The User Characters Mystery was a mystery created by Cobweb as an April Fools joke where he created accounts for Fantendo's fanon characters on the Fantendo Forums. He created multiple accounts on the Fantendo Forums for user characters such as Litle P, 3.14, Smile (who he incorrectly named Ghost Smile to try and confuse people more) and a few more. McQueenMario also created The Return of: 4.13 user a large time afterwards.


3.14 was the first.

Litle PEdit

Litle P was the second.

(Ghost) SmileEdit

Smile (formerly Ghost Smile) was the third to be created.


After COKEMAN11 stated that PalmMan was coming, PalmMan was created.


Other characters such as 4.13 and Sandslash P were created.

4.13's EmpireEdit

McQueenMario created an account called The Return of: 4.13 that was a joke that was quite late for the mystery. After telling JesseRoo the password, 4.13 began to "take over" the forums.

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