A long time ago, in a small village, there was a little boy playing by the pond. A small fish had died. The boy said, "Why did this fish die?" Suddenly, his right hand turned pitch black and lightning zapped out. The fish was alive. Except, he was a ZOMBIE! A zombie fish, yes. The boy was amazed at his powers.

Years later, that boy was a teenager (shudder) and he was very strong. He logged on to his favorite wiki, 1337tendo. It was ruled by Mr. 1337. The teenager thought, "Uh, I need a cool name like him. I know! I'm full of doom! I am...."


He flew (because he can do that) out of his house, set fire to his village and flew away.

In another village, this time a Purple Chicken village, there was a young Purple Chicken named Yyeordensenmanjensenmcbillybobmcbobsenbob. But everyone called him Orangerobe for some reason, because he wasn't wearing an orange robe. One day, thousands of users all appeared at the village. Not really users, mostly ip addresses, spammers, bots and the such, some of them were sockpuppets. But they raided the village. Yyeordensenmanjensenmcbillybobmcbobsenbob saw his Master get killed. He said to his master, "NOOOOOOOO!" but then, his master, still alive handed him an orange robe. "That's strange," said Orangerobe. Then, Orangerobe saw his brother about to get killed. He ran, grabbed his brother, and they ran away. (His brothers name was Bobbillybobfredgeorgebobbobmcbillybobmcoldmanmanjensen but everyone called him Leftleg)

1337doom had become very EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL! So evil you wouldn't know who he was. But you did. Him, his sister 7331hope, and some old guy were all evil minions of the very evil Failzorz, who lived at EEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL Wiki. One of them would be promoted to commander. "And now," said Failzorz, "the commander is...... 7331hope!" "YAAAAAAAAAAY!" said 7331hope and her brother."And, that old guy." "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" said 1337doom. "That makes no sense, you don't even know his name!" 1337doom flew away from EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL Wiki for the rest of his life.

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