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Wario Land 4
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D 1
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance
Release date Game Boy Advance [1]

[2] August 21, 2001 [3] November 9, 2001 [4] November 16, 2001 [5] November 19, 2001 [6] June 2004 Virtual Console (3DS) (Ambassador Program Release) [2] [7] December 15, 2011 [8] December 16, 2011 [9] December 16, 2011 [10] December 16, 2011 Virtual Console (Wii U) [11] April 30, 2014 [12] May 8, 2014 [13] June 5, 2014 [14] June 5, 2014

Genre 2D Platformer
ESRB: - Everyone
PEGI: - Three years and older
CERO: - All ages
ACB: - General
Mode(s) Single player
Media Wii U: Digital downloadGame Boy Advance:[15] CartridgeNintendo 3DS:[16] Digital download
Input Wii U:[17] Wii U GamePad[18] Wii Remote (Sideways)[19] Wii Classic Controller[20] Wii U Pro ControllerGame Boy Advance:[21] Control padNintendo 3DS:[22] Control pad
This article is about the game. For information about the book of the same name, see Wario Land 4 (book).

Wario Land 4, known in Japan as Wario Land Advance: Yōki no Otakara (ワリオランドアドバンス ヨーキのお宝, meaning Wario Land Advance: The Treasure of the Golden Diva)[3], is a platform game released for the Game Boy Advance in 2001. It was later re-released for the Nintendo 3DS system on December 16, 2011 via the Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors program, just after its ten year anniversary as well as the downloadable Virtual Console game for the Wii U on May 8, 2014. It is the fifth game overall in the Wario Land series, which is a spin-off of the Super Mario Land series. In the game, Wario travels to the Golden Pyramid after reading a newspaper article about a rumor of a Legendary Treasure hidden inside. His intention is to rob the Pyramid, but he accidentally goes on a quest to save the legendary Princess Shokora from the money-crazed Golden Diva, evil ruler of the Golden Pyramid. The game features 2-D graphics with linear transformations (similar to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island). Wario Land 4 has received very positive reviews from websites and game critics alike, enjoying praise for its soundtrack, collectibles throughout the game, and level design.



[23]The newspaper article shown in the game's intro, with the Black Cat's shadow.[24]The Black Cat almost getting run over in the game's intro.The story begins in the ruins of the Golden Pyramid, where Princess Shokora, who once ruled the area, had been put into a cursed sleep by the selfish, money-crazed Golden Diva. Princess Shokora was transformed into a Black Cat, and banished from the Pyramid. The Black Cat soon came across a city inhabited by modern humans. There she lived on the streets with a group of stray animals. The Pyramid was later discovered by a group of archaeologists. Many undisclosed accidents hindered the findings of any treasure. Dr. Arewo Stein, a robotic engineer, heard the rumors of the Golden Pyramid and set off on his own expedition. However, he is believed to have gone missing.

One morning, Wario was reading the morning paper, when an article caught his eye. The headline of the article says that a legendary pyramid had been discovered. With his mind on the treasure, he leaves early in the morning in his prized Wario Car and speeds through the city. The Black Cat is seen crossing a road, but Wario makes no attempt to slow down and he gains speed. Frightened, she covers her eyes with her paws, and the car's wheels narrowly miss her. A newspaper flies into the Cat's face. It reads "Pyramid discovered deep in jungle. Legendary Treasure nearly found, but accidents hindered findings." She seems to take an interest in the article. [25]The Golden Pyramid.[26]Wario falling down a precipice within the Pyramid.Meanwhile, Wario speeds out of the city and enters the desert. With his mind on the ancient treasure, he speeds full throttle toward the Golden Pyramid mentioned in the newspaper article. After some time, Wario's vehicle runs out of gas, and he is forced to push the car to the nearest gas station. He soon comes across a jungle, where he leaves his car. After much trekking through the jungle, he finally reaches the Pyramid. Unable to contain his excitement, he climbs it without hesitation and soon finds an entrance. Inside the pyramid, he descends down a set of stairs and comes across the enigmatic Black Cat, who leads Wario into the next room. Wario and the Black Cat come across a precipice in the ground. The Black Cat jumps in and Wario jumps in after her.

He lands in a room somewhere near the center of the Pyramid. Here, Wario must clear the Pyramid's five Passages. A boss challenges Wario to a battle at the end of each Passage. When Wario clears all five Passages, the Inner Pyramid is revealed. Inside lurks the Golden Diva, the final Boss and the evil ruler of the Pyramid. [27]The Black Cat just transformed into Princess Shokora. Wario is very surprised.At the beginning of the battle, the Black Cat attacks the Golden Diva by scratching her face. The Golden Diva appears unscathed, and she swallows the cat. Wario then battles the Golden Diva himself. When defeated, the Black Cat is set free and the treasure is recovered. Wario flexes his muscles, and after this, the Pyramid begins to shake and crumble. Scared, Wario gathers as much treasure as he can and escapes the Pyramid with the Black Cat leading the way out. Climbing up the ladder on the way out, Dr. Arewo Stein, who is also frantic to escape, pushes past Wario and exits the pyramid, and Wario and the Black Cat follow.

On the edge of the forest, Wario and the Black Cat watch the Pyramid crumble to the ground. They both laugh. The Golden Diva's Jewelry suddenly flies out of the treasure sack, and the Black Cat takes possession of them. Suddenly, she undergoes a transformation and turns into Princess Shokora, true ruler of the Pyramid. The Princess gives Wario a kiss and says, "Thank you, Wario...♥" Wario cannot believe his eyes, and he doesn't say a word as she is surrounded by four angels and flies up into heaven. Wario sits there for a while trying to making sense of it all. He soon dismisses it, grabs the remaining treasure and gets back into his car. With the treasure in the boot, he drives through the desert back the way he came, while the staff credits roll.

A few days later... the ending cut scene shows Wario speeding through the city once again. Like the beginning, Wario narrowly misses another cat, a white one this time. After Wario drives off, a newspaper flies into the White Cat's face. It reads; "STEAKS! EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!" The game ends with gold bars forming the words THE END.


[28]A map of the Golden Pyramid. Click on an area to open that relevant article.[29]Four Pyramid Jewels need to be collected in each main Passage.Upon creating a new save file, the player can select a game mode to play as. There are Normal, Hard and S-Hard. The most difficult mode, S-Hard, is unlocked upon completing Hard mode. Gameplay begins in the Entry Passage which includes one level and a boss, Spoiled Rotten. On completion, the next four areas of the game are revealed. This consists of four more Passages, each with four levels relating to a different theme with a boss at the end. The four Passages are the Emerald Passage, Ruby Passage, Topaz Passage and Sapphire Passage. These can be completed in any order. Once each boss of the five Passages have been cleared, an inner pyramid, (the Golden Pyramid) is revealed on the main map. This includes one last level, (the Golden Passage) and the final boss; the Golden Diva.

Unlike previous installments in the series, Wario is given a Heart Meter, which contains a total of eight hearts. Wario can collect hearts throughout the stages. Collecting one will replenish one heart to the meter. Wario will lose a heart by touching a threatening part of an enemy, spikes, etc. He can also fully replenish his meter by opening a Heart Box. Below the Heart Meter is the Heart Gauge. Most enemies drop a Little Heart when defeated. Each Little Heart collected will fill the gauge by an eighth. Filling it will give Wario an extra heart, and the gauge will then be emptied.

Each of the eighteen levels contains four Jewel Pieces, found within boxes, that need to be collected. When four Jewel Pieces are joined, they form a Pyramid Jewel. The color of the Jewels varies on the Passage they are collected in. The player must collect all Jewel Pieces in a Passage to gain access to the boss. A Keyzer must be collected to unlock the next level. Without the Keyzer, the four Jewel Pieces in that level can still be collected, but the door to the next level will remain locked. [30]A Puzzle Room in Palm Tree Paradise.[31]The completed Sound Room.When Wario enters a level, he enters through a Vortex, which will close behind him. The only way to open it again is to find the Frog Switch somewhere in the level. This will re-open the Vortex and will allow Wario to return to the map screen. A time limit is given to return to the Vortex. The player should focus on finding the four Jewel Pieces and the Keyzer before hitting the Frog Switch. However, there are some areas that can only be accessed by hitting the switch. This is achieved through the Frog Switch Blocks. The Frog Switch Blocks can be found either solid or transparent. When the Frog Switch is hit, all transparent blocks will become solid, while all solid blocks will become transparent. This opens up new areas that can only be accessed when the Frog Switch is hit, so there may be some other Jewel Pieces or maybe even the Keyzer to find in that new area. As soon as the Frog Switch is hit, a timer will appear on screen. The amount of time given to reach the Vortex varies on the level and game mode. If the time runs out, the player's score will quickly decrease and the level will become black and white. When the score reaches zero, Wario is sent back to the main map and must start the level again. In the Golden Passage (the last level of the game), the Frog Switch is placed at the beginning directly under the Vortex, so Wario lands on it upon entering the last level. This can make the last level more difficult, as he must recover all four Jewel Pieces and the Keyzer within a time limit. [32]Legendary Treasure and Treasure Chests being restored to the Golden Pyramid.There are two Puzzle Rooms in each level (excluding the Entry Passage and Golden Passage). Each one is found in a Purple Pipe, and will contain either a Diamond worth 1000pts., or an amount of coins that are worth roughly 1000 points when combined. Wario must solve some sort of puzzle to obtain these points, usually using Dr. Arewo Stein as an object to throw. Completing these rooms is optional and is not necessary to complete the game, but rather if the player wants to earn a few extra points. Likewise, the player will never see a Jewel Piece or a Keyzer is a Puzzle Room, but a Heart Box can be seen in some rooms. [33]Wario about to exit a level through a Vortex.There is also an additional bonus challenge to complete. In every level except for the Entry Passage and the Golden Pyramid, there is a hidden CD that can be collected and played in the Sound Room, each containing a different soundtrack. There is a total of sixteen CDs to collect. A Karaoke can also be unlocked, a full song with Japanese vocals. It can be unlocked by getting 10,000 or more points in each of the eighteen levels. [34] [35] [36]The crowns.The game records the player's best score (points collected) in each level. The amount of points obtained in a level will affect what icon will appear on the map screen when standing at the entrance of that level, next to the best score. A score of above 10,000 will show a Gold Crown. 8000 to 9990 will show a Silver crown, and a score of 6000 to 7990 will show a Bronze Crown. A score of below 6000 will show no crown.

There are a total of twelve Treasure Chests in Wario Land 4. Three of them found in each of the four main boss rooms, embedded into the wall in the background. They cannot be touched by Wario at this point. During the boss battle when the time starts to run low (usually under a minute), the Treasure Chests in the background will begin to disappear, one by one. Once Wario defeats the boss, the Treasure Chests that are left over are collected and stored in the Golden Pyramid for the final boss against the Golden Diva. The amount of Treasure Chests collected does not affect the main game, but the ending. The more Treasure Chests Wario has on the game's completion, the more beautiful Princess Shokora will appear in the game's ending cut-scene.

Mini-Game ShopEdit

“Have some fun, why don’t cha! Play mini-games!”Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual

Prior to the boss, there is a Mini-Game Shop where Wario can play one of three mini-games. If Wario receives a certain amount of points in each of the mini-games, he can earn Frog Medals which can be spent at the Item Shop for items to assist him to defeat the boss of that Passage. The three Game Bots run the shop, each hosting a different mini-game. Each mini-game costs 5000 points to play (not including the Entry Passage, which is discounted to 2000.) Points can be earned during normal gameplay.

There are three three mini-games, and they are;

There are three different colored Game Bots, each hosting a different mini-game.

Image Name Description
[37] Blue Game Bot The Blue Game Bot runs the mini-game Wario's Homerun Derby. When selected, it will bring out a pair of baseball bats and will skillfully begin to juggle two baseballs up in the air. The symbol on the Bot’s screen is the shape of a baseball pitch, similar to the one found in the mini-game.
[38] Red Game Bot The Red Game Bot is in charge of The Wario Hop. When the cursor selects this Bot, it will immediately begin jumping up and down excitedly. Speakers will appear on its sides and white musical notes will appear above the speakers. The symbol on the Bot’s screen is also a musical note. The music theme reflects the funky tunes and sound effects heard in The Wario Hop.
[39] Yellow Game Bot The Yellow Game Bot owns the mini-game Wario's Roulette. When selected, the Bot’s screen will divide into three different colored sections. With the scrolling movement similar to a slot machine, the pictures will change while showing a different set of eyes, noses and mouths.

Item ShopEdit

[40]The Item Shop entrance.“You thought you could just FIND items? The world doesn't work that way, kid!!”Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual

The Item Shop in Wario Land 4 is a place where Wario can spend his Frog Medals in exchange for items. These items assist him in defeating a boss by dealing pre-damage at the battle's start. The shopkeeper is a form of the Black Cat. This character is very similar to the later-occuring Mr. Game & Watch. However, a major difference between the two characters is the Item Shopkeeper has eyes in Wario Land 4.

A table of the nine items and their descriptions is shown below.

Image Name Description
[41] Apple Bomb The Apple Bomb is an apple with colored stripes across the bottom half. It disguises a bomb that is concealed inside. When purchased, the Item Shopkeeper will drag the apple to the boss room. She then raises the apple, which will then break open to reveal a ticking bomb. She throws the bomb at the boss to inflict a small amount of damage.
[42] Blast Cannon The Blast Cannon is a grey cannon with multicolored stripes along the barrel. When purchased, it is wheeled to the boss room by the Item Shopkeeper. She will then snap her fingers, causing a bomb to be blasted as a projectile out of the cannon. It will hit the boss to inflict a small amount of damage.
[43] Vizorman The Vizorman is a seemingly inanimate being that wears a vizor with a white suit with a cape. There is a letter "V" on its chest, with legs bearing multicolored stripes. The Item Shopkeeper will drag the Vizorman to the boss room. She will then start charging a laser which is projected from the vizor and hits the boss, dealing a small amount of damage.
[44] Bugle The Bugle is a golden bugle with multicolored stripes across the lower half of the tube. It is carried to the boss room by the Item Shopkeeper. She will then start playing a tune on the Bugle, releasing many music notes which will fly around the room, eventually hitting the boss and inflicting an average amount of damage.
[45] Black Dog The Black Dog is a dog with a huge jaw and bright yellow eyes. It is one of the four items where the Item Shopkeeper will transform into the actual item. When purchased, she will follow Wario to the boss room, where she will transform into the Black Dog. The dog will bite the boss several times, inflicting a large amount of damage.
[46] Large Lips The Large Lips is a being with oversized lips, which replace the whole head. The Item Shopkeeper will follow Wario to the boss room. She will then transform into the Large Lips, which will violently kiss the boss and deal a large amount of damage.
[47] Big Fist The Big Fist is a large fist that wears a white glove. It resembles the Master Hand and Crazy Hand from the Super Smash Bros. series. The Item Shopkeeper will transform into the Big Fist which throws a powerful punch at the boss and deals a large amount of damage.
[48] Black Dragon The Black Dragon is a large dragon with a huge jaw and bright yellow eyes, with wings on its back that allows it to fly. When purchased, the Item Shopkeeper will follow Wario to the boss room. There, she will transform into the fearsome Black Dragon, which breathes fire on the boss to deal a large amount of damage.
[49] Smile The Smile is the only item in the Item Shop that is free. However, it is a joke item. Selecting it will only cause the Item Shopkeeper to smile and make a sound effect towards the player.

The more effective the item has on damaging a boss, the more Frog Medals it is likely to cost. The price of the items also varies on the game mode, e.g. an item in hard mode would be more expensive than the same item in normal mode. All items and prices are as follows:

Item Price in Frog Medals
Normal Hard S-Hard
Apple Bomb 2 3 4
Blast Cannon 2 3 4
Vizorman 4 6 8
Bugle 6 9 12
Black Dog 10 15 20
Large Lips 10 15 20
Big Fist 10 15 20
Black Dragon 10 15 20
Smile N/A N/A N/A

Each item deals a fixed amount of damage to each boss. All damage totals are shown below. The last four items are not available for purchase against the first boss of the game, Spoiled Rotten.

Item Boss / Damage taken by Item
Spoiled Rotten Cractus Cuckoo Condor Aerodent Catbat Golden Diva
Apple Bomb 2 2 2 1 2 1
Blast Cannon 3 3 2 2 1 1
Vizorman 6 4 3 3 3 2
Bugle 8 5 4 4 4 3
Black Dog N/A 7 9 8 10 8
Large Lips N/A 9 8 14 7 5
Big Fist N/A 8 12 7 9 6
Black Dragon N/A 10 7 9 8 7

Sound RoomEdit

“When you find the CDs thrown around the stages, you'll be able to hear some weird music! Collect 'em all and maybe people will like you!”Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual

The Sound Room is a place where the player can listen to collected CDs obtained in levels. Each of the sixteen CDs have a unique track recorded on it. A bonus Karaoke can be unlocked by getting 10,000 or more points in each of the eighteen levels.

Image Name Sound Description
[50] About That Shepherd The wind is blowing and several dogs are barking. The baas of sheep are are also heard. As the CD plays for longer, the barking gets faster and faster, and then begins to slow down. The track ends with the dogs whimpering.
[51] Things That Never Change Raindrops and frog croaks can be heard at the beginning. Crickets, birds and owls come in later. The "Things That Never Change" tells the story of how many things on our planet change, but the beauty of nature stays the same.
[52] Tomorrow's Blood Pressure Several mechanical sounds introduce this CD. Wheels are turning and electricity is flowing. It is a very stress-filled CD. A lot of the sound effects heard are from the level The Curious Factory.
[53] Beyond the Headrush Loud, confusing sound effects gives the listener the impression that a lot is happening at once, very quickly. Mysterious Castle-like themes follow. The wind can be heard in the background.
[54] Driftwood & the Island Dog A beach feel introduces this CD. Waves are crashing as seagulls caw and a dog barks. An instrument can be heard playing very short notes in a loop, repeating until the end of the track.
[55] The Judge's Feet A glass ball is bouncing on a hard surface, making a ping sound every time it hits the ground. The gap between bounces becomes smaller. More and more balls start bouncing, hitting the ground at different times. They each make a different pitched sound. Drums come into play later on.
[56] The Moon's Lamppost A distorted version of the Karaoke consists of this whole CD. The female vocals can be heard as with the normal Karaoke, but the voice is stop-started on rapid intervals, and even played backwards in places.
[57] Soft Shell This CD is a remix of the Puzzle Room theme. Extra sound effects fill the gaps in the theme, such as animal sounds from The Wario Hop, a creature that sounds like Pikachu, and a train.
[58] So Sleepy A person is snoring loudly. Doors creak open and shut with a slam, but he sleeps through it. A clock strikes, and he stirs, but quickly drifts off again. Springs bounce, cats meow and frogs croak. A cuckoo clock sings and the clock chimes again, but he does not stir a second time.
[59] The Short Futon Two people are whispering to each other in a long corridor, with many doors on either side. They start opening doors. They peek into the many rooms, finding a rainforest, a snoring man, the female voice from Karaoke, a music box and Pikachu. Eventually, they come to the end of the corridor, where they find a room of royalty.
[60] Avocado Song Drums begin to play a funky tune, with spoons tapping in an upbeat rhythm. Everything goes silent. An alarm rings, which cues the music back. The tune is very cheerful all the way to the end, where the music fades out.
[61] Mr. Fly A fly is buzzing around a room, stopping to land every few seconds. Someone tries to squash it, but they miss and the fly buzzes away. They keep trying to squash it again and again, but always missing. With all the noise going on, a dog begins to bark. It's victory for Mr. Fly as he survives.
[62] Yesterday's Words A clock is ticking, getting louder and louder. Suddenly, many noises come in at once, like doors opening and closing, a cuckoo clock and the sounds of a Frog Switch being hit. Soon, the only sound left heard is the clock. That soon fades out and a tune similar to the Mystic Lake theme plays to the end.
[63] The Errand A person is walking, with the noises of a highway is heard in the background. The highway fades, and the sounds of waves are heard crashing and seagulls are cawing. He then comes across a forest. Crickets chirp and birds. He reaches his destination, and he sighs with relief. He goes inside and takes a well deserved nap.
[64] You and Your Shoes A girl is tap-dancing. Her steps start off simple, and then start to get more and more complicated. She clicks her fingers and suddenly, many instruments play a loud and upbeat tune in time to her steps. She bows when the show is over.
[65] Mr. Ether & Planaria This track begins with a mysterious tune full of suspense played by Mr. Ether. Drums tap in a sharp beat. Twenty seconds into the track, Planaria starts whistling over Mr. Ether in a high-pitched, catchy tune. The whistle fades out towards the end as machines start beeping. A few more loud notes end the CD.
[66] Karaoke (Medamayaki) The Karaoke is different from all other CDs. It is not found in any level. The player must unlock it by obtaining 10,000 or more points in each of the eighteen levels, or by entering a cheat code in the Sound Room. The song is an extended version of the Palm Tree Paradise theme. A female sings the song in Japanese.

Game modesEdit

Upon creating a file, the game will ask which game mode the player prefers to play as. The game modes are as follows:

The game mode affects the location of the Jewel Pieces, how many enemies are seen in the levels, the health the player begins with upon entering the level and the time given to get back to the Vortex after the player hits the Frog Switch (see table in section below). In a few levels on some difficulties, the Frog Switch even changes its location. Purchasing items from the Item Shop will cost more Frog Medals. The difficulty of Mini-Games are generally unchanged across difficulty levels. However, on S-Hard, the baseball mini-game has pitches thrown by a cheerleader who throws more hard pitches and has a different style from than normal.

List of Frog Switch timesEdit

[70]“This switch has an ignorant little frog face!! Once you step on it, hurry up and get back to the vortex!”Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual

This table is a list of Frog Switch times given to complete levels in different game modes. It also includes the times to defeat the in-game bosses.

Level Frog Switch times given in different game modes to complete the levels
Normal Hard S-Hard
Entry Passage
Hall of Hieroglyphs 1:00 0:15 2:30*
Spoiled Rotten (boss) 1:00 0:30 0:15
Emerald Passage
Palm Tree Paradise 1:30 0:45 4:30*
Wildflower Fields 2:30 1:30 0:50
Mystic Lake 3:00 2:00 1:30
Monsoon Jungle 4:00 2:45 2:00
Cractus (boss) 4:00 3:00 2:00
Ruby Passage
The Curious Factory 3:30 2:50 2:30
The Toxic Landfill 5:00 3:30 2:30
40 Below Fridge 4:00 3:30 2:00
Pinball Zone 6:00 5:15 3:30
Cuckoo Condor (boss) 4:00 3:00 2:00
Topaz Passage
Toy Block Tower 4:00 2:30 2:00
The Big Board 3:00 2:30 2:00
Doodle Woods 6:00 5:15 4:00
Domino Row 4:00 3:00 2:00
Aerodent (boss) 4:00 3:00 2:00
Sapphire Passage
Crescent Moon Village 3:30 2:45 2:00
Arabian Night 4:00 3:00 1:30
Fiery Cavern 5:00 4:00 2:45
Hotel Horror 4:00 3:15 2:00
Catbat (boss) 4:00 3:00 2:00
Golden Pyramid
Golden Passage 9:30 6:00 3:00
Golden Diva (boss) 6:00 5:00 4:00
*Frog Switch position changes

Wario's transformationsEdit

“Even the powerful Wario gets into some embarrassing situations in this game! I eat too much and get all chubby, a bee stings my face and makes it swell like a balloon, my body catches fire, and all kinds of other bad things happen to me!!”Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual

Wario has a total of ten different transformations in the game, all having a different purpose to assist Wario in progressing through the level. This can include turning into a Bat to reach a high place, or catching fire to break certain blocks. All of the transformations have been re-used from previous games in the series, but they are put to more use in Wario Land 4. In all forms Wario is invincible. But touching an enemy will not destroy it, it will merely knock it aside.

Below is a table describing all forms Wario can become into (exception: normal Wario).

Image Name Description
[71] Wario Wario in his standard form. He can perform a ground-pound, ram enemies or blocks, crawl to get through thin spaces and throw small objects like enemies or rocks.
[72] Puffy Wario Wario after getting stung by a Beezley, or getting struck by the arrow of a Bow Balloon. His cheeks puff up in a supposed allergic reaction, and he is able to float continually upwards, until Wario hits a ceiling, at then Wario will turn back into his normal form.
[73] Flaming Wario Wario after catching fire from a Kaentsubo. He will run without stopping while the fire spreads but the player can still make Wario jump by pressing . He will run in the opposite direction when he hits a wall, and any Bonfire Blocks touched will turn into ash. Falling into water will return Wario to his normal form.
[74] Flat Wario Wario after being crushed by a Compressor. His body will become flat light. If he leaves the ground or jumps, he will fall back slowly, swaying side to side, just like a feather. He can get into small spaces. Wario can turn back into his normal form by entering a Decompressor.
[75] Fat Wario Wario, only fatter. He can turn into this form by eating Apples thrown by a Ringosukī. Wario is invulnerable to enemy attacks, enemies will be killed by only touching them. Due to Wario's increased weight he cannot jump high and he walks slow until Wario walks a certain distance.
[76] Bubble Wario Wario after touching an underwater bubble. He can float upwards until he reaches the surface. This effect is useless unless there is a water current. Wario can access areas that are otherwise inaccessible because the bubble is unaffected by these currents.
[77] Snowman Wario Wario after a mound of snow falls on him from a ceiling. Snow will stick to Wario around his belly area and he will be greatly weighed down. Wario will turn into a huge snowball and start rolling, breaking any Snowman Blocks that get in his way if he starts walking from a slope.
[78] Frozen Wario Wario after getting hit by a Yeti's sneeze. He will become immobile and start sliding backwards. The ice will break once Wario hits a wall or object.
[79] Bouncy Wario Wario when a Menhanmā strikes him with his hammer. He will curl up into a spring and transform into Bouncy Wario. The player is able to make Wario bounce to incredible heights by pressing . If left alone, the bounce will gain power. After jumping Wario will transform back into his normal form by hitting solid ground.
[80] Zombie Wario Wario when a Skeleton Bird throws him goo. He moves slow, and jumping above a thin platform will cause him to fall through the floor, reaching otherwise inaccessible places. Wario can transform back by either touching water, or being exposed to bright light.
[81] Vampire Wario Wario after being hit by a Minicula. In this form, Wario takes on the appearance of a Bat, and is able to fly by repeatedly pressing in order to reach high places. Returning to normal form can be achieved by touching water or being exposed to bright light, like with Zombie Wario.


“So these are my basic controls! You got a problem with that?”Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual

Controls Purpose
Opens pause menu/confirm
Ram (attack), throw (hold to build power)
Left/right to move. Up to look up
+ Throw upwards
Ground pound (break blocks below or defeat enemies, ends when player releases the d-pad), roll on 45 degree slope, S-ground pound (break stronger blocks, hold d-pad down for more than a second while falling. Does not end if the player releases the d-pad)
+ Slide down ladder
+ Crawl
or S-ram (ram with more power)

Wario's movesEdit

“How 'bout it? You can even do this stuff!”Wario, Wario Land 4 instruction manual

Wario has several different moves in Wario Land 4. Mastering each one of them is essential for progressing in the game.

Image Name Description
[82] Attack Wario can shift his body weight to ram into objects. He can hit the weak spot of enemies to destroy them, or break blocks to make a path. He also runs a tad faster than normal.
[83] Dash Attack Just like the regular Attack, but with more power. Wario must run for a short distance to build up momentum. Once he does, he runs at terrific speed and is able to break stronger, more solid blocks.
[84] Smash Attack A stronger version of the classic move that is mainly used in the Mario series can be used in Wario Land 4. Wario can use it to break blocks below, or defeat enemies.
[85] Smash Attack (powered) Similar to the normal Smash Attack but with more strength. Triggered by continuously ground pounding for a certain amount of time without hitting the ground. Wario can break the more solid blue blocks by performing this move. The move won't cancel until he hits the ground.
[86] Roll On a 45º degree slope in the floor, Wario can begin to roll. He can jump while moving, destroy blocks and defeat enemies by using this move. He will stop rolling if he either hits something solid or fall into water.
[87] Swim Wario is able to swim when he is in a body of water. He can move forward, as well as upward and downward. However, he is unable to swim against water currents.
[88] Crawl When Wario has a small space to squeeze through, he can crawl to pass through. He can also jump while crawling.
[89] Throw If Wario picks up an enemy, rock or Pinball, he is able throw it upwards or sidewards. He can also break blocks from a long distance away.

''''Levels World 1: Goomba Grasslands Bowser Jr. has taken over this place. It features remakes of old Mario games. Levels: 7 Bonus Levels: 1 Hammer Bro: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1' '

''''START----1-1 | | 1-2 | 1-3!_-_-_BL1!_-_-_- 1-7-------FORT | | | | 1-4--------1-5----------1-6 TOAD | 'CASTLE '

''''Key: If there’s a ! at the end of a level, it can lead to a bonus or shortcut FORT= Fortress TOAD= Toad House CASTLE= Castle -_-_-_-_-_= Path to bonus level or shortcut '

''''Enemies: Goomba, Paragoomba, Paragoomba w/ Micro-Goombas, Red and Green Koopa 'Troopa, Red and Green Paratroopa, Piranha Plant, Buzzy Beetle, Cheep Cheep, Blooper, Roto-Disc, Firebar '

''''Level 1-1 Mushroom Way It’s Level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros., but with enhanced graphics. 'Type of level: Normal '

''''Level 1-2 Goomba’s Road It’s level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros. 3, but with enhanced graphics. 'Type: Normal '

''''Level 1-3 Cave of the Goombas An underground level, it’s a remake of 1-2 from Super Mario Bros. with enhanced graphics. 'Type: Underground '

''''Level 1-4 Cheep-Cheep Pond The first underwater level, and the introduction of Blooper and Cheep Cheep. It is a remake of, you guessed it, 1-3 from Super Mario Bros. 'Type: Underwater '

''''Level 1-5 Goomba Temple The underground ruins of an ancient temple. It is basically made of two paths: top and bottom. The top has flying enemies and the bottom has a lot of holes. 'Type: Temple, Underground '

''''Level 1-6 Big Bridge A very long bridge with many flying enemies and Cheeps that come out of the water. 'Type: Sky '

''''Level 1-7 Mush Road The first highway level. It has cars running straight through it and a long jump at the end. Oh, and on the road levels you get a vehicle, usually a Mario Kart. 'Type: Highway '

''''Level 1-8 Fort Goom A remake of the first fort in Super Mario Bros. 3, but there are way more Goombas. Boss: Boom Boom 'Type: Fortress '

''''Toad House 'You can choose the normal choose the box game, or the new beat the baddies game. Just beat all the enemies as fast as you can. The enemies this time are Goombas. '

''''Level 1-9 Jr’s Castle This time it’s a remake of Larry’s castle from Super Mario Bros. 3. 'Type: Castle '

''''Bowser Koopa Jr: He jumps around the room dodging your attacks. He also shoots 'globs of paint at you, one at a time. Attack him when he’s about ready to attack! Three times and he’s out! '

''''Bonus Level 1 Goomba Factory This is a cool place made to look like an old Donkey Kong level. The enemies are still Goombas and stuff, though. It goes straight up and you have to dodge the barrels rolling down. You can jump on one side and come out of the other, too. Type: Construction Site 'Prize: Fire Flower '

''''World 2: Swooper Swamp This is Larry’s level. It’s basically made up of swampland, but there’s a road and construction site, too. Levels: 10 Bonus Levels: 2 Hammer Bro: 1 Sledge Bro: 1 Fortress: 2 Toad House: 1' '

''''START-----2-2! | 2-1 | | 2-3 FORT | 2-4---------2-5 2-7----2-8----2-9 | | | TOAD—2-6! FORT | 'BL2-CASTLE-2-11 '

''''Key: |= path to Bonus Level or shortcut '

''''Enemies: Goombas, Paragoombas, Red and Green Koopa Troopas, Green Paratroopas, Swoopers, Buzzy Beetles, Spike Tops, Cheep Cheeps, Bullet Bills, Bill Blasters, 'Hammer Bros, Porcu-Puffer, Firebar, Roto-Disc '

''''Level 2-1 Swooper’s Glade A straight level with high grass in the back. There’s also a big hill. 'Type: Normal/Swamp '

''''Level 2-2 Swooper Pipe This level is completely optional, although it leads to a Bonus Level. It is basically a big drop down to the bottom, but there are spikes and Swoopers on the way down. 'Type: Underground '

''''Level 2-3 Swampy Waters Although this level is close to the ground, Cheep Cheeps still hop out of the water. 'Type: Swamp '

''''Level 2-4 Swooper Bog The first all-swamp level. Expect Spike Tops and Swoopers, and a lot of them! 'Type: Swamp '

''''Level 2-5 Bat Road This time you get a boat and rush through the flooded highway. 'Type: Swamp/Highway '

''''Toad House 'This time the new game is Toad Race. Just race Toad through the Bat Road level. '

''''Level 2-6 Tall Road Back to a Mario Kart on this one. This is high in the air, on a giant bridge. In fact, the scenery around it is forest and swamp. 'Type: Sky/Highway '

''''Level 2-7 Aqua Swamp A swimming level. But if you wander too close to the surface, the Porcu-Puffer will come after you. 'Type: Underwater '

''''Level 2-8 Rusty Tower Another Donkey Kong-esque level. But this time the platforms are green and rusty brown. Some will fall or disintegrate as soon as you step on them, so watch out. 'Type: Construction Site/Swamp '

''''Level 2-9 Sky-High Swamp A swamp level floating in the sky. Weird. 'Type: Sky/Swamp '

''''Level 2-10 Decrepit Fortress An old, abandoned fortress… well, Swoopers are still in it, and a Boom-Boom at the end, but… Type: Fortress/Swamp 'Boss: Jumping Boom-Boom '

''''Level 2-11 Haven Bridge A bridge floating high above the dangers of Swooper Swamp. No enemies, but plenty of drops. 'Type: Sky '

''''Level 2-12 Larry’s Castle A swamp inside of a castle. In one part you have to run from a hoard of Swoopers. 'Type: Castle/Forest '

''''Boss: Larry Koopa 'Larry is kind of like Jr, but he can jump off of walls, making him harder. He throws Ninja-Stars and shuriken. '

''''Bonus Level 1 Fort Extra A hidden fortress level. The first appearance of the Blue Brother, too. Type: Fortress 'Prize: Raccoon Suit '

''''Bonus Level 2 Pipe of the Spike Top A long, underground cave that has many hills and a lava raft. Type: Underground 'Prize: Star '

''''World 3: Graveyard Grove 'This is, strangely enough, Iggy’s land. It is located on a giant cemetery, and its secrets are extremely good! '

''''Levels: 8 Bonus Levels: 2 Boomerang Bro: 2 Toad House: 1 Ghost House: 1 Doomtanks: 1' '

''''START---3-1 | 3-2 | TSZ-_-_-_3-3!--------3-4 CASTLE | | 3-5!-_-_-WTH DT1 | | | 3-6 | | | | | '3-7--------GH1-----3-9 '

''''Key: TSZ: Top Secret Zone WTH: White Toad House GH: Ghost House 'DT: Doomtank '

''''Enemies: Spook-Masks, Ghost Goombas, Karakasas, Dry Bones, Bony Beetle, Porcupo, Boo, Big Boo, Bob-omb, Rocky Wrench, Thwomp, Fishbones, Ball’n’Chain, Roto-Disc '

''''Level 3-1 Graveyard’s Beginning The very first Graveyard level. Nothing special. 'Type: Graveyard '

''''Level 3-2 Dry Orchard This level is filled to the brim with Dry Bones, so watch out. 'Type: Graveyard/Forest '

''''Level 3-3 Porcupo’s Haven An underground haven away from all of the zombies and ghosts. It’s rather icy down here. 'Type: Underground/Ice '

''''Level 3-4 Unrepaired A giant building with white panels this time. Thwomps will smash down on some areas, and others are just plain rusty! 'Type: Construction Site '

''''Level 3-5 Welcome to Warp Pipe Zone All of this level is a maze of pipes, and its name may have more than one meaning… 'Type: Underground '

''''Level 3-6 Mountain of Hades After making your way up the silent hill, you have to ride a ghostly toboggan down. 'Type: Mountain/Cemetery '

''''Level 3-7 Bloody Grotto The water in this place is red as blood. Fishbones swim in these murky depths. Expect a big surprise at the end. 'Type: Cemetery/Underwater '

''''Level 3-8 Nightmare Ghost House This is the first Ghost House in the game, and it’s not called nightmare for no reason. Type: Ghost House 'Boss: Big Boo '

''''Level 3-9 Ghost Valley Race on a remake of the Mario Kart level, Ghost Valley. Watch out for holes! 'Type: Highway/Ghost House '

''''Level 3-10 Iggy’s Doomtank It’s a Doomtank going through the cemetery, crushing anything in its way, even if that means Mario or Luigi! 'Type: Doomtank/Cemetery '

''''Level 3-11 Iggy’s Castle You’re almost out of this spooky place, so rejoice as you get through this Ball’n’Chain-infested palace! 'Type: Castle '

''''Boss: Iggy Koopa This is another battle, but it’s harder than the last two. Iggy can jump 'better than anyone in the game, and will wall jump multiple times before landing. But remember: Iggy will fall towards you, so you must keep moving so as not to get squished. '

''''Bonus Level 1 Top Secret Zone That’s right, a complete copy of the Top Secret Zone from Super Mario World! Prize: 1 Yoshi, 1 Feather, 1 Fire Flower 'Type: Normal '

''''Bonus Toad House White Toad Houses keep a very important item: Warp Whistles. And the bonus Toad House in this place is white! 'Prize: Warp Whistle '

''''World 4: Boo Boardwalk: The creepiness isn’t over yet. Next is a touch of creepiness and water to make Boo Boardwalk, evil circus included. Levels: 6 Bonus Levels: 3 Hammer Bros: 2 Boomerang Bros: 1 Ghost Houses: 1 Doomsubs: 2 Doomtanks: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1' '

''''CASTLE START----4-1 DS / | FORT!-------4-8 4-2 | | | | |------------ 4-9 '4-3---------DS!------4-5--------GH1!-_-_-_-DT!-_-_-_-_-TH '

''''Key: 'DS=Doomsub '

''''Enemies: Boo, Boo Blah, Piranha Plant, Goomba Ghost, Dry Bones, Bony Beetle, Ghostly Goom, Rocky Wrench, Bob-omb, Cheep Cheep, Fishbones, Flying Blooper '

''''Level 4-1 Boardwalk Beginnings There are two paths: under the Boardwalk and on top of it. Under it is a long swim, and the top is enemy-infested. 'Type: Boardwalk/Haunted '

''''Level 4-2 CarnEvil A really creepy carnival on the boardwalk. Whatever you do, DON’T GO IN THE KITCHEN!!! It already has blood splattered on the window… 'Type: Carnival/Haunted '

''''Level 4-3 Warp Pipe Wishes You’re still in the carnival, but playing a guessing game where you must guess which warp pipe to go down. 'Type: Carnival '

''''Level 4-4 Ludwig’s Doomsub Ludwig’s Doomsub… uh, it’s a Doomsub, and Cheep Cheeps jump out from the bottom. 'Type: Doomsub '

''''Level 4-5 Road to Nowhere A road hat has multiple paths. If you pick the wrong one you must start over. 'Type: Haunted/Highway '

''''Level 4-6 Sunken Ghost House This Ghost House is drenched, and can easily be filled up with water in some rooms. Others have updrafts that will lead you right into spikes. 'Type: Ghost House/Underwater '

''''Level 4-7 Haunted Fortress This fortress is completely covered with Boos and Dry Bones. A big pool is in the center, filled with Fishbones, and you can go in the cemetery out back. Well, you have to. Boss: Blue Bro 'Type: Fortress/Cemetery '

''''Level 4-8 Ghost Woods Haunted woods where Boos, Dry Bones, and a Ghost Goom or two hang out. Look out, though, because you can vaguely see a castle in the background… 'Type: Woods/Haunted '

''''Level 4-9 Ghost Grove A small grove. It looks like the classic Super Mario Bros, but a total Warfield; it’s torn apart. 'Type: Normal/Battlefield '

''''Bonus Level 1 Ludwig’s Reinforcements Ludwig’s second Doomsub, just in case Mario destroys the other one. Type: Doomsub 'Prize: Tanooki Suit '

''''Bonus Level 2 Ludwig’s Doomtank It appears Ludwig’s been thinking, because this level has blocked a Toad House! Type: Doomtank, Haunted 'Prize: Mamu’s Gloves '

''''Toad House 'This game’s extra is Defend the Toad House. You get a Fire Flower Turret to defend the Toad House from various enemies! '

''''Ludwig’s Castle 'Ludwig’s Castle is so well hidden that Mario could only get to it through a hidden exit. It’s very high-tech. '

''''Boss: Ludwig von Koopa Ludwig is one of the harder Koopalings. He won’t wall jump, but he will run around the room in his shell, then pop out and blast you with a ray gun. All you have to do is catch him. Type: Castle, Hi-Tech 'Prize: Bowser Suit '

''''World 5: Winter Well The icy interior of this place suits the boss, Lemmy, just fine. Levels: 8 Bonus Levels: 2 Hammer Bros: 1 Boomerang Bros: 1 Fire Bros: 1 Ghost Houses: 1 Doomsubs: 1 Doomships: 1 Fortress: 2 Toad House: 1' '

''''START WPa | | 5-1 5-3!-_-_-_-_BL1 | | 5-2 5-4 BL2 | | WPa FORT------------------5-6! | 5-7 | WPb '

''''WPb | 5-8--------5-9 | GH1--------DS-----TH | FORT | DOOM | 'CASTLE '

''''Key: WP=Warp Pipe. WPa leads to WPa, WPb leads to WPb 'DOOM=Doomship '

''''Enemies: Buster Beetle, Muncher, Buzzy Beetle, Cheep Cheep, Blooper, Rocky Wrench, Bob-omb, Monty Mole, Wiggler, Raven, Goomba, Paragoomba, Paragoomba w/ 'Microgoombas, Red and Green Koopa Troopa, Red and Green Paratroopa, Flying Blooper, Boo, Harry Hedgehog, Piranha Plant, Ptooie Piranha, Walking Ptooie, Freezie '

''''Level 5-1 Icy Plains Buster Beetles practically infest this place. Don’t melt the ice, as some of it contains Munchers! 'Type: Normal/Icy '

''''Level 5-2 Beetle Temple Another temple level. This one is underground, too. 'Type: Temple/Underground '

''''Level 5-3 Icy Surface Since this level is underground, this Sky level is on the surface of the land above it: Boo Boardwalk. 'Type: Cemetery '

''''Level 5-4 Harry’s Den This is like Porcupo’s Haven, only a bit different, and with Harry Hedgehogs instead of Porcupos. 'Type: Icy/Underground '

''''Level 5-5 Fort Noks This is the Koopas’ Coin storage. It is kind of like a switch palace. 'Type: Fortress '

''''Level 5-6 Frosty Forest An icy forest underground… that’s all. 'Type: Forest, Icy '

''''Level 5-7 Icy Wreckage Modeled after a level of Wrecking Crew, only Goombas replace Eggplant Men. 'Type: Construction Site/Icy '

''''Level 5-8 Traction Terror This is a moving level with low traction and many holes. 'Type: Icy '

''''Level 5-9 Icy Plateu The start is at the bottom of the plateau, and the end is at the top. Good luck! 'Type: Mountain/Icy '

''''Toad House 'This game’s bonus is Bash the Baddies. The enemies this time are Buzzy Beetles and Ptooie Piranhas. '

''''Level 5-10 Lemmy’s Doomsub Located in the middle of an underground lake, this was made with many Rocky Wrenches. Plus, it is the only non-moving Doom-whatever in the whole game! 'Type: Doomsub/Icy '

''''Level 5-11 Icicle Ghost House This is very strange, modeled after an old Mario Bros. level with Freezies. Just make it to the top and fight Big Boo! 'Boss: Big Boo '

''''Level 5-12 Icy Blue Fort This level is a sidescrolling fortress, but it’s easier than most. But you have a lot less time to beat the boss… 'Boss: Blue Bro '

''''Level 5-13 Lemmy’s Doomship A remake of Lemmy’s Doomship from Super Mario Bros. 3. 'Type: Doomship '

''''Level 5-14 Lemmy’s Castle 'This is an icy insanity. Ice is all over the floors, and there’s a chamber right before the fight with Lemmy where you battle a Jumpin’ Boom Boom. '

''''Boss: Lemmy Koopa 'This is one of the harder Koopaling fights. Lemmy is too big to jump on normally, unless you do one of those run and jump things with Luigi, so you must hop on one of the platforms in the air and then hop on him. Three times and he will lose his ball, then start spitting ice from one spot in the arena. Tough! '

''''Bonus Level 1 Icy River This river is covered in ice, and infested with Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers. At the end there’s a spot where a Walkin’ Ptooie chases you to the end. Type: Icy/Underwater 'Prize: Mamu’s Gloves '

''''Bonus Level 2 Slushy Swamp One of the odder combinations out there, this is a mix of swamp and ice! Type: Icy/Swamp 'Prize: Raccoon Suit '

''''World 6: Tidal Temple Most of this level is made of water, and a secret exit holds the key to a bonus island of dreams! Levels: 11 Bonus Levels: 1 Hammer Bros: 2 Boomerang Bros: 1 Doomtanks: 1 Toad House: 1 White Toad House: 1' '

''''START----6-1-----6-2--------6-3 | | 6-6 | | | 6-5-DB-TH-DB-------------6-4 | | 6-7! | -------6-8!-_-_-_-_-_-_-_CASTLE | | | | BL1 6-9------- DOCK | CNU


''''DB | | 6-12 | | DOCK DB WTH | |---------------| 'DT 6-11 '

''''Key: CNU= Canoe, which you can use to travel across water on the map. DOCK: Dock, which you can park the canoe on. 'DB: Drawbridge, which goes up or down every turn. '

''''Enemies: Bloopers, Cheep Cheeps, Big Berthas, Porcu-Puffers, Dolphins, Fishbones, Boos, Dry Bones, Goomba, Red and Green Koopa Troopa, Red and Green Paratroopa, Paragoomba, Paragoomba w/ Microgoombas '

''''Level 6-1 Rock Temple A temple with a smooth, rocky bottom. This one’s above ground. 'Type: Temple '

''''Level 6-2 Sky Temple A temple in the sky. It’s a moving level. 'Type: Temple/Sky '

''''Level 6-3 Ice Temple An icy temple that is, again, above ground. 'Type: Temple/Ice '

''''Level 6-4 Mountain Temple A temple high in the mountains. 'Type: Temple/Mountain '

''''Level 6-5 Forest Temple A temple with many trees and rocks. 'Type: Temple/Forest '

''''Level 6-6 Ghost Temple This is a level with three types; practically one of a kind! 'Type: Haunted/Cemetery/Temple '

''''Level 6-7 Water Temple A level that is almost completely underwater, but not all the way. 'Type: Temple/Underwater '

''''Level 6-8 Watery Grave A sunken Doomship filled with Boos. 'Type: Haunted/Underwater '

''''Level 6-9 Big Bertha’s Bout It’s one of those levels with the platforms going up and down and a Big Bertha swimming at the bottom of the screen. 'Type: Normal/Underwater '

''''6-10 Wendy’s Doomtank This is the same as the first Doomtank in Super Mario Bros. 3, but with better graphics and a different background. 'Type: Doomtank/Normal '

''''6-11 Temple of Fun The Carnival Temple, but this time it’s not haunted. 'Type: Carnival/Temple '

''''6-12 Bog Temple An island floating in the sea holds this temple of the swamp. 'Type: Temple/Swamp '

''''6-13 Wendy’s Castle A Castle floating in the water, with water enemies, Boos, and a Blue Bro! 'Type: Castle/Underwater '

''''Boss: Wendy O. Koopa 'One of the harder Koopalings, Wendy is fought in the water. While you are chambered in a pool with her you must swim away until she opens a hatch to let out a Big Bertha. Then you must go in the hatch and get the Fire Flower. Shoot her 15 times and you win! '

''''Bonus Level 1 Construction Temple This is a strange mix of Construction Site and Temple! 'Type: Temple/Construction Site '

''''World 7: Dark Desert This is, fittingly, Morton’s land. All of the levels are at night, so it may be hard to see… Levels: 10 Bonus Levels: 2 Fire Bros: 1 Boomerang Bros: 4 Ghost Houses: 1 Doomtanks: 1 Doomships: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1 White Toad House: 1' '

''''START-------7-1----------7-2-----7-3!_-_-_-_-_-BL1!_-_-_-_-_-_-_-WTH RCK | | 7-4-------------------7-5--------------7-6--------7-7----7-8----TH |----7-9 RCK | | ---7-10 | DT------GH---FORT!_-_-_-_-BL2 | WPa


''''WPa---------CASTLE+DOOM. '

''''Key: RCK=Rock, which you can break with the hammers, not Hammer Bros. Suits, though. 'CASTLE+DOOM=If you lose to the boss once, he’ll fly off in his Doomship and wait for you to get him. '

''''Enemies: Angry Sun, Nipper Plant, Hotfoot, Pokey, Muncher, Piranha Plant, Venus Fire Trap, Firesnake, Piledriver Microgoomba, Red, Yellow, and Green Koopa Troopa, Red, Yellow, and Green Paratroopa, Goomba, Paragoomba, Paragoomba w/ Microgoombas, Bandit, Buzzy Beetle, Rocky Wrench, Firebar, Bob-omb '

''''Level 7-1 Dry, Dry Desert Named after the Paper Mario desert, this place is filled with Pokeys and Bandits. 'Type: Desert/Night '

''''Level 7-2 Angry Sun’s Turf In this place you’re being chased by the Angry Sun the whole level, and there is nothing there to help you except the power-ups you brought. 'Type: Desert/Night '

''''Level 7-3 Quicksand Land This place is filled to the brim with quicksand and Venus Fire Traps, so watch out! But in one of those pits there may be a shortcut… 'Type: Desert/Night '

''''Level 7-4 Rocky Ridge A dusty cliffside with Pokeys-a-plenty. 'Type: Mountain/Night '

''''Level 7-5 Nipper Oasis An oasis with a lot of Nippers everywhere! 'Type: Underwater/Night '

''''Level 7-6 Sandman’s Den This place seems to be endless sand, as the whole course is the same thing over and over again. 'Type: Desert/Night '

''''Level 7-7 Stalk of the Piranha You must climb a giant Piranha Plant to get across this place, then hop in its mouth and take out its tongue. Type: Desert/Night 'Boss: Giant Piranha Plant '

''''Level 7-8 Underground Insanity This is a cave level at night, making the only light available a lantern that Mario or Luigi carry. 'Type: Underground/Night '

''''Level 7-9 Pyreenipper Mountains A mountainous region that looks like a giant Nipper Plant… and is infested with them and Munchers too! 'Type: Mountain/Night '

''''Level 7-10 Rocky Wrench Mountains Tall mountains with a Rocky Wrench head carved into it. It is also the only non-Doom-whatever level with Rocky Wrenches. 'Type: Mountain/Night '

''''Level 7-11 Morton’s Doomtank This is modeled after the second Doomtank in Super Mario Bros. 3. 'Type: Doomtank/Night '

''''Level 7-12 Mirage Ghost House This is a strange Ghost House with multiple paths and mirages. 'Type: Ghost House/Desert/Night '

''''Level 7-13 Fortress of the Sand This place is filled with sand, everywhere you look. And the boss isn’t much better. 'Type: Fortress/Desert/Night '

''''Level 7-14 Morton’s Castle and Doomship After making it up Morton’s Desert/Castle Combination, you have to go on a re-make of Morton’s Doomship from SMB3. Type 1: Desert/Castle 'Type 2: Doomship/Night '

''''Bonus Level 1 Under the Quicksand This level takes place in a cave with a sea of quicksand floating above you. You have to pick the right path of quicksand or you’ll meet a bed of spikes. 'Type: Desert/Underground '

''''White Toad House 'Again, a Warp Whistle awaits you. '

''''Bonus Level 2 Oasis 2 The smaller oasis that’s teeming with Cheeps! You drive through this one. 'Type: Underwater/Night/Highway '

''''World 8: Bad, Bad, Battlefield This may seem like an incredibly short world, but in reality it’s one of the longest out there. Levels: 1 Bonus Levels: 1 Hammer Bros: 1 Boomerang Bros: 1 Sledge Bros: 1 Fire Bros: 1 Ghost Houses: 1 Doomsubs: 1 Doomtanks: 1 Fortress:1 Toad House: 1' '

''''START | 8-1------GH!_-_-_-_-TH | 'FORT-----DT------DS----CASTLE+DOOM '

''''Enemies: Chain Chomps, Goombas, Paragoombas w/ Microgoombas, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Koopas, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Paratroopas, Nipper Plants, Bob-ombs, Rocky Wrenches, Dry Bones, Lakitu, Spiny, Thunder Lakitu, Hammer Bro. '

''''Level 8-1 Super Mario Bros. Destroyed It’s just like level 7-2 from Super Mario Bros. except torn apart! 'Type: Battlefield/Normal '

''''Level 8-2 Night Ghost House A Ghost House that’s pitch-black. 'Type: Ghost House/Night '

''''Level 8-3 Highway Fortress This is a fortress that you can drive through! 'Type: Fortress/Highway '

''''Level 8-4 Roy’s Doomtank This is one of the reasons why this level is so long. This is the longest level in the game and has Chain Chomps in some parts! 'Type: Doomtank '

''''Level 8-5 Roy’s Doomsub This is one of the hardest levels in the game. The screen scrolls really fast and you can’t jump in the water. Plus there are some long jumps that give you about a split second to get ready. 'Type: Doomsub '

''''Level 8-6 Roy’s Castle and Doomship This takes a while to master. The way up the castle is long and unforgiving, and the Doomship itself is a remake of Roy’s Doomship from SMB3. Type 1: Castle 'Type 2: Doomship '

''''Boss: Roy Koopa 'Although he’s not as hard to beat as Morton, Roy still puts up a challenge. He’ll run up the walls, i.e. Super Mario World, then jump down and try to crush you. Plus it stuns you if you’re on the ground when he hits the ground! Three times on the head and he’s out. '

''''World 9: Frantic Fortress All the levels are located in, or on the grounds of, the Frantic Fortress, and this place belongs to Baby Bowser. That’s right, your Koopaling days are over! Levels: 5 Bonus Levels: 2 Hammer Bros: 2 Fire Bros: 2 Doomships: 1 Doomtanks: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1' '

''''START----------------9-1!_-_-_-_-_-_-TH--------------9-4 | | | '9-3-------------------9-2 9-5!-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_FORT-----------WPa '

''''WPa---------------------DT-----------------CASTLE '

''''Enemies: Bandit, Skeleton Goonie, Dry Bones, Shy Guy, Fly Guy, Spear Guy, Lantern Ghost, Toady, Podoboo, Boo, Blargg '

''''Level 9-1 Dark Land Days This is a remake of level 8-1 from SMB3. 'Type: Lava '

''''9-2 Lava Hazard This is a level where you are on a skull raft, that’s it. But you have to dodge Blarggs and Podoboos, too, and jump over walls in your way. 'Type: Lava '

''''9-3 Volcano Bottom This is an underground level. It has lava pits, skull rafts, and Podoboos, too. 'Type: Lava '

''''9-4 Frantic Fortress Entrance This is a level much like a fortress; in fact, it’s a remake of the first fortress in Desert Land from SMB3. 'Type: Fortress '

''''9-5 Fortress Interior This is inside of the fortress and part of it’s in the boiler room, making this level hot, hot, hot! 'Type: Fortress, Lava '

''''9-6 Baby Bowser’s Doomtank Looks like Bowser’s given some of his army to Baby Bowser! It’s located in the courtyard of the Frantic Fortress. 'Type: Doomtank '

''''9-7 Baby Bowser’s Tower That’s right, his tower. Since Frantic Fortress is already a castle, Baby Bowser has a tower instead of a castle. 'Type: Castle '

''''Boss: Baby Bowser 'This is like the first Baby Bowser fight in Yoshi’s Island, but you have to jump on him five times. Once you hit him three times he’ll summon two Thwomps to guard the sides of the screen, which is a lot worse than you’d think. '

''''World 10: Famine Flatland: This land is plagued by Bowser and his cronies. It is very contaminated; even the water is green! Levels: 8 Bonus Levels: 3 Hammer Bros: 1 Boomerang Bros: 3 Ghost Houses: 1 Doomships: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1' '

''''START | 10-1----10-2------TH---DB DB--------FORT!_-_-_-_-BL1 | BL2 10-4 | | 10-5------GH----------10-7!---------WPa


''''WPa----------10-8-----------Doom----------10-10 | 10-11!-_-_-_-_-_-BL3 | 'DT------CASTLE '

''''Enemies: Dry Bones, Bony Beetle, Fishbones, Boo, Cheep Cheep, Goomba, Paragoomba w/ Microgoombas, Blue and Yellow Koopa Troopa, Blue and Yellow Paratroopa, Skeleton Goonie, Flightless Skeleton Goonie, Ninji, Mechakoopa '

''''Level 10-1 Plague Stricken This is a weird level with black skies, dead trees, green water, and Dry Bones. It’s basically straightforward, though. 'Type: Famine/Normal '

''''Level 10-2 Micro-Goomba Madness This level is filled with Paragoombas that you can’t reach, each creating Microgoombas. Plus this level is in the sky, so you’d better not get hit or else you’re going down. 'Type: Famine/Sky '

''''Toad House 'This game is Defend the Toad House, but with new enemies and a Hammer Bro on your side. '

''''Level 10-3 Famine Fortress This is a creepy place with bones lying everywhere and dead enemies lurking about. Boss: Flying Boom Boom 'Type: Fortress/Famine '

''''Level 10-4 Deadly Swim Take a dive in the green waters of Famine Flatland and hope you come out alive. 'Type: Underwater/Famine '

''''Level 10-5 Plague’s Row Drive through the paths of Famine Flatland and avoid Dry Bones… or ramp on to them. 'Type: Famine/Highway '

''''Level 10-6 Famine Ghost House I wonder how all these people died and turned into Boos… but seriously, this level has moving platforms and is rather hard to navigate. 'Type: Ghost House/Famine '

''''Level 10-7 Murky Marsh This level hasn’t been affected by the plague… but it is right next to a nuclear radiation plant. Things here are mutated and some are too smart for their own good, and have built a magnetic chamber. 'Type: Swamp/Hi-Tech '

''''Level 10-8 Construction Site Slaughter This is one of the worst levels in the game. Acid is slowly rising from the bottom and it’s a race against time to get to the goal. 'Type: Construction Site/Famine '

''''Level 10-9 Bowser’s Air Force Bowser’s own personal air force, floating platforms everywhere, plus cannons. 'Type: Doomship '

''''Level 10-10 Quicksand Sink Bones are all around this place, with quicksand that leads to acid or spikes everywhere. 'Type: Desert/Famine '

''''Level 10-11 Dead Utopia A once flourishing palace now consumed by illness. 'Type: Temple/Famine '

''''Level 10-12 Bowser’s Army This is Bowser’s set of Doomtanks, simply put. 'Type: Doomtank/Famine '

''''Level 10-13 Bowser’s Castle That’s right, Bowser’s Castle! But didn’t I say there were 14 worlds? 'Type: Castle '

''''Boss: Fake Bowser 'He’ll ride around at the top of his castle in the Koopa Clown Copter, drop Mechakoopas and Bob-ombs, then hide in the background and shoot out a bunch of flames, just like in Super Mario World, but this time Peach isn’t with him… What happened? I’ll tell you what happened: Ludwig built a Fake Bowser, and you’re fighting it! '

''''Bonus Level 1 Koopa Haven The only enemies in this icy underground zone are Koopas and Paratroopas. Hope you have a Yoshi! Type: Underground/Icy 'Prize: Tanooki Suit '

''''Bonus Level 2 Back Door A complete remake of the Back Door level from Super Mario World, but without the Bowser fight. Type: Castle 'Prize: P Balloon '

''''Bonus Level 3 Dry Bones Haven It’s Koopa Haven backwards, and Dry Bones replace Koopas. Type: Underground/Famine 'Prize: P Wing '

''''World 11: Albatoss Alley This is the only world where you can find Mamu’s Gloves in ? Boxes. It’s much better than the last few areas, I’ll tell you that. Levels: 7 Bonus Levels: 1 Hammer Bros: 1 Boomerang Bros: 2 Fire Bros: 1 Ghost Houses: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1' '

''''START-----11-1------11-2------11-3 | | RCK GH 11-9--------------CASTLE | | | TH 11-5 11-8 | |------WPa | WPa 11-6!------------FORT

'BL1 '

''''Enemies: Albatoss, Bob-omb, Boo, Dry Bones, Goomba, Paragoomba, Paragoomba w/ Microgoombas, Red Koopa Troopa, Blue Paratroopa, Nipper Plant, Muncher, Snifit, 'Piranha Plant, Beezo '

''''Level 11-1 Albatoss Alleyway This is the beginning of this slightly grassy, Pipe Land-like world. Many Albatoss fly overhead and drop Bob-ombs straight at you! 'Type: Normal '

''''Level 11-2 Snifit Scrubland It’s scrubland… and it has Snifits in it… What else is there to say? 'Type: Desert/Normal '

''''Level 11-3 Piranha Plant Peril Run from a Giant Piranha Plant as it chases you through this level! 'Type: Desert/Normal '

''''Level 11-4 Explosion Ghost House This level is teeming with Bob-ombs just waiting to explode! Don’t let them get near a fuse, or else it’s bye-bye for you! Boss: Big Boo 'Type: Ghost House '

''''Level 11-5 Warp Pipe Players Don’t stand on one warp pipe for more than two seconds or else a red Piranha will bite you! 'Type: Normal '

''''Level 11-6 Muncher Infested This is like that one level in SMB3 where you have to use Stars to get over the ground because there are Munchers lining it. 'Type: Normal '

''''Level 11-7 Fort Beezo The only enemy in this fort that’s not a Beezo is the boss. Boss: Blue Bro 'Type: Fortress '

''''Level 11-8 Bob-ombic Plague In this level you must ride Albatoss to the end of the level while Nippers are spitting fire at you and other Albatoss are dropping Bob-ombs on you. 'Type: Normal/Night '

''''Level 11-9 Albatoss Highway In this level you must fly in an airplane through a highway in the sky! 'Type: Sky/Highway '

''''Level 11-10 Kamek’s Castle This level is modeled after the Bigger Boo’s Fort of Yoshi’s Island, but Beezos replace Gusties and Shy Guys replace Ghost Guys, plus there are no Big Boos. 'Type: Castle '

''''Boss: Kamek the Magikoopa 'This guy’s been in the Koopa family for years, and now he’s fighting Mario directly; not Yoshi, not Peach, MARIO. Well, he might fight Luigi too, but… Anyway, at first he’ll fly around the room on his broom firing spells at you. Jump on him three times and you start phase two. He’ll summon a bunch of blocks, and turn them all into enemies. After you defeat them all, he’ll be stunned with amazement. This is when you jump on him. Once more and you win. '

''''Bonus Level 1 Beezo’s Hideaway This level takes place underground, and Beezos will ram you head on. Type: Underground 'Prize: Hammer Bro Suit '

''''World 12: Piranha Plant Plateau This world is located on the top of a plateau, obviously. The end of this level is your second battle with Baby Bowser. Levels: 9 Bonus Levels: 2 Hammer Bros: 1 Boomerang Bros: 1 Sledge Bros: 2 Ghost Houses: 2 Doomships: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1' '

''''START-----------12-1-----------12-2! DT-------------TH | | | 12-3 BL1 GH 12-9--------------GH!-------12-11------FORT | | 12-4-------------12-5-------12-6 | BL2------DOOM-----WPa '

''''WPa---------GATE--------CASTLE '

''''Key: GATE= Gate, which you must have a key to open. '

''''Enemies: Goomba, Paragoomba, Paragoomba w/ Microgoombas, Red and Green Piranha 'Plant, Beezo, Nipper Plant, Muncher, Chain Chomp, Red and Blue Koopa Troopas, Green and Yellow Paratroopas, Shy Guy, Snifit, Bob-omb, Rocky Wrench, Boo, Lemmy Clone, Albatoss, Keyzer, Tweester, Grinder '

''''Level 12-1 Angry Sun’s Revenge This level has an Angry Sun chasing you the whole time. Albatoss drop Bob-ombs on you, too! 'Type: Desert '

''''Level 12-2 Piranha Plant Pillage This level has you climbing another Giant Piranha Plant, but it also has goodie stores everywhere, including a hidden ? Block or two. 'Type: Desert '

''''Level 12-3 Beezo Bop This level has you jumping off Beezos in order to get to the end. If you fall, you’re out! 'Type: Sky/Night '

''''Level 12-4 Rally Race This level is probably the most fun in the game! At first you ride in a kart through a road, then you hop on a boat and swim through a lake, finally you hop in an airplane and soar through the sky! If you get enough points you can go through another section where you ride on top of an Albatoss and drop bombs on enemies below while racing a Beezo! Type 1: Highway/Desert Type 2: Highway/Underwater Type 3: Highway/Sky 'Secret: Temple/Sky/Highway '

''''Level 12-5 Button Glutton This level has you locked in a room that looks like a Switch Palace, and makes you guess which button to press. Guess the wrong one and you may just have to face off with one of Lemmy’s clones! 'Type: Normal '

''''Level 12-6 Tornado Valley This level has you running from a Tweester all the way up to the top of a mountain, starting at the bottom of a valley! 'Type: Mountain '

''''Level 12-7 Pipe Ghost House This is a Ghost House where you have to go through a maze of pipes! Guessing the wrong one may hold a big surprise… 'Type: Ghost House '

''''Level 12-8 Sawblade Doomtank This level is a Doomtank, only there’s a Grinder going around each of the tanks! And I don’t mean the Grinder monkeys, either. 'Type: Doomtank '

''''Toad House 'The mini-game is Toad Race in the level Rally Race. '

''''Level 12-9 Mirror Manor This level is a strange Hi-Tech place made entirely of mirrors! You can even open some like doors! 'Type: Hi-Tech/Castle '

''''Level 12-10 Ghost House of the Mountain This is a strange Ghost House located on the very tip-top of a mountain. You have to go outside for some of it, too! 'Type: Ghost House/Mountain '

''''Level 12-11 Fort Piranha This level is made entirely of pipes, and you usually have to guess which one to go in. Most will actually take you to a room of Piranhas! The boss room is made of floating platforms because the floor is made of Munchers and the walls are made of Piranha Plants! Boss: Flying Boom Boom 'Type: Fortress '

''''Level 12-12 Kamek’s Doomship Since Kamek didn’t use his Doomship in the last level, he’s putting it in Baby Bowser’s second land! 'Type: Doomship '

''''Piranha Gate 'This is the first gate, and you must find the key “In the level of extra” it says. '

''''Level 12-13 Baby Bowser’s Castle This is his real castle. His last one was a tower, so… 'Type: Castle '

''''Boss: Big Bad Baby Bowser 'Baby Bowser’s been turned gigantic by Kamek’s spell! There’s no way you can escape him on foot, so you must drive away! Believe me, this guy’s hard. You have to jump on ramps and land on them just so that you land on the part of the catapult that sends the Giant Yoshi Egg inside the catapult flying right into Baby Bowser’s face. Five times and you beat Baby Bowser back to the portal from which he came. Literally. When you beat him, Kamek scoops him up and takes him back to the portal. '

''''Bonus Level 1 Keyzer Karnage This level is filled with Keyzers, but only one has the key to the gate. Type: Lava 'Prize: Raven’s Foot '

''''Bonus Level 2 The Level of Extras This is the level the gate was talking about, but only to throw you off. But it is a trip worth taking as the only thing here besides enemies and the ground are ? Blocks. No holes, no jumps, just ? Blocks. 'Type: Normal '

''''World 13: Buried Boreal This world is located in an underground chasm with forests all around. Giga Bowser owns this world. Levels: 13 Bonus Levels: 3 Fire Bros: 2 Boomerang Bros: 3 Ghost Houses: 1 Doomtanks: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1' '

''''START | | | | | |---------13-3------RCK----13-4!_-_-_-_-_-_-_-BL1 | |----------13-2------GATE---------DT------13-15 -------CASTLE |----------13-1---------13-5------------13-6-------TH------13-7 | GH----------DB DB--------13-9!------13-10---FORT | BL2 |------------ -| 13-12 | '13-13!-_-_-BL3 '

''''Enemies: Goomba, Paragoomba, Paragoomba w/ Microgoombas, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Koopas, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow Paratroopas, Cheep Cheep, Blooper, 'Porcu-Puffer, Big Bertha, Lava Lotus, Wiggler, Mechakoopa, Ninji, Lakitu, Spiny, Amazing Flying Hammer Bro, Buzzy Beetle, Buster Beetle, Spike Top, Boo, Dry Bones, Fishin’ Boo '

''''Level 13-1 Mechakoopa Den This is an underground level where all the Mechakoopas are made. In fact, you are trapped in a chamber with the Mechakoopa maker at one point, and you have to throw Mechakoopas at it to beat the level. 'Type: Underground/Hi-Tech '

''''Level 13-2 Lakitu Tower In this level you have to beat Lakitus while climbing a tower high in the sky. 'Type: Construction Site/Sky '

''''Level 13-3 Lava Lotus Lair This is an underwater level filled with all of the Lava Lotuses in the game… except one. 'Type: Underwater '

''''Level 13-4 Maze of Lava This level is located on another tower level, but with a twist: the only way to get to the top is to choose the correct door… or fall to your doom in a pit of lava. 'Type: Lava/Construction Site '

''''Level 13-5 The Multiple Course At the very beginning of this level there are three paths: one anyone can get into, one that only Luigi with his high jumps can get into, and one that you can only get into with a flying item. Type 1: Underwater Type 2: Forest 'Type 3: Sky '

''''Level 13-6 Wiggler Room This level is inside of a forest infested by Wigglers. 'Type: Forest '

''''Toad House 'This is Bash the Baddies, adding Boomerang and Hammer Bros. this time. '

''''Level 13-7 Amazing Forest Hyper Bonanza This level is a forest floating in the sky. The only way to get to the end is to use Amazing Flying Hammer Bro platforms. 'Type: Sky/Forest '

''''Level 13-8 Forest Ghost House This is a Ghost House located in a…giant tree… Well, that’s weird. Boss: Big Boo 'Type: Ghost House/Forest '

''''Level 13-9 Forest Wild Ride In this level you’re in an airplane flying through a forest while dodging trees and Fishin’ Boos. 'Type: Highway/Forest/Night '

''''Level 13-10 Fishin’ Boo’s Bungalow This is, again, inside a tree at night. The only light is the Fishin’ Boo’s flames. 'Type: Forest/Night '

''''Level 13-11 Paper Fort This is a strange level. It has a leaky ceiling, and when water hits the ground, it tears like paper. Plus the only bad guys here are from Paper Mario and Paper Mario 2, besides the Boom Boom. Boss: Jumping Boom Boom 'Type: Fortress/Night '

''''Level 13-12 Beezo Bash In this level you’re on a floating platform dodging Beezos as they drop in on you, and Ninjis that will gladly hop off of an edge to attack! 'Type: Sky/Night '

''''Level 13-13 Keyzer Konundrum This is the level with the Key! The Keyzer is right by the hidden exit, so it may be hard to find… 'Type: Forest/Night '

''''Level 13-14 Giga Doomtank This is Giga Bowser’s Doomtank. It has Beezos everywhere and one part is by a lake with Big Berthas jumping at you! 'Type: Doomtank/Forest '

''''Level 13-15 Killer Koopas This level is filled with Koopas and Dry Bones. Paratroopas will hurt you or help you, too. 'Type: Forest/Night '

''''Level 13-16 Giga Bowser’s Castle This is a hard castle. And when I say hard I don’t mean long. I MEAN HARD. 'Type: Castle '

''''Boss: Giga Bowser 'This is like the old Bowser fights from the original Super Mario Bros, but this time you have to jump on him, and there’s no axe to help you. Just jump on him five times to win. After three times he’ll start breathing fire more rapidly, throwing hammers, and hopping around non-stop! Beat him, and he’ll get so mad he’ll run back to where he came from: the portal. Now you’re on the last level! '

''''Level 14: Kastle Koopa This is it! The last world! Instead of Hammer Brothers, Fire Brothers, Sledge Brothers, or Boomerang Brothers, Bowser has his kids on patrol! All eight! Be prepared for a tough world. Levels: 8 Bonus Levels: 3 Hammer Bros: 1 Boomerang Bros: 3 Ghost Houses: 1 Doomships: 1 Fortress: 1 Toad House: 1' '

''''START-----14-1--------------14-2 DS---DT---DOOM | | | BL1 FORT---DT----GH---14-6--------14-7 TH 14-14!-_-_TH | | | 'DS---DOOM-----FORT FORT---WPa '


WPb------LL-LL-LL-LL------14-26-----CASTLE WPc


''''WPc-------TH-------14-28------14-29!_-_-_-_-BL3 '

''''Enemies: Every enemy in the whole game, plus Bowser Statues, Fuzzies, Giant Chain Chomps, Giant Chainless Chomps, Lil’ Sparkies, and Hotheads '

''''Level 14-1 The Beginning of the End This is the first level of the last world of the game. It’s longer than it is hard. 'Type: Lava/Night '

''''Level 14-2 Chain Chomp Charge This level is filled with Chain Chomps. Even a Giant Chainless Chomp or two! 'Type: Lava/Night '

''''Level 14-3 Sub-Con Fort This level is filled to the brim with Sub-con creatures and a Blue Bro. Boss: Blue Bro 'Type: Fortress/Lava '

''''Level 14-4 L-Tank This is a mixture of Lemmy, Ludwig, and Larry’s Doomtanks. 'Type: Doomtank/Lava '

''''Level 14-5 Lava Ghost House This level is covered in lavas, even on the walls! 'Type: Lava/Ghost House '

''''Level 14-6 Mt. Bowser Breath This is a volcano jutting up from the middle of this world’s outside. You don’t actually go IN the castle until level 21… 'Type: Mountain/Lava '

''''Level 14-7 Dark Destiny This level is dark, dark, dark! It’s got dark floors, dark background… and lava. 'Type: Lava/Night '

''''Level 14-8 Doomsub Dynasty This level is a temple floating on top of a Doomsub! 'Type: Temple/Doomsub '

''''Level 14-9 Pink Doomship This is a mix of Roy and Wendy’s Doomships. Note: If a Koopaling’s Doomship, Doomsub, or Doomtank isn’t in this game, it is based off their Doomship from SMB3. 'Type: Doomship/Night '

''''Level 14-10 Sky Tower This level is a remake of the tower that leads to the sky part of Sky Land in SMB3. Boss: Blue Bro. 'Type: Fortress/Sky '

''''Toad House 'This is Bash the Baddies with all of the baddies from before, but there are Bowser Statues in the stage! '

''''Level 14-11 Doomsub Drive This level is a boat level right next to a Doomsub! Sometimes you might have to ride right into one! 'Type: Highway/Doomsub '

''''Level 14-12 Doomtank Drive This is a driving level next to a Doomtank! Watch out for Bob-ombs! 'Type: Highway/Doomtank '

''''Level 14-13 Grind Doomship This level is plagued by Grinders! Oh, and a Magikoopa follows you through the whole level. 'Type: Doomship '

''''Level 14-14 Grim Reaper This level is very dark, and lots of skeletal enemies lurk here. The whole time you are chased by several Grim Leechers. 'Type: Lava/Famine '

''''14-15 Swamped Fort This is a fortress filled with swamp water! 'Type: Fortress/Swamp '

''''14-16 Lava Doomsub This Doomsub is over lava! If you fall, you die, and there are plenty of places to fall from… 'Type: Lava/Doomsub '

''''14-17 Luna Ghost House This is one of the darkest levels in the game! I mean, look at its type! 'Type: Ghost House/Night '

''''14-18 Zap!!! LOTS of Lil’ Sparkies here! 'Type: Lava/Boardwalk '

''''14-19 Flame!!! LOTS of Hotheads here! 'Type: Boardwalk/Lava '

''''14-20 Lava Beach This is a remake of the Koopa Beach level in Super Mario Kart, but the water is red and the sky is gray… 'Type: Highway/Lava '

''''14-21 Kastle Mechakoopa This is the last level! Right? Actually this is just a giant version of that one door in Bowser’s Castle in Super Mario World with the green and white walls and the Mechakoopas. 'Type: Castle '

''''14-22 Lava Lair 1 All of the lava lairs are the same basic idea: underground with a long bridge and lava all over, plus Podoboos and Fire Bros. 'Type: Underground/Lava '

''''14-23 Lava Lair 2 Same thing… 'Type: Underground/Lava '

''''14-23 Lava Lair 3 Again… 'Type: Underground/Lava '

''''14-24 Lava Lair 4 When’s dinner? 'Type: Underground/Lava '

''''14-25 Lava Lair 5 Almost done here? 'Type: Underground/Lava '

''''14-26 Flaming Forest Almost there… Oh, wait, those were the only Lava Lairs. Anyway, the goal is near the top, so you’ll have to climb the trees while avoiding the giant flames rising from the bottom! 'Type: Forest/Lava '

''''14-27 Kastle Koopa Here it is! The VERY final level in the whole game, not counting the extras at the end… Anyway, the whole entire time you are being chased by a Chain Chomp and dodging Podoboos, Firebars, Bowser Statues, Hotheads, Lil’ Sparkies, and 'Sledge/Hammer/Boomerang/Fire Bros! Tough, huh? '

''''Boss: Bowser Koopa 'This boss fight isn’t as hard as the last couple. Bowser will ride around the top of the screen throwing Bob-ombs, Podoboos, and, when you get his health down enough, Thwomps. Every once in a while he’ll jump out of the Koopa Clown Copter and pound the ground, leaving it cracked. Repeat this in the same place five times to beat the game! '

''''Bonus Level 1 Warp Pipe Wasteland Make your way through a desert filled with Warp Pipes! Type: Desert 'Prize: Tanooki Suit '

''''Bonus Level 2 Piranha Forest In this level you are constantly being chased by a giant Piranha Vine! Make it to the end! Type: Forest 'Prize: Jugem’s Cloud '

''''Bonus Level 3 Nightmare Tower In this level you must race a Boo to the end of the stage! Good luck, he’s quick… Type: Fortress/Ghost House 'Prize: Raven’s Foot '

''''Ending 'The ending is different depending on who you are. '

''''Mario: Bowser falls out of the Koopa Clown Car and says “NO! How could I lose AGAIN? I had my eight kids, Kamek, myself from the past, AND my giga form! Mario Brothers, I will get you one day!” Then the whole palace explodes, but Mario and Peach jump off the edge and the classic Mario Bros. ending goes: Peach kisses Mario and the credits roll. '

''''Luigi: The whole palace explodes, sending all the bosses flying off into the distance. Luigi and Peach make it out okay, though. Then Peach kisses Luigi, and the credits roll. Afterwards you get a screenshot of each level you did as well as an illustrated picture of every enemy you’ve seen to put in your Enemy Guide! '

===Enemies=== Here are the enemies! ===Goomba=== Tanooki Goomba===Paragoomba=== Paragromba ===Ufoomba=== Crawlton ===Shoe Goomba=== Huge Shoe Goomba ===Killer Goomba Shoe=== Killer ''''Gambling Guy ''''Shoe ===Koopa Troopa=== Blue Fire Spike  ===Stretch=== Stretchy Fierce Ferret. ===Gargaunta Koopa Troopas=== Gargaunta Makoop . ===Grand Goomba=== Bowserified Ted. ===Mega Goomba=== Bone Electocky . ===Piranhacus Giganticus===Wild West Splunkin . ===Colossal Paratroopa=== Giant Kappa Troopa. ===Paratroopa=== ''''Amazee Dayzee''''. ===Boomba Troopa=== Hyper ''''Tanoomba''''. ===Shy Guy=== When they see Mario, they run away, because they're shy. ===Fly Guy=== They fly with propellers. ===Magikoopa=== A subspecies of Koopa Troopas that can cast spells from their wands! ===Red Magikoopa=== Magikoopas that can cast fire spells. ===Green Magikoopa=== Magikoopas that can cast plasma spells. ===Yellow Magikoopa=== Magikoopas that can cast electrical spells. ===White Magikoopa=== They can shoot white spells. ===Gray Magikoopa=== They can shoot gray spells. ===Dark Magikoopa=== These black, evil and menacing Magikoopas can cast powerful, evil and dark spells. ===Stilt Guy=== A Shy Guy on stilts. ===Bandinero=== Red ones walk, yellow ones jump, blue ones inflate themselves and green ones can blow Mario away. ===Pitchfork=== Blue ones fall down when they see Mario, cyan ones hang around, and attack Mario when on the ground, and lavender ones jump. ===Boomdinero=== A armored Bandinero. Red ones fire Bullet Bills. ===Buccanero=== They swing their sword like crazy when they see Mario. ===Piranha Plant=== They hate fireballs. If you touch them(without a Starman), you'll become plant food, so be careful! ===Venus Fire Trap=== These can be killed with iceballs. ===Venus Ice Trap=== Snow Pokey ===Hammer Bro.=== These can be also killed by being stomped on. ===Boomerang Bro.=== Instead of throwing hammers, they throw boomerangs. ===Fire Bro.=== They shoot fireballs. ===Ice Bro.=== They shoot iceballs. ===Bomb Bro.=== They throw bombs. ===Ball Bro.=== They throw balls. ===Shuriken Bro.=== Shuriken Spike ===Thunder Bro.=== They shoot lightning balls. ===Vortex Bro.=== They shoot mini-tornadoes. ===Sledge Bro.=== Gummi Cheep Cheep ===Curve Bro.=== Fat Boomerang Bros.. ===Blaze Bro.=== Fat Fire Bros.. ===Frost Bro.=== Gingybread  ===Storm Bro.=== Fat Thunder Bros.. ===Twister Bro.=== Fat Vortex Bros.. ===Bill Blaster=== Shoots Bullet Bills. ===Bullet Bill=== They only aim straight. ===Missile Bill=== They aim at Mario. ===Bombshell Bill=== When stomped, a Starman appears. ===Banzai Bill=== A bigger Bullet Bill. The bigger they are, the more dangerous they get. They blast from Banzai Blasters. ===Missile Banzai Bill=== They aim at Mario, but they're more dangerous than normal Banzai Bills. ===King Bill=== The largest enemy in the game. They can't be defeated, even with a star. They have a crown on their head. They come from King Blasters. ===Missile King Bill=== If you thought King Bill was the most dangerous enemy yet, think again! This enemy is REALLY the most dangerous. ===Bob-Omb=== These explode for five seconds after being jumped on. ===Cheep-Cheeps=== They just swim around. ===Deep-Cheeps=== Follows Mario until he's out of sight. ===Bloopers=== Some of these squids shoot ink at Mario. ===Blooper Nanny and Baby Bloopers=== Stone Rex ===Camo Blooper=== Bloopers that camouflage themselves. ===Porcu-Puffer=== When defeated, another one returns. ===Bumpty=== These guys can't hurt Mario. So why are these enemies? ===Thwomps=== Snow Bro. ===Dry Bones=== When stomped on, they put themselves together. ===Parabones=== Skull Wiggler ===Dry Skull=== They fly around. ===Chain Chomp=== Avoid these guys, because they chase you! ===Chomp Head=== These just roll around. ===Fire Chomp=== Their chains are made out of fire. ===Podoboo=== They jump out of the lava for two seconds. ===Fire Bars=== These rotate with fireballs. ===Fire Snake=== A snake made out of fireballs. ===Splunkin=== It just walks. ===Crowber=== It flies around. ===Fwoosh=== Dimension Kappa ===Roto-Disc=== These are easier to dodge than Fire Bars. ===Buzzy Beetle=== Jump on them to make them retract in their shell. ===Mecha-Koopa=== Once stomped, they get knocked out. Later, they get back up. They can be also carried if knocked out. ===Para-Mecha-Koopa=== Jump on them and then they will turn back into a Mecha-Koopa. ===Scowl Bus=== These are invulerable. ===Man-Owls=== These have manholes in their heads. ===Rocky Wrench=== They throw wrenches at Mario. ===Plauncher=== They launch Mario in mid-air. ===Flickster=== They launch Mario in mid-air also. ===Tricoin=== When they see Mario, they bounce to him. ===Tap-Tap=== Don't step on this guy, not even with Yoshi. ===Pokey=== Red UFO Goomba ===Poison Pokey=== Yoshi can't eat these, but fireballs can kill them. ===Wigglers=== When stomped on, they become red and angry. When stomped on again, they're defeated. ===Mega Wigglers=== Wigglers that are harmless. They won't get angry when they get stomped on. ===Foo=== Acid Podoboo  ===Sandy Thwomps=== These Thwomps made out of sand acts the same way as normal Thwomps. ===Nipper Plants=== Little Piranha Plants. ===Nipper Spores=== A origin of a Nipper Plant. ===Nipper Dandelions=== Dandelions that releases Nipper Spores. ===Muncher=== Only Invincible Mario or Yoshi can walk on their mouths. ===Kritter=== They need to be stomped three times, or be ground-pounded one time. ===Kritjump=== These Kritters are jumping masters. ===Klaptrap=== Ground-Pound on it to defeat it. ===Klapsand=== Klaptraps made out of sand. ===Lakitu=== Just shoot fireballs at him to defeat him. ===Spiny=== Yoshi can handle these guys. ===Monty Mole=== Jump on it to defeat it. ===Panser=== After so many years, this flower guy's finally back. ===Pansic=== A chilly Panser. ===Pansora=== A roasted Panser. ===Spiny Cheep-Cheep=== Mecha Mole Miner  ===Cheep-Chomp=== A large Cheep-Cheep. ===Spike Bass=== Another Cheep-Cheep. ===Squirto Blooper=== A new type of Blooper! ===Urchin=== They can be harmless if Mario jumps over them. ===Phanto=== A guardian of some things. ===Broozer=== A ghost/undead enemy. ===Boo=== Ghost enemies. When Mario looks at them, they hide. When he doesn't, they chase him. ===Booline=== They walk very slow when Mario doesn't look at them. When he does, they go extra-fast. ===Dark Boo=== Tomitu and Spi-Neko (Spiked Shelled Cats) ===Para-Bomb=== Bob-ombs which wear parachutes. ===Spike=== Creatures which throw spiked balls. ===Tox Box=== A big rock-like cube that flips itself over until it hits a wall. It has one open spot where Mario survives. ===Whomp=== A large rock creature. Its weak spot is its back. ===Angry Sun=== The only way to defeat these is by reaching the flagpole. ===Para-Beetle=== Mario can ride on these. ===Koopa Kids=== These mini-forms of Bowser finally return.

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