News:Now I have made book -1 but I'm not done! Sign-up closed nao but more soon, we need a secret creature people don't know about..... tell me on FanDojo, ppl! [1] i liek the color blue

WikiQuest is an adventure game AND fan-fiction about several wiki users (in adventurer form) trying to defeat several wiki users (in monster and villain form!). Not much is known about it.

LOL! Actually it's a parody of this one roleplaying game parody comic thing! No one noticed? Really? I mean, Start of 1337ness was a sucky name. Right next to me happens to the the VERY book that this thing is based on.

Sign Up Edit

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  • Head of Party (warrior):McQueenMario
  • 2nd in command (rouge): JesseRoo
  • Tracker/Ranger: Hemu
  • Light-hearted warrior: KP Blue
  • Smart sorcerer: COKEMAN11
  • Healer: Shroobario
  • Evil Undead Wizard: 1337doom
  • Minion: Orangerobe the Purple Chicken

Parties evil twins:

  1. -McKingLuigi
  2. - JessicaRoo
  3. -Random Evil Guy
  4. -KP Green
  6. - Toadariette

Species of Normal Monster: Purple Chicken

Nice helper person (female): PinkBirdo

Leader of Wikire Guild:RedYoshi

Other wikire guild members:

  1. Atmmachine
    Metal Locked

wikire guild member who is actually kinda mean and wants to destroy the party:Order?!

Books Edit

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