mouths, that roll and don't stop until they hit and wall. If Mario times it right, he can easily stomp Spike in one blow. Stone Spike NSMBDIY.png Stone Spike Blue Spikes that stand on rock ledges and toss stones down at Mario. The stones with fall from ledge to ledge, but will be defeated once they hit ground. Stone Spikes can also be defeated with stomps, but it is much harder when on a ledge. Magikoopa Card.jpg Magikoopa Magician Koopas that use their wands to send flying balls toward Mario. They can also disappear and reappear in a different area, like their boss, Kamek can be defeated with a stomp like most enemies. Mecha-Koopa.PNG Mecha-Koopa Mecha-Koopas petrol around the stage, following Mario in a slow movement pattern. Mecha-Koopas will stop if they are jumped on, and can be picked up like Koopa Shells and tossed off the stage. Paramecha-Koopa NSMBDIY.png Paramecha-Koopa Flying Mecha-Koopas that fly after Mario while shooting fireballs, and unlike basic Paratroopas, they can only be red. Paramecha-Koopa can only be defeated with a Star, and can't be jumped on like the Mecha-Koopas. N/A Swooper A bat-like foe that will hang from a cave sealing and then swoop down when Mario is near, then will keep flying forward. Mario can easily crush Swoopers, or use an ice ball to freeze to reach higher places. NewPiranhaWii.png Piranha Plant A carnivorous plant enemy that usually appears in Warp Pipes, but occasionally chomps around out of Pipes, sprouting out of the ground. Piranha plants in Pipes with come out for a few seconds and then travel back down. Piranha Plants can be defeated with anything, just as long as Mario doesn't jump on top of them. Vinus Fire Trap NSMBDIY.png Venus Fire Trap A type a fire-breathing Piranha Plant that come out of Warp Pipes and shoots fireballs in Mario's direction. This plant will lock a target and then shoot. Mario can defeat it just like a normal Piranha Plant. Venus Ice Trap NSMBDIY.png Venus Ice Trap The Venus Fire Trap's opposite that shoots iceballs instead of fireballs. The iceballs will, like Ice Mario's fireballs, freeze Mario for a limit of time, turning him into Small Mario or killing him. Defeat it just like the Venus Fire Trap. Ptooie NSMBDIY.png Ptooie Ptooies are Piranha Plants that ether appear in Pipes or walk back and forth, while spitting a Spike Ball up and down in the air. Mario will have a harder time jumping over one, depending on how tall it is. It can be defeated like Piranha Plants. Ghost Piranha NSMBDIY.png Ghost Piranha An undead winged Piranha Plant that flies up and down, upside down. Mario must defeat it with fireballs, or anything other than jumping. However, they can be touched by Yoshi, like the other Piranha Plants. Nipper Plant NSMBDIY.png Nipper Plant A species of small plant that attacks by jumping up to try to nip at Mario when he jumps over it. They don't move around until Mario jumps over them and can be defeated easily with fireballs. Mucher.png Muncher A small indestructible plant that grows in one spot, waiting for something a munch. They can't be jumped on, however, they can be walked on using a Star, Yoshi, or a Goomba's Shoe. MontyMole.PNG Monty Mole Monty Moles that a type of mole that hinds in the ground and bursts out when Mario gets close. They will then charge in Mario's direction even if it takes and million hits to the wall. They can be defeat will just about anything but they will dig back down if Mario sprays them with F.L.U.D.D. RockyWrench.png Rocky Wrench A sub-species of Monty Mole that hides in man holes and tossing wrenches that spin in the air until they travel off screen. Rocky Wrenches can be defeated with a stomp, but will return after a while. ShyGuy.PNG Shy Guy Another peaceful enemy like a Goomba that does not attack Mario directly. They however, sometimes will jump out of Pipes in Mario's direction. If Mario stomps one, it will flip over, and can be picked up in a similar matter as a Koopa Shell and tossed off an abyss. Mario can still defeat them permanently with fireballs or crush or eat them with Yoshi. FlyGuy.png Fly Guy Flying Shy Guys that will hold items such as Red Coins and 1-Up Mushrooms. They will fly away after a while and must be defeated with fireballs, since jumping will only harm Mario. They can however, be crushed by Yoshi like Shy Guys. N/A Snifit A strange Shy Guy species with nozzle mask. Unlike Shy Guys and Fly Guys, they stand in one spot and shoot nightmare bullets at Mario, which are a type of metal ball. Just like their shy cousins, they will be flipped, hopped on, and then can be picked and tossed like that of a Koopa Shell. Snifits will always shoot in Mario's direction. Cheep-Cheep.jpg Cheep-Cheep Fish type foes that swim slowly through the water, not paying attention to Mario. They can also be yellow and swim in schools, which is a bit more of a threat. She can be defeated with a fireball or Star. In shallow waters, Cheep-Cheep can jump out of the water and try to hit the plumber. Deep-Cheep.PNG Deep-Cheep A green Cheep-Cheep sub-species that swims just like the normal Cheep-Cheep, only it will chase Mario when he gets in front of it. Deep-Cheeps will give up once Mario swims to far ahead and can also be defeated with fireballs. Spiny Cheep-Cheep NSMBVR.png Spiny Cheep-Cheep Navy-blue Cheep-Cheep that are more powerful than their red and green cousins. They have the ability to chase Mario until he gets to far ahead. The spikes on the Spiny Cheep-Cheep don't make them more powerful, since they are underwater, but they do stand out more than normal Cheep-Cheeps. Cheep-Chomp NSMBDIY.png Cheep-Chomp A giant Cheep-Cheep that swims though the water, trying to eat Mario. If it does succeed, it will kill him instantly. They can be defeated with fireballs, but if Mario uses a Star, it will flee from him, making it hard to defeat. 3 1-Up Mushrooms will be rewarded if Mario can defeat one. N/A Spike Bass Another giant Cheep-Cheep that seems to be a cross between a Cheep-Cheep and a Spike Ball. It will swim quickly in beach areas and jump out of the water, trying to hit Mario, although it doesn't do it directly. Fireballs will easily phase one, but in less than a minute, it will return. 600px-Blooper.PNG Blooper A squid-like enemy that swims in a pattern after Mario. Once two or three are gathered, it becomes hard to escape them. Bloopers not only appear in the water, but can float in the air as well, where they can be stomped. In the water, however, a fireball must be used for defeat. Blooper Nanny NSMBDIY.png Blooper Nanny A basic Blooper with four Baby Bloopers that follow it. If Mario shoots the Baby Bloopers with fireballs, only that Baby Blooper will die, but if he shoots the Blooper Nanny, it and all the babies will be defeated. Squito Blooper NSMBDIY.png Squirto Blooper A brand new type of Blooper that swims around in a more normal fashion, still chasing Mario, and squirts large balls of ink, slowly heading in Mario's direction that will injure him if their are touched. They can be defeated just like Bloopers but can't be found in the air. Urchin.jpg Urchin Urchins can be harmless if Mario simply avoids them. They mostly float in and above the water. Mario can defeat them with fireballs and Stars but if he using an iceball, he will freeze them for about two seconds before freeing it self and sink lifeless to the bottom. Big Boo NSMBDIY.png Boo Ghostly foes that chase Mario when his back is turns, but will freeze when Mario faces him. Boos can not be defeated with a stomp. Only the Star will destroy this ghoul. The pink versions turn into platforms when sprayed by F.L.U.D.D. Dark Boo NSMBDIY.png Dark Boo The opposite of Boos that chase Mario when he looks at them, but in high speeds. They will freeze when Mario runs away. This foes can also be defeated with a Star, and a Star only. BroozerOmega.png Broozer An undead boxing ghost that runs in Mario's direction, flinging their fists back and forth. If they miss Mario, they will turn around, and can break Brick Blocks as well. Broozers can be defeated in three stomps, and one of the only enemies that must be defeated in more than to stomped. Splunkin.png Splunkin A species of pumpkin that must be stomped twice to defeat. At first they walk at the same speed as a Goomba, but on the second stomp, they will speed up, challenging Mario a bit. CrowberOmega.png Crowber Crowbers will fly back and forth in the sky, but as Mario nears, Crowbers will swoop down and start flying at that height. They can be defeated in mid air by a single stomp. Phanto NSMBDIY.png Phanto A guardian of a few different things, including power-ups or enemies. If Mario gets a power-up or defeats an enemy when a Phanto is near, he will give a chase. He will only stop after Mario ether loses the power-up, the enemy returns, or Phanto is defeated with a Star. BulletBillWii.png Bullet Bill Medium-fast bullet enemies that fly straight, not turning around to chase Mario. Most Bullet Bills are shot out of Bill Blasters, but some just appear out of nowhere. Surprisingly, they too can be defeated with a single stomp. There are also Missile Bills that can chase Mario. Bombshell Bill NSMBDIY.png Bombshell Bill A golden Bullet Bill that is extra tough. It can follow Mario like a Missile Bill but in high speeds. However, if it is stomped, it will drop a Star. They can be launched out of Bombshell Blasters. BanzaiBill.png Banzai Bill A giant Bullet Bill that flies though the air just like Bullet Bills. It may look hard, but if Mario can get over top of one, he can stomp it just like a Bullet Bills and it can be launched from a Banzai Blasters. Missile Banzai Bill can change directions to chase Mario. King Bill NSMBWii.png King Bill The biggest Bill (and biggest enemy in the game for that matter) of them all that attacks from all directions and surprisingly also can be launched from a King Blaster. It is invincible and can't even be defeated with a Star. Mario must simply avoid them. The more dangerous Missile King Bills can chase the plumber. Bob-omb walking.jpg Bob-omb Walking Bob-omb guys that blow up few seconds after they are jumped on. Mario can still die from running into them. They don't really attack Mario, they walk around for Mario to run into. N/A Para-bomb A Bob-omb wearing a parachute that slowly floats down out of nowhere and will loss their parachute when hitting the ground. If Mario jumps on them before they hit the ground, they will also turn back into normal Bob-ombs. Chomp.png Chain Chomp A dangerous chained up enemy that tries launch attacks at Mario by chomping at him. He can be defeated with a Star or Mario can earn extra Coins by freeing him by a ground pound on his stake. The larger Red Chomps are also available and unlike Chain Chomps, roam free and are extremely dangerous. Chomp Head NSMBDIY.png Chomp Head As the name suggests, it is the head of a Chain Chomp that rolls and turns around when it hits a wall. Chomp Heads don't really attack Mario but they can crush him if you gets to close. Chomp Heads can be defeated with a Star. N/A Fire Chomp A type of floating Chain Chomps with fireballs as a chain. They fly quite slowly and shoot fireballs toward Mario, while following him. They can be defeated with a fireball, but the next minute or so, they will return. Podoboo NSMBDIY.png Podoboo A fireball foe that jumps out of the lava, every few seconds. They can only be defeated with a Star or an Ice Flower. Fire Snake NSMBDIY.png Fire Snake A snake made up of a Podoboo head and three fireballs for a tail. It will just around the stage and it's head will grow huge when it nears Mario. It can easily be defeated with anything but jumping, which can be fatal. FireBar.png Firebar A rotating bar made up of a certain amount of fireballs. They can only defeated with an iceball followed by a ground pound, but other than that, Mario must just avoid them. Roto-Discs.png Roto-Disc Roto-Discs rotate around a red ball-like object much like a Firebar. The only difference is the fact that Mario can avoid them by standing by the red ball, and like Firebars, they can not be defeated. Pokey.png Pokey Tall slow-moving cactus enemies that can't be stomped, but can be eaten by Yoshi. If Yoshi eats the head of the Pokey, he will eat the whole Pokey, but he can also eat part of it. The same thing goes for fireballs. If Fire Mario destroys the head, he destroys the entire Pokey. Poison Pokey NSMBDIY.png Poison Pokey Poison Pokeys are deadly foes, that can extend their spikes to prick Mario and poison him, by killing Mario in one shot. Yoshi can not eat these foes, but fireballs can defeat them. Wiggler3.png Wiggler Cute caterpillar guys that are harmless, until Mario jumps on them. They will them go on a rampage and Mario must avoid them. They can be defeated with fireballs. Mega Wigglers however, will not get mad when stomped. Foo NSMBDIY.png Foo A species a cloud enemy that blows fog that can get in Mario's way. Their fog however, does not blow Mario and Foos can easily be defeated in any way possible that there is to defeat an enemy. Fwoosh.png Fwoosh A possible relative of the Foo that can blow Mario away from him, while floating around the stage after Mario. If the hero is careful, stomping a Fwoosh won't be a problem. Fuzzy giant.png Fuzzy An odd enemy that rotate around wires. They are exposed to fireballs and iceballs, which must be crushed after. However, they can also help Mario if he freezes them, them having the ability to ride the blocks to secret areas. Thwomp2.png Thwomp A huge rock baddie that attacks Mario by thwomping down when he comes near. Mario can escape them as they lift back up and they can not be stomped. However, Mario can defeat Thwomps with Stars and Mega Mushrooms. Sandy Thwomp.png Sandy Thwomp A normal Thwomp will brake into tiny sand particles when it tries to crush Mario. They are only be defeated with a Star because using fireballs will just brake them. They will hurt Mario is he is crushed or jumps on them however. Whompin.png Whomp Another type of rock enemy that attacks by falling over, believe it or not. Whomps will fall over when Mario is near, and he can use them as bridges and just ground pound on them to get a bunch of Coins. Tox Box NSMBDIY.png Tox Box A large rock-like cube enemy that flips itself over and over until it hits the wall, where the Tox Box will turn around. Their is only one open part that Mario can survive under. Otherwise, it will crush him. Tox Boxes can be defeated with a Star or a mega form but Mario can just just on and over them. N/A Angry Sun The Angry Sun will follow Mario until he gets to a certain spot. Then he will start swooping down and Mario must avoid him until reaching the flag, which is the only way to defeat him. N/A Cosmic Clone Clones of Mario that appear out of black holes. They will follow Mario and do exactly as he does. Multiple Cosmic Clones will come out of a black hole, and they can be defeated by stomping them twice. The Shadow Mario boss can be defeated in the same way and can also create Cosmic Clones with his brush.

Enemy Name Description
[44] Albatoss Albatoss is an enemy found only in "Shy Guy's Storybook" or more commonly known as "World A". Albatoss' fly overhead while attempting to drop Bob-Ombs on the player. Some of the Bob-Ombs can be picked up and thrown before they explode. Albatoss can be stood upon like most Subconian enemies and can be defeated by Iceballs, Tail Whips and Hammers.
[45] Albino Dino Rhino Albino Dino Rhinos can be ridden upon and are friendly creatures. They are a sub-breed of Dino Rhino and have Albino Dino Torch offspring. Albino Dino Rhinos are und exclusively in the "Star Hill" world and help the players to traverse otherwise deadly terrains.
[46] Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros. Amazing Flyin' Hammer Bros. are found throughout many of the worlds in "Utopia" Remaining perched atop winged blocks, the best method take them down is to bump the blocks beneath them or attempt to take them down with Hammers. They can be defeated through most other methods, however it is much easier to pass unscathed if they are attacked this way.
[47] Amp Amps are relatively common enemies in the worlds "Utopia". They are invincible enemies and normally are found to be rotating around clumps of crystal or ? Blocks. They are normally found in large clusters, so it is best to just pass them by.
[48] Amp Lakitu Amp Lakitus are quite rare, however, like most other Lakitus, they can be defeated with a stomp or any projectile. As the name states they toss Amps, which land on the ground acting as hazards or flash and explode soon after landing.
[49] Amp-Lified Amp-Lified is extremely rare enemy that floats above platforms and drops electric rain. They are, like their Amp counterparts, indestructible and normally are stationery. Some do move though.
[50] Ancient Dino Rhino Ancient Dino Rhinos are exclusive to World 5 "The Land of Giants" and can only be defeated by Hammers. They move extremely fast and can crush the player causing an instant death no matter what power-up in being used.
[51] Ancient Fish Bone Ancient Fish Bone is an enemy that chases players throughout certain aquatic stages. They are indestructible and even appear as a Boss guarding a special treasure.
[52] Angry Star Angry Stars are common enemies found in World 14 "A Quick Dip n the Galaxy". They are indestructible hazards and are usually found in big swarms. There is a secret level Angry Stars form constellations found in the real world.
[53] Angry Sun The Angry Sun is found mainly in World 2 "Golden Dunes". It still can be defeated by Hammers, shells and even a stomp from the player when in Statue Tanooki form. It is still seen to swoop down towards the player now also can throw Hopping Flames and Fire Snakes.
[54]   Atom Bill   Atom Bills are enemies found in the "Volcanic Badlands" and "Star Hill" worlds. They are fast-moving enemies that drop from the top of the screen. They can be defeated by a few means, but due to their speed, is hard do so without getting hit. 
[55] Autobomb   Found only in "Shy Guy's Storybook", Autobombs are found manned by Shy Guys. Autobombs, despite their names, actually discharge fireballs in this game. They are normally found as stationery hazards, but are known to be mobile. They are indestructible.
[56]   Baby Blooper   Baby Bloopers are found throughout "Refresher Waters" where Bloopers and Blooper Nannnies are seen. However, Baby Bloopers cam be seen unacompanied by Blooper Nannies in a level known as "Shrinking Defences".
[57]   Baby Cheep Cheep   Baby Cheep Cheeps are seen only by the side of Big Bertha. If a Baby Cheep Cheep is defeated before the accompanying Big Bertha, the Big Bertha will begin to chase the player. Baby Cheep Cheeps only appear once by themselves alonside Baby Bloopers in "Shrinking Defences".
[58] Baby Rex   Baby Rex is a simple enemy that unlike its larger brethren, requires only one stomp to defeat. Baby Rexes will turn around when they come to an edge rather than walking off and normally appear in large groups of around four other Baby Rexes.
[59] Ball Bros.   Ball Bros. only appear in the world dominated by Lemmy Koopa. They most frequently appear in Lemmy's Castle and overworld Enemy Battles. Like most of the Hammer Bros. brethren, their weapons simply fall off screen. There is one single Ball Bros. found perched on a Ball.
[60]   Balloomba   Balloombas are found only in the "Starry Sky Gardens" world. They float in midair and must be used as temporary platforms. Stomping them will cause them to pop and fall. It is also known that by popping some Balloombas, a P-Balloon can sometimes appear afterwards. It is thought that Magikoopas had possessed some P-Balloons thus transforming them into Balloombas.
[61] Balloon Goomba   Balloon Goombas float downwards at a casual rate. Like Balloombas, they can be used as temporary platforms, but stomping them does pop the balloon, causing the Goomba to fall, possibly allowing it to land on other platforms.
[62] Balloon Troopa   Balloon Troopas are very similar to Balloombas, however, once stomped and landed, they sit in place, beause they can't move due to their Balloon body. Stomping them again allows you to pick up the Balloon and throw it. The Balloon somehow becomes very shell-like...
[63] Banzai Bill   Banzai Bills are formidable, but weak enemies. One stomp will send them tumbling away. Their size however, makes them difficult to avoid.
[64]   Baron von Zeppelin Although not regarded specifically as an enemy, Baron von Zeppelins can carry and drop bombs which hurt the player. Some, very rarely, carry 1-Ups while others can be used like Propellor Blocks. However, Giant Baron von Zeppelins act like Donut Blocks, they can be used as platforms before collapsing under the player's weight.
[65] Batadon Batadon is an enemy mostly found in "Superball Zone" in the Extras section of Utopia. However, Batadon still appears in the "Story Mode" of the game. Most Batadons hover up and down, attempting to squash the player, while bounce or jump along the ground to achieve the same goal. When a Batadon is stomped, its winged are removed and the head falls to the ground. Beware, although it can't move in this state, it can still hurt the player if not stomped again.
  [66] Beach Koopa Blue Beach Koopas are found as regular enemies, that instead of getting back into their shells, have a habit of kicking any it encounters at the player. They can also stop any moving shell. Yellow Beach Koopas are considerably much more of a threat. If one manages to reach a shell and get inside, it will become a Kamikaze Koopa and begin to chase the player.
  [67] Beak Pillar Beak Pillars are found in many fortresses and Castles alike. Although the sides are safe enough to touch, the tips however, can hurt the player on impact. Most Beak Pillars never retract fully into the ground or ceiling. Thus meaning that the tip always remains exposed. Beak Pillars are indestructible.
[68] Biddybud Biddybuds are simple creatures that generally appear in groups of five. Like a Goomba, a simple stomp will send them packing. Groups of Biddybuds are useful for gaining lots of points and chaining points to grab free 1-Ups.
TBA Big Amp Like its smaller counterpart, the Big Amp remains a resilient and indestructible enemy. The only difference is the sheer size of the creature.
  [69] Big Bertha Not to be confused with Boss Bass, Big Bertha is a large Cheep Cheep mother found only at the bottom of the seas. It usually guards a school of Baby Cheep Cheeps and if any are attacked, Big Bertha will chase the player away. Some Big Bertha however, hold a Baby Cheep Cheep in their mouth. Every so often, the Baby Cheep Cheep is allowed out and can damage the player.
[70] Big Boo Big Boos are giant Boos which reside in Ghost Houses and some outdoor areas. Unlike the "Big Blue Boo" or "King Boo" this enemy is not a boss. Like its smaller counterparts, Big Boos can be defeated only by Hammers.
TBA Big Boulder Big Boulders are generally found in underwater ravines, cascading down the steep embankments. Other Big Boulders can be found in mountainous or volcanic regions, retaining the same traits. Big Boulders do not attack, but can be defeated and some hold items.
TBA Big Bully Big Bullys are giant Bullys which charge towards the player and attempt to tackle them. Push Big Bullys into the lava to defeat them. There is one Big Bully, however that is actually a Boss. It holds a treasure which can be obtained by defeting the Big Bully.
[71] Big Cannonball TBA
[72] Big Mr. I. TBA
[73] Big Steely TBA
[74] Blargg TBA
[75] Blaze Bros. TBA
[76] Blindfold Boo TBA
TBA Blockhopper TBA
[77] Blokkablok TBA
Blooper TBA
Blooper Nanny TBA

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Venus Gemstone Trap    Royal Blue Mushmeanie    Emerald Buzz Bomber Giant Parazoopa    Krusha-ized Blooper      Jungle Baby Blooper Tanooki Grublin    Baby Spiny Cheep Cheep      Bone Cheep Cheep Jungle Green Rex    Big Toriri     Desert Mechawful Gold Colossal Bros.    Ball Bros.      Kritter-ized Fire Bros. Starflake Crabmeat    Kritter-ized Balloomba      Grand Balloombas. Ruby-Covered Moon Bullet Bill    Gold Balloon Goomba      Abominable SnowGoomba Light-Blue Blaze Bro.    Ruby Balloon Troopa      Abominable SnowKasplat Banzai Golden Bill    Banzai Bill      Banzai Missile Bill

Emerald Croctopus    Chameleon Kibble Axe    Dark Koopa SHURIFLAKE    Temple Batadon    Light-Blue Alche Climbing Witchy Koopas    Luster Koopa     Dark Blue Kamikaze Koopa Ruby Tail Goomba    Icicle Beak Pillar    Wild Blue Sledge Bro. Ludwig von Koopa Mechaniloid    Mecha-Kritter    Jungle Spike Bass Football Chargin' Joey    Big Snow Spiny    Sapphire Koopa Troopa White Lava Lotus    Big Bertha    Sabretoothed Bertha Strong Head Charge MumMum    Big Boo    Big Sky-Green Boo Swamp GamiGami    Big Boulder Lakitu    Boulder Crabmeat Swamp Haneruton    Jungle Tribal Guy    Bully Hammer Bro. Cat Goomba Crystal Paragoomba Grand STONE Goomba Grand ParaFoonga Mega Foonga Micro-Foonga Spiked Foonga Pile Driver Micro-Foonga Shoe Foonga Grand Goombo Winged Red Goombo Jungle Red Koopa Troopa Jungle Red Koopa Paratroopa Light-Ruby Gargantua Koopa Troopa Colossal Light-Ruby Koopa Paratroopa Light-Ruby Nokobon Firanha Plant Venus Kritter Trap Venus Snow Bowl Trap Super Frost Piranha Plant Super Venus Fire Trap Blue Piranhacus Giganticus Stone Ptooie Stalking Aquiranha Bone River Piranha Plant Venus Crystal Flower Trap Aqua Para-Piranha Bone Nipper Plant Dark Orange Muncher Zammer Bro. Dry Boomerang Bro. Tail Fire Bro. Ice Cobrat Bubble Bro. Krusha Bro. Amazing Flyin' Sledge Bro. Dry Curve Bro. Grublin Bro. Frost Thwall Spiny Bro. Hopspiny Bro. Sand Buzzy Beetle Mega Sand Buzzy Beetle Grublin Parabuzzy Sir Slush the Snowman Heavy Grublin Para-Beetle Panther Krusha Mum-mumitu Mummy Spiny Bone Cheep-Cheep Mega Bone Cheep-Cheep Sledge Bro. Jockey Mega Vinesnapper Spiny Mechawful Ruby Cheep-Chomp Troll Tap-Tap Hot Tamle Blooper Hot Tamle Blooper Nanny Wizard Porcu-Puffer Shock-Seed Urchin Mega Rapid Fire Urchin Grublin-ized Skeeter Laser Tap-Tap Biotech Manky Kong Light-Green Jellybeam Mad Mystic Crab Awazon Pokey Mystic Cave Pokey Bio Spark Troll Spike Gem Shard Spike Rockkroc Tim J. Koopa Mechaniloid Light-Blue Bumpty Blizzard Nekonian Troopa Gold Colossal Wartortle Troopa Chameleon Chargin' Charlie Podoboo Chomp Plasma Snake Nekonian Swooper Light Blue Wiggler Mega SLIME Wiggler Kibble Flutter SKELE-Bramball Giant Skipper Block & Zombrawl Wild Blue Monty Mole SKELE-Undergrunt Bullet Kal Hipster Primid Pyromaniac Bill Missile Kal Missile Banzai Kal Kal Blaster Pyromaniac Bill Blaster Torpedo Tim Cannon Bro. Grey Snifit Darkey Frost Bro. Ruby Para-Bomb Glacier Diggin' Chargin' Chuck Mecha-Weavile Sand Bro. Jockey Gold Chain Chomp Blossom Chomp Aurora-Chomp Snowflake Fuzzy Mega Forest Fuzzy Ruby Foo Lavender Boo Big Boo Blah Circling Green Boo Buddies Skellobit Deep Bone Twortle Crowber Bone Hammer Bro. Dull Bone Bro. Red-Hot Parabones Bowser Amp Super Dusk Bones Skyland Thwomp Super Sand Thwomp Whomp Magikoopa Ball 'n' Chain Spiked Ball Giant Spiked Ball Spiked Pillar Firebar Roto-Disc Fishbone Octoomba Octoguy Octoboo Bully Chuckya Unagi Mega Unagi Sushi Topman Shy Guy Spear Guy Fly Guy Snifit Chargin Chuck Tiki Goon Tiki Doom Tiki Zing Frogoon Legendary Pop-FizzAdded by Legendary Pop-Fizz  Bomb Waluigi  Goombas  Goomba    Grand Goomba  Spinda   Rainbow Koopa Troopa    Micro-Goomba    Jungle Goomba    Paragoomba    Gold Bio Spark       Prehistoric Hammer Bro.   Prehistoric Dino Rhino  Prehistoric Big Bertha Prehistoric Bullet Bro.    Broozer Dees   Cheep-Chillys  Cosmic Metaruns      Scaled  Groovy Bros.     KremFire Bros.       Albino-Koopa Troopa   Dry Bone Bro.        Rockykitus      Mega Icy Moles    Icy Colossal Bros.  Cave Land  Spikes    Electric Blue Toy Cars  Frosted Grinders  Radical Knuckle Joes   Light-Blue G.U.N. Troopers    Grand Ruby Goomba     Pile Driver Micro-Goomba    Red Paragoomba With Micro-Goomba    Shoe Goomba Koopas    Colossal Koopa Paratroopa    Gargantua Koopa Troopa    Koopa Paratroopa    Super Ruby Koopa    Star Pointer    Chargin' Charlie       Machoke    Jungle Spear Waddle Dee    Volt  Kosha Peckerjack      Arashichu      Light-Red Koopa Troopa   Glitter Freeze Spike    Koopa Troopa   Spike Buzzies   Buster Beetle   Buzzy Beetle  Super Sky Green Koopa  Gold Tail Kasplat     Jungle Buzzy Beetle   Para-Beetle   Akerontis Jungle Tumefyfishes Piranha Plants   Muncher   Frosties    Bullet Bro.    Nipper Plant   Emerald Stalking Piranha Plant    Cave Grumples   Piranha Plant  Supermassive Emerald Piranha Plant       Panshock  Venus Frost Trap    Supermassive Chargin' Chuck • Supermassive Klampon  Light Blue Piranhacus Giganticus   Ptooie  Venus Fire Trap Lakitus    Lakitu     Sledge Lakitu & Sledge Spiny   ZUGARULL Ruby  Riolu     Red-Hot Mechawful     Light Blue Roketon      Amazin' Flyin' Goomba Bro.   Cloudrous   Brass Knuckles Bro.  Wild Desert Rex    Carilbi    Krittzap    Raizid    Gold Gargantua Tail Koopa Troopa     SQUIMENTIA    Liquid Ooze Squirtooper   Ruby Rador   Gohen    Slushy Asterage   Slushy Gargantua Koopa Troopa   KremBeanbon     Torpedo Frankie   Wild Ruby Coldoboo    Frownshu    Dry Shiver Shark    Florezt    Spigrim   Spiny    Mini-Boulder-Necky     KremAgresso  Spiny Egg Hammer Brothers    Boomerang Bro.    Fire Bro.        Sleet Bro.    Jungle Hammer Bro.    Icicle Teck       WaSumo Bro.       Sledge Brother Buddies      Slime Bro.    Desert Krumple    Bullet Bro.   Skellyrex          Amazing Flyin' Fire Bro.    Hammer Bro.    Sledge Bro. Fortress    Boo Diddley      Dry Bones     Golden Froxic     Squidge   Gold Brick Thwomp     Shiver Clubbas   Gold Sledge Bro Grand Azure Goomba Supermassive Elite Wallop Supermassive Blue Goomba Supermassive  Shellcrackers Supermassive Topis Supermassive Fire Bro.  Supermassive Dark Koopa  Supermassive Sir Kibble Supermassive SMW SuperKoopa Supermassive Armgun Koopa  Supermassive Cheep-Chomp Supermassive Manky Kong Sawk   Snowy Piranha Sprout     Plasma Patrat    Gray Bowser Statue    Hot Foot  Casinopolis Neo Metall     VoltKutlass Stone Agresso   Circling Mangeta Boo Buddies       Yellow Agresso     Temple Rhomp     Podoboo     Dry Squidge    Roto-Disc    Stretch    Thwomp Water    Baby Blooper    Baby Cheep      Amethyst Cheep-Cheep Snowy Stone Beetle     Makuhita    Bright Turquoise Sumo Bro.       Salanip      Jungle Glunk    Arctic Blooper  ARBOLIMP    ZUTON     Big Bertha  Jade KATOON   Chargin' Chuck Mechaniloids  Blooper     SCARABOMB    Lake Lockjaw    Blooper Nanny     Boss Bass    Hitmondo   Ruby Eelectric     Celadon Gongee    Cheep-Cheep    Jelectro   Supario Lava Lotus    Spiny Cheep-Cheep Desert    Angry Sun    Desert Flick-Flack   Grand Sphinx Goomba       Soulsir  Eyeris Sandy Gordo    Light-Red Infrekdead   Fire Snake    Peppester      Desert Divative   Tweester Chomps   Chain Chomp    Robo-Icey Koopa Troopa   Fire Chomp Artillery    Bill Blaster    Bob-omb     Missile Chargin' Chuck   Electro Beezos    Tim J. Koopa Mechaniloids   Plasma Prince Shroob   Silver Gongee     Bullet Bill   Gold Chainsaw Thorost    Emerald Laser Ball   Banzai Billy   River Nep-Enut  Gold E-1006 Egg Hammer     Rainforest Bullet Billy   Azure Phantom Ember   Sword Primid    Red Hot Spike     Red Tail Koopa Troopa Cannon Rocket Engine & Cannonball   Golden Frost Bro.    Missile Bully    Prehistoric Grrrol   Sky-Blue Laser Hunter    Wrench Bro.    Icy Missile Billy    Giant Cannonball   Missile Bill  Plasma Boingos Light-Blue Spikes Rocky Wrench

  Antr (アントラー)
   Beetley (ビートリー)
   Dingle (ディングル)
   Funny Lovatts (ファニーロバッツ)
   Flame Garaga (フレイム・ガラーガ)
   Fuwa Rover (フワローバ)
   Ghost Gordo (ゴーストゴルドー)
   Grand Dee (グランディ) (some with skis)
   Horror Data Lamp (ホラータランプ)
   Hunter Scarfy
   Lord Antr (ロードアントラー)
   Mamanti (ママンティ)
   Pac-Flower (パクフラーワ)
   Spinum (スパイナム)
   Toughness Waddle Dee (タフネスワドルディ) 

Royal Road Enemies

In the last level of the game, Royal Road, some normal enemies are replaced by "sectra" or "sectle" versions, similar to how some enemies were replaced in Kirby's Return to Dream Land's last two levels, Egg Engines and Dangerous Dinner.

   Parasol Sectle Dee (パラソルセクトルディ)
   Sectle Dee (セクトルディ)
   Sectra Burt (セクトラバート)
   Sectra Gordo (セクトラゴルドー)
   Sectra Knight (セクトラナイト)
   Sectra Shooter (セクトラシューター) 

Enemies That Require the Use of the Hypernova Ability

   Big Missile (ビッグミサイル)
   Canon Tower (キャノンタワー)
   Land Barbar (ランドバルバル)
   Pipe Worm (パイプワーム)
   Ace Fuwa Rover (エースフワローバ)
   King Fuwa Rover (キングフワローバ)
   Maurice Brothers (モーリスブラザーズ)
   Gigant Cox (ギガントコックス)
   Egger Wings (エッガーウィングス)
   Waddle Dees' Steel Fortress (ワドルディ鋼鉄要塞) 


   Flame Galboros


   Flowery Woods (Fine Field)
   Paintra (Lollipop Land)
   Coily Rattler (Wild World)
   Pyribbit (Endless Explosions)



Image Boss Location Description
Bowser (1st time) W1-Castle

Leader Conkdocrat W2-Pyramid Leader Conkdocrat is the king of all the Conkdors. Like a

normal Conkdor, he slams its beak on the ground, which can cause damage to the player. But, unlike a Conkdor, he can walk, he spits rock boulders and sand balls and can create a powerful shockwave when he slams it's break into the ground. Using the Armadillo Suit, the player can dig underground (but can't dig in metalic surfaces) and attack the boss underside. When hit, Leader Conkdocrat can also attack by retreating into his large shell and then spinning fast in random directions, but he don't retreat his head and spiked neck, witch difficults the battle.

Boom Boom W2-Tank Before the battle begins, Boom Boom appears, but, before

starting the battle, he changes his appearence, creating spikes on his shell, increasing his size and having a darker shell and skin. Now he can: jump, do a spin jump, spin and turn invisible. When hit, Boom Boom can also attack by retreating into his large spiked shell and then spinning fast in random directions. After the first hit, Boom Boom creates a clone of himself, but only the real Boom Boom can turn invisible. After the second hit, Boom Boom creates wings, starting to fly. But he can also turn invisible. After the final hit, Boom Boom returns to his normal appearence and shows to be defeated.

Waddleking W3-Tree Waddleking, like any Waddlewing, will glide from slide to

slide. But, he's faster than any other one from your species. Also, he can split explosive Poisoned Acorns, that jumps and, after a time, explodes (like Lemmy Koopa's bombs from NSMBU) which leave temporary poison puddles that the player must avoid. In his battle, he also can summon Waddlewings. To defeat him, Mario needs use the Super Acorn and need jump on his head 3 times to defeat him.

Archduke Bulber W3-Submarine Coming Soon...
Emperor Morsikice W4-Fortress Emperor Morsikice is the leader of the Fliprus species. Like

any other Fliprus, he launch jumping snowballs that can hurt the player,

but he can also roll in a giant snowball and can make shockwaves while 

jumping on his snowball shield. Using the Fire Flower, Mario needs throw

7 Fireball at Morsikice's snowball shield to make him dizzy and, then, 

ground pound on him. Mario need do this 3 times to defeat him. Before the final attack, he sumon 5 Flipruses to aid him.

Pom Pom W4-Train Before the battle begins, Pom Pom appears, but, before starting
the battle, she changes her appearence, creating spikes on her shell, 

increasing her size and having a darker shell and skin. Now she can: jump, launch shurikens and boomerangs. When hit, Pom Pom can also attack

by retreating into his large spiked shell and then try to land on the 

player. After the first hit, Pom Pom creates clones of herself that launch shurikens and/or boomerangs, but only the real Pom Pom can now turn invisible. After the second hit, Pom Pom creates cloens that can land on Mario with their shell. After the final hit, Pom Pom returns to her normal appearence and shows to be defeated.

Baron Rexock W5-Castle The baron of all Rexes appears. He can fly, can shoot boulders

and can ground pound, creating a energy wave that the player can dodge by jumping. He also summons Rexes in the fight to assist him. When he slams into the ground, he stops to fly for a few seconds, starting to charge into the player. Baron Rexock is so fast when he is charging into

the player, so the player can get his boulders and launch on the boss 

to make him dizzy. Then, the player needs to ground pound on him twice to damage him. After being jumped on once, the boss will simply become flattened. The player needs do this 4 times. After hit the second time, he only launch flaming boulders, which leave temporary fiery puddles the

player must avoid. In this way, the player can get an Ice Flower and 

freeze the boulders to attack him.

Motley Bossblob W5-Circus the is a jester who uses gelatinous blobs to transform into a

large clown-like monster transforms as a big ally of Kamek. He will try to jump on the player, creating shockwaves. On the last jump, Motley will split into many smaller blobs along with his jester form, where he will be vulnerable to attack. The player must defeat him by attacking the fleeing jester when he is defenseless, while avoiding the blobs that

hurt the player. Every time the boss splits, a set of Double Cherries 

will appear. But now, Motley Bossblob can create blob like spikes on the

ground and can launch inkballs to make the player slip.
King Fizzliater W6-Tank The leader of the Fizzlit species wants you to battle against

him. He can climb on magnetic walls, can create an electric puddle, and can fastly move side to side in this form. Also, he can launch electric balls by his antennas. The player needs to use the Magnetic Mushroom, use giant metal balls that are on the arena, attract them and launch them on Fizzliater when he's not in his electric puddle form to make him dizzy. Then climb the walls of the arena and jump of Fizzliater

while he's dizzy. After the first attack, he creates 2 clones of 

himself and summon 3 Fizzlits to aid him. Attack him two more time and then he'll disappear!

King Boo W6-Mansion King Boo appears in his mansion to block the way to World

7. King Boo can launch spiked balls; slam into the platform, creating powerful waves that the player can dodge by jumping; launch lightning into the ground to hurt the player; and create spiked patches. He can also sumon Boos, Bomb Boos and Peepas (like in Bowser's Block Battle from MP9). To defeat him, you need get a Light Box and shone the beam of

light on the boss for a short period of time to hurt him. Do it 3 times
to defeat him.
Czar Ty-Foon W7-Castle Yes, the leader of Foos and Ty-Foos appear as the boss of Dark

Thunder Sky's castle. He produces smogs (dark fog) that can obscure the player's view and can blow a strong gust of wind that pushes the player in the opposite direction. He also can throw thunderballs and he can do a

slap attack (like Bouldergeist) that will crate a electrical shockwave.
Also, watch out with his most powerful attack, when he creates an 

electrical tornado that can launch electrical rocks to the air. To defeat him, use the Cannon Box and fire 5 cannonballs to leave him confused and then ground-pound him. Do this 4 times to destroy him.

Army Hammer Bro. W7-Airship Army Hammer Bro. is consider now one of Bowser Jr.'s best

allies and one of the High Ranking Members of Koopa Troop. In the battle, Kamek uses his magic to make Army Hammer Bro. bigger and powerful. He can launch giant hammers (even biggers than Sledge Bros hammers), he can teleport and can cause earthquakes that can paralyse and hurt the player. Mario neds punch him and do a ground pound on his stomach 3 times. After the first attack, he'll summon Hammer Bros., Sledge Bros., Boomerang Bros and Curve Bros. and after the secons attack, he'll summon Thunder Bros., Storm Bros, Bomb. Bros. and Explosive Bros. and after the third attack, he'll be defeated.

Kamek W8-Fortress 1 Kamek wants to help his master and this means stop everyone

that wants to defeat him! He can fly, launch magic balls and teleport. He can, also summon Magikoopas to help him and he can summon various enemies to help him. When he goes launch his magic balls you need to be fast and ground-pound on his head 3 times. The player needs to be carerful when he uses is magic hammer to shake the ground, it can paralyse the player and he can use it to smash the player.

Bowser Jr. W8-Fortress 2 Bowser Jr. is very fast and he can launch graffiti and

paintballs and can turn invisible by his Magic Paintbrush. He, also, launchs Spiked Balls, spits fireballs and can walk on the arena walls, because of the graffiti on there, controled by him and that can attack the player. Jumps on his head, and then, ground-pound his stomach 3 times. Remeber that he also retreives into his shell when attacked.

Bowser (2nd time) W8-Castle

Atomic Bowser WBowser-Castle

Dry Bowser WStar-Castle

New Enemies Edit

Hammer Bro.'s new sub-species Edit

  • Curve Bro.
  • Blaze Bro.
  • Frost Bro.
  • Sand Bro.
  • Desert Bro.
  • Rock Bro.
  • Boulder Bro.
  • Thunder Bro.
  • Storm Bro.
  • Bomber Bro.
  • Explosive Bro.
  • Bone Bro.
  • Dry Bro.
  • Vortex Bro.
  • Twister Bro.
  • Ball Bro.
  • Circus Bro.
  • Shuriken Bro.
  • Para Bro.
  • Amazing Flyin' Sledge Bro.

Chargin' Chuck's sub-species Edit

  • Chargin' Chuck (blue): Will charge as soon as it see you.
  • Diggin' Chuck (brown): Will dig up rock and toss them.
  • Passin' Chuck (yellow): Will toss out american footballs.
  • Confusin' Chuck (green): Will toss out baseballs.
  • Clappin' Chuck (red): Will jump and clap over their heads.
  • Splitin' Chuck (purple): Will split into triplets and charge as soon as they see you.
  • Explodin' Chuck (black): Will kick soccer ball bombs.
  • Flamin' Chuck (orange): Will charge the player, sometimes, leaving a trail of fire and shooting fireballs.
  • Freezin' Chuck (cyan): Will charge the player, sometimes, leaving a trail of ice and shooting iceballs.

Blargg's sub-species Edit

  • Blargg: Lava creatures that attempt to bite down on Mario (like SMW2YI/YNI).
  • Magmaargh: Blargg that move towards Mario in a wave-like movement (like SM3DL/NSMBU).
  • Magmaw: Magmaargh that circle a certain place.
  • Charvaargh: Magmaarghs that completely jumps out of lava.
  • Nep-Enut: Blarggs that make their home in water.
  • Yci-Enut: Blarggs that make their home in snow.
  • Sandmaargh: Magmaarghs that attempt to bite down on Mario in sand.
  • Aquamaargh: Magmaarghs that attempt to bite down on Mario in water.
  • Frostmaargh: Magmaarghs that attempt to bite down on Mario in snow and frozen water.
  • Blue-Lava Charvaargh: Charvaarghs that are made out of blue lava.
  • Thundermaargh: Magmaarghs that are made out of electricity.
  • Thundermaw: Magmaws that are made out of electricity. They, unlike normal Magmaws, shoot electric balls.

Other new sub-species Edit

  • Bone Mole
  • Bone Wiggler
  • Bone Rex
  • Bone Magikoopa
  • Fire Pokey
  • Fire Spike
  • Blue Splorch
  • Inksplorch
  • Mega Blurker
  • Big Blockstepper
  • Big Skipsqueaks
  • Piranha Creeper Egg
  • Ink Blooper (Blooper from SMS)
  • BlooP-OW

New especies Edit

  • Cavedillo
  • Wollballer
  • Magnector
  • Frogoodbad
  • Seapoihorson

Blue Armored Mole Guard

Donkey Kong Country: Diddy's RevengeEdit

Edit Comments6 21,522pages on this wiki " Donkey Kong Country: Diddy's Revenge," is a game for the Wii U, Nintendo IC, and the Nintendo 3Ds staring Donkey Kong and his friends. The game has amazing 3D graphics and an amazing plot, making it one of the best Donkey Kong games to be made.


[show]==Plot== [78]Even K. Rool is shocked that he's not the villain!When Donkey Kong goes off to another island for a while, Diddy Kong is extremly happy that he's gone and tells the others he is the ruler now. Dixie Kong tries to stop him, but is shot out of a explosive cannon to the island DK is at. All the other Kongs are forced to obey Diddy now, with the Animal Buddies being his hench-people. Meanwhile, Dixie lands on the island DK is on and tells him everything. Donkey Kong immediantly sets a course for home, and a course to stop his buddy from taking over DK Island.

Major Characters And Their RolesEditEditEdit

Donkey Kong-Main Hero and Playable Character

Diddy Kong-Main Villain and Final Boss

Dixie Kong-Secondary Hero and Playable Character

Cranky Kong-Shop Keeper and Helper

Tiny Kong-Third Hero and Playable Character

Funky Kong-Fourth Hero and Playable Character

Candy Kong-Captured Heroine and Playable Character

Kiddy Kong-Captured Hero and Playable Character

Swanky Kong-Captured Hero and Playable Character

Lanky Kong- Captured Hero and Playable Character

Minor CharactersEditEditEdit

Rambi The Rhino-Miniboss and Diddy's Bodyguard

Enguarde the Sword Fish-Miniboss and Diddy's Moat Guard

Winky The Frog-Miniboss and Jumping Henchman

Expresso the Ostrich-Miniboss and Top-Class Spy

Squawks The Parrot-Miniboss and Flying Fiend

Orco The Killer Whale-Miniboss and Swimming Danger

King K. Rool-Practice Coach and King of Kremlings

Pig-Guide and Check-Point Guide




Manky Kong

Very Gwanty

Super Gwanty

Extremly Gwanty






Big Bad Kritter

Lady Krittera







Diddy-5000 [79]Klump is back, and ready to rule!KlumpGiant Diddy-5000



Fake Diddy

Fists Of Fury

Tiki Goon

Tiki Giant

Fiery Tiki

Fiery Tiki Giant

New Ultra Mario Bros. 1Edit

Edit Comments622,056pages on this wiki {| cellpadding="14" cellspacing="14" style="margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; width: 100%; margin: 0 auto; border-collapse: collapse; background: #EFB917; border-radius: 18px; -moz-border-radius: 18px; -webkit-border-radius: 18px; -khtml-border-radius: 18px; -icab-border-radius: 18px; -o-border-radius: 18px; color: #993C00;" | |This page is under construction. Please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to complete it as soon as possible! |} Add Image'New Ultra Mario Bros. 1' is a game for the Nintendo Wii U, made by Blizzard Studios. It was released on December 3rd, 2016.


[show]==Story== The game starts out with Mario eating lunch with Peach, Luigi, Toadsworth, and many Toads. Then, Mario goes off to the bathroom. When he comes back, he sees screaming Toads on fire, a worried Toadsworth, and Peach and Luigi gone. He runs outside to see Bowser, Bowser Jr., Boom Boom, Kamek, and the Original 7 Koopalings flying away with Luigi and Peach. Mario has to save them!

Throughout the game, Peach's Castle will have up to 7 flags placed on top of the castle before the last world, Dark Doom Ditch. They will be placed there each time Mario completes a world. Throughout the game, the player will battle Boom Boom and Bowser Jr. various times, and the Koopalings will be fought. Then, Bowser Jr. and Boom Boom will be fought twice in Dark Doom Ditch. bwoser is fought, and defeated.

The princess is saved, and Bowser, Bowser Jr., Boom Boom and the Koopalings are defeated. Then, they are blown away by a light blue spirit, and Kamek flies off to Bowser's Castle. Then, the worlds Rainbow Road and Grand Star Road are unlocked, although Rainbow Road needs to be completed to unlock Grand Star Road.


Like all New Mario games, there are new items, enemies, and levels. However, this is the first in its own series, and is therefore called "the introduction to almost all of the mechanics". The game also includes multiplayer mode, which is the only mode you can play as Toads, and online gameplay, where you can play with up to 6 people.

Classic but popular transformations, like Super Mario, Fire Mario, and Invincible Mario return. There are also those classic and forgotten transformations, like Hammer Mario and Frog Mario. Then, there are recent transformations, like Ice Mario and Mini Mario. However, there is only 1 new transformation.



Debuting in Super Mario Bros. 3, the inventory is used to get transformations before levels. You can either get items via the overworld, challenges, or Toad Houses, or get them by giving up your current transformation and putting it in the inventory.


Playable CharactersEditEditEdit

Image   Name   Description   Notes  
[80] Mario This popular plumber has been having fans since 1981. He's gotten so many hobbies: racing, playing tennis, and fighting. But he will always be going on adventures, mostly to save Princess Peach. Only player playable at the beginning of the game, and only single-player mode playable character besides Luigi.
[81] Luigi This is Mario dressed up in his green shirt and blue overalls., that's Luigi. He's always overshadowed by his brother, and is called "Green Mario" or "the green guy" by Toads. He has a lot of fans, though, and he is a great jumper! Unlocked after completing Grassy Plains. He has better jumping than the Toads and Mario, but his traction is worse than the Toads and Mario.
[82] Red Toad This looks like Princess Peach's main servant, but this is actually a Red Toad. See the vest? Well, anyways, he will eventually be the Toad Brigade Captain in a few years, and he's an all-around character. Only playable on Multiplayer mode or Online mode.
[83] Blue Toad This is another Toad, only playable in Multiplayer/Online mode. He's the fastest Toad, and he will eventually become Toadbert. Only playable on Multiplayer mode or Online Mode.
[84] Yellow Toad Yellow Toad is scared of ghosts, and he slows down when in Ghost Houses. He likes to lick his fingers when he gets something tasty, and he falls asleep easily. Only playable on Multiplayer mode or Online Mode. Slows down in Ghost Houses.
[85] Green Toad Green Toad wants to be a banker, and he will eventually become one. He isn't as fast as the other Toads, but he's a better jumper than them. Only playable on Multiplayer mode or Online Mode.

Supporting CharactersEditEditEdit

Image   Name   Description  
[86] Toads These are the somewhat cowardly, somewhat brave Toads. Peach uses them as shields, yet they are still loyal to her.
[87] Toadsworth Toadsworth is Peach's caretaker. He loves Peach, and will risk his life to save her. He is extremely strict.
[88] Princess Peach Princess Peach is the damsel in distress. Bowser has kidnapped her once again, and she needs to be saved!
[89] Yoshis The Yoshis are here to save you. There's a green, red, blue, light blue, and yellow varients. They all have special powers.
[90] Rosalina Rosalina is seen at Grand Star Road. She grants Mario and Luigi the power to Star Spin.
[91] Lubba Lubba is Rosalina's friend and partner. He calls one of the Lumas so they can help Mario.


Image   Name   Description  
[92] Bowser Bowser is the King of all Koopas. All he seems to want is to marry Princess Peach, but he really just wants to marry her so he can rule the Mushroom Kingdom.
[93] Boom Boom Boom Boom is Bowser's nephew. He likes to beat up the Mario Bros., but is usually unsuccessful because he doesn't pick brain over brawn.
[94] Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. is Bowser's mischievous child. Bowser Jr. naturally shows his mouth, but when mad, he puts his mask over his mouth to feel more intimidating. He has his own Koopa Clown Car.
[95] Iggy Koopa Iggy Koopa is back for some more trouble! He decided to give his Chain Chomp, Chompy, a break. But most importantly, he decided to go back to his old hairstyle!
[96] Morton Koopa Jr. Morton Koopa Jr. is almost the youngest Koopaling, but he's big and heavy. He decides to use his Magical Hammer again.
[97] Larry Koopa Larry Koopa has decided to get a Chain Chomp of his own. He still has his scepter, but he only uses it in his Castle battle.
[98] Lemmy Koopa Now Lemmy Koopa has come back with a new suprise. He now has 3 balls, and all of them can be regenerated and thrown at Mario.
[99] Wendy O. Koopa Wendy O. Koopa decided to go skating again! She's still as annoying as before. She's a brat, though.
[100] Roy Koopa Roy Koopa is being a big bully with his Bullet Bill Blaster. Roy is still as brute as before, but he shoots Missile Banzai Bills out of that Bill Blaster because he rules a land of giants.
[101] Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig von Koopa is back for some more fights! With his wonderful magic, he has a chance of beating Mario, but it's not likely.


Image   Name   Ability  
[102] Green Yoshi N/A.
[103] Red Yoshi When he swallows a Koopa Shell, he can breathe 3 fireballs that head in different directions.
[104] Blue Yoshi When he swallows a Koopa Shell, he can fly as long as it is in his mouth.
[105] Light Blue/Cyan Yoshi When he swallows a Koopa Shell, he can breathe 3 iceballs that head in different directions.
[106] Yellow Yoshi When he swallows a Koopa Shell, he can glow as long as it is in his mouth.


Image   Name   Specific Abilities   Item  
[107] Small Mario N/A. N/A.
[108] Super Mario  N/A. Super Mushroom
[109] Fire Mario Fire Mario can throw fireballs, which can defeat enemies, flip switches, and much more. Fire Flower
[110] Ice Mario Ice Mario can throw iceballs, which can freeze enemies (and defeat certain enemies), flip switches, and much more. Ice Flower
[111] Raccoon Mario Raccoon Mario can fly for certain periods of time, and can hit enemies with his tanooki tail. Super Leaf
[112] Frog Mario Frog Mario is very slow on land, as he can only hop. However, in the water, he can hop on the ground and swim, and he is very useful underwater. Frog Suit
[113] Invincible Mario Invincible Mario is invincible to everything except for lava and holes. However, he will not drown underwater, and he can dash super fast. Star
[114] Mini Mario Mini Mario is very small, and can be defeated by any type of enemy. However, he jumps higher and falls down slower, and can walk on water. He can also go inside small pipes. Mini Mushroom
[115] Hammer Mario Hammer Mario can throw hammers at enemies. Hammers almost always defeat enemies, but they can be destroyed. Hammer Flower
[116] Boomerang Mario Boomerang Mario loves to throw Boomerangs, which can defeat enemies and fly back at him. Boomerang Mario's boomerangs can be destroyed, however. Boomerang Flower
[117] Boo Mario Boo Mario can go through walls, and is invincible to some enemies. However, Boo Mario loses his boo powers when he completes a level. Boo Mushroom
[118] Thunder Mario Thunder Mario can shock enemies with Thunderballs. He is quite hard to get, however, as Thunder Flowers can shock characters. Thunder Flower


For a list of enemies in New Ultra Mario Bros. 1, see here. ==This page is under construction. Please excuse its informal appearance while it is being worked on. We hope to complete it as soon as possible!== This is the soundtrack to Paper Mario: Countdown to Chaos, composed specifically for the game by Soupy.


Worlds and LevelsEditEditEdit


  • Grassy Plains/World 1 - A grassy area with very basic enemies. The boss of this world is Iggy Koopa.
  • Dirty Dust Desert/World 2 - A desert world with many tumbleweeds and cactuses. There is dust everywhere. The boss of this world is Morton Koopa Jr..
  • Sunshine Beach/World 3 - A water-based world. It contains a beach area and an area underwater, The boss of this world is Larry Koopa.
  • Waterfall Jungle/World 4 - A beautiful jungle with a purple waterfall, with the purple water being poison. The boss of this world is Lemmy Koopa.
  • Snow Mountain/World 5 - A snowy mountain that is connected to the sixth world, Mountain of the Giants. The boss of this world is Wendy O. Koopa.
  • Mountain of the Giants/World 6 - A large mountain with many giant versions of enemies, like Gargantua Koopa Troopas. The boss of this world is Roy Koopa.
  • Soarin' Skies/World 7 - A world millions of feet above the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom. It is mostly made of pipes and clouds. The boss of this world is Ludwig von Koopa.
  • Dark Doom Ditch/World 8 - This is a land ruled by Bowser. It is very dark, and leads down all the way to Bowser's Castle. The boss of this world is Bowser, of course.
  • Rainbow Road/World 9 - This is a world similar to Soarin' Skies, being millions of feet above the ground. It even has disappearing rainbows! The boss of this world is Gobblegut.
  • Grand Star Road/World 10 - This is a world based off the first 8 worlds. It contains 3 levels baed off of the first 8 worlds. However, the levels have no names, and their are no bosses. And the end of the world, you meet Rosalina and Lubba.

Copy AbilitiesEditEditEdit

|- |[119] |Scizzors |Scythy |Kirby gains the ability to cut through almost any material that is not solid. It gives Kirby some protection, due to the metal reflecting attacks from above. He also has a helmet. | |- |[120] |Ground |Molly |Kirby gains the ability to shake the ground to make enemies tumble over and usually be defeated. Kirby can only cause an earthquake while standing on the ground, otherwise he'll shoot mud bombs, which go in a similar fashion as arrows. | |- | |Air |Zzairia |Kirby is granted the ability to float on air, making his flying very easy. Kirby can blow enemies and items away. | |- | |Liquid |Bloss |Kirby can turn into a bluish substance which will suck in and defeat any enemy. It will only work once. | |- | |Mega |Gigantle |Kirby will grow to giant size, making him flatten a lot of enemies. He does not fit through many gaps, and the floating goes difficult, however. The effect is only temporarily, but can be assigned with a helper when it is called in time. |

Returning Copy AbilitiesEditEditEdit

Picture Name Helper Description Icon
[121] Animal Gaw Gaw Kirby can dig in soft sand, enabling him to go underground. He can do powerful drills with his claws.
[122] Beam Waddle Doo Kirby can use a beam whip to hit enemies from a small distance. It is useful for hitting switches. When Kirby charges longer, the beam becomes more powerful.
[123] Bomb Foley Kirby can prepare bombs, and then throw them. He can throw them high, low, left, right, or place them on the ground. The bombs can't harm Kirby.
Bubble Bubble Head Kirby can place enemies into bubbles, making them float around. When Kirby touches a bubble containing an ability-yielding enemy, it will go to his belly to be used later.
Burning Flamer Kirby can shoot himself away with high speed, while burning everything he passes.
Cook Cookin Kirby can only use this ability once, but he can have a helper. When using this ability, Kirby throws everything surrounding him into a large boiler, cooking it into helpful items.
[124] Crash Bomber Kirby can only use this ability once, but he can have a helper. Kirby causes a giant explosion, causing many of the surrounding enemies to be KO'd.
Cupid Cupie Kirby turns into an angel, being able to fly very smoothly and shoot arrows.
[125] Cutter Sir Kibble Kirby can throw sharp boomerangs, which can cut through a lot of materials. After Kirby has thrown the boomerang, it will accelerate backwards after a short distance. If not caught again by Kirby, it will go back and forth until Kirby moves out of screen or catches it. Kirby can also cut very fast with the boomerang in his hand, similar to the Sword ability.
[126] Fighter Boxin Kirby can do a lot of smashes, punches and kicks with this ability. He can also jump better.
[127] Fire Hot Head Kirby can blow fire while standing stationary in one spot. He can navigate the fire up and down. It is useful hor hitting through walls.
Fire Sword Hot Knight Kirby will gain an effect similar to Sword and Fire, he can do the same moves as Sword with an added Fire effect, and he can also spew fire instead of combo attacks.
Ghost Prank Kirby can posses all enemies except for bosses and mid-bosses, thus making the helper unnecessary. Kirby can also go through some types of walls, and he can float very agile.
Hammer Lil Bonky Kirby uses a very large hammer to do multiple attacks with. He can slam on the ground, hurl it around and throw it away.
Hi-Jump Starman Kirby can jump very speedy and high, damaging everything in his way up.
[128] Ice Pengy Kirby can spew ice, freezing anyone who he hits. It can go through walls.
Ice Sword Freeze Knight Kirby will gain an effect similar to Sword and Ice, he can do the same moves as Sword with an added Ice effect, and he can also spew ice instead of combo attacks.
Jet Shooty Kirby can fly and dive onto enemies and obstacles in many ways while using this ability.
Laser Laser Ball Kirby can shoot small laser beams which bounce off of slopes, usually making a 90° turn.
[129] Leaf Leafan Kirby can attack by throwing sharp leaves, or by spinning around fast and creating a leaf tornado. The tornadoes can be sent forwards. Kirby can also duck to hide himself between the leaves, making enemies not notice and harm him.
Magic Baboxy A one-use ability. Kirby will start a roulette which will randomly give one out of the following things:

  • 1-Up: All enemies on-screen will transform into 1-Ups.
  • Candy: Kirby will gain the effect as if he ate an Invincibility Candy, meaning he becomes completely invincible.
  • Cherry: All enemies on screen will turn into random food (except Invinciblity Candies).
  • Question mark: Kirby will start an ability roulette, which will give him a random ability excluding Master and Magic.
  • Sword: Meta Knight runs through the screen, defeating every enemy in the area.
Master N/A Kirby can only use this ability when the final boss, Chazzaam, is defeated. It can use a lot of different moves, for example, Kirby can shoot himself away as if he uses the Burning ability, Kirby can dig underground, he can shoot a ray with it, he can spin it around, he can pound and he can point it up and hack around.
Metal Metalun Kirby becomes excessively heavy, making floating go very slow. Kirby can also turn himself into an iron ball, rolling down of slopes very fast. While Kirby is practically invincible in this form, he can only lose it when discarded, or when hit by a Flamer's attack.
Mini Minny Kirby will turn very tiny, being unable to attack or inhale.
[130] Mike Mico Kirby can use this ability three times. He will defeat every enemy on the screen.
Mirror Simirror Kirby can fire mirror-like projectiles, and he can copy an enemies move after it was used on him, only once per hit.
Missile Bang-Bang Kirby can turn himself into a speedy missile, which flies wherever it is sent to. Kirby returns back to normal when he flies into a wall or an enemy.
[131] Ninja Dackdeef Kirby can throw shurikens and cling to walls. He can also do powerful kicks.
[132] Parasol Parasol Waddle Dee Kirby can use his parasol to protect him against anything from above. He can also hit enemies with it, and he can descend very slow.
Plasma Monplasma Kirby can shoot small rays of plasma, create a shield of plasma for a short amount of time, charge up for a very powerful beam, and he can shoot plasma balls which home in on the nearest enemy.
Sleep N/A Upon receiving this ability, Kirby will be completely immobile, sleeping on the very place where he obtained it. The effect lasts for about five seconds.
Smash Handy Kirby can use all of his attacks from the Super Smash Bros. series to attack with except for inhale. He can spin with a hammer, he can jump and strike with a sword, he can punch multiple times in a row, he can smash with his hammer, he can spin in the air (and thus kicking and punchin anybody near), and he can turn into a stone as if he used the Stone ability.
Spark Sparky Kirby stands stationary while using this ability. He will shoot electricity around himself, hurting anybody who touches it.
[133] Stone Rocky Kirby can turn himself into a rock and smash down to the ground. He will roll down a slope if he is on one.
[134] Sword Sword Knight Kirby can use this sword to cut through a lot of obstacles. He can also use powerful combo attacks and he can hurl himself and the sword into the air after which he strikes down on the ground very powerful.
Thunder Sword Spark Knight Kirby will gain an effect similar to Sword and Spark, he can do the same moves as Sword with an added Spark effect, and he can also stay stationary to shoot electricity instead of combo attacks.
Throw Phan Kirby can inhale nearly any enemy, with the exception of bosses and mid-bosses. After he inhaled them, he can hurl them at other enemies in a straight line.
Tornado Twister Kirby will spin around very quickly and he can move up and down, hurting any enemy that he hits.
U.F.O. UFO Kirby will transform into an U.F.O. making it able to fly very agile and to launch laser-based attacks. If the move isn't charged, it will use a beam as if it was the Beam ability. If charged very short, it will shoot a small coloured blob, and if charged longer it will shoot a coloured ray to the front and back.
[135] Water Blippish Kirby can use a lot of water-based moves, such as throwing a wave over the level, surfing over it, blasting water off of his feet, or shooting a beam of waer straight up.
Wheel Wheelie Kirby can transform into a wheel which crosses a level a high speed. When it bumps into a wall, Kirby will return to normal. Kirby can also steer while speeding though a level, and he can jump, but not float.
Wing Indinaia Kirby can do multiple bird-based moves, such as diving, shooting wings, flying up very fast,


Kripple-A rouge Kremling, Kripple works for Diddy Kong in hopes of ruling the Jungle and getting paid!

Octomis Grime-Beware the squid! Octomis is no baby! He can prove it... by choking you.

Sew Age-A Mutant Pile of waste, Sew Age isn't going down without a fight... or his fighter!

Gwanty King-Cheer your ruler! King Gwanty won't just fight... he'll chew on your bones!

Konkey Dong-DK's failed clone, KD may be stupid, but he is one hard hitter!

Kripple (2)- Kripple is back, and he's ready for Round 2! Don't you even think he's easy!

Re. Ject- A blown up tire monster, Re. is ready to blow DK into the Sun!

Diddy Statues-Diddy's self statues, Diddy programmed them to look like statues, but when they're alive, they're just mean!

Kripple (3)- The last time facing Kripple is here! If you defeat him, Kripple is gone... or is he?

Fire Fists- God of Fire, Fire Fists insists on DK never getting through him! He also insists water doesn't hurt him!

Diddy Kong's Mech-The Final Battle is here! Send Diddy's Machine flying, or YOU could go flying!

Blasted Mech-Kripple reveals a dark secret: he's a ROBOT! He hops into a defeated Mech and takes off after the Kongs! RUN!



|NinteNormal Enemies

   Antr (アントラー)
   Beetley (ビートリー)
   Dingle (ディングル)
   Funny Lovatts (ファニーロバッツ)
   Flame Garaga (フレイム・ガラーガ)
   Fuwa Rover (フワローバ)
   Ghost Gordo (ゴーストゴルドー)
   Grand Dee (グランディ) (some with skis)
   Horror Data Lamp (ホラータランプ)
   Hunter Scarfy
   Lord Antr (ロードアントラー)
   Mamanti (ママンティ)
   Pac-Flower (パクフラーワ)
   Spinum (スパイナム)
   Toughness Waddle Dee (タフネスワドルディ) 

Banzai Bill Bob-omb Boo Boomerang Bro. Broozer Bullet Bill Chain Chomp Cheep-Cheep Dry Bones Fire Bro. Firebar Galoomba Goomba Hammer Bro. Huckit Crab Koopa Paratroopa Koopa Troopa Micro-Goomba Para-bomb Piranha Plant Snow Pokey Shy Guy Spike Spiny Venus Fire Trap Venus Ice Trap Red Spikeman Flopter Cat Goomba Cat Bullet Bill Cat Banzai Bill

New Enemies

Red Broozer: He can run faster and die with 6 hits on the head. Green Spikeman (Bigger) Poison Mushroom with legs Para-Poison Mushroom Mega Poison Mushroom Lava Huckit Crab: Huckits that throws fireballs Flouwer: A Flower that spits flour Para-Flouwer: A Flower that spits flour while flyingMid-bosses

   Flame Galboros


   Flowery Woods (Fine Field)
   Paintra (Lollipop Land)
   Coily Rattler (Wild World)
   Pyribbit (Endless Explosions)

Royal Road Enemies

In the last level of the game, Royal Road, some normal enemies are replaced by "sectra" or "sectle" versions, similar to how some enemies were replaced in Kirby's Return to Dream Land's last two levels, Egg Engines and Dangerous Dinner.

   Parasol Sectle Dee (パラソルセクトルディ)
   Sectle Dee (セクトルディ)
   Sectra Burt (セクトラバート)
   Sectra Gordo (セクトラゴルドー)
   Sectra Knight (セクトラナイト)
   Sectra Shooter (セクトラシューター) 

Enemies That Require the Use of the Hypernova Ability

   Big Missile (ビッグミサイル)
   Canon Tower (キャノンタワー)
   Land Barbar (ランドバルバル)
   Pipe Worm (パイプワーム)
   Ace Fuwa Rover (エースフワローバ)
   King Fuwa Rover (キングフワローバ)
   Maurice Brothers (モーリスブラザーズ)
   Gigant Cox (ギガントコックス)
   Egger Wings (エッガーウィングス)
   Waddle Dees' Steel Fortress (ワドルディ鋼鉄要塞)

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