(Not to be confused with YoshiEgg Nook...)

'Yoshi'Egg (Often abbreviated YE) is a user on many Wikis, including Fantendo, (his main HQ) Usertendo, and KH Fan-Fic Wiki.
YoshiEgg Usertendo

Appearance: Edit

On Fantendo, YoshiEgg was originally portrayed as his fan-character, YoshiEgg Nook. He was later stated to be a blond,

caucasian boy with a black shirt. On Usertendo, he is a curious little green Bob-omb with black shoes and a dark green shirt with a "T" on it. (The "T" stands for the user's real name.) Some of his catch-phrases include "Boiling Snowballs!!", "Legy of camel, legy of camel, legy of camel, that started to smell", (The "Legy of Camel" song being a reference to the actual Legy of Camel.) and "IN THE CITY!!!!".

Personality: Edit

In his early years, YoshiEgg was a bit shy and very enthusiastic and curious. After the middle of 4th grade, YoshiEgg began to mature and became more of a lone wolf. YoshiEgg was then bent on finding his twin brother, so he wanders the streets and travels to the ends of the Earth to find Tedworth. (Who was later revealed to be part of an elite terrorist organization known as Scotty Dimple's Society of Terrorists and Old Farts run by the infamous Scotty F. Dimple.) He also loves Yoshis and they often aid YE in his adventures. YE is also fond of the Awesome smiley and can sometimes, the smiley can be seen on his kart.

Family Edit

His father is Hemu, his grandfather is Fillet, his mom is Meredith, his siblings are JesseRoo, Cookie, and Tedworth, his aunts and uncles are Plumber, Bean, and Mick.

Relationships: Edit

YE is associated with all the Fantendo users. Of course, he is associated with his brother, Tedworth, and his mortal enemy is Scotty Dimple.

Gallery: Edit

YE Usertendo SpritesYE Usertendo Sprites2

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